Dave Matthews Band
Madison Square Garden New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Drive In Drive Out *
Granny *
Christmas Time Is Here (tease) *
Dont Burn The Pig *
What Would You Say *
Grey Street *
Fool To Think *
Loving Wings (tease) *
Where Are You Going *
Seek Up *
Digging a Ditch *
The Dreaming Tree (tease - Stefan only) -->
All Along the Watchtower *
Grace Is Gone *
The Space Between *
So Much To Say *+ -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Too Much *+ -->
Sex Machine *+~
Christmas Song (tease) -->
Halloween * -->
Ants Marching *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
~ James Brown and Friends

Eric A.
HOLY F*CKING SH*T DO YOU BELIEVE IN MOSES!!!! What a show. I'd love to get to the end but I'll do song by song. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT-complete surprise and set the tone for an awesome show. GRANNY-holy shit, it was kicking night 1's ass,awesome version, the crowd was nuts. PIG kept it going. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY-I was thinking...could they keep this up????? GREY STREET-standerd(which is awesome) but skipped a verse again. FOOL TO THINK-pretty good, but I was hpoing they'd keep up the pace they set. Loving Wings into Hwere Are you going. My friend Daniel said"looks like they're in a rut." Not for long I said. SEEK UP-holy shit. What an awesome version. The best pre=song jam I've ever heard. DIGGING A DITCH was beautiful, calmed everyone down. Then Stefan came to the front, and did some sweet soloing. I thought Dreaming Tree. nope mid set WATCHTOWER!!! What the fuck. Awesome version!!! Lots of energy. What could come after a midset Watchtower???? out came the pedal steel and in came GRACE IS GONE. SWEET sweet jamming, much better than the night before. THE SPACE BETWEEN was actually really good. From here on it was crazy. Karl Denson came on with his trumpeter and guitarist(now 9 on stage). They played a badass SO MUCH TO SAY-->ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE--> TOO MUCH. At the end of Too Much while still playing, Dave introduces........JAMES FUCKING BROWN. They play a 15 minute sex machine, and its nuts. Encore time. 13 guys on stage!!!Dave and James had a dancing competition. it was crazy---how can they keep the energy going??? Simple-HALLOWEEN INTO ANTS MARCHING!!! Ended the show perfectly. No one left dissapointed. EVERY BAND MEMBER WAS INCREDIBLE TONIGHT. YOU MUST GET THIS SHOW!!! JAMES FUCKING BROWN.
Matthew K.
Two words. James Brown. Yes, that James Brown. Unbelievable experience. Watching James and Dave jive was one for the record books. Blew the roof off. Right before it happened, I thought Dave's mike had gone dead - a roadie put out a mike and a stand - and then Dave said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the godfather of soul, James Brown!" - the place was floored. Noone thought it was him, until he walked out. Damn, he can move for someone in his 70s :) The next 20 minutes were just unbelievable. You had to be there. Other Highlights: - Dave tosses off his Santa hat and does Halloween with the outro for an encore instead of "Christmas Song" - Another glimpse of "Loving Wings" - A midset "Watchtower" Legendary stuff.
Ian L.
this is the first time im writing a review for a show but i felt like i had to - words cant describe this show, it was so unbelievable i cant even think straight. there was alot of talking during jams which annoyed me but it couldnt ruin it for me in the slightest. they came on later then usual and kicked it off with DIDO which ive been waiting to hear forever and i loved it. Granny came next total energy on the love, baby parts, crowd got into it big time. Pig ive also wanted to hear for awhile and i was going nuts when i heard boyd start it off. WWYS was pretty standard but with the energy it got pushed up a notch for me. Grey St. - i love this song but it was missing a verse (the jam at the end was killer). FTT was the only song i couldve done without. LW and WAYG - i was hoping to hear the full LW and WAYG was nothing special although the corwd got into it huge. Seek Up had to be at least 15min just incredible! DAD was pretty basic but i enjoyed it. WATCHTOWER was the best version ive heard - great intro, jam so much energy. i thought that was it but they stayed and GIG was next - i like the new intro alot and dave just went all out dancing and walking around on the jam. SB is one of my favs off ED so i enjoyed it. THen came SMTS->ASTB->TM - this was so amazing crowd totally jumped up and dave danced like a mad man on ASTB - it was easily the best TM ive heard - AND THEN JAMES BROWN and friends came out for like a 15min sex machine - there musta been 5 minutes of pure cheering, it was so fucking great crowd was grooving, dave even imitated james browns dance a little, james brown got the crowd cheering dave over and over! they all bowed at the end with confetee covering the floor. then the lighters went up as the people chanted for dave and shortly the whole band walks out. daves wearing a santa hat and like instantaneously throws it at the drum set as halloween starts, everyone went nuts! and right after ANTS rolls on in and i dont even think i heard daves voice over the crowd singing. All in all it was unfucking-believable. i could tlak for hours bout it but i think ive taken enough room up, peace im out!!! :)
The show was intense, insane, and unbeatable. I missed to opening act, but I came in time for Dave and the boys to walk on stage and start with a KILLER "Drive In Drive Out", an unusual opener for this tour, but nonetheless kept the crowd rocking and rolling..."Granny" was nice for everyone to jam to...I thought after "Granny", Dave and Carter began to play the Heartbeat Intro to "Pantala Naga Pampa"...Turns out, it was a "Christmas Time Is Here" snip-it that I didn't even get the chance to hear well because everyone was going crazy. "Pig" came, and was a little slow sounding, but still sounded fantastic. "What Would You Say" was a LOT of fun. Dave was jumping around the stage like a maniac. "Grey Street" was powerful, but what's with the loss of that middle verse? Put it back in there, boys! "Fool To Think" was a chance to sit down, relax, and watch everyone grab themselves and run to the bathroom...I liked it; it wasn't horrible. "Loving Wings" was just long enough, one verse deep; and, of course, the segue right into "Where Are You Going"...They've really made this song terrific. It sounds solid now. First MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: "Seek Up"!!! 25 minutes long!!!!! God, it was insane. Solos by just about everyone: Butch, LeRoi, Boyd, Carter...Yeah, just about everyone..."Digging A Ditch" slowed things down a little bit, but was good to save energy for the INSANE..I repeat, INSANE "Watchtower"! Mid-set "Watchtower"? Jam at the beginning, long solos by Boyd and LeRoi? I do believe I'm loving it. "Grace Is Gone" was fun and sweet to listen to. Stefan had a nice little solo-intro to it; different, but intriguing. "The Space Between", like "Loving Wings", was just long enough. It wasn't crazy-jammed like during the spring/summer tours where they played the same four measures for three minutes. SECOND MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: "So Much To Say" --> "Too Much" --> "Sex Machine"...OK, first of all, Tiny Universe was brought on stage for "So Much To Say", a song I haven't heard since two summers ago, and I must say, it was a LOT of fun. "Anyone Seen The Bridge?" was a sick jam with Dave dancing like a MADMAN..."Too Much" was cut short, as Dave introduced James Brown!!!! James Brown and Dave were dancing and tearing up a storm, and nobody could hear a word J.B. was singing, because everyone, EVERYONE was screaming and uncontrollable. OK...Encore break, everyone's SCREAMING...What's it gonna be? "Christmas Song"? We all wait, and sure enough, it happened...RAP! RAP! RAP! RAP! "HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!" The Garden erupted like a volcano. EVERYONE, EVERRRRRRRYONE was screaming as loud as they could along with Dave. My voice was practically shot to Hell and back...AND THEN!!! To close it off, the wonderful, great night..."Ants Marching"!!!!...Boyd and Stefan dueled in the middle during the closing jam...Everyone went home with a great taste in their mouths, and I'm sure everyone's happy...I know I am...Thank you, DMB!!! Merry Christmas!
Well, first of all out of all the DMB shows that I have attended this one tonight by far was the BEST. OMG DMB rocked the Garden with a set list like no other . The show began with a electric DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT, then from then on the show took itself into unprecented fashion. Grey Street was played very well. For my first MSG show I must say I lucked out huge. As the nigth progressed Watchtower was played and the place went crazyyyyyy I felt the garden shaking . The out of nowhere after Too Much the GODFATHER OF SOUL JAMES BROWN, YES JAMES BROWN came out and sang sex machine with the crew. OMG everyone went crazy the ceiling of MSG was dropping paper and Dave went crazy dancing on stage with James Brown. James Brown led the crowd to scream Dave Dave, then Dave went hiding and was embarassed. After attending the Rochester show on Monday and being dissappointed by the fans lack of enthusiam. This show here at MSG was by far the best ever and will be so a LONG LONG LONG TIME. Thanks DMB for the great show out of 10, the show was a 10. SIMPLY AMAZING
Justin F.
WOW. Ok, so if you are reading this, the setlist is just a few spaces above so I will go straight to the highlights. 1- Where Are You Going through the end...that stretch of songs was INTENSE. 2- It all works up with Seek Up and Watchtower, both very strong. LOTS of BOYD, LOTS of BUTCH...simply amazing. 3- SMTS into Too Much. KD and his band joined in...very standard Bridge (thanks Led Zep), but toward the end of 2 Much, Dave gets on the mic and introduces to us...THE GODFATHER OF SOUL!!!! James Brown comes strutting out to center stage...the Garden erupts...the three bands combine to play a GREAT version of Sex Machine (Get on up). 4- HALLOWEEN!!!! Full band!!! 5- Straight into Ants for the encore...the place blew up again... 6- on a side note, the entire building was trembling and shaking during the beginning of Sex really was great for a DMB show, especially since tonight was officially my 50th one...
Doug J.
I'd like to start by saying WOW...WOW...WOW!!! What an INCREDIBLE evening this was. I knew from my seats (first row, behind Carter), and the preshow atmosphere that this was going to be one eventful night. Couldn't have picked a better opener than DIDO...lots of power and got the crowd jumping. Then Granny...always a feel good tune. But after Granny, Butch starts fiddling around w/ the Charlie Brown Christmas song and I'm not sure everyone caught it. Then Pig...gets better everytime I hear it. WWYS-Got the crowd singing, looked like everyone was having fun onstage. Then came the 12-string and Grey Street to follow...even though they play this song too much this tour, the crowd still rocked out. Fool to think...ehh. WAYG...slow but short and sweet. Then...A 20 MINUTE SEEK UP that rocked the garden for sure. Lots of solos from Boyd, Leroi, and MVP, C.Beauford. DAD was tight cuz I could rest my feet a while, but then Stefan's solo signaled WATCHTOWER and I needed to stand up. This version was packed w/ power...i loved it. GIG, Space Between were played for a rest everyone up before the crazy shit goes down. Carl Denson and half his tiny universe comes out to do SMTS-->Bridge-->Too Much which was almost too much for me. I was flipping out. Then all of a of the crew was putting up all these extra mics by Dave's mic, then Dave introduced THE GODFATHER OF SOUL, JAMES BROWN!!!!! Out of nowhere, he walks onto the stage and absolutely rocks the garden w/ confetti, dance-offs with Dave and a 20 minute jam rendition of Sex Machine. Only in The Garden that kinda crazy shit can happen. As they were coming back for the encore, both dave and carter put on santa hats and teased Christmas song, then Dave stopped...threw his hat...said "fuck it" and busted out HALLOWEEN!!! Jesus Christ...this was the only one I was waiting for and I got it, then right into ANTS to close out an absolutely amazing night at the Garden. DMB did it again, but with a little help from the godfather...
