Dave Matthews Band
Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo
Warehouse (stop time intro)
Too Much
So Much To Say
Grey Street
Jimi Thing
True Reflections
Don't Drink the Water
All Along the Watchtower
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
What Would You Say
Tripping Billies
Christmas Song *
Ants Marching

* Dave and Carter only

Matt H.
Highlights of tonight's show. Wow, there were so many. I personally loved the jam in Jimi Thing. #41. Watchtower (and stefan's solo leading into it) I thought Dave was great tonight. Boyd's solos were exceptional. Carter was of course oustanding as usual. Love that guy. I thought tonight they were energetic and great. Of couse they put on a great show as usual, but I rank this as one of my best dave shows. I loved it! Trippin Billies is great.
Ben H.
This was my first Dave Show, and Boy did I have fun, when He started out with Warehouse...that was sweet, but I will have to say that when they went into playing Watchtower, I was impressed. I have few few of their concerts, and I have never heard such an energetic version of the song, all night dave seemed to be extremely wound up, there was SO MUCH DAVE SPEAK......all I have to say is SWEET CONCERT....if anyone has this for trading....please e-mail me @
Ryan D.
No NEW new songs!?!? I wonder if they're going to keep the rest of the new album a secret. I'm sure everyone was waiting to see the setlist to see which new songs they brought out this tour. I was disappointed that they even only played one of the new summer ones, but I guess that's what you get for having expectations. And that isn't to say it wasn't a good show - it definitely was. Average length set, but the band had a lot of energy tonight. Highlights: The tour starts off with Warehouse, good enough. They played Too Much first, so I was sad there would be no SMTS-ASTB-TM, but it was then surprising he went into So Much To Say right after. Someone threw a little bird toy onstage and Dave picked it up. He said "It's a raven!!" then kept making the toy squawk into the mic by squeezing it. But, no Raven. Grey Street was the only new one. It was nice to hear True Reflections live, the only song that was a live first for me tonight. #41 was solid, as usual, but Dave added a long improv verse at the end. I couldn't tell exactly what he was saying, something like "You (lift/pick) me up, love". Crowd went nuts for Watchtower and Crash. Billies was awesome, always a great closer. Christmas Song wasn't too surprising as an encore opener, Dave introduced it as "a guy who was always misunderstood". After that he wished everyone a good holiday season, told everyone to make sure and play in the snow "but don't eat the yellow stuff". Ants was an expected closer, but it was interesting when Dave didn't get back to the mic for the "lights down, you up and die" and only did the "die." Well, now a couple month wait for "Everyday."
Paul K.
This was my first dave matthews band concert and it was fantatic. I really enjoyed all the energy that they displayed. I also thought the extended violin solos were very well done. The addition of the Christmas Song was a weelcome Holiday treat. Jimi Thing was also a highlight for me. I had thought the song was ok before but last night has really moved it up on my favorite dave songs.
Steve S.
This reminded me a lot of the 1998 Winter Tour. Same selection of songs. Warehouse is always a good opener then came Satellite but things went downhill for a while as they played traditional songs like Too Much, SMTS, Jimi Thing, True Reflections and DDTW. But, they picked it up with the best version of #41 I've ever heard followed by Watchtower, Crash and WWYS. Tripping Billies seemed powerful with a lot of energy tonight. After the thunderous applause Dave and Carter came out to do Christmas Song followed by Ants Marching. There was problems with the instuments the whole night which made the crowd louder and Dave more talkative. Overall it was a pretty good show with pretty good seats.
Justin M.
