Dave Matthews Band
Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jason Mraz

onstage 8:25pm
Crush *
Halloween (tease) -->
What Would You Say *
Grey Street *
Grace Is Gone *
Bartender *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Sleep To Dream Her *
So Much To Say * -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Too Much *
Fool To Think *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 10:31pm
onstage 10:38pm
Christmas Song +
Everyday (#36) *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Kelley &.
In our five years our showgoing lives, this was by far the best, most energized show so far. Everyone who traveled here to Atlanta tonight were well satisfied...Kelley & Megan's favs 2nite-Pig: rare, beautiful, all ears were lucky. Warehouse, Nancies (love ya vegcow) and Watchtower made it a classic night. What could not be ignored is Dave's antiwar message and the heart-felt Christmas song that followed and had everyone singing "Love". To the band, Ray the camera guy, and the fans that joined us-Thanks for a night to remember. See y'all next summer!
Omar W.
Finally, after years of being a DMB fan, and after years of always being the wrong place at the wrong time, I got tickets to my first DMB concert. I gotta say that on this, the eve of the end of fall semester final exams, the moons were lined up perfectly. Hoping that this wouldn't be a night of 'Everyday' tunes, DMB definitely came through. The whole experience was the best anyone could imagine. Starting with Crush and WWYS was good indication we were in for a night of classic DMB. Grey Street. Live. Enough said. There were a couple of 'Everyday' numbers, but since they were few and far apart, I don't have any complaints. Loving Wings was a new one for me, but Carter finished it off with a funky solo, then stood up and tossed a stick into the crowd. Nicely done. Everyone had a chance to solo tonight - Butch had a few, including a Tim Reynolds-ish guitar (on the keyboard) jam in Watchtower. I know how much these guys love playing, but watching them for the first time live puts a whole new love and appreciation to the whole thing. From watching them joke in between songs as they appear to be deciding what to play next (although i'm sure they plan these things in advance), to watching Carter blow bubbles with his gum like there's nothing at all to being DMBs heartbeat, to wondering when Stefan is going to stop posing like he wants to dart off into the crowd and actually do it, to watching Leroy effortlessly switch between 3 instruments in 10 minutes, and of course, Dave's and Boyd's frequent battles of the strings, there's no question as to whether or not DMB is still the number 1 jam band around. Tonight's concert would have made the perfect next live release since it's a mix of timeless favorites both old and new. Best concert I've ever seen.
this show was incredible. good solid openers with crush, what would you say, and grey street. the whole show was intense. the crowd was really into the show and the vibes were all good all around. so much to say->too much was damn good and the boys really jammed all night. dave did his crazy little dance like always but tonight it was even crazier. nancies was nice and there wa sa good intro and the intro to chrismas song was killer and then everyday killed it but it was all good for the most part.
This was the second best show I have been to and though I have only been to six that is saying a lot because the show I count as my number 1 is Hartford night two this summer (this was web cast and insane). I am just going to pick out my highlights. Bartender...the ending to that was unbelievable. Solo they gave Butch was great. So nice to hear him flex his muscle a little. Anyone seen the bridge beyond a doubt close to the best I have heard this wow wow wow. "This is a song written by a drunk friend of mine"...Fool to Think lol. Loving wings I have heard one other time but it paled in comparison. That jam they gave Carter at the end. He does not get to do that quite so much anymore but it is certainly not for a lack of ability. And this is sort of an aside has anyone else noticed that Loving wings would sound really cool as an intro to Ants? It just slipped into my head when Carter was doing his solo like I could hear the boom boom boom in my head just a thought. NANCIES!!!!!!!!! I have had this song teased 4 times (once Hartford night 1 and 3 times! Hartford night two) I didn't trust them till someone other than Dave began to play and then I flipped. This was so much better than I could ever have hoped. That third verse when Dave's voice just goes off and he lets out a huge "Look up at the sky" was just unreal. And Boyd ah it was great and the drunk guy next to me how sang could I have been lost somewhere at red rocks just made me laugh though him spilling beer on me did not. The how could you not be happy with a warehouse! Even though that beer spill did happen right here it couldn't dampen me there. And Watchtower to close it out great great great. Butch switching over the keyboard to make it sound like an electric guitar was great. I thought there was someone else up there playing for a second lol. Then the encore was def different from norm but great all the same. I loved the anti-war speech and in front of that crowd to! I suspected Christmas Song the whole way threw but didn't know it till he lets out the "This isn't a religious song" and at that moment me and every other person in Philips knew what was coming and EVERYONE went nuts. Great solo with all the lighters and cell phones and walkway lighting that looked like lighters. Then an everyday(36) which I think he put in to fit the love theme from his speech. Only complaint here was that he didn't go into ants after everyday. I could feel it I was so sure he would let it out and give me some ants after 6 shows! But no afraid I will just have to keep waiting on that one. I think after that I might just be able to make it threw the rest of finals week!
Robby W.
Messages from 3 attendents: Doobman: One word can describe this concert. Doobie-rific. Doooh! How can you explain this one... Personally, it was the best show I've ever seen. Out of 87 live shows this was the best. Who could've predicted "crush" as the opening cut. Great song. "WWYS" kicked ass. This personal favorite helped to kick off this show with great energy and enthusiasm. Grey Street... predictable, but good. Grace is Gone. Dave busted a couple strings, but it still sounded great. Good song. People are really accepting this song. You could hear the whispered echoes from the surrounding audience as the intro began, and then the faint shout from somewhere across the arena "Bartender!". Great song... long jam. made for some great times. Leroi stole the show. Every song had at least one solo from him, but his mic was loud and it made me feel warm and stoney inside. Don't Burn The Pig. Great song. Didn't realizze what it was at first, but after a couple of words, i was right in line. The next song really brought me down. I was thinking they were going to bust out with haloween after stefan busted out the intro, but he stopped and they just laughed and talked a couple more seconds and went into "STDH". Now came the action. I went crazy when I saw the orange lights. Thought halloween once again, but they busted out a sweet So Much To Say. It had an awesome jam, and did the little doo-wop that's on chicago between SMTS and the next song Too Much. Dave brought his a game tonight. The song had so much jam and energy. The whole place was shaking. The bleachers beside us were swaying about 8 inches. The next song, introduced by Dave as "a song that was written by a very drunk friend" was fool to think. Didn't really care about hearing this one, but it was nice. Loving wings. Another crowd killer. Next was where are you going. Good Song. It was great. Carter jammed out some on it. Then it came again. Like a tsunami heading straight for my ears. "did you ever wonder. if you had taken a left turn instead of taking a right" The crowd went crazy for dancing nancies. Stefan was killing that bass. Best I've ever seen him. He was great. And who could forget Boyd. Damn. he jammed out for like 8 straight minutes. It was awesome. Carter was kickin some ass up there on his stand. Almost got a stick, but it wasn't a long enough throw. Maybe next time Carter. Then into warehouse! This is my favorite dave song, and it was great to hear. then who woulda thunk. Straight into watchtower. Stefan jammed out quite a bit on the bass. The song was 10 minutes flat. It was great. It took a couple minutes to get dave back out for the encore, but there he came. Guitar in hand, solo and ready to play. I had been hoping to hear the christmas song. I wasn't quite sure what he was goin to play, when he starting making a speach about world peace. Good speech I guess. Sounded great stoned. Anyway... I was thinking possible a one sweet world, but i was hoping for xmas song. Then we heard "This isn't really a religious song, but take it as you will" and that sealed the deal for me. Great song, for a great city. Dave screwed up once. He made a chord ring really bad, and then didn't play the guitar for the remainder of the verse. But was already near the end. Not very noticeable, but nice to hear mr perfect mess up. Haha. Then the final song as everyday. Great song, but as the last song? It was good, and it jammed out a while. Altogether, it was an awesome show. best ever for me. Wanted a better last song, but its kool to leave on a mellow note. Keeps you wanting more without burning you out. But you know what they say "it's better to burn out than to fade away. Peace I'm Out.
Adam P.
What can i say great show....for all you setlist watchers at home bash it if you must, but I was there and it was fantastic...Crush for an opener was surprising and very nice never saw it coming...WWYS was great nice energy, good start to a fine show...Grey street was predictable but thats fine...GIG was cool, amazing grace intro to it...bartender was ok, heard better but not complaning here, PIG was awesome, didn;t expect it but glad to hear it...STDH ehh ok nothing great....SMTS--->Bridge--->Too Much was probably the best part of the show....smts was great and you could feel ASTB coming and Too Much was very powerful and full of energy...Fool to think was a good come down from too much....Loving Wings--->WAYG brought all the radio people back into the concert good versions of both....Dancing Nancies was the best, "Lost somewhere in Atlanta", that was nice....Warehouse was rocking, the wooos were in full effect....One of the best Watchtowers I have heard, Stephan's into was amazing and the whole crowd was really into it...X-Mas song, what else can you say???Dave came out and talked about War and how there should be other ways to handle things, he talked a lot about love and everyone started to feel it coming....the crowd was good during it not to much screaming and such...I was very dissapopinted in Everyday as the closer, not to much energy in that song, i think closers should be full of evergy and loud and make me dance like crazy, but thats just my opnion....But a great show and i am very glad i went...dont listen to the people who watch setlists, just trust the people who were there, it was great
Kavi S.
