Dave Matthews Band
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo
Best of What's Around
So Much to Say
Jimi Thing
The Song That Jane Likes
True Reflections
Rhyme & Reason
Cortez the Killer
Grey Street
All Along the Watchtower
Halloween *
Two Step

* Dave and Carter only

Another amazing concert from Dave. I've only seen them twice but I've listened to tons of tapes so I'm justified in saying that it was amazing. This time we had the greatest seats--when we bought em I wasn't in Warehouse and lo and behold they said "Side of stage limited view." I wasn't happy in the least, but at the Allstate there aren't any really awful seats, so I dealt. We saw them at Soldier Field in June and were as far away from the stage as you can possibly get-the very top row on the opposite side of the stadium. After that, any seat was an improvement. My luck seems to be changing, though, cuz we couldn't have had better seats if we were in the 5th row! Our seats were only 45 feet or so from Dave himself. Coming from a girl who has only had terrible seats to every concert she's ever been to, it was a definate treat. They opened with Stone and my friend Kristina and I were thrilled-I had waited in vain for that at SF in June,and I finally got to hear it. Best of is one of my favorites, and everyone by us really got into it. Surprised to hear So Much to Say cuz it hasn't seemed to be one I've heard alot on tapes or Red Rocks/Dave and Tim/Listener Supported. Jimi thing was tight,just swaying with the music. This was one of the best songs of the night because they all just jammed--first Boyd had a really long solo, then Leroi had a long one too--on my tape I clocked it at about 4 minutes. The band really played off of each other's energy and the response from the crowd. I loved the whole set. STJL was great to hear again. I called Watchtower, which besides Jimi Thing had the greatest energy from both band and crowd last night. Everyone had their lighters out during the intro--nothing is more exciting than to see the whole arena glowing like fireflies. Expected it near end of set, it seems to be the culmination of the whole night wrapped up into one moment. Halloween had lots of energy from Carter especially. I was a little disappointed that he didn't go into any long jam periods like he did in June. Two Step was the best way to end the show, with the response from the crowd phenomonal. My fav. Little disappointed that no Dancing Nancies or Crash. JTR was good too. I loved the lighting of the show and the little designs projected on the crowd, I never noticed that before. I guess that effects like that make it more fun for the guys on stage. What really pisses me off was that there were so many people by us too drunk to pay attention and give the band the attention they deserved. I feel that Dave is enough of a high for me. And why waste $50 and a few hours just to puke in the bathroom? Or you could puke in the aisle like the girl next to us did. (thanks a bunch!) Regardless, this show exceeded the one in June in every way!
Tammy A.
And I'm SPENT... I am giving away tomorrow night's tix, 'cause there is NO way this show could be topped. Tonight's show was for the true blue. It was the show I was hoping for back in June at Soldier Field. I have seen Dave and the boys multiple times, but this one blew the doors off. My absolute dream set list. Just when i was sure I had heard it all, they pulled something else out. Let's just say we started with Stone. Nice intro, slow, mostly acoustic. Followed by BOWA, SMTS and Jimi -nice work Boyd on Jimi. (Boyd was relatively quiet most of the night..) Then, a fav of mine - Granny. Nice. Great light work on JTR - (candy canes!) like the indoor set better than outdoor. The usual "..I have a sister" intro and right into TSTJL - nice. Then, one I haven't heard in a loooong time - True Reflections, WITH BOYD SINGING. Rhyme and Reason always nice and long interesting jam on #41 - Stephon even getting a little solo action. Now, here's the weird part and we had to search for this one. They pulled out Cortez the Killer -a way, way old Neil Young song. We had to review the tapes on this one to even identify it, but it was awesome. Grey Street (my fave of the new songs) came next. Then, to round out the set - an excellent rendition of Watchtower. The guys were all over the place, rocking! So, now I am thinking to myself - encore time. they will probably slow it down, maybe end with Christmas Song or Ants. Then - Out Of Nowhere Dave says "I wanted to play a little love song, little love song" and we are treated to HALLOWEEN!!!!!! It was an interesting version, too. Neither set of the popular lyrics entirely, but some weird ass mixture. WOW. By now, I am about ready to fall over from dancing my ass off. I don't care what they play next, thinking they can NO WAY top Halloween. And of course, they do. They pull out a 20 minute jam-packed version of my very favorite song - Two Step. Thank you, thank you, thank you, boys. Best Live Band indeed.
