Dave Matthews Band
United Center, Chicago, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jason Mraz

When The World Ends *
Captain *
What Would You Say *
Grace Is Gone *
Grey Street *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
Fool To Think *
Bartender *
Don't Burn The Pig *
Loving Wings (tease) * -->
Where Are You Going *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) *
The Stone *
All Along the Watchtower *
Christmas Song +
Everyday (#36) *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave and Carter only

This was my 4th show overall and I must say it was pretty amazing. The boys really came to play tonight. I thought it was so funny how Dave would drink out of his mug after every song and laugh with Carter. The show had a great setlist and it didn't dissappoint. Everyone had a good shot, but I would say Boyd stole the show like always.

When The World Ends- This was a great opener. It really got the crowd singing along.

Captain- This was a treat. It is rare to hear Captain in concert so I was very lucky. Carter had a sick roll in the middle of this song that got the crowd going.

What Would You Say- This is becoming one of my favorites in concert. Leroi had a great solo and Boyd was a badass strumming his violin.

Grace Is Gone- It was a very mellow version that had the crowd singing along.

Grey Street- I love when they come to Chicago because I know they will play this one. It was a great version with a sick roll at the end of it by Carter.

Dancing Nancies- This song = Boyd Tinsley. He really got the crowd pumped with this one.

Warehouse- This was a good old version with a cool solo by Leroi and some cool keyboards by Butch.

Fool To Think- Carter had his A game during this song. Pretty standard version.

Bartender- This was my highlight of the night. I love how Leroi plays the sax at the Climax of the song after Dave goes nuts. It sounds so cool. Very Intense!!!!

Pig- This was an awesome version. The band really loves playing this song. Boyd went nuts on the violin while Carter had some sweet singing on backup.

Where Are You Going- This was a good version and I am glad they included it in the setlist. This song is becoming a crowd favorite. Everyone sings along to this one.

One Sweet World- My favorite song by the band. It was a pretty standard version with some cool scatting by Dave with Carter following along with him on the drums.

The Stone- Boyd really tore this song up. I love that driving rhythm he plays on the violin.

Watchtower- This was very powerful. I am glad they left the stage with this one. It was very Intense.

Christmas Song- You know this one is coming in winter. It was a good version with Carter and Dave by themselves. The crowd loves this one.

Everyday- This is becoming one of my favorite songs live. The band really has a fun time playing with this one. The crowd loves this one too. The crowd sang #36 while the boys sang Everyday. It made for a sweet jam.