Amazing show!!!! I've been to so many shows, and I've only found one show better than this one. The setlist was amazing and Dave and the guys gave it their all...Crush was an amazing sounded great and was pretty well jammed out...What would you say was great too...there were some technical difficulties with Dave's vocals, but otherwise it was great...Once I saw the 12-string I knew Grey Street was next...Still some problems with the vocals but Dave really played this out with Carter. He broke his string and just kept going. Grace is Gone is a beautiful song...Vocals were fine at this point and everything sounded so smooth. Bartender!!! This was awesome... Really long jam that was awesome..Everyone was amazing...Pig!!!! This came out of nowhere. One of my alltime favorite Dave songs...Completely loved it...Sleep to Dream Her...Didn't expect to like this song, but it sounded very nice live...Very pure and mellow...SMTS into Too Much was awesome. Everyone went nuts during both of these...Especially Dave, Carter and Boyd. Everyone was really into it at this point. Fool to think kind of calmed everyone down, even though I thought it was pretty good. Loving Wings was awesome...At the end of it Carter just went nuts. He was amazing and unreal. I have only seen him go that insane once before, and it was a sight to see. Everyone was screaming for Carter at this point. This led into the expectable WAYG, which was pretty standard...This is where the concert completely took off...Nancies was awesome!!!! Boyd was out of control...While he was jamming his glasses completely flew across the screen, just to let you know how crazy he was going. I was hoping for a lead into Warehouse and I go it. It was with the Woo's, and it was really good too...Then Stephan just started fooling around with his Bass, and I knew Watchtower was next..An amazing verison, one of the best I've heard...Dave was awesome, and the crowd was really at its best here...Boyd was awesome again...His glasses came off again, and then Carter just took off...He was incredible throughout the night, and this jam just punctuated his abilities. Encore was awesome...He came out and started talking to us about why we shouldn't go to war and saying that all we need is love and thats when it was confirmed that he was coming out with christmas song...I love this song solo, he was awesome. I've never heard this song live before and I was impressed!! I have always loved CS and tonight just made me love it more...Throughout the night the crowd was really good... They sang along with a lot of the songs and were really good, but they let me down when Dave came out with Everday (#36). No one was singing the #36 part, no Hannie's or anything...Have to say that Boyd was awesome again, but really missing the crowd. I think there was a let down with Dave playing Everyday after such a pumped up setlist, but I thought it added the perfect touch..All in all an awesome night. The second best concert by far that I have attended...I think this is the best concert that Atlanta has ever seen...Really great night!!!!!
Brandon C.
This was my fourth show and by far the best show i have seen so far. Jason Miraz suprised me with a very unique sound, but on to DMB. Amazing set list, very solid, and full of energy. Open with crush and this set the stage for the entire night. so much energy during grey street, and grace is gone then followed by bartender (such a powerful song). first time to hear PIG live and was deffintly worth it. SMTS followed by too much then fool, and later an amazing version of dancing nancies which was another first for me. Such and amazing transition from dancing nancies to warehouse, and then ATWT which was amazing. Never thought i would hear those 3 in a row. The whole band was really into this show, energy was the highest i have ever seen in Atlanta, dave did much dancing. And did i mention CHRISTMAS SONG wow.....all around the best show i have seen yet. If your werent there, ya missed a good one.
Jeff M.
Hey y'all! This show was a lot of fun. If you haven't been to Phillips Arena, it's a great venue with a sweet bar called Jocks and Jills inside. This is my 21st show, and I must say that this ranks up there as one of the best. After reading the nancies boards, i have to say tha you had to be there to appreciate the way the guys were playing tonight. They were on fire! Who cares if a lot of songs were repeats, they could have played the same exact set both nights and I would have been just as happy. Here is a quick rundown of the set. CRUSH - wonderful opener, you could tell from the start that the band was ready to rip it up. WWYS - so much energy. GREY STREET - one of my favorite DMB tunes, just keeps getting better each time I hear it. GIG - Holy jam at the end, never heard a better version than this. BARTENDER - I almost cried during this song it was so beautiful and powerful. For a new Christian like me, these words really mean a lot to me. My roomate loved this song. PIG - It's been 4 long years, thank you! SLEEP TO DREAM HER - pleasant surprise, actually sounds a lot better live than on CD, Carter is great on this one. SMTS -> TOO MUCH - really got the crowd going again. Side note about the Atlanta crowd: They were very loud and very respectful, kudoes to us :).....FOOL TO THINK - just worth hearing for Carter's drumming, but not one of my favorites. LOVING WINGS - bad ass jam at the end of this one with the entire jam....Carter was doing some improv that surprised everyone, including his bandmates. WAYG - standard version. NANCIES - first time in 3 years I've heard this, and it was well worth the wait. Absolutely amazing! Boyd was tearing it up! WAREHOUSE - no seque, but still a great version. WATCHTOWER - Unbelievable version, best I've ever heard. Dave broke 4 of his 6 guitar strings by the end of the song. So much energy! The crowd and the band were pumped up after this one! CHRISTMAS SONG - Dave started with this nice message about using out heads to work out the world's problems in order to avoid war. He then talked about how a certain man was all about peace, and started into this beautiful song. And to continue the "peace" theme, the guys closed the show appropriately with EVERYDAY. Everyone was singing "all you need is love" as they were leaving the concert. Wonderful show, can't wait for MCI! Merry Christmas to all, and God bless!
Eric B.
Atlanta- This was my 37th DMB show, and although the setlist looks mediocre at best, the show actually was pretty good, especially from my 3rd row seats. Crush was a great starter, mainly because of Leroi's heat. After this song there WAS a halloween tease, be warned Chicago. Then WWYS was a lot of fun and got the energy a little higher- again here Leroi was all over the harmonica part, with his sax of course- We could see Grace is Gone into Bartender a mile away, and there was nothing special there. Then PIG. Pig was a very welcomed surprise, and one of the highlights of the night- played very well. We could've done without sleep to dream her, although i guess a lot of people needed bathroom breaks then. Then SMTSay into anyone seen the bridge into too much. Pretty standard. That doesn't mean they didn't rip it to shreds though. It was a lot of fun and loud and fast, especially that sick anyone seen the bridge, but it was nothing special. Fool to think was needless, but loving wings was great. I've liked this song since i first heard it, and thought a jam into OSW would've worked perfect tonight, but they thought differently, as they went into WAYgoing. How about less WAYG, and more anyone seen the bridge! Nancies into warehouse would've been great if they had jammed straight into it ala Live at red rocks, but they took about a minute break between songs. Then watchtower of course was the heat. Great 1st encore and speech regarding the war and peace with christmas song. God knows i've waited for this one. I could have done without everyday. i guess we'll never hear #36 in it's virginal form again eh? Fun show had by all. Too many sing-alongers at first, but it evened out. Have fun and be safe and see you in Chicago!
Mike D.
Oh my freakin GOSH!! This was by far and away the GREATEST DMB show ive ever been to, granteed ive only been to 4, but still! Now to the highlights: CRUSH-WOW,My DMB virgin concert goer was hopeing theyd play this, and they obliged right off the bat. She was psyched, as was I. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY- well, "What can I say" about this one? Its a rare classic, very glad to her it. PIG- was a nice surprise, never heard this one live. SMTS----->ASTB---->Too much- was sanwiched in between two awful "Everyday" songs. It was two of only 3 however, so that was good. I heard the opening chords to SMTS, and I called the "bridge" and 2 much. LOVEING WINGS- first time ive seen this one, missed the summer show. pretty tight. Same scenerio with WHERE ARE YOU GOING. WOW, after Where are you going the concert just got 1,000,000 times better. Dave broke into "Could I have been"....and the place went nuts! GREAT NANCIES, was hopeing for this all night. WAREHOUSE- was F***ING ecstatic! first time I had ever heard the ATL do the "WOOS" WATCHTOWER- closed out a KICK Arsh set. For a minute I thought Dave switched to the electric in the middle of the song, but I guess there was a special guest he didnt mention. Anyone know? Dave came out for the encore by himself, and I was thinking, "Oh crap, another Gravedigger" Dave, I am sorry for thinking that! He said "I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and everyone around the world has a wonderful hoilday..." or something like that. When He said that, I knew what was comming...the song Id been hopeing theyd play all night(Since it is close to Christmas)and they did. I went NUTS. i got up, in my nose bleed seats, and started twerling my shirt. Beutiful CHRISTMAS SONG. If this archive is correct its the first time sine 2000 theyve played it! EVERYDAY- not the best show closer in the world, but it will do. I was the ONLY ONE doing the "Hani Hanis'" and I could hardly hear it, cause my voice was gone by now. All in all, a KILLER show. TOttally makes up for missing the summers show. but I STILL have never seen two step live :-(. On one final note, they boys were on. Dave talked more then he did in July, from what ive heard on my CD, and he kept giveing props to Carter, and carter stood up, and waved his arms. boyd looked good playing right next to Dave during i beleive Warehouse. It was somewhere in those AWESOME last 5 songs! They still got it! Thanks for comming back DMB! See yall next summer!
Jeff L.
Another great atlanta show!!! Crush was a nice beginning with a semi-slow starting night. Then they got it going with Grey Street, Bartender, and Pig. Then they RIPPED it up with So Much to Say into Too Much! This combo was explosive! Boyd's glasses hit the floor twice tonight!!! Loving Wings seemed to have a different taste to it. Carter ended it much louder than usual. It sounded wonderful! Warehouse and watchtower very nice to hear again and man it's been a while since i've heard Nancies!!! Dave spoke a lot about peace and war and it seemed to put out this really warm and secure feeling for Christmas Song. 1995 Omni in Atlanta he played it too, kinda cool.... brought back memories.. dave summed it up, all ya need is love, love, love...
Pierce C.