I don't need to tell y'all how amazing Sex Machine was, so I'll try to focus on other aspects of the show. DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT was so high energy, it really gave the impression that we were in for something special. Ditto on GRANNY, I had called this as the opener but I was plenty satisfied. I didn't really here CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE but I guess it was the Butch messing around on the piano. DON'T BURN THE PIG was uplifting, full of great energy, and, damnit, Boyd's been practising! Practically NO missed notes. Thank you, Boyd. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY was great, we had no repeats thus far from night 1 and were riding great energy. It seemed like a 'classics' set list at this point. GREY STREET was not dissappointing, it was a fine rendition, but nothing special. Dave missed a verse again, except he played verses 1 and 2 last night and verses 1 and 3 tonight. Odd. FOOL TO THINK was okay, I don't like the song, and I still don't really like it, but it didn't bother me. It seemed like they were getting into a rut as was confirmed by the very short LOVING WINGS. Dave turned around just before he stopped and said something to Carter, this gave me the impression that something was wrong, because last night's Loving Wings was like 10 minutes long. I don't like WHERE ARE YOU GOING, and still don't. That would've been a low point, I guess. But that was completely erased from short-term and long-term memory with the entrance of SEEK UP. This was the first biggest surprise of the night. I was high-fiving Eric and the guy sitting in front of us. GREAT version, truly amazing solos from all parts. I was hoping for Linus and Lucy but wasn't at all disappointed. DIGGING A DITCH is one of my favorite songs, and this did not disappoint. Very smooth version. Good intonation from Boyd. The second biggest surprise of the night was WATCHTOWER. It grew out of a great Stefan solo that started with the basic riff to Digging a Ditch, had a little Dreaming Tree, and then moved on to just some jamming. The energy in MSG was CRAZY at this song. Me and Eric were also with Emma, a complete and utter DMB newbie who was enchanted by this song--she said it was the best thing she had ever heard. Little did she know . . . . *evil laugh*. Okay, moving on, GRACE IS GONE had the cool pedal-steel intro again, very nice. I never thought I would actually enjoy THE SPACE BETWEEN, but I did. It's MUCH better live, and the poppy Boyd line in the solo was nicely understated. So Karl Denson comes on stage, with his guitarist and his trumpeter (maybe the trumpeter came on later, I'm not sure.) I predicted #41 because it was about time for a closer and that's the typical lots-of-guests song. My prediction totally pissed off the girl next to me because she really wanted it . . . but then SO MUCH TO SAY came on, and did not disappoint. It was nice having a brass section for the sax parts. ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE was incredibly cool. I've never heard a stand-out version on bootlegs so I was doubly impressed. TOO MUCH seemed to be an odd closer, but the night had been so amazing, I didn't care. "Ladies and gentlemen, the godfather of soul, James Brown!" I'll let someone who has confetti from the floor talk about this one, I was up in 426 but still had a hell of a time. The band came back, and I kind of knew it was going to be Halloween and Ants. I wasn't sure about how much of the band would be playing on Halloween, but, luckily, the whole group came on for an amazing HALLOWEEN. Dave was mangling words and seemed to skip the 'are you satisfied with fucking' part . . . but how could I really know? I may have missed it. And then, ANTS MARCHING. I knew Ants was coming, I just knew it. It was an amazing set, everything amazing. I'm gonna stop all my ongoing downloads and get this as soon as it's online. You all should too--but I don't think the sound of James Brown can be replicated on a CD-R.
Sam F.
This will be the best show I will ever go to. I have no doubt that no DMB, or any other band's show will be better than December 21, 2002. The boys opened with DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT which was a bit of a suprise as an opener (I dont think they've ever opened with this) but it was a good way to get the crowd pumped and excited. Then GRANNY which was clearly a fan favorite as everyone went nuts when they heard the opening chords, very good. PIG was a good song to hear, I used to think that it was a priveledge to hear this song live but now its becoming commonplace but its still a great song to hear. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY AND GREY STREET were standard, I'm very upset about one verse being taken out of GS, I dont see the point to it. FOOL TO THINK was nice, I think its a well written song with subpar music. I was glad to hear the LOVING WINGS tease because I didn't want to sit through such a slow song again, WHERE ARE YOU GOING was pretty much expected but always good. SEEK UP got me really excited, I hadn't heard this in a while and was very happy...the boys jammed on this in the beginning, middle, and end, very prime. DIGGING A DITCH is a good song, but it should never be played live...they could have easily substituted this for dancing nancies but they put it in and it was ok. WATCHTOWER was a huge suprise so early in the set, Steffan did his normal solo to start but he threw in a few chords from Dreaming Tree and Halloween to excite the audience (for the record I despise teases). GRACE IS GONE is being played way too often, though I do like Steffan's pedal steel solo in the beginning. THE SPACE BETWEEN was a bit of a suprise as it hasn't been played too often as of late. Then Karl Denson and a few of his bandmates came out for SO MUCH TO SAY AND TOO MUCH, I thought that they'd just jam on ASTB and then maybe close the show, but low and behold, once TOO MUCH was finishing up, a few more microphones were placed on stage. At first I thought that Dave's mic had just broken and they were replacing it, but Dave went up to his usual mic and exclaimed: "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, THE GODFATHER OF SOUL...JAMES BROWN!" I couldn't believe my ears and there he was, the hardest working man in showbusiness himself. SEX MACHINE was so good its indescribable. It must have gone on for 20-30 minutes and they never this point there were about 15 people on stage including DMB (with Butch), Karl Denson's tiny universe and James Brown along with an electric guitar player and two more singers. There was so much energy on the stage and in the crowd, and everyone was loving every second of it. James did his usual dances, which the crowd ate up. Then James had Dave dance with him which was insane, James did his dance and Dave did his usual Charlie Brown style dance then emulated James. I could not believe what I was seeing. Later on, James had the crowd chant "Dave! Dave! Dave!" as he pointed to Mr. Matthews. When the song was about over, confetti shot all over the crowd and on the was so incredibly surreal. Then everyone left the stage and the crowd did not die down. Finally the whole band came out for the encore (its about time that there was no Dave solo for the first encore song) and Dave put on a Santa Claus hat and began playing the first chords for christmas song, so everyone assumed thats what he was doing. Then Dave stopped playing, threw off the hat and Carter started the drums for HALLOWEEN!! I could not believe my ears. This was so incredibly suprising and amazing. They then did this with a segue right into ANTS MARCHING to close the show. This was by far the most energetic and exciting event/concert/show/anything I have ever been to and a night I will cherish forever. As previously stated, NOTHING will ever top this night.
David B.
I never reveiw shows...EVER, but tonight I will. First i will start by saying that tonight's show was my 18th and i consider my self to be a very well educated dave fan and a very good critic of his shows. Tonights show was BY FAR the most memorable show I have ever/will ever see, but i have to say it was not the best (musicaly). All the songs were very strong but not perfect. Im glad dave opened with DIDO, it not only got the crowd warmed-up, but the band as well. Pig and Granny were good and energetic and it was the first time i have ever seen them played together in a show. SeekUp was nice to hear, as always, a solid version, about 16minutes, however not as good as SPAC 7-30-01 (I was at that show, i didnt just listen to the Warehouse 5 vol.#2) I wish that the Everyday songs he played tonight werent Fool To Think, and Space Between, but at least they were technically well done. Digging was very sweet and again musicaly well done. WatchTower, which i have seen a bunch of times but it is always great to see it when it in the middle of a set, it really gets the band going to their limit and generally makes the rest of the show better. Tonight was no exception to this. A very solid version of watchtower (6-17-01 and 12-11-00 were better in comparison though.) I'll skip to SMTS into too much... first off i was very suprised that Karl and the his "tiny" friends haddnt joined dave at all on stage this tour, and when i saw the crew start to bring the extra stage speaker out i knew they were comming, and then dave introduced them. So much to say and too much, tonight, were by far the best they have ever been. It was as if Karl's presence made every one a little better and a little more in tune with one another. But i was suprised that Karl had no real solo's durring those songs so i knew he had to play at least one more... then all of a sudden Dave says "and know the King of Soul - James Brown!" and no one could believe it... the place errupted into sheer mayhem... rediculousness... the last expected special guest ever! And i have litterally no words that can describe the greatness of the version of Sex machine that they all played... i was doing what i never expected i would ever do.... scream like the sixteen year-olds that hold the "I love you Dave!!" signs. By far one of my best Dave memories ever! After about what i think was 15-20 minutes of craziness, dave and friends cleared the stage. I then sayed to my girlfriend, "what if dave comes out and plays Holloween... just imagine... as if the night couldnt be any better." And what does dave do? Plays a rocking version of Holloween! then tops the show off with Ants!! What a NIGHT!! on a scale of 1-10 I have to give it a 9 for memorability and an 8.5 for music technicality. I WISH ever true dave fan, and music lover could have been there for Sex Machine!! wow!
All I can say is WOW!!!! I just got back in from tongiht's show & doubt I will ever see a show top this one. The appearance of Watchtower was pleasant and rocked as usual. SMTS/ASTB/Too Much was very tight & just when the set appeared to be ending, Dave says, "Please welcome the Godfather of Soul: James Brown!!" JB came out and had the Garden jumping for a good 15 minutes. Encore time and we see Carter & Dave donning Santa hats. Dave plays the first few chords of X-Mas song, then angrily rips the hat off, throws it down & breaks into Halloween!!! (THANK YOU!!) Halloween was great and they play right into Ants for the ending of a simply amazing concert!!! Like I said, WOW.....
