Dave Matthews Band
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Steve Earle and the Dukes

What Would You Say
The Stone
Best of Whats Around
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Song That Jane Likes
Rhyme & Reason
Crush %
Tripping Billies
#41 (Everyday outro)
Two Step

Christmas Song * (All you need is love, Can't buy me love)
All Along the Watchtower #

* Dave and Carter only
% with Warren Haynes on guitar
# with Warren Haynes on guitar and vocals

Sean D.
The show was great from begining to end. The sing-along from the crowd during "Satellite" was a perfect moment. A little strange to see Mr. Matthews with that strange hat during the first song but "Two step" was perfect and you can feel the garden shake during that song. That belive it or not was the song I was most fond of not knowing all the band's songs and all.

And "All along the watchtower" was played super loud. I didn't want to miss a moment, and so did the misses who held in her pee during the entire show. Now that's magic, the whole night was magic.
Alex G.
IT WAS AWESOME!!! As usual, Warehouse was an amazing opener--it got the crowd really rilled up. What Would You Say was great--long jams. Satellite was a the same-old--they've really gotta get over Satellite and Crash. Stone was great, esp. b/c it was the first time I heard it live. CRUSH was orgasmic--I loved how everyone got really into the "high" and "drunk" parts! TRIPPING BILLIES was indescribably amazing--definately the best live version ever. And of course, they could do no wrong w/ #41--it was 10 minutes of pure pleasure--and they jammed for a long time after the last line and ended with an "every day" song type thing. TWO STEP was and always is the perfect song to end with--everyone loves it, it had a great lead-in, and a really long, great ending. The crowd, knowing the concert was over, WENT INSANE!!!!!! So after 10 minutes or so of crazy fans (i.e. almost all of us) they came back on for an encore. I knew they were going to do WATCHTOWER because they just have to--I'd say that it is the best live DMB song. After Christmas Tree and Watchtower, the crowd was so satisfied--it was an all-around great concert.
David S.
This was my 15th Dave show, and all I have to say is this band never ceases to amaze me. Of course, this concert was extra special because the WH upgraded me to front row center! I was dead center, about 5 feet from Dave. The seats were amazing, and the concert was even better. Warehouse - Not a surprise as an opener but still a good song to hear. I was still soaking in the fact that I was front row center. WWYS - Didn't expect this one and actually thought they would save it to close the set. The jam to this song was awesome, and Leroi was ripping it up. Satellite - It's satellite, but it's still a nice song. Nice lighting overall. Stone - Nice. This song kicks ass, and it fit well in here. BOWA - Didn't see this one coming at all. Nice surprise, and a great song. They played it slower than usual, but it was really nice to hear. Crash - Could have done without it, but I think being in the front row makes you enjoy songs like this more. JRT - What a great song! I've heard this quite a few times, and it keeps getting better. The jam at the end of this is unbelievable. Boyd was going apeshit here! Song that Jane Likes - I've got a sister named Jane, this is a song that Jane likes. Good shit. Rhyme and Reason - Didn't see this one coming either. I don't think they've played it on this tour at all. Pretty standard all in all. Crush - The nice surprise on this one was when they brought our Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule and Allman Bros). I thought they were going to do Watchtower or Cortez the Killer, but ended up playing Crush. This was really chill, and Haynes' electric was adding a lot to the song. This was the best version of this song I have ever heard. Tripping Billies - Standard version. Thought they would end the concert with this but kept on going with... #41 - They added this thing on the end where Dave was singing about "Everyday". It was pretty cool, but it was weird because it's like a subliminal message saying "Buy our new album!" Chill Dave I'll get it. Two Step - This was really great. Dave did a little Jimi Thing solo of his at the end which was awesome. Carter was going nuts beating the crap out of those drums. Christmas Song - No doubt in my mind that they would play this, considering they played it at just about every show on the tour. Watchtower - I have heard this song so many times, but this version was unbelievable. This was a night for the band going apeshit, and that's exactly what they did. They brought out Warren Haynes, and he was ripping that guitar a new asshole! Unbelievable. Great show all in all. Nice lighting. Section 2 you rock! See you all tomorrow, I hope they play Halloween.
