Dave Matthews Band
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo
Pantala Naga Pamapa-->
Don't Drink the Water
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Too Much
Drive in Drive Out
Angel from Montgomery
What Would You Say
Grace is Gone
Lie In Our Graves
Ants Marching -->
Christmas Song * (All you need is love, Can't buy me love)
Tripping Billies (Nature Intro)

* Dave and Carter only

That was a radio show, but kind of a FUN radio show. Carter was amazing tonight and Boyd's intonation seemed a bit more accurate than usual. Standard PNP-Rapunzel opener, followed by DDTW, the song that will not die. I went to the bathroom during it, as per usual. A nice version of Satellite, if you have to hear it, this was kind of a nice one. Good Warehouse with Stefan signaling fist pumps during the woooo's on the Stop Time intro. Crash, ick. I said, if they play Crash, I am out of here. Idle threats, I know. A great jam on JTR, with Carter beating the hell out of those drums. Too Much - standard. DIDO with the Tea Party line and some improvization on the last verse. What a nice surprise to hear Angel from Montgomery - my first time hearing it. WWYS, standard. A GORGEOUS Bartender with Dave wailing and screaming at the end like I did not hear all summer. Grace is Gone -very pretty. Our whole section sat down. In fact, they sat down for lots of stuff - bizzare. LIOG - Dave went around the back of the stage to see the people in the back and came back and they STILL did not finish it - there was a looooong pause, and then we finally "danced away".....right into Ants, which seemed a surprise, because I expected them to close with LIOG. The encore was Dave and Carter doing a pretty Christmas Song - the crowd did not know that Dave once said, this is not a "clap along" song. And then Billies to end the evening. They played for 2:20, looked to be having a ton of fun, and Dave danced like a fool. The crowd was LOUD and excited and the sound in the Allstate Arena is terrible - echoing and it was impossible to hear a word Dave said other than his usual - Thank you very much. By the way - the show that could not be taped? We counted at least nine mic stands, including one about five rows back, center. The highlight of the evening was talking my way out of a ticket a block from my house for going thru a yellow light with just a tinge of red :) On to Providence and Philly!
Collin Q.
"Till we dance away!!!" Last heard at Alpine Valley on August 20th, and, well Dave brought it out again tonight at Allstate Arena and then Carter cracked it into "Ants" for a killer performance tonight. Rather than focus on the songs, I'm going to focus on the boys and their performance tonight. LeRoi- Came out strong in the opening song "Rapunzel" and finished the same during "Billies." Great background during "Bartender" but he didn't get to solo as much as he did last night. Great performance like always. Carter- One of the coolest things about this evening was I could see Carter counting off "PNP," "DDTW" and "Too Much." I could actually see his lips going "1,2,3,4." Great way for him to start off with "Rapunzel" (he went wild), tossed in a little something extra in Satellite, went nuts in "JTR," and he and Boyd knocked us to our feet in "Lie In Our Graves" before he "cracked" us with the snare into "Ants." Finishing with the 1,2,3 beat was amazing and he totally brought his soft jazzy side out in "Christmas Song" Amazing performance. Stefan- Got grooving during "Rapunzel" and then kinda drifted off a bit. Once "JTR" hit, he picked right back up and looked like he was having a blast. He was jamming out with Carter doing a little dance of his own. "Too Much" got him moving again and he was tearing up "Bartender." He finished strong in "Billies" and overall, he was great and looked like he was having a good time. Dave- I have never seen him dance so much in my life. His feet got grooving during "Rapunzel" and he danced all the way till the end of it. He jumped around a bit during "DDTW" and danced throughout "JTR" He started up again during "WWYS" and then the usual Dave and Boyd jams during "Graves" and "Ants" were cool to watch as well. Finished strong with "Billies" and "Christmas Song" was amazing to hear. He also screwed up in "Ants" starting the second verse (goes to visit) with the third (driving in) but caught himself and mumbled and then got it right. I laughed. It was cool. Did the tea party verse in "DI,DO" and added some new lyrics (at least I think) to "Satellite." Also, during "Graves" he walked off the stage. I was thinking he either broke a string or was just giving the boys some time to shine. Now onto Boyd. BOYD BOYD BOYD!!!! He was amazing tonight. Beautiful solo's and/or jams in like every song and it was incredible. He started off strong in "Rapunzel" and was great in "Satellite". Nice start during "Warehouse" and was having fun during "JTR." His voice filled the air once again with "Angel from Montgomery" and his solo was nice as well. Lending the background vocals to "WWYS" was nice and started us off during "Bartender." He had a quiet solo during "Grace" that no one really heard or applauded probably because of the fact that he wasn't very loud during the song. Then came "Graves" he went mad nuts!!! He just didn't want to stop. Amazing. Simply amazing. pulled out "Ode to Grace" about halfway through it and then jammed with Carter. Best "Graves" I have ever heard. Then, he soloed again during the 1,2,3 jam during "Ants" and finally brought us home in "Billies." "Check 'em Boyd!!!!!" Great Davespeaks as well: "Just like last night, ya'll know how to treat us here in Chicago" and during one song (I forget which, sorry), Dave said the word home and then made a motion with his hands like he was referring to the arena or Chicago which only me and the guys behind me caught. One last thing. Right before Dave started up "Graves" again, he walked up to the mic and was about to say something about Boyd, but instead, just pointed to him and everyone went nuts. Great concert and the energy from Boyd made the night complete.
