Dave Matthews Band
Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Funky Meters

Blue Water % -->
What Would You Say
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
So Much To Say --> (Anyone Seen the Bridge?)
Too Much
Grey Street
True Reflections
Lie In Our Graves
All Along the Watchtower
Christmas Song * (All you need is love, Can't buy me love)
Halloween *
Ants Marching

% Dave only
* Dave and Carter only

Pat H.
All there is to say is, "best encore ever." First off, though, Dave started out with a tease of Blue Water Baboon Farm into JTR- who ever would have expected he'd resurrect it now? It was disappointing he didn't play the whole thing, but still pretty damn cool. The rest of the set was very strong, too, the night seemed to start out slow and just pick up steam. The new outro to #41 seemed to have the word "everyday" in it a lot, could this be a preview of something from the new album? The whole set rocked, but the encore was the real standout- best one either of us has ever seen. Dave and Carter came out, we were hoping for Halloween, and they started into Christmas Song, which was a little disappointing, but still pretty nice. Then, though, with just Dave and Carter still on stage, Dave said "This is a sweet, sweet love song," and they went into Halloween! It was unbelievable, such an incredible, powerful version, and so surprising, too. Then Boyd, LeRoi, and Stefan came out and ended a perfect set with Ants with the 1-2-3 jam; it was incredible.
Nathan G.
The first song JTR was a bad start to the concert, they crowd had trouble getting into it. After that the concert was great, every song flowed great into the next and the crowd got really into the concert. Great solos, and jamming throughout the whole concert, Boyd had some great solos. Ending in Ants Marching, great touch.
Erik O.
Was this 1993? I couldnt believe it when they came out and dave started playing blue water baboon farm!!!!!!! That was the best moment of my life.... Until the #41 jam was winding down and they started playing "everyday"... Thats what I picked up on it atleast. It was a really cool ending to the song. Something to look forward too. Just when I thought the night couldnt be topped, IT WAS!! 3 encores... christmas song and the HALLOWEEN!! i think this had alittle to do with the tape trader trent bergin who was injured in a car accident earlier in the week on the way to the show. So it was a nice tribute to say the least! I don't wanna ramble on about the rest of the show, just need to say it was great. Something that doesnt come around too often. It's gonna be awefully hard to top such a show. THE CROWD ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING LIKE SOME PSU STUDENTS TO ROCK A SHOW!!! I'll be at philly next week and its gonna be really hard to top tonight... later guys...GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!
Mike N.
Dude. Sweet. Blue Water. Wow. Dude. Sweet. Dave and friends rocked Penn State. It was one of the more exciting shows I have seen in a while, probably since 9.11.99. Some girl in front of me appeared to be on XTC, or at least she liked to hug random people. The setlist was pretty much a standard list with awesome songs mixed in, keeping the jackass in front of me on his toes trying to "guess" the next song. Blue Water was a great start. I will let someone else take the time to dig up when the last time they played that was. Suffice it to say, I wasn't there last time. JTR, Satellite, WWYS... cool. I love how people listen to the whole OSW solo then go insane when they start the song, as if they weren't just playing it. Granny was a nice surprise. Bartender is not a favorite of mine, but it was sweet. #41 is an all time favorite, and the Everyday outro was cool (new song, right? I guess we will have to wait). Even the fat kids danced for the SMTS outro, it was just that happening. Grey Street, or Gray Street? Someone clarify that for me, please. I liked that song to start, and I am liking it more and more as time passes. Boyd rocked True Reflections, but all the teeny-boppers waited until Dave sang to start clapping. Hmmmm. LIOG, always awesome, nice solo by Boyd, as expected. Watchtower was pretty standard, which means it was truly awesome. Then I sat down and rested my poor legs while 13,007 people (my own estimate) screamed and burnt their hands with their lighters, waiting for Dave to come back out. Dave and Carter waltzed out and gave us some holiday cheer with Christmas Song. The lights looked like candy canes. Creative, right? "This is not a religious song," Dave told us. There goes my petition to get it in the rotation at church. Then he played us a "sweet love song," Halloween. Those creative lighting guys.... they turned on Orange lights. How appropriate. I thought they would have been out of ideas after the candy-cane stunt, but anyway. Then they did Ants Marching. I haven't heard that in a while, it was actually pretty cool. Overall, the show was incredible, and I just want to tell everyone who passed up buying tickets because they had already seen the Dixie Chicks a few months ago that they really should be kicking themselves... with steel-toed boots. Dude. Blue Water. Sweet.