Overall, it was a great show. the highlight for me consisted of Bartender and Grey Street.
Michael B.
This was my tenth show, and the most amazing one I've ever seen. Nancies was awesome. Boyd went ape shit and tore up the stage. But most incredible was the second encore, Everyday. The floor started singing #32, and just when you thought Dave was going to just let it be, he started in on a duet with the audience. It was special.
Ben S.
Great show 4th of the year and never disappointing. When the World Ends started it off to get your foot tapping. Captain was really smooth and the bridge was by far the highlight that woke some people up. WWYS was cool and very percussive. Grace has become a crowd favorite from a few years ago when it was a yawner (most people sitting down and telling me to sit down)...Times have changed and this song seems to lift everyone up now...great love song. Grey Street is so clean and melodic...don't you ever wonder, if they played Dancing Nancies? Well, they did and I loved it. Boyd jammed out hard, dueling against Dave at the end. This lead into Warehouse too. Fool to Think got no respect tonight but I still like it. Many of DMB's songs build, but none so well as Bartender did tonight...extremely strong in the middle and jammed out at the end by Butch, Boyd, and even Carter. Pig is just sweeeeet. Little Wings segue (Cari loves that) into Where Are You Going was cool too. Nature intro was really long tonight and stood by itself as a jam before One Sweet World...this song always reminds me of the old DMB that was younger and maybe more playful than now...great song. "I've this creeping suspicion that" they should play The Stone every time I see them because it always gets better. Watchtower---damn that song still rocks with Boyd's wah and Leroi and some more Leroi. Dave ended the show on a peaceful note...literally, with Christmas Song and Everyday-->#36. He stood up for Peace and thanked our military working abroad for us. Thanks Dave and the Band for another great night!
This was my fourth Dave Matthews Band show. Overall I think it was a very sweet show. The one thing that it was lacking was the energy from the Alpine shows. The setlist was very good. I was nice to hear Nancies, WWYS, Warehouse, and OSW. I was also my first time hearing The Stone, Watchtower, Christmas Song and Everyday. I can't wait for tomorrow night!
Joe L.
Another DMB show another satisfied fan. Flew home from sunny Tempe, AZ during the middle of finals flying back out to finish. The fans here in Chicago always rock harder than anywhere. The crowd's energy was high and I think the band fed off of it cause it looked like they were having a great time, especially Carter. WTWE got the show going, good opener. Never heard Captain live, good version. WWYS always a great song, really set the mood for the entire night, got the crowd going everyone singing along. Grace Is Gone, one of my fav's off the new album/Lillywhites, nice jam. Grey Street, enough said. Then they pull out Dancing Nancies, crowd roared, DMB rocked it, Dave and Boyd tearing it up. Great version. Then they slide into Warehouse, two great jams back-to-back. Fool to Think, decent version. Another of my fav's Bartender, nice long jam, with Butch going to work. DBTP always a crowd pleaser good version, crowd moving along. Loving Wings, starting to like this song more and more. WAYG, another crowd sing-along. One Sweet World, great song, played very well, good long intro. The Stone, awesome. And then..Stefan starts the intro...All Along the Watchtower...yes..yes..yes..AWESOME!!! Crowd went nuts and the band fed off the energy Dave and the boys tearing the roof down. Kind of figure Christmas song was going to be the 1st encore song with it being the Holidays and all and Dave talking about peace. Always love the Dave-Speak. Then he played Everyday (#36). Good song, good version to end the night. Dave come to Tempe, for the college solo tour. If not, see you during the summer, waiting to buy my 2003 tour tixs. I'm out.
Brian G.
oh...the possibilities. Friday the 13th...halloween? last stop? maybe its the fact that i had high expectations for this show; or maybe its because ive seen DMB 5 other times this year (alpines, allstates, and even tweeter beat this out), but for whatever reason, i left this show dissapointed. i should mention that i didnt arrive until Dancing Nancies, because i was playing "Gravedigger" at a performance at my went well :) anyways, ive heard everything before that too many times, but i would have loved to hear Captain...hadnt heard that yet. anyways, to what i did see...NANCIES was great. Boyd went insane on his solo and carter joined in on the end. Boyd and Dave started walking around in a circle at one point as they were jamming. not as good as alpine though. Next was WAREHOUSE (actually didnt want to hear it tonight). great as always though...crowd was in to the woos. leroi took an extended solo at the end which was cool. Dave grabbed his electric. i was hoping for So Right, but after Benaroya, i have a new respect for FOOL. however, the rest of the stadium sat down for this. i saw the 12 string come out and knew BARTENDER was next (HIGHLIGHT #1). this was amazing tonight. to hear dave just crooning and yelling into the mike at the end is simply amazing. people were still sitting for this, which i dont get. a pretty weak crowd tonight. for whatever reason the girls behind me who probably didnt even know they were at a DMB concert started talking while PIG came on, so i moved down away from them. I love hearing this song....really good live, but they seemed off tonight. dave wasnt smiling too much tonight. dave also changed the lyrics in pig to "look here are we....on this cold wintery night starrin into space..." I heard Dave play the beginning to LOVING WINGS, which i was excited to hear b/c i love this song, especially Carter's insane solo at the end. but instead, they skipped over it and went into WAYG. bathroom break for me. this song has really turned into the CRASH of the new millenium....they're playing it EVERY SHOW. OSW: great song...i love hearing it build up momentum live, but once again....ive heard it too much this year. wanted something new. STONE (HIGHLIGHT #2). i called this one. great song as always. one of my favorites live and really got the crowd going. then stefan went into a really long intro to watchtower (i was hoping it was LAST STOP, but oh well). the intro was a full 5 minutes. during watchtower dave forgot the best verse! "there are many here among us, who feel like is but a joke"--carter: muhahaha.....they left it out! :(. this version didnt thrill me as much as alpine and allstate this year, but lerois solo was great. just a quick comment on the encore break. what takes them so long? do they all take a crap back there or what? between the extended WT intro and the 10 minute encore break, they could have played another song tonight. i dont get it. and the main set was 1 hour and 55 minutes....thats right...less than 2 hours! have never seen that before. anyways, i was cheering for last stop, but getting no help from anyone else. oh well. i saw Dave and Carter come out and was praying for avail again. Dave gave a quick speech about war and peace, and then (as mitch predicted) CHRISTMAS SONG. i love this song and it was played great tonight. you could have heard me drop my keys it got so quiet. really nice to hear. finally, they played EVERYDAY, so i knew all hope for LAST STOP was gone. i was singing Hani Hani during the intro, but the crowd didnt pick it up until the end when dave started to sing. weak. i like the song, not as an ending though. all in all, DMB always impresses me, but it felt like there was something lacking tonight. i was dissapointed they didnt bring out more rare stuff, or stuff that hasnt been brought out this winter yet (41, YNK, TWO STEP, LAST STOP, JIMI, etc). this show is probably #6 out of the 9 ive been to (all the shows from this year beat it out). anyways, i'll see you all at MSG2...i KNOW that will be better! LAST STOP in 2002! Rock On.