Jason C.
This was my 19th DMB show and by far the MOST BORING! It was a greatest hits show with hardly any jamming... (where's my 25 minute Two Step?)... All the setlists for recent shows are too similar and the encore for the past 3 nights has been Christmas Song and Watchtower. What's up with that?!?! They opened strong with a Warehouse and then WWYS (but the warehouse could have been longer). I still don't understand why Dave took the words "John the Revelator" out of the song John the Revelator and it is now just called JTR. Can someone explain this? Jane was a nice treat because it's been a year and a half since I heard it... Crush was hella-cool because it featured Warren Haynes!!! then Billies... Ok, it's a guilty pleasure... I always love this song!!! #41 was standard! Two Step should have been called Too Short... and I've already complained about the encore... but having Warren play guitar AND then sing a verse in Watchtower was pretty cool... I hope tonights show is better...
John G.
First I want to say that the Garden is the best place to see a show. Not a bad seat in the house, sound is great. Crowd looked really excited as they were filling the arena. Steve Earl wasn't anything to write home about. 8:46: Lights down. Dave came out wearing this sweet winter hat. He walked around the stage for about a minute just waving to the crowd on each side of the stage. It was great. Picked up his guitar and strummed the beginning of. WAREHOUSE: my roommate called it. Great version, complete with "Whoos" during the intro. Great solos by Leroi. Boyd had technical troubles and had to switch violins early. WWYS: Wasted no time and went right into this. Crowd sang big time. Awesome feeling hearing everyone say "Mom its my birthday." Leroi did another killer job. SATELLITE: Dave teased it and we knew it was coming. Standard version. STONE: Amazing as always. Love how Boyd plays the outro. Dave was mouthing the melody along with him. Ending was right on as always. BOWA: Love this song. Leroi didn't solo too long which was disappointing. Crowd sung "Hey lala's" perfectly. CRASH: I called this one. Good version. Dixie chicken. JTR: The PA was muted for the first :05 of this song. Dave was playing but we couldn't hear anything. All of a sudden we heard Roi's sax. Kind of strange. Crowd really didn't know what this was. A few sat, but most people were dancing. I think Dave has finally set lyrics in stone (no pun). Outro was amazing, longer than summer. Carter has a longer solo now. SONG THAT JANE LIKES: "I got a little sister.." There was a banner hanging from the upper level that said "Jane?" I'm not sure if this was the reason they played it. Never a disappointment to hear this one. R&R: Standard. Kept the crowd moving. CRUSH: I saw an electric guitar come out. I thought it was for Dave and we were getting a new song. "We got a friend we want to bring out." Warren Haynes. I was thinking Watchtower but Stefan started the sweet bass line. This was the highlight of the night for me. Every person in the arena was singing. It gave me chills. If you get a copy of this show, Crush will be amazing to hear. Dave broke one of many strings here. Warren did a great solo at the end. TRIPPING: Kept the energy moving. Boyd did his thing and no one can do it better. Dave broke a string again during the jam. Crowd went nuts at the ending. Place was rockin. 41: knew something mellow was coming. My girlfriend jumped on me when she heard the opening chords. Dave broke yet another string here. Everyday outro at the end was AWESOME. About 3 minutes worth or lyrics. Can't wait to hear this tune. Dave did this hilarious funk dance in between lyrics. Crowd loved it. TWO STEP: Jam wasn't as long as we are used to. Dave did a little solo which was cool to hear. Carter Beauford on the drums baby. ENCORE: CHRISTMAS: Most of the crowd knew this song. Was annoying when people screamed throughout and clapped during the "Love, love" part. Got the Beatles outro. WATCHTOWER: Dave announced Warren again. They went to a new level on this one. Place was nuts. Solos went: Boyd - Leroi - Warren. Dave broke a string halfway through but didn't care. Played the rest with his string hanging off and flying around. Really cool. So much energy. My girlfriend summed it up best when she said, "What do you do after a show like that?" Dave and the boys continue to take us to new heights. I want to say that the lighting was AMAZING. Fenton and crew do a super job. House music when leaving was "Revolution" by the Beatles. Cant wait for tomorrow night.
