Dave Matthews Band
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Dickey Betts and Great Southern

The Stone
What Would You Say
If I Had It All
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Rhyme & Reason
All Along the Watchtower
Cry Freedom
Jimi Thing *^
Where Are You Going
Digging a Ditch
Tripping Billies
The Maker
Two Step

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys
* with Dickey Betts and Great Southern
^ outro of Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" - Dave and Carter

OH MY GOD IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!so here is tonight..i have 20 bucks and no tickets so i buy a bunch of beer and rollerblade around lot 20(thanks everyone who bought my yuenglings!) and sold beer till i had enough money to get a ticket!i go in just in time to see jessica with leroi and carter playing..AWESOME! daev and the boys stroll onto stage and open with THE STONE! absolutly rocking..the they played SATELLITE anfd the entire drowd was singing..they played WWYS next and the place was hoppin!so much energy! next came IF I HAD IT ALL..i really enjoyed it and alot of the crowd seemed to as well which is unusual..then SMTS-->PNP-->RAPUNZEL get this is all i can say!during SMTS dave danced like i have never seen him dance and he was smiling from ear to ear!Rapunzel was the best version i have seen or heard came CRASH which was sweet and brought out all the lovers and lighters...but then back into another pumping somg they pulled out RYHME & REASON and it was so good..i am not a huge fan of the song but tonight may hace changed that! then i heard the familiar sound of stefan's bass breaking thru the crowd and i knew what was about to happen..WATCHTOWER!Killed the place! everyone was sweating and dancing like came an oldie but a classic full band last two lyrics CRY that song so much but alot of people weren't sure what to make of it after watchtower..dave then said to the crowd" Ya'll are making this a good evening"and invited out Mr.Dickie Betts and they played a 15 minute version of JIMI THING qwith solos from everyone and dave scatted through the song" mr dickie betts oh dickie" then it was WAYG the only song that just didn't seem to fit but everyone sang along tonight and was respectful!i turned to the kid next to me and said" how could this get any better" and WAREHOUSE began!with the stop time intro! carter was loving it and they tore it up!next was DAD and that was pretty standard but as i said everyone loved everything!then came TRIPPING BILLIES which i haven't seen since 4.20.02 so i was super pumped!stefan was signing I love you to the crowd while they walked off and skipping around!they came back on and played THE MAKER which was such a surprise for me i loved it! and then the closer..we all knew it was coming!the hwole stadium was chanting for it! they closed the evening with an abolsutly amazing version of TWO-STEP! stefan was elated! carter broke a stick,boyd TORE UP tripping billie MY GOD..besides 6/11/01 and 5/29/02 this was the best of 19 shows baby!!!!!--Sarah
Whoa! What an amazing show. There was not one bad song and the whole show was so full of energy. You could tell Dave was having a great time tonite and as was I. This show is one to be remembered and the highlight of the tour in my opinion.
Brian K.
Hats off to DMB, they were amazing tonight. The Stone was a very good opener loved it. Satellit was awesome as usual and What Would you Say was just up beat and oustanding. SMTS > ASTB > PNP > Repunzul, never stopped dave went crazy and so did the rest of the band. What more could you ask for then a mid set watchtower? Boyd went absolutley nuts on his Fiddle, it was amazing. Cry Freedom was sweet and was awesome to hear...JIMI THING was oustanding especially with Dickie Betts on Guitar. Warehouse, best version I ever heard, Billies is what i hoped for and i got it. Encore time: The maker was sweet and Two step was Freakin Awesome...thank you DMB for yet another great show, see you all in Camden!