Frank S.
Well another great night at the All State arena. WOW was a 2 night stand. All i can say is only 1 repeat song!!!!! I just cant believe the vairety of music we had heard. Another smoke filled night at the arena and here is my song by song review. PNP/Rapunzel-Solid as usual good opener to get the crowd jammin loud Dont Drink- Solid standard version Satellite - standard but a crowd favorite(the youngsters in the crowd were definately heard on this one) Warehouse-AWESOME! i love the whooo's durring the stop time intro Crash - Dixi chicken and again a crowd favorite(the youngsters in the crowd were definately heard on this one) JTR - only repeat song but it is a good one! YOU GOT TO LOVE THE JAM AT THE END OF THIS ONE!!!! TOo Much -standard but solid! We definately missed the bridge in chhicago!! Drive - standard great version Angel from montgomery - I love this song i am so glad i got to hear this one again! jjust AWESOME Bartender - the boys really have this one down AWESOME!!!! Grace is gone - standard LIOG - AWESOME as usual! boyd started very slow and then kicked into his usual! i lover the jam here boyd has done some work on his solo! Way to go BOYD Ants - Well who does not like this song? the crowed was ear piercing!!!! x-mas song - standard but sweet to hear Tripping Billies - great closer! solid version Over all great show! i think that yesterdays was a little better onnly coz dave was way into it! he was all over hte stage dancin like crazy and talked more than tonights show but the lists speak for themselves! you cant go wrong with 2 nights and only 1 repeat song! good luck to the rest of ya hoping to hear something special!! thanks dave I want coppies if anyone has them Frank
Tammy A.
Another very solid show. After Monday's show, you had to believe this was going to come up short for the faithful, but even with a lackluster setlist, Dave and the boys played their hearts out. I really like Boyd taking lead vocals on some of the songs - Angel tonight was impressive. Highlights: Nice Satelite with stars on the ceiling (overall, the light show for this tour has been excellent - way better than the summer version.) Really emotional Crash w/Dixie Chicken. New songs came out great - really strong Bartender and Grace. Took Boyd the whole show to wake up, but when he did, he really came alive. *HUGE* solo effort during LIOG and then the best version of Ants that I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few). Extra song tonight too -they played 14 before the encore. Xmas Song was a great closer. Thanks again, guys for two stellar nights in Chi-town.
Ben S.