Glen K.
Well, the show last night was pretty good. Don't get me wrong, the show was still great and the band played well, as usual, but I was kind of dissapointed with the set list. They did play great songs, but of course, only ONE new song; and not really a new song...JTR. They played a good deal of songs off of "Under The Table" and what I really loved was "Song That Jane Likes". All night I was just wondering why they didn't play any new stuff from the upcoming album, due to the fact that it is coming out in February. Summer tour here we come? Probably. Anyways, as always the crowd in NYC ruled and we all had a lot of fun at the show!! Keep on rockin everyone!
To begin, I was looking forward to this show. When we got there, we were the first ones in our section, alongside the stage in 315. People started filing in and our section was looking pretty cool...until the jackass frat guys came in totally wasted and giving everyone a hard time because their seats weren't good enough. Security was in our section pretty much the whole night and the whole situation ruined the show for me because I really couldn't hear the band over the arguing...and the outro to #41 when the guys starting chanting "Lets Go Yankees!" That said, the setlist was allright, mostly radio hits with very little jamming. One highlight was Crush, which I had never heard live before, with Walter Haynes on guitar. One of the few jams of the night and it was awesome! Roi was on even though it was hard to hear him and he didn't get a chance to really play becasue they didn't do much jamming! Overall, a disappointment...hopefully tonight will be better!
Matt K.
Wow!!! I was absolutely blown away by last night's show at the Garden. I was expecting a huge show from the boys, but this definitely exceeded my expectations. This was only my 5th DMB show, and never before have I seen them play with so much ENERGY! They seemed so pumped to be at the Garden... and it showed in the music. Warehouse was a great opener, with the "wooooo's" from the Garden during the stop-time. It was really cool. Stone was so sweet as usual. JTR was nuts. Boyd was tearing it up during the jam at the end. Too bad enough people didn't know the song yet. Jane is always a fun one to hear. Crush was definitely the surprise of the night. Warren Haynes added a great deal to this song. It seemed like they all fed off his energy. At the end, he and Carter both had solos that blew the roof off the place. My first live Billies was awesome as well. Boyd and Dave were jamming so hard during Boyd's solo that Dave busted one of many strings on the evening. Check em out... Boyd!! #41 was also very sweet. Roi took over with an extremely long solo and then Dave gave us a taste of Everyday with a little tease at the end. After screaming the whole show for Two Step, they finally played it! Another live first for me. Great energy. Carter's insane drum solo was a great way to close the set. Christmas Song was expected, but a very nice holiday tune. Too much screaming during the song though... let Dave sing. Finally, Watchtower - Oh my God!! Best Watchtower I've ever heard. Warren and Dave were jamming at the end, and Dave litterally had strings hanging off his guitar he was playing so hard. He didnt care though - just kept on jamming. Like I said, the band's energy did it tonight. The beginning of the set was okay, the end was awesome... but their energy was high all the way through. I had an awesome time. Anyone in 426 or 427 - you guys were cool. Had a great time jamming w. yall. Until the next tour, make the best of what's around.
The show was average at best! I will not call a DMB show bad but the audience, or at least my section, was awful. First of all, the guys behind me were drunk and throwing up during Warehouse, the FIRST SONG! The girls behind me were pretty quiet during the show, but they didn't have a clue as to what was going on! At the beginning of #41, one of them asked the other what the song was called. The reply, "It doesn't really have a name...I think they call it #45 or something!" Right. There was a lack of jamming last night. When they did jam it wasn't for long. Highlight of the evening for me...Crush with Walter Haynes...awesome...a little jam which blew me away! Lowlight...the Everyday outro to #41...The drunk guys behind me, obviously bored because they didn't know what was going on, started a LEts go Yankees chant. Right. The show was good but the crowd reallt ruined the whole experience! Hopefully tonight's crowd will be better!
Craig W.