Don't get me wrong, DMB is the best band out there, and they can't have a bad show, but tonight was very disapointing. It seems to me that the boys aren't into this tour, from this setlist and the two previous. All 3 have basically been the same, and all 3 have not included any new songs besides Christmas song from the songs they did over the summer. they play the same busted stuff songs night in and night out. I just feel that with all the great songs dave has written he could swith them up alittle more, rather then playing the same predictable stuff. the few highlights of tonight were, Nancies, pig, and watchtower. Christmas song was nice , seeing it the first time , but to end with Everyday(36) was a disapointment. it seemed that stefan was the only member into it tonight, dave didnt talk much and didnt dance at all. I'm hoping that tomorrow night will be a lot different.
Well...i dont know where to begin. Show started off real slow. Bartender got everything moving. Lerio had an amazing night just hitting every note. Then DBTP what can i say abuot that. it just get better and better everytime i hear it. I was wishing to hear Loving Wings, i was the only one in my section that knew what that song was. OSW with intro was amazing like always and hearing the stone for the first time since '00 was awesome. watchtower was sweet with a cool intro from stefan. Christmas song was sweet. had a little davespeak before the song talking about world peace and he gave a shout out to all the arm forces. Christmas song was a dave and carter duet. Everyday with #36 was awesome. the crowded just started belting out #36 and dave started in with some fills and harmonies. overall this was my seventh show and it was a disappointment. the crowded was just a bunch of drunk frat guys yelling "i love you dave." and the venue was being jerk and not letting people smoke although most found a way to get behind that one. hopefully tomm night at u of i will be a lot better. see ya'll there
John D.
I'm not quite sure what to say about this show. On one hand, it certainly had it highlights. I had unbelievable seats, Nancies>Warehouse is awesome, Bartender is so powerful, and the Stone was a nice suprise. Dave's voice sounded strong and full. Carter tore things up tonight. However, Carter appeared the only band member really putting huge efforts into his playing. I'm not one to criticize the band often, but the setlist certainly left things to be desired. I'm sure everyone will mention only 24 different songs in the past three shows, but this doesn't bother me quite as much. The problem was that this show never really gained momentum. WTWE is a sketchy opener, and after WWYS, Grey St., and Nancies>Warehouse, Fool to Think was a crowd killer. I really dont like this song live. Finally, I really wish the band would stop closing with Everyday. I like the tune, but it doesn't really have the bang that a Tripping Billies or Two Step offers. I had a great time, I love seeing the band up close, but this is probably the most dissapointed I've ever been after a DMB concert. I hope things will turn around by MSG.
Being on my second show (first was 7.7.01), I have to say that i was utterly dissapointed with this show. Maybe because my 2001 show was amazing. But 13/17 songs played tonight were played at the previous concert, in almost the same order. And not one song from Crash. The concert didn't really start til suffering through WTWE and Captain. WWYS and GiG are great songs, don't get me wrong, but not the energy level needed to start off a concert. Grey Street was awesome, as always. The energy level in the UC picked up after that. Nancies into Warehouse was sweet, haven't heard either of those live before. I was suprised to see them played again as last concert, but I won't complain about that. Then it was back to the Everyday cd with Fool to Think and Bartender. Honestly, who likes Fool to Think? Barteneder is over played and over rated. Pig was another repeat, but it was great to hear live. Then they played a less than spectacular WAYG, the song isn't that good to begin with. One Sweet World was played really well with the full band instrumental intro. The Stone was another treat, I went nuts when i heard it start up. Watchtower was great, one of my favorite songs and the first time I had heard it live. I love that song. The encore was such a let down. Dave could have salvaged a below par setlist with a strong encore of possibly Halloween and maybe Two Step or Ants Marching, but instead plays the exact same encore from the previous concert. Personally, I didn't mind hearing Christmas Song, but Everyday(#36) is not a closer in my opinion. It doesn't belong in an encore, PERIOD. All in all, after all the anticipation, the show was a let down. Hopefully Dave knew we would all be going to U of I the next day, and is planning on playing the best fucking show ever.
Brian H.
Oh wow. This is my 4th Dave Matthews Band show, and they still continue to impress. Me and my friend agreed, the slow dip in the middle did disappoint a little, although they still played some amazing songs! We were VERY disappointed that there were not any songs from Crash played. How can they skip them all up? Its alright, because still an amazing show. Christmas song with just Dave and Carter was absolutely beautiful. Dave's talk about peace was a nice set-up for the song. Overall, I give it an A-
Matt H.
A night of DMB was a great way to start out winter break after driving a ton today from Oxford, OH. I would have to say the show started out rather slow, it was not anything close to bad, just a diden't get going until nancies I thought. I love the nacies to warehouse combo. I know it is a popular one, but it rocks!Bartender was my pick of the night, it is always a fav. The yell at the end brought chills.Pig is always a fav, and the change up of words"on this winter night" or something of that sort was nice. I am getting a little bored with where are you going, but they had to play something for the vast array of teenie boppers in attendance for this show. That is the downfall of the night for me. I spent my night in the nosebleeds(warehouse tickets) with people falling over seats not knowing really what is going on. For all of you who are reading this who were was nice to see some good ol dmb fans jamming though,as opposed to the grinding I saw. Back to the review....OSW is always an oldy but a goodie.The Stone was another favorite. The end really left me hyped for the end of the show. Watchtower was sweet as always and the jam was good. After that we had a good 10 min break before Dave came out with Carter and graced us with a song for the season...Christmas Song. Dave gave a nice little Dave Speak about peace and war, it was something nice to hear. The ender........I usually am a fan of a wild,energetic ender, such as watchtower,ants,what you are, and so on. Everyday really ended it nicely though. The campefire sing-a-long atmosphere was brought to the table when the crowd began singing #36 with it and Dave joined which left us with a feel good ender. Overall a good show, was really hoping for him to come out strong in the chi with last stop or halloween, but there is always tomorrow at U of I.
