Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Mike Doughty
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rapunzel *
What Would You Say?
#41 * (Everyday Outro)
One Sweet World *
So Much To Say *
Seek Up
Hunger for the Great Light *
Minarets (Tomorrow Never Dies Intro)
Linus And Lucy *
Stand Up *
Jimi Thing *+ (For What It's Worth)
Smooth Rider *~ (Gold Digger intro)
Louisiana Bayou ~*
Christmas Song
Halloween -->
Ants Marching

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Mike Doughty
~ Robert Randolph on steel guitar

Ryan H.
I wish I could call this night amazing but it absolutly wasnt at was freaking magical. Two tour debuts. 3 songs ive never heard before, and after 13 shows with out a guest it was night to have THREE. Being a trumpet player i really enjoyed Ross being ther he was great. I heard Rumors of Robert being there but i didnt see any equipment of his so i thought oh well. I was the first person to see a roadie bring out his steel guitar...and i FLIPPED OUT screaming and everyone around me thought i was nuts until i started pointing and shouting ROBERT RANDOLPH, ROBERT RANDOLPH. he ROCKED THE F'IN HOUSE and his GoldDigger was great. Dave called off the guitar tech, which was probably gonna be Grey St. and they went right into LB, which was probably the best song ill never remember cause i was jumping and screaming too much ... gotta love tapers. The crowd was outstanding, after 14 shows best crowd ive EVER had. Oh yea and was was better... Halloween at X-Mas. and the snow rocked! Amazing...i thought Giants in the rain would be tough to beat, but...i think theres a new one
Kristy C.
This show was amazing!!!!!! He opened up with Rapunzel and closed with The Christmas song, HALLOWEEN , and Ants Marching. The energy at MSG was electrifying as Robert Randolph came out and went nuts with Dave and Boyd during Louisiana Bayou and smooth rider. As every song made the setlist more amazing, The crowd was crazy and Dave felt the energy!! He came off that stage knowing he took MSG and turned it upside down!! Sorry to whom ever had to miss that show!
Dan S.
When he opened with Pantala/Rapunzel I knew it was going to be an amazing show. Classic after classic came. I couldn't believe I was hearing Seek Up. Robert Randolph was there... enough said. They some how made Louisiana Bayou, a song I don't care for, sound amazing. They always impress me, and this concert was amazing.
this was my 5th DMB show. and the 2nd time i've heard HALLOWEEN, in december no less (the 12/21/02 show was awesome)...last night had some nice highlights (seek up, and louisiana bayou)....great show, so glad i was there!
Last night was my 16th Dave Matthews Band show and it ranks as number one.

Sitting in row five on the Garden floor is indescribable. The sound was incredible. Seeing the band member's faces and expressions throughout the night and how happy they all looked to be peforming gave me chills. In addition, the setlist was amazing. The amount of dancing by the band throughout the whole night climaxing with Robert Randolph in Louisiana Bayou was awesome. The falling snow (paper) at the end added something special. At the beginning of Ants Marching, Dave walked up to the microphone and mouthed the words "what the f**k is this". All in all, a night I will never forget. Thank you DMB.
This show was something special. I've seen Dave seventeen times before Saturday including shows such as a central park and this performance was amazing. Seek Up and #41 blew my mind away, they jammed out like I haven't seen before. The covered a great deal of territory from Minarets to a little break with Linus and Lucy. One of the best parts of the show was with Robert Randolph on the slide guitar. Everyone was having an amazing time. This was my favorite show I have ever been to. Amazing
Dave M.
I have been to 15 Dave shows and this was far and away the best I have EVER seen. To be honest the last 4 shows I have been to before this, with the exeption of the Central Park show, were pretty lackluster. This show has renewed my faith in Dave. The energy he brought to this show was phenominal. From the opening of Rapunzel Dave was dancing up a storm. #41 is always a pleasure to hear. Jimi Thing was amazing. It was almost identical to the version played in NYC Central Park, with Buffalo Simpson and a scat thrown in the middle. Now I was never a big fan of their latest album, but Louisian Bayou nearly blew the roof off the Garden. Dave and Randolph went nuts dancing, I was in the 300 level and the floor was seriously bouncing up and down. I have never experienced that at the Garden, it was unreal. If the show had ended then I would have been happy. It didn't. As I had expected Dave came back with a solid Christmas Song. Then right into Halloween. Show after show I had been hoping to see this played and finnally it happened. It was simply amazing, the passion in which the band played that song. The confetti came out the Garden was as loud as I had ever heard it. Then right into Ants Marching for a great feel good sing along to close out and AMAZING show. My faith in Dave has been renewed.
Just when you think the dave matthews band can't play any better they prove you wrong time and time and time again...This was my 32nd DMB show...Point was the case last night...I;ve been to alot of dmb shows at the garden and I thought the show with James Brown in 2002 was the best but after last night's performance I think last night's show took the cake...They play a great setlist...loved hearing 41, rapunzel seek up smooth rider and Lousiana Bayou with Robert Randolph...the crowd was quite loud...then with them ending with Halloween into ants that totally made my night...I definitely recommend getting this show...I should have mine by night's end...
Hands down the best Dave show I have ever seen. The energy was nuts. Rapunzel with Rashawn was stronger than I had seen it before. I thought Leroi was a little off, but realized he was just going way deep in his improv. When robert Randlph came out, the crowd went nuts. In LB the whole band was dancing around Robert, who was jumping around his pedal guitar.. so much Energy flowing between the band and the crowd....after the Christmas song, Carter started playing this drum solo thing, and people where yelling, "What song is this going to be!" And then the band hit the first chord for Halloween and the place blew up! The hard garden was going crazy and then the crew started blowing paper snow and at the hieght of the song the whole garden was filled with snow, the band was smok'n and the crowd was out of control. By far, a steller show, and the best crowd I have ever seen!
Thomas P.
Man, oh, man... this show was like manna for the long-time fans' souls. This was my seventh show, and after all that time, I *finally* got to hear Rapunzel (the song that turned me from a fan into an addict). The night was complete with the opening song... but then they went and cued up the magic, as they always seem to do for us Garden denizens.

