Dave Matthews Band
Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Funky Meters

The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
Best of Whats Around
So Much To Say --> (Anyone Seen the Bridge?)
Too Much
Lover Lay Down
Jimi Thing
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Cortez The Killer
True Reflections
Grace Is Gone
What Would You Say
Christmas Song * (All you need is love, Can't buy me love)
All Along the Watchtower

* Dave and Carter only

Matt H.
Well, Dave has returned to Beantown with a great high-energy performance. The one thing that most caught my attention was the ammount of Dave Dance tonight. It seemed as though he couldn't help but jump around like he and had just done an eight-ball. The highlights of the show for me were the old school songs, WWYS, LLD, and Drive in Drive Out. The crowd was pretty respectful of the newer songs, although during Cortez most of the kids were snoozing. Ah well, a great show, ending with an intense Watchtower, and then Dave laying down on the stage for a minute.
Andrew C.
What a great show! My first time catching the boys since the Hartford shows this August, and they blew me away. Lots of energy not only from Dave and the boys, but from the crowd too. Highlights for me: 1) Drive In Drive Out. Great tune, played with alot of energy, and I liked it being thrown in the beginning of the set, kind of got everyone in the mood. 2) Lover Lay Down, never played a lot, so anytime I catch one Im psyched. 3) Leroi Moore, he was on fire tonight to say the least. Loved his solos in Jimi Thing and 41, he was really on track. 4) Daves dancing, the man was cutting a serious rug up there tonight!!! He was all over the place, it got the crowd all pumped up. All in all, for my tenth DMB show, it was damn good. One of the best I'd say. See yall in Providence on the 16th!
Jason B.
Probably the greatest show I've been to. An unusual opening for the boys, right into the music this time, no intos, no "how y'all doin", just right into The Stone. Dave and the boys were in great form for this one. Anyone Seen The Bridge brought all of us out of our seats, but nothing was a great as the teaser of EVERYDAY!!! Yes, that's right, as an outro to #41 Dave sung some of the lyrics to Everyday!!! Sounded great. The night ended perfectly, with a super intensified Watchtower, ending with Dave, laying down on stage.
The I.
First off, gotta say that there is no bad seat in the Fleet. Nothing but unobstructed views, even in the nosebleeds. No probs with that. Show was good, very chilled out and mellow, and the crowd felt it too. Much of the crowd, espcially in the upper decks was seated for most of the show, and kicking up the chronic. The Stone made the people sing, i.e. the place went nuts. I was psyched for such a good opener, but secretly wanted to hear Blue Water for once in my pathetic life, but it didn't happen. JTR wasn't bad at all, especially with that cool outro, but I like John the Revelator better, probably b/c it has that damn chorus that I scream to myself while sitting in traffic. Whatev. So Much to Say is always a good one, but the Beantown crowd was not dancing in the aisles, as they should have been. The Little Baby Jam was the best part, when it segued into Too Much, which in itself kicked tail. Lover Lay Down was plagued by Dave screw ups, as he blatantly messed up the lyrics. He turned and laughed to his bandmates, while continuing with the song. Pantala into Rapunzel is standard arena-concert fare, yet it went off like it was the first time I had ever heard it. I was happy, and it made the fans happy too. I didn't know what came next, but thanks to the big save by my boy Flyin' Chris, I now know that this stunner was Cortez. It was awesome, and I hope it makes it onto the new disc. Grace has to be one of my faves of the "new ones," and this made me miss my girl...but enough about me. I blew my lid off when I heard #41, and I almost lost my voice singing backup. It was stellar as always. The outro had Dave singing "...everyday..." which led me to believe that this may be in reference to a cut on the new CD, titled Everyday. Just a guess. Without Popper, What Would you Say sounds different, but not bad. Christmas Song, for the holidays, of course, with the Beatles outro, which I also thought was awesome. Finally, after a ripper Stefan solo, Watchtower closed the show. Great ending to a g ood show. On my scale of 1-10, I would give it a solid 8. Crowd was definetly not involved, which is sometimes the case in the arena shows. Give me Great Woods or the Meadows in Hartford with a lawn so I can dance like an idiot and I'm a happy man. Sorry the review is so long, but there is "so much to say." Ok, that was stupid. This is the IceMan signing off...P-Out.
