Dave Matthews Band
Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

onstage 8:14pm
Granny *
Grey Street *
When The World Ends *
The Stone *
I Did It *
Don't Burn The Pig *
Grace Is Gone *
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
Jimi Thing *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) *
So Much To Say * -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Too Much *
(Halloween) *
Digging a Ditch *
Two Step *
offstage 10:23pm
onstage 10:31pm
Little Thing (tease - chords only)
Christmas Song +
What You Are *
offstage 10:49pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

2 Words! Terrible Show! I Did It is the worst song DMB ever made! Why did they have to play song. Two step was the only reason this song was watchable. The boys definetly need to vary the setlist and especially the encore. Stop teasing Halloween and play the freaking whole song! U of I is the best show they have played this Winter Tour!!!!!!!! hellneezeymyneezy
Mike C.
Game over. Amazing show. Opening with Granny was probably tbe best thing ever. I absolutley love that song. I went into this show thinking i would be a bit dissapointed, and wow, so wrong. The halloween tease was another thing that put me over the top. WTWE was pretty typical, but still a good tune. Warehouse was perfect, the stop time intro rocks as always. Grace is gone sounded very very cool. over all the best of the three dave show's i've been to. Thank you DMB for another amazing showcase of raw talent. And thanks to Dan behind us for the beer..and beer mom too. We love you all. haha
Ernie C.
First of all I have to say is thank you warehouse. Got moved up from the upper deck to front row center stage. I have never even been even close to the stage at all. It is a great experience. The show was absolutly great. Starting off with Granny was a total suprise and it was sweet. The Stone and Jimi Thing were also big suprises as was two step all sounded amazing. I couldn't have been more happy with him adding in these tunes. Every thing was jammed out to the fullest even Grace is Gone was extremly long. One Sweet World Intro was great as always. The band was totally tight tonight and sounded the best they have. Dave went crazy during Anyone Seen the Bridge dancing around. The Halloween tease was a little disapointing and went into Digging a Ditch. The encore was awsome, Dave came out and muttered somthing about a man who.......and i knew it was the Christmas Song. I'm not a huge Everyday day fan but What You Are was unbelieveable with him yelling like crazy before it started. The show ended with my brother getting the official setlist from the road crew. Oh man what a night. Overall a great show. Best so far this tour.
Mike D.
I really enjoyed tonight's show tonight, especially since Pepsi Arena is a really intimate venue. First off, I doubt anyone saw Granny coming as the opener, so it was nice to hear that. I'll just mention my personal highlights here: Stone, Pig, Warehouse, Jimi Thing, Two Step (even though I've heard it three times out of three shows I've been to, still an awesome song) So Much to Say, Anyone Seen the Bridge, and Too Much made the night for me. So much energy from the band and the crowd there. Dave was dancing like crazy during ASTB. The crowd was pretty cool, I was a little upset people were sitting down during Loving Wings and OSW, but hey, their loss. All in all, a great show and I can't wait to get the recording (I'll be waiting the 2 week period, of course) Can't wait for MSG! Mike
There is no reason to even have to review this show....Just look at the setlist and drool...Tonight's show was amazing...WHAT YOU ARE-most underrated closer of them all...Like always, Dave and the boys never let a New Yorker down...Thanks guys for 2 great nights so far...2 to go at MSG...later ya'll
ok so grannny was a fabulous open to a wonderful night i had great seats and was among good fans no pre teen drunk chicks i thought the stone was very solid grey street had a great jam PIG which is one of my favorites had me dancin warehouse as always was great OSW was pretty basic then halloween came outta nowhere great surprise i also thought jimi thing had good vibe the boys were ON tonight and because of my close seat i was able to see the excitement in their faces after they blew the roof with two step well i'll leave the rest for others to fill in OH YEAH CHRISTMAS SONG absloutly beautiful PS i high fived stefan's son who sat right below on the right side of the stage cute ass kid
Colin H.
I was at last nights show also and I have to say these two concerts just stunned me. They came out and got the crowd riled up, throwing their arms up and the place erupted. So i knew then it was going to be a good show. They started off with Granny which was totally unexpected but a great way to surprise everyone. Grey street was predictable being the new single,WTWE also predictable but still a good song. Then when they brought out the Stone i knew this was going to be like last night. I did it was normal nothing really big about it, still not bad. And bringing out Pig really got the crowd going. Grace is gone had a great intro with Fonzi and Dave having some fun. Warehouse was intense, the woo's were in full effect tonight, and after warehouse when Jimi Thing came on i was just speachless. Dave jammed out a little solo on Jimi which made it just even more amazing. Loving wings improved a lot and i actually have grown to like the song and Where are you going always brings a tear to my eye lol. I didn't expect One Sweet World but even though it was payed last night it still was a great song to put in amazing night. And the show just got nuts when So Much into Too Much came on, Dave and Boyd had a great solo and The Dave Shimmy was on tonight. After Too much dave seemed hesitent to come to the stage and when he finally started playing i knew it was Halloween, it was the second time in two nights he teased us, and i still have 3 more shows to see so i know i will hear it sometime. Diggin a ditch was an unexpected follow up to the tease but set a good mood. I knew two step was coming on when Boyd started to hold the violin to his side, so that just made my night they jammed for about 17 minutes. After that the band went off and when dave came back out he said for everyone to have a happy holiday and he hoped the world would have a happy holiday. I knew Christmas Song was coming up and everyone just clapped along with dave and it was just a happy time. Finally the band came back out and started the riffs for What You Are, and Dave even added a little solo in the beginning to spice What You Are Up a little. What you are was intense the whole crowd was into it and personally it was a good way to end the night. Great Concert... i hope my next 3 are better than my first 2. See everyone in MSG and MCI.
Well what do I have to say...Albany was AMAZING!!! Blew all the other shows right out of the water this tour. Jimi Thing rocked as the band jammed out to this old tune. I never thought I'd hear the boys jam out to Loving Wings but I was oddly surprised. They picked up this up-beat jaz style beat that Carter provided for on the drums and turned it into a huge drum solo which many of us thought to be the intro to Say wasn't but it sure was damn good. So Much played with the baby jam that followed, as Dave threw himself across the stage dancing like I have never seen before, and I have been to 40 shows. From So Much they jammed right into Too Much. Dave teased Halloween and played about the first refrain of it solo and slow. I was hoping he would finish it (its the only song I have not heard live so far). Every song that could have had a jam to it, old or new, they played it. Two step closed the set and Dave played a rendition of the Christmas song solo....pretty tight! What You Are closed off the night and the beginning is worth getting a copy of the show for. INTENSE!!! see ya'll at MSG and MCI.
Bobby N.
Jeezum H. Crow, what a spectacular turn of events tonight turned out to be. The band put on quite the amazing show out in Albany (or, as they say in Georgia, according to Dave: "Al-binny"). I'm pretty sure the second verse of Grey Street was skipped over. The first half of the show was very, very chill for the most part, so I didn't think I'd get to do much dancing. MAN WAS I WRONG, WHOO! The show hit some sort of a reverse climax at So Much to Say --> Anyone Seen the Bridge? --> Too Much, and from that point on the show was full of beans and ready to go. The Bridge had Dave spewing some crazy scat I hadn't heard before, and my feet were afire during that one. The energy from Too Much was like a punch to the stomach, and I was kinda hoping they'd slow it down for a minute so I could catch my breath. Two Step was as sweet as always; Butch busted out a big jam on this one... As for the encore, I believe I heard a Little Thing tease right before Christmas Song. What You Are was unbelievable, and spectacular, and fantastic all in one ball of sweetness. Halloween's a-comin' soon.... hope I'm there for it. See ya at MSG...