Energy, energy and more ENERGY would summarize this show. After coming in from a very cold night this show could only get you out of your seat and warm you up. They opened with PNP->Rapunzel which got everybody moving. This song seems to get more playful and spunky every time I hear it. Great drums by Carter the whole show-especially here. Don't Drink the Water was played very tightly--- Dave screamed at the top of his lungs to finish this dark ballad. Well, for some reason this song never gets old. I could have sworn he was going to play Digging a Ditch but Satellite it was. Cari told me she could feel this one coming on.always a smooth song to make you smile. Now for some oldies..Warehouse was rockin' and Crash was a definite highlight. The crowd seemed to melt at the beginning of this song. Dave picked up the 12-string and went into John the Revelator. I really liked this song when Santana played it but the band has filled out the open sections really well. The outro with Dave and Boyd move further up the scale is really cool to listen to. The song is definitely one of my new favorite songs. As if things were slowing down again they broke out with Too Much and then Drive In Drive Out---some serious drum work by Carter..drumsticks were flying, you could hardly take in all the action that this man puts on. Simply amazing. It seemed that LeRoi was having problems all night on the saxophone and with his equipment. The band gave him a break to play Angel from Montgomery. A rare treat for me and I loved every minute of it!! Boyd does most of the singing to start the song and then takes off on the violin. Bartender is one of those songs that will just jump up and bite you. It started off very slowly and lulls you a little bit.once it takes off though it won't disappoint. The crowd seemed to sit back and relax until Dave was screaming at the top of his lungs. All you could see and feel was pure emotion pouring out of him. This was the emotional highlight of the night for Dave---great song with many highs and lows. Dave and Carter played most of Grace is Gone. Another melody driven song that is very quiet. Many people around me sat down, waiting for another song. This song deserves more respect than that---very tender and beautiful to hear. My favorite song to hear in concert was Lie In Our Graves. So happy, so jumpy, so gleeeeeeeful. The solo is this song tends to put some people to sleep, but tonight couldn't be more different. Boyd started off just gliding over his violin before going full-force into a dizzying solo. Dave gave him center-stage as he walked around the back to see the crowd. Boyd showed everyone that he was a terror on the violin literally shredding his bow up. You can't really describe this song without seeing it for yourself. To end the show, they went bizerk on Ants. I guess Dave never gets enough of this song---he was smiling the whole time and going back and forth with Carter as to when they would start this one. The arena seemed to erupt at the beginning and everyone was singing along. Gotta love Ants!! Dave and Carter came out for the encore plucked away during the Christmas song. A quiet number, but one that stills grabs your attention. The whole band came out and ended with Tripping Billies----great, finish to and energy-packed night of dancing and singing. Boyd again took the center and showed off one last time. This was my 8th concert and the band did not disappoint. They played very strong and were really polished all the way through. Don't miss 'em if they come around.
Curt O.
This was my 9th show. Radio Show, but a very good one. PNP-> Rapunzel was a good start, lots of energy. Warehouse was really sweet. JTR was so so....i love the song but it was missing something tonight....but carter tore it up at the end. he was awesome, i've never seen anything like it! i cant believe they played ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY!!!!! thats a song i thought i would never in my life hear live. what a treat! barterder was really really slow...kinda took the crowd out of it....but the outro was beautiful! dave got the crowd back into the song just by wailing at the end and they jammmed the shit out of it. my highlight of the night! he mumbled a ghost verse at the end but i couldnt make it it out....possibly lyrics to the new album??? very excited to hear GIG...such a sweet song. LIOG was solid. Ants was a really cool set closer....i like it here in the setlist better because the encore isnt as predictable. this was a definite crowd pleaser. ENCORE. hoping for halloween (cuz of the orange lights) but X-mas is cool too. Billies was a great closer, boyd and carter tore it up at the end, and they played the jam for an extra 16 bars or was sweet. so even though it was a radio show, it was a really really good radio show! i'd rank it probably 4th or 5th out of 9.
Richard Y.
Tonight's show was pretty good. A little too similar to 12/03/00 in Minneapolis as far as it being the radio show. It wasn't a bad show but a little too radio friendly for me. Rapunzel was a great openner, but would have like to have heard Seek Up and then the segue into Rapunzel. WH was fabulous. Now every crowd everywhere screams the "Woo" during the stop time intro. JTR was great, especially the long ending. Angel from Montgomery was fabulous. Hadn't heard that one live in a few years and it was a treat. GIG was great too, was wondering when that would pop up. LIOG was great as well, and was surprised it took till the third show to hear it. Nice transition into Ants as well. Chirstmas song with the Beatles outros was sweet to hear. Billies with the Nature intro was great as well. Boyd had 3 big solos in 4 songs which seemed like kind of a lot in a row. Hopefully, Cleveland's show at Gund won't be as mainstream. See ya Thursday...