The show wasn't James Brown (how could it be?), but it was pretty goddamned close: I doubt that in the years to come, I'll ever get to hear One Sweet World, Seek Up, Minarets, Linus & Lucy, and Halloween all in the same night. Oh, and I finally found out tonight just how much of a god Robert Randolph is. (I got to hear him play at Randall's, but I didn't get to *see* him tear the stage up until last night... and believe me, that makes all the difference in the world.)

Some of the Stand Up material I really hadn't paid attention to from the CD and at Randall's is really starting to grow on me, Hunger for the Great Light & Smooth Rider in particular. Louisiana Bayou is the best of that bunch, and I'm still waiting to see if they want to give it a shot as a legit closer (especially with Randolph on the sacred steel). The encore gets no complaints tonight, though.

Hope the new year brings the boys nothing but the best!
Bob H.
instant classic, and you knew it from the first couple of songs played. every song was magical and you one after another complemented eachother. who ever decides which show to turn into a live trax volume please pick this one because live performances dont get much better than this. out of the 24 shows ive been to this tops them all. robert randolph is amazing, watchtower at randalls island with rr was the best version ive ever heard and lb with rr was insane. cant say enough about the encore, through in the paper snow, a night to remember
It doesn't usually snow on Halloween where I come from but last night in MSG thats what we got. When Rapunzel opened the vibe was great. 41 is amazing and when they played minarets the night was just getting started. Dreamgirl gave most of the crowd time to go to the bathroom or do whatever and take a break but the opening chords to Linus and Lucy got the crowd right back into and everyone was back on there feet. For Dougherty to come out and Scat during Jimi Thing must've been a bit tough but everyone was loving including the band. Robert Randolph is simply unreal. When they went off stage at roughly 11:10 i was thinking quick christmas song or stolen away into ants or billies. But to come out and play such a smooth christmas song was so great and as soon as the drum solo kicked in i looked over at my girlfriend and said they are going to play halloween and she said No they arent and i said i know i can dream cant i. All of sudden Halloween kicks in and is just simply heaven. Halloween is ending people are about to hit the aisles boom right into ants. This encore could close the very last dave show that is ever played down the line.
Michael F.
Before Mike Doughty even came out to open, I saw Robert Randolph walking near the backstage area. Once I saw that, I knew we were in store for an AMAZING show.

PNP into Rapunzel was great, the amount of energy created by that song got the crowd going. Rashawn Ross on trumpet was awesome, got the energy up to the next level on numerous songs. Linus and Lucy was good to hear, the last time I heard that was Veterans Stadium back in the day (99 or so). Jimi Thing was great, although it seemed like Mike Doughty came out way too early and had to just stand around and do nothing for a while. Off to the side during that song I could see Robert standing next to the stage, so I knew we were in store for a good few songs. Although he didn't play Watchtower like MSG in May 2002, he still played great on Bayou.

For the encore, Xmas Song was typical, but the Carter intro into the next song was OBVIOUS. Someone behind me kept saying "Say Goodbye", but the orange lights lighting up the stage hinted one thing...HALLOWEEN! SO MUCH ENERGY it was hard to believe, plus the confetti snowstorm inside was a great addition. If you weren't standing and moving during this song, there is something wrong with you. Straight from Halloween into Ants, and he even let us sing "people in every direction, no words exchanged, no time to exchange". This concert will be remembered for quite some time.

