Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
When the World Ends
Hunger for the Great Light
Seek Up
Grey Street
Minarets -->
Old Dirt Hill *
Louisiana Bayou *
What Would You Say?
Lover Lay Down
Stand Up +*
Two Step *+
Christmas Song

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Eric Krasno on guitar
This was the first time that Minarets had been played since Aug.07.2003, at The Gorge. It was played nine times that year, once in 2002, three times in 2001, and twice in 2000, having been pulled out of regular rotation after the 1997 tour.

I went to this show with my daughter(it was her first Dave concert)because my regular concert going buddy(my son)had a performance of his own that night. Was I the only one who noticed the sea of cell phone lights throughout the building when the guys started playing Minarets? It was one of the most memorable concert moments ever! I can't believe how many people opened their phones to let their friends know that Dave and co.were playing a tune that had not been played since August of 03.The sad part for me was that we did not get to thank them for it because they went right into Dreamgirl. If you listen to the show you can hear the shock from the crowd at the beginning and then everyone just sat back and enjoyed. Yes, my 20 year old actually had tears in his eyes when he heard that he had missed it. How 'bout a replay at Post-Gazette this year guys? Also "Happy Holidays" to all of us. What a gift to hear The Christmas Song in December. Final note: My daughter is now a Warehouse member,a huge fan, and will be coming back for more this year. AWESOME!
Jill &.
This show was SICK-NASTY. To start off the night, R-Diddy called PNP--> Rapunzel. Highlight though,: Minarets, first time in 2 and 1/2 years, absolutely unbelievable... Hunger for the Great Light was a ridiculous version. All of his new songs were so much better at this tour than during the summer. Mixed it up a lot, really happy to hear Seek Up, and Warehouse (with stop time intro) and Two Step were amazing as usual. Really really really really glad Stand Up wasn't the last song of the set, Two Step brought it back like WHOA. Bayou was awesome live, one of those songs we truly didn't go nuts for until we heard it tonight.

Christmas Song was great... but wondering how they have played it as part of the encore for like 5 shows in a row. But still good. We never thought we would hear Christmas Song, ever. Everyday predictable, but still an awesome closer. Overall, an awesome show.
Overall grade...B...It started off great with PNP and Rapunzel then Crash, When the World Ends, and Hunger were awesome! But Seek Up, no matter how nice it sounds, NEEDS to be shortened. Minarets was another dissapointment for me but it was awesome to see Warehouse and the new "Latino" jam at the end is a great addition to its live performance. Two Step was a great way to go off with a phenomenal 20 minute jam that never gets old. Christmas Song was expected but I was looking for a more exciting song than Everyday to close out for the outrageous Penn State crowd of students. Everyday is a great song but I was looking for something more like Billies or Too Much to send the wild "WE ARE! PENN STATE!" arena to go home to. I am very excited about MSG on Saturday the 10th and I am expecting an outstanding performance from the guys.
Overall, not a good show. Mediocre is an overstatement. I don't know if it was the lack of enthuasiam in the crowd or the venue (an nowhere near filled indoor arena), but as an avid fan, I was not impressed. I had tenth row seats, and they were very good, the best I ever had for a DMB show. I was expecting a good show when they opened with Pantala Naga Pampa into Rapunzel, but the performance seemed half assed. Crash was terrible, and Seek Up was way, way too dragged out. More than half the audience took a seat waiting for it to end. Grey Street lacked excitement, and Dreamgirl was lacking that DMB something. Warehouse was the highpoint of the night with probably the best version that I ever saw live, and Old Dirt Hill and Louisiana Bayou sounded great with Rashawn Ross joining in on trumpet. The set ended with a very weak Two Step. It was an experience seeing Christmas Song being played live during the encore, but the Everyday encore summed up the whole concert, an utter disappointment. However, it was a good setlist. I could definately sence the croud didn't like the concert either.
A few show highlights:

Butch played a few bars from Charlie Brown's Christmas Time is Here at the end of either Dream Girl or Seek Up, I can't remember which.

