Dave Matthews Band
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Grey Street
Rhyme & Reason -->
Sugar Will
One Sweet World
The Space Between
Joy Ride
Dancing Nancies -->
Hello Again
When the World Ends
What Would You Say
The Song That Jane Likes
Crazy Easy
The Stone
Ants Marching

So Much To Say

Well this was a good show. I'll be different, I'll start from the end. Dave likes this encore when he comes to Cleveland. This is why this show wasn't great. The guys need to change it up a bit. Seen Dave here at least 7 times and he has played Rapunzel at least 4 of those times. I have seen him many times around the midwest and it never fails that in my back yard they play the same encore. Not that its a bad song but I just like things to be different. Thats what the band is all about. Now the good stuff. Grey Street nice to open with. I saw the 12 string on stage and that was my guess. Rest of the show was standard until Dancing Nancies. Sugar Will not so keen about Joy Ride is sweet but Dancing Nancies, WOW!!! I love that song live, and into warehouse thats even better. The stone was awesome to hear and to close out the show ANTS!!! This by far got the crowed the most pumped up. What a great way to end the show. See ya all in Hershey!
Kyle G.
Ok guys, tonight made up for any disappointments I had coming out of the show on the 23rd (Columbus). This is my second show on the tour and Dave seemed to love the crowd. Grey Street was a very cool opening song although I had heard it last week, it seemed to set the night right. Rhyme and reason....soooo happy to hear it, trying to learn it on guitar and finally I see the method that he uses with the slides and what not. Nice to hear the new stuff too. OSW, wonderful to hear again...wanted the old intro but haha oh well. TSB, very cool to hear live, wasn't expecting it according to the other shows on the tour. More new stuff...DN!! Dancing Nancies...so very unexpected although I called it to my friend right before he played it ;). Warehouse...what a crowd pleaser....nobody can deny the fun of the live 'wooo's!' in between Dave's smooth progression. New. WTWE, saw it coming but a nice song for the couples i guess? haha. Grannyy, loved it the first time I heard it, even better this time. WWYS!! I walked into this show hoping for nothing but UTTAD and it seems that I was basically fully hooked up, my fav's from UTTAD were played plus more!! (other than jimi :( )STJL....I would consider Cuyahoga Falls blessed to have that song played in there music center, I would be honored in Toledo. New. CRASH....ok, I know that everybody has heard this song by now because DMB is well known for it and w/e but honestly, this is a must see live! I'm sure very few ppl were expecting to hear it because it hadn't been played on the tour at all previously! The stone...cool live, already heard it on wednesday, very dark and deep song live. Ants...nice intro, very cool set up of the song and a nice way to end the show....but wait!....of course Dave came back out and played one of my fav songs from crash. SMTS yay! SMTS is undescribable live so I won't go into detail. Umm don't know why he didn't go into too much from the bridge but I guess rapunzel was good. No comment haha. all in all 11 out of 10 show. nj guys!
Alright, I have to say that I DID enjoy the show. Dave and the rest of the band were fantastic, but I have to be honest I was left wanting more following the show. I really missed out on the truly great concert songs such as Don't Drink the Water, Last Stop, Lie in Our Graves, Two Step, or any other song that really lets the band jam out. Especially Boyd. I really missed his violin jams. On a whole though it was a great show, but I just would have liked a couple more songs like that. I love the new stuff especially Hello Again.
This was the second show that have seen from this tour. I should start off by saying that the venue is amazing and the concert was outstanding(what i saw of it) our seats were great too. the organization of the venue was absolutly horrible. i had come from michigan. we were at the exit for the venue at 6:00pm we didn't get into the show until 9:15pm then had to walk about a mile and a half to get to the gates of the venue. They should really consider a shuttle service or something it was ridiculous. I have never had sucha hard time getting to a concert before in the life. but when we got there it was awsome. granny crash and ants rocked out .