So much has probably been said, so I'll keep it brief. Basically, this is what hapens when there are doubts. No more doubts. Best band on Earth. We NYers have had it great DMB wise- Two Step in the rain, Star Spangled Banner --> Watchtower, and now James Brown, and Halloween into Ants. Thanks to the band and to the crowd and to everyone- Happy Holidays.
Dani K.
This show was really unbelievable! Drive In,Drive Out was a great opener.Granny was unexpected and great.Dave mixed the lyrics for 'Dont burn the Pig' and Pig together! It was great! Grey St. and Where Are you going were pretty good. Seek Up was almost 20 minutes long-- Amazing! Watchtower with Steffans intro was rockin! The opening band came out and played for the last few songs. Boyds solo for Too Much is always a delight. And than a guest appeared! James Taylor came on stage with his dance moves and all and did one of his own songs- 'Get on Up'. The Garden was going nuts. After the break, Dave & Carter came back with the red & white hats hinting at the Xmas song. The last second, Dave threw off his hat and started Halloween!!! That was ridiculous! The extended Ants Marching closed the set. Overall a great performance!
Unbelievable. Amazing. Fantastic. Outstanding. Just got home from 12/21, and I don't know where to start. The crowd, for the most part, was excellent. The setlist, with a few exceptions, was awesome, as you can see. I could have never dreamed in a million years that James Brown would play with dave. It was the craziest thing i've seen in a while, i couldn't believe it. Next, Halloween?! FINALLY! it's about time that they play it. These two songs, along with a few others like Seek Up, made this dave show one of the top three that i've seen out of about 12. great night.
It's not a question of whether or not this concert was good or not. It's not about comparing this to the first night at MSG, which had an admirable setlist which included greats like Warehouse, Crush, Two Step etc. This concert simply made the first night look like nothing. But to do this concert justice, it is better to compare it to the greatests of all time. THIS CONCERT BEATS GIANTS STADIUM, AND YES, EVEN RED ROCKS! DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT, what an amazing opener, got the crowd on its feet quickly. Following it up with GRANNY was out of control, beautiful beginning and Granny is simply amazing live. PIG, oh my god. This song has such emotion, such highs and lows and the crowd was really into it. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, knew this one was coming tonight, and it did not disappoint. Grey Street, phenomenal, this time they cut out the last verse but the crescendo at the end still remains which makes this song a classic. FOOL TO THINK, eh, maybe the one song where I even comtemplated sitting down, but a nice live verison. LOVING WINGS-->WHERE ARE YOU GOING was very nice, and I don't care if they play where are you going a million times, it's a good song. SEEK UP, are you kidding me? Lasted for almost 20 minutes and definitely can compete with the best out there, including the Red Rocks version. DIGGING A DITCH, standard, WATCHTOWER, once again, superior to even Red Rocks, a winter first of the SPACE BETWEEN, a better everyday choice than I did it by far. SO MUCH TO SAY rocked the house, and the leadway into TOO MUCH was awesome as well. Then, well, the Garden became the source of all noise in the world. James Brown came out and performed SEX MACHINE, and brought life to the garden that has never been seen before, not even MSG2 last year. What could make this any better? Try finally getting the real deal of HALLOWEEN into ANTS MARCHING. Whoever was there, know you will never witness something like this ever again. Peace
All I have to say is WOW! No show I ever go to will top tonight's! Last night's show was just the warmup compared to tonight's! I'm in awe of the encore- Halloween & Ants Marching! Dave came out on stage wearing a santa hat and everyone was convinced they'd do Christmas Song. Then he ripped it off his head and played Halloween. Incredible, absolutely incredible! And not even a second after that song ended, the drum tap started and it was Ants Marching. No encore will ever top tonight's encore! It was a great show! And James Brown! Wow! The crowd was so loud & energetic! And they did the running man! They stood in a line and did the running man! I will never forget that for as long as I live. This was the best show ever, and I'd say everyone who was there feels the same way. Go Dave!
Lewis O.
The show...Unbelievable...on the train back to Philadelphia.... I met the guy who played the guitar on "Doin The Butt". We talked about James Brown, he knows' friend bought the "quote un quote" dancin james brown doll a few weeks ago. How about' all shapes up. The show...Unbelievable...
Jimmy M.
Just got back from the garden, what a crazy night! This show was indeed very solid- but not the best ever by any means. They had set a high bar for tonight in a number of ways- the closing night of the only two-night stand on the tour, the SATURDAY before xmas, the end of the tour, AT MSG (on the last show of FOUR 2002 shows at the venue). There was clearly plenty to build up expectations for tonight, including a solid friday night show. Decided to go easy on the pre-show festivities since this will be the last show I see for a while and I thought it might be a special one. Did make it to the Blarney Stone which was a pretty cool place. Caught the end of Denson and then settled into our seats in section 316- up high in the back corner but really not too bad. I think anything 300s or lower at MSG is decent. The place was absolutely packed, moreso than last night. There was a huge line of people outside waiting to see if last minute tickets were released and tickets outside the venue were scarce. The band came out strong with Drive In, Drive Out. It was certainly an interesting opener and had a good deal of energy to get us started. I always like Granny and this standard version was nice. Pig and What Would You Say were also enjoyable, but standard. Nothing too extraordinary to start us off- but nothing bad either. After that, the show seemed to crawl for a while and it had me wondering "wait- I thought it was the Saturday before christmas at the garden? whats going on?" I am getting numb to grey street because they play it so much (I love the song though). Then Fool to Think, Loving Wings, and Where are you Going just slowed down the show a lot. Seek Up is a great song but was also kind of slow and the room needed some energy (ASTB?). Digging a Ditch really got everyone who wasn't already sitting to do so. Again, a great song, but like I said the show was crawling along. Finally, Watchtower picked things up. It was a standard version, but fun and necessary. That was where things got better- MUCH better. I thought the show was over (and was really disappointed) and then they kept playing. Grace was a nice choice. The ending just keeps getting better. Space Between was random, not very appreciated, and played terribly. It was getting late and they had played Watchtower already- where to go to now from this miserable Space? They then brought out Denson and busted into So Much to Say. I was thrilled, Denson and ASTB- things were good. Well, it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Denson did very little, the song was played in a fairly standard way, ASTB wasn't nearly as raucous as it had been in Albany and was actually one of the most chill ones I have seen. Too Much was the same way: not the hugely energetic song it can be with little Denson involvement. They can rock SMTS-->TM a lot more than they did tonight. But then the crew brings out more mics and I thought what is going on?!? Then Dave steps up to the mic and blurts out "JAMES BROWN!" Holy shit! James Brown, dressed in all black with a white sequined coat (classic), steps out with an entourage to an exploding Madison Square Garden. The place just went wild as they proceeded to play an extended version of Brown's "Sex Machine" that was far more about entertainment than being brilliant musically. James Brown dancing simply does not ever disappoint and he still has the moves. The band was loving it and JB made sure that Dave was involved which only made the crowd that much wilder. They even had confetti going all through the Garden. It felt suddenly much more like a big party than a concert. I guess the best way to describe it was "wild." Certainly, it had everyone guessing as to the encore, myself included. Here is where they really came through. The JB thing had gotten them musically way off track and they responded to that with a perfect encore. Dave and Carter were wearing Santa hats and Dave sort of walked around the stage before tossing it towards the back of the stage and then busting into a rocking full band "Halloween." Just what the doctor ordered- it was an outstanding version that blew away other recent 'weens. Much better than the aimless Dec. 2000 ones and I think better than the Gorge. They just really worked the song and it sounded great. They could only follow it up with a perfect Ants, and they did! So, all in all, it was a mediochre show with a GREAT finish! I can only wonder what they have in store for MCI. They really had a great two nights at MSG though, adding more to the belief that MSG is one of the best places in the country for DMB!
OH MY GOD!!! First off, the energy in the Garden was amazing the entire time - they jammed out on every song and the croud was totally into it - It was hard to believe they could top Watchtower in the middle of the setlist but SMTS into Too Much with Karl Denson was amazing and then...out came "THE GOD FATHER OF SOUL"...JAMES BROWN!!! It was crazy...indescribable... Dave and James were dancing, everyone soloed, and the croud couldn't have been more excited - when they came back for the encore with santa hats on and played the first few chords of Christmas Song everyone was pretty excited, however it was expected...but instead they played HALLOWEEN!! After all that teasing it was well worth it - finally they concluded quite possibly the best concert they've ever played (not even including James Brown) with the best version on Ants I've ever heard!! All i can say is WOW!! I just hope they don't retire cause it'll be hard to ever top this!!!
Wow...and amazing show tonight. Pig, SEEK UP, Watchtower, diggin a ditch were the highlight of my night. Drive in drive out and granny were alrght, I was expecting a better opener though..Lowest point of any dave shw, Grey Street and Grace is cannot play those twice in a row, dont know what dave was thinking. James f***ing Brown...of all people James Brown...such an amazing show. Definately made up for the crap set list last night. Encore was so hot...Halloween and Ants were two songs I really wanted to hear, although I would have died if he played liog or say goodbye. Overall, and incredible show with incredible people and an incredible set list!
James D.
I belive the dmb road page put it best by saying "we'll be searching for words to describe this show for years to come." History.. an absolute euphoric stunning experience took place tonight at MSG. Not only did DMB tear up an absolute killer set, they looked completely psyched to be on stage. From a Wicked Drive in Drive out opener to Pig, to WWYS, granny, and the best seek up intro ever. Karl densons tiny universe joined DMB on SMTS and the bridge and Too much. Then it the end of too much dave started jamming unorthadox style into a very unusal jam, then the crew began setting up 3 microphone stands. Then dave lays out the words "ladies and gentlemen, the godfather of soul, James BROWN!!" The whole fucking MSG not only erupted, but was in totall disbelief as DMB and James Brown and his boys and Karl densons Tiny universe begin SEX MACHINE! with JB singing and the band jamming out. They jammed forever, James brown and his boys had a little dance off with dave with JB chanting "yeah dave, go dave" The band and the crowd had just died and gone to heaven for those 15 minutes or so. When the song climactically finsished, red white and blue confettii erupted and shot out from 4 different sides of the floor for several minutes. The confetti fell on MSG as we all looked around in a deafaning applause to what in gods earth we had just wittnessed. ENCORE TIME: dave and carter put santa hats on. what could the encore be? how about HALLOWEEN!! an absolutely sick and violent version with dave screaming his lungs out with a segue into ANTS MARCHING. My hats off to the MSG crowd, the absolute greatest crowd i have ever witnessed at a DMB show. EVERY LAST PERSON was on their feet all night long. Well, this was my 20th show and without any question or concern #1 with a bullet in my books. This show can never be repeated, nor topped in my opinion. MSG 12/21/02 one word--History Books! It capped off a very magical day when just an hour or so before the show i proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years in rockafeller center. 12/21 is etched in my heart, mind and soul and will never be forgotten. Ever.