Dave twice directed the "We are Penn State" chant, saying thank you at the end of it both times.

All in all it was a good show. Stellar.
This concert was amazing. The set list was the best I've seen in awhile. This crowd got to hear Minarets for the first time in over 2 years. The crowd was real loud and everyone seemed to know the lyrics to his songs, adding a good harmonic sound. Dave played Warehouse incredibly. Old Dirt Hill was played the best I've ever heard it. Dave kept repeating "Bring That Beat Back To Me" untill it was him singing without any instrument accompanyment. He seemed to be able to beat box the beat of the song, while still saying "Bring That Beat Back To Me". Dave cleavery ended the regular show with a 12 minute version of Two Step, which the crowd was chanting all night. Lover Lay Down and Christmas Song sounded so good also. Dave seemed to feed off the crazy crowd that is known for there wild cheering (Penn State football games). Due to the crowd, Dave played better and better untill the very end of the concert.
Ryan L.
I consider myself to be one of the luckiest dave fans after seeing him at the BJC. It was my ninth show and has to be up near the top. A totally unique set but with spectacular energy and atmosphere in a small setting. It began with rapunzel and seeing the faces of the bandmembers showed me it was gonna be a good night. Butch could barely stay sitting as they completely rocked rapunzel to perfection. I have seen too much crash to get excited but the crowd was great the whole way through plus the extra piano just makes the song so nice. Then a solid performance of when the world ends, crowd singing along, then for the fouth sex song in a row HFTGL which was as powerful as I’ve heard it. We can catch our breath with an amazing seek up that ended even more beautifully than it started, great song. Grey street brought the crowd back into it, solid, but honestly the crowd stood for almost the whole concert. Then came the greatest moment in the past 8 years, the intro to minarets, I almost didn’t wanna call it out loud to my g/f and friend for fear I would screw myself with some nasty tease. But sure enough it was, and let me tell you, it was the greatest minarets I’ve ever heard. The ending was so unbelievably powerful and played magnificiently after 2 and a half years, it was a shame that there were a lot of people that didn’t know what this meant to a true dave fan. They really enjoyed it anyway though. Dream girl was good but I was too high on minarets to be excited, crowd liked singing along. Warehouse was a great rendition with the “fiesta” style outro with the stops and starts, crowded loved it. Old Dirt Hill started off slow but then dave and carter really got into it and so did the crowd, band seemed to enjoy themselves. Bayou is sweet, always is, boyd went nuts and stormed around the stage jamming so hard, great. WWYS what else is there to say? Lover Lay Down was sexy and that’s the second time I heard it this year, Im content with that. Stand Up was funky fresh and new with krasno and ross playing along. Krasno made the song so unique. Two step was by far the next best thing to minarets, I hadn’t expected them to beat their encore performance of it at tweeter this summer but they definantly pulled it off. Krasno’s guitar solo was magnificent and carter even had a Halloween-esque sounding drum solo in the middle of the song! The end of two step was so new and had so much growing excitement culminated by a bang from carter at the end. Great way to end a magnificent show. While we waited for the encore, we chanted “dave”, and of course “WE ARE…..PENN STATE!!!” well when dave came back out on stage, he said “what did ya say?” and went on to act like he was conducting an orchestra while we repeated the penn state chant. He played a beautiful Christmas song (had been my biggest hope but then minarets stole the show). After that song he led us in one more penn state chant and then thanked us (we screamed your welcome). Then he sent us all home with excitement and good spirits in our stomaches with Everyday, was hoping for more power but all was well and good. Great show and cant wait to see him again in philly.