Timothy Z.
Foremost, let me thank the middle-aged, moderately intoxicated woman sitting in front on me for the superfluous amusement she offered as she danced something like Elaine from 'Seinfield' throughout the night. Now onto the show, quite satisfactory as it was. The Stone opening was terrific, although Dave had to try starting it three times because of the noise from this Boston crowd. Which was great. Went straight into DIDO, reminiscent of Hartford over the summer. BOWA kept the energy up, and the jam at the end of JTR practically got me aroused. Can I say that? Well, it gets better each time I hear it. SMTS to ASTB to Too Much- I've seen this trilogy a bunch of times in concert, and it never gets old. Glad to see it's still around. Then the boys slowed the pace with Lover Lay Down. Dave was struggling with the lyrics for the first half of the song. Belted out "spring sweet rhythm" where "together share this smile" usually goes. But he can do that. Mentally I had asked Santa Matthews for neither Satellite nor Jimi Thing tonight. But Jimi we got. It was standard until Dave's solo at the end. That's really really developed and evolved into something wonderful. Carter and Boyd seemed to enjoy watching Dave's portion. After Jimi, Dave cast a finger towards the sound booth, gave props to Fenton, the original sound man for the band. Hey, do it for Fenton. During the jam in Rapunzel Dave danced his way all over the stage. Gave those kids with lousy views a thrill. Cortez the Killer was a serious highlight for me. I like the way they play this. Immensely. True Reflections was standard, and Grace Is Gone was at its melancholy, bittersweet best. Dave introduced it as a "kind of country tune." When they started playing #41, I waited with great anticipation for the Everyday outro. The lyrics fashioned themselves "Everyday I love you, Everyday. Up from the bottom, Everyday. Ya lift me up, Everyday. You fill me up, Everyday. Jump in the mud, Everyday." and so on. Truly beautiful way to end #41. Finished the set with WWYS and extra jam time for LeRoi. Christmas Song was sweet.. and Watchtower brought the place down. Dave stayed on stage a couple minutes longer and actually fell face down and venerated the crowd. He was that pleased with us. Seeing just the five of these guys, pure and undistracted by the lovely ladies or Butch, is the DMB experience at its best.
Stephen S.
Excellent Show! First DMB concert indoors since Worcester '98 and I was looking forward to the show. We sat in the luxury suites so we had an excellent view. We were in the same box with some of the members of Boyd Tinsley's family so I was pretty psyched about that. The Funky Meters played for about an hour and Dave and the boys went on about 8:30. They opened with The Stone and jumped right into DIDO. I like The Stone as an opener and thought they played a solid DIDO. BOWA was up next and got the crowd up and about, singing and dancing. Always a good song to hear live. After they finished up, I saw Dave reach back for his other guitar and I knew JTR was coming up. My friend Jay and I were right on. I love hearing this song but liked it better when it was called John The Revelator, oh well. So Much To Say followed along with the outro ASTB, going right into Too Much, filled with a lot of energy. Dave and the boys definitely seem to be rejuvenated after a long summer tour. "This is a quiet song"- Lover Lay Down was up next. I'm not a big fan of it, but always enjoy hearing it live. Jimi Thing followed.all I have to say is Boyd. It was a great version played by all, but Boyd brought the house down. He was up in front jamming away! PNP right into Rapunzel - radio. My first time hearing Cortez the Killer live in person and I was pleasantly surprised. The next Watchtower?? Boyd was on top of things as usual with True Reflections, always a great song to hear. Grace is Gone was up next - first new song of the tour played - going to be on the next cd? #41 is probably my favorite currently live song played and I love hearing it in concert. No Bčla, but still excellent as usual. The boys ended the set with WWYS, a DMB classic. I was hoping for a little Halloween magic but I'm going to have to wait for Providence. Dave ended with Christmas Song - new tour favorite - a good song, especially with just Dave and Carter. The night ended with Watchtower. For some reason, I always get chills when I listen to this song. I was directly level with the stage and Dave and had a perfect view. What a way to end the show. A great song to end a great night. Afterwards, I was able to get backstage and talk to Boyd a little bit; he definitely is a great guy. I had a great night and I'm looking forward to Providence 12/6 - Hi to my DMB buddies- Bridget, Jason, and Heather!