Dan T.
IMPORTANT READ THIS NYers: Well everything that could have been said was...JAMES FUCKING BROWN!!!! heres the amazing part.........................................................Dave had such an amzing time and mabye experience for himself that he changed the setlist...YES CHANGED the setlist...the encore was supposed to be long black veil....Dave donned a santa hat and played a few chords from the christmas song and busted out on Halloween....Seeing that show has tempterd me not to see them for a while...because nothing EVER will top that! But i still from a guy whos seem them 42 times, the only words to explin this is WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! have a good night and a VERY merry x-mas.
Ben H.
Yeah basically everything has been said except I think the Santa Hats are misunderstood. Carters (at the very least) if not Daves too were thrown on stage by crazy insane fans - in the case of Carter's Santa Hat - myself. Therefore, the original plan was not to come out wearing Santa Hats, but Carter could either step over it, or pick it up and put it on. And for that I got kicked out of section 67 and kinda just danced my way around the arena until the show ended - well worth it.
...Jesus Chist Simply the greatest show of all time DIDO- High energy opener, a suprise, too. GRANNY- Another surprise. Always fun to do the chant. PIG-My personal favorite song and is always great to hear. WWYS- A fun song. GS- Easy to predict cause of the new guitar. Really great version. FTT- Meh, not a huge fan of this song but it was good tonight. WAYG-Loving Wings tease was cool, but the song itself isnt that great. SEEK UP- Simply awsome. Great jam, with Carter flipping out in the beginning. DAD- A nice mellow song WATCHTOWER- Wow. I thought it was crush untill dave started on his guitar. A huge surprise, but a good surprise. GIG- Another one of my favorites. SPACE BETWEEN-I was hoping it would be So Right with the electric, not a bad version though. SMTS-->TM- Well, I thought theyd close with Too Much, but...SEX MACHINE-Do I even have to talk about this song. All I can say is James-Fucking-Brown. 14+ HALLOWEEN- Yesss!!!! I think I jumped about 5 feet out of my chair. ANTS- The onyl way they could have closed such an amazing show. DMB has a new mark to which all other shows will be compared to, it was that good.
Bobby N.
HEY! Soul Brother #1! The Godfather of Soul! The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, JAAAAAMES BROWWWWWWWN! The setlist should look more like this: So Much to Say --> Anyone Seen the Bridge? --> Too Much --> roadie tackles Dave's mic in the middle of Dave singing and sets up two in its place --> Dave: "JAMES BROWN!" --> Bobby: "What" --> James Brown dances onto the stage in a sparking white outfit --> Sex Machine --> chaos --> Bobby: "Where am I" --> confetti falling from the rafters. I came out of the show last night feeling like I didn't see a Dave Matthews Band concert but one of the greatest spectacles in recent rock history. I haven't been this confused (in a good way) at a concert since Run DMC and Kid Rock sang Walk This Way with Aerosmith. As for the first half of the show, the set was tight, the intro to Seek Up was off the hook, and Watchtower midset was incredible. After Diggin a Ditch, though, a man in a Distefano jersey (whom I will henceforth remember as Distefano the Prophet) turned around and said to me, "Do you like James Brown?" And I was like "Yeah!" "Do you like Santa Claus?" "Yeah!" "Okay... James Brown and Santa Claus... you like them both?" "You better believe it!" And he turned around and didn't speak to me again until the Godfather danced out himself. As for Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, I couldn't really hear them on SMTS --> ASTB? --> Too Much, and there was no extra jam or anything (besides the obvious). The encore was amazing... the whole band came out, Dave and Carter wearing Santa hats. Dave played the first few chords of Christmas Song, threw off his hat and went right into Halloween (which went right into Ants). It sounded like BTCS Halloween, not old school, but it was a perfect end to a more than perfect night. I don't want to see another concert for the rest of my life.
HALLOWEEEEEN!!!!! 27 shows and nothing has ever been as insane as this show. there are not many words that can be said to describe this magical evening. SMTS-->ASTB--> too much then... "Ladies and Gentleman, the Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown." there were either 12-14 people on stage jamming for close to 30 min, the dancing with dave and james brown was incredible. Still speechless a day later. and Halloween --> ants Halloween was the one thing i needed, got alot more.
Colin H.
Its 11:43 in the morn on the 22nd and im still got pictures in my head from last night so before i get way ahead of myself lets start at the beginning. The boys came out around 8:50 a little later than last night. The garden was going wild when they came out and dave looked ready. They went into Drive In Drive Out which was a good way to start the show, a little upbeat and get the crowd anticipating. So next they brought out Granny which was so much better than albany. After that they did a little Jam which turned out to be Charlie Browns Christmas Song. which was a really good treat.They then went into Pig which really brought the crowd a live, An Amazing version to Pig. Then they brought out What Would You Say, good version lots of energy the crowd was going nuts. I think they sang louder than dave did. Grey Street could have been a little better but hey u can't get everything for christmas or so i thought. Then Fool To Think which wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be it was a bit surprising. A nice loving wings which has turned into a really good song was teased into Where Are You Going, which was prob the worst song of the night but still was decent. Then the 1st amazing moment... Seek Up, it was intense the intro jam was right and the crowd and the band knew it and they played for like 20 minutes. Great version best one ive seen yet. They they brought it down a little bit and played Diggin A Ditch... but they brought it right back up when Fonzi started to solo, something was up. Sounded a little like a dreaming tree but i knew that was all over when he started with some of the chords. IT WAS TIME FOR A MID SET WATCHTOWER, by far the best one i've seen, lot of emotion and entusiasm. Grace is Gone was nice but i heard it last night and everynight this week but still was decent. Then i saw the electric being put on and so came Space Between which was nice cuz i haven't heard it this tour. Dave then introduced Carl Denson and some of his band members to help them out then came So Much to Say which was a great version the crowd was going wild.... now since they played Too Much last night i thought they couldn't be going into Anyone Seen the Bridge, but to my surprise they did and all of a sudden Crew Members started putting out other mics and i knew something was up... After the end of too much dave went to the mic as if to finish it but no he said and i quote " Ladies and Gentlemen The Godfather of Soul JAMES BROWN" The garden went nuts it was insanely loud and out came the Godfather Of Soul James brown Dressed in black except for a white jacket. And they played SEX MACHINE!!!!! Dave danced aloing with James Brown and it was the best moment in dave history. No body saw it coming. Finally after a 15 minute Sex Machine the band went off and when they came back out Fonzi Carter and Dave all had christmas hats on and dave started to play the first few notes to Christmas Song, and all of a sudden he went back to carter and said something then he went back to the mic and looked back threw off his hat and HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!! it was intense dave was so into it and so was the crowd. It couldn't get better than this but no they surprised me yet again by going right into Ants Marching which was an amazing version, i couldn't even hear dave sing thats how loud it was. That night was Daves present to all us nancies. So i will leave with a MERRY X-MAS ALL!!! and to everyone there we are the luckiest people alive.
This is the second review I have ever thought meritted one. After May 29 2002 (the other review I wrote) I thought DMB would come back to MSG with a subpar performance. I sat next to a guy who had been to 20 shows, and myself this was my 9th, slowly im getting there, I just dont have a lot of $$$. Well Its the morning after and it still hasnt set in. I think after Granny, when they teased Charlie brown's christmas was when I really got excited. The setlist was extravagant, the band was pumped and you could see Carter was having the time of his life. I enjoyed the loving wings tease. Oh yeah did anyone else hear the dreaming tree bass line stefan was playing before watchtower??? Cause I did... Overall this was the best show I have ever been to. I thought nothing would top 5/29/02 at MSG or especially 6/11/01 at Giants Stadium. OHHH by the way, james brown came out, some of you may know him as the GODFATHER OF SOUL. I hope everyone was as impressed with the band as I was, I know have complete faith in them. Merry Christmas All... and Peace on Earth
DMB destroyed MSG, pleasing the crowd with the hits as well as doing an intense jam on Seek Up and Ants. The crowd went nuts when they busted out Granny. Every member of the band was on fire, and then out came Karl Denson and his guitarist/trumpeter for So Much to Say, but before anyone knew what was happening James Brown was out with Sex Machine! The venue was shaking and the confetti filled up the air - it was an experience like no other. The other highlight was the encore: Carter comes out with a Santa hat, and there's another the floor. Dave puts it on and the crowd goes wild. He plays the first bar of 'Christmas Song', then yells and throws off the hat and goes straight into 'Halloween'! MSG simply erupted, it was the finest DMB show I have ever seen and the only thing that could have made it perfect was 41 with KDTU, but i'm not complaining.
Last night was my 18th birthday and my 9th Dave Matthews concert. I have been at every MSG show since 98 with the exception of 2000 with Warren. I thought after missing that crazy night I would never get the MSG concert to beat that show but holy crap was I wrong. I have been a dave fan since I was 11 years old and I can still remember seeing them the first time with Timmy and Bela. Over the past few years I have lost faith in the band and I truly believed that they were just going through the motions. I got into other bands like Phish that I thought could surprise me on a nightly basis more than the DMB and this is why last night was the best show I have ever seen by anyone. What Dave did last night made me forgive him for every bum setlist and for Everyday entirely. Dave Matthews just doesn't do stuff like this. Maybe you'd expect someone like a James Brown or Kid Rock at a Phish show but not at a Dave Matthews show. Who would have thought that good ol dependable Dave Matthews Band would put on the best concert of the New Year's season? We were all blessed last night plain and simple and the fact that it was my birthday means that I will celebrate this show every year on 12/21 for the rest of my life. Thank you Dave Matthews, you brought back my faith in you last night and you gave me the best birthday present that anyone could ask for. I feel like I'm 11 years old again, and I just heard Ants Marching for the first time.