This was my 7th show and it was great. Rapunzel was a great opener, especially since I haven't listened to this song in a while. Seek Up is always amazing, I was so glad they played this. I couldn't believe it when I heard them start to play Minarets, completely unexpected. Warehouse was powerful, another song I really enjoy. Bayou was definately one of, if not the biggest, highlights of the night. Boyd was going absolutely nuts at the end, it was unbelievable. Two Step was good, another song I haven't listened to in a while so it was good to hear it again. I'm glad they played Christmas Song because it's one of my favorites and I never heard them play it live. I was a little disappointed with Everday, I like the song, but I was hoping for a more high energy song to end it because during the break between the end of the show and the encore, the fans we chanting, "we are, penn state." When Dave came out, he made everyone start chanting it again, it was pretty funny. After that, I expected a more powerful song to end it because he was really getting the crowd going. All in all, a great show. Would have been better if there were less SU songs but whatever.
Terrance P.
A wonderful treat for the holidays. I believe the furnace at the venue was set to "hell" thus alowing us all to thaw and receive a brilliant performance from the boys. The crowd was in a frenzy when they entered the stage and the energy was felt throughout the show by the band. Especially sec 123 and 124, where the incessant "we are" chanting commenced and extremely loud cheering was sustained during the entire show. This was the first time being that close to the band, being seated in the 7th row, 10 yds away, dead center. My perception of the show, from that vantage point, may differ from those that remained seated in the upper deck for most of the performance. The band was upbeat and very talkative. Dave seemed to be in a great mood, and paid quite a bit of attention to the signs that adorned the first five rows-including one from Brasil that he blew kisses to at the end of the show. Did anyone read Stefan's lips during his holiday wishes for us as he exited the stage? Rashawn and Eric were a great addition to the show as well. Carter is flawless! Stefan and Butch don't get the recognition they deserve. And, Boyd was on fire-yet again! The List: Right from the get-go, PNP-Rapunzel was explosive. Seek Up was great-and always a treat live. I alomst thought we'd get that elusive third verse back on Grey Street-yeah right! Minarets- conjured up from hybernation- was magical. The intro was great too. It was nice to only have had five songs from Stand Up to make our ears bleed. Except for Old Dirt Repetetive Crap(butch added quite nicely to the harmonies), the rest were very well done. Bayou and Stand Up are ablaze with R. Randolph, but these songs faired well on this evening as well. A far cry from the 7, 8, and 9, songs we had to endure throughout the summer tour. Lover Lay Down was a great change of pace before a stellar main set closing. Two Step-in its 21 minutes of glory- featured an 8-minute-between-verse-Eric-impromtu that was wonderful. That song rocks no matter what! The encore was okay, but Everyday songs leave more to desire at the end of a show. Everyday did have its moments with the great sing alongs, but I wanted just a little more. A great show. A great crowd(from my positioning); although during 'vote for change' that place was sold out! Can't wait to see what show #17(for me)in Philly holds in store on Tues. Thanks DMB!
Tim M.
Last night's PSU show was simply awesome. I must begin, though, by telling how I even got tickets...and then comes the trip up from review to follow :) My friend Courtney IMed me on Monday evening telling me her friend bailed on her because of concern about the weather. My friend Courtney had front row tickets. WHO BAILS ON FRONT ROW!?!?! I'll tell you who...idiots! Anyway, I gladly took her up on the offer. I'd never sat closer than 7th row - so I wasn't sure I could even handle the excitement. Oh, but I did.

