Dave Matthews Band
Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Funky Meters
The Stone
Too Much
Crash Into Me
What Would You Say
True Reflections
Two Step
Cortez the Killer
Jimi Thing
So Much to Say
Christmas Song * (All you need is love, Can't buy me love)
Pantala Naga Pamapa-->

* Dave and Carter only

Art B.
I had to drive three hours to see this show and I'm right in the middle of finals...was it worth it? Are you kidding me? Unbelievable. The setlist was pretty good. I really liked Two Step and Bartender tonight. Cortez the Killer is a pretty good new cover song, at least it's new. The highlight of the show was at the end of #41 Dave sang some lyrics from his new album. Not quite sure if it is going to be the new single "I Did It" or if it's just another track on the album. I did catch the word "everyday" a bunch of times though, but who knows? Christmas Song was nice to hear and I love PNP-->Rapunzel. The only thing negative I have to say is what happened to all the old school songs? The setlists are getting pretty predictable. It would be great to hear Recently, Dancing Nancies, Lover Lay Down or Seek Up every once and a while, but with the new album coming out I'm sure there will be a little varience in the setlist. Take it easy yall, see ya this summer. Peace.
Brian W.
I was a bit skeptical about even going to the show. I was not thoroughly impressed over the last year and a half with any one show I have been to, and this little tour seemed out of place to me. I couldn't understand why they wouldn't just break all the way until the new album tour. But I love the music, and when they pass right through your hometown how could I not attend. Needless to say, I was humbly impressed. The show was fresh- as few new/newer songs that were played, the show was unbeleivably fresh. The older songs WWYS, SMTS, Too Much, Jimi, all had different flavors to them- not different jams neccessarily, but different flavors. SMTS and Too Much is a perfect example- they played both but without the traditional segue between the two. Cortez the Killer, certainly a first to my ears, ends with a really sweet high-energy riff. Stone was an "interesting" opener as was Rapunzel as a closer but I really dug it. Personally, hearing Jimi, #41, WWYS and Watchtower were the highlights. All in all, it was a very good show, in my humble opinion the quality dates back to what I was seeing in '96/'97. For those who are attending the upcoming shows, I think you will not be disappointed. Props to DMB. Oh yeah, and thanks Carter for the show of support for the Cleveland Browns- we're down and out as fans but I appreciate your gesture.
Josh M.
WOW!!!! The show was just awesome. We had great seats, about 34 rows back from center stage, it was great seeing how the band looked at each other and all of their facial expressions. So, onto the setlist: The Stone: Great opener, I love that song, I was hoping for Seek Up but maybe next time. Too Much: Always a fun song to hear in concert, a mix of "suck it up, f@ck it up" at the end. JTR: This song is sounding much better now than in the summer, great song, the guys are really getting this one down. Crash Into Me: I think this one was for the "little people" in the audience it seemed hurried through. What Would You Say: I love it when DMB plays their old stuff, this is a fun song to hear in concert, the jam was very cool. This was the turning point of the concert, from here on, it seemed like they were playing for their true fans. #41: I love this song, no matter how many times I hear it, Dave did a cool outro, he was singing something along the lines of "your love picks me up..." and different variations of that. The outro lasted about 5mins. I can't wait to get a copy of it. Bartender: Another song that just keeps getting better, I love the ending to this song, where Dave sings the "please" part in a high voice. True Reflections: It was great hearing this song, a lot of people started sitting down, I guess because they didn't know it, Boyd's jam was awesome as always on this song. Two Step: Great version, I couldn't quite make out the intro verse that Dave always changes, so I'll have to check it out when I get a copy of the show. They jammed this song for a while. Dave played some lead towards the end, it's cool to seem him adding that aspect to the music on stage, not that his rythm playing isn't enough, he unreal, but I like hearing his lead work, it has a lot of soul to it. Cortez The Killer: You gotta give props to Neil Young for writing such a cool song, but the way DMB does it is just INCREDIBLE, I was blown away by it, what a powerful song. I was a little disturbed by the people who started sitting d own during the song, but only for about 2 sec's, the song just rocks. Jimi Thing: They just kept the train rolling with this one, I love hearing it live, Dave did some more lead work on this one, he broke a string during the beginning of the song, and props to the techies who had another one out there within 30 seconds, just in time for the jam. So Much To Say: I thought this would be the last song before the encore, I like hearing it live, I'm more impressed with the was Dave's fingers stretch on a couple of the chords he plays, just awesome. Watchtower: I knew this one as soon as Stefan took off on the bass solo. The jam was cool, Dave was really into it. Encore, Christmas Song: I was hoping to get to hear this one, when I saw Dave and Carter come out on stage I knew it was comming, great song. PNP->Rapunzel: I like the way they closed the evening, mellow, they started mellow and ended that way too. Very cool. Rapunzel is a cool song to hear live. All in all, the show was great, lots of jamming and Cortez, it was a great night. Dave must have been drinking a coffee on stage because he kept talking about his cup of coffee. Before he played #41 he said something like this song is dedicated to a cup of coffee I'm driking, I'm not too sure, I couldn't hear it too well. If someone knows what he said please correct me. Again, I'll have to check it out once I get the copy of the show. There were at least 7 or 8 people taping. Shouldn't be too hard to get a hold of.