This was my 7th show since '96 and it blew the other 6 away hands down. Crush was an awesome start to the show and it seemed to only get better from there on. They were all so full of energy. I have never seen Dave and even Stefan dance so much around the stage. Carter was off the hook!! Highlights - WWYS and Grey Street were great. Grace is Gone was really cool, it had a really nice jam at the end, definately the best live version I have heard. Bartender was awesome as usual. Pig was a great surprise! I had never heard it live and it was awesome! STDH was much better live from when I heard it in 01, nice little jam at the end. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much was spectacular! Dave and Stefan were dancing all over the place. Loving Wings had an awsome drum solo in it - Carter did this several times throughout the show. He was really showing out - it was awesome. Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Watchtower all together to end the set!!! I about pooped my pants - need I say more. Dave could have busted a vocal cord on the end of Watchtower he was screaming so much. Dave came out for the encore to play the Christmas Song and talked about how we should all love one another and he spoke a little while about the possibilities of war and how we should find other solutions. He said that the next song (Christmas Song) was about one person who lived his life spreading love. They closed out with everyday which was nice and I assume they played that to end out the show by spreading some love. I would have preferred to hear some Trippin Billies but since the first set was so spectacular, I had little to complain about the closing song. Simply Spectacular concert!!
J L.
Not a bad show, I would rate maybe around a 6 or 7. Quick Basic review. Crowd was great. Pig and Grey St.- very good. Great Halloween Tease. Great to hear Nancies-Warehouse. Sleep to Dream Her...surprise to say the least, none the less its better than not seeing Dave at all. X-mas song- awesome, everyone was singing in the whole arena, low enough for a light whisper, but loud enough for you to know that everyone there actually knew the song. We sat in a great section, lots of Warehouse Members. Good gang for some Dave talk. Everyday to finish- good and solid, really fit with Dave's speak about Iraq and stuff before Xmas song. Crowd sang #36 then ended with #36, pretty cool. Couldnt expect much more. Looking forward to Chicago, Univ Ill and "The Last Stop"!!!!
Hey all. First let me start out by saying thanks for the dude that blew chunks in front of me so I could snag his seats. Overall amazing show. Crush - yeah, as an opener it doesn't get any better the this, my second Crush Opener What Would You Say - yeah i knew it was coming, pretty standard Grey Street - love it, with the new video out and all I kind got into it more then ever. Great jam. Dave broke a string on this one. Grace Is Gone- Best ever, simply put Carter and Roi took over Bartender- its Bartender, got to love it, just amazing, long Butch solo :upyours Pig - Great placment, got the crowd even more into the show Sleep To Dream Her - was not expecting this one since it hadn't been played since May. I love this tune, it reminds me of the old school days, nice Roi action in it So Much to Say- got the crowd jumping again after a little slow down from the previous song Bridge- yeah I love it, wasn't as good as Alpines but damn good Too Much - great energy on this one. The crowd cheer the most on this song then for any other one of the night. Fool To Think - not a bad ED song to hear Loving Wings - HIGHLIGHT of the Night(other then the X-mas song) Carter took this to a new level. He had to go on for a good 2 minutes just going nuts on the drums. Awesome, best version of this song ever. Where Are You Going- yeah i knew it was coming, i like the song, but it should take a break for a while. Nancies- yeah Boyd did his thing, glass falling all off and everything, amazing, with a dave and BT duel Warehouse - yeah the Woos were cool. Great song as well. Watchtower- yeah the combo of Nancies warehouse and watchtower was simply amazing. Watchtower was insane!! --- Dave started the encore by giving us a speech on why we shouldn't get invloved in the Iraq mess, many people got angery about this, I however didn't get angry, I just let the man express his opinion, although I may not agree with him. Christmas Song - he started out by saying that "this is not nessesarly a reliegous song". Great to hear after a long 2 year hiatus. love this one. Everyday - probably the worest part of tonights show. I am not a big fan of Everyday as an encore closer. But i did enjoy it. All in all a great night 4 out of 5. There was a "tease" if that is what you would like to call it. Halloween before What Would You Say. There was also a setlist change. The last 4 songs were to be the following: Nancies,#41, Song That Jane Likes, and Watchtower rather then Nancies, warehouse, Watchtower. The band also started very late tonight becasue of some technical issues with BT's amp. Thanks all for tonight, see you in champagin!!
Jonathan W.
Odd day....had no tickets coming into this the grace of God, and a superb DMB fan in Nashville, I had 2 by 2:30...made it to ATL about 30 minutes before DMB came onstage, very sad to miss mraz, but we can't all have everything.....First off, I must say that Phillips Arena is awesome, and downtown ATL in general was great....Phillips seemed like a wonderful place to see a concert, not too many bad seats in the seats were phenomenal, sec 118, right above where the boys walked onstage, so I had a great view, and the sound was impressive...Now to the set: I predicted Crush, and nontheless got it and it was really good, great energy, crowd really got into it, singing above Dave for the most part...WWYS, solid version....Grey St.....Dave strapped on the 12 string and they ran through a high energy version, Dave destroyed a string....Grace Is Gone, solid as ever, Dave put a lot of emotion on it, and they all had a nice jam for the end....Bartender, amazing version, Butch played a cool solo much to the delight of Boyd, followed by a great Roi pennywhistle outro...Pig, so happy to hear this, they brought it back this summer, but I didn't get to hear it, and was hoping to hear it tonight....crowd really got into the "Love, love love..."...STDH...mellow, not my favorite song, but was cool to hear, crowd wasn't into it....SMTS-->ASTB-->2much, brought down the house, picked up all lost fans, Dave did a crazy ass dance during ASTB, Fonz was jammin as always...FTT...crowd didn't really like it, but I was really impressed, good live song, I was really impressed by Carter's drumming on this one, never noticed it before on this song...Loving Wings, really has developed since I saw it in Nashville this summer, great jam at the fans delight, solid version nontheless...Nancies--->Warehouse (glad you got to hear this Legrand)....really glad I was here for this..old school kick ass Nancies was off the hook, crowd loved it, and energy stayed up for Warehouse...Watchtower, great version, Boyd lost his shades, he was jamming so hard, Dave sang his heart out....Dave came out and spoke out against war, but the thing I respected most was that he said (while the crowd was cheering in support) "this is just how I feel"...making the point that this is not how we have to feel.....and I feel so lucky to hear Christmas Song, wish Carter and Fonz had come out, but was special to see with just Dave..crowd sang along the whole time and was very specail tonight....Everyday, knew this was coming as I saw one of the roadies put Boyds WAWA pedal out, but nice to hear and kept the "love" feeling going...crowd didn't pick up the Hani's until the end, put it was awesome when they did. Solid show all around, not the greatest set I ahev seen, but the energy DMB had, and the crowd support made it a really special night.....One of the coolest things I got to see with having such good seats was the band all forming around Carter between songs, almost in a huddle, and to see them having a good time with each other.....thanks for the memories, and I'll see yall in ILLINI! Oh BTW, did anyone else catch the Halloween tease Fonz did early on? And I loved the Halloween Pumpkin sign I saw on the front row.
Alex H.
OK, I'll just go through it song by song...CRUSH: awesome opener, nothing too specatacular about this one. What Would You Say: This was about the only song my section really got down with and started dancing, i had a really bad section that sat down through most of the songs, even Watchtower (impossible). GREY STREET: pretty good.....GRACE IS GONE: nothing fancy about this one, just DMB. BARTENDER: awesome version of Bartender. i love the yelling at the end. PIG!!!!!wow, this was so unexpected. it was the best. except no one around me knew what it was. I was so glad to hear this song though. SLEEP TO HER DREAM: this seemed to be most everyones bathroom break of the show, wasnt too good. SO MUCH TO SAY: Pretty good, not the best version I've heard but still great. ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE?: ha, no one knew what was gonig on during this one, but Dave was awesome. He started dancing and stuff and wow it was the best dancing I've seen Dave do ever. TOO MUCH: Really great, everyone around ne was wondering how i knew it would come next...haha. FOOL TO THINK: This is one of my favorite songs from everyday. For some reason i just like the opening chords he plays. LOVING WINGS: pretty good. Awesome Carter solo at the end! WHERE ARE YOU GOING: nothing too special about this one. DANCING NANIES: wasnt really expecting this one because they played it last night. really good though. WAREHOUSE: Loved the stop-time intro. overall awesome. WATCHTOWER: didnt think theyed play this one. but it was a great closer for the show. CHRISTMAS SONG: good to hear an oldie, everyone in the arena was singing so it sounded pretty cool. EVERYDAY: not a very good encore song, I was hoping they'd play a song after that but oh well. Overall it was an awesome show, and to hear some of my favorites played.
Travis D.
