Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Recently *
Donít Burn The Pig
Crash (Into Me)
Hunger for the Great Light *
Where Are You Going?
American Baby Intro *
All Along the Watchtower +
Louisiana Bayou *
Stand Up (For It) *
Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
Too Much *
Stay *
Christmas Song
Two Step

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Eric Krasno on guitar

Great show tonight -- the crowd was very enthusiastic and the band had great energy throughout the whole night. Opening with Recently was a definite highlight. I thought Pig and the AB intro were a big treat for the real fans, and no matter how many times I see Watchtower, the boys always find a way to out do themselves -- tonight was no different. Carter was extremely impressive on Two Step as usual and Boyd brought the house down with Lousiana Bayou. The end of the show got pretty heavily weighted with Stand Up material, but it was still a quality performance. Would have loved to hear some Grey Street or Seek Up, but alas... I'll have to wait for another show!
Recently- somewhat of a suprise start, but solid and tight none the less.

Granny - It was at this point the 14 and 15 year olds in front of me passed there burning bud, to there 10-12 year old bro or friend. One hit wasnt enough for the experienced todd, it was a site to behold. onto the song, great energy, really got the crowd going. Everyday(#36)- Always good to hear crowd getting involved, nice jam. Dream Girl-Great song and extended jam, Really 3 great songs back to back to back. Don't Burn the Pig- Now a staple on the setlist, solid song. BTCS great album, but songs take off live. Crash- loud applause and dixie chicken. Hunger for the great light- short, short short. but that was fine Where Are you going- If that is a literal question, I went to the bathroom, but I did hurry to catch the end. American Baby Intro- Intense! Another perfect lead into Watchtower- SWEETTTT!!! Great guitar from Eric Krasno, defenitly raised the bar. Louisiana Bayou- Tight and how do you say it, syncopation, watching dave, boyd and stefan all huddled around carter was pretty impressive. Best of new songs live. Stand Up- Ironic how everyone sat down, but hopefully that allowed them to concentrate on the sick trumpet solo from rashawn ross. listen for it, incredible! Old Dirt Hill- Pretty good, bringing the crowd back a notch or two. Still nice, knew it was coming. Too Much- Nice new touch from Rashawn Ross and Leroi, solid. Stay- Incredible, BEST VERSION OF STAY EVER! I hate to do that, but it is necessary, take a listen! Encore seemed predictable, christmas song and the rotation said Ants, but with the crowd chanting "two step, two step" dave clearly took a minute to converse with the boys and delivered a ridiculous version. Great way to end the night.
WOW!!! DMB blew the roof off the garden tonite. Great opener Recently and a couple of old favorites like watchtower and stay...too much!! The newer stuff from Stand Up has taken new forms and sounds amazing. The lighting always seems to blow me away though, fenton williams does an incredible job as always.
Overall I had a great time at the show. My section was pretty high energy, minus a few old people in front of me who were sitting most of the show and then just left (and this was on the floor).

Recently - great great great. I was predicting the typical NY area "Don't Drink the Water" opener so I was really happy to hear Recently. And the song rocks. Then Granny? AWESOME! The first time I heard this live was at MSG in 2002 and the energy here was tremendous. Loved it! Everyday/#36 - not my favorite studio song but I just love it at concerts... everyone was so into it... just love getting to see Carter smiling, etc. Dreamgirl - I'm liking this more and more when I hear it live... the opener this time seemed different than Randall's but great nonetheless. Nice way to slow things down slightly. Pig - I've been dying to hear this since MSG 2002 and it was frickin' awesome. Wow. Crash - typical but he knows the crowd gets into it and the energy was awesome, so I can't complain. Hunger for the Great Light - the lights flashing nearly blinded me but I was into it... surprised by how few people seem to know this song. Where Are You Going - Typical bathroom break song but I stuck it out... he has so many better slow songs so I wish he'd just play a different one, but whatever. American Baby Intro - WOW. I love how he just made it its own song... at first it was really quiet but... that was just killer. Watchtower - great as always... it seemed shorter this time, maybe I'm just used to hearing crazy long solos with it. Louisiana Bayou - I really love this song live (one of my faves off of Stand Up) and it was even great even without Robert Randolph... great energy again. Stand Up - Meh, it was fine but not outstanding. Old Dirt Hill - I really liked the mellow energy here and thought it was good... I like this song too even though it didn't seem like a fan favorite by any means. Too Much - Great energy. Stay - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I remember when I used to be crossing my fingers that they'd play this song and now they just keep cranking it out. But it gets better every time.

Encore - Christmas Song - I sort of expected it but never heard it before and it was great. Okay, here's my ONE complaint of the evening - in 2001 was that awesome "Two Step" performance with the thunderstorm... that was OVER 4 YEARS AGO. I am so sick of going to shows in the NY area and everyone's shouting for Two Step. Yes, I like the song but, c'mon, DMB has such a frickin amazing repertoire that we don't need to have the same encore all the time. I felt like if they didn't play Two Step they'd get booed, and yes, it was good but I felt like the band felt restricted in a way. Maybe I just need to start going to concerts elsewhere.