Great second half saved tonight's show... Warehouse opener was solid as ever, but I could have called that one last week. WWYS and Satellite were decent jams, satisfying the new fans who know only the radio songs. Stone and BOWA were a cool treat, and Crash appeased the radio listeners again. But this show really didn't get good until the boys started putting in some energy. The second half of the show rocked! JTR was nuts, although I think Dave's 12-string crapped out in the beginning b/c you couldn't hear his guitar till the verse came in. Song that Jane Likes made my night, I had been dying to hear that since the only other time I heard it, 7.25.98 in Camden. R&R actually really got me going tonight, the lighting was awesome, and it's spot in the set was unexpected. Then they called Warren Haynes out and I figured it'd be Watchtower, what else could it be, Crush?? And it was. My GOD this jam was great, 1st time they played this song on the tour and the electric added a lot to it, kind like on the winter 98 tour w/Timmy. Carter was insane as always. Following this was the best version of Billies I've ever witnessed! Boyd's solo seemed extra long, and I love that nature intro. Drums at the end rocked again. 41 was cool with new "everyday" jam.. i can already hear this one all over the radio. two step was great as always, jam seemed a bit short, which was actually good for a change. Christmas song was beautiful as an encore, and the clapping fans didn't mess it up too much. Watchtower with Haynes soloing and singing the final verse was Classic! Can't wait to get ahold of this show. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow, I'm hoping for Cortez, Halloween, and Grey Stret and/or Bartender... and thinking maybe an OSW opener... we'll see. Peace y'all
This was my second Dmb show and it was a hell of a lot better than Saratoga 8/29(look at the set, it was horrible). Save for Satellite and Crash, which suck at any venue, this set was great. Someone held up a Jane sign, which caused dave to break into that midset somewhere. The best songs of the night were definitely Crush, 41, and watchtower. Crush had that typical winter tourish 10 minute jam with the electric guitar and had that great outro. 41 was nothing special until he played this weird outro where he kept repeating Everyday; really sweet. I was kinda hoping that Bela Fleck would appear from thin air and play Sojourn of Arjuna though. After Christmas Song, dave ended the show with an energy-packed watchtower with the electric guitar again and some guest vocals. Perhaps even better than a halloween encore.
This was my 16th show, and while I am impressed with what DMB continues to produce onstage, I feel a disturbing trend coming on: boredom among the band. Strong versions of what would u say (although the crowd didn't seem to know it) and an impressive #41. The best part of the show was a brand new outro/song? for #41 with the nifty refrain "every day." Only Dave can turn two little words into such a lovely thing. But Crush, with Warren Haynes, didn't really fly to well, and Watchtower seemed bored. A so-so version of Two Step with some reall highlights in it. In fact, the band seems on the verge of boredom, even though Dave said "it's still intimidating to play Madison Square Garden." They don't always seem as enthusiastic as they did. Leroy let loose with some nice, new sax work on what did u say. Boyd continues to tear things up, when he wants to. All in all, a nice show that focused more on their older material. Anxious to see what they do Wednesday.
Peter C.
This was a decent show, but it was by no means spectacular. The boys didn't play any bad song, but several of the songs lacked energy. For starters, it seemed as if Boyd was asleep until Crush, which was more than half way into the show. Roi had some really nice solos in WWYS and BOWA, but they weren't amazing. The band's energy swelled near the end of Crush and on into Tripping Billies. I hadn't heard this song in a while, so it was nice. The jams throughout Billies were pretty standard, but it was the most energetic that they'd been all night. 41 was reall great,as always. But Two Step was a big disappointment. I love the song, but there was no feeling in it last night. The jam at the end seemed cliched and forced. After an overdone, long, sleepy "jam" they left the stage. When they came back, I knew that the Christmas song was comin. It was fine, but nothing special. As it finished, I was really hoping that they would do Halloween, but then the rest of the band came on. I also so them put another mic on stage, so I figured that Warren Hayes would come back for watchtower. He did, and he and Stefan started going back and forth with intro solos. This went on for a while, and it was incredible. Then they started the song, and it was great. Hayes had an fantastic solo during the song, as did every other member of the band. I think that this Watchtower was a stupendous end to a decent concert. Warren Hayes was truly amazing. Songs that I would have liked to have heard: Cortez, Angel, Halloween. Hopefully I'll get some of those on Sunday in Philly, and hopefully the band will be a bit more energetic.
Jay L.
