Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ONT
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive
Don't Drink the Water
Louisiana Bayou *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Seek Up
Grey Street
Old Dirt Hill +
All Along The Watchtower +
Stand Up (For It)
Don't Burn The Pig
Stay *
Christmas Song
Ants Marching

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Eric Krasno on guitar

Johnny L.
OH MY GOD! How amazing was this show? Obviously it was a great great show. The fact that we had seek up, pig, #41, stay and watchtower in one sitting was just fantastic. The addition of Rashawn Ross and Eric Krasno guesting throughout the night was amazing. I Had floors Row 9 and we had a pretty chill crowd around us. Grey Street Was the biggest surprise for me of the night. Dave Did tease American Baby Intro between Grey Street and Old Dirt Hill. Watchtower was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! THEY Played their hearts out. Stay reminded me of the Live at Chicago, where they just kept pushing the end and kept going and going and going, with carter going crazier crazier and crazier. All In All, Perfect Concert! Just Perfect
Kenn M.
The opening act, "Soulive", are a great compliment to start the night for the DMB. They have a very funky R&B platform with no shortage of stops, starts and shots! I found it very warm that Mr. Mathews was humble enough to take the time to introduce the warm up act personally.

The DMB portion of the show was excellent. They are the highest calibre of musicians in their fields, and deserve a truckload of respect, and another of accolades, for their experimental nature and their own brand of music that could have it's own genre entitled "DMB". Dave was typical Dave...writer/musician first, and entertainer second. It would be nice to see a little more interaction with his crowd. I also found that was a lot of dead air time between songs, however when they tore into one, it more than made up for this little pet peeve!

Being a drummer, I tend to focus on Carter's unique brand of rythmic fortitude. He performs logic defying rudiments, and Samuri Cymbal and snare shots that don't even seem humanly possible! Mr. Lesard is fortunate to have such a spectacular rythm mate!