this was my 4th dave expirience and the first setlist review but if u were there last night you could understand y this would be my first. dido- first time hearing it live it was awesome i always loved that song and to open the show rocked- granny always a great tune it kicked ass, pig, wwys, grey street awesome all around, then seek up was an amazing jam it quieted the place down for what was to come WATCHTOWER , when stephon was doin his solo i had a feeling it was coming, so much to say into too much was unforgetable at this point i was pretty happy with the show it was kinda diff so i took it for what it was, but wait ladies and gentlemen the godfather of sould JAMES BROWN U KIDDIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone went nuts i think when james and dave were dancing together will be the most memorable dmb concet moment for everyone who was in attendence but wait its not overrr for the encore dave strols on stage wit a santa hat everyones figuring xmas song right, to kinda slow things down for the big finalle, helllllll noo he looses the hat and explodes into halloween, i could almost hear the ppl who went to the last shows go wut the f**k we got the realll thing no teases hear then right into ants marching kicked ass no questions asked no one can deny cant wait for the spring tour
Dan F.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! WOW!!!!, Hours after, i still can't believe what I saw. Dave and the band has yet to disappoint me, and i think they never will. Great songs selection all around, the Garden was a rockin. Drive in Drive Out, Granny, Pig, WWYS, Grey Street, Fool To Think, (Loving Wings), Where are you going?, Seek Up, Digging a Ditch, Watchtower (Mid Set? I mean come on, Unheard of!) Grace is Gone, The Space Between, So Much to Say, Too Much, and then..... the topper, James "Motha Fuckin" Brown, the GODFATHER of soul, comes out and plays (Sex Machine) Get on Up, and lifted the Garden off its foundation, Dave could've ended the show right then and there, but took a break, and came back strong with Halloween (Rare), and finally with Ants Marching...I've said to myself that 6-11-01, Two Step in the rain @ Giants Stadium would never be topped, well...i have to say it has been. God Bless, Merry Christmas, Cheers.
wow what a night!! The 22nd show for me was definitely a night to remember...Dave came out and opened with a great DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT...Had not heard that one in a while and it was great to hear again...GRANNY was awesome...great version...I was happy to hear PIG again...nice song...I knew they would play WWYS..I liked hearing it again...As soon as Dave changed guitars I knew GREY STREET was coming...Great version as always...I truly love this song although they skipped a verse again...I wonder why? Next came a good version of FOOL TO THINK...standard version...Next they did a tease(version) of LOVING WINGS into WHERE ARE YOU GOING...I was happy they played this since they didn't on friday...Then came about a 20-22 minute version of SEEK UP! The crowd went crazy...I had not heard this song in over a year live...Great to bring it back...Everyone had their own solo...I loved it...After that they calmed the crowd down with a good version of DIGGING A DITCH...Then after DAD, I saw Stefan start playing a solo and I told my friend WATCHTOWER BABY!! Wow what a version!! I think the best I have ever heard and I have alot of shows..Great intro and the crowd was going nuts...Then came another great version of GRACE IS GONE...I love this song very much as well...It was great to hear SPACE BETWEEN again...Had not heard it in awhile...Then came an amazing moment...Dave did SMTS --> ASTB --> TOO MUCH and that was awesome...At the end of TM, Dave introduced JAMES BROWN!!! WOW THAT TORE THE ROOF OFF THE GARDEN!! THE CROWD WAS CHANTING FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES!! WOW WHAT A MOMENT...THE WHOLE BAND DID A GREAT VERSION OF SEX MACHINE FOR LIKE 15 MINUTES!!!After that ended, they came back on for the encore...I was hoping for at least ants or tripping...First they did a full band version of HALLOWEEN which was awesome!! They were teasing it almost every night of the winter tour so I know it had to be done sometime fully...Then after halloween ended they went right into ANTS! This is my favorite dmb song...You could not even hear Dave sing this song the crowd was singing every word...One of if not the best DMB Show I have been to...Carter Boyd and Leroi all had awesome solos...Definitely a show to get...see you all next year!
Mike R.
WOw thats all i can say. My first show ever oh yeah section 84 row F. All i can say is that the show was amazing. Drive in Drive out started off a bit tacky but was put together well by the end. Granny what can i say but wowowow. I loved the teases christmas time is here that was funny when they started to play pig instead. Pig was played amazingly especially leroi. What would you say how the heck does boyd do that amazing and carter kept everything alive. Grey street was a simple one nothing bad about it but nothing special i like that song. Fool to think i was not to thrilled about it but it was played well. Loving wings sounds interesting but i wasnt in the mood to listen to it thank gone it was only a tease. Where are you going was plain and simple but good. Seek up wow forget red rocks here we come witht this amazing 20 minute rendition wow is all i can say. digging a ditch was great. But NOthing compared to WATCHTOWER my friend and i were jumping all over the place it was amazing. Grace is gone pretty good. The space between wasn't in the mood for it but okay. So much to say anyone seen the bridgge and to much all boyd boyd is amazing i dont know how he did it his strings were poping off on his bow but he continued wow. AND WHEN James Brown came on it was amazing him and dave dancing their nancies off it was amazing. the highlight of the night was when dave starting to play christmas song while wearing a christmas hat took it off and threw it and started playing halloween wowowowow. it was unreal. And ants marching stefan and boyd were totally amazing. what an evening to remember ill never forget it THank you so much warehouse!
Brian R.
Wow...thats the only word to describe tonights show. I had a feeling the boys would do something to top last night at the garden, but i had no idea they would come up so big. i mean James freaking Brown!!! Highlights of the night: Watchtower, Ants, Seek Up, and finally a FULL VERSION OF HALLOWEEN!!! When Dave and Carter came out in santa hats and dave played the opening chords of christmas song, but then they busted out Halloween. All around best show ever.
DMBs second night at the Garden. Satrted off with DIDO, amzing, loved it, great opener. Then in to GRANNY, Ive been dying to hear this song, sounded great, I went off for that song. Then PIG, wasnt expecting this one, the boys rocked it out nicely, liked it a lot. WWYS was awesome too. Would've really liked to hear the entire GREY STREET song. It was my 3rd time hearin it this week and Dave just cant seem to remember all the verses. FOOL TO THINK was a pleasant surprise, it threw a nice little change in the set. Then, surprise surprise, WAYG. I was glad he didnt play it both nights though. Its a good song and all, I guess Im just getting a bit tired of hearing it so much. SEEK UP was great, a little bit drawn out though. I coulda went without hearin DIGGIN A DITCH. they picked it right back up with an amzing WATCHTOWER. Stefan started up with the bass solo, teased Halloween a little, then...WOW. Was a bit surprised they played it mid set, loved it anyway though. Then came GRACE IS GONE and SPACE BETWEEN, GIG is a good song, just a bit dissappointed that he plaed it two nights in a row. Space Between was cool to hear, sounded great. Then here comes SMTS and TOO MUCH, totally saw this one comin. Some memebers of Karl Denson's came out to jam too, that was cool. Then Dave introduces..JAMES FUCKIN BROWN!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!....who woulda thought? I was absolutely amazed. They rocked out Sex Machine and they entire Garden exploded. Now what's the only way possible to follow up The Grandfather of Soul?...HALLOWEEN and ANTS MARCHING of course. Good god, this encore was sick, there wasnt anyone in the entire place sitting down, except the girl behind me he was too wasted to stand up and the few to the other side of me who just sucked. I couldnt imagine a better encore. I never went off so much at a concert in my life. Even though they repeated a few songs from the first night, it was definitely made up for...all in all, great show. Still can not get over the fact that I saw JAMES MO FUCKIN BROWN on stage with eyes have never seen such greatness...Merry Christmas indeed
Joe B.
INCREDIBLE!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it! JAMES BROWN!!!! I went into the show a little disappointed because the setlist for the past few seemed a little weak, but DMB prooved me wrong and made me believe that they still have a lot in them. It was my 10th show, first time ever in NYC and what a time to be there. This one def ranks up there with the best of them. Highlights of the night, DIDO was a great opener, and Granny was awesome, the "LOVE" and "BABYs" echoed the stadium. Christmas Time(peanuts song) was nice to hear, I wish he had played a little more though. WWYS, solid, and Grey Street got the crowd even crazier than before. I was a little disappointed to hear FTT after an Angel tease, I much would have rather heard WYA. WAYG, a little sick of (You Never Know is a better song) but then he played SEEK UP, I havnt heard this in a while and I think this was the turnaround point of the show. DAD was nice to hear, and then Stefan began to strum the old bass, and I knew it was either CRUSH OR WATCHTOWER...and it turned out to be one of the most amazing versions I've ever heard. Everyone including the band jammed and sang for about 20 minutes, INCREDIBLE!!! GIG, beautiful song and SPACE BETWEEN was nice to hear too. SMTS>ASTB?>TOO MUCH, nice funky jams and then....JAMES BROWN!!! I didn't believe it at first, I was like "yeah right!" but then, there he was, and everyone went belistic!!! James and Dave jammed for a good half hour straight and so did the crowd, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. Then the confetti went everywhere and the crowd didn't stop screaming until Dave came back out again with a santa hat on, but then threw it off to start HALLOWEEN!!!!!! First time I ever heard it and the crowd was nuts, and then to top it off with ANTS was just unbelievable! One of the best shows ever, def one to go down in the record books. What a way to spend my first time in NYC...and lil bro, what a first show huh?
Sean (.
Amazing!!! First time ever posting a review but with what we saw tonight, I'm almost speechless. My 30th DMB show and wihtout a doubt the most energy I have ever felt at a DMB concert. Set list was excellent (Encore Halloween & ANTS)...Dave and the guys were in the flow of things the entire will be tough to go to another DMB show and not compare it to 12/21 - JAMES BROWN cameo at the Garden!!! We can only hope DMB is back at MSG next year during the holidays what a way to celebrate another great year of The Dave Matthews Band on tour...thanks
Oh My God, Oh MY God, Oh My God!!!!!!! Out of 17 shows that was the most incredible show I have ever seen. DIDO was a great opener. I haven't heard that song in quite awhile and Dave changed up the lyrics again. Granny was great. The Love! Baby! definitely got the crowd going even more. Pig was wonderful as always, as was WWYS. These were some great opening songs. I like the Charlie Brown song thrown in there too. Grey St was good as always and FTT allowed me to have a bathroom break I totally needed. I was actually hoping they would play a full Loving Wings. I really like the ending now but hearing it just on Friday was good. WAYG was standard. SEEK UP was awesome. The opening jam was fantastic and everyone sounded great during it. The last and only other time I heard this was Soldier Field and this version blew that experience away. DAD, I think was perfectly placed. I am normally not a huge fan of this live but I think it sounded good after the "quiet" ending to seek up instead of a more fast paced song. MID-SET AATW!!!!! Dave destroyed his guitar. I don't know if there were any strings left on that thing at the end of the song. Stefan's new intro to GIG is awesome I wish they had done that in ATL and UC. SB was fine haven't heard in a really long time. Now the craziness starts. SMTS with KD was good. I was so hoping for the bridge but I didn't think they would play it since they played TM last night but it came and so did TM and then the most ridiculous thing ever: The Godfather of Soul, James Brown!!!!!! MSG was crazy! It is almost indescribable. I am still saying "WOW," I can't believe I was there. I still have confetti in my purse. I don't think I will ever forget the image of Dave dancing with JB, WOW! Then HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! I almost peed my pants when they started playing. I don't think I have screamed that much. Then going to Ants you couldn't ask for a better encore! Thank you DMB, NY, the great people sitting near me and Merry Christmas. That was the best present ever.
speechless (adj)- the act of experiencing the Dave Matthews Band concert on December 21st, 2002......There's not much I can say that the others haven't said already, but I've been to 29 shows, and I have never, EVER seen anything like this in my life. You can read as many reviews as you want, and look at as many pictures as you can, but what we experienced at the garden was something that words will do no justice. Plus I got to pat Boyd's shoulder on his way into his bus. This show goes down in history
Johanna B.