If there is a lesson here, it's this. GO TO MSG NIGHT TWO WHENEVER YOU CAN!
Max D.
No musicial performance has or ever will come close to matching that. From the raw energy of the crowd and band, the unprecedented greatness of the setlist, and Robert Randolph, this was the most legendary event ever. It's not fair for the band to play a show of that caliber, because it just makes everyone there want to live their entire life in that moment. As soon as I heard the beginning of Pantala to open the show I knew the show was going to be one of the greatest Dave has ever played. Each song was incredible, never a dry moment. Great classics: One Sweet World, #41, So Much to Say, Jimi Thing, and all the best of the new ones: Dreamgirl, Lousiana Bayou, Hunger for the Great Light. Being an adament Robert Randolph fan, having seen him in concert a few times, I thought I was going to pass out when the roadie brought out his slide guitar onto the stage. Prefacing Smooth Rider with Gold Digger and then going on to incorporate Gold Digger, Purple Haze, and the Beverly Hills Cop theme into the song was absolutely amazing. As Bayou began I knew the entire Garden was in for some incredible energy. I danced so hard for the whole second half of the song my neck is in pain as I write this the morning after. Coming out for the encore and cooling the place down with Christmas Song after completely lighting it up with Bayou was nice. Although the place was quickly energized again when Carter took a drum solo right into HALLOWEEN. The fake snow during this song combined with the fact that it was the second encore made everyone think it was the final song of the night, but the band came back and played Ants Marching, the perfect song for the moment. This concert has made me accept DMB as not just a music group, but as some sort of much greater life changing force.
Well this was my 10th show and Dave and the guys did not let me down on my first double digit show. From Pantala to Ants....this show absolutely rocked! and oh Robert Randolph just made me appreciate Bayou so much more. The snow was a nice added touch and i kept as many of those little pieces of paper. All in all it was by far the best show that i have been to and I can't wait to see my next ten shows.
Unreal performance, unreal band, unreal day. Started out by driving to newyork from baltimore. Me and my buddy took a wild stab at one of the countless 5 star hotels in nyc and just happend to find out dave was staying there. We got to see all the members in the band and got a picture with boyd before the show. That made my day right there. Then the show on top of it. so many classics plus LINUS AND LUCY! MINARETS!!! Then robert randolph hits the stage and i lost it. I have been a huge fan since bonnaroo when he and DMB tore the bayou up. If you can, get a copy of that show. (DMB bonnaroo 2005). What could make this show any better? Xmas, halloween, and ants as the encore, it topped everything off. Thanks Dave.
UNBELIEVABLE is the only thing i can say. This was hands down the best dmb show i have ever seen. Nothing has come close to the quality of this. Starting out with a great version of pnp-> rapunzel, the energy from the crowd throughout the whole show was absolutely mind blowing. Honestly, the 3 times that i have seen robert randolph come out to play with them, i thougt that was the best live song i have ever heard. He is an unbelievable crowd pleaser, and after smooth rider i literally felt the ground shaking. The three song encore with an excellent Halloween just capped off the most amazing show i have ever seen. If this show doesnt get turned into a version of live trax it would be an absolute shame.
Jack B.
I would rank my 77th DMB show in the top five of all the shows I've been to. The guys really pull out great sets when they come to NYC. Being in the tenth row when the "snowstorm" started was simply amazing. I looked up at the Garden ceiling and felt like I was in a snow globe that that rocking with magic.
Joseph M.
My 9th show, and hands down the best. First show I've seen at MSG, and now I know why these ones are legendary. Setlist, energy, atmosphere, everything...the whole package. The show was just unbelieveable. All I could do was just smile and dance the whole time. The band fed off the crowd, and the crowd fed off the band. From the look on Dave's face from PNP, I could tell it was one that I was going to be lucky to see. I drove all day from Cleveland to go to this (7 hours), but it was worth every mile, amazing band, amazing girl with me, one of the best nights ever. The band were at their finest last night..
Joe K.
Unbelievable. Incredible. Inspiring. Pure unadulterated energy. The stuff of legends. Seek up, Minarets, LOUISIANA BAYOU was indescribable. It's hard to say this, but you had to be there. And the person writing the review of this show was at the June 11, 2001 Giants stadium show, (Two step, huge thundershower, lightning, etc.) two unfathomable experiences I won't soon forget.
This has to be one of the most unreal preformances I have ever seen. This was something like my 23rd DMB show and arguably was the best. I read these reviews on nancies almost everyday and have never written one but this show has made me want to share my feelings about this unbelieveable night. After driving up from Baltimore I started off my day in NYC by running into the band outside their hotel as they were heading to the show. They all stopped to say hello to many fans that had gathered and were very energetic so I knew the night was going to magical. It is almost impossible to highlight the set but I will try: opened with Rapunzel, and played #41, Jimi Thing with Mike Doughty, Seek Up, Linus and Lucy, Minarets, and Bayou with Robert Randolph....unreal! Not to mention Rashawn Ross played trumpet on almost every tune. The guest appearences were an amazing addition and when they played Lousiana Bayou with Randolph before encore I thought the place was going to explode. The night could have ended here and sent the fans home happy but the encore took the show to heights rareley reached. Dave, Carter, Stefan, and Butch played Christmas Song to start off the encore, which was beautiful. Then the fans started chanting "Halloween" and I never thought I'd hear it but when the rest of the guys came out Carter started up the drum solo intro and into Halloween they went. During the end of the song while the band was absolutley rocking out confetti started spraying everywhere in the Garden to make it look like it was snowing everywhere, words cannot not descirbe the energy in the place. Just as Halloween winded down Carter started the ever-recognizable Ants intro and the band ended the night with one of the most energetic Ants preformances I have ever witnessed. Anyone who was at this show can attest to what an amazing night it was. I'm sure it changed a lot of people's lives just being there, it did for me, thanks DMB!!!
Vicki C.
Last night's show had many similar elements to the last couple of nights at Red Rocks. The energy of each musician was amplified by Dave's true love for performance. He was just on. He wanted so much to please everyone, but mostly himself. The venue is pure class: champaign brought to your seat, while listening to Seek Up is overwhelmingly profound. We are all so very fortunate to listen to this level of musical excellence.
I think this was my 8th or 9th show but what a nice wait it was to finally hear halloween AND ants AND! it was my first time meeting and shaking BOYD TINSLEYS hand backstage. I also said hi to Robert Randolph as he walked into the VIP/Handicap entrance with us. Rapunzel was a great opener even after having it at Penn State (definitely better the 2nd time around at the garden). I always love hearing one sweet world and so much to say and jimi thing was a nice unexpected surprise that blew everyone away. This was my 3rd show this tour between the summer and winter and ive heard stand up all 3 but this time was actually exciting for me and i think they performed it very well. Knowing that Randolph was there i was already excited and seeing his guitar come out i figured Bayou was next to come but they went into smooth rider which actually satisfied me. but of course since Randolph was out there they HAD to do Bayou and of course it came next and was the best version ive ever heard. Ants was predicted to as the encore but when dave finished Christmas song and Leroi picked up one of his monster horns, no one knew what they were going to play. Carter went into a sick drum solo and right into Halloween which completely tore the place down and i was so excited to see. The show was already a 100 on a scale of 1-10 but to hear Carter start up Ants i think put it at a million. Best show ive ever seen...cant wait to see em next year...
I've been to over 40 shows and this certainly was in my top 3 due to the energy and the rarity of what we heard.