Final word: Relatively standard but nonetheless great setlist (love how SU is phasing out Everyday). Wished he played Minarets b/c I don't have tix for tonight (yet) and have been DYING to hear it. Great energy, but people have to get over Two Step.
Saw Dave last night at the Garden. I'm always impressed by how into Dave is even after 14 years of touring. Last night had a real "love" theme. The songs were universally happy - no place for Halloween or Rhyme/Reason. The show was a pretty average Dave show except for one thing. They played an absolutly amazing Lousiana Bayou. Amazing. It was the band at its best - just standing around facing each other and jamming. Boyd was unreal and the jam kept going. Just amazing!! I can't describe it. Other than that pretty average but its Dave so its always worth it.
The show was awesome at Madison Square Garden! The opening band was great. The fans were totally impressed on how well they were. Next, when the Dave Matthews Band came out and they played RECENTLY which really suprised the fans. The band was so enthusiastic throughout the night! Suprisingly they played ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER in the middle of the show, featuring Erico Krasno on the guitar. As the show went on the croud gave more and more energy. During the encore Dave first played CHRISTMAS SONG and then after the croud went wild chanting "TWO STEP,TWO STEP," so then Dave went his way to chat with the band and changed ANTS MARCHING to TWO STEP. Great way to end the show!!!
Old B.
man, the band rocked tha garden. so much love. opening with recently and granny was a great change up. highlights were hunger, a/b intro and watchtower. ohmygod. best version i've seen. eric krasno really captured jimi's essence.

the guys all looked so happy the whole time and the crowd was awesome.
great show tonight...I came with my girlfriend...glad to hear recently...thought the show was good overall...was hoping to hear two step at the end...the crowd started chanting it and Boyd started it it rocked...loved hearin watchtower...crowd went seemed like the crowd was singing everyday for a couple of minutes it was great...Pig was awesome was hoping to hear this one..Old dirt hill was good...the crowd got into should definitely get a copy of this show...I did...
Great set and great show.. got to see pig for the first time, so that was amazing. Other highlights were the Recently opener, Watchtower, Stay, Christmas Song, and a seemingly standard Two Step. I was hoping for Minarets and 41, but what can ya do? It was okay, but then i watched the live setlist for the next night at MSG and i shit my pants. Of course, they play Minarets AND 41. Not to mention Halloween. Ouch. Well.. maybe next year I'll choose the 2nd night as opposed to the first.
Great show! I feel like it was a fabulous theme night of music... this theme was love!!!! Very loving setlist... N1 was a great contrast to N2 now that I've seen both. Positive energy the whole night. It was very magical... American Baby INtro was spine tingling...It's just a spectacular song which doesn't need that many lyrics the tone and music say it all. Starting with recently into Granny and then Everyday (then throwing in Pig)was unbelievable to me cause I really love all those songs. Great night that paired very well to Night2. I think DMB really does think about 2-night stands like one huge show with an intermission in between. Great Time!
Grant C.
Having travelled 3000 miles from Scotland to witness our first ever DMB show, needless to say expectations were high that Dave and the boys could put in a performance to match the classic concerts such as Central Park and Red Rocks, these expectations were greatly exceeded!!! We could barely make out the opening song of the night due to the ecstatic cheers of the MSG crowd, upon hearing it was Recently we realised why. The crowd reaction was certainly justified. Any thought that the band could shift down a gear were immediately dispelled when Dave followed up by striking the unmistakeable opening chords of Granny. A personal favourite of the Scottish boys in attendance. The classics continued with a stunning performance of Everyday, with a Sold Out MSG providing the backing vocals. Simply unbelievable. Even the new songs were being received well by the hyped up crowd, with a sensational rendition of the AB intro being the pick of the bunch, with Dave and the lads building up to a climax that rocked the world renowned arena to its very foundations and sent shivers down the spine of every man, woman and child in attendance. Next up the crowd was surprised to see the appearance of a guest guitarist so early in the set. The shock continued when Stefan began strumming the deep undertones of the Watchtower Intro. No reason to get excited???? Indeed! The crowd went ballistic when Dave started the epic Bob Dylan classic. Many artists have attempted to cover this song over the years, but we're willing to bet that few versions matched the intensity of the version that Dave performed in the Garden this night. Song after song continued to send the crowd into raptures, Crash, Too Much, Stay, Stand Up, too many classics to mention! A great version of Stay brought the main set to a close, with Butch Taylor and Carter standing in for the "lovely ladies" on backing vocals. The feverish crowd didnít know what to expect from the encores, but what other song could Dave have chosen on this snowy December night in New York than Christmas Song? The crowd then let the band know what song they wanted to top off this magical night, with chants of "Two Step, Two Step" reverberating around the Garden. Never being one to disappoint, the DMB delivered with a mind blowing performance, with each of the lads adding their own touch of magic, jamming in the very heart of the song. This was a night not to be forgotten, and the sadness that the show was over was tempered by the knowledge that we would be there again the next night to do it all again!!!! If ever there was a night to see DMB for the first time, we're sure this was the one!
Abby G.
This was the best night of my life! My boyfriand flew us to NY for the weekend (total suprise) which of course everyone knew about but me, and he proposed to me as Dreamgirl was coming on. We have been friends for 4 years now, but our romance began around the same time that Stand Up was released and Dreamgirl quickly became his nickname for me and a favorite Dave song for both of us. I have seen Dave in some cool places but MSG was the best show I have ever seen, lets just say that when we arrived in NY we had tickets for the first night of the show and chose to find tickets (which was an adventure in itself) for the second night which ROCKED even harder. I will never forget that night or weekend for that matter. The NY crowd was amazing, despite the few teenie boppers, which is hard to avoid these days, I would recommend that all true Dave fans see him perform at Madison Square Garden at some point in their lives, I know I will be back again. The band's passion was unreal and of course that night bagan a new chapter in my life which I am so proud to say i could (in a way) share with Dave and the band as well as all the other fans.