Mike R.
Awesome show tonight, a lot of energy from Dave and the boys along with the crowd. Section 8 was rocking including a granny who walked in right as the show started (she was 80 or so). She jammed though, it was quite ironic with the opener. Highlights, PIG, not dont burn the pig nancies..., SMTS>ASTB>Too Much, Two Step, and Christmas Song. Pig is incredible song that band gets into and ASTB is the most animated I've seen Dave in a long while. Two Step was incredible as usual and Christmas Song was incredibly intimate with the crowd, simply beautiful. LOWLIGHT: WYA-I am not a fan of this song as a closer, its ok as a song but the whole breaking down with the "you pray down on your knees m*&*$% f#$@%&!!" is just stupid, it makes the 6th grade girls who sat in front of me feel as though they were rebels. Oh and thanks to Dave for Halloween, even if was only one verse. Butch Taylor soft rocks my world too (note: sarcasm). Pax Love Dave Mike
Jake S.
GREAT SHOW!!!! Albany is probably one of the best places I have seen a band. Very small and intimate. First few songs were very short but great version of When the World Ends and Dont Burn the Pig. The boys TORE the house down with Jimi Thing. Decent version of OSW. So Much to Say into Too Much was amazing...Teased Halloween AGAIN. And Two Step was an AMAZING closer. The Boys tore that song up. Butch and Carter really had a great duet going. Cant wait till MSG!!!
Shaun B.
Day 2 of 4 of the NY part of the Dave Matthews Band winter tour. Good setlist, but still not up to par with SPAC. The past 2 days are a major warm-up for the Madison Square Garden 2 day show in NYC. Right as I tell the guy next to me that the Rochester show was hard to beat...Dave and the boys break into opening with GRANNY. It def got the crowd rollin. Then on to GREY STREET...awesome song and the crowd was loving it, but he left out the entire 2nd verse of the song, I got confused until I realized that he just didn't play it. WTWE was good as always, but THE STONE got the crowd pumped. Everyone was going nuts when the riff started playing. I DID IT and PIG were nice touches on the setlist, GIG was beautifully played, and WAREHOUSE just was awesome! JIMI THING was another surprise alongside GRANNY...the song is great and I was in awe when they began to play. LOVING WINGS was pretty good, I'm beginning to get into the song finally! It's an excellent song, kind of a mix between Crush and Crash. WAYG...yea, 'nuff said. SMTS and TOO MUCH were friggen amazing as they always were. The crowd got so into those two songs, I don't know if there was one person out of the 1000s there that wasn't singing along (EVEN MY MOM WAS!). HALLOWEEN would've been nice to hear, but they decided to tease it was funny though cause after he teased it, some kid near me got mad and lit his shirt on fire...I was kinda scared at first, but now I look at what a DUMBASS he was and it's kinda funny. DIGGIN' A DITCH was pretty nice...but TWO STEP...I don't believe that I need to say anything about that song. It speaks for itself. Dave did a solo of CHRISTMAS SONG and it was so amazing. People were being kind of loud during the performance, but is that surprising? Lastly, WHAT YOU ARE to close off the night was phenomenal. Awesome closer and the crowd went nuts. The crowd was awesome, the setlist was awesome...THIS SHOW WASS OFF THE HOOK. SEE EVERYONE AT MSG ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!
Wow...two awesome shows in a row! I didn't think that Rochester could be topped, but the band came close with what they played tonight. Kicking it off with Granny was a surprise...what a great song! Dave left out the second verse to Grey Street, but hey the third one is the best one anyways. Some other highlights were definately Wharehouse, Jimi Thing(HOLY SHIT!), and the ASTB?...I have never heard them rock out the bridge like that and the crowd was REALLY into these songs. In fact, the whole place was singing along all night which was cool. Dave went crazy dancing in-between So Much to Say and Too Much and it was awesome, really got everyone going nuts. The best part of that was probably when during Too Much he kind of forgot the words at the end and just repeated "I drink too much" a couple of times. Two-Step was also cool to end the set. Finally CHRISTMAS SONG!! Wow...awesome!And What You Are was an amazing closer, the band really went all out. All in all a great show. I was so glad to live in upstate NY the past two days-I really saw two amazing shows!
Funniest thing about this show is how manmy times Dave fucked up in the beginning. He skipped a whole verse of Grey Street and then instead of fixing it he just laughed and went on. It was a great show, even though the energy level of the crowd was like one would expect of a crowd on a Tuesday in Albany. Opening wqith Granny was f-ing great. Diggin a Ditch was a definite highlight. The band blew the roof off with warehouse and jimi back to back. Dave's dancing shoes were in full affect during smts-too much. Christmas Song was sweet as usual. They ended with Dave's great Allleee Allleee Allleluaaaaaaaaaaaaa....dah dah dah,......What You Are...I love that song as a closer, but would love it more if they started opening with it. I am pumped for NYC shows....they better bust out all of Halloween and some other special treats. I know the band will not dissappoint.
Jared W.
Very Good show. As always never disappointed after a DMB concert. Granny as an opener was a great surprise. Grey Street was the most budget version I have ever heard, they left out the whole second verse, it was like they were trying to speed things up at that point. WTWE is always good to hear. But then came the highlight of the show for me, The Stone. I have only seen this song once before and it just so happens that it was at my first DMB show and I barely remember it. So to hear that was definitely a treat. I was so glad when they played "I did it", I was few drinks deep and I had to piss so bad, nough said. The concert just got better and better from there, Pig,Grace, Warhouse (woos), Jimi Thing, OSW,. Halloween tease was just long enough to make you think, oh sh#t, they are going to actually play it this time, but no. Two step, great of course, always a highlight. But the biggest highlight of the night "Christmas song". Never seen it before, great to see. Overall B+ - A-. Not in my top 3 DMB shows but definitely up there. I want MSG tickets so bad but have had no luck in getting them. Denied through the warehouse, denied through ticket master the day they went on sale. I am still trying though, I am willing to bet that it is going to be incredible.
Joe B.
Great show, for once not ruined by drunk 14 year olds singing every song. Opened with Granny, nice version, built in momentum, followed by Grey Street-definitely one of the better new songs. WTWE was nice, I actually like this song and of course every cheered when Dave said "I'll be burning one" or whatever. The Stone is an underrated live tune, some nice jamming. I Did It was next, I chose this song to take a bathroom break. Heard of lot of people singing alternate lyrics about how much this song sucks. Pig followed this, pretty mellow-crowd wasn't really into it I didn't think. GIG is nice, I had heard some positive comments on this song and it lived up to it. AHHH-YES! WAREHOUSE. Can't go wrong with it, one of my favorites. Great follow up with Jimi Thing, played it funky. Loving Wings followed this- I like this jam. I had heard an early version on tape of this coupled with the "Pretty, pretty girl" thing that was sick, but they didn't do that. WAYG is a good song even though it was so overplayed on the radio, Butch added a little to this. OSW is just a beautiful song, pleasantly surprised that he would do this two nights in a row. SMTS got the crowd on its feet again, nice sax and fiddle. Ah yes, that Halloween tease. I thought for sure they were going to do it, Dave even sang some lyrics. Instead they did Digging a Ditch, apparently staying mellow? End the set with Two Step, everyone went ballistic of course. This was a cool version, everyone going off even Butch. I got to say this- I don't think Butch adds much. Even when they make room for him to completely solo, he is either holding back or he is not that good. The keys could be so much better. My opinion, of course. Encored with Christmas Song, everyone was waiting for this. Ended the show with What You Are-hands down the best song off of Everyday. They jammed this out nice. All in all, great show, nice crowd, good vibe. The whole band seemed to be into it and I would say it was a great experience for everyone.