Overall a tremendous show that rates up on top as one of the best musical events I have witnessed!!
Amazing show!! What a great set. The band played incredibly the whole evening, with Boyd going ape with a couple of his solos. To start off with Don't Drink the Water followed by #41 and Granny was awesome. My only complaint was that they played too much of the new album. I know they have to play some of it, but I would've gladly sacrificed Hunger for the Great Light and Stand Up for Jimi Thing or Two Step. Stay, Watchtower, Crush and Ants were amazing as well. This was a reference quality show. I hope the band decides to officially release it sometime. Dave was great as usual, Carter is amazing to watch live, and Stefan, Leroi and Boyd were their usual stellar selves.
Jon S.
Seeing them live for the first time, they absolutely exeeded my expectations. These guys know how to rip it up. They were very tight. Don't drink the water/ Watchtower/seek up/ grey street were fantastic! With the exception of Stand Up, their new material didn't seem to go over too well though. Even the band seemed to not really get into the new stuff, only giving the minimum required to pull the song off, imho. The sound in the ACC was awful, but the band played over it as best they could. LeRoi seemed too layed back on Seek up - which has some of the most amazing sax lines I have ever heard. Best 160 bucks I spent in a while overall.
Sam P.
My first Dave show, and what a show it was. Awsome opener with Dont Drink the Water. All the jams were cool but some a little drawn out, especially those from Stand Up. There was a lot of weed smoke in the air, typical of us Canadians, it added to a cool but mostly calm crowd. All the band members were amazing!! The video screens showed closeups of all the guys, SO COOL. Really makes you appreciate how talented these guys are. Dave on vocals was great,Lessard was solid,but i must say, Carter and Boyd stole the show for me!! I was sooo happy to hear Crush and Stay as they are my favourites and the crowd really got into them. Good to see Crash and the last encore of Ants Marching was a perfect way to end an awsome show. OVER THREE HOURS of non stop,awsome songs!!! i guess you can say that i got my 77 dollars a tickets worth for a nose bleed section. DEFINATELY NOT MY LAST DAVE SHOW,ROCK ON!!!!!
Evan D.
The Toronto show was a really really great setlist, probably the best I've attended. My only problem was the crowd. I was surrounded by a group of little 14 year old girls that new the words to Crash and otherwise just took up space. What the hell happened to the good old collegiate, long-time fan dmb crowd that should be expected. Being submersed in a sea of pre-pubescent little girls with their "gangster" boyfriends really took away from the show, which we drove all the way from Montreal to see. It was our third show this year though, and as I said, the best setlist so far. Watchtower was a real surprise and probably the highlight of the show. Seek up was incredible, 14 min long jam was awesome, Dave seemed to really be having a good time. Butch played amazing tonight, probably the best I've seen him live. Overall, amazing show, horrible crowd. I'm starting to understand why Dave is starting to skip out on Canada. Sucks, but true.
John D.
The overall show was good. My best seats yet 10th row. The setlist was decent, it started strong with DDTW, #41 but the mid-set wasnt very strong except for Seek Up which was amazing (Carter is God) I cant wait until next year when they will play only a few Stand Up songs per show. The show picked up again when they played Pig, and Stay. Watchtower in the middle show was weird. There was a couple teases that werent mentioned, the guitarist for soulive played the opening cords to jimi thing when he was tuning for Old Dirt Hill. Also i swear i heard a Little Thing tease in stefan's bass solo before crush
This was my 3rd DMB show, first DMB show at the ACC. I missed the Amphitheatre atmosphere on Sunday night :( Sound at the ACC could DEFINITELY be improved but honestly I had Dave and the boys a few feet in front of me so who the hell cares!!!???!!! I am jonesin to see Dave again - looks like I'll be hitting the road real soon.... Although I own Stand Up, it hasn't quite grown on me yet. I do wish he played more of the back catalogue (Say Goodbye, Everyday, Captain, Angel - yes I'm a girl, can you tell?!?!?!?) A lot of the tracks were similar/identical to Central Park Concert DVD which I personally enjoyed as that is one of his pinnacle performances and for him to play Granny, Crush and Watchtower in a similar manner made me overwhlemingly happy and humbled that this fantastic performer, musician and songwriter would replicate such stellar performances in Toronto, Canada!!!
Matt S.
Absolutely ridiculous! This was my 10th show since '98 and I think may have been one of the best. The set list was superb - strong opener with DDTW, followed by my favorite song #41, good jam at with end between Boyd and Leroi. Granny mellowed things out a bit, and Louisina Bayou's ending jam was pure musical magic. Although I'm a little sick of Crash it was still nice to hear, HFTGL was a tad weak, but they all still played it like it was going out of style. Seek Up was amazing - during the outro jam Carter was going nuts on the drums, totally driving the song. Grey Street is always great to hear, ODH - Nice guitar lines from Eric Krasno - Watchtower, WOW! This was a killer version, the crowd was thumping and Krasno's guitar solo was sick, Boyd was jumping all over the stage like he was being attacked by a pack of killer bees - Pure gold! Stand Up was decent although it always reminds me of the Tiger Woods golf game for Playstation - sort of cheesy. However the concert reached new heights with Crush, Pig, and Stay - all amazing songs. The encore was great with the Christmas Song and Ants. I thought the crowd was great as well. The only low light of the evening was when a security gaurd stole Carter's drumstick that fell out my seat neighbour's hand and proceeded to go backstage, real classy...
The band really knows how to do things right. Dave strolled out on stage looking out into the crowd before him, really taking in the moment. The atmosphere the band creates on stage is amazing, it felt as though we were sitting in on a jam session among friends.

Don't Drink the Water blew me away as the opener, Seek Up, Grey Street... always makes the show. It doesn't matter whether people have taken a liking to Stand Up, there are some amazing musical influences in this album and the messages behind the tunes are significant. I definitely would liked to have heard a few other older tunes-- I keep my fingers crossed for Lie in Our Graves each show...

The Band's lyrics are very poigniant.. so much about the state of the world today. I will take this with me on my travels to Africa in the hope that I will be able to make a difference in at least one life.

Dave Matthews becomes a part of his music while on stage, surrounded by phenomenal musicians... their emotions resonated throughout the ACC. Each musician in the Band is phenomenal-- but I must say that as a violinist myself, Boyd has me hanging on every note he plays!

I've been listening to the band since I was 11 years old and I've been to 3 shows-- I think that I'm ready to make up for lost time seeing the band play live. There just isn't anything that compares to the experience of Dave Matthews Band live... it is just what they do best.