First off, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love DMB and their "worst" show is better than anything else out there. That's why it hurts me so much to say that I was disappointed by tonights show. It was my 8th overall and 6th this year, and that's the main reason why I was disappointed...too many of the same songs. I was so praying for maybe a Last Stop or PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE a Best of What's Around...but pretty much the same as every other show I saw this year. Thank heavens for Christmas Song. Also, the show started a little to slow, was good during the middle, and I was hoping it might not end with Everyday, but ah well...I knew after the two best nights of my life at Alpine late this summer that pretty much any show would be somewhat of a let down. I'd give anything to go to tomorrow nights show, cuz I have this feeling they might break loose, and then I might have to break loose, if ya know what I mean...anyways, like mentioned before, any DMB show is a highlight of the year, so to the Dave Matthews Band-Thank You.
well it was great to get back to a show this winter. lucky to have them play twice in illinois (once in my hometown of champaign!!!!) anyway, onto tonights show. not too much to say. very mellow feel at the beginning for a few songs, even during wwys for some reason, but the show overall was great. i was surprised with the opener, watchtower was awesome and christmas song was a first for me, i was pumped. nothing really out of the ordinary except a little anti-war speech by dave before christmas song. jason mraz was good stuff, i'm glad we heard them. it was a fun time. i just love getting the opportunity to go to these shows, they are great. see yall tomorrow here in champiagn. WELCOME BACK TO CHAMPAIGN GUYS!!!!! (i love giving it up to champaign and the u of i, sorry)
Tammy A.
I have to say, going in to this show, i was a little bit worried. Looking for good energy and at least a little variation in setlist. And... I think the boys delivered. Captain, Nancies, Bartendar, Pig, Stone, Christmas Song and Everyday with the #36intro/outro were inspiring. We did not get much in the way of happy feet from Dave, but not because he was not into it, but more because the setlist was a bit more 'dark'. I was very happy not to have to hear TooMuch->SMTS->Ants for the 15th time this year. Highlights for me were Roi, tearing it up all night long, Boyd's soloing performance with every member of the band during Nancies (most funnily, a little dance of sorts with Dave), Dave's incredible vocals on Bartendar and finally, give it up for the crowd, who around me in Section104 stood the whole night long and did a lot of grooving and singing. Christmas song was deep and it was all positive vibe on Everyday, with the crowd immediately picking up with #36 intro and singing along "Hani...hani...". All in all, a very solid show, I was really happy to have been there. Looking forward to UI tonight! Peace.
Jim B.
This show wasn't the best, we were sitting next to highschoolers, who had no clue why they were there, one of them passed out while standing up, and the rest kept leaving in the middle of songs, and coming back 20 min. later. In my section, I think we were the only people standing up, and really listening to the music. What was up with everyone talking during Pig and One Sweet World. I was happy with Nancies, Stone, and Christmas Song, show overall was about a 5 out of 10.
This was my 4th show, and probably the best setlist yet. I have to admit the opening was a little weak, but once they got to GIG there was nowhere to go but uphill!! Highlights would have to be Nancies (my first time live), Warehouse,The Stone (seems rare nowadays), Pig, and WATCHTOWER (also my first time), although he skipped the infamous laugh. The encore was great... his little speech was touching, and Christmas Song was awesome, except the crowd seemed to get a little antsy during this song, pointing out the overwhelming amount of radio fans there. Everyday wouldn't be what it was without the fans singing the words to #32, Dave eventually had to join in!! Oh yea, and the sound was 1000 times better than at Tweeter!
Glenn S.
Even though the setlist was almost the same as the first two stops the show was still solid. Highlights were Grey St., Bartender, Nancies, Watchtower (even though Dave forgot most of the first verse), and Christmas Song, a first for me. I thought we might get Halloween when Dave and Carter came out but it wasn't to be.
Man, this show was the BOMB!!! Maybe it was where i was sitting. Seemed up in the cheep seats many Warehouse members had gotten stuck with TIX. Anyway, barring Fool to Think everyone around me (me included)sany every song!! It was way high energy. My wife thought Alpine was better this summer, but i disagree. I think last nights show, with all the positive vibes, was the best ive seen. What can you say...CHRISTMAS SONG!!!! Have a good holiday season ya'all. Dave, thanks for thanking the military, as a military member myself, this hit close to home. Lets hope for peace.
What an unbelievable show. I thought maybe I was in for some disappointment when they broke out WTWE. But by the time they hit Grey Street they were off the hook. I've heard Nancies plenty before but tonight it was just PHENOMENAL!!! The show could have ended there but the energy kept going with Warehouse, Bartender, Pig, and The Stone. Although I was hoping for some 41 and Billies, the set list was packed with enough. I know people give them hell for all the BS they play and the mellowness, but when they include these jams to mix it up, I think it's great. Watchtower was, of course, the jam of the night. I'm glad I heard Christmas Song. That's such a simple but great song. And I think enough has been said about the Everyday (#36) finale. The crowd spun in the 36 chorus and the band just went with it. It was great to hear the band going with Everyday and the crowd backing him up with 36. Of the 14 shows I been to, this one quite possibly is number 1. See you all at my alma mater, U of I, tomorrow. LATE!!!!!