[Name R.
I can tell right now that this tour is going to be something special. After seeing last night's setlist, I thought there was no way a song like True Reflections would be played, but sure enough, out it came. The band looked really comfterable and they were all having a fantastic time, especially Dave and Carter. At one point during the show the two of them broke into a slight rendition of Is Chicago, Is not Chicago, I wished they had played the entire thing. The other major highlight for me besides True Reflections would have to have been Halloween. It's got to have been a good year or two since the full band last played it. This time it wasn't even the full band, just Dave and Carter, but boy did it surprise the hell out of me. I thought it would be Xmas song, but then Dave introduced it as "a love song". Next thing I know Dave and Carter launch into an amazing rendition of the song. Truly unbelievable. The Two Step at the end didn't have the new "jam" section the band has been playing for the last year or so. Listen to the tape and you'll know what I'm talking about. Can't wait for tomorrow! Peace!
Collin Q.
OK. Tonight was a-fucking-mazing and the power that the boys was unbelievable. Boyd cranked out some amazing solo's and LeRoi followed right behind him. OK here we go: Stone- My buddy Chris called it and Leroi had a great solo at the end. BOWA- First time i have ever heard this song and it was amazing. It got the crowd going. SMTS- Standard, I was hoping for ASTB-> TM, but *sigh* no such luck. Jimi Thing- Amazing, Dave had a great solo and went nuts towards the end, he just started jumping everywhere. Boyd and LeRoi had great solo's as well. Granny- Unexpected but the crowd loved it and sang right along. JTR- Standard, Dave on the 12 string. STJL- Standard, nothing special really. TR- Caught me off guard. Boyd proved that he can do everything. Amazing solo! R&R- Standard, cool lights though, red and white everywhere. #41- Best live version i have heard. Great solo's and while Boyd and LeRoi were jamming, Dave started walking behind the stage and we could see him pacing back and forth. Wondering maybe he broke a string? He came back out and then added some new lyrics to the song. i like to call it the "Everyday" outro. He started singing and every other word out of his mouth was "Everyday". Wondering maybe if it had something to do witht he new albumn? Cortez- Cool song, first time i ever heard it. The next four songs is where the power came in. GS- Standard, a few lyrics changed, a great song. Watchtower- Everyone went nuts and just sang and danced and we nailed the "No reason to get excited" ending. Amazing. The boys left the stage for about 5 minutes and then Dave and Carter came back onstage. Dave said "This is a love song and its just me and Carter playing it" So i figure Christmas Song. i was wrong. All the sudden, an upbeat song comes out and i just scream "Halloween" WOW!!!!! The the boys joined Dave and Carter and did about a 8 to 9 minute version of Two Step. The best DMB concert i have ever been to. Thanks again guys!!!
Michael B.
Wow... this was indeed a special night. i walked in as The Stone began. What a nice opener. A little suprising which made it even more awesome. Aftre BOWA and SMTS, Jimi Thing came around. i didnt expect thi since tehy played it last night but i thougfht this preformance was tight. The jam was a little more face paced and strong tempoed than others Ive herad and I liked it. Leroi soloed for a few minutes and then Dave had a little solo action of his own too. After thatI enjoyed an awesome Granny, my first. Got to love the "LOVE," "BABY" outro on that one. Another highlight was definatley Cortez. It definatley wasn't as jammed out as the Bridge School version with Neil but still cool. It even sounded like Dave alluded to it being on the new album. Watchtower was solid with a Dave guitar intro. Then the encore. Oh boy. I cant believe they played HALLOWEEN. It must be two years since they last played it. Dave and Carter came out and Carter just busted into Halloween. Strong version, i must say with a mad drum solo as an outro. Then Two step. The rest of the band then joined Dave and Carter. Awesome encore for a great show. Make sure you check this one out if you can.