All I have to say about this show is wow. Show number nine for me and the just keep getting better. The night started of with Crush. I don't know if I like this for an opener, but I know I was glad to hear it. Then it was WWYS, Standard version but the crowd was really into it now. Grey Street, I still haven't gotten tired of hearing this song, and with the video just starting to get played I wanted to hear it more. GIG, just a wonderful song, that could never be bad. And the PIG haven't heard this since 99 and boy did I miss it. I love that song and the rest of the crowd did too. Dave made a lyric change to "here are we on this wintery night staring into space and I must say I feel as small as a snowflake floating down here."great version with cool jam at the end. STDH Really took the crowd out of it, most sat down or headed to the bathrooms. It was a great tune though. SMTS-ASTB-TM Yeah that combo will never get old and the entire place was on it's feet singing and dancing through the whole thing. FTT saw it this summer, and last so I really didn't need to hear it agian, but it was played very well. Loving Wings..well it's different than it was on the summer tour. It's a lot more mellow through all the parts where Dave sings, and the jam builds up right at the end. And Oh My God if Carter didn't show off ever little skill he has on the end of this song. I mean he just went off, and kept the entire bands attention b/c you couldn't tell if he was ever going to stop. You need to get a copy of this show just for that. WAYG Standard with nothing worth commenting on. Dancing Nancies my first time with the whole band. Boyd..played the best and longest jam at the end that I have ever heard..get this show. Warehouse..good to hear this year, rocked as usual. Just when I knew it was Watchtower time Stephan comes in with the national anthem. That was so sweet. and watchtower WOW. Dave must have screamed "Howl" forever before ending the song...It Rocked. Then it's encore time..Dave comes out and gives a 5 minutes speach on why war is bad, and while he's talking he is playing the music to Light Lift ME UP. I must have been the only person there that had ever heard that song, B/c I went nuts and stayed alone in my nutness. Anyway then it was the christmas song. I Love this song. Dave again said that he wasn't sure about what happens after life. but this wasn't a religious song, it was about a man that always solved problems with peace. Then was good but I would have liked more up tempo song for closer
Josh G.
Show number 25. Not the greatest but definately not the worst. Only my third time seeing the guys indoors and i must say it takes away from the atmosphere. Crush was an excellent opener, it got my ready for what i thought would be an unforgettable show. WWYS pretty standard, of course the crowd went nuts bc they actually knew this song. Grey st-we knew this one was coming. was nice to hear as always though. Now this is where i thought the show was going to peak. GIG was incredible, Bartender was awesome and then PIG! Dave was completely lost on PIG, he couldnt remember the lyrics to save his life but it still jammed and i must say Carter was destroying his kit. very good. Then a complete let down for almost half an hour. STDH, i thought this song was put away forever, as it should be, but they decided to play it. Not one of my favorites but it was rare so i kind of had an appreciation for it. Then the DMB classic. SMTS->Too Much. Please retire these songs from the live shows. Yes they are good songs but when youve seen them almost every show youve attended they get old. Fool to Think was pretty standard, not bad but not great. Then the show picked back up. Best Loving Wings Ive heard live or recorded. Once again Carter went off, WAYG crowd pleaser. people making out. take it somewhere else. Then Nancies, i must say this was the highlight, Boyd was getting down. Warehouse was good to hear, stefan and carter pointing for the Woos. Watchtower was watchtower. Encore: dave came out and spoke for a bit about why we shouldnt go to war, and how hes not real religious so it known that Christmas Song was next. My first time hearing it without Tim, so that was neat. Everyday was good although the crowd had no clue about #36. i think everyone was expecting Ants to follow but nope the lights came on and it was over. as i said earlier not a bad show but no where near the top. and again, i continue to wait for the Last Stop. oh well theres always next time!
My thoughts on last nights show. First off I think it was an excellent show, especially from the second row (Thank You Warehouse)! The songs all sounded great and the boys seemed really into it. Dave was dancing all over the place. Everyone seemed extremely on. Stefan sounded awesome during Crush and Watchtower was incredible. Dave and Carter kept making motions during Stefan's intro and they really seemed to enjoy it. Roi had some great solos and I noticed he had his glasses off during SMTS.SMTS->ASTB->TM was great with Dave doing some great dancing. Loving Wings started off like it did all summer but by the end it was awesome. Carter did some great drumming and it almost sounded like they were going to go into Ants. Nancies and Warehouse were wonderful as always. During Nancies at one point Dave had this smirk on his face and he was kinda shaking his bootie. It was really cute. When they were setting up for the encore I noticed the wah-wah pedal and assumed we would get Everday, which was good but my favorite part of the encore was X-mas Song. Dave talked about war and peace before starting it so I wasn't sure what he would sing but once he started talking about a peaceful man I figured it was X-mas. It was very beautiful and I hope to hear it again sometime this tour. I'd say the only low point was STDH. The arena was very quiet during this song. It kind of killed all of the energy from the first 6 songs but SMTS definitely picked it back up. Overall, I think this was a very good show and I cannot wait until Chicago and MSG!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Great setlist guys! A super job covering the song spectrum. Great to see Dave into it and dancing his nuts off during Anyone Seen the Bridge!! They played Pig which was an absolute suprise and a much appreciated choice!! His solo of Christmas Song was moving and he gave a little disertation on the wrongs of war before he began playing. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and want to thank Warehouse for the seats and Dave and the boys for making Atlanta a stop on this mini-tour!! STAY LONGER IN ATLANTA NEXT TIME THROUGH DAVE!
Kris S.
This was my fourth show and I have to say, I believe my favorite and most energetic. Though a lot of songs were repeated from the night before, who really cares, its not like all of us that were at the ATL show had gone to the Tampa show. Ok now on to the show. CRUSH: Great opener. Everyone seemed to know it and sang along which was great. Oh and lets not forget Carter. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: I called a GS next but they surprised me w/ WWYS. Kept the energy going from crush. GREY STREET: Now they pulled out GS. Even though played at almost every show, nobody can deny that they don't like hearing dave go off on the last few lines. GRACE IS GONE: Cooled everyone down but I was surprised by how many people knew the words. LeRoi owns the end of this song. BARTENDER: Third time I've heard this and it was still great. Probably the best one I've heard personally. At end instead of going straight into pennywhistle, Butch got a nice little solo, and from where I was sitting it looked as if Dave walked off stage for awhile, but I might be mistaken. PIG: Wow, one I've been looking for for awhile now and finally got it. Though in my section it seemed as if nobody knew what it was. My friends and I jumped and yelled when it started and everyone just stood there. Oh well. SLEEP TO DREAM HER: Whoa! Where did this come from!? This totally cleared my row. My friends and I were the only ones standing, hell we were the only ones left in our section practically. Could have done without this one. SMTS->ASTB->TM: I'm just going to lump these together. Another combination I'd been hoping for. Singing from crowd again was perfect and dave's dancing during ASTB was classic. FOOL TO THINK: Third time I've heard this and I really enjoy this song. Again my section cleared and I really just dont believe this song deserves that. Its really improved since ED. LOVING WINGS: This was definently improved. LeRoi has an extended part at the end now and then Carter took it away. I'm pretty sure his drumming was improvised there at the end. Everyone needs to hear a recording of this, the end was extravagant. WHERE ARE YOU GOING: Yeah pretty standard. DANCING NANCIES: Sweet! Boyd was having so much fun with this one. Its like he was never going to stop. I was hoping dave would say something about being lost in GA, or Atlanta or something but no luck. WAREHOUSE: I was hoping they'd go into this but before they did, they had a minute or so of this jam that sounded like some hybrid satellite. I was sorta dissapointed but then bam, warehouse. And personally, I love the whoo's. You can tell the band really enjoys them. WATCHTOWER: Another one I hadn't heard. Loudest song I've probably ever heard at a DMB concert too. Great intensity to round out the set. XMAS SONG: Before he played this, Dave talked about peace and how he couldnt understand how we might start up another war when all that war has ever done was destroy families and countries. Xmas song was great to hear. I was hoping for a #40 but that was stretching it, but I think I liked this one even more. EVERYDAY (36): Well I'm still not sure about this one. I love the song but was hoping for a bit better to end show. My friends and I and a few others were singing "Honey Honey" at beginning which was pretty cool. And then when Dave sung one of the verses from #36, I almost died. Never thought I'd ever hear a verse from this song live. But then the song ended pretty quick after that but all in all a great show. Nothing too different from summer, but hey!, they never stated that it would be. Hope to see you guys next year.
Tom B.
IGNORE ANYONE WHO HATED THIS SHOW!!! I personally can't understand for one second anyone (who actually saw the show, not just read the setlist) having a bad time here. If anyone disliked this performance, it can be said with certainty that they are no fan of the Dave Matthews Band, or of music much in general. Plain and simple, bottom line, DMB played its collective ass off tonight. Except for the three Everyday songs, this show felt like something out of '98. If sticking to shorter tours has something to do with the keeping the energy level high, I'm all for it. Dave was dancing early on, something I didn't really see in that long summer tour. Everyone in the band seemed to be having a great time. This was perhaps the best DMB performance I've personally witnessed. Maybe the setlist didn't capture everyone's fancy, but hell, they're a band, not a jukebox. And as I've said before, if you concentrate on what WASN'T played instead of what WAS, you're missing out. But that's your problem. The show highlights for me: obviously Warehouse, my all-time favorite DMB tune. A nice 12 minute Bartender, with what sounded like a new part from Butch before Roi brought in the pennywhistle. Dancing Nancies. Christmas Song. Watchtower. OK, so Watchtower and the SMTS > ASTB > TM combo may be getting old. But throw some fresh energy on those songs and they sound just as good as ever. Tonight reminded me why I became a fan of the Dave Matthews Band in the first place. The crowd mostly seemed very into it (only a few empty seats I saw, at the top of the section behind the stage, no great surprise that those didn't sell). To the complainers: I suggest you take a little break from DMB and come back. I was getting burned out, so I hadn't been listening to band much lately. Tonight was like getting a phone call from an old friend out of the blue. They've still got it.
Ed R.
