Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Mike Doughty
Recently *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Louisana Bayou *
What Would You Say?
Seek Up
Grey Street
Minarets *
Crash Into Me
American Baby Intro *
Everybody Wake Up *
Dancing Nancies *
Old Dirt Hill
Stand Up (For It) *
Stay (Wasting Time) *
Christmas Song
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rapunzel *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet

James D.
Show #41 for me. I caught carters drumstick in a vicious tug of war battle with another guy-Unforgettable.!

As for the show, Wow, it was really really good. I was not expecting much, since i was at msg night 2, but they certainly treated philly well. old school recently opener, Seek Up, Minarets, AB Intro, Nancies, Christmas song. Awesome show!

Thanks dmb, it was an amazing year. show #41, back to the first venue i ever saw dmb at in 1998, Thanks for the stick carter. See you next year..
Always good to have Dave in philly for the holidays. 21st DMB show for me, a good good time but left a little to be desired. The show started off great song wise, sound was a little off when Recently kicked it off though. Rashawn Ross sat in with the band practically the whole show, could be a sign of things to come. Highlights definitly Seeks Up and Nancies. Right after Nancies the crowd was begging for Warehouse but the engergy for the night was lost there. 2 Stand Up songs and a unwanted Stay as a closer rounded out the regular set. The Encore had great promise, Christmas Song was chill to the core. PNP>>into Rapunzel was good but at 10:47 they left the crowd wanting Two Step or Ants but it was over. Overall good show but I saw it twice at the Tweeter Center in July already. Funny note: I was leaving walking towards the back of the floor and i saw Fenton the lighting guy for the band and said whats the deal with Stay and Rapunzel as both closers and he just looked at me disapointed too...LOL...
Well tonight was my 21st show and it was good time. The show got over sooner than Im use to and Iwasnt to please with Rapunzel as a closer. They should have played Ants or Watchtower. I left wanting to here more. The setlist was very diverse tonight which by all means was not a bad thing. There were alot of old songs that die hard DMB fans(like me) could appreciate even though most of crowd just wasnt feeling the songs. Overall i was happy but wish there were one or two more songs they could of played before calling it a night. Just wanted to add that Dave was orange looking pants and Boyd was wearing purple pants. Never seen them dress like that before and kind of wondering if something was behind that. I cant wait to see them again this summer.
Thanks Warehouse for the best tickets I have had so far! :) We were a little nervous when they said "side view" but we were literally 30 feet from where the guys played and even got a little point and wave from Carter at the end of the night! The show was good, was glad to hear Crash, Stay, Minarets... etc., not a fan of Old Dirt Hill and would have enjoyed Warehouse! Christmas Song would have been great but it seemed hard to hear. I felt the crowd was really into it, and Boyd and Dave dancing most of the night was awesome! I must say it was a little bittersweet since this is it until the summer! I guess we'll all have to enjoy our Red Rocks collection until then! Thanks, Dave and family for another great year of shows! We can't wait until next year!
A Dave show is always a treat, the bands performance is very rarely anything less then 100% and the energy is always at its highest level in the crowd, yet something did not seem to be there in Philly. I have to admit I was a bit concerned when I read how amazing Dave was at MSG- did he have anything left for his devoted fans in the city of brotherly love? Well the answer is sort of two fold. Yes, Dave (and of course Carter, Boyd and the rest of the Gang) were all feeling it, it was clear to me anyway that they played each song to their best of their ability. The real problem was the songs they were playing. Any Dave fan will tell you a live show that features songs like Minarets and The Christmas song was something really special, yet somehow you went home wanting more. The crowds energy was practically begging for the classic favorites, which without them created a very deflated energy level. Dave and Boyd who at first appeared as though they could have played for hours certainly had the energy to rip into an always-memorable rendition of Watchtower or Dont Drink The Water. All in all it was another show for the memory bank and another incredible performance from everyone. I would give the level of performance a def A+ but would leave sound quality in Philly at a B at best and Song Selection at a B-. Needless to say I look forward to the next time Dave graces the stage in Philly.
Terrance P.
Holy cow, was it COLD! The very enthusiastic crowd, with its deafening volume, needed a phenomenal show to get us toasty. I believe we left there a bit CHILLY still and our voices completely in tact. Let me preface this reveiw with this: I was at the Penn State show one week prior to this show. There were 11 songs played at BJC that were played this night. It must be hard work and planning to shuffle setlists, so I won't fault them for the lack of originality. We received 6 Stand Up songs-booo! Everybody Wake Up? c'mon, not a good choice, neither is Old Dirt Hill-although the three part harmony was nice. The crowd was extremely energetic and quite aesthetically pleasing, I might add. The band had its moments, with Boyd strumming his heart out. I wanted more. I sense those that were around me(sec 5)felt the same. I saw a lot of faces from BJC 12-06, that kind of had this lackluster glare about them. I'm wondering if all the prowess dwelling in the band was left on the stage at MSG(night two) a few nights prior. It seemed that the show never cleared the over-the-top-energy-hurdle. Nancies was great to hear, but that energy dissipated with ODH following it. Stay was an interesting choice for a closer, but it didn't carry any punch from the two previous song choices. The encore was plenty good, however PNP/Rapunzel fits so much nicer in the opening or midset slots. For those that saw this as their first show this winter tour, the opinions will waver heavily. AB intro, minus Dave's incredible wailing, lacked driving energy. This band has had a terrific summer/winter tour season. They are allowed mediocre shows(let's face it, their mediocrity is most bands' dream-performances) I'm glad to have attended 17 shows in 10 years, and I'll attend many more. It is okay if I'm not blown away every show! Happy holidays to the boys(and Rashawn for his meticulous, and extremely talented trumpeteering) and to all those DMB fans that come out to support the best band in the world. 'Til we meet again, next year!