i went to both shows, both last night and tonight. hard to say which i enjoyed more, as both had their highlights. i heard a few complaints about sunday, but these people are nuts and can't possibly be real dave fans. i think we are seeing a new trend of fans that don't appreciate the talent or something. either that or i am getting really old (27). some of these kids are lost. remember, there's no hope in dope! regardless, just so i don't have to do this twice, crush on friday was the best version i've ever heard, bartender was folsum field-esche, and of course 41 was a surprise to all. not to mention grey street to start the finale, but then a small let down with what you are with the crowd chanting two step. now, sunday was a weird night. the band didn't show up until 8:35 so i was a little anxious, but the stone calmed me down. other highlights included anyone seen the bridge into pantala as opposed to the popular too much, but rapunzel was great as dave basically did laps around the stage while he was jamming. crash was good, as some hotties nearby got into a little too much, but i didn't complain. what else? it was one of those quiet ones, loud ones type of night. tripping billies had to be the highlight. i love boyd, so i might be biased but this song is phenomenal live. can someone else try to confirm what i saw during this song? i swore i saw carter lose a drumstick and grab another one without missing a beat! i'm not talking 2 notes here, i mean it was his solo when this happened, and then of course there is boyd. warehouse was also good as the band raised it's arms with each woo! and the crowd finally got the two step it was looking for. i enjoyed my 2 nights, but of course i want more. one more show here would be good, but i got 2 more in camden in 11 days. somebody confirm the missing drumstick. see y'all again
Being as this was my 10th show, I was really hoping for a great set. I sat in Section 7, Row S, only 20 rows from the show, and the closest I've ever been. After a dismal night 1, I had great expectations for tonight, and the boys certainly met them: The Stone: I heard Dave strumming the opening riffs to Stone, and knew it was coming. A great opener with very nice intensity. Satellite: Nice way to calm down the crowd (kind of early) but a pretty standard version. WWYS: For some reason, I really felt that this song was so intense tonight. I was jamming so hard to it, and was glad to hear it. If I Had It All: Would've preferred So Right here, but definitely better than another Everyday song that could've been played. SMTS -> Bridge -> PNP -> Rapunzel: I absolutely love this segue, and it's so filled with energy. I really thought Spoon was coming after the Bridge to slow down the set, but still loved it. Crash: Instead, this slowed the set down, which was a fan favorite. R&R: Great version. Dave really wailed on the end, and gave so much into it. Watchtower: I really wasn't expecting this so early, and without Dickey Betts, but Stefan's solo was AMAZING and the boys rocked out to it. Cry Freedom: Nice version, beautifully done. Jimi Thing: Right before Jimi, I saw an unusual guitar being brought out, and knew Dickey was coming out. It was about 15-20 min in length, and Dave was having so much fun. The solo by Dickey was kind of unplanned, so it wasn't the best, but it was so amazing to have him guest. WAYG: Eh, after that incredible Jimi Thing, I knew something slow was coming. Warehouse: Completely unexpected again, and I thought this was going to close the set (i lost count of songs), but the version was tight. Carter AND fonzi were all about the WOOs during the intro, and got the crowd pumped. DAD: again, I knew a slow song was next if they were continuing... Billies: WOW. My first version of Billies, and it's so nuts. The crowd was so into the song, and it was a great set closer. All of the boys were SO into the set that not only was Carter, Dave, and Stefan dancing like crazy in between songs, but before Billies, LEROI did a little dance! It was so great! I was hoping for a Minarets or Typical or Last Stop encore, but: The Maker: My first time hearing the song live, and they really jammed it out. I knew Two Step was coming, and I've heard it a bunch of times, so I was kind of disappointed, but after this version, I was glad to hear it. The boys were so tight and so into the music that they tore the shit out of it! Great way to end the show with the entire venue dancing and with so much energy. I was kind of hoping for some more songs of BTCS, such as spoon, last stop, or dreaming tree, but this show was SOO much better than the first night that I couldn't have asked for more. Hopefully my wait to see the boys again wont be too long again, but..