Myles G.
This being my 10th+ time seeing Dave Matthews I was not too sure what to expect. Granted the band has been in and out of the studio working on the new material. Rather than a review of the show (which I will say was decent but not steallar) I'd like to offer some suggestions to the band. 1) Drop WATCHTOWER for the love of god. 2) Have 2 sets of music, bag the opening acts and do two 60+ minute sets of your own stuff. Your good enough to do this and its time. 3)I get goose bumps when the bass thumps..more Mr.Lessard please. 4) Cortez the Killer..see Watchtower. I like covers but there is so much good DMB stuff why waste your time with a 7+ minute cover tune? 5) with some up tempo stuff. Thats it. I am sure people will diss me but remember these are the same people that were swilling domestic beer who arrived in the show in Dads Range Rover.
The H.
The show at the Dave Matthews Band Center last night was fantastic. Let me tell you what I saw: I saw 5 guys as original and raw as they were in 1991-94, but as refined and professional as they have come to be. I hadn't seen just the 5 DMB guys play since '95. This was #11 for me and my favorite by far. Dave was dancing around like I've never seen at any show or on any video. He was walking around the amp clusters, all the way to the side section of the stage and playing for people over there. I'm convinced that Boyd's side of the stage is the place to be. You can always see Leroi because he moves very little, and being on Boyd's side when he goes crazy is awesome. All I wanted was BOWA and SMTS-ASTB-Too Much. Got both of them. I was hoping for Seek Up, got The Stone, fair trade, the #41 outro is AWESOME...Lover Lay Down, can't get enough of it...Neil Young's Cortez the Killer is a great tune, Dave does it first Christmas Song!...intro to Watchtower has Stefan written all over it... See you Saturday!
John G.
All I have to say is this concert will go down as probably one of the best the band has ever put together! Right from the start I knew things were going to be memorable when the band opened with STONE, which got the crowd to their feet going nuts! Pulled right into DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT which kept things going really nicely. The crowd tonight was totally into this show and Dave and company were definitely feeding off that energy. Dave was a dancing machine by the end of the song and didn't stop the rest of the night. LOVER LAY DOWN, its been a while since he has played this one (from the summer tour) but the first time indoors this tour, a real special treat (especially if you had a lady friend there with you :-) Solos on JIMI THING were just plain incredible, Boyd, Dave, Roi all going crazy on their respective solos and just kept getting better and better. CORTEZ THE KILLER and GRACE IS GONE were nice, didn't have the drunken females next to me shouting out all the wrong words to them, the band seems to be getting tighter with their new tracks. Ending it all up with, enough said. The band tonight was right on the money and the crowd was right there with them. You know that it was a good show when you get the tingles from start to finish. For the encore all I have to say is that I have never in my LIFE heard a better version of ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER, right from the start with Dave just teasing us with the opening guitar line then, Stephan doing the opening riffs...amazing. Dave and everyone was just jamming away and giving it everything they had at the end, Dave breaks a string, keeps on jamming and when the song was over just lays face down on the stage, truly an amazing performance. Everyone went home happy from this one, well I know I did :-)
Kat S.