L.B. R.
I will start off by saying Blue Water and Halloween, Blue Water and Halloween, Blue Water and Halloween, Blue Water and Halloween, Blue Water and Halloween, Blue Water and Halloween, Blue Water and Halloween, okay I will stop now :). Those two songs did make the evening. Other than those 2 songs the show was decent. 9 repeats from the 12-7-00 show, which disappointed me, I felt like I saw the same show twice. As for the songs they did not repeat...Satellite--Not a fav of mine, but was decent. One Sweet World--Love the song, never get tired of it. Granny--Glad to see it live again. Grey Street--I'm so glad they played this, one of my favorite new songs. Lie In Our Graves--Quite possibly the best version I have ever seen/heard. Now the encore...This also made the show. Just to have a 3 song encore was great and the song selection was also damn good. Forgive me for not reviewing the other songs in the setlist. If you would like to know about them, refer to my 12-7-00 review. I will stand by that.Also, Leroi Stole the show for the second night in a row in my opinion.
Well, missed the opening act and made it just in time for my first indoor DMB show. AND WHAT A SHOW! Dave and the boys came out on the stage, and Dave started into a rare melody that I've only heard through Napster. I turned to others to verify my preminitions and I was right, he was playing Blue Water!!! How lucky am I?? Wait till later, you'll see what luck gave to me! He blends Blue Water into JTR very cleverly, and the song got the crowd immediately moving. The jam at the end is phenomenal, hoping that this will stick around in the current setlists. JTR ended and it did not take long until the next song came up. Satellite, and it was good to hear it, I haven't heard it live for awhile. Memories of 7/15/00 came into my head as they started to play WWYS? Always fun live and the crowd ate it up. After a tremendous applause, Swim Naked, the instrumental piece started up, and you knew that One Sweet World was up next. It was fantastic, both the intro and the song. Granny I must say is a lot better without any help from the ladies, I loved it with just the five of them. Don't remember too much on Bartender considering I had to help my drunk friend avoid BJC police, always fun. Came back towards the end, and what seemed like a great performance. #41 started up to calm everyone down, and the new outro is INCREDIBLE!!! It lasts a while, and so far the reviews are right, he mentions "everyday" A LOT. Hmmm... predictions on on the next album in the new verse? Next was a treat, it was my first SMTS live, and I was in for an even bigger treat as they continued into ASTB?-->Too Much, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Another first of the night. Dave introduced Grey Street, and I once again pushed my vocal chords to the limit. It is my favorite of the new batch of songs and I am praying that it is on the new cd. My third True Reflections, and once again, great without the help from the ladies. Boyd ripped solos apart tonight, he was a madman. Then the second treat of the night, Lie In Our Graves. Knowing how set Boyd was tonight, I knew it was going to be an epic. I am not sure how long, but I am sure it clocked at least 15 minutes, lighters were up everywhere. The song ended, and I thought it was the end of the set, ready for the encore. But to my surprise, Dave and Stefan moved right onto Watchtower, making me scream my guts out. LeRoi and Boyd had EXCELLENT solos in this one, very tight and on tonight. The song ends with a screaming Dave, and they exit the stage, leaving the crowd in anticipation of the encore. Many knew that we were gonna get Christmas Song. Some (including me) had hoped for Halloween. Dave and Carter came back out, alone, so it was down to the previous two. Dave comes to the mic, and says, "This is not a religious song" with a hint of sarcasm, and goes into Christmas song. The lighters made it look beautiful inside BJC. I never really listened to the song before, but hearing it live was so fantastic. The song ended, and Dave and Carter were still on stage alone. Dave comes to the mic again, and says, "We are gonna play a lil' love song too" AND YES!!!!!!! They played Halloween!!! It was extremely great to finally see it live, and it was somewhat better with Dave and Carter, more emotion, and more percussive. Dave was screaming at the top of his lungs, so was I, with different words from all previously heard versions. After Halloween, I thought that was it, there was no more. BUT, I see Boyd, Stefan, and LeRoi take the stage. There were three songs they could have played to end the evening perfectly. They could've played Warehouse to make my dreams true. They could've pulled out an epic Twostep, but I would have expected it earlier in the set. They had already played Watchtower. So the only other great closing song is...ANTS. I know some people say they are sick of it, BUT DEAR LORD. The intro (a la Red Rocks) must have been 3 minutes long. Boyd and Roi both took extended solos in the song, making it an epic Ants Marching to close the evening. A great list, few radio songs, a lot of surprises, and all in all excellent show. PSU thanks DMB and the crew for a spectacular event. Thanks guys!!!
