Dave Matthews Band
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Dickey Betts and Great Southern

Donít Drink the Water
Fool To Think -->
Grace Is Gone
#41 -->
Everyday (#36)
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Help Myself
I Did It
You Never Know
Pay For What You Get
When The World Ends
Grey Street
What You Are

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

David G.
All I can say is WOW!!!! What a show. Starting off with Don't Drink the Water truly electrified the crowd and got everyone pumped up for the rest of the evening. Even though it is not one of my favorite songs it does come off well live and gets energy going in high gear. Then the segue from Fool to Think into Grace is Gone was just beautiful. Sitting behind the stage and a little bit to stage left where the band exited and entered the arena I got to see all the techs that help the band and all the work that they do with the instruments on the side. (oh boy does Boyd have a lot of violins). And when I saw that the tech wasn't jumping up to hand Dave a new guitar I knew were were in for a classic segue into another song after Fool to Think, I just did not think that it would be Grace. But that was not the only segue of the night for the next set of songs up for segues was #41 which then turned into Everyday which then turned into #36 with the crowd singing along the chorus of "and we'll dance away" while Boyd played until it segue back into Everyday and then again into #36 with Dave and the crowd singing the chorus. Then right after that I thought we were ready for a short and sweet song but the all familiar OSW Into started up. And wouldn't you know it the cutest two babies came out of the backstage area to watch there daddy perform One Sweet World (at least I think that is who they were, but it really could have been anyone's children). Unfortunatly the little ones with thier cute ear muffs on could only stay for the one song and a little of the next before they had to go back behind stage, only to appear a couple more times that night. A little later in the night we got a bit of a shock when Help Myself started up then Pay for What you Get, two songs that I have not heard in ages and almost forgot what they sounded like live. It sure was great to hear them again. It was nice that this show was a little varied from many of the shows that I have seen. For instance the old stand buys were not present in great abundence like Too Much or Watchtower. But This show was excellent in its own right and had all of that high energy that you expect from a DMB show. I can't wait till Thursday night for my next show of the tour. The only thing that I was the least bit disappointed in was that we did not get to hear anything from "Some Devil" or "True Reflections" But then again I guess we have to see the individual tours for those songs. All and all I would give this show a B+, well above an average show but not quite a James Brown show. :D
First I need to start off by saying this is my first review so I hope you enjoy it. For their first time back at Continental in a while the show wasn't bad. DDTW to start the night was great. FTT was average but helped out by going into GIG which is falt out a good song and always good to hear. 41-->Everyday was awesome and helped pick up the crowd. OSW was nice to hear sounded good. Bartender I love this song the energy was simply amazing the crowd and band were goin nuts. Help Myself was classic just great to hear it being played. I Did It was again average. Crush lemme tell you they tore it up the entire band Dave,Boyd,Carter,Roy,and Stefan they were all jammin out, sounded great, and so much fun to hear live. YNK was good I have no complaints the band performs it nicely the crowd was feelin it, it kept the show goin in a nie direction. PFWYG Classic again, this sounded great it was a pleasure to hear it played. WTWE picked it up a bit "when the world end we'll be burnin one" you damn right! STAY this is where they killed it blew the roof off the arena, it was my first time hearing it live and they absolutly killed it on this one. Greystreet is always good except I wish they didn't leave out a verse each time they play it. What Yoy Are-as the song started a good number of people started chanting Two Step this pissed me off it was a disgrace for the audience I wanted to slap everyone who saw Dave w/ the electirc and still chanted Two step, Anyway the intro was awesome Boyd was pluckin Dave was strummin and singin some chill words Butch was makin some ill sounds from the keys and I think this is a great song I love what the band did with it, there are obviously song I would have rather heard but thats all saved for tommrow. All in all a a good show great nigh and I'll see you tommrow Peace.
Mike R.
Was Mike dancing his nancies off! was Mike jimiing it up! Did Mike watch a tower soar by? Do rhetorical questions turn Mike on? perhaps. (As my friend josh L. from the shizzle brooklyn would say) Well obviously the answers to these questions are no. Mike Ribs was a bit dissapointed with the setlist. However, Mike Ribs is a dedicated and avid fan that enjoys even the worst concerts. Mike enjoyed fool to think and all the songs from everyday. Mike Ribs had to otherwise Mike would feel that he was letting down a band that inspired him to work in the all natural fruit juice co. incorporated. So as Mike was saying The concert was ok with bits of ups and downs however Mike will be back tom night at good o'l continental and hopefully will enjoy a wonderful mezmorizing evening with his chap dave. Mike would like at this time to thank all his fans in brooklyn and throughout the tri state region. He would also like to say there will be a mike ribs fan site with all the latest mike ribs news in the future.