I always felt like the 2001 Giants show was overrated because other than the 2step...what was so great? I mean that "moment" was magical but the rest of that show was rather tame.

However, 2nd night MSG was absolutely ridiculous. Best setlist ive seen in person since circa 98. My only complaint was that Minarets, which is always a huge favorite of mine, felt a tad rushed and out of place. Other than that, the show just worked for me on so many levels. Jimi was so beautiful to hear, it had been a while. Bayou is so good live and RR just added to that energy.

With all of that being said, Halloween was my unequivocal highlight. I've waited a long time to hear it, and it was oh so sweet. I think it's fair to say a lot of older fans like myself had their faith completely restored for one magical evening.
WOW, words can't really describe how amazing this concert was. Sitting up in Section 347 we were a little high up but they were still amazing seats looking down at the crowd and directly at the band it was perfect. Opening with PNP into Rapunzel, I knew I was in store for something special. Minarets, Seek Up and Linus and Lucy were treats and I remember looking over to my buddy saying "wow is this really happening". The whole show was almost surreal and magical. Just surprise after surprise and to have Robert Randolph jam out on LB was just amazing. Third time I've seen RR, first being at Clapton in MSG last year and I gotta say I'm always impressed after seeing him. Then the encore Christmas Song, HALLOWEEN into Ants WOW. Can't get any better than this in my opinion. I put off studying for exams to go to this show and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, can't wait to get my hands on this show and it should definately be made into a Live Trax. Thinking back on this show I just smile and get chills thinking about Halloween, everyone around me screaming their heads up and I remember one guy running over to me and my friend just giving us high fives and going wild with us. If there's ever a concert to get someone into DMB it would be this one because in my opinion this show defines DMB at their best.
my 23rd show and probably the most intense musical performance I've seen and I was front row at bonnaroo and 6th row for storyteller. After seeing so many shows, its these kinds of nights that I keep going for. There is so much to comment on. This was my 4 time seeing RR play and definately the best. Not only is he completely amazing and incredible, its like he brings the guys to such an intense level, at one point, I wasn't sure if boyd was going to live thru the jam he was going so hard. Rawshawn Ross added such a solid strength to roi I was blown away. Also I know that some people around me were like 'wtf' when doughty came out during jimi and did his thing, but I thought it was really entertaining. Now I don't even know how to respond to Halloween. I LOVED that they went right into it after the Christmas song. During carter's drum solo at the beginning I thought it was say goodbye 'cause why would they play 'ween after the mellowest of mellow Christmas song? It was such a great surprise to be wrong. Then, at the end, my boyfriend and I started putting our coats on to leave, and BAM, ants and a 3 song encore. OH, I also forgot to mention minarets and seek up...really intense. Now that I'm older (haha, the ripe old age of 19) I've grown out of the partying, baring the weather, and fighting for lawn spots that comes with the summer tour. I wish every show could be like this msg show was.
I have been going to Dave shows for ten years. Last night was my 50th show and I have to say it was the best setlist I haver ever heard. Anytime you get Minarets, Seekup, One Sweet World, and Halloween it makes it tuff to top. DMB gave an unbeatable performance and the showed beyond a shadow of a doubt why the are the number one band in the world today. The new songs like Smooth Rider were right up to par with the classics they released fifteen years ago. This band just gets better and better every time they step on the stage. But they really seem to step it up the most at Madison Square Garden. I will continue to see DMB every chance I get but I will be amazed if they ever top this performance.
This was my 15th show... first at MSG. As everyone else has already said... it was the best I've ever seen. hair-raising, bone chilling fantastic... something that any fan of any artist should have seen simply for it's greatness. When people ask me why I go to see DMB so often.. and "doesn't it ever get old?"... 12/10 MSG will be my answer from now on. I had been singing "Linus and Lucy" all day before the show, for no good reason... and there it was right in the middle of the set! I couldn't believe it. Right from the opener.. and the amoung of Dave-dancing that was already going on... everyone knew we were in for it. And we were! Incrdible Incredible Incredible... Thank you Dave Matthews Band and thank you Dave Matthews Band fans with your amazing personalities and great energy.. because you truly made an ordinary Saturday night become legendary.
Rob S.
Last night was my fourth Dave show, and my fourth one this year. If I had to rank this concert on a scale from 1-10 it would get a 100. From Pantala to Ants I dont think anyone stopped yelling. The place wasfilled with energy and I am surprised it didnt go up in flames. Minarets and seek up were a good surprise as well as Halloween in the middle of December!!! Effin amazing show and I hope the boys come back asap..
WOW!!! What a freakin night. Got down to the city early to see the xmas tree and walk around the city on such a nice night. Then came down to MSG and saw the best Dave show ever. This was my 12th show and I've been lucky enough to experience central park as well as some other magical msg nights including the 12/21 James Brown! We snuck down from our section 420 seats to section 207. There we saw an absoultely amaizing PNP into Rapunzel. I had actually called WWYS to be the opener but it came second and then 41 to be second but it was 3rd. This was suprisingly the first time I've seen 41 live in 12 shows so it was really special to hear, and I loved the everyday outro with the croud getting into the "Everyday." One sweet world was nice as always and the lighting was amaizing having the lights go up to the msg rafters. My only dissapointment of the night was having the people come to their seats 6 songs in during seek up. Who comes to a dave show 6 songs in??? Anyway we got up and moved only 2 sections over and found seats there where we stayed the rest of the night. Hunger was absoultley sick and really got the crowd pumped up. Minarets was a nice suprise and loved it. Then came dreamgirl which is definetly one of the best new