this was my 3rd show, i have mixed feelings about it...dmb took the stage late, 8:27,anyway, when the hit the stage, dave walked around a little, and hit some chords, and then went into THE STONE, the crowd was into big time, it seemed to be a little slower, i enjoyed. i kinda guessed Satellite was next, and i was right, that was real good it was a crowd pleaser, so as of now energy was lacking somewhat...WWYS, im not usually a fan, but tonight it ROCKED the house...dave danced all over the place, LeRoi soloed nicely..IIHIA was next, suprisingly the crowd was into it, standard the personal highlight for me SMTS was excellent! the ASTB was awesome! dave was grining dancing all silly like, then PNP, hit, YIKES!!! RAPUNZEL was off the hook! dave was all over the place walking behind carter dancing like a fool, it was amazing!!! CRASH was next, it was a sweet song, the dixie chicken was nice to hear...R&R was okay, just doesnt do it for me, sorry. WATCHTOWER was next, i was suprised so early..Fonz tore up the intro, he "made it nice" the lyrcis to watchtower seemed slower, boyds solo was disappointing, didnt get down too much, but amazing all in all...CRY FREEDOM, was beautiful dont get me wrong, but a little bit of a momentum killer, the crowd was extremely respectful, kept it down, good job NJ! dave calls out Dicky Betts, and i knew it was gunna be JIMI THING, yes it was the 1st real jam of the night but boyd was ON, and Dicky didnt really solo, carter and friends did a nice job...WAYG was a suprise, but it seemed REALLY short??? WAREHOUSE was next, stop time was awesome! Fonz and CARTER leading the WOO's, awesome! DID, was next, i like this song alot, pretty standard, TRIPPING BILLIES! came outta nowhere!!! it ROCKED soooooooooooo much energy!...the encore break was 9 minutes, THE MAKER was beautiful good starter..TWO STEP was good, but lacked energy big time tonight, the drum solo was good, dave wasnt into it, and butchs solo was below average...i looked off stage and saw one of dmb rodies holding an extra guitar, i thoght they were gunna go into ANTS, but no dice...sooo it was an amazing show, but some might say, there was something missing? cheers yall, see you in camden!
Matt C.
A completely different feel than last nights show. Both were incredible, but this one definately topped the two. I wont run through everything, but they were on tonight, and they had a great setlist. one "everyday" number! I'm not an everyday basher, but theres a much better feel when not many of those are played. Five UTTAD's, 5 off Crash, so a very early DMB atmosphere. only one off of BS seems kind off lacking though...its a great album. Same for BTCS. I really could have used spoon or last stop, but no worries. It was a absolutely fantastic show with highlights of Rapunzel, R&R, WATCHTOWER (mid set!) CF, fantastic JIMI w/ Dickey Betts (a guitar god), warehouse, billies, and two step. Everything was great, but those were the standouts. Great show.
Colleen S.
so when dave announced to the audience tonight that they wanted to give us a good show, he held true to his word. the stone was a great opener and just began the long repertoire of old stuff that the band pulled out tonight. satellite, what would you say... i was a little worried when dave pulled out the electric but if i had it all is good live. you know it's a great show when there's only one track off of everyday the entire night. so much to say into pnp and then rapunzel was crazy. dave was pretty dry at the beginning but drenched in sweat at the end. they were so full of energy tonight. everytime the crew would pull out a new guitar i would cross my fingers and pray that it wasn't an electric. well every single time it wasn't. there was a chorus of oldies... rhyme and reason, crash into me, warehouse, tripping billies, cry freedom. oh wait i'm forgetting something... oh that's right... THE BEST VERSION OF WATCHTOWER EVER TO BE PLAYED. this was absolutely crazy. so the audience is wild after rhyme and reason and fonzie starts messing around on the bass. there are murmurs of "no it can't be" "not so early" and the like, but dave pulls out all the stops for a mid-set version of watchtower. it was the best surprise. the encore break seemed especially long, but it was well worth it for the maker that started it off. two step was a predictable closer. last night the crowd was yelling for it but the band played what you are instead, so we knew it was coming. it was a long jammed out version though, which was nice to hear. i thought last night's show was great, but scratch that. tonight's setlist was one of the best i've ever been in the audience to hear. a nearly everyday-free night. not to shabby.
Matt L.
ONE WORD>>>AMAZING. One of the sickest setlists i have heard since dave at the garden on 5/29. Pure energy. The 11 row tickets made it amilion times better. and gettin beat up at the end for carters drumstick made it even cooler.(lost the fight dont have stick, but did touch the stick for a good 3 minutes)Watchtower was amazing, two step was expected. Overall SICK NIGHT!!!