Oh my God. It is now the evening of the 22nd, and I still can NOT believe that I experienced what I experienced last night. This show will go down in history...I will be talking to people 20 years down the road, and I'll hear "Yeah, one of my friends went to that Dave Matthews show in New York when James Brown came out", and everyone will say "ooooo" and "ahhhhh". Then I'll get to say "Yeah...I was there too. And it was absolutely amazing." It wasn't just James Brown. After Seek Up and Watchtower, which where in the middle of the show, I turned to my friend and asked, "How in the hell are they going to top that for an encore??" Well sure did outdo yourself. Ants Marching was amazing. I thought it was so clever when Dave put the Santa hat on, played the first few notes of the Christmas Song, threw the hat off, and went right into Halloween. Drive In, Drive Out, while not one of my favorites was incredible. I'm always pleased to here Pig and Grey Street. Thank you Dave, Boyd, Stefan, Carter, Leroi...AND JAMES BROWN!!
Oh my!!! What an amazing experience! Well, I had a feeling that this show would be pretty special, but I never could have predicted anything like this. Before this show, my favorite show was 12/13/00, which had Cortez The Killer and Exodus. That show was unbelievable, but I think this one tops that one. There are so many highlights that it will take too long to talk about it all, but DIDO, Seek Up, Watchtower and Halloween were certainly a few among many highlights. Every song was played beautifully... GIG and DAD sounded great! Oh yea, and then there was a special guest too. Who can forget!! I have never seen so much energy in MSG or anywhere else for that matter like that performance. The confetti shooting up in the air when James Brown was performing was really cool. I think that moment will forever be imprinted in my mind. The Encore was insane! As people were leaving the garden, everyone was still cheering on their way out. Amazing! Simply, amazing!! Happy Holidays to all!
Brian G.
New Years came a year early....or so it seemed during the show. I usually write a long review, but this show was so spectacular that im just going to stick to the highlights (i disagreed with some song choices: fool to think--we feed off of dave's energy and he doesnt move at all during this, and dave's MEAN tease of Loving Wings, hitting up WAYG instead). I was fortunate to fly out to NYC (amazing city) for my 18th bday to see this show-a night i will never forget. who could have predicted such a wild and crazy setlist? DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT as an opener? got it going. GREY ST was cut short tonight....dave left out two verses, apparently done a few nights, but not at the chicago show i was at. SEEK UP was another highlight. really long intro with leroi and boyd and one of the best versions i've heard. boyd was playing so hard that his hat fell off from his head. Then a midset was 10:00 so i knew it wasnt the closer, just a special place for this song and knew we had a great finale coming, just didnt think it was going to be what it soon was....SPACE BETWEEN was actually tolerable and nice to hear...i enjoyed it tonight. then dave called up Karl Denson. they didnt add too much to SO MUCH TO SAY, but they added a little to the jam on TOO MUCH. during the usual ending, dave said into the mike "James Brown...the king of soul" and we started screaming. i dont know what decade we were in anymore. it was simply a surreal experience. i was in awe and everyone was back up dancing. James brown took the stage and took over. He was getting us all to chant "dave" and told carter how to play the drums. he showed us how to dance and then dave jumped in and danced along with him. at the end, he told us to wave our hands in the air and then a whole stream of confetti went off. i couldnt see the stage anymore there was so much. all 15 musicians on stage left for a short encore break. DMB came back on stage, carter and dave showing off christmas hats. dave teased the opening notes of CHRISTMAS SONG, shook his head, tore off his hat (as if saying...screw this..a different holiday song) and they went into an extremely energetic version of HALLOWEEN. what a highlight. this was unbelievable. such a treat to hear. if they left after this, i would have been satisfied. but Boyd took over on ANTS and the show ended. i was in such a euphoric state. everyone outside was talking about James Brown and we got to see a few of the band members. This show WAS AND WILL BE THE BEST DMB SHOW I WILL EVER SEE (i thought stir it up at Alpine was cool...but James brown and Dave on the same stage? never again...) I have to thank my dad for making this trip possible and thanks to Dave, Carter, Boyd, Leroi, Stefan (and Butch...make him a part of DMB!) for the 7 shows i went to this year and for making me one of the happiest people on earth. MSG was such a fantastic fun experience that i will never forget. I hope I am fortunate enough to see you fabulous musicians again in 2003! Rock On!
Jordan B.
Let me just say this: THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN! SO UNEXPECTED, THRILLING, AND INCREDIBLE!!! The show started strong with DIDO, GRANNY, and the Christmas Time is Here tease, and PIG. Other highlights during the meat of the set was an incredible SEEK UP and a mid set WATCHTOWER. Then toward the end, Dave introduces the Opening Band, KDTU, which was great by the way, and I expected #41 or Jimi Thing or some kind of jam. But then they go into SMTS-->BRIDGE-->TOO MUCH, which was nothing short of incredible. All of a sudden, when you think they're going to end Too Much, Dave says something to the effect of, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the father of soul, James Brown!!!!!" I thought I was flashed back in time! He comes out, starts dancing, and doing his thing, completely taking over the show with SEX MACHINE!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my own two eyes!! There were 15 people on stage at once, rocking out, and the Gah-den was so loud I've never heard anything like it. James Brown was incredible. Then toward the end of the jam, James has everyone chanting DAVE! on his call. I don't think I will ever see another show that comes close to this one. Then, they come out for the encore, and Dave and Carter are wearing Santa Hats. They start to tease Christmas Song, but then Dave whips the Santa Hat off, and they go into an unreal HALLOWEEN!!! Could anything be better than this?!? It was truly amazing. ANTS MARCHING, as it usually does, topped the show off on a high note, (as if James Brown and Halloween weren't enough) and the place was in pandemonium. The most amazing DMB show I have ever seen, definitely the show of the year.
Evan M.
There are absolutly no words to describe the show! This is just the reason that the boys are the BEST live act. Usually it is anyone but daves night, but tonight he gets his overdue credit. When James Brown got everyone in MSG chanting "Dave" everyone realized that dave really is god. Now we all know that dave is never elebrate durring his shows, but the entire building was filled with white confetti to look like snow durring Get On Up(Sex Machine). That was a really nice touch. There will be no song by song for me... i am sure that you have already read like 100. i am dedecating this spot to the last 5 songs. SMTS-->Too Much was standard until right after the "suck it up, suck it up's". One of the crew members ran out on stage and moved around some mics, while the band stayed on one note. I thought dave's mic blew, since the lights got screwed up earlier. i was wrong. at this point DMB KDTU and JAMES FU*KING BROWN, and his crew came out to do Get On Up. JUST AMAZING!!! We Didn't even Deserve an Encore!!!! Just when you think it cant get any better, the first full version of Haloween all tour. and to top it all off Haloween-->ANTS FU*KING MARCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is BY FAR the BEST DMB SHOW EVER!!!!!
Patrick P.
The Dave Matthews Band rocked the block at Madison Square Garden, as Dave completes the last of a two night stand in New York City. Fans were shocked to see the band reveal soul legend James Brown, who joined DMB and Karl Densons Tiny Universe in a rendition of Sex Machine. Even though Brown's cameo appearance already makes 12/21/02 as one of the best DMB shows ever, the strong set list of crowd pleasers and rarities also make this night stand out from all others. The Drive In Drive Out opener was very effective in creating energy within the crowd. Carter's drumming skills are nothing short of superb. Granny was also well received with the crowd. Butch then teases Christmas Time Is Here, a familiar tune to anybody that has been "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I was very excited to hear the band tease a Christmas song. Dave then preceded with Don't Burn The Pig, a rare treasure to most fans. What Would You Say and Grey Street continued to keep the faces happy as we all sang along with Dave. Dave skipped the last verse in Grey Street, a mysterious trend that Dave has done this tour. Dave has appeared on Conan this month and also skipped a verse when he performed Grey Street. The reasons to this are still under speculation. With a strong start of solid songs, Dave slows down the pace with songs such as Seek Up, Digging a Ditch, and Grace Is Gone. Perhaps the only thing I can criticize about this seemingly perfect concert is Dave's choice go on a run of slower songs. I would have liked to have other songs that would have kept the strong pace that he set with his openers. However Dave makes up for all of that with what a non-stop run of songs that blows everything out of the water. So Much To Say --> Anyone Seen The Bridge? --> Too Much --> Sex Machine is a frenzy of energy that just got the crowd to its feet. The introduction of James Brown sent shockwaves across the arena. James Brown was full of energy, showing off his own dance moves and leading cheers for Dave. The regular set ended with Dave, James, and his friends in a bow. For the encore, most expected Christmas Song (as it is almost Christmas time). Dave walks out with a Santa hat, teasing Christmas Song; but he quickly rips off the hat and surprises the audience with Halloween, another rare treat. The segue way into Ants kept up the energy and closed what was a terrific show. A set with Halloween, or Pig would excite any fan, but to have that and James Brown just sets this night apart from any other. Congrats to the Dave Matthews Band for giving me and the rest of the concert-goers a night they will never forget.
Slappy W.
well, this is the 1st time in a while i have left the garden happy (knicks suck, rangers suck), but i have to say, this show was excellent. i mean, james brown? where did that one come from? and he's still got it! let me just say that dmb, the whole time, put on a teriffic show. energy was high, and they played their asses off. my personal high lites: Seek up and Halloween (cuz i have never heard them live before), PIG, DIDO, SMTS>ASTB>TM, DAD, Watchtower, & ANTS. And how about SEX MACHINE???? killer version w/karl denson doin his thang... although every song sounded awesome. anyways, thanks dmb for the early christmas present, and i will see y'all next year...peace
Chadd B.