songs. LINUS AND LUCY!! how cool was that!!! Jimi Thing was soo cool. I turned to my frind and started singing Stop, hey whats that sound and a few seconds later we got central park all over again. The scatting w/ mike doughty was pretty cool as well. Then out comes the STEEL GUITAR and you know what that means. Thats right ROBERT RANDOLPH!!! First time playing smooth rider all tour and the best version of it ever. The place went nuts when RR started playing Gold Digger! Dave and the rest of the band went crazy dancing around Randolph during Bayou and it was great. He was jumping up off his chair and it just tore the roof off of MSG!!! ENCORE: such a nice xmas song, then carters solo. I had heard earlier that dave had soundchecked dreaming tree so thats what I was thinking. Then they busted out Halloween and it brought back memories of the James Brown concert where they played Halloween into Ants. And we got it again. The snow during Halloween was great and best version of Ants I've seen sending the crowd home sooo happy. I'm lucky to live here and NY and see the band play here at MSG because he definetly pulls out all the stops. And tonight was just another example of it. I cant wait to get my hands on a copy of this show and reccomend it to everyone. Can't wait to see the guys again during the summer. GREAT SHOW!!
The show was simply MAGICAL! Being my very first Dave Matthews Band concert, I have to say it blew me away. The crowd was so alive and Dave and the guys definetly felt the overall energy and played off it. The older songs that were played were fantastic...Jimi Thing, # 41,So Much To Say sounded great and the crowd loved the older tunes. The guys really made Louisiana Bayou sound amazing with the instrumental part. The section I sat in kept chanting "Halloween." I have to say that even before the concert I loved Halloween, the fact that Dave played it for the encore was shoking and a great surprise....the crowd went nuts when the first beat was played. Dave's random rambling in between songs is always a great thing that everyone enjoys! The Charlie Brown Christmas song played on the piano gave the arena a feeling of christmas spirit, it was a nice edition. Overall this concert was just the best thing that could of happened to me this winter and I can not wait until the many more to come!!!
Mark G.
MSG was somethin to write home about....about my 20th show...ranks top 2 outta all of them....i sat behind the stage for teh second night....the crowd seemed to be a little more with it....a more old school dave audience...i was very impressed everyone was sharing and dancing along with the tunes...a bunch of old songs in the beginning definatley gave the concert its name...cant wait til summer tour
In a word - UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! I have been a DMB fan for years and this was my second show. My best friend and I knew it was going to be a hotter than hell night when we heard the first strains of PNP. The jam on Rapunzel was out of control. The energy from the crowd and from the band was unlike anything I've ever experienced. After a jaw-dropping Rapunzel, I knew WWYS was coming up. But when #41 rolled out I was incredibly pleased to say the least!! i almost lost my mind when Jimi started...and was very happy they played Smooth Rider. (one of my faves from SU) When Robert Randolph came up to join them I knew it was on. I dont think one person in MSG wanted the jam on Bayou to EVER END. I danced so hard i was dizzy!! I gotta hand it to Boyd...i thought his arm was going to fall off on that duel with Randolph!!! :) I have never seen that many people up on their feet dancing at once!!! I knew Dave was happy with the Bayou jam when I saw on the big screen Dave say to Stefan "THAT WAS GREAT" with a huge grin on his face! One thing i didnt expect was to hear TWO encore songs. Halloween was a huge treat...although not one of my fave DMB songs... its always good to hear an older song. Of course ending the night with Ants was the cherry on top of one delicious sundae!!!! All in all, the show was a THREE HOUR MONSTER that will not be topped for a loooong time!
BEST BAND EVER! I have seen DMB ten times this year, like fifteen in all, including 12-9 MSG which by the way was the best show I have ever seen- I am in love with American Baby Intro, that is the song when I first listened to Stand Up on the Sunday before it was released that gave me goosebumps and make me realize after listening them since I'm ten(I'm 20 now) that they are the best they have ever been right now hands down- It was the best show besides 7-10-04 Hershey which was phenominal. I did not think they could get any better, I was so wrong. My seat was amazing on Friday, even better on Saturday and from the moment they started i knew it would be awesome. First of all, the worst a DMB show could be is amazing, these shows need to be CDs. I was at Randall's Island and I was weary about how receptive NYC would be to DMB after that. Friday night all the real fans came out to play, and they were all there again on Saturday-what energy. They are so good it is unfair to other bands. Bayou is ridiculous, they've added over ten minutes to both Smooth Rider and Intro and Dream Girl. I have to stop now or else I will not! BEST BAND EVER!
Went to both shows this past weekend... both were amazing but the second night was unbelievable. everyone who was there knows what i'm talking about. The crowd was loud and it was like dave fed off the crowd and we fed off of dave. The setlist was one of the best i've ever seen with rare appearances such as minarets and linus and lucy and of course Halloween in the encore.. i've been to several dave shows and this was by far the best... one of the best nights of my life
A.J. N.
For those who have seen many shows you know you get a bit of the complacent feeling. But with these guys you get "that" show from time to time. I never thought i would see a show like red rocks night 3 ever again. Needless to say i was wrong and it was within a few months span. Never in my wildest dreams would i have guessed snow machine. Throw in Robert randolph and Ny city at christmas time and you have an un forgettable night!
So this show was great. I do not know how else to describe it. Dave is always good in NYC, however, this show was (dare I say) MAGIC. The crowd was also magic. I saw the Philly show a few days later and that was good but it was not NY. This made up for his lackluster performance in Camden over the summer.
Tyler D.