Ben Z.
I came up from the Philly area to see this show, and was very pleased to have made the effort (3 1/2 hour drive, and missed Blue Water!!!) At first glance, I didn't really think there were any real highlights, but as I thought about it on the long long drive home (and my transmission breaking down an hour from my place!!) this show really was fantastic. The crowd sucked, but that's Penn State for you. Sorry to any of you who go to PSU; I actually do too, just a different campus. Some highlights include: BLUE WATER--Even though I didn't see it, who would have thought this little gem would ever come back?? Ubelievable... get this show when you can for this sole reason... BARTENDER--It seems to have gotten a whole lot tighter over the months, as has JTR and GREY STREET...#41--had a the new "Everday" outro which is in the making for a wonderful new tune ENCORE: CHRISTMAS SONG-- wonderful to finally hear, but this has always got to be a problem for Dave: the disrespectful crowd!! they wouldn't shut up! davespeak: "this is a quiet song....this is NOT a religious song..." HALLOWEEN--Wow, where'd this come from? didn't think we'd see this one to be pulled out again for this tour! davespeak: "this is a sweet sweet love song" Overall, an undecidedly "true fan" show (albeit Satellite), with some high energy from the band. Get a copy of it. Chances are, you'll love it.
They G.
Funky Meters kicked ass, reminded me of JGB. and an amazing version of Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Chile". Onto DMB...all I hafta say is Blue Water to open, first time since 97 and Halloween, I damn near shat myself. and a new Everyday outro during #41, which I must say kicked some booty. If you don't get this show on tape or CD or whatever you like you are dumber than dirt. In my opinion the damn best show of the year and of the 11 or so that I've seen.
Garrett B.
This show fights for #1. Although DaveSpeak was limited, the band really put out crowd and gave everything they could to the screaming fans. I won't comment song by song, but BLUE WATER?!?!?! Wow, i have loved this song and heard many versions but it was so unexpected that i thought it was a new intro to JTR when i first heard him playing. The big point I would like to make about this show, and the tour in general, is that, although we can crticise lack of new material, the band is really making the most of their older stuff. It seems impossible to think we could ever hear a BETTER version of some of these songs, but i promise you... catch a show on this tour. I have never ever seen boyd so into any song as much as he was for LIE IN OUR GRAVES, his sun glasses even flew off... and dave said "here is our little love song" right before going into HOLLOWEEN, the opposite of a love song... This is where dave just busted it out. I can't wait for Philly 12.17.2000... can it get any better?
Lenny C.
The Dave Matthews Band took the stage and Dave picked up the twelve string. I figured that the opening song would be JTR (and I guess in a way it was). Anyway, what came next floored me! BLUE WATER!! Dave walked up to the mic and spit out the first verse of BLUE WATER. It was amazing. Then, they began JTR and this already unbelievable concert get underway. The next few songs were standard until they band played #41, this EVERYDAY outro (if you want to call it that) really is as beautiful as everyone says. Everything about this night was amazing and I loved it. The next highlight was the 3 song encore. After CHRISTMAS SONG Dave walked up to the mic again, pointed at these kids right infront of me and said, "A few people wanted to hear this." HALLOWEEN was great and ANTS MARCHING began with those traditional snare hits. This was my 17th show and it just may have been by best one yet.
Amy M.
what can i say? this was by far one of the greatest concerts i've ever been to! dave is a great performer. he really knows how to get the audience going. his solo in the begining (blue water) was really good. it was one of the few songs that the aurience didn't sing along to, so you really got to hear him. satellite, and what would you say are overplayed, but the band did a good job with them, and the audience really got into it. one sweet world...i like it live. i wasn't sure if i would when he started, but he never let us down during the song. then granny was next. i personally love that song and it was all that i expected. great. then they slowed down a little bit with bartender (another personal fave) and #41 (who doesn't like that song!?) then the band went wild again with so much to say and too much. lot's of people dancing and screaming! then he went to grey street. i love that song, but not many people had heard it, so again - you could hear a lot of his sining. then boyd's true reflrctions. that was good, but it did drag on a bit too long. (i've found my inspiration, now let's move on...) lie in our graves was excellent. i love that song, and it is 100 times better live. some good solo's here. finally watchtower. great song! he came back on with carter and did christmas song, :-) and then he introduced halloween by saying "and this is a sweet, sweet love song..." lol. that was pretty funny. he gave his all in this song, and it was one of the highlights of the whole show. then the rest of the band came out for the final...ants marching. another wonderful performance. overall - the show was very enjoyable. dave was full of energy and daced as he played. the crowd went wild. they played a good mix of old and new, fast and slow. i can't wait for the next one near pittsburgh. dave truely was/is great!