What a great show! Crush is one of my favorites, haven't heard it live in years. Now I'm sure Stefan is a really nice guy, but for three seconds he turned into a total @$$hole for playing the bass line for Halloween. Bartender was close to 15 minutes, and for one of my friends, it was probably the closest she'll ever get to heaven. First time hearing Pig live, it was a nice treat. The ASTB jam had everyone on stage grooving, and I don't think I've ever seen Stefan so animated. I like the longer jam after Loving Wings, and my fiance was having a great time with an inside joke on Where Are You Going. Awesome Nancies>Warehouse, witht the "whooo!" from the crowd getting accented by the house lights coming up in time with the chant. The show could have ended after Warehouse and I would have left a happy man. Nice Dave/Stefan duet into Watchtower, and strong solos by Boyd, Butch, and LeRoi. Xmas Song was beautiful, and the Everyday>#36 jam was a smooth way to close out the show. In terms of setlists, this probably ranks as the best show I've seen, and it's up there in the top three shows period. Also, a hello to the young lady sitting next to my fiance, sorry I never got your name. But you asked if I was going to post on Nancies, and here it is. A great evening, and I wish I wasn't so friggin' broke so I could follow the rest of the tour.
John H.
THis was an incredible show. I have been to a lot of dave matthews band shows, but this was by far the best. There seemed to be a lot of positive energy during the concert. For the most part everyone seemed to be into the concert. Opening up with Crush was good. I heard this song in Charlotte last summer, but it seemed a little different. I especially liked Grey Street. This is a great live song and im sure it will be a crowd favorite for years to come. Also from the Busted Stuff Cd he played Where are You Going, Grace is Gone and Bartender. THese songs were great i love Daves emotinon during Bartender. Grace is Gone was a wonderful song. I believe this could be the next Crash as far as Crowd favorites. The jam on this song was incredible. Loving Wings was a great song i especially enjoyed it. THe jam on this song was really good especailly Carter on the drums. I like how they faded into Where are YOu GOing also. So Much to Say was a great song and i loved the fade into Too Much. THis reminded me of the live at chicago cd. It was awesome how dave was dancing during this song. The back to back to back Dancing Nancies, Wherehouse, and Watchtower trio was maginficant. This was by far the best stretch of the concert. THe jams on these songs were incredible. It was the first time i have seen nancies and watchtower. BOyd was incredible on the violin during nancies. He was so intense and the crowd was loving it. Stefan was awesome on leading into watchtower. Awesome as always. Leroi Moore was also good during this concert. I love his beats on What Would You Say and of course Watchtower. I also love they way his instrument sounds on Grey Street incredible beats. He even took off his glasses during the concert. THe biggest suprise of the night for me was Dont Burn the Pig. THis was incredible. He rarely plays this song and it was quite a treat. DAVE MAKE THIS A LIVE CD IT WAS THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. The sound in Philps was awesome and i think the band loved playing at this venue. THe encore was good. I was suprised about Christmas song i thought he was going to sing Gravedigger. Im so glad he sang the Christmas SOng it was perfect for the moment. I loved the way the crowd was singing the lyrics. It was also awesome when dave came out and told us some of his views on the world. He said there are better ways of solving things instead of bombing and i certainly agree. Everyday was a good version i love how they mix with #36. All and all this was great show. TO be honest i did not want to see it end. I only see Dave twice a year and i hope he comes back here next year. This was a special night for Atlanta the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND put on a great show. Every band member was in full form. I forgot to mention butch taylor was incredible as always especially on Watchtower. What a great show from a great band and a great city. I love the dave matthews band and i cant wait to see them again.
this was my 14th show. and i have to say the amount of posers in my section (and in the whole place) was staggering. songs like sleep to dream and loving wings were used as "sit down time" or "bathroom break." well that's all about the crowd, my girlfriend said dont let in bother me. the boys were good, not great, but good. just a solid show. the first half was a little slow (grey street, grace and bartender all in a row?) highlight for me was nancies and warehouse, boyd errupted on nancies and warehouse was just nicely done. glad to hear christmas song (why all the clapping during the chorus, i will never know). phillips arena is the nicest indoor venue ive ever been in.
John C.
This is the third show I have been to in 2002 and by far the best. I went to the Atlanta show during the summer and the Tennessee show also. First of all, Crush as an opener is amazing. This goes for every song Dave sings, but the words that Dave sings in Crush, he definitely means. It is one of the greatest love songs of all time. What Would You Say was unbelievable (first time I had ever heard it live). Grey Street was pretty typical, but an awesome song as well. Nothing too different from Grace is Gone, but it makes all of the drunks in the crowd start swaying back and forth relating to each word sang. Bartender is such a great song! It was jammed-out and Dave makes a lot of funny facial expressions when he goes off near the end. PIG!!! Pig was amazing! Glad that this one popped up! I love Sleep to Dream Her and it is a rarity. Many of the fans went for beer runs and to use the restroom when this one began. So Much to Say into Anyone Seen the Bridge was a great treat! The instruments sounded lovely. Too Much, simply put, ROCKED! Everyone was dancing, and I do mean everyone (an old lady who was an usher at Philips last night, was really getting into Too Much :-) ). Fool To Think is beautiful, but it is definitely starting to become typical. Loving Wings is a great song, but not a fan favorite... this one brought about another beer run for many. Same for Where Are You Going, though more fans were singing along with this one. DANCING NANCIES!!!! On my God!! This song is one of the reasons I became a DMB fans so many years ago. Warehouse!!!! Good lord, my life is now complete, I can die a happy man!!! Both of these songs had the crowds jumping, dancing, and 'moving like a jellyfish'. All Along The Watchtower has always been a favorite of mine and after last night, I love it even more! For the first encore, Dave came out alone and talked about how he didn't agree with war and we should all love each other. Then he went into CHRISTMAS SONG; such a pleasant and beautiful song! And finally, the band came back out and closed an amazing show with an amazing song... Everyday is so pretty... This show was full of energy and passion from both the band and the fans.
This was one of the better Dave Matthews Concerts I have attended. I was a bit worried at seeing the setlist for the night before. However Dave and the guys pulled out one hell of a night. Loving wings was very nice, it was good to hear it with the whole band. Also, Dave's speech about why we should not go to war was inspirational. The Christmas Song was a nice addition. The thing that made this show most fun was that the band had fun, when they have fun, we do too.
Charlie I.
Pretty decent show. This was my sixth and not my favorite. Opened up with Crush which was good. Surprisingly my first time seeing it. I dont think it was a great opener though. WWYS is always good. Gret Street was predictable but always good. The best Grace is Gone I have ever seen. Finished it with a lot energy. Bartender was very good. But, you couldnt really hear him go off in the end because the crowd drowned him out. Pig was great. Didnt expect it. Sleep to Dream Her- worst on Everyday. So Much to Say and Too Much is always good. A lot of energy there. Fool to Think I could have gone with out. Im a big fan of Loving Wings and I thought it was well done. WAYG sounded like the radio. An OK show and then they bust out Dancing Nancies. BADASS!! Havent seen it since 96. By far the highlight of the show. That with Warehouse following was perfect. Just like the ole days. Watchtower was great. One of the first times Ive liked Butch in this one (anyone else notice his fro? different look for him). Then dave comes out and exposes his politacal views about war and how we shouldnt fight and etc....liberal. Xmas Song was great and Everyday was good too. But it was a weak encore. Missed What you Are. All in all a good show. Not the best but worth the 4 hour trip.
Not a bad show at all! First time I've ever been to Phillips and I thought it was a really kick ass venue. CRUSH - never heard it as an opener, I thought it was kinda weird for an opener, but it's still a great song. In between Crush and WWYS when Dave was walking around messing around on the guitar he played the first three notes of Haloween, got me pretty excited but it never happened. WWYS - very standard, lots of energy, awesome solo from Leroi. GREY STREET - I liked this better before BS came out and he would change the words around, but its still nice to hear. GIG - Stefan had a little slide solo on the bass at the beginning, good jam at the end, it was different than previous GIG's that i've heard. BARTENDER - this song rocks, Dave was wailing better than ever at the end and Butch had a nice solo during the jam. PIG - I was really happy to hear this one cause its one of my favorites and the only time I've ever heard it was at the Woodlands this summer when they completely screwed up the "baby i'll go out" part. They nailed it this time, the song kicked ass. STDH - I really don't know why they decided to bring this one back, I never really cared for it. About half of the arena emptied out to go to the bathroom. It did sound better than previous times I've heard though, for those of you who like the song. SMTS>ASTB>TOO MUCH - I love hearing this jam and will never get tired of it, it ROCKS. Dave was dancing like a maniac during the bridge and the guys were all smiling and laughing,looked like they were having a great time FTT - Kinda killed the energy of the previous songs, but at least he didn't play i did it or the space between, first time in a LONG time I've been to a show with out hearing one of those. LOVING WINGS - As soon as I heard it I got mad, because I knew WAYG was up next. This song has improved ten times since when I heard it this summer. At the end they sped up into a really cool fast jam, and then Carter tore up a short little drum solo (afterwards he through his sticks to the fans behind him, I guess there is an advantage to sitting back there). WAYG - I actually thought they weren't going to play it because they stopped after loving wings, but they did. I wasn't even that upset because loving wings was so good. NANCIES - I finally got to hear this song!!! It was awesome, jam at the end ruled, boyd tore it up. WAREHOUSE - The energy really got high with the WOOO's at the beginning. Standard warehouse, but it still rocked. WATCHTOWER - great solo by Stefan at the begginning, he's amazing. The crowd went nuts during this song, probably the highest energy of the night. nothing new, but it still jammed like hell. CHRISTMAS SONG - before he played the song Dave gave a long speech about his anti-war in Iraq sentiments and how we should all just be peaceful and how he thought it was strange that after all the horrible wars we've had that we still wanted more. Then this girl in front of me just went absolutely crazy. She started cussing Dave out and saying how much bullshit everything he was saying was. She said that she lost all respect for Dave and that he was influencing all of the kids there and that he was an idiot. Wow, chill out lady, everybody's entitled to their opinions. Anyway, Christmas Song was very pretty, good song to start the encore with. EVERYDAY - coulda asked for more from the encore, but everyday was still good. He actually sang a verse from #36 at the end instead of just singing the "hani hani" part. All in all it was a pretty good show.