Amanda B.
What can I say but, I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! This was my 13th show and I felt that DMB put on a strong performance in Albany. Excellent setlist. Granny was a great opener; Grey Street- one of my favorite songs- but a little short. WTWE- awesome. I Did It- I don't know why people complain about this song. I love hearing it live. Pig- classic, GIG- beautiful. Warehouse- very strong- crowd got into this one!! Jimi Thing- WOW!!! Best live version I have EVER heard!!! Loving WIngs and WAYG- sweet songs. One Sweet World- I was so happy to hear this song. Love the beginning part. So Much To Say/Too Much- Lots of Energy!!! DIG- love it! Two Step- Great closer. Christmas Song- BEAUTIFUL!!!!! What You Are- powerful. I wanted to hear Dancin Nancies- I never heard it live!!!! =(... Overall, awesome concert, but I feel that way about every DMB concert. Did Dave look skinny to anyone??? He is still beautiful! Next Stop- MSG and D.C... Happy Holidays!!!
Chris F.
The night got going right off the bat with Granny and Grey St. Then the unavoidable WTWE...but it was allright, you might as well enjoy it since its 99% guranteed that it will be played. Stone came next and it rocked, followed up with IDI which was really the only song all night that I didnt wanna hear. The rest of the night was pretty damn awesome with highligts being Pig, Grace, Warehouse, Jimi, Halloween tease, Two Step and Christmas Song with the Little Thing tease in the beginning. What You Are is an alright closer, they need more encore songs anyways, but I heard it a week ago in Tampa so that was kind of a damper, but overall, a great show. Hopefully they come back to SPAC this summer or atleast somewhere within road trip distance. Peace.
Matt A.
Great show tonight in Albany. Im getting up there in show count, so I can't remember exactly what number this one was...Anyway, it ranks in my top 3. THe energy by the band was incredible. Pretty good setlist, a little disappointed to hear I Did It, but cant complain. Great versions of Grey St., Warehouse, Jimi Thing, and Pig. SMTS-->Too Much was just sick. Dave dancing around like crazy, crowd goin wild...Highlight of the night was Two Step. My friend and I brought separate signs that said "TWO" and "STEP" which the band was pointing to all night. Not sure if it was originally on the set, but who cares it was played. In all, a great evening, and a great crowd. Thanks DMB and thanks "All-Banny"!!
Mike not going to bother breaking down every song but lets just said I've left shows happier before. The boys definitely played with energy tonight but its my fourth show of the year and ive heard the same songs over and over again. Maybe its just me but they've played i did it at every show ive been to since the damn song came out. I love two step but ive heard it at 7 of 8 shows ive attended and it gets old. Im not going to continue to gripe...the show had lots of energy but Im just tired of the same songs. A definite highlight was Grace is Gone which Boyd and Dave just ripped it up on...Im talking amazing. Im pretty sure after MSG Night 2 Im done for awhile. I still love the band but Ive seen my share of shows and rather than get dissapointed by the repeating of set lists I want to give other people a chance to experience the greatest band in the world
What to say. Overall a great show. Probably not the best that I've seen but definitely the most well rounded. And the band was definitely full of energy all night. Granny was a great way to start off the show. Unfortunately Dave messed up the chorus to Grey Street and ended up skipping the second verse. The stone was great to hear since I missed it over the summer. Pig is such a great song live hope they keep it in the setlists for a long time to come. Grace is Gone is was amazing I like the new version much better. Lerio was going crazy. Hoping to hear Nancies but did get Warehouse. Then came Jimi Thing. Awesome. Lerio was phenominal and the upbeat outro is much better. Carter just blew me away at the end of Loving Wings. I never get tired of hearing that man play. One Sweet World was nice but at that point the show was really getting slow. So back they came with SMTS->ASTB->Too Much. So much energy they could have ended it there it was such a high note. Then came the tease. It was dissappointing to not hear it but I'd take a Halloween tease over no Halloween. Haven't heard DAD since 2000 so it was nice to hear. And Finally Two Step to close. There was a group of guys in front of me chanting for it all night but I didn't think they'd play it. I'm glad I was wrong. Never get tired of hearing Christmas Song. What You Are is not in anyway my favorite closer. But it definitely had a lot of energy. When looking at the setlists to start the tour I was not really looking forward to this show. But now I can not wait until next tour so I can feed my addiction.
Second concert in Albany in 5 days for Tom and I (Springsteen on Fri). Great crowds and venue. Dave and the boys were on fire. Granny was an unexpected opener and sounded great. SMTS>Bridge>TM was unreal, Dave was a dancing fool and the place was going nuts. Other highlights: Jimi Thing, Loving Wings, this song gets better every time I hear it. Carter rules!! OSW, Warehouse, The Stone, and of course Two Step. Low points: IDI (bathroom break) What You Are as a closer. Can't wait til Saturday..full Halloween??
Matt R.
This show was pretty good. We drove from Mass to make it there last night. I had very close seats this time so it made things a little funner. The show was pretty average, nothing to exciting. The end of loving wings was awsome, Carter was going crazy at the end! And the most exciting part was with Dave dancing around durring Anyone Seen the Bridge. Halloween tease again.. Im not to worried bout it, I'll be at the next three shows, im sure he'll play it eventually. Ya'all take care, see you all at MSG!! Shout out Louis from RI, and the Other guy!..
Sara B.
My tenth show in 2 years. A three hour drive from boston and definitly worth it. I have seen a lot. Last nights show started off a little slow, but it soon picked up. All along the Watchtower was a complete tease. I wish i would have seen it in Rochester the night before. The energy of the crowd was great and the band was all smiles. Dave was loving too much and what would you say! He was very energetic. I was kind of dissappointed by "i did it." That song is way overplayed and too main stream. The entire concert i was praying for two-step and the christmas song and Dave came through on both of them. Dave jammed for over 10 minutes to "two-step," it was unbelievable. It was my seconds time hearing that song live and definitly the best. Dave's solo on the Christmas song was amazing! Overall it was a great show and a decent set list. The end of the concert was amzing. Cant wait for another tour! Sara Butler
Tim B.
..........Speeechless. This show was unbelievable with so many great songs. As the set progressed it got better and better. This is only my third show and easy to say my best yet. The energy on the stage was unbelievable. Daves crazy dancing and Stefans energy really made the show great. First off Granny... wat can i say, i never would have expected it. It got things goin really well. GS and WTWE kept it going good and then the stone really kicked it up. IDI and DBTP were great as always and so was GIG. Warehouse really set the pace for the rest of the night and was one of the best songs tonight. JT was another surprise that made me love this show even more. LW and WAYG were great. SMTS into TM was the highlight of the night for me. They were extremely energetic. I was really hoping that they would play halloween but they only teased it. TS was awesome as well as christmas song. I really thought that WYA would be a bad close until dave went nuts. Overall this was frickin great.