TONIGHT WAS AMAZING! coming out to the STONE is always great and got the crowd moving. SATELLITE is one of the better slow songs, WWYS got the crowd rocking..awesome song, IF I HAD IT ALL was nice but nothing spectacular...SMTS into PNP into RAPUNZEL was absolutely crazy...ive never seen rapunzel played so well..the crowd went nuts when he started rocking out behind the stage..CRASH slowed things down but was still great like always...RHYME & REASON got things moving again but AATW completely blew the roof off! CRY FREEDOM is a classic but Dickey Betts was awesome when he jammed out with Dave to JIMI THING for about 15 minutes...WAYG was decent but WAREHOUSE just got everyone crazy again then he went back to slowing it down with DAD...TRIP BILLIES was ridiculus, the single greatest thing ive ever seen...THE MAKER is always a great one, but TWO STEP just closed out the best concert of the summer...overall absolutely crazy night
AWESOME SHOW TONIGHT!!! Having attended Night 1 I was rather skeptical, seeing as how most of the songs last night were jam songs, I was hoping or a more upbeat night, and boy was I impressed. The highlights for me tonight were THE STONE, first time I have ever heard this song live, and it was just awesome. RAPUNZEL, hey, I can't hate on anything from BTCS. JIMI THING, it was nice to see some guests come out and join DMB on stage, the song had to be over 20 minutes long. BILLIES to close was a surprise, thought for sure we would get ANTS, but I'll take this song any day. THE MAKER and TWO STEP as an encore just sealed the deal, this was a great show, get a copy when its available from a tape trader near you.
Incognito(Joe L.
when the says "stellar concert," they mean it. instead of saying every song- the highlights of the night were SMTS right into PNP and Rapunzel, that switch was amazing. i sure as hell didnt expect it. the crowd was another great highlight-everyone was enjoying themselves and groovin--it was hot and im sure dave could tell because the band jammed soooo well tonight especially on jimi thing tripping billies and two step. -- dickey betts sounded great with dave on jimi thing and added a new twist. digging a ditch and wowwwww maker were great to hear. lastly, two step just keeps getting better and better everytime i fuckin hear it except nothing can top of the two step ender of giants stadium when it hailed.... shit--wellll--damn the band really jammed tonight- what a great time... thanks tc holla back.
This concert, just like my bus ride home, was amazing. The setlist totally destroyed last night, with an excellent flow from song to song. Dave and company really stepped it up tonight after a rather mellow opening night at the Continetal Airlines Arena. The highlight was without a doubt the "Two Step" closer, which Dave seemed to put even more effort into as the crowd the previously night might have annoyed him with their constant "Two Step" chant. Oh well, seems like most people went to both shows. One of the best Dave experiences ever. Rock n' roll!
Matt H.
What a high energy show. This was the 8th time I've seen Dave and my first time in 2 years. I took a friend and it was her first DMB show. It was fun to watch someone experience a DMB show for the first time. And what a way to break in. She loved the show and so did I. The crowd was very energetic and it was easy to get drawn into the music. Great song selection and placement. Jimi Thing, Warehouse, Two Step were the highlights. Very intense performances. Not to mention Watchtower played right in the middle of the show. Most times this is an encore, and to be lead into it by a bass solo was such a wild ride. Great show by a great band.