This was my 3rd dave show of the year (the other 2 being at SPAC) and this blew them both out of the water. I attended this show knowing it was already going to be something special, but this show blew my socks off. It was amazing and much more than I ever expected. I went with my best friend and we had discussions before the concert with the one lingering question, "What is dave gonna do to make this show extra-special?" The whole night was extra-special. The PNP > Rapunzel opener was wonderful, and the next highlight came in #41. The kid in front of me yelled after WWYS, "#41!!!!" And dave delivered. I hadn't heard it live before and it was amazing. OSW was great, one of my fav songs, and then came Seek Up. The song was unreal. Dave and the guys had some unbelievable soloing and the song was 25 minutes long. Then came minarets. That was great, although dave had been playing it occasionally on the winter tour, i didn't expect it. Its always great to hear a rare dave song. Next came dreamgirl, a song i had heard both nights at SPAC and thought it was mediocre so i was a little disappointing when dave started it. It was a good version, but then Butch busted out Linus and Lucy and i went nuts. This was a showcase night for Butch, with Linus and Lucy and then the scat breakout on JT. Then it was SU. That was very energy driven and great, but left me with the thought, "damn no randolph tonight," since when dave has randolph as a special guest he usually plays SU. Then was JT. Thats one of my fav songs and it was great. Doughty scatting was a little wierd at first but then he really got into it and that was cool. Butch scatting was unexpected and awesome. Then as im looking at the stage i see one of the crew members bring out the steel guitar and a chair and i absolutely go crazy and i know randolphs comin out. I said to my friend earlier in the evening, "if dave brings out randolph im gonna kiss u," and i forgot b/c i was going so crazy and my friend goes "wheres my kiss?" hahaha...smooth rider with the gold digger tag was awesome and randolph was more than i ever imagined. Louisiana bayou was unreal and a great way to end the main set. Since i had to catch the 11:45 train back to albany, we started making our way down to try and catch some of the encore first. We ended up 25 feet away from the left side of the stage and when dave came back out i almost passed out. He broke out into christmas song which was magical. Then came halloween. Need i say more? Carter had his great 1 minute drum intro, with the little pause right after and dave went into it. I started jumping up and down and almost started crying, it was the climax of the evening. Halloween was the song i had been waiting for, and it met my expectations and much much more. The confetti made the crowd go nuts, and i have a little piece of it for rememberance. After halloween we had to catch the train and missed ants but i wasn't too disappointed due to the fact that in one night i had heard 3 songs (christmas, halloween, and minarets) that fans could not hear and attend 50 shows. Everything about this night was magical, and i cant wait to see dave again.
Josh G.
This was my second Dave Matthews Band show I've ever been to, the first one being the previous night, and I can say, out of all the concerts I've listened to, this one made me realize that I was in for a treat. I have always been a huge fan of PNP and Rapunzel and right when he opened it I knew I was in for a special night. #41 was absolutely incredible with the crowd being mind blowing. I have never seen a crowd get into something so much. I was absolutely awed throughout the whole show. Even sitting in the seats I had(secontion 426), the concert was incredible. When they came out of Christmas Song into Halloween with the drum solo by Carter, it was icing on the cake, but then he continued right into Ants Marching and that was just mind blowing, mainly because I didn't see it coming. Robert Randolph was absolutely incredible as always. Smooth Rider, which I haven't been a fan of, was incredible and has made me find new respect for that song. Louisiana Bayou which was good the previous night, was just unspeakably amazing. Dream Girl consisted of a pretty sick jam which made a song I find to be mediocre that much better. This show was just absolutely incredible. I'm just hoping he releases it onto DVD or offical CD. I already have my copy of the concert but just to be able to say, I was at one of his greatest concerts makes me feel pretty damn lucky.
Been to over 100 dave matthews shows over the last 11 years. I have never felt the need to contribute to this site, but after attending msg night 2 I felt the need to write something. That show was hands down top 5 of the last 7 or 8 years - great energy, improvisation, life, guests, crowd. All in all fantastic. The fact that it was in my hometown, where he usually steps it up anyway, made it spectacular. Many referenced Giants, and this was as good if not better...and this was inside! Great, simply great.
Chris M.
Having made the long trip from Scotland to witness our first ever DMB shows, tonight had a lot to live up to match the incredible experience of the previous night. We were in the very back row of the massive arena tonight, but not to worry as the crowd up in the rafters were in great spirits. The Beer was flowing in the back row, with several fans taking bets on the opening song of the night. Needless to say we were all wrong when the band shocked everyone with the old school combo of PNP into Rapunzel. Ryan - you werenít even close with "when the world ends"! This show would prove to be unforgettable for everyone in attendance who managed to stay awake (still talking about you, Ryan!). The first part of the set was to send the crowd wild, consisting of one old school classic after another. Although the beer was clearing affecting some in the back row, with one DMB veteran mistaking Seek up for Two Step!! Easy mistake to make Lauren! Minarets was a pleasant surprise, with Ryan letting everyone know that the opening verse was a Beatles song. As if we didn't know! There had been an incredible list of guest appearances; however topping this list was brought to the attention of the crowd the second that steel guitar was brought onto the stage being followed by the amazing Mr Robert Randolph!! Once again the bold Ryan rose to the occasion after a lengthy sleep and managed to voice himself "Hey everybody, LOOK! Itís Robert Randolph!Ē Because nobody knew, thanks Ryan. Having attended the previous night, this night was definitely on par. After wrongly predicting the opening song, we new that the smart money was on Christmas Song being the opener of the encore, and sure enough we were again treated to this festive delight of the awesome Christmas Song/Halloween/Ants Marching, a truly fitting way to end such a memorable night. The chants rang out for Halloween and for the second night in a row the DMB jukebox delivered-a night never to be forgotten, and it hasn't!!!!