Jimmy J.
Holy shit- whatta show!! It's as if the boys looked and saw the bashing that was goin on the message boards regarding the target center show and decided to pull out the shit tonite- here goes: The Stone: sweet, sweet opener- crowd was so into it, a great dave outro to the song- he actually did some seek up type wailing Is Chicago, Not Chicago(tease): thought he was gonna play it, oh well Best of What's Around:tight version, kept the crowd groovin So Much To Say: standard, expecting the the bridge here, but alas there is none- fine by me though, i've dd it like 6 times in concert Jimi Thing-: very tight, leroi's solo was as good as i've ever heard him play Granny : jam packed- most of the crowd knew what was goin on JTR - slower than usual for some reason, wasn't nearly as fast as other versions i've heard on boots, kinda killed crowd energy a bit, although after a while the crowd picked up on "rain, rain, rain down on me..." Song That Jane Likes: awesome as usual, crowd had minimal clue True Reflections: first time in 12 shows for me, i don't care what anyone says- this song rocks without butch and the ladies, amazing energy tonite-the crowd was singing the lovely lady parts it was kinda funny Rhyme & Reason - blah, standard #41 - awesome, awesome, awesome- the new outro has gotta be a new song tease or somethin- i couldn;t really understand what dave was sayin, but he said "everyday" like 6-7 times, and stuff like "left to right" and "lift me up"- carter was laughin the whole time dave was doin it Cortez The Killer - it was a killer- of crowd energy that is- no one knew what tht hell was goin on, but i really diddn't care cuz the song was played so well, i had chills at the end when dave was singin "he came dancin across the water" like 10 times Grey Street: solidified lyrics with a few changes i noticed- "the red blood bleeding from her"- very cool Watchtower - awesome- lotsan energy- did i mention leroi moore is god? --------------------------------------- Halloween: I nearly shit myself- dave and carter came out and i was thinkin as well as everyone else xmas song- but oh no- i was in utter shock, and i mean shock- it was a really weird version- normal lyrics till the end- dave didn't do the normal "love is hell.....loooooovvvvvvveeeee....looooooovvvvvvveeeeee!!!"- he just kinda did a lot of yelling and screaming- and carter took it home in the end- frickin sweet as all hell- i felt honored to be there Two Step: sweet version- very short though- no dave mini jam at the end, just kinda slowed for a short while then right into the intense outro All in all, i feel very privelged to have gone to this show- peace- jimmy
Pat B.
One of the best DMB concerts in IL. There seeemed to be a total mix of songs from differnt albums. This was a more upbeat show with an amazing light Display. The encore song "Two Step" and was incredible. I would like to have seen "Ants Marching" but it was still was an awesome show. If you have the chance see DMB go.
Jim W.
Unbelievable show. Best of the 21 I've been to. I basing that solely on the encore of Halloween/Two Step. The best Halloween I've heard since '95. Completley nuts. They teased it before Watchtower, and then Dave came out with Carter and said "This is a love song". I knew right there that after this show I'll be able to die a happy man.
Pete M.
I must say, that after seeing about 13 shows so far, this one ranks somewhere in between. They've got to get off of the "Listener Supported" song choices, but all in all, not hearing Crash or Ants was a pleasant treat. They all sounded very tight and seemed happy to be in Chicago (teasing Is Chicago/Is not Chicago by Soul Coughing between a song). Dave sung words at the end of #41 which was pretty cool. A cover song by Neil Young I believe Cortez the Killer, and Halloween with only Dave and Carter, AWESOME! Looking forward to tonights show (I'm sure that Crash and/or Ants is inevitable) BLAH! Play The Dreaming Tree already!!!