Now that's a monster show. Thought night 1 was quality, but no comparison to this. First of all, best seats ever, 12th row! Knew it would happen eventually. Dickey Betts is just awesome, think lot of people had no idea who he was. Carter and Leroi came out to play with DICKEY during the opening act for "Jessica", and you could just see the smiles on their faces (Carter's is perma, but Leroi couldn't even play his sax he was staring in awe at Dickey). That got me ready to go. Crowd had SERIOUS energy, and throughout the night, the band was happy, loose, and looked really excited to be playing. Highlights were a great SMTS, ATSB, PNP, Rapunzel. Rapunzel absolutely rocked. Watchtower rocked. Cry Freedom... wow, lucky to have seen that version live. Basically jumping straight to Jimi Thing, with Dickey on electric and two of his drummers playing bongos and other junk. Not only was the jam sweet, but Dave did a vocal jam with Dickey, a phenomenal call and response. Then he hummed "Take a Walk On the Wild Side" (I think). that was so old school, and really shows you how dave can add to jams even without being the best quitarist out there. Warehouse- total surprise to me, because I thought show was set to be ending, but clearly a highlight. Woos get louder every time, and Stefan was pumping his fist for each one. At that point figured we'd get a little more, but Tripping Billies was not little. Carter basically tore the whole place down with his drumming. That's about as loud as a place can get. I didn't think there was any way they could do an encore after that, it was as energetic a song as I've been to sans Sex Machine. Maker, then finally Two Step, which was really just a special version. think the band was prepared to play all night. Overall, takes top spot in my list of 13 shows. A must have for collection
I thought that no concert would ever compare to my first DMB concert (12/17/02 Albany, NY), but this concert(my second DMB concert) was even better than the first! I totally dug DMB reaching back into some older songs and the light show was OFF-THE-HOOK! It took amazing songs like Tripping Billies and sky-rocketed them out of this world. Satellite was amazing to experience live. WWYS- PERFECT! This was the first time I heard Anyone Seen the Bridge and I totally dug it. There is nothing like the live only songs. CRASH live with Dixie Chicken.. I could die tonight a happy man. The energy on stage and on the floor was INSANE! Aerobic Dave kept us constantly bobbing and dancing. Every person in the world should experience All Along the Watchtower while burning one. All the band members and lighting techs took it to the next level with Trippinig Billies. That was def the highlight of the night! Thanks to the band for sharing with us!!!
This show was the 11th show I have seen and boy all I can say is WHAT ENERGY!!!! This show is a very close second to the MSG 2nd night show I saw in May 2002. Loved the set list, especially opening with "The Stone". So many highlights just check the set list to see it. One disturbing thing happened last night that was a first for me personally at a DMB show. My friends' Cherokee was broken into during the show and a bag, cooler and CD's were stolen. We were in Lot 12C. I understand some fans got their tires slashed and a bloody knife was found. I think this sucks, and DMB fans are so much better than that (if it was a DMB fan going to the show). I also heard about the knife thrown in Denver. If anyone sees any of this, or has information, please rat the bums out!!! Don't let one or two idiots spoil it for the rest of us. Let's respect each other! If anyone saw the jokers who broke into a Black 1999 Cherokee in Lot 12C and stole that stuff (which included some Buddhist books, and pictures of my friend's three kids), and also decided to dump the ice in the cooler all over the inside of his car, have a heart and let me know
This was the most enjoyable Dave Matthews Band Concert I've seen in a while. It was my 9th show and it is up there with the June 11, 2002 show at Giant's Stadium. Playing for about 2 hours and 45 minutes, the band never seemed to relax. I found myself actually fatigued toward the end. Sunday night's show was very good but the crowd made tonight's show more powerful. Since Sunday night had only 1 under the table and 1 crash song I knew it would be those two albumns running the show tonight. Every encore type song was played tonight except for Ants but I think everyone has seen that song at one point so it wasn't a big dissapointment. Cry Freedom and Jimi Thing were heard for the first time live by me last night and I have to say they were awesome. Well Dave Matthews is still the best live band I don't care what anyone says. Rock On!
Wow that definitely made up for Sunday night. After a long day of selling grilled cheeses and quesadillas, I was really hoping for something amazing that night. That show was probably one of the betther Dave shows I have ever attended. The band and the crowd were just so into the show and that made it an unforgettable expirience. Who else heard the Lou Reid tease during Jimi thing? Man that show was incredible, I cant wait till Camden in 11 days!
I have been to about 20 shows now and this by far was the best show I have seen so far. I enjoyed Sundays show but yesterday was just so much better in every way. More energy, more excitement, Longer jams, just a great show. I have 5 more shows left, so see you all in Saratoga 2x and in Haretford 2x and in camden on sat. I hope all are as good as last night !