Well I think this was my 10th show. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. I mean, don't get me wrong DAVE is awesome and I always have a fabulous time but I feel that he did a little too much "jamming"...wish he had played more old stuff. Nancies is my favorite so I was happy with that. I really wanted to hear Granny but I enjoyed Rapunzel as a closer. I'm not a huge Christmas song fan but overall I had a good time. Unfortunately I had a couple of drunks behind me yelling the whole night......but oh well....and just to comment on the seating, I was worried b/c we had side view seats as well but I have to say they were my best seats yet! Thanks WAREHOUSE!
Jim R.
this was my 6th DMB concert (all except last nite at the tweeter) and i was pleased with the set. It was really cold out, so it was nice to come in from the cold and have the mood inside during the show very relaxed. I thought mike doughty and his band were a good opener, but unforunetly he had some technical diff. that threw off his set a little. They played a little tease intro of GNR's paradise city, which got a rouse of the late arriving crowd. I was really glad to hear seek up, and i think that hunger for the great light is going to be an excellent live song. the crowd kind of died in energy during seek up, but grey street got everybody going and dave and the band put a lot of emotion into it. I thought stay was decent as a closer, and rapunzel sounded amazing. The band brought a lot of energy to the show and i thought rashaun ross brought a little extra to rapunzel. Finally, i can die happy having heard the christmas song in concert.
Kevin C.
Just did not seem like the band was into it tonight. The crowd was loud from the beginning but Dave really did not feed off the momentum that was building. "Recently" was a great opener and "Hunger for the light" is starting to become one of my favorites. Dave was good in spurts tonight like the "Seek Up", "Grey Street" back to back. I have been to 33 DMB shows and usually can start to enjoy songs the more times I hear them but "Stand Up" and "Louisiana Bayou" just don't do it for me. I usually freshen up my beverage or go to the men's room during these songs! I am disappointed that he tends to give more effort in certain markets..NYC, Virginia!
5th Dave show and first in an enclosed arena. The venue was awesome, it would be safe to say that no matter where you were, you had a great view of the band. The opener was excellent - expected to hear a song from the new album, but pleasantly surprised by 'Recently'. Highlights: extended 'Louisiana Bayou', 'Grey Street' and an amazing 'Hunger'. I also highly enjoyed hearing 'Minarets' in concert - very good rendition. 'Christmas Song' as part of the encore was almost expected, but wonderful. Rashawn Ross makes a great accompaniment to the band, hope that continues! Overall, a great show.
This was only my 5th DMB show, but even i could tell that it didnt have that energy that ive witnessed in the past. I came into the show thinking i was probably going to see the Best performance i have seen from the boys, but unfortunately, i didnt...It seems i will NEVER top 4/27/02 at Allstate Arena, but i hope to in the future. The show started off great! Recently, Hunger, and Louisiana Bayou are all great in my mind...especially Boyd's jamming in Bayou! WWYS was great to hear. Ive been waiting to hear Seek Up and i finally have! and wow! what a jam! 25 minutes! Grey Street was great. And MINARETS! First time ive heard it live and it was INCREDIBLE! Love it now! The Energy in the arena was unbelievable! but after Minarets, it kinda just went downhill...Nancies picked everything up and basically took teh roof off the building! UNBELIEVABLE! But they didnt play Warehouse and basically make everything go absolutely CRAZY! It just totally DIED with Old Dirt Hill. no too much of a fan for that. and Everybody Wake Up. Crash was good to hear. And to be honest...i didnt mind Stay at all...very nice ender to the set. Encore...Christmas song was a no brainer choice....Ive been waiting to hear it so bad and i finally have! Amazing! PNP-> Rapunzel...great jam, pretty good ending. But it totally left EVERYONE wanting more to Halloween or Last Stop or Watchtower...i knew they wouldnt play Ants (which dissappointed me very much) but i knew they wouldnt play it 3 straight shows. Everyone was yelling for #41 (including me)....that probably wouldve made it for me. Overall, i think the best part of the show were the jams and RASHAWN ROSS! He is AMAZING! I feel absolutely priviledged to have seen him perform with the boys! WOW. That and Minarets/Seek Up/Nancies. I don't care though...I still had a great time like always! The boys are still the BEST concert performers EVER! I cant wait for their next tour (whether it be in the Spring or Summer)...I will be there!
I'll start by saying that this was my 33rd DMB show, and having just been to MSG on Saturday night, I definitely was not expecting this show to top that. The second night in MSG was absolutely unbelievable...easily top 3 I've ever seen. So, coming into this show, I was kinda expecting a letdown.