After 25 shows in 8 years, I can now claim to have seen the best. I can't imagine it could ever get cooler than to see James Brown and Dave have a dance-off, and then to do the running man together!! DIDO great opener then to Granny...tremendous. Seek Up truly great classic & a great version. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much with KD's Tiny Universe was as good as it's ever been. The confetti, the Garden, THE was perfect! And Halloween/Ants encore.....just plain awesome. Thanks to DMB, KD's Tiny Universe, and the Godfather of Soul! Best X-mas present of all time! Happy Holidays!
Josh S.
This was my third DMB show and I was certainly impressed because of the inclusion of Sex Machine and full band Halloween. I catched the opening riff of DIDO and called it.. and it was a great version of this song. Then came Granny which kicked my ass. Gotta love it. There was a point in that song where Boyd had to run up to the mic for the 'love' 'baby' part.. it was funny. That little Christmas Time is Here tease was cool I caught that thinking that it hasnt been played since 1998 fall tour. What Would You Say was expected and sounded tight. At this point I was kicked out of my seats in the 60s to move to my real seats in the 400s. Then came Grey Street which sounded really tight. The crowd went nuts on Dave putting on the twelve string. Fool to Think was good.. no real jam though. Then Loving Wings into WAYG which sounded extremely standard aside from cool Stefan and Carter stuff happening. Seek Up was a great surprise and it was really great. The jam at the end was sinister and even cooler was like 5 minutes in I remember Carter going really crazy on the drums, which is usually saved for the end. I was praying for it to go into Rapunzel because we could've gotten a Linus Lucy or just a nice jam... but I was left satisfied. Digging a Ditch sounded really tight and the crowd was on a little bit of a low after these last few songs. Watchtower had a DT tease by Stefan in the intro, and the song itself was pretty nuts with craazy lights, Boyd flipping out (I think his hat fell off), and Dave wailing "Laaaate" for a longer amount of time. Grace had a sick jam with a reeeally cool intro by Stefan and it definately reminded me of the west. Space Between was meh. I was glad when they then brought out the guys from Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. They didn't bring out the whole band however, just Karl on saxaphone, some other dude on trumpet, and a guy on guitar. Karl Denson's band had an organ, bass, and drums along with that. They went into So Much To Say --> Too Much. The sax fills were sweet because they had a trumpet and extra sax and the electric guitar added a great fill to it. Too Much didn't even end when Dave announced James Brown on. The crowd was in shock, as was I, and he did the whole 'Can I Count it Off' stuff which was sweet. They went into Sex Machine with almost no singing by Dave. James Brown brought a male and female back up singer and an electric guitarist of his own additional to DMB and the members of Karl Denson's Tiny Universe that were still on stage. Sex Machine had a few bridges and sweet parts. JB gave solos to the electric guitar, Carter, and Karl Denson. Karl's solo was really great, and towards the end of it James took the saxaphone mic and sang a note and put it back for Karl to play a note, and they went back and forth a few times. Of course Dave was really intimidated during the whole thing, and he felt shy to dance in front of JB. JB started screaming DAVE with the crowd echoing and after the crowd ended that all Dave could say was "Mr. James Brown". They ended the song with the guitar leaving stage, then the back up singers, then James Brown. A great show closer it really captured the esscense of JB and rekindled some of his old spotlight, I was really happy for the guy. The encore break seemed short. The whole band came back out to red light-ed stage. Carter and Dave had santa hats on. Dave teased Christmas song, threw off the hat and went into Halloween. The song really kicked ass.. full energy and some fills from Butch, Boyd, and LeRoi made it much better than the version from the Gorge (although the Gorge had a 3 minute Carter solo intro). Halloween went right into the snare intro of Ants and this song was really great. Boyd's solo part was really extended and he went all over the stage and the song ended in Dave, Boyd, and Stefan in a semi-circle around Carter. This was such a memorable show. The crowd enthusiasm died towards the middle w/ Ditch, Seek Up, LW-->WAYG but it was built right up from Watchtower on. I thought that this crowd was perfect and it was such a memorable evening. AH yeaaaaa.
John R.
Just want to say thanks to the Dave Matthews Band for not playing holloween out. Please keep this song in the vault for special occasions like this one. I ended up driving 6 hours alone to go see the show with one of my friends that live in the city. along the way I was wondering if it was all going to be worth it. "I hope it's not going to be a typical show". My friend and I were double fisted from the git go. We were absolutely worthless trying to find our seats. thanks to the staff for the help. The rest of the reviews tell all. so I won't repeat. I also said, "that when I hear a kick ass version of holloween, then that will be my last show." I wanted to end my matthews experience on a high, I couldn't get any higher. Thanks for the momories guys. I was skeptical before with the repetative setlists. This was different. The Dave Matthews Band will always be the best band in my world. I would give anything to re-live the experience of saturday, december 21, 2002. This day has gone down in history. Thanks again guys!!!!!--John
Let me start off by saying that this was the most incredible night of my life, period. Awesome show! DIDO, AWESOME opener!! i was so psyched to hear this song. Awesome energy, one of my favorites. What could come next but another favorite of mine, Granny. Just an awesome song, and the energy in MSG was off the wall. Everyone singing, everyone dancing, amazing. A little Christmas Time is here with Butch, and a nice little surprise. I knew it was a Christmas Song when they were playing it but couldn't tell which one, but cool to hear. What else but Don't Burn the Pig next. I just can't explain how amazing this opening stretch was. And again, more energy than i've ever seen. WWYS kept the energy flowing all throughout the Garden. I still couldn't believe i was seeing this concert. Just when i thought they'd play a slow song, they go right to Grey Street, which is by no means a slow song. The band just kept building the energy up, and the garden was literally shaking. FTT was nice,not a favorite but i got a groove going to it. Plus, after the opening stretch of energy, my voice and body needed a break! Then LW was teased, just about a minute of it. Really like that song now, and right after they went into WAYG. Whole crowd singing, but softly enough so that you could hear Dave. Everyone was really into this concert. Then the band blew me away with what came next. Seek Up!!! It was an awesome version with a REALLY long jamming intro. I wanted to hear this very badly, and it happened. This song was really tight and just got everyone more into the concert (if that's possible). Digging A Ditch slowed it down again, and i really like this song. It was nice to hear, and again everyone was singing it nice and softly and grooving to it. Then Stefan starts the bass solo into Watchtower. I knew that seeing this during the middle of the set we had some great surprises coming. This song was one of the loudest things i've ever heard. Everyone was up, everyone was dancing, the band played a nice long intro building it up as it went along. Everyone was singing, and Dave showed so much emotion as he screamed "The wind begins to HOOOOOOOOOOOWWLL"!! The cheering was just so loud, and Dave held this for a long time. The band did a huge jam during the middle of this song, and really let everything loose. AWESOME. After that everyone including the band needed a break, and we got another GIG. Nice mellow song, perfect to hear after Watchtower. Again Stefan did his cool slide intro. The Space Between was standard, but the crowd really picked it up. Singing, lighters coming out, nice grooving song (plus i was still worn out from Watchtower.) Dave then introduced Karl Denson coming out, and i was really psyched. Finally they pulled the tiny universe out with the band (little did i know that this would be the least of my surprises.) They played a great SMTS and gave some great sax parts. Got the audience really pumped, and Dave was dancing around like a maniac. Everytime he moved his feet the crowd went nuts. Right into Too Much, i thought the Garden couldn't get any more loud and intense. Damn was i wrong. When Dave said "and now the godfather of soul, James Brown" i said to myself nah i ehard him wrong. Well it was like a miracle. James Brown came out and the roof flew off of the Garden. Never in my life did i think i'd see James Brown, dancing around with my favorite band doing a 15-20 minute long Sex Machine. EVERYONE soloed, as James would go up to them and introduce them. James and Dave went nuts, dancing around like i've never seen before. I was in awe, but at the same time dancing around like crazy and watching this miracle take place, trying to absorb a moment i knew i'd never forget. Everything was so loud it was unbelievable. Words just can't describe. Also during this, white confetti snow was being blown around the Garden, making the croud cheer that much louder, and being that much more intense. When this ended the band walked off smiling, and the lighters and chants came out. After a little while, the band was bck for the encore. There were little light-up pumpkins being thrown everywhere. Dave came out with the santa hat on, and naturally everyone thought "Christmas Song". Dave teased Christmas Song a little, and what happened next was incredible. Dave throws off the hat towards the drum set and busts right into Halloween. The place went insane, and i just jumped up and down not believing it. I had hoped to hear this, but didn't get my hopes too far up. Dave pleased the fans once again with this incredible Halloween, which got everyone screaming FUCK when he said it. Then right after, me still being in awe from just hearing the song i had most wanted to hear, and seeing James Brown, they went right into an incredible Ants Marching. This whole weekend in New York was the best of my life, and i will never forget it. THANKS DMB!!!!!!!
Drive in, Drive out started it and no matter how Boyd danced and jumped around he never missed a note on his violin,what a pro. As soon as Dave came out in the begining I yelled at him and said "over here" pointing to my girl Sofia, so he would look right at her and he did. then towards the end Dave invited Karl Denson entire Tiny Universe band onto the stage, double the sax-phones, double the git-tars then from out of nowhere the rumors we heard was true DAVE SAID SOMETHING the inventor of sex-machine the hardest working man in show bussiness,Jaaaaaaames Brooooown was here,he came out and he did all of his legendary moves right in my second row Madison Square Garden fu*king face, what a night, what a time i will alway remember James was teaching Dave how to dance his way, Dave was imbarassed and held his hand out backing down then the two of them and the rest of james's crew danced in sync together. what a sight, what a song(sex machine). After the paper snow fell all! o! ver us in the Garden, IT WAS LIKE WE WON THE LOTTERY AND THE SNOW WAS MONEY. Then when it was time for encore Dave tossed his guitar pick at us, my friend who seat i had in second row caught it, it was meant for him. then the guy from the James crew tossed out James bow-tie, James the godfather of soul Brown bow-tie it was black and it had his initials JB in script on it. I took a dive for it and missed, my friend a few seats across got and danced with it and showed off of course. WOW!, I also missed james sweat towel, DAMN! There was "a christmas song" tease before halloween I don't know if it was heard on the speakers, I was in second row center,seat 5 so i heard the actual instuments not just the speakers that was placed in back of me. dave had on a santa hat during the tease and took it off give it to the carter the drummer and suprised us with halloween thanks to the orange signs held up, Dave saw them in second row next to me, my friends i and planned i! t ! and dave agreed, what a feeling. Now we could lie in our graves.