Nick B.
HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN!!! Well, this was a show of extremes. On one hand you have the encore and Blue Water and on the other you have 9 repeats from last night. I just can't understand why a band with a song catalogue this big needs to play that many songs from the night before, but I guess I never while. Other than the 9 repeats, I have one other minor gripe. On Granny, which is one of my favorite songs, Carter took out the little bell that he rings. Please bring it back. Anyway, unlike last night, the whole band was really on and they're energy was amazing. Now on to the good stuff: 1) Blue Water - I didn't catch what this was until my friend told me, I'm an idiot; but I do know how rare it is and how lucky I am to see it live. 2) The encore - This was amazing. Not only was it a 3-song encore, but also to include the Holiday songs in there with Ants makes this really special. 3) Christmas Song - Again, like I said yesterday this is just such a sweet song that never grows old. 4) Halloween - WOW! This was the song I've been waiting to hear and it lived up to the high expectations I had for it. The energy between just Dave and Carter was amazing. I hope you're all lucky enough to hear this someday if you already haven't. 5) LIOG - I just love hearing this song live, and tonight's version was very good. 6) Roi and Boyd - Both were on tonight with some amazing solos, but again Roi stole the show. Where does this man come up with some of the stuff he does. I'm still stuck somewhere in the middle on this show, but I'm damn lucky to have seen Blue Water, Christmas Song, and Halloween in the same night. Next show for me is Philly. See ya there.
Brad P.
After seeing the setlists for the other shows this tour, i didnt think tonight would be anything really special. Damn was I wrong. the band came out and Dave was messing around with some chords, then suddenly they started to sound familar...Blue Water!!!! Unbelievable. I could have left after that and been completly happy with the show. The rest of the setlist was solid, with Boyd really jamming it up on LIOG. The crowd was really good and you could tell the band was into it. Halloween was also a treat, especially since it was just Dave and Carter. If you can get a copy of this show, I would definitely reccomend it. One of (if not the) best shows Ive seen
Trey R.
What a show. It's hard to talk about the highlights when the whole show was a highlight. You know you're in for a good night when Dave trots out and busts into Blue Water, the place went insane, the crowd was pupmed from that point to the end, and I mean really pumped. The setlist was SOLID. One Sweet World with the instumental solo, Too Much, with the occasional profanity was great. Watchtower was one of the best versions ive ever heard played. And to top it off the 3 song encore of Christmas Song, Halloween, Ants, are you kidding me. Dave, himself, was the most energized I've ever seen him, dancing like crazy, waving for the band to keep playing at the end of songs so he can throw in alittle more, like a quick little scat-like vocalization, talking alot, just looking like he was loving it and didnt want to stop. I've been to alot of shows, and heard a bunch more, and this will go down as the best Dave Matthews Show I've every heard, and most definately ever seen. Trey.
Ryan H.
Best show I've ever seen. Dave was jamming on every song. Great intro with Blue Water. Never heard it live before. Boyd went crazy on LIOG. His sunglasses even fell off. Grey street- AWESOME SONG. Many people dont know this song. Chances are it will probably be on the new cd. One Sweet World- great intro leading into it. Also great live. All along the watchtower, my favorite song to be heard live. And how about the encore-THREE SONGS, thats insane. First, dave played a christmas song-fitting, then HALLOWEEN which he was jamming the whole time with just him and carter. Just when you thought it was over, Boyd and Stephan come back out and they finish the show off with ANTS MARCHING. BEST SHOW EVER.
Bryan W.
I must say that this was the best DMB show ever. The band was so into this show and the crowd excitement was amazing. My friends and I sat in the 14th row, which were my best seats ever. I am not worthy. But if I were in the highest seat in the house, it would of still been the best concert ever. I can't begin to explain how hype the boys were. They were so on. Three song encore was sick as hell. I wish I could rewind time and do it all over again. Can't wait till next Sunday, See yall in Philly. Peace, Love, and DMB FOREVER!!!!!