Ok- Almost 2 years to the date since the last DMB show in Minnesota. A little bit of anticipation and excitement in the crowd? Definately! Warehouse- Standard opener with the stop time intro. You could feel the it in the air that the crowd was going to give back all it could tonite. Satellite- Well what hurt about this one was that Dave teased Proudest Monkey and I really lost it, and then he went into Satellite. Was good, crowd was very pleased. Too Much- Fine choice, then anticipating Anyone seen the bridge? Didn't get it. Expecting anything next: then So Much. I wasn't expecting it. Crowd still reeling off the hits coming at them Grey Street: Was hoping to hear it, very impressive, with a nice jam by Leroi to end it. I was hoping they could work in a jam in this one, because I didn't hear one at any of the shows I went to this summer. Jimi thing-Classic. Always a pleaser, and the crowd and Boyd, and Leroi were on fire. True Reflections: I don't know how anyone can not appreciate this song! It was incredible, once again Boyd is the man. DDTW- This song means more to me everytime I hear it live. Lovin it. This is where the crowd blew the roof of the Target Center. After DDTW ended the standard applause came, and then dragged off and while the boys were getting ready for the next tune, the place erupted and for about 3 minutes it was a mad frenzy of cheers. I have never experienced a show stopping applause like that, thank you to every fan at the Target Center for giving me, as well as the band, an incredible experience. #41- One of my favorites for sure, this was the best song of the night, which they jammed it out for what it seemed 20 minutes. Dave was singing at the end of the song where their isn't usually lyrics, and all I could catch was the word "love" sorry I can't be more specific, but if there is a reason to get a copy of this show, #41 is reason enough. Breathtaking. Watchtower-what can you say? the crowd heard the first few bars and it just erupted. Nice jams by Leroi and Boyd. Crash-standard. would have rather heard Grace or Diggin. WWYS- tight, and clean. Billies- Nice closer. Crowd was still going full force I called Christmas Song for the Encore: didn't disappoint. Such a beautiful song. Ants-typical closer. Crowd was pleased and the energy was at full tilt, but the overall feeling was that one more song could came from a show that ended way too soon. The show was great, setlist nothing unexpected, more like a return to the singles catalog, minus Stay and Crush they covered them all, but the crowd was spectacular. Davespeak- Someone threw what looked like a fake raven on stage, and Dave was talking about it like and sort of like he didn't know what it meant, and then" Oh Raven. Oh it's a Raven" and ..... well that would have been unexpected. Take care all, Peace.
Jeff H.
WOW, i have seen Dave 8 times and this is the most i have ever seen him dance. When he first came out the crowd went wild for him, then when he started Warhouse the whole place errupted. This set the mood for the whle night. The Band had a great audience that would not stop cheering and it made them play even harder. The only new song he played was grey street but it was so great. Jimi was great like usual. Then when we saw boyd step up to sing true reflections i thougt the whole audice was going to lose it. they both sounded so great together. #41 and watchtower are both great songs that they jammed on for a long time. The tripping billies was so intense, it went straight from what would you say to tripping with no stopping. x-mas song was so chillin, with dave and carter, then tehy spiced it up and left a good taste in our mouth with a great rendition of Ants Marching. Also the lights were great here, great colors, and went along with the music perfectly. All in all a great show
Tim R.
The Target Center was full of smoke and the attractive green t-shirts were sold out before I even made it there, it had to be a Dave concert. The crowd was electric even after suffering through the opening of act of Angelique Kidjo, an African soulstress who didn't seem to be much into her own set. From the moment the lights went out the crowd went nuts. The Band ripped open Warehouse and the crowd dug on the excellent lights and Dave's goofy dance. The band was on fire and though Dave didn't talk much he seemed very energetic. When he did speak, crowd reaction drowned out his words, at least from where I was seated. True Reflections got a suprisingly loud response and sing along from the crowd but the highlight would have to go to Ants Marching. The closer is always a strong song and this extended version fleshed out by the chants of thousands of fans was something someone who hasn't seen Dave live could never understand. A great show all around, and well worth the high ticket price.
Andrew ".
Well it was another great show, but I have to say with the release of "Everyday" due out in a couple months I expected a little different setlist. My buddies and I were really looking forward to a lot of new stuff. It truly was a concert for the "radio" fans. #41, Billies, and Christmas Song were the highlights for me. I really wanted Dave to grab Grace is Gone. That song is just beautiful. Overall, it was not one of the bands best, but definitly a great time. Aw Yeah - See you all soon.
Matt M.
This is my first ever dave concert. For my opinion of what a dave concert is this one wasn't SUPER, it was a good show but the set wasn't up to par. The end of show was nice, with Billies, Crash and All Along the watchtower. But I think he played to much radio songs, I wasn't expecting to hear Too Much and So Much to Say, and when I did hear them, I was kind of disapointed. I feel he needed to play more new stuff, Only grey street and one song from BTCS (DDTW)Everything else was old UTTAD and Crash. But the encore was great, I love x-mas song and Ants marching is always a dope way to go out. Kind of wanted Two Step, but if everyone got what they want there would be way to many songs. But it was a good concert, had alot of fun. Peace out
Michael M.