Wow, what an amazing show, so full of energy and power. Lets start at the top. I wanted to hear PNP--->RAPUNZEL as the opener and that was my guess. Luckily I was right and I was extremly happy about that. I love this song and I think it is best played as either an opener or a closer to set for the band really goes nuts during these renditions. This was the best Rapunzel I have ever heard live and it was amazing. Needless to say this got the crowd electric already. Next came DON'T DRINK THE WATER which again was played with lots of emotion. This is a very powerful song and it was good, but what really made it great was the lighting. I have have to congratulate the lighting crew for spectacular lighting effects and combinations for the entire show for they were fantastic. Next was SATELLITE, not a favorite of mine live, but still a pretty song. WAREHOUSE followed and was fairly standard, still very good though. Then came CRASH INTO ME. This is a very beautiful song, but I don't like it when they play Satellite and Crash in the same show, but whatever. Dixie Chicken outro was expected and played nicely. But whatever happened to Lover Lay Down? They need to bring this song back into the rotation a bit. That would have fit nicely instead of Crash for me. I was hoping they would play some summer stuff and next came JTR. Pretty much the same as the summer version with the crazy outro, very nice. TOO MUCH was a very good placement here since it got the crowd back and was full of lots of energy. That was followed by DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT which was a song that I have lukewarm feelings for. Just for the fact that I have seen it live the past 4 concerts and its always pretty much the same except for the lyrics. Still great energy from the band though. Then, out of nowhere came........ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY! Wow, I never expected this. I'm glad when Boyd stepped up to sing this song because this was perfect for me. I have seen True Reflections a couple times already and wanted to hear some different Boyd and I got it. It was played very well, but most of the crowd didn't know it. I was the only one singing in my section I think because a lot of people were clueless. But it was still well received by the crowd with a rousing ovation. Then came the best version of BARTENDER I have ever heard!! It was even better then the summer versions. It was pretty much the same until Dave starts howling and it was the most passionate howling ever. Then what makes this version different from the summer is a crazy and intense jamming outro occurs. Carter starts wailing on the drums like a maniac! The band just goes nuts then, it was incredible! The band took an already great song and added some spice to it and it was just phenomenal. Next was GRACE IS GONE, an excellent and beautiful song. This song is the story of my life and I was so glad to hear it live again. So beautiful, and meaningful, really fantastic song. I was very surprised by the crowd though for a lot of them didn't know any of the summer songs. ill, they were energetic and rowdy and intense for most of the show. I knew there was going to be a LIE IN OUR GRAVES somewhere in this set and that was what followed. Boyd is my favorite band member and I was so glad that this was being played. I was going to get to hear and see in my opinion Boyd's best solo. And wow, I was not disappointed! Boyd just goes completely nuts! He was all over the place! He was dancing all over the stage and was just on fire. At this point the two people sitting next to me on the right left for the show (why in the world they did I don't know) and I had so much room to dance, jam and completely go nuts myself. Incredible energy expended and this was followed by the always crowd favorite, ANTS MARCHING. Now I have seen a few Ants, but this was the best one I have ever seen! I have never heard it played with so much energy and passion in my entire life. Not only that, Dave adds like a new verse to the song, which I couldn't make out. Again my boy Boyd goes nuts and I loved it! It was the loudest Ants I have ever heard. Just a phenomenal closer to the set. Then it was time for the encore. CHRISTMAS SONG was about as predicatable as the band selling out the tour in an hour and I was happy to hear it. I thought maybe we would be see a Watchtower, or a Two Step closer, but this show didn't seem like a show to end with Watchtower or Two Step. So the final song was...TRIPPING BILLIES! One of the most definitive concert songs for the band. Intense as the entire show and again, more Boyd! Plus the entire band just goes crazy during this song and thats exactly what DMB is all about. This was a perfect song to end the show with. Needless to say Dave, Carter, Leroi, Stefan, and Boyd were amazing as always. They put on a fantastic show and closed out the city hard. Way to go Boys!
Sara A.