Richard A.
The boys were in fine form tonight, even better Step (slide bass) and Watchtower underscore why his bass lines are so than the Blossom show in August. They opened with The Stone, and then went into Too Much, which really got the crowd going. Dave seemed to be in a great mood. He kept joking about a steaming cup of hot coffee (what was really in that mug he was drinking from?) and was a dancing fool the whole night. He really cut loose on songs like Jimi Thing and Rapunzel. The setlist was a good mix of the older songs and newer stuff like JTR and Bartender. Cortez the Killer was awesome (he introduced it by saying, "This is a song about a friend of ours."?!). Boyd did a fine job with True Reflections, Carter laid down some great licks in Two Step, and Leroi's horns were sweet in #41. Stefan's intro work to Two important to the music. In other words, the band was hitting on all cylinders tonight! The encore opener, Christmas Song, with just Dave and Carter, was special, especially considering the season. The opening act, Funky Meters, laid down a solid set of funk-rock and were well received by the audience. The roads into Cleveland were nasty, icy tonight, but this show was well worth the trip.
Donald C.
she said, "i've never seen dave live." and looking in those pretty blue eyes, i knew right then what i had to do. to cleveland we must go, and what a great show we saw. i took a some one really specail to me to see her first dave show in cleveland last night, through all the snow and dumb drivers. "have your self a hot cup of coffee," said dave, and what an apt theme. dave and everyone seemed really excited to be there tonight. dave was dancing around, like normal, but even lasard was dancing tonight! beatiful music all night long, the stone, #41 (the new ending is great, and the two part harmony from boyd and lerio when they take it up a level in the jam ahhhhhh!). jtr, carter, carter, carter, thats all that must be said. now bartender transported me. i mean i've been seeing dave since the days at the flood zone in richmond, but this song, just blows me away everytime, and tonight, it was really on. jimi thing, though i have heard it at every show i've seen this year, tonight, i don't know it seemed new, if that makes any since. leroi was blowing me away all night. watchtower!! need i say more. the place erupted during this tune. when i saw dave and carter walk'n out for the encore i knew it was christmas song, and the crowd was very respectful for the most part, lovely was this song. really on, thats a good phrase for the whole show. from stone to watchtower, to cortez the killer, to rapunzel. just everything seemed fresh and alive and fun for the boys. can't wait for febuary and the new album. thanks dmb, and cleveland you treated us great. take care be well.
Dave M.
first and foremost...thank you warehouse for hooking it up with great seats again....1st row!!...we got to the show a bit early and things started dave was walking offstage afetr introducing the funky meters i waved and he waved back...what a stud...he has to be the best dancer in this universe...anyways on with the show...stone opener was nice..but nothing special...too much, JTR, and crash were all pretty standard and then...WWYS! we go, that got the place up and's where the show started to pick up steam...#41...very, very good...nice solos...Bartender...i like this song alot and my friend who hadn't heard it yet likes it too now...very well played...True Reflections....WOW...i love Boyd...this is such an awesome song....very funky...Two's what i have been waiting for since polaris this summer...i liked the intro and the lights were awesome..what can i say it was 2 step...Cortez the Killer...very kool song...i hope they keepit around longer than just this tour...Jimi thing...awesome...long and jammed out....they were rippin it up...this song gets better everytime i hear it....So Much to Say...good song...thats about it...but after a few notes from steffan it goes into...WATCHTOWER!!!! this made the show....the whole night just kept building energy and what better way to cap it off..very intense jamming throughout..i absolutely love this song no matter who's playing it but i think dave has something that makes this one all his own...great can they top this????? Christmas Song....i have never heard such silence at a was first time seeing it live...everybody in the place just fixated on was truely special...PNP->Rapunzel...ho hum...i'm not at Blossom am I? come on guys i was hoping for billies but whatever...i guess this song is starting to grow on does have its moments after all....all in all great show and one of the better i've time how bout TSTJL guys? Peace to everyone and if anyone is trading this show please get a hold of me so we can work out a trade.