I hate to say it, but this tour is turning out to be very dull and repetitive. Not like the winter one two years ago when every show was a complete mystery and something special. I would like to avoid discussing many of my concerns, but for my 30th show, it was not what I was hoping for so I need to mention some. First of all, if the band is only going to play 9 times in just a couple of weeks, why start out with pretty much the same 3 setlists for the first 3 shows? Why play classic openers like OSW and The Stone way at the end of the show? Why repeat the same encore from the last show that was played? I really cannot understand how they cannot at least mix it up a little for 9 dates when they are as talented and creative as they are. Yes, Christmas Song is great and the talk about peace and all was nice to hear. But when I have already heard that is what Dave did two nights ago, it really takes away from the uniqueness of it all. I even think Dave screwed up the intro to Watchtower which is pretty tough to do in itself. It was just all together one of those "predictable" and "typical" shows where the boys seemed to "lack energy." Overall, probably somewhere in the bottom 10 of the 30 I have attended. I just really think the band is not coming prepared to shock anyone right now. They are just playing because they have to and they think their presence alone will get the job done. I have seen what this band can do and it was not there most of last night. Nonetheless, still the best live band ever and a fun time. Happy birthday Hopie!
Amy F.
Hey! Just got back from United Center. I love this venue. Better than shit allstate, although allstate is closer to me. Anyways, friendliest people I have ever encountered at this show. Parking was easy. Not hard to get there. I also had my car decorated so I received numbers of honks and DMB RULES and peace signs on my way along with the blasting of Two Steps and Warehouses. I sat Section 4 row 2. Seemed like my section was not the section to smoke nor drink where I was sitting. I could actually breathe during a DMB concert. It was so weird. Really nice people around me though. Met a guy who was at his 42nd show. Showed me his dancing 8 tatto and comemnted on my shirt that said front: not where but who you're with that really matters back: sing halloween for my ex saying, halloween, i defeintely would kill to hear that tonite. its friday the 13th. of course, it didn't happen, but what did happen was still a great thing. So before dmb, mraz was really good. did some one love.. one life from marley. i digged that. hes pretty funny. then out comes the band. i felt that the crowd at times was not very energetic during the show, but i think that changed during some highlights. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-the opener was a big dissapointment to me. i'm not complaining, but i was excpecting one at full force. when the world ends was just like- boom okay heres some everyday. although the nice quiet little jam at the end is always nice and yelling to "we be burning one!" lol. CAPTAIN- total surprise. at first I was like wow! its captain for my first time. Nicely played. I love the old version though. But nice hearing it. WWYS- I love this song live. Great song. Everyone knows it. Leroi's song. He jammed out like a mother. I love his solos. GRACE IS GONE- I love the jam at the end of this song. Boyd and Dave faced off for a bit. Very mellow and just jammed out long and beautiful. GREY ST.- Knew it would come my way. Of course crowd went nuts. Made me think of the awesome video and I savored every moment of it. It just depicts the energy of the band. NANCIES- HOLY SHIT! if there is one song I wanted to hear, it would have to be this one. When he started i screamed so loud and pratically had a heart attack. Best highlight of the nite for me. Continued with an outro that kind of sounded like minarets or last stop- can anyone back me up on that one? cause i was totally trying to figure that out.. I swear I thought we were close to last stop. i don't know, for a sec. my heart skipped a beat. but the band just does this song so perfectly. its like they brought it back this tour to show how hard they've been working. its amazing. really! WAREHOUSE- nice how they paired these too. Nice energy songs all here. Gotta love the woos! everyone gets involved. The lights during this just rock. Especially being on the floor for my first time, and having them shine right on you. So much Fun. How can you not love this song? FOOL TO THINK- this was a crowd let down. everyone left to get beer or food. i felt so bad. it was upsetting, but what are you going to do? i jus thought it was placed wrong in the set. still carter tears those drums up like a mother. BARTENDER- its weird how they don't do it with fish anymore or gig. but this verision was so nice. i love it live. the wailing, the lights. just the whole experience... so mellow. PIG- wow, totally did NOT expect this one. my bestfriend had been waiting to hear it forever. when she did she hugged me so hard i think i lost conciousness. great as always (LOVING WINGS TEASE)- yeah i never heard this live, but i wondered why they didn't play it! WAYG- eh standard. ONE SWEET WORLD- nice nice nice ! i totally wish they would bring back don't you like to swim naked. but got a craving for the icecream during this. lol. its just a fun crowd feel good song. they did a nice job with it. STONE- always wanted to hear this. OMG! the energy where it goes soft, it stops and then BAM!!!!!!! at the end with rainbow of lights.. it was just fucking amazing. another highlight! Watchtower- Keeps getting better and better. Although I believe i am always sick of it, the energy always engulfs me. especially the lights. dmb has the best lighting. stefans solo was nice! Xmas song- ah first time hearing this live. loved every minute. dave did his anti war spiel. he talked about peace. then he sang. it was so nice. carter was there too. Everyday(#36)- hani hani! everyone got singing and dancing and dave got dancing and singing. nice way to end the show. feeling all happy and peaceful. i see a trend so far in the tour. also during this a guy in front of me went up and hugged a random usher. lol. it was definetely a concert moment. i liked this show a lot. there were definetely highlights- stone and nancies. but low poinst- wtwe, fool to think. regardless i will still always love dmb. remember only 3rd show of tour. i bet u of i will be a carzy energy packed set though for y'all. for not having seen dmb in 8 months, i missed them. seeing your favorite band perform can only get better. and yes, they did deliver surprises.
It has become obvious after the first three dates of the December tour that this is a standard setlist, with only one or two changes at each venue. Its a more mellow tour for far anyway. Dave didnt dance at all, and I dont think he ever even smiled. He didnt appear to be into the audience at all. It looked more like a redundant drive for him. He only showed enthusiasm of any sort during part of WATCHTOWER. CHRISTMAS SONG was worth the 5 hour drive, but the opening of WHEN THE WORLD ENDS and closing of EVERYDAY lacked a lot. Even PIG lacked enthusiasm from most the band, though the crowd was grooving. The song didnt sound that great actually. No TWO STEP for CHICAGO? The crowd was pumped, and Dave just didnt seem to be part of it at all. Also, the UNITED CENTER sound sucks, and it wasnt loud enough where we were sitting. Often times when the audience got pumped, we couldnt hear the band at all. This was the least favorite of 6 shows I've seen.
Carter B.
This was my second DMB show (9.3.02 was my 1st). This show totally blew that Sandstone show out of the water (Dave's voice was hoarse for that one). HIGHLIGHTS: CAPTIAN suprised me, but it turned out really good. NANCIES and WAREHOUSE were awesome. Of course GREY STREET and GIG were great. BARTENDER got the crowd moving alot. CHRISTMAS SONG was cool as was EVERYDAY, which I never would have expected, but it worked. LOWLIGHTS: WATCHTOWER. Dave missed a couple of lines in the first part, and Carter missed a cue on "But you and I we've been through all that..." BAM. That's all I can remember now. So long. See ya next year.