Recently was a great opener, and Hunger for the Great Light is my favorite jam from the new album, so the night was off to a great start. I was hoping they wouldn't even bother playing Bayou because their performance with Robert Randolph on the steel the other night was one of the sickest things I've ever seen, and I knew it wouldn't be the same without him. But Boyd came through as only he can, so it was a great rendition. Grey Street is always a crowd pleaser, and I was very excited to hear Minarets again...amazing live version. American Baby Intro was very nice too with a lot of energy from Dave. Then came Dancing Nancies, and let me just say that it NEVER gets old seeing Boyd do his thing during that song. The man is just INCREDIBLE!

But that's where the energy died. A few new songs into a Stay closer just did absolutely nothing to keep the vibe going until The Christmas Song, which is a fantastic song. PNP into Rapunzel was nice, especially the jam at the end, but definitely left us feeling a little unsatisfied.

Even though I felt this night was average at best, I came away with even more appreciation for DMB, and a new love for Rashawn Ross. The big man can just rip it up on that trumpet!!! The night at MSG reminded me why this band is the best group ever assembled, and we got bits and pieces of it tonight, but not quite the whole experience. But then again, even an "average" DMB concert is better than almost anything else you can witness. See you in '06.
Joey B.
Fair to good. The setlist was amazing. the sound was terrible.... this is my third copncert of the tour and i was pretty satisfied with it. I liked how he dusted off some older songgs. recently always a fav. The crowd kind of set things off for me. There weer by far too many older people that knew no songs and sat the whole trime. WTF. its DMB for christ sake stand up...

I look forward to seeing him in hershey with OAR in 06'. Althjough the wachovia will be a question to attend unless the crowd gets a little more into it. Dave is my role modle.
This show was one of the quicker paced shows I've been to (#7 for me). Recently was an awesome opener, just as it was Red Rocks N4. Hunger is just too cool. LB was freakin awesome! WWYS is standard, I enjoy it, but I'm one of maybe 2 people who enjoy Stand Up and wouldn't have minded something new in here. Ah, then Seek Up comes around. I told my GF to sit back and relax, she wasn't going anywhere for about 25 minutes. She then sat down lol. Nonetheless was as impressed as I was. Grey Street...there USED to be a third verse. Bring that beat back to me again. Minarets would have been perfect without Rashawn Ross...this song did not need a trumpet. Just like this set didn't need Crash Into Me. It's not 1996 anymore, this doesn't need to be played all the time. AB Intro is about 7 minutes of audial bliss. Everybody Wake Up was good, and had a nice little jam-out. Nancies, always a pleasure...always. Old Dirt Hill sat everyone down. Literally you can see everyone in the whole arena sitting at once. It was scary. Stand Up is cool, but it needed to be much earlier. And Stay...yay, it returned. Encore...Christmas Song...very good. Rapunzel...sounded like Dave gargled with razor blades during the break. Ouch!

It was all good though. Enjoyable.