Matt A.
Good show....started off akwardly though...Dave's mic was broken and it kept cutting in and out for DDTW and Fool To Think...he looked a little frazzled but when #41 started he snapped right out of it...dave ended 41 by singing everyday while the band was still playing 41...dave sung a few lines from 36 besides hani hani which was cool...he was dancing around quite a myself, bartender...good stuff...then PFWYG awesome...stay was great...grey st. in the encore sounded great and then what you are with dave saying f--- the world i counted 3 times and the crowed seem pretty pumped up (although a few screamed for two step)....night 2 should be great
Colleen S.
tonight's show was incredible for starters. after a two week break dave's voice was full strength and the band was really tight. it's always awesome to hear those first few notes of don't drink the water which was a great opener. of course i don't particularly enjoy many of the songs off of everyday, so i could have done without i did it or fool to think, but no complaints. grace is gone was nice to hear. one sweet world was awesome with the intro and norwegian wood. it's so nice not to have the lovely ladies around. butch showed off his falsetto skills backing dave on everyday and stay. the audience of course was singing the lyrics to #36 as everyday began, so dave backed us up while we were singing. he had such a great dialogue with the audience tonight. he completely wailed on bartender and help myself showed who the true fans were, as the majority of the audience shut their mouths for lack of lyrical knowledge. crush really got the band jamming and fonzie was making an especially sour face as he got really into it. you never know was mellow, as the guy next to me took advantage of it and lit up and blew smoke right in my face. he kept this going through pay for what you get and took an especially large hit as dave said "we'll be burnin' one" in when the world ends. during stay i once again thanked my lucky stars for the lovely ladies absence. during the encore break i think this was about the time that the guy in front of me decided to pee in a cup and spill it on the girl next to him. it was nice to have a clear view of the stage once he was escorted out. grey street was alright, but i miss the lengthier version. before what you are came on, the audience chanted two step but was disappointed. personally what you are is one of my favorites, and tonight's unique intro was cool. the outro was especially hateful, but that's how i like it. tonight's show was up to par. i had a better time than usual because i was surprised with second row center tickets at the last minute. i'll see everyone tomorrow night!
Solid, quality show. If I wasn't there, it wouldn't be the first show I'd look for on bootleg, but eventually a nice addition for a very good DDTW, a great #41--> Everyday, a welcome One Sweet World, great Bartender. But really, the fantastic 2H of the concert- Crush, YNK, PFWYG, WTWE, Stay, Grey Street, What You Are (who knew two years ago that that song would be what it is today?)- was the kicker that made this one special without any true, "unique" items. Funny that 8 months ago people were complaining that NY area gets all the good shows, yet no Dreaming Tree, no Last Stop, no Minarets, no Typical. We'll see what happens tonight, but did want to point that out. Not a tremendous amount of crowd energy, but subdued crowd better than a crowd of drunken idiots. Butch also wasn't very active, Leroi and Carter were excellent. Overall was a good time, good to see boys back in action, and looking forward to tonight
My 10th Dave show, and not one of the better ones in my opinion. Opened with DDTW, filling the place with energy..Fool to think into GIG, slowed it down....probably one of the better #41....Everyday was pretty routine, followed by a sweet OSW....Bartender, help myself, and the I did it were kind of downers....Crush was awesome as always, You never know, PFWYG, WTWE were all typical, and then he closed with Stay....kind of depressing, but its dave all the same.... Encore was Grey street, which wasnt very impressive, and the what you are, which seemed like it was missing something....dave just didnt seem to have the energy that he normally does....maybe it was the fact that they havent played in a couple of weeks, i dont know.....hopefelly tonight will be better!