I feel as if I have to personally respond about this show. It was show number 95 for me. That's right 95. I went to show 96 last night. It's two days after THE show and I am still high off of the experience. This show ranks No. 1 with nothing in the same hemisphere coming close. An absolute out of body experience. Forget going down the list song by song. They all were great with exceptional once in a lifetime versions all being played in the same night. The energy in the building was palpable. The crowd was sick, the band was on it and whatever it was I want some of it. Pure adrenaline in everyone, there was something a little different about everyone's body language from the start and the jamming has never, I repeat, NEVER been better. Extended intro's, solo's, outro's you name it. And then throw the James Brown guest spot into it with a kicking ass version of Sex Machine. Carter was in his element, holding it down like no other. Even the quiet subdued Leroi couldn't keep the smile off his face. He looked like a kid at Christmas. That's how everyone looked in the entire garden. It would be an absolute travesty for this show not to be officially released in some type of live format. They could pre-sell a million copies of it easy. I feel as if I should retire and the band should also, because it will never get as good as 12-21-2002. I always had a hard time answering the question: so what is the best show you've ever been to? It is not even a second thought that crosses my mind now. 12/21/2002 is THE show of all time. Thanks DMB for all the great memories etched in this VA boy's head. Go ahead and induct these guys into the R&R Hall of Fame now. And have them play it.
Where do I even start with this show? I can't even believe it really happened! No wonder first nite was so mellow... First of all - DIDO, Granny, (little Christmas number) Pig to open? I was about to have a heart attack! WWYS rocked so hard. The energy in the room was unbelievable! Everyone knew they were in for a special nite, and they were ready for anything. The Loving Wings tease into WAYG was really nice. I was totally into that. Seek Up... what the hell can I even say there? I've been waiting since 2000 to see that song, and it was everything i hoped for. Jammed to the max with slammin solos... DAD was a nice breather, such a pretty song. Watchtower toward the middle was so so so so good! The kid next to me was waiting for it all nite. It felt like the stadium would explode if people got any more excited EVERYONE was singing. GIG I believe was the song where Stefan pulled out that slide thing he was playing. I don't know what it was, but that songs really rocks a little at the end now. "It's a cowboy song" :-) TSB I though was going to be the closer and I got a little upset, but then they brought out Karl Denson and broke into SMTS-->ASTB-->TM and I knew something was going on when techs starting running out and setting up extra mic stands during Too Much. The Dave gets up and says "something something special guest" and i wanted him to say Trey so badly that I thought he did and I look down and think to myself "Trey wearing sequins and rhinestones? That can't be right..." And lo and behold the godfather of soul, the man himself, JAMES BROWN is walking out onto the stage! He did Sex Machine, he danced with Dave, he sang and screamed, there was confetti everywhere, the crowd just went nuts!! And after that I thought maybe there won't even be an encore, but suddenly the band comes back out again , Carter with a Christmas Hat on. Dave puts one on too, and it looks like he's about to bust out Christmas Song again when he throws the hat on the ground and it's Halloween!!!! It was amazing. I feel like I was a part of history. Then straight into Ants, which was a perfect ending to about as close to a perfect show as you can get. James Brown! DMB, you've done it again!
It's a few days later and I still can't believe I saw what I saw. The show got off to a great start with Drive In Drive Out, a different but really great way to open. Granny, my favorite song, followed next. It's amazing how popular this song has become, but I'm glad so many new people have discovered this awesome song. This performance, complete with a crowd sing-along and great piano work from Butch Taylor, didn't disappoint. Christmastime Is Here was a nice little treat, although when Butch started I thought we were getting a little Linus and Lucy action. I'm not a huge fan of the shortened Grey Street, but it was still a strong choice to continue the show's energy after Pig and What Would You Say. LeRoi tore it up on WWYS. Great job. The show started dragging after Grey Street, however, as there were just too many slow songs in a row. But still it was great to hear a midset Seek Up. The energy picked back up after All Along The Watchtower, which again featured a Stefan bass tease of Dreaming Tree. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe was nice to see on So Much To Say and Too Much, and then, well, any complaints I had before totally went out the window when James Fuckin' Brown came out for a 15-minute version of Sex Machine. The Garden was electric and it was something I'll never forget. I'd encourage you all to get a copy of this show, but it wouldn't do it justice. And, oh, by the way, the full band played Halloween into Ants Marching for the encore. I think I'm still in shock!
The night that almost wasn't. I didn't plan on going to MSG2 because of the events of MSG1, my 31st show. Like most Wharehouse members we got screwed on tickets. So I decided I wanted floor seats for MSG1. I started looking for people going into the show and then had to revert to the scalpers. After being told he had a section 3 row c ticket I was estatic. I settled for giving him my ticket (instead of selling it to a fan) and $150, he wanted $300. Next, my friend and I went thorugh the gate when I was told the ticket wasn't valid. Needless to say I was pissed. I finally got into the show after buying another ticket for $100. Then MSG1 was mellow and not the energy I expected. after spending $300 for night 1, money became an issue. I didn't have a ticket for MSG2 and was jaded after dealing with the New York Scalpers and spending my money for night 2. So forward to 7:00 pm, my friend left while I stayed behind at the hotel. About twenty minuets later I left to go for a walk. As I am about to leave the hotel this guy announces he had two tickets for tonight DMB show. I sprinted towards him asked how much and he said face value. I quickly paid him and made my way to MSG. I phoned my friend letting him know I was there and was able to get on the floor before the show started. The energy felt better tonight, I was hoping for a more upbeat show. They boys provided just what I was looking for. Starting off with Drive In Drive Out I was blown away. DIDO hasn't been an opener since 5/16/99. Then one of my favorites, Granny. needless to say the energy was high. Skip forward to what appeared to be the last song of the set as members of Tiny Universe were welcomed to the stage. I figured #41 since it hadn't been played during the winter tour. Then just has they ended an incredible SMTS>ASTB>TM, Dave announces a special guest. This special guest I met once before, The "GODFATHER OF SOUL" JAMES BROWN. I have never heard a arena crowd so loud and crazy. After dave announced JB I felt like I hit the ceiling. This my 32nd show I have seen many special guests but James Brown. This show is now my favorite bumping out my first DMB show in 95' when I sat front row. After the show and an amazing encore. The crowd exiting stunned only had one thing to say "JAMES FUCKING BROWN" Thank you DMB for a great year the experiences you have given I will never forget. I look forward to next year and the return of "The Last Stop"
This was my 14th DMB show, and my second show at the Garden. I came in from Seattle for the two MSG shows and the DC show. I'm very glad I did! This show was amazing! I was in Section 9 in the back of the floor, but the seats are raised so I could see fine. I was happy to hear GRANNY again, and they sang the full version of the song (they cut it shorter at the Gorge this year). FOOL TO THINK, (LOVING WINGS), and WHERE ARE YOU GOING were bathroom songs for a lot of people, although I was surprised how many people were singing along with WAYG. Sadly SEEK UP was placed after these songs, so a lot of people around me were still chatting even during Seek Up. After another slower song (DIGGING A DITCH- yeah it's slow but it has a nice groove to it), the band woke the crowd up with WATCHTOWER. It was energetic, and I knew that they had something special planned for the end of the show and the encore since they were playing Watchtower mid-set. SO MUCH TO SAY -> ASTB -> TOO MUCH with the guys from KDTU was rocking. I almost thought they were going to close the set with it. Nothing prepared me for what happened next. "Ladies and Gentlemen... James Brown!" I was in shock! Wow! It's not every day (haha) that you see a guest like James Brown at a DMB show. Everyone was dancing to SEX MACHINE, but the best dancing happened on stage. First James and Dave did a sort of dance-off, where James did a move and then Dave copied him. Then James, Dave, and another guy did a line dance of sorts. It was classic! I was grinning the whole time! That will always be one of my favorite DMB memories. Then James had us chanting "Dave." Finally at the end of the song James and a couple others bowed and Dave quickly ran over to join the bow. Then the white confetti started popping out. With the champagne that the ushers were selling before the show and the confetti, it felt like New Year's Eve! Then came the encore. HALLOWEEN! I was lucky enough to have witnessed both Halloweens that were played this year (this one and the one at the Gorge). This one was full-band, but Dave did not sing "Are you satisfied with f*cking?" at MSG (he sang that line at the Gorge though). But at the Gorge he did not sing "Love is hell," whereas at MSG he sang, "My love is hell." So in a way I got the whole song with pieces from both shows! ANTS MARCHING was a nice way to close this great show. Although I also went to the show at the MCI Center, this show at MSG was the tour closer in my opinion. It was a great weekend at the Garden!
Adam H.
We don't get things like this in Florida!!!! Glad I made the trip up to NY, even happier I bought the tickets from a scalper rather than hearing about the maddness on the subway the next day. I heard at last night's show that rumor had it a special guest would be at the Saturday show... DMB Fans said Phish??? DMB said JAMES BROWN!!!! I spent all day thinking that the warehouse had left me out of the DMB ---> Phish Reunion and when it all came down I almost got left out of the biggest suprise in DMB tour history.... Dave himself was at first blown away, at times looking like a kid meeting an idol (shy and out of place) I think he tried to tuck his head behind his guitar the first time James Brown asked for him to dance with him. Eventually Dave loosened up and Dave and James had a dance off.. James calling for the crowd to do a "Dave--Dave--Dave" chant.... AND GET THIS.... for the first time every a chant went off without half the crowd doing a "D-M-B" or "we want dave" chant (I call for a official enchore chant but thats another story) All in all Friday's show was the best out of my 10 shows... UNTIL SATURDAY!!!! I could have kept this to a one word post.... "WOW"
Of the 14 DMB shows I've seen, this was one of the top three. Highlights (in no particular order): James Brown and the deafening thunder he received from the crowd. ... 'Seek Up', the song I was most grateful to hear (I was close enough to see the band's faces, and Dave clearly appreciated our reaction to this one). ... The shift from 'Christmas Song' to 'Halloween' , with a "Fuck this!" as Dave threw his Santa hat downstage. ... Boyd going so crazy he lost his hat (he should learn by now!) ... Dave and James Brown dancing side by side (too cute) ... and 'Don't Burn the Day' included in this amazing set.
There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. I am still getting chills thinking about the entire evening. The most amazing part of the night was Halloween, especially for myself. My girlfriend and I of two and a half years split ways just two weeks before. She missed out on it. Halloween the perfect song for a perfect evening. Here's to you, you greedy little pig. It was my first Halloween, I may have even met my future wife, just as Dave did when he first played it. Just an amazing evening.