One word - AMAZING!!!! The band was so on tonight it was CRAZY. First of all, we got there to find that our seats which were in section D Row 1, were not 20 rows back like we expected but yet a comfy 10th row on the floor. Saaaaweet! Ok so on to the show. Unless you were there - words cant describe the amount of energy the whole band played with. Carter was just pounding away at the drums as was Dave with his guitar. LeRoi stole the show during #41 and Watchtower with his solos. Stefan's intro to Watchtower was just sick. It is soo much better than the one from last year and even this summer. Boyd was going nuts during the violin solo in jimi thing and true reflections. 1st time hearing Cortez the Killer - beautiful song - the hwole band but especially Dave really got into it. Dave didnt stop danicnd from the moment they took the stage. At the end of the show, everyone else left the stage but dave walked around thanking every section and then came back to the center of the stage and layed down and took a deep breath, then got up and walked off - a testament to how hard htey played! All I have to say is that if this is how hard they are playing after a days rest - I cant even imagine what providence is going to be like after teo, and being that its the second to last show of the tour! Out of the 8 shows Ive been to this year alone and 10 in total (not including this show) this show was by far the best! God! It was unbeleiveable. Peace love and dmb- see ya'all on saturday! Kat
Sam S.
This really was a spectacular show. It was a perfect blend of dmb tradition and innovation. Most of the older, more 'classic' songs were pretty much the same versions as Red Rocks or Listener Supported (like The Stone, True Reflections, PNP into Rapunzel), but they were still great to hear, and everyone could sing along (and believe me, they did). You could tell a new song or new lyrics because you could actually hear dave's voice. JTR and Grace is Gone are two of my favorite new songs from the summer tour, and i'm so pumped i got to see them played. SMTS into Too Much I've always wanted to hear live, and it absolutely rocked. Then he slowed it down for Lover Lay Down with some rearranged lyrics. Then Jimi Thing, oh my god that thing went for at least 15 minutes. Boyd and Leroi both went off on that one. Cortez the Killer, great song, crowd seemed a little confused, but I'm really glad he played it. It's not that often you get to hear an addition that fresh. #41, can't say enough. Love the song, love the jam, and the new outro was beautiful. It was the standard slowed down end to the song, but with dave singing over it. He kept repeating something like "you lift me up / Everyday / up and down / Everyday" Amazing stuff. Finally, the encore. When just dave and carter came out i knew we were in for a treat. Christmas song was great, gotta play it around the holidays, and had a cool little outro. And then Watchtower. Whole band came out. An extremely energetic version. Everyone was going crazy, on stage and in the crowd. Dave really dug in for this one. The perfect way to end the night. If you missed this show, you have my sympathy. See a show on this tour, you'll love it.
This was a great show, pretty good vareity i thought, although there were alot of albany repeats. great crowd energy, can't complain, except for the crowd of girls in section 304 i think that screamed "i love you dave" and stupid stupid times, once was during xmas song, i forget when the other time was. i wanted to hit them. anyway here we go..... THE STONE- i was REALLY hoping seek up, but this was my first stone opener out of 7 shows, it was nice to get something a little different for me. nothing to special about this song, the crowd was still coming in this point, i was disappointed at the number of people who came in late, especially considering the show started kinda late. DIDO- i am not really a huge fan of this song, although i don't dislike it, and it always has a ton of energy. pretty standard version, the lighting was great, it was for the whole show really. dave was dancing like a crazy man all night, it is just so fun to watch. BOWA- definately surprised to hear this one!!!! out of the 7 shows this is the first time i've heard it which was sweet, crowd loved it. JTR- this is one of my favorites out of the new ones, i am really hoping it is on the new cd, although i know supposedly none of the "old" new songs are gonna be on it. i was surprised the crowd was so into it considering it is pretty unknown. SMTS-ASTB-TOO MUCH- The crowd loved this, being radio songs and all, as soon as i heard so much to say i was hoping for astb-too much. i've heard this alot, but it just has great energy, the crowd always loves it, the crazy dancing man continued to dance :) LOVER LAY DOWN- i had the feeling they were gonna pull out something slow, however i was totally not expecting this!!!! its a great song, first time i heard it live. JIMI