This was my 9th show, and probably one (if not the worst) show I've been to. The energy was there by the boys, but the set itself was lacking severely. I was kind of expecting a Don't Drink the Water opener, but didn't call it myself. Great energy, and I thought it was going to be a good show. Dave's voice sounded fine after the short break, so he really wailed out at the end. FTT -> GIG. After hearing Fool To Think, I knew Grace was coming next. There was some microphone difficulties during both songs, especially Fool, so Dave jammed it out a little while the stage crew was fixing the mic. #41 -> Everday (36) was typical. #41 is always a beautiful song to hear, and although there was a good amount of Hani Hani singing during the segue, Dave only sang #36 as the outro, which included some more #36 lyrics. Instrumental intro -> OSW is always good. It seemed more jammed out tonight. The return of Bartender was great, and I had called it next. Dave really got into this one, and was belting the lyrics by the end. Help Myself is a sick song, filled with so much intensity. My first time hearing the song, and was very happy to hear it. I sat down during I Did It. When Stefan was strumming his bass after IDI, I thought it was Crush, but was really hoping for Dreaming Tree. Love this song. YNK - Such a great song, I'm glad it was played. PFWYG- The only time I've heard this live was with Tim, and hearing it full band was very touching. Beautiful song. WTWE- I really wasnt expecting this, considering 3 other everyday songs had already been played. Stay - definitely the highlight of the night, the band was jamming this out so much and you could tell they were having so much fun being back. During the encore break I was thinking about the possibility of either Minarets, Last Stop, or Grey Street. Well, I got 1/3 right, and that song was the least I wanted to hear. Good energy, but I couldn't get into it. When Dave was brought the electric, I knew WYA was coming. The new intro is really creepy, but the rest of the song is energy-filled, but something I've heard too many times to close a show. Overall, this was a very disappointing show, but it did have it's highlights. Help Myself, PFWYG, and Stay were the 3 top points of the show. Boyd and Roi had some insane solos, and really tore it up. My only optimisim is that night 2 will hopefully be much better, as songs like Pig, Dreaming Tree, Last Stop, Spoon, Minarets, Typical Situation, Nancies, Warehouse, BOWA, SMTS have not been played yet. That leaves a high percentage of amazing songs to be played, so hopefully night 2 will surpass night 1, as it usually does. Cheers, and I'll see ya at sec. 7, row s tomorrow night. -jr
Dave Matthews could not have chosen a worse show than this to send me off to college. After an unbelieveable 2 night stand at burgettstown some two months ago, i had the displeasure of attending this monstrosity. This show should be renamed "THe Best of Busted Stuff and Everyday"... except they chose to play the worst songs off each album. DDTW was a solid opener, and I was excited. Then ftt->grace is gone, not terrible. Dave's microphone cut out during fool, ruining the song. #41 was nice to hear, haven't heard it full band in over a year, and I suppose everyday was good. The show took a turn for the worst after this, as the remainder of the show, until the stay closer, was a painful and overall SLOW hour and a half(it should be noted that the main set was a mere 1 hour and 59 minutes). OSW and Bartender back to back was simply boring in a live setting, and the crowd lost interest very quickly. Help Myself, although cool to hear for the first time, was misplaced in the set, and only annoyed the crowd further. I Did It, When the World Ends, Pay For What You Get... come on dave, you can't save a set with just crush and #41. None of the rarer songs that were present during the first leg of the tour made an appearance. The encore wasn't bad, except for the fact that dave completely butchered the lyrics in both songs. What You Are was awful after the intro, and an entire verse was skipped. The band is rusty, no doubt about it. It's just too bad i have to leave for school with such a sour taste in my mouth. If you have the pleasure of going to night 2, hopefully he'll make up for last night.
ok so i had high hopes for this show and it turned out being pretty damn good..opened with DDTW..which i had actually been talking about in the lot, next was Fool to think..Grace is Gone,then #41 which was excellent..hoping that dickie would come out but hey you can't have everything!Other highlights for me are Help Myself..wasn't expecting it at all..and Pay For What you Get..18 shows and the first time i ever saw it! that made my night! Bartender was ROCKING last night..i love the baritone sax man!OSW was a nice little surprise also!didn't see that one coming!he also played(don't crucify for not knowing the name) track four off busted stuff which i REALLY enjoyed!Stay was really good last night cause i like it So much better with out the lovely ladies..that closed the set and then the encore was grey street into a song i didn't know.and then closed with WYA..overall good show not in my top 5...but tonight should be great!--Sarah
James D.
