Dave Matthews Band
Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
What Would You Say
Song That Jane Likes
Too Much
Sugar Will
If I Had It All
Don't Drink the Water
Hello Again
Drive In Drive Out
Grace Is Gone
Joy Ride
Fool To Think
Jimi Thing
Crazy Easy
Two Step
Dancing Nancies
Stay (Wasting Time)

Zac Z.
First off, once again Keller Williams was badass and anyone who skipped him is crazy. But onto the real show. First off let me just say that Night 2 this year was 100x better than night 1. The energy was better, the crowd was much better, the atmosphere was better, and the setlist was better. WWYS started the concert off, this, the opener, was probably the only part of the entire weekend that was better the first night. Next was SONG THAT JANE LIKES-"I got a sister named Jane, and this is the song that jane likes" and the crowd explodes. This was the first debut of the weekend and it kicked ass. Dave vocals owned this song. TOO MUCH-followed, and altough it was the 4th time I have heard this song live, it was still pretty badass, i see why they play it so much you can tell they enjoy playing this one. RECENTLY- was next, this was the first time I have heard this one and I really enjoyed it, but it nothign in it really stands out as spectacular. SUGAR WILL-was the first new song of the night. Altough this is my least favorite of the new songs so far, it was very good tongiht. Leroi took this one over and jammed the hell out of it. I think this song has the potential to be one of the best studio songs on the new album. IF I HAD IT ALL-Our first Everyday experience of the night, it could be worse we could have heard angel. DON"T DRINK THE WATER-followed and was the first GREAT song of the weekend. Something about it that night just gave me the chills, Dave had his creepy ass vioce going adn they were all jamming out. This was one of the highlights of the weekend. HELLO AGAIN-came next, and as of right now is by far their best new song. For a brand new song the crowd was really digging it and once again the lighting was good on it. DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT- This was the first time I have heard this one, it was alright, nothing more. GRACE IS GONE-now this was the surprise of the weekend. The Lap Steel intro is awesome, and the song has transformed from a dull boring crowd killer, to a jammed out, uptempto and great song. What a difference a year makes. Everyone took good jams in this one Boyd and Steffan stand out in my memory. JOY RIDE- the crowd was once again surprisingly into this one, some people even tried to get some WHOOOs going at that beginning part wiht the pauses. Its a short song, but a sweet one. HMMM?-came next, I like this one, but most everyone else there did not. It didn't really fit in wiht the set, it slowed things down. Which brings us to FOOL TO THINK-BLAH. 'Nuff said. JIMI THING-brought things back up a notch. This was my 3rd time seeing Jimi Thing and it was the best one I have seen by far. Dave's scat was incredible, and Dave even did his guitar solo, which doens't come out in many songs. Leroi was great and so was Boyd, but Dave took this one over. This was probably the best played song of the weekend. CRAZY-EASY-Its not bad, but its not great yet either. Oh well the new ones have to be played. TWO STEP-closed the set, and I coudln't think of a better closer. It was only the second tour debut of the weekend, but it was well worth the wait. As soon as Boyd started plucking the crowd went nuts and I got a huge grin on my face. It was an incredible version of Two Step, over 20minutes, and I enjoyed every second of it. And for all those who used to fall asleep during Butch's Two Step solos, they are MUCH, MUCH, better this time around. They are faster and more jammy, and no longer kill the song. Everyone jammed this one out, Carter even tooka drum solo. This song was the highlight of my weekend. The Encore started off great with DANCING NANCIES-not many people say this one coming, I think its the first time its been palyed in the encore in a couple years. It was fantastic, staring Boyd of course, and I was afraid this would end it and it woudl be a one song encore, but then STAY- stay is a great song, and it was alot better this year than last but i am getting tired of it as an encore closer. Oh well it was still great and capped off another great weekend of Dave and the boys.

Recap- sat and sun were my 5th and 6th shows and I got 18 NEW SONGS! Night 2 was the 2nd best DMB show i ahve ever been to, followed by 6-26-03 which may never be topped. The nights highlights were DDTW, Jimi Thing, and the best was Two Step. DMB didn't let me down and gave me a great weekend full of great memories I will never forget. Let's hope this band keeps it going for a long, long time.
This is by far the best dave show i have ever, ever seen!! Tonight was my 23rd birthday and I went to the show hoping it would be a show I would never forget! I was not disappointed! They opened with WWYS!!! The line "Mom it's my birthday. . . " told me right then this was going to be the best concert! Song that Jane likes was awesome, I was so excited to hear it, Recently was great as well....but the highlight of the night was when he played DDTW (for my best friend who has been dying to hear this live for as long as I can remember) and GIG my absolute favorite Dave song. I thought right then the night couldn't get any better than this! Jimi Thing!!! It just got better!!! The scat was amazing (this is where I think I lost my voice) Two Step was the best I'd ever heard it. They played it for a good 15 minutes!! The encore was fabulous and I left the concert feeling like I just witnessed the most amazing thing! Thanks guys for the best concert ever!!! See you in VA!
once again they deliver the goods. the vibe from the beginning was a mellow, swirly and perfect. it was a completely different show from the night before, but just as amazing. DDTW is one of my favorites to see live, i like it when dave gets devilish and evil :) jimi thing has to be the best version i have ever had the pleasure to witness. the scat was sick!!! i was praying for two step and i received an amazing version...boyd was insane. i could not have picked a better encore than what they gave us. oh how it made me want to stay!!!
Luke K.
WOW...this was my 13th show and I believe that number is lucky, my friend had seats right behind the sound board-amazing view..The setlist was wonderful, that's the only word I can use to describe it too..STJL is a big favorite of mine and I really enjoy the "I've got a little sister named Jane" intro. It was the first time for me seeing Recently and that is an all time favorite of mine, made my night..I can't wait for their new album to come out because the songs they played, both nights, were great however they had more energy with them on sunday!..Jimi Thing gets its own sentence, that was by far the best thing I've ever seen a musician do on stage, he just tore up that stage with meaningless words that somehow matched right up with the tunes-stellar performance dave..the encore of nancies into stay, just coming from two step was nicely done, those three songs had a ton of energy, and it's always nice to hear a mention of "being lost somewhere in pennsylvania!!!"...overall, one of the best shows on my list, and get this, even the traffic wasn't that bad!!
Joe H.
What Can I say, Sunday was probably the greatest Show I have seen Dave put on. the vibe was so much better sunday than saturday, i think the new songs, Hello Again, and Joy Ride will take off big, the $15,000 for ending late is well worth it. Two Step was Phenomenal. and what an encore, WOW is all I can say.