Jason S.
great show...this was # 24 for had a lot of energy opened with a great version of STONE...crowed went nuts...SATELLITE was quite nice to hear...WWYS was good to hear...nice version..IIHIA kept the crowd grooving...Great version of SMTS-->ASTB-->PNP-->Rapunzel...crowd went nuts for this...what a treat...i loved hearing it in the middle...R&R was cool to hear...not one of my favorites but good to hear nonetheless...Then Stefan began his guitar solo and I knew watchtower was coming...One of the best versions I have heard...crowd tore the roof off this one...Cry Freedom was good to hear... I never heard it live before...awesome to hear..awesome version of was around 20 minutes...WAYG was nice to hear...I love this song...i was hoping for WAREHOUSE and i got it!!! i called it..crowd did a great stop time intro...DAD was nice to hear...nice and mellow...i was hoping for TRIPPING since i hadn't heard it live since 2001 and they played it and the crowd went nuts!!...they went off stage and came back on and played THE MAKER which was a great version...I was hoping for ants but instead got an awesome version of TWO STEP!!! GREAT VERSION!!! i loved it...definitely a show to get...see you all at hartford this weekend!
This was a good show. I had pretty big doubts before heading to Continental on Monday. After a pretty weak show up in Darien Lake in June, I wasn't very anxious to see DMB. After 35 (?) shows, I just hate to leave a show knowing that they aren't advancing and developing like they have been in recent years. Keeping a close eye on the tour as it progressed, I had the feeling that the band wasn't pushing any limits. I decided to cut back my August tour schedule significantly as a result. There is no longer any need to travel around the US to see DMB. They just aren't changing it up enough to warrant the cost. They are putting on solid shows and because I love DMB music, I will still make it out to some shows. Having planned to do both continental, both spac, and both hartford shows, I cut it back to only seeing the second nights of Continental and Hartford. After reading the dismal reviews of continental first night, I was glad I hadn't dropped $65 to see it. So I headed out to Jersey on a gorgeous day with an open mind and no expectations. Pulling into the lot, I was reminded of the great runs DMB did at Giants Stadium, particularly 6-11-01. Those three night stands were truly amazing and I miss them but DMB doesn't have the pull anymore. Arriving kind of late, we had to use the tunnel (which I had to do the reverse way for 6-12-01)- something that always sucks. But after a few drinks and talking to some friendly people, we were excited to head in. Another setback was not being able to bring in a water bottle like I had been told I could do. (run back through the tunnel and back to the show) At any rate, I wound up in my warehouse seats just in time for the show- section 118- side stage not bad! We were next to some classic "I love you Dave" Jersey teens who would annoy me but were nice to look at. The show started off chill with stone and satellite but then, suprisingly, it was "What Would You Say" that reminded me of why I used to love going to these shows- everyone just dancing and having a great time- and I used to consider that song a throwaway! If I Had It All began a continued odd pacing that I think plagues DMB's current show. Rather than do their old style of come out strong--> jams and lengthy songs -->chill songs -->end strong, they are trying to really mix it up so much that the show is overly choppy- I would prefer a smoother progression through the show. Back into the energy come a fun SMTS-->ASTB-->Rapunzel. I love the ASTB and the band was clearly having fun with it. Back down for Crash and then back up for Rhyme and Reason and Watchtower. Watchtower is always fun- but highly same old, same old- exactly the same as it was last year but still good. Back down for Cry Freedom and up again for Jimi Thing. Jimi Thing was clearly the highlight of the show with Dickey Betts guesting. At first, Dickey was totally lost but eventually they made it work and had a good little jam that the band was clearly thrilled about afterwards. Good groovin- had me moving. Back down for Where are You Going and then up for Warehouse then down for Diggin and up for a rocking Billies that really got the whole room into it. The encore break was ridiculously long- I remembered that they usually do a long one but this was a fucking setbreak! This totally killed the energy and tired me out for the encore. Maker and Two Step were both standard. I left the show very satisfied with renewed spirit towards the band but the show also confirmed that DMB is somewhat stagnant right now and I don't need to be seeing tons of shows. I think what DMB needs right now is a good album to follow up the lilywhite/busted stuff cd- they haven't had any great new material since all that stuff- which was 3 years ago. See everyone up at the Meadows Sunday night for my fourth year of DMB up there!