Hello everyone! had a fun time last night at the meadowlands. The show was tight and solid, and what a strange setlist, I swear they pulled those songs out of a hat or spun a roulette wheel or something. The band was on fire and having a great time, it was just odd song placement and odd song selection. Still a fun time had by all. See you all in Camden...
Mark Y.
Well this show was nothing to write home about. This rates near the bottom of my DMB experiences. First the good: Dicky Betts was a kick-ass opening act, if you have a chance to check him out do so. #41, Crush, Bartender are great songs and I will never get tired of hearing them. I liked the 41 segue into Everyday and it was nice to hear PFWYG and Help Myself for the first time. The new intro to What You Are is cool [better than the song itself ;)]. Now the not so good: technical problems - Daves mic cutting out during DDTW and Fool to Think and some god awful noise ringing through the speakers during Crush. To add to the so-so setlist the guys just didn't seem on tonight. The show seemed very short and the encore was blah. I used to love Grey Street live, but the condesned version just don't do it for me and What You Are just does not work well as a closer.
This was my 13th show and boy was 13 unlucky. First off Dickey Best was great, 45 minutes of straight jamming. The boys opened strong with a great version of DDTW, GIG was and 41/Everyday were great. I was glad to hear Help Myself and PFWYG. Dave sounded real strong on Bartender, this song gets better everytime I hear it. Boyd was ripping it up on Crush and Stay was good even without the lovely ladies. The rest of the show was OK at best. He can put the ED stuff in vault and throw to the bottom of the ocean. 5 songs off that and only one each UTDAD and Crash. And for the 3rd time in the last 4 shows I've gone to "What You Are" is the closer. UGGHHH!! It's NOT a closer. Hopefully next weekend at the Meadows will be better.
Mike D.
Ok, Not bad, not great, just not bad. Obvious highlights were 41, Crush, PFWYG, and Help Myself. Band had great energy and flawless delivery (yes, even Boyd) but the setlist lacked. But it's too be expected after a break, it just happens. The only gripe I have is the What You Are closer. it just kills me. there was a new intro, but that's the only good part. Way to Everyday heavy in this set. Just when we thought they were shying away from came back. Eh, life can't be perfect. All in all good stuff, not great, but good
Well, the small break since the Gorge is over and the band is ready to freakin rock. This could not be more evidenced then by the way the band played and acted onstage last night. Dave led them out onto the stage at 8:15 or so and did a little dance followed by Boyd and then Stefan also doing a little dance. The smiles on their faces could not have been any bigger. They love some New Jersey/New York. At one point dave said that "this was better than Giants Stadium," and although the view from the floor of Giants to the crowd is breathtaking, Continental was definetly more intimate. Pardon the order of the songs if they're not correct. I didn't write them down. They started the show with an extremely tight DDTW. They were dancing and rockin out. The next song was Fool to Think which surprised us all just because he was still playing the acoustic guitar. Now I wish that the everyday haters would give it a rest becuase the way Dave was enjoying playing this, it's hard to talk shit about it. To see them having that much fun up there should make ya'll change your minds about these songs, at least live (I Did It, which he played) still blows, but at least they're having fun! Dave's mike wasn't working so he just glared at us instead of singing until someone ran out to change the mike, which received just as big an ovation as them returning for the encore did! Next came a very chill Grace is Gone followed by a freakin amazing #41. The Everyday outro in #41 led right into...Everyday (#36) surprise? my buddy Allan and were sitting in section 9 row 13 and did our best to get the "Honey Honey" chant going right away. Everyday was really good, and the song ended with the last verse of #36 followed by it's respectful ending. Other highlights include the lights, always good and set the mood, Bartender with a sick Butch solo before Leroi's and an amazing screaming session by dave at the end, Pay for What You Get with a Norwegian Wood verse, One Sweet World with it's usual intro, Crush which as always was perfect and Help Myself, which really really rocked. As I mentioned before, I Did It was it's regular self, but they like playing it so keep'm happy. Stay closed out the set and was actually quite good! Really quite good! The absence of the lovely ladies was better in this case. Dave was dancing all over the damned place and he was really rockin it. The encore was fantastic. Dave kept walking around holding up 3 fingers so we thought me might get 3 songs, but to no avail! Grey Street started it off. I don't understand why they don't play the whole song anymore, it's so good! Please play the whole song! then Dave brought out the electric and I new right away it was What You Are. After i saw them in Atlanta on 7.8.02, where dave screamed "get down on your knees mutherf$#ker" I knew this song had become a great closer. He started off playing some other song before it went into the screaming intro. Wasn't sure if it was new solo material or not. I heard some idiots in section 9 row 14 behind me saying "what is this dave?" and stupid crap like that. give it a rest! DAve rocked WYA hard and at the end screamed Get down on your knees mutha f&^ker, ahhhh, it was sooooo damn good! they were pumped! All in all, it was really really good. They were shaking hands after almost every song, smiling, dancing , just having a damn good time. i can't wait to see what tonights setlist is. It's nice to have setlists now that are not influenced by a new record, just random songs that can take the show in any direction. Finally!!