78 degrees and sunny.... perfect weather for a great concert. keller williams rocked... walking up to the pavilion i thought tim reynolds was playing on the house system. this guy can play the guitar like it's nobody's business. truly a unique and talented opening act. the band came out a little late, about 8:15 or so. i called grey street as the opener because i saw the 12 string and knew he would not play bartender as an opener. grey street was OK, not my favorite song and didn't have quite enough energy for an opener. it was overwith soon, and dave strummed a couple notes from rhyme and reason so i called that one before anyone else too. always a great song, tons of energy. sugar will was unimpressive, not even leroi could save it. not an awful song, but that's 10 minutes they could have been playing some of their old stuff instead. OSW was without its usual intro, it just sort of built much like everyday does. always a great song, they've played it every time they've come to blossom since 2000 so it's a regular. the space between was played to please the radio crowd, it was weak but it could have been worse, like i did it. it was over quickly, but the crowd seemed to love it. joyride wasn't as good as i thought it would be. it wasn't terrible, but again, i would have rather heard something old. nancies -> warehouse more than made up for any of my complaints thus far. boyd was on fire on nancies, and warehouse remains one of my all-time favorite classics. dave totally lost it in the middle and screwed up, but it was cool. the crowd really loved warehouse, and i could tell the boys were truly happy playing the same song they've played for over a decade. carter was all smiles, and of course, tore it up. hello again wasn't bad, but i don't really like any of the new songs that much. eh. WTWE... weak. but redemption came again in the form of granny, which was excellent. WWYS was the standard classic as always. dave said "i gotta sister named jane" and i knew what was next... always a great song. crazy easy... see hello again. these new songs just seemed to take up time that could have otherwise been filled with better songs. crash was unexpected but i really enjoyed it, radio song or not it's still a beautiful love song. the stone got off to a rough start. dave played the intro longer than normal, and carter seemed to have a hard time getting into it and messed up a couple times, nearly losing his timing. but that was soon forgotten and the rest of the song rocked, fading to nothing before the ending. ants... this is what i came to hear. snare intro and all. the band and the crowd loved this one more than anything yet. dave, stefan, boyd, butch and of course carter were all smiles, and i think i saw leroi grin once or twice. amazing song as always, it seemed better than usual, maybe because they looked so happy to be playing it. i thought, here are five of the greatest musicians who ever played together, playing their signature song over a decade after it was written, and they could not have been loving it more. the boys were happy, and seeing them happy made me happy. SMTS was unexpected, i suspected grace is gone would be played because the lap steel was out. it rocked, not a bad choice. i knew ASTB was next... there's always that split second after "little baby" that you can tell if carter is going to end it or go into ASTB, and i called it a split second before it was played. stefan went crazy, jumping all about and rocking out on his bass. i wasn't feeling too much, so i called rapunzel, to everyone's disagreement (dude he always plays too much after this song) but i was right once again, and DMB proceeded to play the best rapunzel i've ever heard. carter and leroi really tore it up at the end, and the crowd went nuts for carter's double bass drums over leroi's soloing. i do my best for you... despite the questionable new songs, i think DMB did their best tonight. they rocked, that's what i came to see. we should not take this for granted, because they're still together, still touring every summer, and still loving every minute of it. my mouth hurt from smiling so much. thanks carter.
Erin W.
Ok, I think eveyone will agree....Tonight`s show was awesome! My sister and I have traveled from L.A to N.Y to see DMB. So I can tell you Dave and the guys were really on display tonight. They seemed to be having such a great time on stage together, the chemistry was amazing! The set was great. Opening with with Grey Street was such a treat! My personal fav performance was Warehouse, it was incredible!! Jamming out to Ants was also a great a highlight!! See ya guys soon!!
Tuesday nights concert was awesome! It was my first DMB concert ever! I was one section back form the stage and I experienced the best concert ever! Opening with Grey Street was awesome! It set the mood for the rest of the night! Shocker of the night was Dancing Nancies with a prelude into WAREHOUSE! I finally experienced the WOO-ing at the beginning of the song! I LOVED IT! Following were Granny, Crash, and Ants Marching! Ants was un-real! You barely heard Dave singing, the crowd was singing along so loud! Boyd's solo in ants is amazing to watch, also! Ended with an amazing encore. SMTS and Rapunzel, ending with PNP! Great first DMB concert!! I definitely want to do it all over again!!