This was by far and away, bar none, the best concert I have ever been to, and definitely the best of my 3 DMB shows (this even blows 6/15/99 out of the water). Dave started by saying "I thought it was too cold for frogs now, but a little on just jumped in my throat". I actually called the opener as soon as I saw that little stool Dave brought out. It was the best version of stone I have ever heard, I was crying by the breakdown at the end. Then some old favorites from the R2T/UTTAD era. And then... JTR! The first "new" song of the tour! I was very excited about this one, even though I was one of the few around me who knew it (BTW, thank you Warehouse for the incredible seats!) After that, STJL, True Reflections (not my favorite, but well done), Rhyme and Reason, and 41! The song I had waited all night for. This time it only took me to the end of the first verse to start crying, this song was so beautiful and powerful. After that, Cortez the Killer, a song I had never heard before, it was pretty good. Grey Street! My favorite of the summer songs, and so full of energy! I have no idea how Watchtower was, because I had to leave because of a little heat exhaustion (I had a temp of 101 during the show, but hey, priorities) I came back in time to hear Dave say "I'm gonna get Carter Beauford out here and we're gonna play a love song for ya". So I'm thinking, oh my god, I'll Back You Up. What do they play? HALLOWEEN! My first time live, it was great. Then Dave closed out with a great Two Step. The band was so full of energy, it seems like they have taken it up another level after working with Ballard (didn't believe it was possible).
ALL I CAN SAY IS HALLOWEEN!!! HALLOWEEN!! HALLOWEEN!! SORRY WHOEVER WAS NOT THERE AND MISSED THIS RARE SIGHTING!!! I HOPE HE PLAYS IT AGAIN FOR YA ALL!!! I had a big pink and black banner that said HALLOWEEN ON IT that i had left over from the summer tour. (I was the one at Deer Creek he kept telling it was not the season for HALLOWEEN) WELL I GOT MY WISH TONIGHT!! Anyway this was my 25th show and a very solid one at that. Dave was really on tonight and stole the show! Dancin around and doing what he does! ON TO THE SONG BY SONG REVIEW FIRST TIME SINCE 12-15-98 WITH THE BAND STONE - solid same as usual BEST OF WHATS AROUND - again solid as usual SO MUCH - well i know a lot of people were looking for the bridge but Dave showed them why he is the BEST LIVE ACT (you can never predict what will happen next!) JIMI THING - Very solid!!! Leroi rocked the sax on this one! awesome jam now i can't remember exactly but he Teased CHICAGO NOT CHICAGO somewhere in here! i really thought he was going to do it carter even started drummin for him to but he did not GRANNY - solid same usual version JTR - People want the john the revolator verse back in !!! FFFFForget it this song rocks without it totally! the jam at the end just rocks!!!! JANE - solid but standard TRUE REFLECT - ROCKED AS USUAL RHYME & REASON - Same as usual very loud and dark #41 - the corwed went nuts! chicago must really dig this song! ROCKED BUT DOES NOT COME CLOSE TO A BELA & THE TONES WHEN THEY GUEST STAR ON THIS ONE but there was a new outro here! some sor of EVERDAY thing he was singing??? CORTEZ - Glad i got to hear this one! i have the bridge school ones and thought this was great! dave on the whole song!!! he rocked!! GREY STREET - Awesome new one as usual WATCHTOWER - ROCKED THE HOUSE DOWN AS USUAL! THE LIGHTS ARE PERFECT FOR THIS ONE!!! THIS IS WHEN I HEALD UP THE BANNER AND BELIEVE IT WAS SEEN FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! Dave came out and said! his usual intro to HALLOWEEEN!! I KNEW IT WAS COMING PEOPLE AROUND ME DID NOT BELIEVE ME BUT I KNEW IT! HE SIAD CARTER AND I ARE GOING TO PLAY YA ALL A LOVE SONG! HALLOWEEEN! AWESOME! I WAS TOTALLY IN SHOCK FOR THIS ONE! BEST VERSION I HAVE EVER HEARD! WAS TOTALLY FRESH LIGHTS ROCKED AND ALL!!!! 2 STEP - ROCKED AS USUAL!! THANKS DAVE AND THE BOYS! HEY ANYONE WITH A COPY OUR THERE PLEASE E-MAIL ME I WANT THIS ONE BAD!!!! Frank
Brent S.