Ok, just got back from my 2nd show, first being 4.21.02, and I have to say that this was probably better. The crowd was great in my section. Everyone singing, dancing, and having a good time.on to the setlist: GRANNY - Good Opener, a great surprise but not as good as in montreal last spring. GREY STREET - They skipped a verse and a chorus completely but it had some great energy. WTWE - My least favorite song of the concert. I just wasn't crazy about it for some reason. Seemed like there was something missing. THE STONE - This was great! I was really hoping to hear it and it was definatly fulfilled. IDI - I must say, through all the bashing i've heard, this song was really well played. It was really loud and dave song great. not to mention the crowd seemed into it. PIG! - wow! i heard it at montreal but this version was much much better. The crowd was into it and everyone played all out. GIG - Excellent! the end was great and dave was dancing alot during roi's outro solo. WAREHOUSE - WOOOOOO! Roi's solo seemed extended. this was one of my highlights of the night. The other highlight was... JIMI THING - I really wanted to hear this. This was the best song of the night in my opinion. The outro was so rockin! LOVING WINGS - I liked this alot. Carter's drum outro was really good and I could hear even the quiet parts very clearly. WAYG - This song doesn't change live at all but it was very well played. ONE SWEET WORLD - Instrumental Inrto was great and relaxing and the rest of it was really fun. SMTS --> TOO MUCH - One of my other highlights. This was the most exciting part as far as the crowd goes. Everyone was going nuts! ASTB was also sweet. (HALLOWEEN) - Dave, you're such a little tease. DIGGING A DITCH - Very pretty. a lot of people sat down for this one but my legs needed a rest anyways so this was perfect. TWO STEP - I predicted this to be the set closer. It was really good. Nothing like when i saw it played with the Flecktones but still amazing. Butch's solo was really long. (Little Thing) - This was like the 40 tease at the Gorge. He'd play the chords, then say something and do that for a bit. This was definate though. XMAS SONG - Beautiful. I was hoping to hear this one and it was much better than expected. WYA - I must say that this isn't the best encore closer, Great song, but I would've rather heard Rapunzel, Billies, or Ants. Still a good ending though. Oh yeah, Dave's Dancing was insane tonight. He danced in almost every song that had some sort of a groove, including Grace is Gone. Well great show DMB and keep on keeping it on.
Ok, just got back from my 2nd show, first being 4.21.02, and I have to say that this was probably better. The crowd was great in my section. Everyone singing, dancing, and having a good time.on to the setlist: GRANNY - Good Opener, a great surprise but not as good as in montreal last spring. GREY STREET - They skipped a verse and a chorus completely but it had some great energy. WTWE - My least favorite song of the concert. I just wasn't crazy about it for some reason. Seemed like there was something missing. THE STONE - This was great! I was really hoping to hear it and it was definatly fulfilled. IDI - I must say, through all the bashing i've heard, this song was really well played. It was really loud and dave song great. not to mention the crowd seemed into it. PIG! - wow! i heard it at montreal but this version was much much better. The crowd was into it and everyone played all out. GIG - Excellent! the end was great and dave was dancing alot during roi's outro solo. WAREHOUSE - WOOOOOO! Roi's solo seemed extended. this was one of my highlights of the night. The other highlight was... JIMI THING - I really wanted to hear this. This was the best song of the night in my opinion. The outro was so rockin! LOVING WINGS - I liked this alot. Carter's drum outro was really good and I could hear even the quiet parts very clearly. WAYG - This song doesn't change live at all but it was very well played. ONE SWEET WORLD - Instrumental Inrto was great and relaxing and the rest of it was really fun. SMTS --> TOO MUCH - One of my other highlights. This was the most exciting part as far as the crowd goes. Everyone was going nuts! ASTB was also sweet. (HALLOWEEN) - Dave, you're such a little tease. DIGGING A DITCH - Very pretty. a lot of people sat down for this one but my legs needed a rest anyways so this was perfect. TWO STEP - I predicted this to be the set closer. It was really good. Nothing like when i saw it played with the Flecktones but still amazing. Butch's solo was really long. (Little Thing) - This was like the 40 tease at the Gorge. He'd play the chords, then say something and do that for a bit. This was definate though. XMAS SONG - Beautiful. I was hoping to hear this one and it was much better than expected. WYA - I must say that this isn't the best encore closer, Great song, but I would've rather heard Rapunzel, Billies, or Ants. Still a good ending though. Oh yeah, Dave's Dancing was insane tonight. He danced in almost every song that had some sort of a groove, including Grace is Gone. Well great show DMB and keep on keeping it on.
Is it me or was something missing from the show!? It felt like the energy from the crowd was there at times an then not. of course when yor surrounded by people who scream every time dave opens his mouth it makes for an uneventfull night. The setlist was not to bad maybe i was so bent on Nancies and finaly hearing it. The opener was great new grey street was coming after I saw the 12 string. Stone surprised me and i was very happy so far. Then I did it played and after hearing it at the past 4 shows before since the album came out just sick of it. Warehouse was great glad to get that and jimi thing was rocking. Missing a lot of solos and jammin from boyd this show I felt but Lerio Rocked the house. One sweet world finaly got to hear that. Loving wings i love its kool. I had some feeling so much to say -->Too much was next. The halloween Tease Was perfect making me want him to play so much more full band Ugg. Two Step with butch rocking the keys was Great. christmas song was missing carter big time. Last ime i saw dave preform this carter and timmy where on stage and stefan i belive back in 98. And what you are kinda new it was gonna happen was hoping maybe not since the other two shows this spring closed with it basicaly. Ah no biggie I just glad I coulda be there. Overall i cant really complain except JASON MRAZ shoulda opened all tour!!
Mike E.
So the show last night was better than I expected. After reading the reviews, I was braced for disappointment. First of all, the crowd was really good. Everyone around us was standing, and grooving..making a lot of noise, but chilling for the songs. The band had a lot of energy, even Leroi was moving a little! He tore it up by the way on Jimi and Grace. Speaking of Jimi Thing, holy shit! Nice jam, Carter never lulled it to sleep and kept a nice beat on it. Dave even busted out a pretty decent solo. Dave was jumping and looked pretty into it, bouncing around during Jimi and going nuts during ASTB. The show would've been awesome if not for the LovingWings, WAYG, OSW in a row. Wings and OSW are awesome!! BUT together just slowed down the show. SMTS->Too Much (with the extended outro by the way) kinda brought it back, but then Ditch slowed it back down. It is a GREAT song, but as far as energy, they had a chance to really blow the freakin roof off of Pepsi but didnt. Two Step was nice with a Butch solo. Xmas song was nice and slow, What You Are is growing on me and I actually like it very much maybe to close the set, but not the show. Can't complain though. They were really tight and seemed into it, unlike past reviews of this tour that I read. Great crowd, strong set. But they could've made it a classic at the end. Also whats up with only playing for 2 hours???? It's a 9 show tour, they could expend a little more energy. Oh well..See you at MSG. After another Halloween tease, it's GOTTA happen!!! Peace
Timothy Z.