L.B. R.
Well this show was my silver anniversary for DMB (my 25th show) and I must say, it was tarnished. Tonights show was probably ranked 24th of the 25 shows I have seen. The crowd in my opinion was too loud, especially during the Christmas Song. There were very few bright spots, which included Leroi on sax. Cortez The Killer, Christmas Song, and the new song outro to #41. The rest of the show was standard and uninspiring. Now to the setlist...Stone--Like it as an opener got things going pretty well. Too Much--Standard. JTR--Didn't seem to get a big response from the crowd, would have rather heard "Raven" or "Grey Street" in its place. Crash Into Me--Okay I HATE this song. this song in my opinion should not be played live. DMB has so many better songs than that. It's Ridiculous that they play Crash , absolutely Ridiculous. What Would You Say--Like the song a lot, Roi TORE IT UP. #41--Always good to hear live, the new song outro for it was sweet. Bartender--Seemed a little shorter than usual, but Dave seemed to sing w/ more emotion on this version than others Ive seen. True Reflections--THANK God no Tawatha, Brenda and Cynthia, Stefan's bass work rocked. Two Step--Very strong, really got the crowd going. Cortez the Killer--HIGHLIGHT of the night for me, in my opinion, the best song they played last night and the best cover they have ever done. Jimi Thing--Pretty standard, got the crowd into it. So Much To Say--Could have done without it. Watchtower--I honestly cannot stand this song anymore, it is so annoying when people around you scream for it the entire show. Christmas Song--The first one I have ever heard live and I will say I was pleased. Pantala > Rapunzel--In my opinion a weak show closer w/ no instrumental intro. Well I know this may be harsh, but I gave my honest opinion. See ya'll at PSU and Philly
Nick B.
Well, I would have to say that this show was mediocre at best. The set tonight was very mellow and laid-back compared to the previous shows I've seen and didn't really pick up until the end of the show. Also Boyd and Stefan were almost completely none existent, something that greatly affects they're live shows in my opinion. Well here's my list of the highlights: 1) Cortez the Killer - A completely awesome Neil Young song, which now is the best covers that they do. 2) Christmas Song - This was my first time to hear this song and what a treat. This is such a sweet sounding song and I really love the lyrics. The All you need is love, Can't buy me love outro was an added bonus. 3) Dave's dancing and his between song chatter - He was just going crazy and seemed to be having a great time on stage tonight, also kept talking about coffee for some reason. 4) And last, but definitely not least, Roi's solos - He was on the money tonight and it really made up for the lack of Boyd's presence. Wll, hopefully the show tomorrow at PSU will be a little more upbeat. See ya later.
Richard Y.
Tonight's show was good. It had a mix that could please either the radio or the harcore listener. The Stone made for a wonderful openner. JTR was great, suprised that it was played yet again, but glad to hear it. #41 with the Everyday Outro was nice to hear again. The words sound great over the #41 music, I wonder what the real musical instrumentation sounds like for the new song. True Reflections, Boyd did a fabulous job. Everything seemed to be on target. The band played a great version of 2 step. It was the extended version that we are use to hearing unlike the last time they played it. Cortez the Killer is awesome. It seems like they are working this into their setlists on a regular basis which is a good thing because I really like the song and even though it is slow, it's very good. Jimi Thing was a treat to hear. Many nice solos during the song. Watchtower was killer, the crowd really got off their feet for this one. Chirstmas Song was great to hear. When Dave came out he said "This is not a religious song". The Beatles outros were cool again. Was surprised that Rapunzel was the closer. I was expecting Ants, but Rapunzel caught me off guard. Still great to hear. I still find it hard to believe at this point in time that the setlist from 12.04.00 can be topped, but we'll see...
Jeff K.
This was my 4th Dave show. It had it's high points and low points. The high points first. Two Step was awesome, Tim Couch (carter) (he was wearn'tim's jersey that was a good touch to the cleveland fans,) you're the man, his drum solo was so awesome people were going crazy when he just went off, while Dave and Boyd where playing a background beat just staring at him. It was great. Jimi Thing, everyone did their little solo that was kickass. Dave's started his solo slow but came on strong at the end. But by far the best song of the night was Watchtower. It was so intense and they played it so there was never a dull part to it, except the intro after Stefan's solo deal. It got everyone moving. It was the last song in the set. It should have been in the middle or followed up with Ants to end the show. I don't think Dave looks at the set lists from his last shows in cities because it was simmilar to the show I saw at Blossom(in cleveland) 4 months ago. This is my gripe. Crash, Jtr, #41, Too much, So much to say, Watchtower, Bartender, Panta into Repunzel, the same damn encore....well he played christmas song too but i want to hear other songs not the same ones I heard 4 months ago. I know he changes every show because this one was not like any of the others on this short tour. Cortez was a good touch as well as True Reflectoins. Boyd's the man What happen to Crush and Stay? I'm just wondering! He doesn't play that anywhere. Open with one of those insted of Stone. Thats a great song but not one to get people off their feet! I wish he would have played Ants to end it after Watchtower and Warehouse or Billies for and encore. Then the show would have been up their with one of the best I have seen. I missed Lie in our Graves too but you can't have everything, hey I saw that at the other show so that was one I could live without even though that is my favorite.