Thomas W.
Holy Crap! that was by far the best show ive been to of his, and that was my 3rd! it was soo great! they were into it i was into it my friends were especialy into it and even my DAD liked it! I couldnt blieve he played Wharehouse AND All along the watchtower, those 2 songs are soo jammin! Ive been listnin to him since everyday and im only 15 but He is the coolest guy and that was the greatest show. he played every song i wanted him to and even more! Bartender and Christmas Song were also WAY cool! dang that was soo Shibby, im still stoked bout it and tellin everyone at skool! dam!
Kim W.
This was my first show, and I had no idea which songs to expect. Would have been thrilled with any songs, but WOW, look at what I got!!! CRUSH as a opener, my all-time favorite, and the crowd sang every word. Then, WWYS, rockin' song, the crowd was in to it. Then, the best three from Busted Stuff, GREY ST., which is awesome live, GIG, and BARTENDER, which brought the house down. This song is so powerful live, it gave me shivers. Then, Oh my god, couldn't believe it, PIG, never would have expected it. The place went wild. SLEEP TO DREAM HER, not one of my faves, but the crowd didn't leave, and I think Dave really likes this song, he was really into it. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much-this kicked ass, the band and the crowd were jamming and grooving. FOOL TO THINK, LOVING WINGS and WAYG mellowed things out and brought the energy level down, but only temporarily. LOVING WINGS was interesting to hear, couldn't hear the first part very well over the crowd, but by the end, really enjoyed the song. THEN, things went crazy with, DANCING NANCIES-never expected to hear this one, fantastic; WAREHOUSE-this song is incredible live and the woos rocked the roof; and WATCHTOWER-really wonderful to see live, Dave and Boyd going back and forth with their jams was something to see. Then, the encore: CHRISTMAS SONG. This is the most beautiful song, Dave came out solo, I can't believe I was so lucky to hear this. EVERYDAY/#36 closed the show, and the crowd belted out their "Hani, Hani's" with enthusiasm and in all the right places. The people around me kept saying how lucky I was to get this set as my first show, and I agree. I think there were mostly hardcore fans in ATL, because everybody knew all the words to all the songs, except maybe Loving Wings, I think we even outsang the band sometimes, but didn't mean to. Lots of energy from the audience, but the band seemed pretty mellow. All in all, I am now officially hooked, and would travel around the world to see DMB, if I could. WOW!
Tamela Y.
I would like to first state what a pleasure it was to attend this show. Others will give you the song-by-song, so I will hopefully supply other interesting information. First, those guys put their hearts and souls into their music and this show. Dave danced--from Crush on--more than I have ever seen live. He was in some kind of mood! He played with so much passion that he broke three guitar strings. Boyd jammed so hard that his sunglasses fell off twice. Stephan did his famous intro to Watchtower, and then it was he and Dave for an unusual while until the rest joined in. Nancies was old school--very much like on Red Rocks but unique too. Those two songs gave me chills in addition to the tears that so often well into my eyes at these shows. Carter's fans (both those sitting directly behind him, and, at the end of the show--those out front)were rewarded with I don't know how many drumsticks. For the first time I was seated at an angle where I could actually watch his arms and hands move. They were just a blur at times. And you can always count on LeRoi's steady, subdued, but remarkable talent. Before playing The Christmas Song, Dave talked about how he isn't sure about his personal beliefs regarding religion, but he likes the message of peace most of all in the song. He said he knows there are bad people in the world and there are people in the world who don't know about love, but he is sure there is a way to deal with it all other than dropping bombs. He also wished us all a happy holiday season and upcoming year . . . and year after that :o) and so on. Other points--First, someone wrote for the Tampa show that Loving Wings had filled out some. It really has. Second, the crowd here in Atlanta seemed a little newbie-ish at times. They didn't seem to grasp the specialness of hearing Pig after the 2001 test of wills. They also needed help from Boyd with the Hani-Hani during Everyday. I kind of liked that though. It's nice to know new people are catching on. Some will, I'm sure, complain about ending with Everyday. I, for one, thought it fit well with The Christmas Song and the season. Yes, it surprised me; like anyone, I would have loved to jam out again, but we did p-l-e-n-t-y of that at this show. It was a fine ending, and I thank goodness I had the sense to go! Here they come, Chicago!!!!!
Chris B.
Not the best DMB show of the five I've seen, but a solid show. Crush was suprisingly great as an opener. The whole band came out with a lot of energy, especially Dave who danced quite a bit all night. WWYS and Grey Street were both very well played. GIG is SO darn good now with the jam at the end. Then Bartender, one of the highlights of the night. Dave's vocals were amazing...what a powerful song to experience live! Pig was great to hear (1st time for me live), and the crowd really seemed to get into this one. STDH was a bit too mellow for me, but SMTS->ASTB->Too Much picked the show right back up. Dave had the wildest dancing I've ever seen for this one... Fool to Think, Loving Wings, and WAYG were all standard, and then a big-time crowd-pleaser: Dancing Nancies (with Boyd going completely nuts), Warehouse, and Watchtower back-to-back-to-back! It was a very energetic ending to the set, but the highlight had to be the encore with Christmas Song (after about 5 minutes of Dave speaking about world peace). Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Everyday (#36) was a great closer. Alltogether, pretty solid show. Can't wait till next year...out.
Towers R.
Dave and the boys took the stage a little later than usual, and almost immediately after strapping on his bass Fonz was noodling around the intro to Crush. I had my doubts about this song as an opener, but they tore it up. I never would have called WWYS, which turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. The boys really seemed to be getting into it. This was my third time hearing Grey Street; Dave screwed up the lyrics at least twice, but it was still solid. The jam on GiG is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine, and Fonz played a little "Amazing Grace" on the slid for us as an intro. Bartender=WOW. This was the first time I've heard Butch take a solo during the jam; it was tight. Best version of Pig I've heard live. Sleep to Dream Her was like getting hit with a mac truck; the only possible redeeming factor were a few surprises from Carter. SMTS--Bridge--TM: the band really ripped new holes in all of these. They were very obviously feeling them tonight. Also, the lights during Too Much are amazing. FTH has become a pretty sweet live song, but he hasn't breathed life into this Everyday tune the way he has with So Right and What You Are. I wasn't really feeling it. Carter went off on Loving Wings and surprised some of the others; the camera stayed on him after his solo and you could see Stefan telling him just how badass he is. WAYG was standard. Nancies: I never thought I would hear this song live again after it fell out of the rotation, so I was going crazy. Awesome version. Boyd went on a rampage and dueled with Dave, Carter, and Fonz. There was some weird, kind of not-good-sounding... thing between Nancies and what turned out to be one of the best versions of Warehouse I've heard. I personally was really feeling Warehouse last night. Watchtower was tight, although I've heard it more times than I care to. I called Christmas Song during the encore break, and it was mesmerizing. To the dude in front of me that told Dave to "Shut his hole and play the fucking song" during his little schpeal before Christmas Song: be glad Dave was talking about the horrors of war and the evils of violence, or I would have gnawed your face off. Then comes the most confusing thing about the evening: Everyday as the encore closer. Everyday is by no means a bad song. It's actually really sweet live with the crowd singing the "Hani, Hani's..." Even when a good version is played, however, I would question it as an encore closer. This was NOT a good version. The crowd was DEAD and there was NO jam... In any case, it was a solid show. Even if the set had been lacking (in my opinion, it was a very tight set)they were playing better than I've ever heard them. Carter especially was on fire last night.
Nathan Y.
I think the best way to make that difficult return to reality after experiencing an evening with DMB is to talk your head off about the show, so here it goes....first of all, what a venue!! The connecting hotel/food court made it possible to grab some good food and drinks with other fans before the show without having to walk around in the freezing cold. On to the show (#20 for me)....Crush as an opener seemed a bit strange to me; its alittle slow for my taste, but it certainly got the crowd into it. What Would You Say kept the crowd going. That instrumental break that Dave starts on the guitar is still one of my favorite moments for the band. Grey Street and Grace is Gone, while both solid songs, were placed in the set to please the radio listener. The jam at the end of GIG gets better every time I hear it. Bartender didn't seem to fit, but the jam at the end shined anyway. I liked Butch at end of that one. Onto the highlight of the evening...PIG!! I hadn't heard this in awhile, and when it started my knees nearly buckled. The crowd didn't respond the way I thought it should, but the band clearly had a blast playing this one. Sleep to Dream Her...yes it is an Everyday song, but I think there is vast improvement when its live, anyway it gave me a chance to catch my breath and sanity after Pig. So Much To Say into Too Much is always a treat. For some reason Too Much is so much better after hearing SMTS and Anyone Seen the Bridge...great Dave foot work during Too Much. Fool to Think isn't appreciated enough...Dave's guitar is great (even though it is electric). Loving Wings started off slowly, but by the end Carter definitely had the crowd going. Where Are You Going was alright, at least the radio fans joined back in the fun. Nancies (into) Warehouse speaks for brings back memories of the good old days. Watchtower, while a crowd favorite, is getting old in my opinion. After Dave's speech on world peace, he served up a holiday gift with the Christmas Song. Again, something about this song takes me back to early Dave, and I love being there! Everyday wasn't anything special, but it was a decent way to end an overall energetic and solid performance.