I had decided even before I got to Albany that I would never return to this seemingly random place for a show. However, several extraordinary circumstances changed my mind completely! First off, the Pepsi Arena offered Magic Hat on tap, which is the pinnacle of my beer drinking existence. Also, my seats were in section 1, 10th row, far left. Before sitting down all the high-standing rigs told me this was taper holy land. Not in our seats five minutes, a taper approached us seeking to exchange his second row, just left-of-center seats for ours. Needless to say, JJ and I were overjoyed and the show only added to our unparalleled happiness. Granny was a big surprise as an opener- 2nd straight night the band opens with a song otherwise unplayed on the tour thus far. Grey Street was awesome because the boys were so close and tomorrow night I'll see it performed with Conan on national tv. Dave's eyes during his intro to The Stone were unbelievable... he had a stone cold glare, deep and chilling, staring into into the crowd, but more like right through us. I'll never forget that look. Right after Pig the ass clown security guards really got on my nerves.. yelling about my camera and other people's cell phones and really just bothering fine, upstanding fans. Ever wonder where that twang at the beginning of Grace Is Gone comes from on the album? Well, Stefan has a twang-machine, or a steel/slide guitar little contraption that he played as an intro. Very funny and peculiar but cool. Also a more intense jam at the end of Grace than I've seen. Warehouse was fine but without Nancies beforehand it's like opening up all yours presents on Christmas Eve. The band's really worked on Loving Wings and it's the best I've ever heard it sound. I also enjoy how the song seemed relatively and therefore gorgeously unknown and unfamiliar, especially when compared to WAYG. One Sweet World made me want to eat ice cream, save the world, drink hippie beer, and toss a frisbee (in that order). On this tuesday the "Back to the Future" DVD trilogy was released, but I'll take the SMTS- ASTB- Too Much triple crowd any day. NEVER gets old; always fun! Dave really got into ASTB. Much happiness. Dave's little Halloween was slow and somehow mysteriously romantic, Digging a Ditch was random but okay, and Two Step (first time played on the tour) answered a simple but cool sign's request made from around the 10th row so I'm sure those people were happy. Hearing the Christmas Song live has become my way of getting into the holiday spirit... Santa Dave did a fine job. The intro to What You Are has gotten even more spooky since the summer, and the actual songs leaps forth like it's shooting out of the canon... the lights and energy from the full band took me back. Really energetic closer. And for me to conclude- I imagine the MSG shows later in the week will be the epitome of all the cool stuff happening in this tour thus far. We still await The Last Stop and The Dreaming Tree, and I have this feeling that one of the MSG sets will go down in DMB history. So you people enjoy those. And the other point of my review- this was my 33rd DMB show and I still never know what a night with Dave will entail. That's why I keep coming back for more. This evening was a stocking full. Happy Holidays.
Brian N.
All I can say is what a show. Granny as an opener completely unexpected. The band was in it tonight. This was my 11th show this year, 17th overall. Grey Street, great crowd pleaser, unfortunately I have heard it at every show this year. WTWE, great song, love hearing it, definitely worth it. Stone, I love this song every time I hear it. I Did It, wasn't so happy when it started, but they did something with it and it sounded really good tonight. Pig, never gets old, great song to hear live. So much emotion is put into it. GIG, pretty standard, Stefan country solo at beginning was really nice. Warehouse, another must see live, this song will never get old. Jimi Thing, Solo's were done really well tonight. LW -> WAYG, Loving Wings was really nice, but the crowd sat down and started up conversation which was bothersome because it is such a great song. WAYG, was standard, heard it way too much this year. OSW, always a nice song to hear live. SMTS -> TM, SMTS was pretty standard, but ATSB was amazing, Dave was dancing all over the stage and had a ton of energy. Halloween tease, just not fair, second straight night i heard the tease, c'mon play the full song already. Digging A Ditch, very nice and mellow got the crowd ready for Two Step. Two Step was amazing. No if, ands, or buts, the HIGHLIGHT of the show. There was so much energy in the song, it was great. Xmas Song, finally heard it for the first time, better than expectations. What You Are, more energy in WYA than i have ever heard from dave's vocals. All in all a great show, probably #4 or #5 on my list.
Unreal show. where to begin... Granny was a Great surprise! always happy to hear Pig and Stone (2 of my favs) Fonzi was once again pumped about the WOO's in Warehouse!!! i was hopin for a full halloween, but he's been playin that loungy version, probobly saving the Screaming for msg =) Crazy Dave Dancin'!!....especially during SMTS/Too much. My seats were great, right on the side of the stage, sat right by Stefan's litttle boy (he's adorable)... Overall, GREAT NIGHT! Albany is a nice arena, and i would love to go back there. My voice is completely Gone, just like it should be!! PEACE---- Casey
what an amazing show! i never thought i could see a better setlist then what he played at SPAC. but i think i did tonight. i dont think daved ever lost the crowd tonight. except during loving wings, but everbody stood back up at the end of the song when carter started going nuts. granny opener was unexpected but amazing. the highlights of the show were definetly PIG, so much to say>>>Too Much. and Two step. all 4 have not been played much this tour and they were awesome to hear. the crowd was going nuts during too much. this was only my sencond concert and both have been absolutly amazing! DAVE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I must say, the band looked very enthusiastic last night, and it definitely showed in their playing. The highlight of the show in my opinion, was Jimi Thing, and the jam they did on it. Cool Halloween tease (although it is cruel, it's such a mean trick to just tease it and not play it) and I caught the Little Thing tease before Christmas Song. Great Two Step jam, and great versions of Warehouse and Pig. My only disappointment is that this tour (with a few exceptions) is almost a replica of the summer one), and that the band only played two extended jams (Jimi Thing and Two Step). But overall, this show was great, the energy was through the roof and the setlist was good overall.
This was one of the best concerts I have ever attended in my life from any performer. The band was so tight. They appeared to really wing it from song to song, even more than usual evident by the amout of talking among themselves between songs. The setlist was incredible with a good mix of new and old. Granny started things off right as the opener. The show really took a turn to "memorable" with Grace is Gone, Warehouse, and Jimi Thing...all jammed out really well. In addition, this was the absolute best version of Two Step I had ever heard. And as skeptical as I was from previous setlists, Who You Are was a good closing song. It was just a great feeling all night and just an awesome show.
Chris D.
Wow is all I can say to last night's show. Everything was incredible...the crowd, the sound system and most importantly the band. I don't know how he was at the other stops on this tour but last night Dave was dancing and smiling more than I have ever seen him. There was absolutely nothing to complain about last night's show and if anyone does they are nuts. Granny was an awesome and unexpected opener. The Stone, Pig, Warehouse, Jimi thing, OSW, SMTS into Too Much, Halloween tease into Ditch and an amazing Two Step was more than anyone could ask for. Stefan's new intro to Grace is awesome and I love when Dave jams on it at the end. Carter killed the drum solo on Loving Wings. Halloween tease into Ditch was amazing. Even I Did It fit in very nice into the setlist and What You Are is becoming an awesome live song. I am going to be going to both MSG shows and MCI and I don't know how they are going to top this show. I just can't wait till Friday...hope to see the place packed and crazy loud. Peace.
wow, amazing show, Dave and the boys really can entertain. This was my second Dave show. Granny- Amazing song, great opening song. GS-interesting rendition, skipped the 2nd verse. WTWE- great track off everyday, sounds wonderful live. Stone-AMAZING SONG!!!!!!!!!. IDI- decent rendition, my favorite song of the night was two step, there is no greater song, period!DBTP- great song, boyd great on violin. GIG- Sad song, had me crying. WH- wow, the woo's was fucking great. Jimi Thing kicked ass, i love the jam at the end. LW- slow melodic song, not bad though. WAYG- wow, i lvoe this song. OSW- nice to hear old Dave songs from remember two things. SMTS- I love this track. TM- the alltime best cocnert sogn ever. DAD- sweet song also, i like the faster version better. Two Step- OMG dave looked right at me when he started this cause i was screaming two step. CS- Sweet song, dave is god. WYA- I was hoping for watchtower, but this will do. Dave had a cold tonight because he was having trouble with the high notes, but still, what an amazing band. This was by far the best concert I have ever been privy to.
John D.
