Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive
Don't Burn The Pig
Best of What's Around
Stand Up (For It)
Two Step
Lover Lay Down
Hunger for the Great Light *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Linus and Lucy
Steady As We Go *
Too Much *+
Smooth Rider *+
Jimi Thing *
Stay (Wasting Time) *
Christmas Song
Old Dirt Hill
What Would You Say?

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Eric Krasno on guitar

UNFREAKIN' BELIEVEABLE! This concert was off the hook- couldn't have asked for a better setlist and finally got to see a concert with my cousin Mike. This was my 9th show and could simply be the best. The crowd was definitely into it-and 'smelling' wonderful as soon as the lights went down. Carter was so hot tonight- I really enjoy watching him play. Two Step was a surprise to me(great jam) as well as LLD. Told my cousin that I hope they play Warehouse and was back from the beer line just in time. And how about Butch with Linus and Lucy! Thought they were going off the stage after Jimi Thing but heard the chord for Stay and couldn't have been happier. Got a little nervous when the band took awhile to get back on the stage for the encore, but it was worth it with the Christmas Song. First time I heard that live- a tad annoying with the drunk 50 year old who wouldn't shut his mouth behind me, but I'm over it. ODH was great and WWYS was the best way to end the show.

I have to admit my weakness while watching them is when they end a song and they all just kinda look at each other in a way like "so whose turn to pick the next song?" Could really tell tonight that they truly enjoy playing together and can't wait till the next time!
Jimmy C.
This was the ULTIMATE Dave Matthews show! "Soulive" was beyond amazing. Dave himself came out to intro the band. It was kind of funny that the Joe Louis was only half full and Dave decided to stroll out and introduce his warm up band. That took a lot of class and those who were not there yet, missed Dave just being Dave. The crowd that was there really appreciated it and the night carried on. "Soulive" came on and blew the crowd away. The horns were awesome and so was the lead singer. They played about 8 or 9 songs and left the crowd dazzled. The trumpet player, Rashamn Ross, played beyond reproach. He played so strong that I think he did not not need a microphone. He had the lung capacity of and elephant and the spirit of an ol' time Dizzy Gillespie. Everyone should listen to what they have to offer. If you miss them live, you have missed a lot.

At about 8:30, Dave and his crew walked on board. The crowd was louder than ANY Detroit Red Wing game I have ever attended at the Joe Louis Arena. The crowd was electrfied. They started with "Don't Burn the Pig" and the crowd just got louder. 20,000 people in Detroit were all of a sudden on the same page. I think Dave should run for mayor of Detroit. I think things would be a lot more pleasant if he did. After playing his usual set of hits, Dave turned his keyboard player lose and he began to play the "Charlie Brown Theme". The crowd responded with wonderous applause. Even Dave's drummer had a grin "ear to ear" while playing along. Lorrie and I could not have been further from the stage, but felt we were part of the show. She later told me it was the best concert she had ever been to. I had to agree.

At 10:50 Dave and the gang sang "Stay" and left the stage. I knew there would be an encore, but it took 10 minutes for them to come back out. I have never waited so long for an ecore, but it was worth the wait. The band came out to sing "The Christmas Song", "Old Dirt Hill" and "What Would You Say". I have to add that Dave had the trumpet player from "Soulive" play for several of his songs during his set. I think Dave should hire Rashawn Ross as the new member of his group!

I realize that we caught Dave in action after having 3 nights off. They were all well rested and ready to get to work.

I hope Dave and the boys get a great rest when the tour is over and I can't wait to see them again. I do not know if the band reads this board, but I want to say Thank You for the most wonderous music experience of my life. That includes when I saw you guys back in December of 1999. The energy that projected from that stage last night, was unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen and I thank you.
Ryan S.
Amazing indoor show I have seen out of DMB.

Opening with PIG was amazing, I wanted to see this one in particular so it was an added bonus. BOWA followed and I said to myself "this is a great start." Stand Up was next and to be honest I wasn't crazy about this song in the beginning of the summer but it sounded great live. Carter added some nice little jams during the bridge which improved the song greatly and Stafan sounded awesome as well, I remember the base really hitting me hard. This was a highlight for myself since I was amazed how cool SU was live. Dreamgirl followed which received quite a welcome from the ladies in the building, they were screaming like crazy. Two Step was next and I was blown away how early of an appearance it made in regards to the set. Lover Lay Down next...nice to hear, its been a while. HFTGL sounded solid. Then another huge highlight Nancies followed by Warehouse, powerful combo, Warehouse was amazing...Linus and Lucy was next this was awesome to hear, my first time, really enjoyed. SAWG pretty standard version. Too Much heard it qite a bit this summer but it was cool to hear Eric Krasno and Rashawn Ross on this one...Smooth Ride was awesome, nice little jam, with the 2 guests as well. And all I can say is what a way to close a set Jimi Thing and Stay, I was really hoping to hear Stay and I lucked out.

The Encore was pretty good, Christmas Song was awesome, been a long time, great time of year for it. Old Dirt Hill turned out better than I thought, crowd got into clapping, enjoyable. What Would You Say, was hoping for Billies but I did want to hear this one too...just suprised by a closer. Overall show was an 8.5 out of 10...amazing time.