I thought the show was as equally good as the two I saw in Riverport in September. It turned out that Dave and Carter came out to open the encore. He started by saying that they were going to play a "love song." That love song turned out to be Halloween...everyone about shit when they started. All in all the show ROCKED and there was so much electricity in the air last night.
Michael Z.
Let me first say what's up to the guys from Michigan that us Wisconsin boys partied with in the parking lot before the show. On to the show...What a surprise that they started with THE STONE, I never saw it coming. JIMI THING had one of the best jams of the night, the band really felt the vibe from the crowd. Especially after the first chorus when Dave went nuts and did his little dance and when Boyd took center stage and jamed out, that was awesome. GRANNY was also good to hear after haven't hearing it for awhile. Then Dave pulled out the 12 string and I knew a great jam was going to come out of this and it was none other than JTR! The crowd got into it when the chorus came..."Rain, Rain, Rain Down on Me". TRUE REFLECTIONS really got Boyd into the show and showed off his voice which couldn't have been better. #41 was one of the hightlights because of Dave's added words at the end of the jam, it caught me off guard! GREY STREET is by far the best new song that the band plays and it only gets better everytime I hear it! Dave went all out on this one because he manage to break a string and play right through it, sweet! Then to end the set before the encore, I never thought that he'd end it there with WATCHTOWER! Along with JIMI THING this was of course an awesome jam that came unexpectedly. Then as the crowd lit their lighters for the encore, Dave walks on stage with a beer in his hand takes a drink and it's just him and Carter. Dave said something like "Here's a little love song..." At that point he had me thinking and it was the BIGGEST surprise of the night it was HALLOWEEN! I've been waiting to hear this one live and it was great to see Dave going nuts by himself along with Carter. For the final song TWO STEP, I saw Boyd start play his violin like a guitar and knew right away they were playing two step! What a great way to end the show, awesome jam on this one to get the crowd feeling good before the band left the stage. Overall great concert, a little short only 15 songs, would have liked to hear 17 or so but can't complain. A lot of unexpected songs made this concert one for the loyal Dave fans!
Richard Y.
Fabulous night. The band seemed full of energy and looked like they were having fun. Highlights were a special Chicago tease and when Dave said "Well, this is Chicago and all". The Stone as an openner. True Reflections once again. A kick ass #41 that had an extended outro with words I had never heard before. Sounded wonderful. Cortez the Killer, the Neil Young cover they did together at Bridge school, sounded great. A killer Watchtower that was full of energy. Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fabulous. Dave and Carter came out and Dave said "here I have a love song to play" and then busted out with that. It was amazing and full of energy. This show was fabulous, my only complaint was the length of the concert (roughly about 2 1/2 horus). Don't know tonight if last night can be topped, we'll see.
JTrain (.
Well, here it goes... my first review on the nancies page. All I can say is that last nights show was special. I've been to my fair share of DMB shows, and why this one was not the best, it was special for different reasons. I guess I'll just go song by song, and take it from there. The Stone - Always a nice opener. Pretty standard version, but the outro had great energy, and I think that it really set the tone for the rest of the night. BOWA - Again, pretty standard, but still very awesome. It is one of my favorites, and I'll take it any time I can hear it. So Much to Say - Average until the end. It started off slower than normal, and seems to lack energy until then end when it picked up speed. I thought they would do the bridge, but to my surprise they did not. Nonetheless, very nice. Jimi Thing - I have heard this song at almost every DMB concert I have been to, and to tell you the truth, when I heard the first chords I just thought, "hear we go again." But I must say, that it was the best Jimi Thing that I have ever heard. Dave's solo was pretty decent, and he was dancing around the stage like no tomorrow. It was excellent. Granny - First of many surprises throughout the remainder of the evening. Granny was excellent. I love that song. The guitar part is just so cool. It's just a real feel-good song. JTR - One of my favorites from the summer tour, so glad they played it. Rain down on me again... wow excellent song; another that I just can't get enough of. STJL - I've also heard this one many a time while seeing the boys, and was not that excited to hear it tonight... but nonetheless, it was a nice version, and it really got the crowd going. This song really seems to get the crowd motivated for some reason. True Reflections - When they brought out the