Dave Matthews Band Meadows Music Center, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: DJ Logic and Project Logic

onstage 8:22pm
When The World Ends
Don't Drink the Water
Rhyme & Reason
One Sweet World -->
Song That Jane Likes
What Would You Say
Help Myself
Ants Marching
Cry Freedom
Grey Street
All Along the Watchtower
offstage 10:14pm
onstage 10:21pm
Where Are You Going
Tripping Billies
offstage 10:3pm

* entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Nick M.
Just got back from hartford and it was a blast!!! Let me just say, hartford knows how to tailgate, and they never let me down. All you crazy nancies who threw that beach party are cool as hell. gotta love the wet t-shirt contest and shit. im keepin it short and sweet tonight. great energy from the beginning, crowd was really into the show. dont drink the water was off the hook! you could really tell dave and the boys were enjoying themselves... crowd loved it too. gotta love when dave screams at the end. the emotion he put into the entire show was incredible. crush and one sweet world were both jammed out nice and long... nobody wasn't singing during crush, shit im gettin chills just thinking about it. STJL was a nice surprise.. always love hearin it, followed by an amazing bartender. of all the times i've seen it, tonights was the best. carter was on fire during help myself, especially the end. ants was sweet... i miss the intro, but what can ya do? WATCHTOWER! hilight of the night.. normally, i dont like it, but this was an incredible version, and fonzie went sick on his solo in the beginning. great end to the set. could've done w/out WAYG for the first song of the encore, but billies more than made up for it. the band was just so on tonight, i'm still blown away. can't wait for tomorrow night.. i'll see all you crazy meadows people there. peace!
Gabe R.
Wow what a show!!!!! First of all I got to meet Carter!!!!! What a nice guy he is. We talked a bit and I asked him to play "two Step". I brought my friend to his first show. On to the show When the world ends is getting better every time they play it. Bartender is one of my Favoret songs. Butch had a nice solo at the end and then Leroi also had a nice pennywhistle solo and then the man carter ended the song. Ants Marching wow!!!!! When Boyd took his hat off at the end of the song thats was cool. All Along The Watchtower kick ass. Nice bass intro. When every one had there solos I thought Boyds solo was cool with the Cry baby, then butch on the organ was cool then Leori what sax solo. I was hopeing to here The Last Stop, The Dreaming Tree, Spoon, Best of whats Around or Two Step. I also wish Tim Reynolds was touring with the guys. Well I can't wait for tomorrow's show see you all there Peace.
Timothy Z.
Hartford's always an amiable venue, especially now with those $10 guitar-shaped beer cups. The boys did their thing and it was a pretty standard first night. End of the set was really fun.. my first time hearing Help Myself and the abbreviated Ants. Was there a DIDO tease before WWYS? Just curious. Otherwise night two looks to have a little more fervor and I might have more to comment on.
Mark A.
Man this was a good show, the encore wasn't that great, but it was still pretty good. Watchtower has to be the best on this set, because stefan broke out into some serious jamming. Throughout the whole concert boyd had some serious jamming. Wish I could go tonight, the setlist looks amazing... but I can't unfornutley
Jonah F.
Obviously there's no way a show with Crush, Ants, Billies, Watchtower, One Sweet World, Bartender, Song that Jane Likes, Help Myself, and Cry Freedom can be bad. In fact, the show was high in energy and without any real falter throughout, unless you consider the show's one ED song, WTWE, as the opener a falter. Which I guess you can. But whatever, it was a very good show nonetheless. I would have enjoyed it a little more if I weren't on the lawn, which was pretty awful, especially having just recently experienced the Gorge's beautiful, well-behaved and respectful lawn.
Wow..That was a sick show. This was the first time I've seen the band perform live, but I saw Dave and Tim this past March. Great setlist, not a big fan of Cry Freedom, but the rest of the songs were awesome. Highlights were Satellite and AATW. Anyone who recored it, could you please contact me. I'd appreciate it.
What an AMAZING show!!!!!! Best Dave show I've seen yet!! I can't ask for a better set list. DDTW was great, Ants Marching was incredible, and Tripping billies for a closer was perfect! And i can't believe he played All Along the Watchtower!!! The Band had so much energy and the crowd was great.
Jared W.
Good show, good setlist, bad crowd.. I had just finshed going to the spac shows and I was so pumped up about how amazing they were I bragged about them to my friends the whole way down to CT.. It was a good show, but not to the level of what spac was.. It was like the guys were tring to give the effort, but the crowd didn't care.. At spac, dave would start going off, and the crowd would go ape sh*t, and then DMB would bring their effort up to the next level.. At Hartford the crowd didn't care.. Instead of chanting the name of DMB songs, or even cheering for songs being played, they would chant things like "UCONN HUSKIES", and "Your my boy blue". Even though I am all about school sprit, and I will admitt "Old School" was a funny movie, that group of kids should of went to a bar to get drunk and not a dmb show... This was not a crowd of true fans, half the people in my section weren't even paying attention to the show. The overall show was just not to the level SPAC was, and I think that it could have been if the crowd gave back at all.
Love the meadows. Biggest lot scene i've seen in a while for a dave show. Not a bad drive from upstate NY either. Both days it seemed everyone was doing some serious drizzin. Can't stand all you meat heads though, ridiculous. I saw two fights, one was pretty serious. Are you kiddin me, keep the testosterone at home you no neck freaks. What are you doing there anyway, god i love dave's fans.However, The ladies are amazing at every dave show, keep it up, except, don't complain when i don't want to listen to the band before the show. c'mon now, he's much better in person anyway. Oh yeah, props to the NO2 kids, thanks for the big black balloons, wa wa wa. Second night highlight,SMTS--> Warehouse, good googally moogally. What was going on at the end of Stay night 2, holy shit. Nice little skat and a balls out trademark scream, chilly. First night Jane and Help Myself was great surprise, only one electric song both days, I Did It, not that bad either, would've preferred What You Are. But not bad at all. Loved the line up both nights. $10 ticket for night one, thanks bud. Most likely last of the boys this year. Summer tour 2003 most likely to go down as one of the best, real close to summer '99. Great sets at every show. Thanks boys.