Wow. That show was Amazing! Ok highlights: HELLO!!!!!! Angel From Montgomery. 'nuff said there. A huge surprise. LIOG, this is Boyd's song. You know its true, even Dave sort of dissappeared during the jam, letting Boyd go wild. He is truly amazing. He even managed to sneak in and Ode to Joy in the midst of everything. Grace Is Gone. This song is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and Dave's lyrics are truly spectacular. Nice to hear JTR and Bartender.....Bartender is a sweet ass song. They jam it so well, you all know its gonna be played ALOT this tour. DIDO, again, he threw in the "have a little tea party of our own" line, just as he did at soldier field. This is one of my fave songs to be performed live and when he played it, i loved it!! PNP-Rapunzel, pretty standard opener, but still got the crowd going nuts. and the Encore: Christmas song was magnificent, as always, and Billies was perfect, especially with the nature intro. The guys had so much energy and the crowd loved them. I'm so glad i got to see them right at the start of the tour. I was surprised at the size of the allstate, i thought it was bigger, so i was surprised at how close our seats actually were. hope everyone had a good time, thanks warehousers for the radisson pre and post parties!! LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE OUT THERE TAPED EITHER OR BOTH SHOWS!!! thanks, peace out
Jeff G.
Every time I see them, they get better and better. I was so excited to see them play considering it was a 2 and a half hour drive for me. The setlist was awesome My fav. highlight had to be Dave And Carter Dueting on Christmas song. My best friend saw them sunday night in minn. and said that Christmas song was so awsome. I was glad that they played it. Boyds solo in 'graves was so killer. Crash and Satellite are always a treat and my slowly creeping up to fav. DMB song Bartender was phenomenal. I cant wait to see them in '01. Rock on to DMB and to all DMB fans in the world. Peace Love Happiness
Joe D.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be saying that Lie in Our Graves would be the highlight of my evening. Boyd was going nuts on his solo in LIOG. It was great! I remember thinking that when they opened with Rapunzel, that it was going to be a tight show. But as the show continued I was brought down a little just because there were quite a few "Radio Songs." But still the boys sounded great on all the songs, and I left with a good feeling about the show. The encore was pretty predictable when Dave and Carter came out, I knew it would be Christmas song. Then I just guessed Tripping Billies, which was a great closer. Over all, the show was good, but could have been better if there weren't so many radio songs. But as I said before, the boys were definately on tonight, and sounded great. I look forward to hearing more tapes from later in the tour.
Pat M.
well this was a dmb show and it WAS fun, but i must say that is was very standard show and setlist. PNP-rapunzel opener totally predictable. DDTW is always good live but always excepted. Warehouse good as always definetly a highlight of the show. Crash only good cause of dixie chicken. Good jtr. DIDO was all carter, he looked like he was having fun. Angel from Montgomery was good i liked it better this time then alpine '99. The last five songs were the best. LIOG was by far the best ever, ODE to JOY was in boyds solo which is killer. Dave really hung out the part where he goes I Cant believe the we would........ there was like a 30 second break, i thought dave forgot. Ants is always good, and i called Christmas song for the first song of the encore and it is a treat.
Brian V.
What more can I say but WOW! This was my 15th show, and the guys had more more energy and put forth more than I have ever seen. Even the songs that I consider "marginal" songs were awesome to hear. PNP>Rapunzel was not much of a suprise for an opener, but it still rocked. DDTW seemed standard. Same with Satellite. But Warehouse gave me chills. I always enjoy hearing that live, and this time was no different. Crash, JTR and Too Much were superb, but DIDO blew me away!!! Great improv!!! Bartender, which is great to hear and just get lost in listening to it, was almost a "religious" experience!!! Shook my bones.Grace was good, as usual, and then, my favorite song... Lie In Our Graves. OH MY GOD!! I think this one lasted about 15 minutes. Not as many lighters as Soldier Field, but still awesome. Ants was great as usual. Encore was decent. Nice to hear Christmas Song. Billies - typical, expected, but nonetheless a great song to close with.
Jim W.
Excellent show, though it was almost impossible for them to top last night's show which was probably the best I've seen over five years and 22 shows. This one was good though. More standard stuff on the set list, but it all had plenty of energy. I was in the Warehouse section on Boyd's side and he rocked. Big highlights there were Angel From Montgomery and Lie In Our Graves. Anyway, I recommend seeing them on this tour if you can. They're really pumped up and the shows are electric. These sets will probably be going away with the infusion of the new stuff (which I'm sure will be good, so enjoy them now.
Brandon B.