This was an awesome show! After the United Center, I was very worried about the rest of this tour, however this show has revived my faith in the band. As soon as I heard the Granny opener, I knew we were in for a gem. This show started out fast and never seemed to slow down. My seats were probably the worst in the house, directly behind the stage, and I could still feel the energy. Jimi Thing made a solid return, and Diggin' a Ditch was very well placed. I can't even explain very well, but somehow everything during this show just seemed to go right. In addition, the Albany crowd was full of energy, encouring the band all night. The Halloween tease was the entire first verse Dave solo, but it was still very nice. Like I said, I had doubts about this tour, but now I can't wait for the MSG shows because who knows what might happen!
Jeremy S.
Its hard to analyze my opinon of this show; it was great in many ways, and it was sort of a let down in other ways. But certainly, this was the best show I have attended in over 2 years. For the first 20 or so minutes dave had me in a great mood. Came out on stage and did a little davespeak, explaining how he pronounces albany differently with a virginian accent or something... he repeated this a good 5 or 6 times during the show(lay off the weed there buddy). Started off with granny, which was a nice surpise, and followed it up with grey street; I should note that he skipped a verse so it was slightly truncated. Then the show started going downhill... wtwe followed, which was an awful awful version, dave not only screwed up the lyrics, but his voice cracked throughout the song.Plus it was just plain boring. Stone followed, which I usually like, but at this point in the set I really could've used something to pump up the crowd(which was silent for most of the night). And then the kicker, dave pulled out the electric so I thought for sure it would be fool to think.. and then bam, I Did It debut, and I felt like i had been shot. At times I like this song, but this was without question THE WORST version ever. Dave seemed to be mocking the albany crowd, and didn't sing the song as it was meant to be... he changed the tone of his voice so it sounded more like he was speaking. Then pig and grace, nothing special. Now the set really picked up. Warehouse, heard it 5/6 times but love it. Then the first jimi thing of the tour; great version, carter was smiling a lot. Loving Wings was nice to hear for the first time, and WAYG provided me with a much needed bathroom/water break. OSW was standard. And then the best part of the night. So Much to Say, I called it, and first time i'd heard it since SPAC 8.29.00. ASTB was a ton of fun, dave was dancin all over the place and he and stefan did a little head banging. Dance continued during Too Much. Then HALLOWEEN... into digging a ditch, yuck. Two Step closed, 4th time in a row hearing it as a closer w/butch, but i really didnt expect it tonight. Encore was great. Christmas Song was lovely, and dave busted it out during WYA. Like I said, the set was good, but had a number of flaws as well. Hopefully we'll see some more surprises at the garden.
Ian H.
This was my 4th DMB show (3rd this year) - first one out of Country for me, being from Canada. The crowd was absolutely nuts throughout the show, and it seemed to me that many were not local to Albany but fans who had travelled to fill up the show - as I suspect most of this winter tour is. The crowd ALMOST rivaled a Montreal crowd - a very difficult feat. Leroi was definetly the featured band member tonight as the band seemed to let him cut loose the most, and in many of the jams it was Leroi who had an extended solo. My personal highlight was seeing Dave Himself actually solo during a jam - not sure if that was a first? Grey Street,stone, SMTS/too much and two step were alot of fun. Jimi thing stuck out mostly because of Dave soloing during the jam - not that his solo was soooo amazing, but more the idea that he did. Didn't really like what you are as a finisher - was hoping for Last Stop or Nancies. Overall a solid show as the band seemed to be having a blast up there, the show was reminiscent of the "live @ chicago" set, with many similar songs, and just an overall same type of set.
Jun.30.2004 .
Well, my last show was Hartford 7/26/02, so I was afraid that this one wouldn't stand up. That said, I had a great time. The energy of the band, like a lot of people have been saying, was wonderful. I've never seen Dave joke with Carter or repeatedly give Stefan as many high fives as he did last night. Opening with Granny was a great surprise, and sounded great. I was thrilled to hear Pig, The Stone and One Sweet World, three of my favorite songs, as well. Grace is Gone has come a long way since I first saw it performed, and if last night was any indication, it is much better. Stefan's slide guitar intro is awesome. The best parts of the show were without a doubt The amazing Jimi Thing jam that caught everyone off guard, a kick ass Warehouse and the most energetic SMTS-ASTB-TM I've ever seen. The entire band was getting into it, even Stefan was dancing around more than usual. As for the end, Two step is great every time, and Christmas Song was expected. I was a little disappointed with WYA, until they went into it. Dave had a new intro (but I couldn't make out the words) and this was the greatest version I've ever heard. Blew Hartford out of the water, with 10x as much energy and passion. The only bad parts were I Did IT, which just sounded off, and not getting a full Halloween. Loving Wings is saved by Carter's excellent outro, and while a lot of people seem to be complaining that Diggin a Ditch slowed it down too much, everyone in my section was really into it. Id say it was the 3rd best show I've seen out of my 7. Oh yeah, and the lights were astounding.
hey everyone... i left new hampshire around 1 on tuesday to go see the show in albany, which was a 3 and half hour drive... we killed some time before the show and sadly ended up missing KDTU, wish i could have seen if they were any good, well whatever, on to the show... granny was a nice opening song to get everybody excited about the rest of the show, next came grey street which i think is a great song, but pretty basic, same goes to the next song WTWE, nice song to see live but pretty standard, the line "when the world ends, we'll be burning one" was fitting becuz a few guys behing us were lighting up a lot, next came the moment i had finally been waiting for for over 2 years, the band played my favorite song THE STONE, this song is amazing live and certainly got me excited, i loved every minute of it, sadly i did it followed this and is usually decent to hear live, but was a low point considering my favorite song was played before it, dont burn the pig was next and i was really excited to hear it for the first time live, but i was distracted becuz my uncle who lives in the city found me, he had scalped some better seats right to the side of the stage, so we switched seats and i missed pig, it was worth it though considering these new seats were the best seats ive had when seeing the band, a nice version of grace is gone was next, after that warehouse was played and really got the crowd excited, the stop time intro was excellent, the crowd got better throughout the night, this song really helped pick things up, but sadly boyd didnt really go crazy, jimi thing went on for a while and they really jammed this one out, loving wings calmed things down a bit and i thought was very good for my first time seeing it live, WAYG followed and was nice, but pretty basic, after that the band jammed for a few minutes and went right into one sweet world, great song live and im glad i heard it, a nice quiet song to get the crowd prepared for so much to say and too much, these 2 songs got the crowd going nuts, especially dave's crazy dancing between the 2 songs that was just a sight to see, afterwards dave teased halloween which was expected, it really kept me wanting to hear it all but i knew they were probably saving it for MSG, digging a ditch was good, TWO STEP was just plain awesome, always a great song live, they jammed for probably 15 minutes and you could tell the crowd and the band were having a fun time, really kept the crowd excited during the encore, lots of chants and clapping broke out for the encore and after what seemed forever, dave finally walked out, he told everybody to take care of eachother and thanks for coming, then he went into a beautiful version of christmas song, really enjoyed this for the first time live and especially with x-mas so soon, then what you are closed the show, kind of expected and nothing too exciting, but i love the opening to the song, great energy at the end of the show... after the show i met up with my uncle and we went looking around outside, as soon as we walked out dave's bus was right there and he was inside looking exhausted from a great show, he was a great guy though and waived to everyone... the show was certainly worth the 7 plus hour drive round trip and i look forward to whatever the band plans to do in 2003, have a good holiday season doing whatever it is you'll be doing...