THING- a crowd pleaser as always. it took them awhile to pull out a real jam song though. leroi's solo was excelent i thought, dave's was pretty good too. this was a major bathroom break for alot of people, its a shame but its their loss i think. PNP-RAPUNZEL- i was thinking of this for a closer, but it was a good way to get the energy back up after a long jam session. pretty standard, it was sweet though. CORTEZ THE KILLER- i was hoping they would play this, i am really really hoping this will be on the new album, its a great cover in my opinion, this was a bathroom break too unfortunately. TRUE REFLECTIONS- always a crowd pleaser. i am not a huge fan of this song, its a little to cheesy i think and its way overplayed. GRACE IS GONE- "this is a slow song....a country song, its called grace is gone" I WAS SO HAPPY THEY PLAYED THIS!!! it is by far my favorite of the new stuff they pulled out over the summer, the crowd was pretty respectful, not a big bathroom break, i was the only one in my section who knew it though. it seems more polished then over the summer. #41-this was great, i was happy to hear the everyday outro, i tried to remember the words, all i can really remember is "lift me up love, everyday" or something close to that, and then something about being filthy everyday. WWYS- when i heard this i knew it would be the closer. the crowd loved it obviously, i was kinda disappointed by it, it just doesn't seem like a closer to me, i was really surprised cause they just did it in albany, but hey, dave and the boys are always throwing us for a loop. ENCORE: CHRISTMAS SONG- "this is a love song", dave said some other stuff too, i couldn't make it out though. i really wanted i'll back you up, but i didn't think we were gonna get it. i kept praying for halloween all through this song but i didn't get my wish :( WATCHTOWER- i was hoping for two step, however this was a great version i thought, tons of energy, it was nuts, it was great. Overall a great show, dave was dancing like a madman as i mentioned before. he was pretty good at turning around to face everyone seated behind the stage. the boys all waved goodbye at the end, dave was the last one off the stage, before he left he lay facedown on the stage, to the left of his mic if you are facing the stage, it was great. also, at one point he pointed to their soundboard guy, i missed his name, but he has been with them for 10 years. anyway a great show, i am beat and off to bed, night all
Kelley P.
Hello all you Dave fans. I have not missed a DMB show in 4 years and the streak is still going strong. I was in the crowd at the Fleet Center last night, Balcony 316, row 1 (Warehouse tickets and great seats for up on high). I had been aware of the previous set lists from the nights leading up to this night. I had no idea what to expect from the band tonight. The anticipation was heavy. Of course the lights go down and I up and die. From my seat I can see Dave and the band being led to the stage by flashlights. They entered the arena from under an Amstel Light onning. I could see Dave's silhouette as he walked onto the stage. The anticipation was turning into a crazy frenzy by the time Dave picked up his guitar and turned to honor the crowd. I was listening hard over everybody gong wild in the place to see if I could call the opening song. I could hear Dave strumming some of the strings, possibly hinting to the crowd that they were going to get an intense version of "The Stone," dropped on their heads, which they did. The songs rolled right into each other. The band was on point as was the lighting crew. The energy level was incredible and the Fleet Center had that Dave feel to it. Does anybody remember how sick the transition from "JTR," into "So Much To Say," was? That is the Dave feel I am speaking of. "Cortez the Killer," props to Neil Young for creating such a riff and Dave keeping it alive. The intro to "#41," couldn't sound any sweeter. "All the loneliness nobody notices now..."what a song! Let us not forget to mention the outro to "#41," last night. While the band played on, Dave was singing something about "Everyday." A new song in the making. Can't wait to hear it when it is finished. Hey Dave, is that one finished??? You never know. "So Much To Say," "Rapunzel," and "What Would You Say," all shook the balcony. I was in awe and loving it. I had been waiting for the encore. I knew that Dave and Carter were coming out to play "Christmas Song." Just the two of them under a sweet, blue light. That brings me to the next song. An intense, longer than usual intro to "All Along the Watchtower." How can anybody stay seated for that song??? I had to wonder about the people next to me. Crazy Dave strolled up to the mic to sing, "There must be some kind of way out of here..." all I could think was I wish that we were snowed in on this evening so Dave and the boys could play all night long. See you all at the Providence Civic Center!!!! Peace.