Zach C.
First of all I would like to thank the Warehouse for upgrading my seats to the front row. That was the best surprise I have ever had and it will probably be the best concert that I have ever gone to. Anyway, the band was AWESOME! They came out all pumped and never died down. I think the wonderful fans helped with the energy by making it one of the loudest concerts I have been to. There were a lot of older songs which surprised me, the majority of the show had songs from UTTAD and Crash. There were only two new songs (Bartender and JTR), I expected a few more than that considering that their new album is supposed to be out in February. They averaged 4 new songs a night over the summer. I am not going to go over every song but here are the highlights= Too Much was one of the best versions I have heard, there was a lot more excitement than normal, #41 was a pretty normal version but at the end Dave went into what I think is something off the new album, he kept saying the word Everyday which is the title of their new album, it sounded like another love song similar to Crush, Two Step was excellent, Dave made a mistake about 4 minutes into it and it was completely obvious. He had all of us laughing with him as he tried to catch back up. Cortez the Killer was a nice change, this is and old Neil Young song and it was the first time I have ever heard the band play it. They put a lot of energy into it. Watchtower was the BEST version I have ever heard them do. Dave was screaming more than usual and all the band members had a unique solo in it. For the encore they boys did Christmas Song and Pantala Naga Pampa=Rapunzel. The Christmas Song was done with only Dave and Carter which was pretty damn cool. Carter go to use a lot of his percussion toys. Rapunzel was a very good ending song because they already had the crowd going and I think everone was expecting a different song. The energy was incredible and the light show was fabulous. It was one of the best DMB shows I have been to. I hope most of the fans get to see one of these December shows because so far they have all been completely awesome. Thanks again to the Warehouse and remember that if this presidential thing doesn't get worked out, we can always start a petition to elect Dave.
Peter J.
The show that I saw last night was truly the greatest Dave Mathews Band show. Dave and the band were coming off a night of rest and an award. The award was best live performance and did they prove it. The entire band had so much energy. This was especially shown during Watchtower. The lights with the sound was unbelievable. Dave had me on the edge of my seat. The energy was then carried over into the crowd. This was proved by the noise made to bring them back for the encore. The encore was Christmas Song and Repunzel. The rendition of Repunzel was just an old school jam session. Dave was all over the stage. He also gave each member a little solo during the song. Over all, this show was worth more than the price of the tickets. I can't wait for the next Cleveland show. Thanks to Dave and the Band.
Marissa H.
This was my 7th Dave show and definetly one of the top. When Dave came out pumping his fists you just knew they had a ton of energy. My boyfriend and I called The Stone as the opener and knew it was going to be a great show from there. Too Much and JTR followed, but he lost a lot of the 'radio' fans. Dave knew it because he played Crash and WWYS back to back. Oh well. 41 was amazing and i could be wrong, but the little outro he did at the end I thought I heard him repeating 'everday.' Hoping this will be what it's like on the new album because I loved it. Bartender and True Reflections were good, but Two Step in the 9 spot was killer--GREAT version and my all time favorite song. Cortez the Killer was also amazing. I'd love to have them release it. Jimi was amazing as usual with great jams by Dave and Roi. SMTS was pretty standard and you can never go wrong by ending the set with Watchtower. WOW. After reading previous set lists I was prepared for Christmas Song with Dave and Carter as the closer, but it's still nice to hear. PNP-Rapunzel finished the encore with a ton of energy. Overall a great show w/ much more Davespeak and dancing than I thought. I have to give props to the crew too because the lighting was fantastic. It's really great to have the boys back at what they do best. *If anyone taped this show please email to trade at
Danny D.