mic for Boyd, I knew we had a chance and I went crazy when they started to ply this one. I have never heard this one before, and it was awesome. I love hearing songsthat I have never heard in person before... it just gives me a great feeling. This song was one of the gems of the evening. No one expected it, and they boys did not disappoint. After that rendition of TR, I felt sorry for sort-of neglecting that song on all my bootlegs. R and R - Once again a pretty standard version. Lot's of emotion by Dave on the "Take this needle from my vein" portion of the song. A nice one to hear. #41 - I love hearing this one live. I can never get enough of this song. Great jams by the boys. Dave was walking around the stage and interacting with people on all sides of the stage. (I believe this was the song) Anyways, another great song. Cortez the Killer - This was surprise, and gem number two!!!! I don't think there was a person in the arena that was expecting them to play this song. I had only heard this song once before during the Bridgewater web cast, and I like what I heard. This evening was no different. Very solid, even without Neil on vocals. This one will make a nice addition to the sets for future concerts. Excellent! Grey Street - At this point in the concert, I was expecting another slow song to pop-up... like typical situations or something of that nature. But Dave switched guitars, and the busted out Grey Street. This was second only to Grace is Gone, in my opinion about the songs from this summer. Started slow, but they really built it up at the end. Awesome intensity by Dave, when he just screamed to the heavens during the last chorus. Watchtower - I had not heard this one in a while, and was very glad to hear it. Great intensity by all band members. Although it seemed that all of the solos were cut short, it was still an excellent version. Great way to close the set. So at this point in the evening I am thinking that they will play Christmas song, and one up beat song to end the evening. Halloween - well, I think I speak for everyone in the arena when I say "holy fucking shit!!!" Dave and Carter come out.Dave goes to the Drums and talks to him for a couple of minutes. The Dave comes to the mic and says that he and Carter have a love song to play for us. I assumed it would be let you down, or Christmas Song. Then they just bust it out. That's is really all I can say. It was excellent. To have had that song be on the shelf for so long, and then to be there when it finally gets played again.. All I can say is that I really felt special. Two Step - Once again, a solid performance of this song. Emotion and energy was very high. This song really matched the energy from earlier on the show. Nice way to end the show. All in all a very excellent show.
Michael R.
Well once again Dave has done it. He put on a great show to hold up to his Award. His setlist seemed a little old in flavor. For example the fans in front of me were experiencing their first time, Dave Virgin's if you will. They calmly sat there while Dave soared through such tunes as "The Song that Jane Likes", and "The Best of What's Around." It is fun to watch the fans at a show. Dave Matthews Band, while being around for a decade, has the ability to reach hardcore Nancies and even Billy that stole his brother's "...Crowded Street's". Now that i'm done with my diatrabe on Dave, it was a good show and probably one of the better shows i've seen. Keep Rockin' Dave
Erik B.
First things first, no new stuff? anyways, damn good show, i was amazed with the bands energy, but very disapointed with the crowds. boyd didnt do much at all tonight, i'd say carter stole the show. stone, very nice, blue lights were beautiful, bowa, leroi's jam of the night. so much to say, dont really like this song, hoping for astb, but no, o well. jimi thing started amazing, dave was dancing so hard he nearly fell, he was goin so crazy, when he stumbled he had to put his hand down to brace the fall! they slowed it down to much, and lost energy...granny was a jam,jtr, and stjl standard. boyd's only true moment was in true reflection, beautiful sining, although lerois took 2 of the 3 solos? rhyme wasnt all that good ive heard better, ok 41, was great, dave sang "everyday, everyday" for like 2 or 3 minutes, must be a new outro, ive never heard it but it was beautiful! cortez, cortez cortez, what the fuck? could i be any luckier? cortez the killer=amazing. grey street was grey street, and watchtower was really good, they jammed well, dave was intense. now for the encore...dave came out drinking out of a flask, place went so nuts a lady next to me passed out! i had to cover my was TO loud. dave goes, me and carter are gonna play a quiet love song for ya'll, then he plays the unforgetable opening riff from halloween, perhaps my favorite love song. carter and dave really jammed on this. the rest the band came out, and boyd and dave got right into two step...amazing. really good show, maybe the best ive seen, i dont know. thanks dave...ill see you soon, oya, i recomend you getting this show, here was actually quite a bit of dave speak for a dmb show.