Martin O.
Great show. It was my 7th show but first with just DMB. No guests this tour, but the guys proved they don't always need guests. The show moved pretty abruptly. Dave never really said hello at first. They just came out and started playing. Maybe he felt shy but he opened up as the show went on. And let me tell you this, I have never seen Dave move as much as he did last night. I mean the man was dancing like crazy. At first I didn't think he seemed too into the show by the way he was so quiet(non-talkitive), but he danced like I'd never seen before. It was really quite a spectacle. Setlist was really good and there weren't really too many breaks in between songs. Longest break was between Jimi Thing and Lover Lay Down. I think LeRoi was messing with the sax, trying to tune it up. But it only took about 30 seconds and they were playing again. Cortez The Killer was a nice surprise because I'd never even heard it before, but it's amazing how these guys can take songs and pretty much make them their own. Dave mentioned something about worrying about trying to do it justice, but I think they did. By far the highlight of the evening was Watchtower. Dave kind of started playing the first few bars before the rest of the guys joined them on stage. Then Stefan put on his bass and started doing his funky bass intro. And then the song started and it was the best Watchtower I've ever heard. Sorry Jimi, Bono and even Bob, but DMB own this friggin song. It was amazing. When the last line before the chorus comes in, "the hour is getting late." Dave held this note for like 10 seconds before he started to attack his guitar. And I'm dead serious when I say he attacked it. Boyd had a pretty kick ass solo and then LeRoi followed that with one of his own. Then they all just started going nuts. It was crazy. Near the end of the song, Dave was playing so hard he broke a couple strings, but he vented his frustration. The last few lines went like this. "My money take! The thief he take! FUCK! My money take! The thief he take! NO REASON TO GET EXCITED! Then he said thank you and everyone except Dave walked off stage. He kind of circled the stage a bit, then walked to the front of it, and then he just lied down on his stomach for a few seconds before he got up and threw his hands in the air and waived goodbye. Absolutley amazing time. Can't wait for Providence!
Trish R.
The Stone, was such a great opener! It sounded amazing, and I wasn't expecting it at all. Drive In Drive Out is not one of my favorite songs but they all sounded so amazing. Dave was dancing around like crazy they had such great energy. Best of Whats Around is such a cool song it sounded great live, another song that I wasn't expecting to hear because I didn't think they played it live that much. JTR is such a great song, it was weird hearing it without the ladies, but me and the rest of the audience did a pretty good job singing "RAIN DOWN ON ME AGAIN AND AGAIN" how awsome is that? So Much To Say --> Too Much def a highlight of the show. Boyd and LeRoi both had amazing solos and Dave was dancing around like a madman. Lover Lay Down, I really wanted to hear this song but I wasn't expecting to hear it. It sounded a lot different then from the Under the Table version, but Dave kept laughing at Carter-because I think Carter messed up. Jimi Thing, I really don't like this song but whenever I hear it live I just fall in love with it. The audience went CRAZY and they jammed on this song forever. I was hoping to hear a "what will become of me" outro but I didn't get one. PMP ---> RAPUNZEL sounded amazing Dave was dancing and everyone was singing this song has such great energy. Cortez the Killer...I heard Dave say before the song "this is a song by one of our good friends" so I knew it wasn't a new one, but this was a highlight of the show because its such a beautiful song. A lot of people sat down and walked out, but I couldn't leave it was just so great! True Reflections wasn't expecting to hear this without the ladies but Boyd just owns this song and I can't get enough of it. He has a great voice and his solo was just off the hook. Grace is Gone, one of my favorite newer songs it sounds so beautiful live and hopefully it'll be on the new album! #41 What can I say about #41? it rocks!! Boyd and LeRoi both had wonderful solos...and after their solos Dave added some new verse