And how could it be forgotten with the added sparkle of festive treats not only in the way of the Christmas Song but with a blizzard of snow (white confetti) raining down over the Garden!! Well worth the 6000 mile round trip.
Avi T.
So yeah, the obvious has been said. i was in section 2, row S, and all the people around me were VIPs and all access people; they didn't appreciate the sweet smells i was filling the air with. Anyway, I'm spoiled cuz my last show was at the Red Rocks 9/11, so it was my second Halloween in a row. The show was twenty something for me - maybe 21. I've been to the Roseland show as well. The #41 came as a nice surprise, and the SmoothRider was out of this world. The RR part of things was a higher existence and we hope will be topped with Dave actually singing the purple haze within the bayou. The seek up i've been waiting for since the third show at giants - a show at which i was too drunk to appreciate the seek up note by note. This one i got to watch and saw how Dave genuinely meant what he was saying. The halloween was vocally top notch and in general Dave's voice sounded well cared for. I went backstage but I missed Dave. I definitely look forward to my next special show; I have a feeling there's gonna come a time to bring out a last stop.
Second night at the Garden has made me speechless. I have been to RR and while this night is VERY close to N3 at RR, I feel this one is #1 on my list. (After 21 shows.)

PNP> Rapunzel to start the show....and everyone looked around and knew this show is going to be FANTASTIC! The band sounded tight and appeared to be feeling the groove well. Any long time DMB fan knows this is the show of shows. You can't ask for more, Minarets, Linus & Lucy, Christmas Song, Halloween. I completely recommend this show for your collection.