"Needle to the vein..needle to the vein..take this needle form my vein....." AHHH finaly got the DMB fix all of us have been waiting for since the summer. Well..the band started off its mini fall/winter tour after a few months off..and you can definitely tell they were itching to get back to doing what they do best. The band had REALLY good energy onstage tonight, and from my third row vantage point one could really see the pure joy and excitement they have being up there and playing for their fans. Although the setlist contained no new songs or surprises..the band attacked almost every song with the upmost enthusiasm. The only slight disappointment for me was Grey this song..but it was the one song they kinda seemed to just ease their way through. It sounded like Dave made some changes to the lyrics from what they were this summer ( I have the Polaris Summer mp3..awesome!) which didn't seem to click or were as powerful. Also..the band ususally plays this song very agressively but just seemed content to amble off the riff and get through it..oh well. As for the crowd..they had just as much enthusiasm and I have to admit...out of the 30 odd shows I have been to..this was the loudest I have ever heard an indoor arena. But that shouldn't be all that surprising..what else does Minnesota have to cheer for?? :) JK!! A little jab from a Jersey kid! Tripping Billies was phenominal..and the Xmas song was great..but a bit of advice to all of those who will soon be attending one of the upcoming shows...I can accept the clapping along to the "Love..Love..Love" chorus for those 8-12 bars...after that..STOP!!! It may work for the chorus...but it sure the hell don't for the verses! It kinda ruins a really nice quiet song, esp when chicks yell out "I love you Dave!" as Jesus Christ is getting nailed to his tree...C'mon people...a little self control?? Ants..well a GREAT closer..(guilty pleasure of mine). Well that's all....Peace..and maybe see some of y'all in either Albany, Providence, MSG, or Philly.. ....... Bake McBride
Adam H.
All I have to say is that this was the most radio friendly Dave show I've ever seen. I mean Satellite and Crash into Me at the same show. This show did have its moments though. The Jimi Thing jam was excellent with Dave dancing all over the place. After that came a song that I never thought that I would hear live, True Reflections. What a great surprise! Another highlight was the new vocal jam(new verse) at the end of #41. Watchtower is always a favorite, and that jam was quite possibly the most animated Watchtower jam I've ever seen. Boyd was dancing like a crazed man. The greatest moment of my until life now hits me, with complete surprise. CHRISTMAS SONG!! Last time I saw this song was on the 98 tour, and have been fiending for it ever since. Great version, just TOO much noise from the crowd. All in all a mediocer show I would say.
Johnny E.
Well, the show was good. Our seats could've been a lot better, along with the sound, but I can't complain about a Dave show. A lot of radio songs, but the band had a lot of energy, and Dave was really gettin into it. Highlights: 1)Definitely Tripping Billies. Dave and Boyd were going absolutely nuts! 2) The vocal improv on #41, just beautiful 3) sittin with awesome kids- Heff, Swanny, Billy, Shannon, Furlong, on and on 4) Christmas song, very nice. 5)Perkins at 3:30 in the morning, sleeping on the floor, and getting up at 8 to drive home Lowlights: 1)Nothing brand new. I was lookin forward to hearing "I did it" 2) The fans who were sitting down! Talking on their cell phones the whole time! (macgibbon) 3) Sound, too quiet. All in all a great time, can't wait til the summer tour.
Jenni H.
I've been to my share of Dave concerts and this one by far topped them all. With just one song (Jimi Thing) it made it more incredible than any other. The whole band jammed with so much energy it made me cry :) Dave added some lyrics at the end of their jam to was beautiful, kind of hard to understand, but very heartfelt it seemed. For crash he pulled out his "Dixie Chicken..." wail and I loved it...also never thought I would hear it live so it was also a good moment. All together the band was incredible. Christmas song was wonderful to hear live. Dave sang his heart out, Stefan was killer on watchtower, Roi was awesome, Boyd was incredible and Carter kicked ass. ( considering i was sitting behind the stage and could see every move he was making) GREAT CONCERT...wonderful, incredible, unforgettable.
[Name R.
This was a great way to start this short Holiday tour. Dave and Boyd were definitely into it. Dave was dancing like crazy! Tripping Billies was sweet! The band sounded great. The only downside to the show was that there were no new songs. They pretty much played all of their hits(minus Stay and Crush). This may be because they rarely play in Minnesota? Christmas Song was a nice little treat. And Watchtower has to be the best live song ever. All in all it was great to see DMB back in action after a short break!