to the end of the song and i t sounded like he kept saying "everyday" at the end...I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM! WWYS-A typical croud pleaser, the lights were amazing and the energy was def there! Dave was dancing around Boyd and playing around Carter he was just all over the stage! Then a short break, then XMAS song...I love it! It sounded so beautiful and hearing it def put me in the mood for the season. Then watchtower FINALLY!! I'd been waiting to hear this song for awhile and I finally got it. Stefan had an awsome solo and LeRoi sounded awsome on the sax and Dave was yelping at the end of the song...such a fantastic closer! The concert was awsome!! They played a lot of songs that they played at Foxboro this summer, and a few of the songs they played are not my favorite songs. But I got #41 and Watchtower like I wanted, so I couldn't ask for more! The band had great energy and I could tell they were really enjoying themselves on stage. I know that I had an amazing time...and maybe its just me but every time I'm at a DMB concert everything seems so wonderful and I couldn't feel more happy. And I would like to personally thank the guy sitting in front of me (section 329 row 14 wearing the orange visor) you made my night so incredible and I was so happy I had someone like you to enjoy the night with! If you're reading this, please email me back!! GREAT SHOW I LOVE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND PEACE OUT!
Beth J.
Dave was really pumped last night and he seems to be doing a lot more dancing on this tour. Opening with Stone was a pleasant surprise complimented by some old school songs, Drive in Drive Out, and Best of What's Around. The cover of Neil Young's Cortez the Killer was gorgeous. Grace is Gone followed by #41 could not have been a more perfect combination. #41 was especially long because Dave extended it to add in a verse with the words "everyday," which as far as I know is going to be the title of his new album.Before leaving Dave lay down flat on the stage and kissed it goodbye.
Shawn B.
An amazing show. The Stone was a great way to open the show with a touch of a quiet song and a fast song. The boston crpwd was into the show from the begining. The highlight of the show had to be All Along the Watchtower. This electric performence ended with Dave breaking strings to his guitar and kissing the stage. What a great show.
Mike M.
This was my third dmb show and they did not disappoint. I had decent seats (thanks warehouse!) and lots of friends around, and the crowd was rally into it, it was fantastic. Playing The Stone to open really got the mellow night going in the right way. I loved hearing Best of What's Around, one of my all time favorites which i had never heard live. Also, i finally got to hear JTR and Grace is Gone which were both great songs. Cortez the Killer was also a great addition to the setlist. The grooves of Jimi Thing and 41 were really tight tonite too. An all around good show, and i only wish i could have stayed around for the encore. stupid massachusetts trains...
Bill B.
Hey all...just got in from the show tonight...all I can say is unbelievable... Dave was dancing all over the stage...This was my 21st DMB show and they get better every time...The stone was good, rather acoustic but nice and then right into DIDO...Dave mixed it up by saying "Have a little Boston Tea Party of my own"...BOWA was nice to hear and the outro to JTR just keeps getting better...SMTS into Too Much was good, pretty standard...Lover Lay Down was nice to hear although Dave messed up the words a bit, but that gives the concert a little more character...Jimi Thing was insane, Boyd tore it up and Dave had an awesome jam at the end, he was really into it tonight. PNP-->Rapunzel is always cool to hear and then Dave did Cortez the awesome cover of an old Neil Young song...The show ended strong with Grace is Gone, another favorite, then #41 with what I think was a prevue to the new album because Dave kept singing "Everyday" as an outro. WWYS was awesome and then my highlight of the night, Christmas was really nice to hear Dave and Carter solo on that one...Watchtower closed out the night in a perfect manner, the lights were flashing and Dave was pissed...he kept breaking strings and just throwing them aside...They just keep getting better...No wonder they won Best Live act!