Jeff R.
Will spare the details and go straight to the highlights. CRUSH opener was incredible. Sounded nice and had a nice jam to open with. Didn't think it come out first. GREY STREET was typical, but a highlight to me. Sounded great and had the crowd going. DON'T BURN THE PIG was another great pick. Caught us all off guard. DANCING NANCIES blew the roof off. When Dave played the opening chords the place went crazy. Boyd and Leroi both had nice jams as well. Very Red Rocks-esque. I was hoping for WAREHOUSE to follow like in Red Rocks, after a small delay, my wish came true. WAREHOUSE was off the hook. Very similar to LAFF, but not a problem by me. Crowd enjoyed and partook in the screaming during the intro. WATCHTOWER to follow - could any 3 songs back-to-back-to-back get any better? This was a killer end to the show. The boys were going crazy too. Very nice. Dave came out and spoke about world peace and followed with CHRISTMAS SONG solo which was very, very nice. EVERYDAY (#36) followed and was typical. A great ending to the night. Night could have only been better if HALLOWEEN was played and not just part of a little tease. PROPS to: Dave and his dancing, Leroi, Stefan, Boyd, Butch (but needs a haircut,) and Carter - he was nasty all show. Can't wait to see the boys again soon.
Harrison H.
My 5th show, and the best. Musically, the band was more connected than ever...very, very tight. Great song selection, minus where are going. Great to hear how loving wings has really become more three dimensional compared to this summer's tour. Nancies-warehouse-watchtower...can't be that ending. Also, the bass line at th ebeginning of anyone seen the bridge had steffan jumping, so then dave came up and did some sort of monkey hop/freak out. It was incredible. To make it short, make sure you get this concert on tape.
This show was absolutley incredible!!!!! It was indescribable, but I will attempt to convey what an amazing show it was...first, opening with Crush...that was insane! Then came Pig (my personal favorite),Dancing Nancies!!!!, So Much to Say into Too much, Warehouse, and last but certaninly not least, Watchtower!! Next the encore:Christmas Song!! and Everyday (not a huge fan, but the rest of the show was so amazing that I couldn't complain!) This was only my second show, but I can say that it was 10 times better than the first, and the people I went with who have seen 6 shows said it was by far the best. I believe that DMB shows can be compared to a religious come away changed somehow...and this show only reaffirmed that belief!! It was so awesome and I know that anyone else who was there will certainly agree!!
It was a pretty good night in Atlanta.. Saw some old favorites, new favorites, and some non favorites.. They came out with a solid Crush which I thought was interesting because it is not a usual opener.. WWYS was great.. Grey Street was good to hear but could have done without due to the recent popularity of it... Grace is gone was alright pretty standard version with a sweet bass intro.. Bartender was just AMAZING!!!! Blew my vocal chords to hell definitly my favorite of the night... Pig was awesome I thought I would never be lucky enough to hear it live it was a very nice suprise it kinda pissed me off everyone was going to piss when they were playing it though wanted to slap all of them... Sleep to dream her sucked like usual but I didn't let it bring me down.. SMTS was really sweet wit ASTB and Too much Dave went nuts dancing while Carter worked his magic...Fool to Think was actually pretty good without the lovely horrible ladies, one of my more favorite Ballards, Loving Wings was awesome!!! they jammed it out for a long time sounded great!!! still ticked me off people made it there restroom break song.. WAYG was good to hear nothing special... Oh man Nancies was awesome!! never thought i would hear it live either but they played it and brought back some Red Rocks thunder!!!! I was in euphoria listening to it.. Warehouse is always good to hear no matter how many times I love it.. Watchtower was pretty average, dont like the newer versions as much as the older ones but it is always a great song to hear live.. Christmas Song was great!!! another rare one.. felt like i was in the winter tour of 98.. Now the biggest upset of all Everyday... i tensed up when i heard the opening notes... I thought they would play us another one but they stopped with Everyday.. I sat in my seat a good 15 minutes with my hands over my face after they ended it.. I hope no one ever has to expierence Everyday as an encore closer cause it is not a good feeling.. All and all a pretty solid show.. Nothing compared to 98,99, or 2000 at lakewood but a great show none the less - Jeff
Dj P.
after staying up the entire night before and only gettign about 2 hours of sleep on the 6-hr trip to atlanta....i was ready for some beer. me and a friend got to our section (204) around 545 hoping to get upgraded. we got to hear jason mraz's soundchecked and were stoked when he played "curbside prophet" in his soundcheck. then we are talking to the security girl in front of us and notice a guy looking at a sheet of paper and looking up at our row...THE UPGRADE GUY!! so we get stoked, he comes up into our section, comes into our row, and asks the ppl RIGHT BESIDE of us for their tickets. needless to say, they were upgraded to front row and they were the only ones in our section. bummer. off to the show...jason mraz was AWESOME. by far the best opener i have seen this year with dave and the boys. awesome performer. break came, i got me abeer and some beer for this girl that was sitting in front of me. lights go off....what do we hear first? CRUSH! i called this one in the bookstore a few hours before showtime. then what? HALLOWEEN tease...into the rest of the set. it was such a great night. awesome setlist....i called the SMTS->ASTB->TM right after was the only thing i coull think of to get the entire crowd back into it. Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Watchtower....INTENSE ending to the show....then we were special enough to get Christmas Song followed by was awesome hearing the crowd sing #36 during boyd's intro....awesome awesome awesome night!
Where to begin...American Airlines is hell and the Omni was a little less than accomidating. But on a brighter note great show! Sat front row center, awesome view! Jason Mraz was excellent, I have his cd but seeing him live was incredible if you have a chance to see him take it. Crush opener-wasn't expecting it, Dave went off, and of course Carter went crazy! Halloween tease, seemed like only a few people knew what it was but of course I was yelling halloween like a maniac. A group of people a few seats down had signs (one of halloween, last stop, dreaming tree, and one other I can't remember) so it was great to hear the different teases all night. Too bad he didn't play any of them. Loving Wings has an awesome jam at the end, still pretty much a Dave solo but the new ending is great! Nancies! Wasn't expecting this one but when I heard Dave strumming the opening I wasn't sure if it was a tease or he was actually going to play it. After the band the left the stage I saw someone come out and put some lyrics on the stage so I knew something nice was coming for the encore. Dave then came out and gave a speech on the iraq situation and proceeded to play Christmas Song, I loved every minute of it. There was also some guy taping from the pit, I wonder what it was for? (and no not the dmb camera guys, one guy with a handheld) Everyday (#36) was great, I wish more people would've sung honey honey (or hani hani, which ever you prefer) come and dance with me, I only heard me and a few others... And on a side note, too bad Butch can't strap his keyboard on and run around the stage playing because it looked like several times he was going to leap out of seat (in fact I think he did a few times :)) Great player!
Amanda C.
great show, had a 25 person suite and have to say we all had a great time. Dave was awsome but so was anhiser bush and thank you mellissa for the great choclates.I love dave and have to say the show was great. crush was awsome , even though i feel he could have performed a bit longer. next time he comes to atlanta ill be there thanks again for a great shows and good times.we love you guys
Lee B.
Wow, what a show!This was my first time seeing Dave in an Arena, and it sounded great. I finally got to see pig, dancing nancies and christmas song! This is definately the best show out of the 5 I went to this year..And for all the atlanta people, marta is not smarta! The train on the way back stuck and we had to run in the streets to find cabs to take us back...That was the only down point of the trip.. But the show is a 10 out of 10 in my book!!
Barbara S.
This was absolutely the best show I have ever been to. I loved every minute of it. I had a final the next morning and I feel absolutely no guilt in opting to go to Dave rather than study. It was totally worth it. Crush was a nice opener, it was something I always wanted to hear at a show. I could not believe they played Dancing Nancies, thats something you just dream about being able to hear, and to actually be in the crowd was amazing. The Christmas Song was absolutley breathtaking as was the beauthiful speach Dave gave on peace before it. I must say it once again this show was just terrific, I wish I could tell Dave personally how much I enjoyed it.
Mark W.
Let's see, a lot of things come to mind when thinking of this show, lackluster and boring would be a couple of ways to describe the show. Hey Dave, have you and your band forgot to jam? Have you forgot how to play 41, Two Step, LIOG, Jimi Thing, Seek Up, etc..? I think I speak on behalf of a lot of your fans when I say I am sick and tired of hearing Where Are You Going , Fool To Think, When The World Ends, and Loving Wings. Give me a break Dave, they are all horrible. Why don't you just stick to playing the old songs which are vastly superior to the crap on Busted Stuff and Everyday? No one really likes either album, we attend your shows to hear your older songs, most of us couldn't care less if you ever played another song off Busted Stuff to be perfectly honest. But on to the show, the setlist wasn't horrible I don't suppose, it was tolerable until that encore. Nancies was a nice treat, one of the few highlights. I was PRAYING for LIOG to close the show, but no such luck. But how in the world can you close a show with FREAKIN Everyday? That is the lamest piece of crap song I've ever heard, and to have the nerve to close with it is just a slap in your fans' face. The only thing that could have possibly been worse would have been I Did It, absolutely pathetic Dave! You would think as much as tickets to a DMB show costs, they could at least play great sets for us. Oh well, maybe next time..(yeah right!)
Daryl R.