The drive up was fun! We left College Park, MD at about 3:30 pm, and about 4 hours and one injured deer later (more to come on that...) we arrived at the BJC. So, back to the deer. I must preface this by saying that I am officially cursed when it comes to DMB roadtrips when not driving my own car. When I drive my own car, things are fine. When someone else is behind the wheel, or whether I'm driving someone else's car, something ALWAYS a speeding ticket in 2002, falling asleep at the wheel and nearly killing myself and my friend Todd on the way to Alpine in 2004, crappy buses, 48 hours of no sleep and in general, a logistical nightmare at the Roseland show in 2005...and last night, we hit a deer. Two deer hopped over the jersey barrier into our lane...the first one made it across...the second one, well, not so much. We hit its back legs and we could see the deer hobble on the side of the road...then miraculously it got up and jumped back the direction it came from. Somewhere in PA there's a gimp deer...sorry dude. Next time wait till there's no traffic.

NOW - THE SHOW!!! Holy crap...what a night. Hearing the new songs for the first time since Roseland was such a great experience. The venue was about 2/3 capacity, which really surprised me, especially cause we were on a college campus. Anyway...all the songs seemed a little slower last night, but they all had energy and lots of funk. The band jammed long and hard to Rapunzel, Warehouse, Seek Up, Grey Street, Bayou and Two Step. I'd have liked to hear more of Leroi last night. Not sure why, but the band totally cut him out of the end of Seek Up and let Butch do the entire solo...which was cool, but Roi would have added a little more. It was definitely a Carter night - he tore up Two Step! The guys from Soulive sat in a few tunes and sounded fabulous! Krasno is a sick guitarist. I'd never heard Minarets live until last night - what a treat! The band really fed off the crowd's energy, especially near the end of the show. I thought the encore was a little weak, but what can ya do. Christmas song was expected, and Everyday was great, though I could have done with something a little more upbeat. Overall, it ranks as one of the top three of the 17 shows I've attended. The atmosphere was great, the weather cooperated nicely (though the wildlife did not), and the band was really tight. For three hours I forgot about everything...I was totally lost in the music, dancing and singing, jumping and grooving to the greatest band ever. I don't think I'll be able to top last night. It was very special.

Thanks to my friend Courtney for driving...and of course for the ticket!! And, congrats to her for catching a stick from Carter (yeah, as a drummer I'm jealous...), but it's really cool she got one. TERRIFIC show last night - the guys sounded better than ever and they helped me remember exactly how much I love this band. Thanks, DMB, for making last night one of the best nights ever.
One of the best shows I have seen to date. Pantala Naga Pampa /Rapunzel was a fantastic opener and was perfect to get the crowd going. I couldn’t believe they played Minarets! I finally got to hear it live! How cool to be one of the ones to hear it since 2003! Louisiana Bayou just rocked! Boyd was on fire! (My sister Laura’s words). I think I may have pulled some muscles dancing so hard to Warehouse which I love more each time I hear it. I am not a fan of arenas but the Bryce Jordan is a fine venue. The band seemed to have a certain energy and really put on a great show. The opening band Soulive were very enjoyable. It was interesting to see a few band members performing with the band. It added a little extra - especially with Two Step. Everyday was a mighty fine closer! Also, I was so impressed at the length of the show. What a treat for us!
The show last night as always rocked..the band never lets you down. They opened strong and the closing was just as good. i was so excited to hear minarets again for the first time since 99. Their new stuff sounded great and boyd played the hell out of bayou..i dont think i have ever seen him freak out the way he did. they played crash again which i could have not heard. overall the show was very good and as always butch taylor looked amazing
A few things worth noting:

Carter's work at the end of Seek Up and Two Step was incredible. Seek Up was a typical mellow jam, though Butch took it in places I don't think I'd ever heard. Carter made it a really special version.

After the skat intro, Dave sang the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" as the first verse to Minarets. "Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream. Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void." After that, same old, good old Minarets.

Two Step was not nearly as exciting as it could have been given the people on stage. I've probably seen them play that song 15 times and this one was just so-so until Carter came in at the end.