Phenomenal show in Toronto, many thanks to the Band for treating us so well!
Third time's a charm forsure! this was my third dmb show that i've seen, and oh what a show it was! the set list was UNBELIEVABLE! DDTW was such a great opener, you could totally feel the crowd get amped up for the rest of the show! And as always, the boys followed up with a fabulous night of jammin! I guess I'm being a bit biased because #41 is one of my favourites, but it was INCREDIBLE.Boyd and Leroi were just phenomenal in that jam at the end. I'm not generally a fan of stand up (vs. the older stuff) but I have to say, the acoustic versions really pulled me into it a bit more! The ODH and AATW jam with eric were kickin! A fantastic end with classics; christmas song and ants! Overall, dmb were at their BEST if not better! it was so much fun to be a part of the experience! PS: Soulive was actually incredible! such energy and presence matched only by their jamming! what an amazing way to open up a night!
My first show. And iwas everything i thought it would be. When Dave was strumming the opening chords of don't drink the water, a la live at folsom, i went nuts as i looked up to see water being projected on the ceiling. nice touch. Then to my amazement #41. I could have left there. The band got the crowd into the concert by teasing everyday at the end of the 41 jam, with pauses in which the crowd would shout "everyday!" Granny got the show rocking and boyd's solo in lousiana bayou was intense. Old dirt hill stand up and dreamgirl weren't the most rocking - i do have to admit that i sat down for them. What i did like was the euphoric feeling the band sent out with dreamgirl, much better then the album version. And when dave switched acoustics guitars i knew somehting was up. Crush was amazing, the first time theyve played it on tour and i was thankful they did. I miss the concert - this won't be my last.
Matt K.
A really good, solid show. Don't Drink The Water is always a rocking way to get a show started. Does it matter how many times you've heard it before? All that matters is that it gets you out of your chair! 41 was brilliant. Granny seemed ok, but many people in the crowd did not know this one. It is such a simple song that I think the band feeds off of the crowd during this one. The crowd didn't really provide, and I think Dave held back a bit. Seek Up was the core of this show. Really upbeat, aggressive intro jam - sounded like they were already midway into the song! The crowd was very quiet during the song - easy to hear the beautiful lyrics, the playing, ahhhh... I could go on about this song for days. Butch played well on this one. Watchtower was a nice to see in the middle of the set. Eric Krasno (from Soulive) was superb!! Dreamgirl was a bit of a letdown. Crush, Pig, Stay... must be 1998!! I am not going to complain. Christmas Song was a real treat to hear! Ants was pretty standard. A great setlist! The band has continued their strong playing from the summer. They can make anything sound really amazing right now, or so it seems to me. If you still haven't seen this band, go now!
WOW what an amazing show!!!!!! Second show i've seen and it blows montreal 03' out of the water hands downs! an UNREAL set list, absolutely blew my mind. starting with dont drink the water then into #41 could not have started teh night off any better. Bayou was completely unexpected, but the jams in it were so amazing taht everyone rocked out hard. fist time i'd seen crash live, and i loved it, it was amazing. after crash the crowd seemed to be exoecting something huge and then they busted out hunger for the great light which shocked me a bit, but turned out all right. seek up, grey street, old dirt hill, all wicked! Watchtower killed it, it was just crazy, Boyd was rocking out soo hard it was unreal. Crush, Pig and stay rounded the set up nicely. christmas song and ants marching for encore were stunning, an amazing way to finish an amazing show!!!!
WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!! Yet another amazing performance by my favorite band : DMB!!! This being my 4th show, was one of my favorites. The two shows in Toronto were my best ones yet, that is: last year's performance and this year's. "Seek Up" by far was my favorite one! They absolutely delivered....Carter is always amazing....and I have to give recognition to " Boyd" this time around. Wow, what a showman he can be!! It was my first time being on the floor, although I could not see the band members all that well, I did really enjoy the crowd's energy and also the song picks were fabulous!!! Finishing the night with my personal pick " ants marching" was the perfect ending to a perfect night!!! DMB rock!!!! I really hope they continue coming to Canada and giving us these great shows each time around!!! They are defenitely real artists & musicians!! Got to love em!!
So this was my 28th show and I would have to rate it in my top 5. Maybe a little too much Stand Up, but Pig and Seek Up made up for that. I've seen them play Watchtower several times, but after 28 shows i have to say this was the best version I've heard, definitely made the night. I can't wait till the 12th for my next show.
I've been listening to dmb for like 2 years obsessively n this was my first live show. jesus christ. it was amazing. i dont know what i can say to express how i felt about this show... i couldnt think of any way to make the show any better (unless they played warehouse) i was standing for the full 3 hours. All along the watchtower was probably half an hour, it was absolutely unbelievable. Stay (wasting time) was dope n he played crash too which was cool even though its not really my fave song, its still good. when he opened with dont drink the water i was shaking n giggling. Haha what a great concert. Definitely gettin tickets next time he comes to toronto... or within a 10 hour drive of us. the opening band soulive was cool. they were really funky.