Alex M.
It was great to see some of the Everyday songs pop out with some sick jams. A few of them were played on the 12-string and not on the baritone. There was some trouble with Dave's mic early in the show, but over all what can I say, this was only my 9th show, and it rocked. Dave still has it, and the fans loved it. The arena was filled with energy and #41 and Crush owned the house that night in Jersey. Dave played a wonderful show, I was happy I didn't miss it. By the way, Help myself sounded amazing!
Nick O.
This was my second DMB concert, and i have to say...ive seen better sets, but i was not dissapointed in the least bit. dont drink the water is, and always will be the best opener, the boys were pumped, all of them we bouncin and dancin....except leroi who stood as far back as he could in the shadows. but what are you gonna do. i still love you roi. on to fool to think...the mic didnt work so we got a special one night only extended intro fool to think. phat. grace is gone made an early setlist appearance...i figrured i was going to hear it, but not so soon. it was standard, very nice and mellow. carter hit the first couple notes and i jumped up, for i knew i was in for some mad 41 action. amazing jam as always and right after went into Everyday. he did a little 36...moreso than usual, he added a couple lines other than hani hani come and dance with me. noone knew the OSW intro so people sat down, then stood back up when they realized it was OSW. Bartender was nice, mad pennywistle action by leroi and a freshened dave voice after the couple weeks off. Help myself was cool to hear, although noone knew it. I was hoping for ants next but got an I Did It instead. it was kind of unwanted by some, but others obviously came to hear that song. cursh was absolutly amazing...dave walked off stage and let boyd make his way over to jam with stephan...that song blew my mind. You never know was unexpected...they started playing it a lot the beginning of the tour, then it kind of petered out. everyone enjoyed hearing it though. pay for what you get quited things down a bit. even the drunken pack of guys behind me refrained from yelling "dave youre my pimp daddy" for the 73rd time. when the world ends was allright...i like it better sooner in the setlist, and i wish they did the extended outro like dave and tim did. Stay was absolutly amazing. everyone was up and dancing, the crowd and the band...i actually do enjoy butches contribution singing to that song too. i was very pleased to hear grey street as the first encore song...i think it fits perfectly there....everyone knows it and it gets everyone hyped for the last song. which happened to be what you are. despite our chants of two step. it was allright...its a pretty good closer with the motherfucker outro (am i allowed to say that here?) but its not quite up to the level of two step or billies or watchtower or ants. so overall i was pleased with how the night went. oh...and to the chick who burt me with her ciggaret...its ok...your me. ;-) peace -- nick
This was my 3rd Dave show and no matter what they always rock. For some reason I kinda expected DDTW as an opener, which was awsome and powerful. FTT rocked especially since I never heard it live, but Dave's mic problems sucked. But as always he made the best of what's around in that situation.GIG, 41, everyday and 36 mix was awsome. I definitly didn't expect OSW and am damn glad they played that. Help Myself great surprise, I did it was typical. Crush was unbelivable. Loving the couples getting close with this one, corny I know but still sweet. PFWYG, WTWE awsome and Stay blew my mind, even without the lovley ladies. They're were enough ones in the crowd, me and Dayna including. GS and WYA were awsome and by the time it was over I wanted more. The whole show I was in severe pain from a pinched nerve in my back and ended up in the er the next morning wearing my dave shirt and all. It was worth it and this show definitly rocked. Can't wait for Camden...I hope to hear DN though since I got the tattoo on my back...Keep jammin!!