I must hand to the venue and people of Detroit, crowd was really, really into, as was I too. Great atmosphere, great people, and was into, thank you DMB for another memorable experience...
I was at Joe Louis Arena last night for my second DMB concert, and it was absolutely AMAZING! I thought the setlist was incredible-- Two Step, Jimi Thing, Stay, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse (some of my favorites from the past) and then Hunger for the Great Light, Stand Up (obviously), Smooth Rider, Dreamgirl (some of my favorites from the new album). I know there were some complaints from fans about the band playing too much from their new album, and I can understand that if you didn't like the new songs, this concert might have been a little bit of a downer. However, when you look at the stats, they played just as many songs from SU as they did from UTTAD (quite interesting that UTTAD was so well represented, not that I'm complaining, of course!) Anyways, I thought the crowd was absolutely crazy (in a good way), everyone sitting by us was fun, and I had a great time. Can't wait for my next concert!
Two Step was crazy good. Props to the video crew for the amazing footage that went along with the outro. Did anyone else see that or was it a video in my mind? I was the only 40+ year old dancing like the Peanuts gang to the Linus and Lucy jam. Thanks Butch!!!! None of my *favorite* new songs were played, but it was a first time for me to hear anything off of SU. This is the earliest I've seen new DMB material groove into the setlist so soon after release. Nancies into Warehouse. Why say anything more?
What can you say but WOW. This was a great set (opening with Pig!), lots of energy, great sound. By far the best DMB show of the many that I have seen. Crowd was great too, atleast in my section. Had good seats too (Thanks Warehouse!) Thanks Dave and crew for rewarding Michigan with an excellant show, it was worth the wait (see Michigan isn't too bad, LOL) three song Encores are few and far between.
Brian W.
Very good show. First time the band plays at the Joe and they did well. It was a very packed but unusual set, which is definitely not a bad thing. To start off - PIG. Yes, what an opener, but wait. BOWA comes next. Ok, up until now, you're thinking, wow, things can't get much better...on paper. Both songs lacked tremendous energy and the songs paid for it. A friend actually said to me, "BOWA is great, but better on UTTAD." The song really is that good live… when it's played with energy. Then STAND UP and DREAMGIRL. STAND UP also lacked energy compared to the summer shows, in my opinion. And I definitely don't like the new way they started it without Carter's drum beat. DREAMGIRL was a crowd (girl, in particular) pleaser. A good song at that, and the outro is developing nicely. It's really transformed a lot over the past months. The turning point in the show – TWO STEP. Played with tremendous enthusiasm and the build up in the new extended intro thing Dave’s been doing was great. Butch’s solo was good, but didn’t compare to the way Carter played the drums. Great song, great set placement. LOVER LAY DOWN – always a treat. And I read a review that said a couple got engaged during this song (that night) – that’s pretty sweet. HUNGER was great. One of my favorites from the new album – great live. Then we have the highlight of the night – NANCIES  WAREHOUSE. Both songs had tons of energy and were played with perfection. After 17 shows, this was the first time I heard them back to back, and it was awesome. Loved everything about nancies – Boyd hopping around the stage during the outro – it was hysterical when he jammed with Roi. And warehouse, wow – what a crazy salsa outro. Loved every minute of it. LINUS AND LUCY jam was sweet to hear, always loved listening to it from the 1998 and 2000 tours. STEADY AS WE GO. Next. TOO MUCH was pleasing. SMOOTH RIDER. Bathroom. JIMI THING. I was actually hoping he wouldn’t scat for 5 minutes at the end, and luckily he didn’t. They played a great jimi with a really cool outro with Butch doing some freaky stuff on the keys and vocals. Then to close the set. STAY – couldn’t be happier. After its absence throughout the summer, it was great to hear Stay again. Such a happy song. Encore break. CHRISTMAS SONG – another treat, always. ODH. This is the encore? Next. WWYS. Cool closer, was kinda hoping for Billies or maybe Ants would’ve been nicely placed there. Never heard wwys, so it was nice to spice things up. Overall cool show, very happy fans, and looking forward to the next tour.
WOW! What a show!! Pig was a great opener and BOWA has always been a favorite, great to hear it live finally. Two Step was amazing, the crowd was psyched tonight!! Was really impressed with HFTGL.........Nancies into Warehouse was just awesome–Boyd was all over the stage and Rashawn Ross’s salsa outro to Warehouse was cool!! Never thought I’d be lucky enough to hear Linus and Lucy but there it was. Smooth Rider with Eric Krasno was a gem and exceeded my expectations. Jimi Thing blew me away and Stay was great as usual. Christmas Song was a treat, but to follow it up with ODH?? I was pissed until WWYS barely salvaged the encore. Don’t get me wrong, a 3 song encore is great, but where was Ants or Billies or Watchtower? Was hoping to hear Louisiana Bayou, my favorite song from the new album. Still an incredibly awesome concert, the boys were feeling in tonight, deep setlist had classics mixed in with the new stuff, and the crowd never lacked energy. Can’t wait for the summer tour!!!
My first ever concert and dmb show. I was also surprised that the security and JLA was very standoff and didnt hassel anybody unless is they were causing problems. Pig was very very good to kick it off, one of my favorites, very memorable time. I didnt even leave my seat to go to bathroom, so the break before the encore was a killer. Dave coming out to talk to a 1/4 filled JLA and talking to the crowd was great, he said he was feeling a little under the weather, but not to worry its none of that bird flu and said I just have an itchy nose. Awesome show!!