Michael V.
Well, this was my first Dave Matthews Band show and I just have to say.... they are AMAZING LIVE! Started off with a weak opener in When the World Ends, but followed that with Captain -- a song that has grown on me in recent weeks. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY - Really got the crowd jamming and it seemed like the whole arena sang the "WWYS and the Mom/B-day" lines. Nice jam at the end. GRACE IS GONE - The crowd was into this one as well. For some reason I liked the NYC rooftop concer version better than this one. I dunno. GREY STREET - This had to have been the best Grey Street of all time. Only problem was that cops were around us throwing people out for smoking (DON'T SMOKE!!) and crap like that. Kinda distracted by that...but oh well. You don't have to smoke at a DMB concert! Anyway... DANCING NANCIES - They played this at the first two shows so I doubted they would play it tonite. Well they did and the boys jammed like crazy! Crowd was SOOOO into this one. WAREHOUSE - I got this one after hearing Nancies. They played warehouse after Nancies on the first two shows, so I figured they would tonight. I am not complaining as Warehouse literally got the arena going nuts. Unbelievable!! FOOL TO THINK - After going nuts on Nancies and Warehouse we have to sit through Fool To Think. They picked one of the worst "Everyday" songs to play. What about a So Right, What You Are or even The Space Between? Oh well...crowd talked through this song and stuff. They shouldn't have talked...respect the band for whatever song they play. BARTENDER - You cannot describe the crowd's energy in this song. Everyone was singing along with the "Bended Knees" part. DON'T BURN THE PIG - Unfortunately, BTCS is the only CD I don't have and therefore haven't heard Pig or Stone very much. But it was amazing here. People around us were talking...losers. WHERE ARE YOU GOING - I really don't like this song. It was good tonight. But I could have done without. ONE SWEET WORLD - I really like this song on R2T and this was 10x better! THE STONE - The only other song I really haven't heard too much. It was awesome though. Crowd was going crazy! ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER - You had to have been here!! The best version of Watchtower I have ever heard. Great job DMB. ENCORE....CHRISTMAS SONG: We kind of figured it'd be X-mas song because of Dave's speech before the song. Great job with just him and Carter. EVERYDAY (#36) - Not a closer. But a great song nontheless. Crowd seemed to go home happy. My only disappointment was they played too much BS/Everyday songs. We needed some oldies such as Two Step, Ants, etc.
John O.
This was my seventh dmb show in the last 2-3 yrs and it was by far the worst one i've seen. I have trouble rating what the best show was, but this was cut and dry the worst one. They need to pick up the pace. I was in the front row and Grey Street, warehouse, nancies and watchtower were the only songs that got some typical dmb energy going. Everytime they'd get some energy going theyd slow it down again with Grace or Pig or something. I think it was a half ass effort by dave and my grandma would have enjoyed this show more than me.
This was the biggest disappointment. DMB just won an award for being the best live performers. Partly the reason they won this is because they mix up the setlists. Well this tour they decided to mix things up and play the same old stuff at each show. Captain was the best suprise ever, which got my hopes up for a "who knows whats coming up next" type of show. But the rest of the show was so ordinary. Oh well, hopefully they fix things up for tonight at U of I even though i sold my tickets for the show because of finals. I thought just United would be good enough, boy was i wrong. Hope you kids have fun at U of I and i hope Dave and the band realize why they won the best live band award and start performing like olden days.
Eric G.
My 4th show this far the best show that I have ever seen. I had first row behind the stage and it was amazing. Dave was catering to us throughout the show and at times he was really feeding off of us. It was beautiful seeing the guys feed off of each other, like when Dave feeds off was amazing. I wont go through the whole set, but Dancing Nancies was so awesome, and the intro to Warehouse had everyone going crazy. Dave played a wonderful Watchtower, and he also set aside a few seconds to wish for peace in the world before he did Christmas Song....I have never heard it and it was cool. Everyone in the arena was going crazy for #36 and it was awesome. I still get goosebumbs thinking about how awesome they show was and the seats that I had...thanks Warehouse. Plenty worth my trip from always! I hope I will see ya solo in March
In all honesty, I was really disappointed with this show. Of the 8 shows I have been to, this was the worst of the 8. I hate saying that cause every DB show in itself is AMAZING, and this one had some highlights (very few) but it wasn't a good show, either. I thought the crowd had AMAZING energy - it was the loudest crowd I have ever heard - but the band did not reciprocate that energy AT ALL. First of all, When the World Ends sucks as an opener. C'mon guys, lay that one to rest already. Then Captain slowed things down even more. WWYS was a typical crowd pleaser, but then GIG put everyone to sleep again It did have a nice long jam in the middle though. Nancies had a good jam to it...I was hoping for "could I have been lost somewhere in Chicago" but so such luck. I don't know why Dave didn't do that, he knows how much the crowd like to hear stuff like that. Warehouse was good, but again, predictable. Grey Street and Bartender were nothing special, and again, predictable. I hate how Bartender ends now. It just goes "thump." What's up with that? It sounds like it could lead right into PNP--->Rapunzel, but noo, the band isn't creative enough to think of something like that. Pig needs to jam more at the end. Where Are You Going....ugh ugh ugh. I'm just thankful they didn't play Loving Wings...I might have had to shoot myself in the foot. One Sweet World was really nice to hear, and they did a wonderful job with it, but again, it was predictable. The Stone was ok, not much energy put forth from the band. Watchtower was the highligh of the show (unfortunately cause it's not even DMB's song!) but they blew the roof off the place. I was pissed Dave forgot my favorite verse in the opening ("there are many here among us who feel life is but a joke...") but the jam was great. Christmas song was nice to hear, but I hated Everyday as a closer. Not the best way to win the crowd over after a shitty setlist. All in all - PREDICTABLE. Geez guys, play some other stuff...please!!!! I think that the band looked bored on stage. Dave in particular lacked energy, especially for being in a great city like Chicago. I thought he loved playing there! Could have fooled me. Get some rest guys. Please play when you're ready to play. I just hope MCI is better.
Gabe G.