As always another superior performance by the whole band. The setlist tonight was masterfully put together and they really dusted off some tunes that I wasn't expecting to hear. As soon as I heard the intro to The Stone, I knew I was in for something special. It was with great appreciation that I listened to Best of What's Around and Rhyme and Reason, as I was quickly taken back to six or seven years ago and to the magic that first brought me to listen. The addtion of Warren Haynes and the sweet melodic tapestry that the entire band played on Crush, should quickly become a hot item for any audio library. #41 and Two Step were jammed out nicely. I would have loved to hear a bit more Leroi and as I've been saying for years....Why do we not get a full drums (ala Grateful Dead) portion of the show....with one of the best drummers in the business today behind them, its a shame not to have more time to focus on Carter's rare talents. Watchtower is always a clutch ending and was powerful as always (the addtion of Mr. Haynes certainly didn't hurt). My only complaint was that the boys running the sound at MSG need a heavier hand....Come on boys, whats a guy got to do to get a little ear ringin?
April M.
PHENOMENAL!! the energy in the garden was indescribable. the place was on fire. every word sung in unison with dave through out the entire show. the connection between the boys and the crowd was magical. them thriving off of us, and us thriving right back. just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they took it up another notch. #41 was the most incredible version i have heard to date. dave had the whole arena singing "everyday" with this jammin groove. something totally new, and everyone singing...we were puddy in his hands. then it dawned on me, this may be a teaser from the new album snuck into #41....thank you, dave! a night to remember. i don't know how they will top it, but i will let you know tomorrow. off to the garden!!
Everything started off pretty damn good when my friend and I waited by the stairs when Dave came out to introduce The Dukes. These 2 guys we met up with had a Christmas hat for Dave and we all got Dave's attention when he came down the stairs. The 2 guys threw down the hat, Dave picked it up, looked at us, smiled and and gave us a peace with his hand. Good stuff right there. I would have to say that opening with Warehouse was an awsome choice by the band. Got everyone goin immediatly with the lights and the stop-time intro. What Would You Say was cool to hear. I heard it at Hartford the 16 this year on the encore so I was happy to hear it early. But just one of the 4 radio songs heard. Satellite was next. Once again . . . another radio song. Pretty cool to hear though, slowed things down a little. The Stone was pretty cool to hear. Only heard it once before . . . I think, at Hartford August 1, 1998(First DMB show). BOWA was a cool choice by the 5. Always love to hear it no matter what. Played with lots of energy as usual. Always got got to hear Crash though. Definitely one of the best radio songs heard. Always got to love "Dixie Chicken". I always look forward to hearing that part but you never actually do cause everyone goes buckwild when they hear it. Awsome choice though. JTR, Jane's Song, and R&R were cool to hear. ESP Jane's song. Just an awesome song to hear and the spot lights were on a few girls who put up a huge banner that said "Jane?". Crush was definitely a high point of the show, with Warren Hayes. He pretty damn good. Tripping could not have gotten much better. I was sitten right behind Carter at that time and go to see Dave break his string and look at Carter and see him do some cool stuff without the guitar. #41 was definitely awsome esp. the new outro "Everyday". Just a cool slow thing to do. Two Step, a wise choice to end with, always a good closer. Then the encore. I was so phyched to hear Christmas song. When Dave and Carter came out, I knew they was goin to play it. Just a question whether Halloween was coming next. I didn't however. Whatchtower was pretty predictable. I was hoping for Ants, but knew it wasn't goin to happen, being first night and all. I am O for 5 on seeing Ants at a show so far. Da well, what you goin to do? But it made up for it when Warren Hayes took the mic on Wtcher and Dave broke his string and since he couldn't stop cause it was towards the end of the song, he just kept moving near Carter and he made the string just go round the guitar and he made sure it didn't hit him in his face. Some pretty cool stuff by Dave. All in All the show was pretty phat. I don't get much better than MSG!