Jack C.
This was my fourth DMB concert and the best I've seen. The Chicago area has not been treated to great shows in the past couple years but tonight was amazing. First of all, I would not be satisfied if we didn't hear "Best" but we did. Then to make it even more enjoyable we heard Granny. Before this concert I began to think that their concerts were getting a bit repetitive and needed change. We got that tonight. I got really pumped when I heard the riff for "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago" before "So Much To Say". They didn't just tease it, they played it for about 10 seconds. I was pretty bummed when it stopped. Where did this "Cortez the Killer" come from? Don't get me wrong, it was great. I was excited to hear a new cover, the band is finally experimenting with new things. Forget the rest, who predicted "Halloween"? I bet no one in the arena had any intention of hearing it because it is so scarcely played. Now I am hearing that they were supposed to play "Christmas Song" but changed their minds at the last second. Nice call. The last show I saw was 6-30-00 at Soldier Field and I can say that Dave seemed a lot more energetic for this one. He was dancing all over the place. Good setlist, good intensity, good show.
David H.
Well this was my third show this year and sixth overall, and I have to say I left with my mouth open. The crowd had amazing energy and was very very loud inside the small arena. I called Stone as the opener, and it was very solid. Up through STJL, the energy that the band had was awesome. Dave went about apesh!t during the first jam of Jimi Thing. I thought he was going to toss his guitar into the ground he was so excited. I hadn't heard granny in a long time in concert, so that was sweet. True Reflections and Rhyme & Reason were pretty standard (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). #41 the crowd went nuts when it started, and there was some sweet sounding Dave speak at the end when the jam was winding down that I wish I knew what he said. I had no idea what Cortez the Killer was, but I definately liked hearing something I had never heard before in concert. I've heard better Grey Streets (RFK in particular), but its still a great song. Watchtower....I've seen it at 5 out of six of the shows I've been to, and maybe it was how close I was to the stage, or the lighting or something, but I thought my head was going to explode near the end of it. Dave and the whole band were rocking beyond belief. I told my date that I could die now after that performance. Halloween was so surprising, and quite different with just Dave and Carter. Pretty cool. Two Step...what a great closer, and a very solid version tonight. Better than the Alpine Valley show on 8/20, on par with RFK from this summer.
Jeff G.
Well...where do I begin ? Allow me to say that I have never seen a show at Allstate and that I feel like the place is a dump. I thought the set was lacking with only a couple bright spots...Stone was a surprise for the opener and a great song. Best of Whats Around, So Much to Say, Jimi Thing, none of which are favorites were alright. Granny was a surprise, but not a favorite. JTR sounded nice this evening. True Reflections was a nice suprise, but the bookends of Jane and R&R were a bit of a lull. #41 was very good tonight and topped off with a couple verses of wailing by Dave at the end, I thought it added alot. Cortez is a great song, he needs to play it more. I was very surprised to hear this and wasn't sure what it was at first...oh alright, until I checked the set-list. Grey Street was good, but expected. Watchtower was awesome...Dave has really shaped this song into a "Dave Song." For the encore...Halloween, what a great surprise, especially with everyone expecting Christmas Song..."We want to do a love song, so here is a little love song...a song about love." Just Dave and Carter tore this song up, definately a classic rendition of the song. Now the set wasn't too good and the venue sucked, but the energy from the very beginning made this show great. Dave came out dancing and couldn't seem to stand still through the entire show. Boyd was on and LeRoi got the spotlight often. They definately proved tonight, with their energy on-stage, why they are the best live act in the world.