Great show. I know many people have pointed out that the setlist was weak (no songs from Crash), but hey, let the man play what he wants. The energy level from the band didn't seem to be as high as it has been, but they still put on a great show. The encore, while it didn't include an Ants or Two Step, was INCREDIBLY uplifting, especially with Dave's little speech on how "peace is the greatest thing in the world." Boyd and Leroi tore it up numerous times. The "Nancies" jam kicked, and "Stone" simply brought the house down. I had been wanting to hear "Pig" live for a long time, and I got my wish tonight. Oh, and I guess I'm the only that actually likes "Fool to Think"--oh well. "Watchtower" was fun, even if Dave did mess up one of the verses (he recovered well & it cracked me up). Thanks Dave--you're still my dad.
As much as I love going to a Dave show, I was very disappointed with tonight's show. I have been to 17 shows and out of all 17, this was one of the worst...right up there with Tweeter. Where was the energy tonight? Also, where were some new songs? We have heard the same damn songs for the last three tours. Nancies into Wherehouse was great, as well as Pig, but come on...give us something new. Where was Halloween or Last Stop? We have heard the same songs for too long? I felt as if the band did not even want to tour. Boyd was great, but Dave lacked everything...not even a dance in between anythign. And he did not even mention Chicago really. He did not say a word other than the generic "Thank you." Hopefully a better show tomrorow at U of I.
this was my 4th show. i have to say that the boys where a big dissappointment! it seemed to me that they just did'nt have it together. i was really ticked when people started sitting down half way through the show. The crowd was not into it at all tonight. I think the band needs to mix it up a little. there where a few hightlights, including Nancies,Warehouse,Watchtower,and Stone!!love that one! im hoping that u of i is an improvement! see ya all soon!
I have to agree with many of the reviews posted here. I felt this show was a bit of a let down. It may not be because of anything the band did, they are always great. But the venue, what a TERRIBLE place to have a show. The acoustics were very bad!! I don't know how it was in front of the stage, but for those of us behind it was often very difficult to hear what song was being played. If you weren't a big DMB fan, I don't think you would have had any idea even what their music sounded like after attending this show. Leroi was drowned out all night and Dave's voice was barely audible at times. Part of this was due to the terrible audience that night. I agree it is fun to clap and sing along with the band, but come on....not on EVERY song. It sort of sucks to pay $50 to see DMB and can't even hear the band over the audience. Why Dave tried to play Christmas song, or even talk to the audience was beyond me. Could he even hear himself on stage? I agree the energy was high and the crowd was loving the band, but they need to not drink so much and respect the music a little more. Over all, not a typical 'warehouse member' attitude at this show. It was like a lot of drunk people showed up to scream louder than the next person. As for the setlist, I agree that it hasn't been mixed up lately. OSW was cool with the instrumental intro, but nothing really unique for this show. The band just busted out SO many different songs at their tour closer this summer at the gorge...only a few repeats all weekend. Couldn't they have at least played a couple of those songs? I always leave a DMB show happier than I went in, but this was by far my least favorite show and I will not attend another show at United Center, EVER!
4th DMB show, and possibly the worst I've seen thus far. The setlist was very standard, I was really disappointed. Dave had 12 repeats from the previous show. That's awful, what happened to any of the rare songs that we got at Alpine? What happened to the long jams at any other show? Also, one thing that killed this show was the venue. I have never been to ANY concert where the usher shines a flashlight at you and tells you to stop smoking. What is THAT? Crazy idiot. Anyway, very disappointed in the show, had high hopes and they got crushed. Oh, well...see you in the Spring.
This is the first time I've done one of these reviews because I wanted to put about 15 shows under my belt so I wouldn't come across as flaky. 3 things went right with tonights' show: Watchtower was played in the main set and Christmas Song was fantastic, and only Everyday/#36 can compete with TripBill/Ants as a closer when Watchtower has already been played. Two things went wrong, first: WTWE is not a good opener, second: I drove 5 hrs to see the same show I've seen 3 times this year. There are certain songs that are staples, I KNOW. But I get pissed when I have spent $2000 on tix so far this year to hear maybe 30 different songs. I won't learn my lesson, though because every show is a chance I'll hear JTR again, or Last Stop, or ! Lie in our Graves. PLEASE Dave at least have different setlists throughout diff regions of the country so when I buy tix to all the midwest shows they don't all sound the same! To top it off, I'm in the fan club and everyone I talked to that had better seats got them from ticketmaster. That is a huge blow to my DMB love. Peace.
Jaz K.
This is the first time that I have written a review and I am doing so now just to express how much of a letdown this show was. As my fourth show this year, this is the first one where I've actually thought, Hey, maybe this show wasnt worth the money. The setlist was standard, and repetitive from all the other Chicago area concerts this year. I am growing sick of hearing all of the same songs over and over. I bought my ticket with the hope that maybe since it was Friday the 13th, we might get a treat such as Halloween, Last Stop, etc.. But no. The only highlights of the show were Dancing Nancies, The Stone, and Watchtower. Everyday was fun, especially when the crowd joined in with #36, but not as a closer. My other complaint of the night, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I mean DMB have some courtesy to the fans with crappy seats on the side of you and in back of you. I paid to go see the band, yet i only saw there backs because of the crappy seats i got from warehouse. It would be nice to have given them a chance to see them on screens or something, i really couldnt tell what kind of energy the band was giving off because i could barely see them.
I have to start by saying how amazing dave was tonite. He played every song so beautifully and he gave it his all. He was so energized and he gave Chicago something to be happy about. I think that the highlight of the show was bartender. I love the way he yells into the microphone with all that fury. Thank god for that song. As for the rest of the songs, they were outsanding. Dancing nancies was good to hear again. Overall a great show!
This was my 11th show and I unlike many others, thought the show was great. The opener with WTWE was weak but from there on, it picked up. WWYS had the crowd going crazy. It then went to Grace, Grey, Nancies, and Warehouse. Bartender and Pig were my highlights, the two songs I was in the mood to hear this time around, I heard. At times the crowd was singing louder than Dave. From where I was, the energy was high the whole time. Watchtower was awesome except for the few missed lines. I rate the show a 9, I would have given it a 10 if they had played Halloween like I anticipated.