This show was incredible. My favorite of my 3 shows. Humble beginnings! Anyhow, the whole mood of the evening was just smooth. I've never heard them play in such a mellow and jazzy way. It reminded me of Red Rocks with a slow start that built up to a great ending. Highlights were Pig which was amazing. Dave dancing during ASTB was hilarious! Nancies and Warehouse back to back! Just like L@RR!! I loved it. And Watchtower was off the hook! And also, Loving Wings has become one unbelievable song. Carter and Leroi slam this number. It's my new fav! If you only know this song from the summer tour, then you don't know it!!! Download 12/11 NOW!!! It's worth it! That's it for me. Can't wait for next summer! -D-
This was an AWESOME Show! I loved it and loved sitting behind the stage only 5 rows back! We could see everything going on and see the whole crowd. there was so much energy from everyone!! our whole section was rocking and swaying (literally) and it felt like it was going to fall! lol. it my first time hearing nancies at a show and i loved it!! and xmas song was great too. and crush and pig too of course!! yeah I didnt really like everyday too much as a closer because it kinda keeps going on and on with the same chorus and simple lyrics but its fun sometimes! In all it was a great show and I love philips arena, hope they come back there next year!
Word are not enough for what I saw at this show. I am a little dissapointed that not everyone who watched the set list felt that it was "worth" anything. Let me say that this show was AMAZING!!!! The boys were right on, the setlist rocked. What more can you ask for then Greystreet, Warehouse, Dancing Nancies, Bartender,Pig, and Christmas Song?? Do you really think that they were gonna come out and play all the BEST SONGS in one show??? Why would any band do that.. part of the following is going till you get songs you want. It keeps us going back right?? Well..guess you can't please them all. I for one found this show to be great. I walked out in love with DMB all over again. Boyd & Carter always blow me away..and the rest of the guys played their hearts out!! Yes this show kept me on my feet and just confirmed again for me that DMB is the best live band ever. I can't wait to do it again next year!!
Dave was absolutely fantastic. Lots of highs and lows, but the highs definitely outweighed any of the drawbacks to the show. I called Crush as an opener and it was great. Nice intro by Stefan and a sweet jam by the band. After the brutal Halloween tease (Why! Play the whole thing! Stop the torture!) WWYS was very good with lots of dancing from Dave. Dave's dancing and energy were constant throughout the show. After good versions of Grey Street and Grace is Gone, the show took a turn for the worse. I'm not a huge fan of Bartender because the jam in the song (typical of most Everyday and Busted Stuff songs) really goes nowhere. It just kind of lulls. Quite a contrast to the jams in songs like Jimi Thing, #41, and Drive In Drive Out. A good version of Pig preceded the worst song of the night. STDH is awful and really just detracts from the whole set because it doesn't really fit. If they wanted to do an Everyday song, something like So Right would have worked well here. The pace picked back up with the fantastic combo of SMTS--ASTB--Too Much. Lots of energy from the Dave and the band and it truly was a highlight of the night. Definitely packed more punch than any other time I've heard it. Although I liked the electric guitar, I wasn't crazy about Fool To Think. Loving Wings would have sunk here if not for the PHENOMENAL solo by Carter. I jumped out of my chair and stood in awe at the skill this man possesses. I was behind the stage, which made it all the more spectacular. WAYG would not have been my choice, but it served a purpose. After this song, the show began to build in intensity. I was floored by the Nancies/Warehouse combo. Warehouse is one of my top 5 DMB songs, and I will always enjoy hearing it. Watchtower was nothing short of amazing and a great way to end the set. I was stoked after Dave gave his "peace and love" speech because I had a strong hunch that he was going to break out The Christmas song. The sing-along was very nice. When I heard the opening parts of Everyday, I was praying that there would be a song after it because the purpose of a good encore is to leave the audience whipped into a frenzy, on their feet, and wanting more. I was hoping that Two Step, Billies, LIOG, Stay, or even Ants would follow, but alas no such luck. I give the show an 8 out of 10. As I left, visions of Nancies danced in my head as I started anticipating his usual summer return to ATL. Peace.
Brad C.
Well what can one say about a show of this caliber? I still cannot comprehend how awesome of a show I was at. The boys were spot on all night. >From the top: Fonz was messing around with some chords, and this being my fourth show i should have picked up on it immediately, but i didn't, perhaps cause i had my gf with me and i was slightly divirted at the beginning. But then he just busts into CRUSH, my first CRUSH ever. It was absolutely beautiful, nothing else to say though, pretty standard version with some over the top drumming by Carter. Next I almost pissed my pants when Fonz played a HALLOWEEN tease, good to hear the first line, but very very irritating to not hear the whole song. Next WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, my first experience with this song live as well, very energetic whole crowd singing, glad to know that everyone knows this one after 10 years. Great solos by Boyd and Roi. GREY STREET, still waiting on them to jam this baby out, I remember it being done before i think, maybe in 2000 with Bela but I'm not positive on that. Spot on version still gives me chills to hear it. Kinda like a Mini#41 of sorts in my opinion. GRACE IS GONE, well I figured hey it's GRACE, no big deal, then they pull this amazing Jam at the end and it totally dumbfounds me. At this point in my mind i think something said "that band who realeased Everyday last year, this is NOT them" and so I conclude yet again. THE BOYS ARE BACK. BARTENDER, very nice, long drawn out good version Love the Pennywhistles at the end very cool job by Roi. PIG, my first of this as well so I jumped up and down when I heard the opening chords, very very awesome with Boyds solo and insane drumming by Carter at the end. SLEEP TO DREAM HER, sadly thats what the crowd did at this point, It's not a bad tune after hearing this one live, but it totally killed the buildup of the energy they had created, but they fixed that immedately with my favorite one-two punch: SMTS->ASTB->TOO MUCH. Killer energy here, great job of transistion pretty standard versions as far as I could tell though. FOOL TO THINK, I swear this was better at Hi-Fi earlier this summer, Crowd kinda just melted again herebut not to worry they would pick it the momentum again soon and by this time both the band and the crowd needed a little break. LOVING WINGS, I didn't realize they had been working on this one, but they totally Jammed it out it's quite a cool song now and it's not really a segue, cause it's finally worthy of being called a song in it's own right. Nice drum breaks by Carter, VERY NICE!!!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING, I don't love this song, but I don't hate it either, kinda indifferent, but it caught me by suprise and I was totally into it along with everyone else, the new Crash? No way but it's going to be on that level at some point I think where you either love it or hate it. DANCING NANCIES, Could I have been at a better concert? NO WAY! My first nancies live and Boyd was all over the place. Singing "LA LA LA HEY" with 20,000 far as I feel, Just plain cool and it projects a great feeling of no worries. I wish they had segued into WAREHOUSE, but no such luck. There was about a 20 second break inbetween the 2. Awesome WAREHOUSE more killer solos by Boyd and Roi. Enter...the Fonzi Bass Solo, and you all know what that means, WATCHTOWER BAYYBEEE! My 2nd Watchtower, and this is where Butch finally got off his butt and showed off a little, actually alot. Sythesizing an electric guitar on the keys, a sound almost identical to Tim, but the solo was in no way up to Tims standard but it was kick ass in its own respect. Butch has proved that he truely IS a respectable replacement guest for Tim. Although I'd still take Tim any day of the week. ENCORE- after about what seemed like 10 minuites of blather by Dave about War and Peace and the World and what-not... "now this isn't necssarily a religeous song" THE WHOLE PLACE WENT CRAZY CAUSE WE KNEW WE WERE GETTING CHRISTMAS SONG. It was also at this point that I got a huge lump in my throat and started to tear up, I don't know why but I was misty throughout the entire song. It's such a moving song live, one of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen in my life, and by far the HIGLIGHT of the show. After this, he continues his theme of "love" with EVERYDAY, kinda disappointing at first, till you realize what he just did. By saying what he said, then singing those two songs back to back it created for one slight moment a place of pure peace and happines on earth, very very cool. Kudos to Dave on his visonary setup there. Although a bit off with the band, Dave proceeds to Sing the first verse of #36, partially I think cause he wanted to make sure everyone was singing "Honey, Honey, come and dance with me." Which had actually started earlier with the intro EVERYDAY chords by all the die-hards there. My only disappointment was that I wanted them to segue #36 into Ants, it would have made for quite the Awesome closer but now that i think about it, i'm more than satisfied with this show. Again I say BEST SHOW I'VE BEEN TO YET!!!!! The boys are gonna have to pull alot of crazy stuff to beat this one in my book. Can't wait to grab the Shns of this! Peace out!!!!! -Brad
Best concert i ever been too. I saw dave at turner field a year and a half ago,but this tops that. Crush was a huge highlight and very unexpected. Dave did some nice dancing sort of elvis like. Bartender was excellent. SMTS into Too much predictable but great everybody got into it. Dave did some elvis dances. got alittle bit slower then Woa! Dancing Nancies Boyd was fucking awesome. Warehouse everybody was dancing. OH but then WATCHTOWER i never heard this live but oh shit it was great! then dave made a long talk about love and peace and we were all like yeaaaa dave! HE then proceeded to go into CHristmas song, (i am kinda wondering what his religous views are, he saws it is nondenominaional, but whatever) Then close with every day which i dont mind but not a great closer. but it is dmb they can do what ever they want
This review is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. To put into words exactly how I felt, I'll have to say this: Upon returning from my little concert excursion, a friend from work asked, "How was that Dave Matthews Band concert?" I replied, "It reminded me why they are my favorite band in the entire world." As always, Thanks for the music, boys!