Nick ".
The night started off a little slow and I had my doubts at first. However, I didnt expect a Stone opener and got to hear that for the first time. During Jimi Thing, Dave nearly fell flat on his face but got back to his normal groove and took the roof off with the jam. JTR basically stayed the same as it was this summer with the exception of a longer hold before they kicked into their outro. WTF?...Cortez The Killer. I was so shocked to hear them get into this jam. After about 30 seconds more than half of my section was sitting down. Shows you what some people do and some people don't know. I thought it was great...needed Neil Young in there though. Watchtower, what more to say that POWERFULL.....Great Closer. Encore, Dave and Carter so I am totally guessing Xmas Song..WRONG! Dave, "Carter and I are going to play a little love song!" I didnt know what to do other say "OH MY GOD!, he is fucking playing Halloween." Let me tell you the orange lights add to that song a lot. Overall I cant decide if this was better than ALPINE 8/20 or not, but it would come in a close second if anything.
Tom F.
My first DMB show and I loved it. Travelled down from Milwaukee since he plays more in Chicago. No need to review the list,others did it well. #41, 2 Step and Watchtower were best. I realize some loved Cortez and Halloween, but I'd rather have Christmas Song. I also missed not hearing his big hits (like he played Tuesday - I didn't have tix for that one). Yeah, I see all the die-hards rip tunes like Crash, Ants, Satellite etc. But these are his best. So I was dissappointed. No, I'm not a frat boy - I'm 35 and was a fan since '94. Had a great time, can't wait till the next once. The acoustics at the arena are terrible, never understood a word he said.Too smoky also, but now I sound old. Cheers
Bill M.
Stone-been waiting for this song since i bought LS this song just kicks ass liveBOWA-what a great song, sounded a lot like red rocks.SM2S-sounds just like it usually does,but still a great song. Jimi-this song was amazing,great jam and nice little parts from everybody,half way through Dave did this crazy little dance and almost fell down, but the band were really feeling it.Granny- this song is so good live, sounds the same even w/o the ladies JTR- the more I here thissong the more I love it.This one of the few Dave pulls out the 12-string for.TSJL is such a sweet song,like usual Dave announcing it by sayin I got a little sister named Jane.True Reflections just plain out kicks ass,Boyd singing and jammin.R&R another favorite of mine.#41 just an all around kick ass song live, added an outro by saying Everday over and over.Cortez didn't know what it was but it kicked ass.Grey street like the summer tour but a little jam at the end.Watctower was so loud by the end you couldn't even hear dave.Were the fuck did Halloween come from it was definitely the highlight of my night. Then you couldn't have picked a better song to close with then 2-step. All in all the best dave show i've ever seen can't wait til tommorow night.
Derek G.
What can i say? Dave is the best performer in the world, he can make a really bum set list be an amazing show. Im not saying that the setlist was bad, considering that this is my third dave show, and the best one ive been to yet, but there are a few songs that i could have done with out. Another good thing was that it was at the Allstate Arena which is a really good place to have a concert. Me and five friends saw the show and we had three seats in one section behind the stage. and three seats in another section across the arena. We ended up sitting in the three behind the stage because we found out that our teachers from school were sitting right behind out other seats, and that wouldnt be a good idea to sit there if u know what i mean?! When dave played AATW i almost cried, not literally, but it is my all time favorite cover that dave does. And in not better place than before the encore. THat is amazing. Kortez the Killer was one that is good to see live. That was my first time hearing the song but im sure that Neil Diamond would be proud of how good dave played it. Surprisingly enough, The Stone is the one dave song that i always knew the words but not the name of the song. Dave and the band played six of my favorite dave songs, which i thought was the most amazing thing. Its like he knows what people like. The only bad thing about the whole night was that the arena was so smoky that from the far side of the arena you could almost not see the stage. And they said it was supposed to be a non- smoking arena. Haha, i think that everyone was high from all the smoke blowing around. Well thats all i have time to write, Im sure ill see dave in concert again and you guys will see my reveiws for those also. Keep up the good work on this site!