Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots

Grey Street
Donít Burn The Pig
#41 -->
Everyday (#36)
Last Stop
Cry Freedom
Rhyme & Reason
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro)
Stefan Intro on steel guitar -->
Grace Is Gone
Stefan Intro -->
All Along the Watchtower *
If I Had It All
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
What Would You Say
Pantala Naga Pampa
The Maker
What You Are

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys
* with Kirk Douglas of The Roots on electric guitar

Sean P.
Oh wow...This was my 20th show and probably the best or 2nd to Benaroya Hall solo show in Seattle. I really dont know what to say. I was right against the railing tonight in front of Dave. Could not have been closer... Any closer and I would have been on the stage... Dave and the boys brought out a real winner tonight. I am not going to go through each song, but highlights were #41, Last Stop, Pig, and Warehouse... WOW...DMB loves shoreline and shoreline loves DMB...Thank You DMB
This was my first DMB show and it was amazing! Gotta love that SMTS --> WWYS! And Watchtower?? Man, that guy from The Roots was kick-ass! That's gotta be my fav. version of Watchtower now (only wish someone recorded it!) Venue was pretty good, (I'm spoiled from the Filmore) but you DMB Fanatics are a blast. Hope to catch another DMB in the future...
Crayola B.
First off, The Roots are the hip-hop version of DMB. The best live hip-hop you will probably ever see. This is my 9th show and it's the second best setlist of the bunch (the classic 5-17-98 show is still tops). The energy was very high, and even though I was waiting for a dud song, none came until the encore. What You Are isn't the best song, but it's a pretty good live song. I really enjoyed the Pink Floyd intro to it. Highlight of the show: The Roots guitarist guesting on AATW. I only wish he was able to sing a little as well because he's got the chops for it.
Crush is an amazing opener!! They started out with so much energy and then grey street! thankyou dave! that was just fun! Don't burn the pig, i love that song but i wasen't expecting it so that was a real nice suprise. 41!! i cant believe they played 41! i never imagined i would ever see that song live for myself! it was so nifty! I didn't like that version of everyday much. It was good but nothing mind blowing.. the last stop, now that was a huge suprise! One of my favorites and they played it with so much energy, like with DDTW last night. It got everyone moving so cry freedom was a great song to mellow everyone out with. Rhyme and reason was awesome, got people all jumpy and hyper again, warehouse was just amazing, need i say more? Grace is gone was so pretty and preforned really well, got everyone mellowed out again.. all along the watchtower witht the dude from the roots was SO much fun! Stefan did an awesome intro to that. Again, i would have been happy without if i had it all, i enjoyed it but i dont think it fit well with the rest of the set. So much to say was a nice "Im a bouncy little thing and i wanna bounce!" type song and then going straight into wwys had that effect least on me... Pantala Naga Pampa and repunzel were also awesome! a nice ending before the encore. 8 minute encore? come on now...some people are gunna have some hurt vocal cords for a few days..silly peoples.. anyway! the maker! never heard that was awesome! I was in lawn and they didn't turn on the screen the whole time during that song though..meep..oh well. i didnt need to see them to listen to the music. WYA was a good last song...never thought it could be but it was...dave got into a little cussing fit at the end which was SO funny! It was an amazing show people and Im so sorry if you missed it! all i can say is WOW and see you all at shorline next year!!
Chris G.
What to say...Un-Fricking believable. This was without a doubt the second best show I have ever seen. It was the best time on the lawn I have had since my first DMB show. Everyone around me was into prediciting what they would play. Our group was doing well calling much of the set list, including the closer, What You Are, which was great. Best Watchtower I have ever seen. Crush, #41 and Last Stop were favorites. The band had more energy then the past two years. Looking forward to more.
Chris R.
This show was amazing--definitely in my top 3 of 12 --only to share the top with the two other shows I've seen this tour (7/29, 8/1) The boys were once again ON tonight- it is safe to assume that they really enjoy the humble ambiance up here in Northern California. Highlights: PIG- incredible energy, what a great tune. "on this starry night, staring into space..." #41- about time they played it in recent shows- Dave couldn't hit the high notes, but it was still a blast. LAST STOP- Finally!!! I've been waiting, and waiting, and how worth it the wait was! This version was incredible, the outro/reprise seemed to go on forever- if I had to compare, I'd say this version had a lot more energy than the LiC version- Carter was on fire! Words can hardly describe what happened. WAREHOUSE - lovin ' the woos! Standard, but solid. GRACE IS GONE- very jammed out, always a treat. WATCHTOWER- Holy shit. I've heard about 50 different versions of this song, but this one has got to be my fav...just unbelievable... Kirk Douglas, who I had never heard of before the show, just owned the stage...his quick electric guitar hits were just phenomenal-everyone around me just kept shouting and saying "Wow." Roi and Boyd didn't even solo in this one. A MUST GET. PNP-->RAPUNZEL - great closer, I think I'm still sore today because of all the dancing that occurred during this jam. MAKER- finally got to see this live, what a great first-song encore. WHAT YOU ARE- LOVED the intro, quite a haunting piece, could possibly be a song of its own someday...however, I'd have to give the actual song a 6 as an effective closer. I liked the "get down on your knees, motherfuckers!" Everyone went apeshit then. Overall, quite an amazing show, once again. The boys are leaving town after two incredibly solid setlists at Shoreline. I love this band.
Brandon C.
Well that show was great, I would have to say for me Dave played the ideal setlist. Crush, Grey Street, and The Maker were real stand outs for me. Dave was so energetic along with the rest of the guts from the band. I agree with another reviewer in saying that Who You Are is not the greatest song but it kicks ass live. Watchtower was great as always espesially with Kirk Douglas from the roots along for the ride. I can't wait until Winter Tour. See you all there.