This was my third show of the year. Under better circumstances, like a better venue with better acoustics, I would have put this show on the top of the list. Great list, great energy. The first Soldier show was better, but not by much. The show started with one of Dave's best intro song combos, PNP and Rapunzel. With the energy the band put into those first songs, it got the crowd way into it. I loved the combination of new and old. I really wanted to hear some new stuff, and I was not disappointed. I think I have a new favorite DMB song (I have so many now) with Bartender. There were some negatives, but hardly anything to get worked up about. I really don't like to hear Satellite and Crash in the same set. Don't get me wrong I love the songs and understand why they are hits. However, when played together, I feel like its pandering to the teenybopper set. If they want to play two songs like that, replace one of them with Crush. Looking at the band's previous sets over the last few months, it seems they have taken this song out of rotation. Put it back! Please! The same with other stuff from BTCS, like Dreaming Tree and Pig. It was good to see he played Halloween last night, but I am very pleased Dave and Carter played the Christmas Song instead. It's been awhile since I've heard it. And what can you say about ending a show with Billies? All and all, another fantastic Dave experience!
Hey ya'll i just got back from an amazing show at the Allstate arena. It was by far the best dave show i have ever seen! dave was full of so much energy tonight and he seemed really into the music- some highlights- warehouse with the wooo intro, angel from montgomery which was a really rare one to hear, grace is gone and bartender were very nice as well. in lie in our graves dave walked around behind carter and played to the people behind them. all in all it was a great show, i think it may have even topped the soldier field show!!
Brandon M.
I've seen Dave 4 times and this was one of his better shows as to what i've seen. JTR blew my mind. I've seen it twice but this time they seemed to have jammed a little harder, Dave was really into it! Then there was Too Much, a song that could be in my opinion Dave's best song, as far as a performance. Angel from Montgomery was the surprise on my list. I haven't ever seen that and Boyd was great, It brings a new scene when he sings. Then to top everything off Boyd was a god in Lie in Our Graves. I thought they were ending it and he told Carter to keep going it was unreal. They were rockin. Tripping Billies is always a good encore. Overall I give the show a 8 out of 10. Can't wait to see next years.
Scott S.
YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!! Come on now HOW AMAZING!!!! This show happened to be my 13th DMB show and I have to admit how impressed I was tonight! I do not think i have ever seen the band so energetic in a show! I was sitting 3rd row and damn was it loud!! Anyway, PNP was a suprise i didn't think he would open with a song from BTCS but i was proven wrong..PNP into Repunzel was how it went and the crowd reacted the louder then any point during the show last night. I feel sorry for anyone who went last night and not tonight because tonight's show destroyed last ngihts. Moving on...DDTW was suprising to me cause he rarely plays to songs in a row from BTCS. Anyhow dave was all over the stage during the song he even took the time to frequently walk behind the stage to the fans sitting in the back. Satellite was a good crowd pleaser but then WAREHOUSE was just awesome the crowd responded extremely well after each stop in the intro with stephan and carter raising their hands signaling to the crowd for the newly adopted WHOOOOOOOOOOO! It was tight!!!Crash was awesome the crowd sang along with dave so loud for the entire song. JTR what a motivator for the crowd...dave busted out with the 12 string and man that jam is so sweet in that song dave was so into it twostepping like crazy!!! TOO Much was played fairly normally with a nice F#*K it up version...DIDO was awesome to hear in the middle of the show considering that it has typically been played as a closer or encore song...ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY!!!!!!!! DAMN!! i never thought i would hear it again after hearing it back to back shows at alpine valley in 99..but hey we got to hear Boyd sing for the second straight night..i think i may have been the only person who knew the words but i was in awe!! it what phat!!! Bartender was nuts dave was screaming so loud and boyd was really into it but for him that was only the beginning!! Grace is Gone was nice to hear but now LIOG into ANTS...HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!I thought warehouse into ants was awesome man this might have beaten that .. Boyd must have jammed alone for 5 minutes during the song i think the song lasted over 15 minutes and the crowd was so loud you couldt hear dave singing at some points...They stopped completely and picked up with " I CANT BELIEVE...." and then a minute later BANG BANG BANG....ANTS MARCHING i dont think there was a person not jumping up and down. dave was smiling and can i even tell you there was a 3 minute intro to ants...dave and boyd jammed in front of eachother it was so INTENSE!!! After they closed with that dave and carter came out to do Christmas song and All you need is love, Cant buy me love was awesome!!! But then Tripping billies was the perfect closer for a show like this...ALL in ALL WHAT A SHOW!!!!! i give the band mad props for s well done show and hope they come back to CHI-TOwn ASAP!!!!!PEACE
Brad U.