Ryan D.
Another awesome night to enjoy the DMB experience. As I walked into the Fleet Monday night to enjoy my 7th DMB show I was expecting a great night and it turned out to be more of a great night. I loved every minute of the show from Stone to Watchtower. I also heard five songs for the 1st time in concert (Stone, BOWA, LLD, Cortez, and Xmas Song.) It was good to see the band alone with no special guests even though I think Butch Taylor is awesome and makes the tune of DMB sound more beautiful than they already do and Dave was crazier than usual dancing around the stage during almost every song. They opened with Stone and the smile quickly went onto my face as they quickly went into DIDI after. BOWA is the best, and JTR was better than I ever heard it before. SMTS into Too Much was no shock to me but awesome, LLD and Jimi Thing were good of course PNP-Rapunzel were great. I really like Neil Young's Cortez the Killer, its a sweet tune, Dave said, "This is a song from a good friend of ours but he's not here so hopefully we don't screw it up." I'm sick of True Reflections and I love Grace is Gone. #41 my fav. DMB tune ended with Dave singing lines with Everyday ending the lines as we know the new album is called Everyday and after #41 right into the closer WWYS. The Encore Dave came out and said "This ain't no religious song or nothing," as him and Carter played the Xmas Song and Watchtower ended the great night pratically shaking the Fleetcenter banners and the entire arena, just another good night to be a Dave Matthews Band fan.
The show opened with The Stone which was incredible. Phenomenal. He did a version of Drive In Drive Out which was on the same level. He also muttered the "f-word" which drew so much applause and cheer that the song became almost inaudible. He did #41 with an "Everyday" outro which was the highlight of the night. If this is any indication of whats to come in February, we could be in for the best album yet (no, not just a wishful thinking, or cliche brown nosing...). He did mostly old stuff, except for Cortez the Killer, which I hadn't yet heard, but felt was more than adequate. On a 1-10 scale, that songs gets a 7.5. Nothing wrong with familiar ground. It's what got him here in the first place. They did True Reflections, a song I'm not a huge fan of, but felt it was absolutely astounding last night. Rapunzel? I've NEVER heard it done better. Christmas Song was so good I was almost in tears. He finished his encore with Watchtower, and my girlfriend swears he broke a string on his guitar he played so hard. Fantastic. If you can find this show to own in the future, don't hesitate. It's the best show I've ever been too.
Mike D.
I have gotta say that not since Richmond on New Years have I seen such a stellar performance by the DMB. For such a show that Dave and the boys put on they deserve the utmost of accolades. The crowd knew all the songs singing right along with Dave, even the new songs such as JTR got great response. The final hurrah came with Wathctower one of the most exciting live songs performed by any artist. At the end Dave lay in exhaustion while the crowd erupted for at least a solid 10 minutes. Dave you did an awesome set we all watched you pump your fist at the band for their great effort and love for us Bostonians.
Matt D.
this was my second DMB show, and the energy had the roof flying off the Fleet. i taped the show, but i wish i had a video camera... dave was dancing like he had a live wire up his behind the whole show, especially during Drive In Drive Out, i thought he was gonna have an anurism. the stone's awesome energy was great to open the show, and it's amazing because he really didn't play any big hits (minus the "say"s) the whole show. the #41 solos were amazing as usually, and WATCHTOWER was an amazing ending to an amazing night. i was sort of bummed that dave ditched the catchy chorus to JTR, but it was satisfying none the less. rapunzel had me dancing by myself with all old people surrounding me. their impressive new cover "Cortez the killer" totally blew me away, and the little known "Anyone Seen The Bridge" has always been a great litlte jam. altogether, Dave may have high priced tickets, but he gives the best of whats around.