Ok where to start... im really baffled at how this show is getting decent reviews and being called the best so far of this tour. This was my 28th DMB show, and i can honestly say bottom five. The setlist had little added from last night (two step, Jimi, pig, warehouse exceptions) and the energy just was not there. The Sound, crowd, setlist, band energy, and entire atmosphere was far better in Rochester than it was here tongiht in Albany. We had almost the exact same seats, and everyone tonight was lost during Christmas Song, DAD, loving wings, even halloween. The loudest cheer came from the beginning chords to I did it... thats awful...Perhaps my expectations were a little too high after seek up, LIOG, and an emotional night before, however it just didnt seem as though it was there in Albany. Still cant wait for next year..
I just need to say this was a great show. The setlist was so great... It reminded me more of shows from the 2000 concert going season. The night was just a great, unexpected surprise... Now I can't wait until the MSG Night one show. And I just want to say, that I hope everyone really listens to Loving Wings. It is the most romantic, lovely song(both in lyrics and music) DMB's come out with in a long time. I hope everyone gives it a chance! I feel very lucky I was able to catch this show.
Adam L.
Alright, I know I do not need to comment on every song...I mean, look at the setlist...I think it speaks for itself, but what doesn't is the COMPLETE SCUM that were in addtendence of that show. I live near Boston, and so I go to my fair share of shows at the Fleet, and of course there are t-shrit bootleggers there. But in Alnaby, New York, there was the largest army of them I have ever seen. THEY WERE EVEN INSIDE THE VENUE! What is this? When do they start buying tickets to get inside to make a few bucks!? Holy Crap, when the security guards check them at the door, and they are wearing huge jackets that are almost bursting at the buttons, and they are obviously NOT fat people, they just think, 'alright, looks cool to me'. So then these bastard walk the aisles durring the show, trying to peddle their shirts, and the thing that chaps my ass even more, is that the airheads that i am sitting amongst, and BUYING THEM, DURRING THE SHOW, the band is playing, and they are fishing through their wallets, trying to find ten bucks to give this loser. And then they expect us to be accomidating, and move our legs to walk through our row to get accross to avoid Oh yeah, the airheads I mentioned...that is putting it politely. When One Sweet World was playing, I heard people in the row behind me say "Is this One Sweet World?" and then the other said "No." Ummm, what? You bought a ticket to this show...WHY? I do not even need to justify my position on that statement. And then there were the people next to me on my left. They did not clap, they did not sing, they did not cheer, they did not stand, they did not even acknowledge the fact that they were viewing one of the best bands, EVER. They did not stand up when they came on stage, they did not stand when they finished the encore, these people should be shot for wasting 2 seats that could have gone to a willing fan. Oh yes, last but not least People, please, I don't know how many of you do it, but for the love of GOD do not, DO NOT, clap durring Christmas Song, especially when it is a Dave ruin it. You clap durring the chorus, and then the beat slows down, but you continue clapping to the same beat as the chorus, and you MAKE IT SOUND LIKE SHIT. If you are going to clap, DO IT AT THE APPROPRIATE TIMES PLEASE! Oh and girls, screaming like you are trying to get someone's attention like you are being raped in central park, please do not do that durring songs, and especially when it is a solo accoustic, I know you are only a Crash Into Me fan, and do not know the words to any actual good songs, but please do not try make up for that by screaming at the top of your lungs, ruining the songs for other people, like myself. In closing, I appologize for being so dark, and harsh, but I know that there were people there, that feel the same way as I do, but will not address the situation. Well, I hat to take the bull by the horns on this one, because I do not know if this happens at every show, but if it does, then may God help us all, because soon the whole venue will be full of people like this, now how does that make you feel? But on another note, I thought the show was simply amazing, Jimi Thing, AND Two man, plus Granny, Stone..and not to mention what they did with Loving Wings....good lord that was sweet stuff baby. Which I am sorry, but typing that made me think of one more thing. Just because it is a slower song, or one that you may not be familiar with, does not give you the reason to leave, and come back with a super DO NOT leave your seat for the entire show, unless you need to urinate beyond belief. If anyone actually reads this, please feel free to e-mail me and share opinions.
The night was INCREDIBLE. Short of my favorite setlist of all time by only 1 song and thats saying alot. They were on for what seemed like forever and they rewarded us for our applause and great energy. My section was going crazy maybe because i was that typical loud drunk fan who knew all the words to everything ( i got respect from a 35 show veteran for knowing the words to loving wings while everyone else was scratching their heads) Anyway lets do song by song: Granny: not a big fan of the song but it changed my opinion of it when they opened with it. Not many people knew what it was but those who did were very happy to get a rarity as an opener. Grey St: Real good sept dave forgot one of the verses. But hes cool so i let it slide. Very powerful and i love the song more and more everytime i hear it. WTWE: I thought the tempo was going to switch at this point because i was calling for warehouse but got this instead. Nice version but i think being on this message board is hurting my apreciation of everyday because its not a bad album..its just not dave at his best. The two kids behind me that were smoking up during this song, thanks i preciate it but i quit last year. STONE!HOT DAMN! i was so pumped when i heard this. Ive been dying to see it before and it was everything i thought it would be. I love when Carter just hits the bass drum and Boyd goes off with the violin. It was a great way to get me into it. I did it: THE BEST VERSION EVER! It had me dancing by myself singing the loudest in the arena. Ok i dont really like this song but it was worth it to see the rest of the show. Nothing to write home about. PIG!! Amongst my favorite dave songs EVER it was played wonderfully and dave was on for it. Simply great. GIG: Ive listened to it too much but it was a good song to cuddle with the girlfriend to. BTW a girlfriend is very important at a dave show so you can hug them when you forget the words. Killer outro though. WAREHOUSE!! Id been hoping for it as the opener but getting it midset changed the mood of the show for me. The woo's make the song and the band plays off the crowd. Go to a dave show for this song. JIMI THING! Outta nowhere great version. I knew we were in for some good oldies after warehouse and Dave pulled lottsa crash and UTTAD. Nice version. LOVING WINGS!: Song just keeps getting better and better. I was the only one around who knew it. My girlfriend liked it alot and was singing it all night. Its a keeper seriously best version ive heard. WAYG: AHH the segue. Not too big a fan of this song it just sounds like that one song they need to have as a single. OSW!! Outta nowhere again! More oldies that had most of the people sitting but me screaming. So much fun. Good intro wanted the swim naked but theres always next time. SMTS->ASTB->Too Much- Most emotion ive heard them play with. Dave and Stefan went off the wall and when they went into ASTH i definatly soiled myself. The one song i wanted to hear tonight and was blown away with. There in top form and people need to get away from their computers and come see. At this point i thought they were done. They just rocked out hardcore. But the audience was rabid and having a blast. We were rewarded with.. THE HALLOWEEN TEASE FROM HELL! Its getting cheap already. The "loungy" halloween that youve heard so much about dave stands there and plays real slow and twangy with a grin on his face saying "im not playin it tonight but im gonna mess with you" It was fun but i though he should have done it Diggin A Ditch: A bit of a momentum killer but i guess they needed something to take a break with. Understandable. Good version. I knew they wouldnt close with this though. ... TWO STEP! I havent listened to it in months because it used to be my favorite and last night reminded me why. Solid song trademark DMB beautiful all throughout with nice jamming from everyone. Great closer. ENCORE I really didnt think we needed an encore because they played their souls for us. But dave really spoils the fans and it was very obvious no one was leaving until they got a few more tunes. XMAS SONG- least favorite dmb song. I didnt care at this point and i was just havin a blast. Cool version dave solo. Just not for me. WYA: Saw it before as a closer and i would have liked something else but i was just happy to have dave playing for me. Im forever greatful for the night and the memories. Solid version. I thought he was going into halloween but i was wrong. Great show. 8 out of 10 for me. By far my best of the 4 ive been to. Thanks for the memories guys catch you next tour.