One Word...surreal. After sitting front row last night, I didn't think my DMB experience could get much better, but I was sadly mistaken. 5th row tonight led to quite a memorable evening! I saw PNP comin' from the second the boys hit the stage. It really got the crowd on their feet, not to mention the infamous, you gotta love the "Dave Jibberish" in the middle of Rapunzel that makes no sense whatsoever. DDTW was tradition with some nice sax work done by Leroi. Next was another radio wonder that got the whole stadium singin'. Satellite, in my eyes...yeah yeah... Warehouse was great with the beloved twangy stop-time intro. Next...yet another radio hit...enough said. JTR was awesome with the baddest jam I've ever heard on it with Boyd and Leroi goin' back and forth throughout the whole tune. Too Much shortly followed and got the all radio listeners back into the show. Drive In, Drive out was traditional with barely any variations, just a 'lil tease in the begining. ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY! I heard it two years ago at Alpine and I still can't get over it. Boyd really stepped up and made this song 178493602 times better than it originally was. Bartender was unbelievable with Dave pushing his vocal ability to the max and making the whole crowd go nuts. The mellow tune of Grace is Gone followed and let the crowd recover. A 20 min rendition of LIOG was all I needed to hear. After getting a wink from Dave and having Boyd come to the edge of the stage a go insane 10 feet from me, I was spent. After that smoothly led into Ants, I was ready to go home fat, dumb and happy. Nw, the Encore...After last night's fake-out, I didn't know what to expect. Just Mr. Mathews and Carter came out again this time and truly played a "love song". X-Mas was awesome and gave all the guys in the crowd an opprotunity to cuddle with their hunnies. Once Dave hit the first chord of the nature intro for Tripping Billies, I went bizzurk. Boyd used his mad violin skills to go out with a bang. After the toe to toe jam with Dave and Boyd, the boys were ready to call it a night. In two evenings, I have heard every possible song I would have ever wanted to hear with the exception of Diggin' a Ditch. After callin' 14 out of the 16 songs, I was feelin' pumped for another show. We'll catch up with you boys in Cleveland...
Jason A.
This show was better then Sunday, even though there many songs repeated from that night. I had almost the same location both nights. During the first couple songs 'Roi, Stefan and even Dave had to tell the board to turn up some levels. This show had a quick pace and had some great carzy jammin. Graves and Billies had to be the highlights, Boyd stole the show near the end. We were very happy to hear Bartender and GIG, glad to see that these songs will be sticking around. JTR and Drive were both great. The lighting is not as good inside as it is out, but it still rocks. The only bad thing about both nights is that these shows seem awful short. All in all, it was fun to see them for the 10th and 11th time this year, I look forward to next summer and the new album. Have fun the rest of the tour, especially on the east coast where I am sure it will be wild.
Stacy B.
This was the 3rd best show I've seen. I've seen almost 50. Bartender and Grace were outstanding. The Band & the crowd were jammin' for Ants before Dave even began to sing. Boyd and Leroi were a nice suprise - each giving more than one solo. This is a show you must get a copy of.
Mindy W.
Just a couple quick comments: Angelique Kidjo is amazing!!! These were the first shows I've ever really tried to be there in time for the opening act, and it was definitely worth our while. The Warehouse is spoiling me, not that I'm complaining, but seeing DMB is becoming so surreal! Third row both nights, after 1st and 2nd row at Soldier Field and Deer Creek... It's so wonderful to be able to see your favorite band so up close and intimate. These shows were 17 and 18 for me... But I digress. The absolute coolest thing about Tuesday night (12/5), was getting a second lizzard on stage thanks to Daryl, the band's personal security guy. It was so cool to watch Stefan read the note we put on it, and then totally look right at us and say thank you. I cannot wait for more fun with the boys in 2001! Happy Holidays to all DMB fans and our boys themselves! OH, and one more things, did anyone else totally get that feeling that Dave was singing to a special someone in the house on Tuesday, namely Ashley?? He kept looking up and to the right of the stage (his left)... I'm convinced she was there. :)