The show last night was in one word steller! Warehouse to open was perfect and Two Step to close was faculous, the twenty minute jam was non-stop greatness. Highlights, Tripping Billies, the best I have ever seen, Christmas song was so incredable and very fitting for the night. Watchtower for the encore made the night, definately. It was so fabulous to hear The Song that Jane Likes, never hear that enough. And Rhyme & Reason was great, as always. Carter was incredable as always as was Dave, good to see a lot of the Dandy Dave Dance. Croud was alright, a lot of people getting up during The Stone, dissapointing, as no one should ever leave during a show. Anyhow, a fantastic show, as always.
Raul F.
Just like my last show I saw, Dave opened this one with Warehouse. As he played the solo intro with his guitar, S. Lassard encouraged the crowd to make a little chant. That is one of the coolest things I've seen the Band do. Just then, and because of the environment and the scenario, I knew the show was going to kick ass. I wanted the show to be old school, and it definitely was. As he followed Warehouse with WWYS and Satellite, he had already pleased me. As he then played a couple more great songs, he played their anthem Crash Into Me. I was amazed he did not play more new songs such as Grey Street or Bartender, but eh did played JTR which is mellow but a sweet song. People went nuts when Warren Haynes accompanied the Band by playing Crush. You couldn't even hear Dave sing as people were so loud. He then played the typical songs such as Two Step and The Stone, oh, and he mixed Tripping Billies into those which was kind of neat. Of course he left with Two Step, but came back to solo with Carter on Christmas Song and the Watchtower Jam with WH again kicked such ass ... He even played Watchtower with a broken string in his guitar. And that was not the only time he broke a string. The fact he broke so many strings, and that he would not stop dancing the whole night, proved that the Band had fun at MSG and that they were as good as they get
Susan O.
This was one awesome show. the best one ive seen dave do. the whole stadium was jumping and getting really into it, you could here everyone singing along to every word. dave came out in a ski hat and was dancing liek crazy the whole night. highlights were definitely when dave said "ive got a little sister..her names Jane..this is the song that jane likes." and it was awesome. tripping billies had so much energy. every song was so great,all of them personal favorites. i think the only one the crowd wasnt really into was jtr. #41 was awesome... with the new outro. tbowa was insane and so was the stone. id never seen crash n crush in the same setlist either, even tho im a lil tired of crash. def up there as one of daves best, the crowd made it terrific.
Jeffrey E.
After years of enjoying this site, I'm finally posting a review. This was my 30th show. I wish I could've done the whole tour, but I'm not rich. Tonight proved to me that after so many shows, you always see or hear something new every time. Warren Haynes is incredible, and it's a shame Allen Woody passed, but he tore up Crush & Watchtower. If anyone from the '99 Beacon D&T show remembers, his amp died, so it was great to hear him go off. I'm not one to say I was hoping for this song or pissed to hear radio songs, I was just happy to be there. We must be grateful, not greedy, and a ticket is all that should make us happy. The future looks really good for DMB and us, so I hope everyone enjoyed this tour, and let's hope for an early spring tour, and maybe in the future get rid of openers & have 2 set shows, thanks for reading & take care-JE
Dan L.
This was the best show I've been to....ever. Exellent Setlist (a little too much radio songs) and great playing. The Watchtower was the best I've ever heard. The crowd was incredible, but I was dissapointed that they didn't chear for a 2nd Encore because we could have gotten one. Warryn Haynes was incredible, filling in for Tim superbly. Sound was great, and everyone seemed to know the lyrics. Awesome Show
Shane U.
The DMB show on Tuesday may have been one of best shows that I have seen them perform in awhile.The crowd had so much energy the whole show, I can not believe the roof didn't come off. Warehouse was the perfect opener for the garden. which was followed by WWYS. The energy never let up as the band rolled on into the night jamming away. The show was rolling along with the crowd signing almost as much as Dave was which impressed me the most. The turning point from a really good show in to one of the best was when Warren Haynes came out and played on Crush, which I saw him do with the DMB at Polaris in the summer of 99. Just to watch Dave and Warren jam beside each other was awesome. After Crush the show kicked in into high gear with Tripping, which was followed by a outstanding version of #41. At this point I did not know what to expect, because I know Dave will not play two songs back to back nights in the same place. So when I heard Two Step I was floored. It rocked just like I saw him do, in Cleveland on Thursday. I had a feeling he would come and play Christmas Song and I was right. Before he came back out the sight in the garden was truly an amazing to see everybody with their lighters lit and chanting we want Dave. The same night in Columbus where Warren played on Crush, he also came back that night to play and sing on Watchtower. Which is what he did in the garden. The band rocked on this night leaving the crowd wanting more which they were going to get the next night. I had to fly back to Columbus so I did not get to see the second show. I am sure it was great, but the first night may have been one of the best shows all year. I had seen Dave this year all over the country and I thought there was none better. I just want to say one more time how great the crowd was. My hat goes off to everybody that attened the show.