The show last night was pretty solid. A lot of people were complaining about the number of radio hits, but the energy of the crowd was very high. They started off with The Stone which was amazing and in my opinion, is one of their best openers. Next was Too Much. I don't understand why they played it so early in the set, but it was a good version and the crowd was completely into it - except this man in front of me wearing a Harley Davidson hat who didn't stand up the whole concert. A lot of people sat down during JTR, which I thought was good, though I would've liked to see that later in the set too. Crash Into Me was standard and by standard I mean the Dixie Chicken outro. What Would You Say lacked energy during the jam. #41 was awesome and Dave sang the "Everyday" lyrics during the outro. Bartender keeps getting better and better. I love the wailing Dave does at the end. True Reflections was standard with a pretty nice Boyd solo. After True Reflections the show was just awesome. Two Step was so good. It was definately the best version I've heard. Carter's drum solo was sick. I really liked Cortez [first time I've heard it] and Watchtower was HUGE. It was possibly the best version I've heard of that too. As for the encore, I thought it was a bit weak. Christmas Song was great, but expected by now and the crowd did not get into PNP => Rapunzel at all. Despite the lack of energy from the crowd, it was still a great version and Dave danced like a mad man.
Eric R.
A friend and I drove from Detroit, MI to see this concert and it was well worth the drive! The band sounded amazing. The highlights for me.... The Stone opener, long jams in #41 and Jimi Thing with even a nice solo by Dave in Jimi Thing, Cortez the Killer (great song!!), Bartender, Watchtower, and finally PNP->Rapunzel for the closer. Can't wait to see them again!!!
Catherine F.
JTR: while jamming Dave bent down low, workin his shit hardcore :) #41: as I've said in previous posts, the Everything outtro was amazing. I really, really think this is a song off the new album. Dave's verses (he sang about 2) and chorus were too structured and planned out to be anything else. A few people around me, myself included, went crazy when he sang the lyrics, and Dave got a huge smile on his face, looked back at Carter and sorta asked him to go along with the jam and throw in some fills from the (album?) song... he did, and it was awesome. BARTENDER: i would like to point this song out because of the amazing amount of screaming dave did, and the faces he made. truly pushing the limits of his lungs. TRUE: at the end of the song, Dave came in with his usual backing vocals. The crowd (and I mean _everyone_) accompanied Dave with the "do you like it" part, and he looked at Boyd with an ear to ear smile. you can really, really tell these guys love the fans... TWO STEP: totally powerful version, especially at the end. Dave and carter (with Dave strumming the 10 x x 10 x x ) were off at the end by about half a beat, nothing really noticible. **the following is what I consider to be the best part of the show** -- with Dave and Carter trying to get back on beat, they kept speeding up the song, waiting for Roi to come in on the bari with his low ending notes. Dave and Carter were both looking at Roi, while going crazy trying to keep the beat, and Roi just couldnt come in on the right beat. It seemed (by the bands facial expressions) that Dave and Carter were trying to "test" Roi to see if he could get in on the beat. It was amazing. Roi never really got his notes in (except for a 16th every here and there), but somehow they all ended on the same beat. Amazing. CORTEZ: anyone play in a band or orchestra? Ya know the look the conductor gives you right after a piece is finished (with his back still facing the audience) while trying to be quiet and yet say "good job" at the same time? Well, Dave approached Carter after the song, and Carter gave him one of those conductor-like tilted head, mouting the words "very nice" and holding up an a-okay sign with his fingers. Ah, you gotta love the little things :) JIMI: new variations on the ending jam. Dave did a different solo than he did in the summer (see Listener Supported, 6:22 mark, or so). During the jam part at the end, the band was waiting for Roi to come in ... he missed his entry a couple times, not sure on whether he was soloing or not, and Dave looked at him and said "come on play, bud". CHRISTMAS SONG: just Dave and Carter. After hearing the new studio version of Christmas Song, I can hear the softening of the song by Dave and Carter when played live. This was definitely a crowd pleaser. RAPUNZEL: Dave was staring at me so hard he almost botched the words. Right. "yo, he looked at me, i SWEAR!" hehe. Anyway, great powerful closer. The band was jamming out sooooo hard. Wonderful closer. SOME OTHER LITTLE THINGIES: *Dave kept repeating the lines "nice cup of coffee" through out the show. He, at one point, approached the mic and did a faux TV commercial for coffee (complete with the deep dark voice of a tv announcer), even though he had tea in his mug. Das bout it :)
Robby M.
This show was dope man. I havent been to a show in a while and this one just proved once again that Dave and the boys are the best. The songs were great and Dave going crazy on stage with his dancing was fun to watch. I wish they had played some Seek Up or Proudest which would have made the show unbeatable. They did play Bartender and Cortez which were both unforgetable. The show was made enjoyable from the nine people around me smoking "stuff" like their ship was going down. I think i got more mellowed out as the show went on from those guys. To recap, if you havent been to a Dave show you should be ashamed of yourself and make sure everyone goes and buys his new CD. Bartender is going to rule on it. Keep it real.