One of the better versions of Everyday. Nothing over the top, just real, real solid.
Well this was probably my 12th to 15th Dave show. I was planning on sitting this one out but ended up buying tickets the day before. Seeing the how good the set was in Toronto I was expecting an off night and man did Dave and the boyz prove me wrong. Only flaws of the evening were Crash and Lover Lay Down which are over played and the only song half the girls in the audience know. Rapunzel was nice to hear but the easy highlights of the set were Seek Up, which was about 15 minutes long and had a gerat jam from Boyd going to jam with the rest of the band. My personal favorites were Two Step, a song I have heard about 5 times like and this one was right up there with the one I heard at the Vet about 8 years ago, Man did Boyd and Carter have some energy tonight. The guys from Soulive added some great jams and soul to Bayou and Two Step. Grey Street is always a pleasure to hear and the new songs like Bayou and Hunger are getting better everytime the band plays them. Did I mention they played a great version of Minarets which I have never heard live. Encore was weak and was looking forward to Ants or Watchtower, but things could get worse than Everyday and Christmas song. Overall great set, tremendous energy from the Boyz tonight. Thanks for another great show Dave.
Wow, what a show. My 13th dmb show and this one definitly ranks at the top. First off, in my opinion the Bryce Jordan Center was a great place to see a concert, my seats were great and the sound was incredible. Now onto the show. PNP->Rapunzel which is a great opener, really got the crowd goin. Crash was good as usual, WTWE was alright. Then came the best version of Hunger I have heard, an awesome Seek Up and Grey Street. Next, the highlight of the show, the first Minarets since 03. Amazing song, too bad the crowd didn't realize how big that was. They went straight into Dream girl and then played Warehouse which was incredible. Old Dirt Hill was good, then came the most amazing version of Louisiana Bayou. I have never seen the band have as much energy as they did on this song. Boyd danced and ran all over the stage for what seemed like ten minutes. WWYS and LLD were great as always. Stand up with Rasawhn Ross and Eric Krasno was good then a great closer with Two Step which sounded better than I have ever heard it. Dave, Stefan, Carter and Butch came out for the encore and Dave got the crowd to continue the Penn State cheer they had going, then they played Christmas Song which is such a great song and great in the encore. Then came everyday wich is a good song but not as the encore closer, especially when the crowd did not get into the 36 chant at all. However, besides the crowd not being into some of the songs, it was an incredible show, that had an amazing amount of energy from the band. To top the evening off, I got to meet Rashawn Ross back at the hotel and got to chat with him about the band for a while. Overall a great night, can't wait for MSG.
Show was pretty good. Being my 13th overall DMB concert I would have to rank it up there in the top 5. #1 reason- Minarets: I cannot still believe they played that song and still have not stopped playing the song in my car and at home. It sounded awesome. #2 reason- Lover Lay Down. First time in 13 shows I heard that song. Pretty unbelievable.

The rest of the setlist wasn't bad. First time I heard PNP into Rapunzel to start off so that was pretty cool. I already heard the new songs live so they pretty much sounded the same. Everyday kinda disappointed...who care's if you end with Ants Marching every concert this tour?? I've only heard it as a closer in 2 of 13 shows and can't wait until I hear it again. It will still always be the best live song to hear at a concert.

1 complaint though: The jams at the end and during of Seek Up and Two Step are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It sounds great but then just gets boring and Two Step too a TON of energy out of the crowd. This is not a first time I felt this way either. Definitely happened during other concerts too. These jams neeeeed to be shortened! (the jam at the end of Bayou sounds awesome really adds to the song.)

Extra Note: The only reason this concert was not sold out is because the concert was held the last week of classes before exams. I'm a Penn State student but also devoted to Dave. However, this timing might deter other students. This was the first time in 7 concerts that they didn't sell out the BJC.....Just need to hold the concert at a different time of the year...Best time would be early spring before the last few weeks of the semester so people can tailgate outside and not miss some school work.

Bottom line is DMB is still great to listen too and I will always attend their concerts
Tom K.
Overall it was a very decent show, well worth the three hour car ride. The debut Minarets alone made the night, but the 22 minute Seek Up was borderline incredible. Two Step with Krasno evolved more than any version I've heard, and made for a perfect set closer. Other than that, strong versions of Pantala into Rapunzel, Grey Street, Dreamgirl, and Lover Lay Down were all noteworthy. It was nice hearing Butch go into a Christmas Time Is Here interpolation at the end of Dreamgril. Warehouse alone also gained a lot of respect. That salsa jam they're doing is a nice touch to an old classic.

Set aside the weak version of Everyday at the end of the show and this concert is top two on my list. Well worth a second listen.

.. and dave directing We Are.. Penn State.. just made the night. excellent show.