Dave Matthews Band
UMB Bank Pavilion, Maryland Heights, MO
Graph of songs performed, by album
Too Much
What Would You Say?
Rhyme & Reason
Joy Ride
When The World Ends
I Did It
Crazy Easy
Grey Street
Hello Again
Drive In, Drive Out
Grace Is Gone
Help Myself
Sugar Will

Philip M.
I was pumped up since it was the first opening night I had been to and had no idea what the boys had in store for us. We got treated to 4 new songs! TOO MUCH-figured they would open up with this one since it's the tend for the past couple years. Full of energy..the boys sounded dead-on. GRANNY-nice sing-along for the crowd. CIGARETTE LIT (tease)-nice little tease from the Some Devil sessions. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY-another nice one to pull out to keep the crowd going. RHYME & REASON-always great to hear live even though they tend to overplay the song. JOY RIDE-first new song...love the energy on this one. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-standard...not much to say. I DID IT-well it has energy, but back to back ED songs that I'm not fond of...grrr! WAREHOUSE-back on track...love hearing this one live! CRAZY EASY-new song #2. It wasn't bad..needs a little reworking, but has potential. GREY STREET-brought the crowd back to life. CRUSH-heard the bass intro and knew it was coming. Lighters fired up immediately. HELLO AGAIN-love this one w/ it's blue-grassy feel. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT-was hoping he'd pull this one out the first night and I got treat well. Loved the extra intro to it. GRACE IS GONE-by far the longest Grace I have seen. You could hear the crowd sing every word. HELP MYSELF-turned into a bathroom break for some, but it's always good to hear. PNP>RAPUNZEL- good way to end the show...I love Butch on this one. SUGAR WILL-opening the encore w/ a new song...very LEAVE ME PRAYING A'LA 1997. Love this one...nice long jam at the end. STAY-figured the'd close with this one and wasn't disappointed. Love it so much w/o the ladies!
First off I have to say that O.A.R. was fantastic. My first time seeing them. Then came DMB. This was my 18th show. I've got to say, they are the best live band around when they want to be. This show was kind of a bummer. Don't get me wrong there were some good moments. Granny, Grey Street, Warehouse, Rhyme&Reason, and I thought the best song of the night was Grace is Gone. Stefan on the stand up slide steel bass intro was beautiful. For me though seeing them 5-6 years ago when you knew you were going to here seek up, proudest monkey, Graves, Typical situation, cry freedom, pay for what you get. That's just a few of their classic's. You all know what I'm talking about. They rarely play those songs anymore, and that's when DMB was at their best. They are still my favorite band. Never thought I'd put another musician in the same catagory as Lennon/McCartney until Dave came along. I'm really looking forward to the 3 Gorge shows Labor Day weekend. Stephen
Well this was my first tour opener and it was good. I had great seats which made the show even better. It was great to see the new songs that the band pulled out. I really like Hello Again. It was also nice to see Drive in Drive Out. It was a great night and a great tour opener.