My highlights... **This Minarets was far the BEST I've ever heard, not to mention my first time hearing it at a show. The intro is from a Beatles song...Tomorrow Never Knows. Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream It is not dying It is not dying

Lay down all thought Surrender to the void It is shining It is shining

**Linus & Lucy - WOW...I felt like I was trapped in a Charlie Brown cartoon. Everyone was smiling and looking around. I must say I enjoyed the guy on the landing waving his arms back and forth looking up at the crowd. Who could help but feel his vibe and join along. This was ANOTHER great addition to the set list and always sets a nice Christmas mood. I actually have Charlie Brown Christmas on CD and Butch NAILED this one. Jimi Thing...I know people aren't digging Mike D...but the more and more I listen to this part of the show, I feel Dave was diggin (slightly) what Mike was doing...but it wasn't going anywhere and Dave had to break it up with the infamous Buffalo Springfield "there's something happening here"....My opinion leave Dave to the Jimi Thing scat - that's his groove. **Smooth Rider was a pleasant surprise. Anytime they bring that steel guitar out...we know we are going to hear Bayou, however the first few notes played by Randolph made me think we were going to get EXODUS...which would have been FABULOUS!! But when Smooth Rider started to play I looked at my seat partner with surprise. This song has great groovy potential and it was a refreshing change to have Robert playing with this song. **Christmas a very lovely "feeling of the season" song. You can't sing with Dave during this just have to listen and take in the words. Very emotional and the true meaning of Christmas. Done very nicely - no extra's. This song doesn't need it. **HALLOWEEN!!!! You could feel the strong wailing of the emotion behind Dave singing. I love it. The snow seemed never-ending. Definately felt you would loose yourself during this intense performance. Thought the show was over at this point.....but another lovely surprise ending with Ants.

The 2005 tour was the best yet. I am extremely enjoying adding Rashawn to this line up of fabulous musicians. He probably will become a "butch". Not to mention Robert MAKES Bayou.
James D.
Was that an amazing show or what? My 2nd time at the garden did not dissapoint. My last show was the infamous 12/21/02 show, so i diddnt want to come in with any comparisons. It was a very cold yet enjoyable day spent in snow covered NYC for myself and my wife. On to the show--My 40th show! The pace of the show was just relentless, the show was over 3 hours and the band and crowd energy at MSG is still the best i have ever encountered. This band treats this place like gold. great PNP-->Rapunzel Opener. The band went old school for the first few songs of the show, which was fine by me. Amazing Seek up and #41. Rashawn ross needs to be a permanant member of the band. yes yes yes! my first minarets in over 4 years, just incredible to hear again. Fantastic jimi thing kept the energy flowing even though mike doughty's scat was really nothing to write home about. Last two songs--bring out robert randoplh! I feel so fourtunate to have seen robert randolph guest with this band 4 times this year including tonight. DMB and RR kicked the living hell out of Smooth Rider, Amazing version. Then the roof nearly blew off the place with an absolutely electric Bayou, the place went apeshit. Encore time. I was a little bit surprised that christmas song opened since i saw that it opened the night before. Just fantastic to hear. lights. carter drum it comes...MO'FN HALLOWEEN!! Boyd and butch sounded like the orchestra on BTCS. FLAWLESS VERSION!! UNREAL! CONFETTI EVERYWHERE. Place goes insane..end of song...Snare into Ants Marching. What a night. Love NYC DMB LOVES NYC. ENOUGH SAID! WOW!
i must say the most breathtaking show i have ever been too. they started they show off right away rockin with pnp, and repunzel, made their way to my personal fav, 41, seek up, and who can forget minerets. what an amazing performance! Rashawn Ross is an exeptional addition to the family, making the show that much more exiting. great set list, tons of energy, and alot of love for New York. I give it a 10 no doubt!!!