Barry L.
This was one of the best DMB shows I've ever seen. It rivals the Hershey show back in August for anyone who saw that one. The Funky Meters kind of gave me a headache but they weren't that bad of an opener. Blue Water into JTR was definitely an unexpected opener, I loved it. WWYS got the entire crowd up, except for alot of the people sitting in my section who were apparently too cool to get into the show. 41 was great with an amazing new outro, "Everyday...Elbow to Elbow...Show Your Appreciation". One of the highlights of the show. Grey Street was a nice addition(my favorite of the new songs). LIOG and Watchtower were two excellent songs to close the set. I knew the encore was going to be special since they took a while to come back onstage. I expected The Christmas Song and knew it was coming when only Dave and Carter came out. Then before I knew what happened Dave says "here's a sweet love song" and they break into Halloween!! This was one I never expected to see live. When Boyd, Roi, and Stefan took the stage I knew Ants was coming to close the show. Great show, amazing encore, and definitely a night to remember.
Michele C.
I have but one word to say about the show....AWESOME!!!! It was only my second show, but by far better than the first! Dave, and the whole band, was more energetic than ever which made the audience, including myself, really get into it! "Blue Water" was great and it was the first time I had ever heard it, so trust me I will be on Napster downloading that one! I was very happy to hear "Granny" and "#41" which were the best I had ever heard them. "Grey Street" was great and the best new one in my opinion. "Lie in Our Graves" was wonderful and is still one of my all-time favorites. I was happy to hear "True Reflections" and I have to say Boyd did an excellent job as usual. Most exciting for me though was to hear "Watchtower" which I desperately wanted to hear, since they didn't play that at the other concert I was was by far worth the wait!!!! Then came the 3-song encore with a beautiful version of "Christmas Song" and a surprising "Halloween." And it was the perfect ending to the perfect show with "Ants." I can't wait to see them again, but I guess I'll have to wait until the next tour! (Come back to Hershey guys!)
Tracy C.
i have to say great show, #16 for me and definately in my top 5. i loved the blue water start, everyone just kind of looked around like what is this, and i just had to sit back and minute and thank that band for remembering their roots. i really enjoyed JTR as the first song, they have been playing it a lot and i expected it later on, so it was an interesting change to play it first. the rest of the show was good, but i would have to say that they show break away from radio songs, i know that people to come to hear satellite and too much, but i have heard them enough and i would rather hear something like song that jane likes or if you insist on playing satellite how about after her instead? the triple encore i must say was a treat. i knew that when just dave and carter came back that we were in for christmas song and i knew that they had played halloween the other night with out the rest of the band, so i was surprised when they followed up with that, but i also knew that couldn't be the end. it wouldn't be right to end a show without the whole band on stage. i must say i was disappointed that ants was the last song. the show was really strong until that point, i know that people like the radio songs and whatever, but if it had to go that way i would have chosen trippin billies or better yet crush as the closer. as far as the rest of the show grey street was amazing, as was #41 and lie in our graves. this show was the best show of this tour so far and i am just happy to say i was there.
I see that I am in good company in saying that this was the BEST DMB show i have seen, and i've been to 11. For the people who don't like Christmas Song or JTR, I must ask why not?! because they are two of the most beautiful songs that Dave does I think. What a treat to hear him acoustic. Made my Christmas season : ) LIOG and Watchtower were awesome.....Dave seemed to have so much energy tonight. He kept doing his dance and jumping around. The crowd (from where I was sitting anyway) seemed really into it to, which is a GREAT relief from the usual teeny-boppers that I always seem to be stuck to. I must say that the absence of Crash was APPRECIATED very much, despite the moans i heard about it later. I love hearing the little odd songs like Granny and Halloween and the new ones like Gray Street. That's what live music is all about folks...if you wanna hear Crash, put on Beaver 103! I am still in awe from the show....can't wait to see him again!
Jayme G.
This was my first Dave Matthews Band concert, and it definately won't be my last. I sat through the Funky Meters, they weren't bad. When they took to the stage with Blue Water, I was amazed to hear the sounds that Dave made in person. I never heard JTR or Grey Street, two great songs. The longer versions of both Lie In Our Graves and #41 were really awesome to hear. I really liked the "everyday outro" in #41, too. Some people laugh, but this experience really chenged me. I now know what all my friends in school would rave about. Now I can rave with them...