This was my first show ever, and what a way to lose your Dave show virginity! Woo-hoo! I've been a fan of the band since '96 or '97, but i'm only a few weeks older than 15, so i was lucky that my parents even let me go at all, much less on a school night. I was in 119 row f, so i had great seats and got to experience dave's dance steps durring ASTB up close-ish. The highlight for me was Pig, and the only low point of the whole show was the tease on Halloween. I love that song! Why can't he just PLAY the dang thing? The people around me were all veteren dave show go-ers, and they were great people to be seated around. Well, except the guy right next to me that went for like 5 beer runs AND got stoned durring Jimi Thing. Too Much was awesome, and WYA was a great closer. The crowd was really great for this show all around, but everyone went nuts durring WYA. I didn't even know what song Granny was, but i could tell that it must be a great one, cause everyone went wild when dave opend with it. The whole thing was more than i ever could have imagined, and a great first show. He didn't even do that many everyday songs! Yay! I was stoked, and i can't wait until my generous parents buy me more tickets to see Dave *wink wink*
All i can say is WOW! this show was incredible. one of the best i've heard or attended. Dave was dancing like a mad man. The energy in the pepsi arena was unprecedented. Keep in mind that the pepsi arena is a small venue. I am convinced that there are no bad seats in this place. It's gotta be half the size of other venues like fleetcenter. The stone, Granny, Pig, and OSW were all mindblowing. Warehouse, although i'm not crazy about the song, was also sweet. The crowd was considerably less annoying than at other DMB shows and that was a real treat. I'm not sure if it had to do with the smaller venue or the cold weather or what, but i found myself only slightly annoyed once or twice as opposed to aggravated and pissed off like i was about the crowd on summer shows. WYA & Two Step, although typical, are always good. Loving wings has really developed into a great song. IDI & WAYG are getting old, but i'll gladly sit through those songs for SMTS > ASTB > Too Much & Xmas song. I almost cried during Xmas song. It was beautiful. Once again dave and the guys have suceeded in blowing my mind. Thank you DMB, You rock, I love you guys. Happy Holidays Everyone Noah
Tonight's show was simply phenomenal. The fact that Pepsi Arena is a smaller venue made the night that much more amazing. I sat behind the stage but was still able to see everything that was going on without any problems. The crowd had a great deal of energy and the band just seemed to feed off of it. Opening the show with Granny was great. Not only is it a great song, it is just a great song to start the night of with. The oddest part of the night came during Grey Street. Dave definitely left out a verse in the song. I thought that he might be throwing in a new wrinkle, but it just turned out that he skipped a part of what is generally a great song live. I have been to three shows(all this year) and I have heard When the World Ends at all of them. A good song live and the band played a good version tonight. The Stone was played to perfection. It is such a great song and the band just jammed to it for what seemed to be an eternity. I was definitely pleased with that. I Did It was what it is at every show, the song that you know you are going to hear that you wish they would leave out. It was not the worst version ever, but could have been better. Dave definitely made up for I Did It with Don't Burn the Pig. It was an absolutely flawless version and was a perfect segway for Grace is Gone. It was such a chill song the way the played it tonight. The band then changed the whole mood of the crowd when the broke into the stop-time intro to Warehouse. The crowd was rocking and the band jammed to an amazing version of Warehouse. Following Warehouse with Jimi Thing was a nice surprise. It kept the crowd in a frenzy and they played it so well. Loving Wings was one of the best parts of the show. This was my first time hearing it live and it is a great song. After Dave was done with the lyrics, the band continued to jam and everyone time that you thought they would go into a lull and slow things down, they would just start jamming all over again. It was amazing. After that, a solid version of Where Are You Going was played. After jamming to so many songs, I thought that the band would slow it down a bit soon and they did when the played One Sweet World. The intro was absolutely ridiculous and the song was just as good. It is such a chill song and it was played at the perfect time. So Much To Say --> Anyone Seen the Bridge --> Too Much. I have heard it before and I am sure that I will hear it again, but it gets me going everytime. The songs were so crisp and energetic. If you weren't pumped up, you were either too stoned or drunk or just dead. The band jammed and the crowd was going insane. Then, came one of the best parts of the show. When I heard Halloween, I really thought that I was going to hear it. It was a great tease, I just wish he had played the song because it is an exceptional song. Digging a Ditch was well played and it always fun to hear. The band played an insane version of Two Step that seemed to go on forever. I couldn't believe how long they just kept jamming. Definitely a great closer for the first part of the show. The band seemed to have an endless amount of energy in them and jams they played were phenomenal. Christmas Song was predictable, and as always, a great song. Very good opener for the encore. What You Are was a great closer to the encore, I just wish that he would have played something different. He closed with What You Are at SPAC this past summer so it would have been nice to hear something different. All in all, the best show that I have been to without question.
Whitney B.
dave and the clan rocked on tuesday. granny was a great opener, pretty unexpected. i thoroughly enjoyed jimi thing and the jam that followed, always a great song to jam to..dave did a lot of dancing tonight, which is always what we enjoy! my personal favorite was warehouse...although two step was awesome. i think in general that the setlist was EXCEPTIONAL! but, i was a little upset that he didn't do 41..but hey, you can't have them all! there's always SPAC! great show, encore was excellent..great solo with the christmas song. i believe "ALL-BENNY" enjoyed this show! THANKS BOYS!
Geeno T.
So it begins like this; We drove down, saw the show and then went home. We had fun. Just Joking. Actually the first thing i want to do is to rip into that idiot who posted first saying that this show sucked. You deserver a swift kick in the nuts! Or maybe, we'll just feed you to the ants!!! Secondly, we'd like to remind you all to pass on a swift kick in the nuts to any scalpers out there. Especially those who are selling counterfeits. (don't want to get into it any further). Most importantly, the show! WickedGood. Granny was a total dark horse. Didn't see it coming. I was just wondering if they'd come along and play the stone....and they did...IT!! Pig kicked ass. Loving Wings is turning into a wicked jam, similar vibe as shyte!! Butch didn't get to jam all night but kicked arse in doin' the Two Step. During that "Anyone see the bridge", we all loved to see Dave go off and show off that s.african groove, well done! Overall, great show, great jams and sweet thongs! Keep up the good work ladies!! Peace in the mid east. See you at the last stop. We'll be the rowdy Canucks!!
Dave is officially my hero. This concert rocked. Granny was a great opener and very unexpected. We had just been listening it in the car before and was one of the songs we wanted to hear. Grey Street was typical but awesome. The Stone just blew me away because it was my favorite a couple years ago and then faded but now I love it again. Another highlight was WTWE (which i have started to like ever since folsom field came out. Grace is Gone was simply beautiful, especially Stafan's awesome intro. Another great intro was the one to One Sweet World. I love that song. Warehouse brought the house down like always, along with Two Step. The Christmas Song was intimate and loving and What You Are was CRAZY! The boys were nuts on this one and everyone was so into it...well most people. Hint- never sit down at a Dave concert...or leave before the encore. You will be making many people mad. I would have liked to hear #41, Nancies, or STJL, but there will be plenty more. Oh yeah and what happened to Say Goodbye? It doesn't matter...I love Dave. And I did it isn't that bad live...just try to get into it.