Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Donít Drink the Water
Hunger for the Great Light
Grey Street
One Sweet World
Louisiana Bayou
Donít Burn The Pig
Everybody Wake Up
Stand Up (For It)
Jimi Thing *
Ants Marching
Christmas Son
Tripping Billies

* Mike Doughty

Patrick P.

Donít Drink the Water always a strong choice to start a set- the eerie and ominous introduction gives fans a hint of what is coming. As always Daveís vocals fuel the emotion in the song.


Solid song spread across the board- Stand Up definitely a featured album but the set covered all albums evenly (including everyday). Overall the set was mellow- would of loved to see more energetic songs. Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives) makes a tour debut at tonight; another highlight was Mike Doughertyís appearance on Jimi Thing. He really added another dimension to the song with his contributions (ďScream!Ē). Everyday (#36) always a crowd pleaser- and itís always nice to see Dave sing with us as well.


Ants Marching was the perfect song to pump up the crowd. A strong choice for the closer.


Christmas Song has been making the rounds this tour and itís great to see it appear for the crowd here in Manchester. Nothing like a little Christmas Song for the Holidays. Tripping Billies brought down the house as the last piece, perfect choice.
Matt Z.
Faith restored. Last summer's concerts at Tweeter in Mansfield, Ma. were great, but nothing close to last night's show at the Verizon. A solid setlist with some INCREDIBLE songs. This was my tenth show, and by far the best I have seen. Opeing with DTW is always a great choice. Dave's vocals were mezmorizing, and right away I could tell it would be a great show. Granny, PIG, and Grey Street were all awesome, and Bartender is always special. The surprise of the evening for me came with the new stuff. I like Stand Up, but I was unsure of how its songs would hold up in concert, as I was somewhat unimpressed last summer. Again, faith restored. Dreamgirl was soo chill and Bayou blew the roof of Verizon. Amazing song, not to mention that Boyd was enourmously energetic all night. Finally, great close to the set and awesome encore. Best version of Jimi Thing i have ever heard!!! I'm afraid Thursday in Boston may have a tough time topping last night, but I'll wouldn't miss it! Last Stop!!!
Joe P.
Absolutely one of the best DMB concerts i've been to! every member of the band had more energy than i have EVER seen, especially Boyd during Bayou!!! EXCELENT choice with DDTW to open the show. dont forget about crash, bartender, one sweet world, and granny!! and i cant think of 2 better songs to close the show, (everyday, ants marching)...moving right onto the encore with xmas song and TRIPPING BILLIES!!! AWESOME AWESOME SHOW!!!
AMAZING-- Out of all of the dmb shows I have been to this was DEFINETELY the best!!!!!! I could tell right away that the band was ready to have a great show.... The setlist of songs was INCREDIBLE.. there was a great balance between old and new stuff... I couldn't believe they played Crash, Granny, Everyday, Ants Marching AND Tripping Billies in one show.... phenomenal. Everyone was full of energy and the crowd went INSANE as boyd rocked out all night long... he was great. Mike Doughty was good to mix it up but the highlight would definetely have to be the setlist and the energy that was put into this show!!! :)
Janice F.
See, and me and my husband both though it was the *worst* of his shows we've attended. We felt there was too much emphasis on the more recent work, and not enough on the old stuff that made DMB what it is. We were really really disappointed, both leaving the show shaking our heads. It was bad.