Matthew G.
What a way to open the new tour, just the band: no guests and no back ups. Their enthusiasm for being on the road again came across clearly. Dave was clearly having fun, doing a lot of funny Davespeak and even posing in one of the breaks. Maybe the Best Live Act award had something to do with the outstanding caliber of this show. Warehouse(stop-time intro) was a dynamite opening followed by a couple all-time favorites that immediately set the tone for the set. Greystreet had a much harder edge to it then I've heard previously, a very nice change. Jimi Thing was the song that started to get the really big crowd responses and then Boyd kicked out a great version of True Reflections. I do not understand the fans' backlash against DDTW, and I never will; it's a great jam that the crowd seems to treat like a dead fish. Playing Watchtower to Bob Dylan's home state did not go unnoticed by the audience. Final praise: Beautiful version of the Christmas Song with just Dave and Carter. This was the basic and much welcome "Why I'm a Devout Fan Show."
My 20th show (19th DMB- 1 Dave and Tim) and for being the first show of the winter tour, I was somewhat disappointed. Overall, a decent show but I expected to be blown away. This show came straight off the radio more than any other I've been to. I heard that they wouldn't play new stuff and they didn't and the rumors about Trey appearing with total bull. HIGHLIGHTS: WAREHOUSE (even though I've seen it live probably a dozen times, it still gives me chills and is a first rate opener) GREY STREET (love this song and can't get enough of it. Dave mumbled through it as always so maybe he doesn't have a set of lyrics from the album he'll be sticking with) #41 Awesome version with the "baby love" outro, WATCHTOWER (incredible version and a ton of energy...regained my appreciation for this song) TRIPPING BILLIES (a lot of energy as always) CHRISTMAS SONG (called this one and just a great tune...crowd ruined it by yelling and now being quiet, Dave was getting annoyed)...Overall, I expected better but great to see the boys again and hear them tear it up on some solid tunes. Can't wait for the new album so I can finally hear the new stuff...
John G.
Good to hear the band play again, but the setlist was pretty dissappointing to say the least. Starting things off with warehouse put everyone in a great mood and I was pretty pumped to hear it. The rest of the night was pretty ordinary. I think that of the songs they played, over half of them have been on the radio. I wish they would have tried to play some other stuff, even though it was their first show in a while. The highlisghts were the verse that dave added at the end of #41, and obviously seeing a Dave-Carter Christmas Song. I must say though, I will be perfectly happy if I never hear Ants Marching to end a show again. I think it may be time to start getting a little more daring with the setlists/encore. Happy to see the show though.
Scott R.
I thought the concert was the worst i've seen in my life. I went into the night not expecting much, being it was at the Target Center, but i didn't think it would be this bad. Dave had a great start when he opened with Warehouse, but he quickly went down when he came back with Satellite. I've heard that song 3 times live now..and that's 3 too many. Dave had no energy all night, i don't remember him dancing around at all, which made the show seem kind of like he wanted to just finish it and move onto chicago. His songs were all short, and not many jams. There were 2 highlights for me though, the new outro to #41 and hearing the Christmas Song again. Even though the crowd wouldn't shut up during the Christmas Song, it's still a good tune to hear. Overall i don't think the concert was worth the time or money to get there. I should've waited to hit up the Chicago show, that setlist looks like it would've rocked..oh well though..guess there's always this summer.
dave and his band were ontop of there game tonight. i have been to 15 dmb shows since 95, all over the country from cali to carolina and this show had the lazyest crowd ive ever seen. of cource there were plentey of dmb faithfull mostly down on the floor, but i had seats on the riser and by the 3rd song 3/4 of the people around me were sitting down, it was pathetic. maybe minneapolis is full of panzies or somthing, everyone there looked about 15 years old dressed like it was a nsync show, i even had a dude tell me to but my joint out, what a joke. the band was at there best, piss on minneapolis, and there roads suck too.
Erik J.
By far the WORST show i've ever seen... Although I had the best seats I've ever had, row 3 dead center... Highlights, Grey Street, Christmas Song... Oh yeah, I brought in a Raven (not real) and threw it on the stage after True Reflections, Dave picked it up and talked about it for a while, and then placed it by carter's drum set... Get the show and listen for it!!! I was so pissed off by the setlist I left right as they started Ants... C'mon Ants again... I didn't need to hear it again so I left... BY FAR THE WORST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!