maybe we as dmb fans are becoming a little spoiled...all i keep hearing is how disappointed folks were about this or that, but the fact is this show was as power packed as any i've seen or heard. half of this setlist would make it onto other bands' greatest hits albums, but for dave, it was just a ho-hum show to some. NOT! ok i grant you WTWE, get it over with early, but the entire rest of the show (except for fool to think) was knock-your-socks-off good dave fun. Captain! awesome funky groove WWYS & GIG: the whole crowd sang...grey street DANCING NANCIES and warehouse was fifteen minutes of perfection. Bartender is a masterpiece period. pig, WAYG, OSW, then the Stone? are you kidding! then pow watchtower (dave did miss a whole part - don't know if it was on purpose or not). after this, i knew the encores would be good...xmas song and everyday were emotional...30,000 people were singing "love, love, love," and "come and dance with me." anyone who says this show disappointed is sadly mistaken, and you can e-mail me if you want to discuss it...also, to the cute girl from seattle who was going to MSG next, you can e-mail me anytime! see you in 2003.
this is the first concert review i have ever posted. this show was very special to me. me and 3 of my friends drove from austin, tx to see the chicago and champaign shows shows number 5 and 6 for me). wow what an experience. all i can say is thanks to dave and the guys. words cannot even express how i feel. oh and to the guy a couple reviews up... it sucks to be you cuz me and my buddies smoked down the whole fuckin time.
For all you people that thought tonight was a great show where were you sitting cause were I was sitting it was a very disappointing show. WTWE was an all right opener. Best part of it was when the band stopped playing and the crowd sang we'll be burnin one. Captain isn't my favorite song and could have done without it. WWYS was one of the highlights of tonight seemed to get the crowd into it. Then he slowed it down with GIG I like the song but that made everyone in my section sit down. Grey Street was a good song I figured we would hear it after all it is his new single. Nancies was good tonight wish he would have said lost somewhere in Chicago that would have got the crowd going a little better. Warehouse was good tonight my section actually stood up for this one. One of few. Then he slowed it down for way to damn long FTT not a big fan of it. Bartender is always nice to hear but I heard it at all the shows I went to this year. Pig was good too but should have had something to pick things up again and get the crowd into it. WAYG enough already guys its an alright song that's it you play it to much. I would have liked to of heard crash or anything off of the Crash album here beings we didn't hear anything off that album tonight. OSW was a good song hadn't heard that one live yet. Same with Stone good tune and it's a first for me hearing it live. I knew it was over when he played Watchtower. Great energy but come on people in my section if you can't get up for Watchtower what can you get up for or didn't you even want to be at the concert. Christmas Song was great first time hearing it but I don't really understand why carter came out to all he did was tap the cymbal a few times. Everyday poor ender would have liked to hear Two Step or Ant's. The only good part about that one was #36 at the end when Dave started singing Hanni Hanni with the crowd. All and all it was the worst show I have seen them play yet. The crowd wasn't into it and neither was the Band. My friends and me drove 10 hours to see this show and would have liked it to be better.
Brad M.
First of all, i don't know why so many people have bad reviews of this show. I thought it was great the whole way through. It did have a slight letdown in the middle, but they picked it right back up. Dave seemed pumped by the crowd, as did the whole band. I don't know if it is just me, but I could hear him sing over and over again, without getting tired of a single song. I hate the people that say "well this was my 20th show...blah blah blah...he played this way too much." I am not as lucky to get to alot of shows because of my distance, and i cherish every show i can get to. I thought the whole concert rocked, and i wouldn't have changed anything about it. keep up with the good work dave, there are still fans out there who appreciate everything you do!
Roger R.
drove down from detroit for this one. and 100% worth it.. met alot of people from minnesota. but the show, kicked ass.. the encore was surprising, but what more could you ask for. the stone, personal fav, god i love. still not ants though, and this was my 7th show. still haven't heard it. maybe tomorrow. peace
Danielle D.
Traveling to Chicago all the way from Toledo, Ohio was quite a trip jammin to all my other previous Dave's show (4/23/02 & 8/6/02) with three of my best friends who we have all gone together though we werent sure what to expect if it was going to be Dave and the acoustic or was he going to come out with the gang and he did! We get to United Center and ya know with our WAREHOUSE seats we sat in the last row YES I TOUCHED THE ROOF! but when Dave came on all was good...the opener with WTWE one of the few good tunes of off ED..second time hearing Captain great vocals! WWYS tour it up! i have been waiting for that song forever! the girl next to me insisted on it being SO MUCH TO SAY! Grace is Gone and Grey Street great two songs of off BS...though Ive heard them before they are beautiful songs with strong meanings and then Nancies...I knew it was coming Could I have been anywhere other than here I THOUGHT! thank you to the band that was an amazing tune. When the lights turned off between songs it was so intense you didnt know what was next Warehouse was definatly a hit and Fool to think a MISS! sorry but Im not a fan of ED..then Bartender I could just sit and listen and soak up that voice for song of the night DONT BURN THE PIG there was a group of older people next to us and i said to them "come sisters come brothers" and we all started dancing! WAYG enough! you win dave! One Sweet World got me pumped for the Stone (2nd time hearing that) amazing again! when Stefan had the solo I knew it was Watchtower! now for the encore my dream encore which he played the next night (Ants and Xmas song) was not played but 50% of it was...when he came out and tlaked about "a young boy" I was yelling JESUS JESUS JESUS !! christmas song made my holidays and what a strong message! Everyday was a great jam which i was surprised I was singing HANI HANI! Excellent show! everyone have fun at the next show! we drove back to Toledo that night because I had a dance to go to I must say I looked smashing!
Shawn C.
this was my first dmb show, and to say the least, i was rather disappointed. i love dmb and all, but after watching the two dvd's they have out and pumping myself up, the energy and the setlist rudely let me down. dave didn't look like he was into it at all, and that was surprising to me considering how many fucking people were there. he played a lot of the new stuff, which i don't have a problem with, but he didn't really spend enough time jamming out and showing off. he didn't play any of my favorite songs, like #41 or LIOG, and when he did play an old song, he didn't jam out on it. anyways, all in all, i hope my next dave show will tower in comparison to this one.