Great energy from the band right from the start with warehouse. The sound in the garden was not that great, kinda hard to hear Dave. I wasn't a big fan of the setlist to many radio hits and not enough flow with the set.Warren Hayes was the highlight with crush and watchtower. Great energy the boys had fun but the set and sound could have been better
Mike D.
Two words describe this show. RADIO SHOW. Warehouse was very nice as an opener, but I felt that the show went downhill after that. The band has to learn to get over the teeny bopping Satellite, and Crash. They are old, and redundant-not good concert songs. The concert would have been a major dissappointment if it wasn't for the last five songs. Rhyme&Reason was performed in the best kick ass version I have ever heard-the way it's supposed to be played. The highlight of the show, Crush, with Warren Haynes going nuts on his guitar was one of the best performances of any song I have seen in concert. JTR, now that I know what it is, is an amazing concert song. Tripping Billies was the best version I have heard yet. How could the band ever go wrong with #41, especially with the beautiful Everyday outro. Two Step-lackluster. Didn't supply the energy that a closing song should. Without a sixth member in the band, they should really go back to the older versions of Two Step-similar to the one on Red Rocks. It should have been played more upbeat, and positive. Not the slow, and jazzy way it has evolved into now. Christmas Song was extremely nice to hear, and Watchtower was amazing-as always. All around, a good show, even though I didn't get the feeling that Boyd was into it that much. The first half was bad, but the second half picked up the show. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 7.
This was my 9th Dave show, and most definatly the best of them all! They played by themselves for a change without Butch Taylor and or the lovely ladies which was a great change. Warren Hayes added awsome guitars on "Crush" and "Watchtower" and rocked the place. "Warehouse" is always a great opener, and playing "Crush", "Tripping Billies", "#41", and "Two step" all in a row was simply amazing and they were definatly in top form! Looking forward to "Everyday"!
Michael B.
I thought this show was INCREDIBLE! He opened up with Warehouse which totally excited the crowd and got both the band and the crowd ready for a great night. After that he went into What Would You Say which was outstanding. Then melod it out with Satellite. After Satellite Dave said how intimidating it is to play in Madison Square Garden and then hits the Stone perfectly. After the Stone he kept up a great fast set with Best of Whats Around. Then Dave melod out once again with Crash, JTR, and Song that Jane Likes. After that he went into a killer version of Rhyme and Reason. Then Warren Hayes from the Allman Brothers came out and joined Dave for Crush with a great guitar solo. After Dave finished off the set strong with Tripping Billies, #41, and Two Step. For his encore he came out with the usual Christmas Song like he has played almost every show this winter tour. Then closed with Dave and Warren Hayes trading verses on All Along the Watchtower. What and incredible night!
Nathan V.
This is more of a great story than a review of the two shows at MSG, which were incredible in themselves and are even worthy of release as a set: (MSG, 12/12-13/00, New York City), but we'll see how that goes. Anyways... it was my honor to be the guest of Stefan Lessard in New York City that week. Not only did he get my friends and great tickets to both nights at the Garden, but the time in between and after the shows was spent with the man himself, going to museums, getting drunk, just hanging out. For four days we got to hang out with Fonz as well as meet Boyd on a couple different occasions. I was at private parties with the Band (well, Leroi, Boyd, Fonz) and that was incredible. Fonz hooked us up with everything he could. It's like NYC was his house and we were his guests... and what a host he was. I just love this story and wanted to share it with y'all. But, to top it off... it was with dMb, they were absolutely incredible shows, and it was in the greatest city in the world... NYC! Nate, Connecticut
Mike D.