Paul B.
how suprising it is that all of the first timers loved this show...sure the energy was definately there but...."Expect gallons of Everyday material to be trotted out when the DMB head out for a brief mid-winter jaunt, beginning Dec. 3 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn.." - bullshit! They didn't play any new stuff other than grey. We were expecting a historical concert, being the first to hear all new stuff, but what did we get? Nothing. They were having technical problems all night dave's earpiece wasn't connected with carters so dave had to go by carter before each song plus it wasnt' loud enough and you could barely hear boyd. Then at the end of ants for the "lights down you up and die" dave must have been in his own world because he only got over to the mic for "die". I mean if you're gonna make the radio people happy then at least do it right. and then earlier he was like "we're working on a new album so you probably all don't know any of it" and then they played too much, which made no sense after talking about new stuff. With 8 out of 15 being radio songs, it was obvious that dave cared more about the radio/mtv crowd tonight and not about the dedicated ones. If dmb is all about the fans, then why doesn't he reach out to his true fans, the ones that know more than the radio music. All he did tonight was please the fans that hear the occasional DMB song and not please the true fans who wanted to hear more than what they saw on MTV or heard on some trendy radio station. Well I've had enough, no more DMB concerts for me.
Timothy P.
ok. the only reason i am even submitting a review is because some of you decided to talk a lot of s**t about the show. well all i can say is that it was magnificent. i hadn't gotten to see the band in my home state, and so i was really looking forward to this show. warehouse caught me off guard, but you can never complain if this song appears in the set. too much and smts pissed me off, but that is only cuz i saw that in every show this summer. i called my ex during 41, that's how good it was. watchtower was incredible, wow!. satelite and crash in the same set isn't the way i'd like to go, but they hadn't played here in a lonnnnnnggggggg time. i wanted a different closer, ants is worn, but that has to be the best concert closer in all of rock. all in all, it was a great show. i haven't seen the band so energized. the only crowd comparable was alpine 8-20-00. bug off anyone who is critical of a dave show. it doesn't get any better, period! as for the minnesota crowd, my home state represented with uncompromising energy. i have never heard a louder or more enthusiastic crowd. i took a virgin daver to the show, and he is completely hooked. may the best live band in the world live forever. see ya in 2001!
David S.
I really don't understand a lot of you people. So many of you people need to step back and look at yourself and realize how small you are compared to Dave Matthews and the band. Who do you think you are, saying that the show sucked and that you are so cool that you left before it was over, just because you think you know what Dave should have played??? Dave Matthews is the deepest, talented, most creative band of our time, maybe even ever, with the exception of the Dead, Clapton, and a couple others, and this show proved just that. It was one of those concerts that gives you chills, just knowing that these guys who create such classics such as the spine-chilling yet heart warming "Warehouse", the touching, spiritual ballad "Christmas Song" and songs that make you want to hold that special someone such as "Crash" and "#41" are dancing hippie-style right in front of you as they showcase their God-given gifts to inspire and make all of us in the crowd feel the joyful euphoria of quality music played by quality artists and musicians. How dare you dorkuses say "i've seen Dave 5000 times, and this show was horrible" I DON'T CARE, and much love to Dave and the band for a show that gave strength and inspiration to everyone in the building minus the idiot losers who come on here and try to criticize shows just because their lives are devoted to the band and that is all they know how to do, because they are incompetant and think they can tell Dave how to be an original artist. Let the man do what he wants, play what he wants, express himself the way he wants. That's all i got.
James H.
This show got off to the right start with the Warehouse stop-time intro, and the band was in good form for the entire show, but not even Grey Street was enough to make up for the disappointing setlist (especially compared to the amazing setlist of the following night). Eight of the fourteen songs were radio singles, and the others were the standards (no doubt due to the show being the first on the tour). #41 was a fairly blah performance, but All Along the Watchtower was very well done. The show was a bit on the short side, and the crowd a bit too loud for an indoor venue like the Target Center. The show could have done with a quieter song like The Stone or even JTR among the smorgasbord of short, peppy radio hits. For any other band, this would have been a three star night (out of four), but for DMB this show was pretty weak and earns only one star.