Dave Matthews Band
Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Donít Drink the Water *
One Sweet World *
Seek Up *
Grey Street *
Captain *
Too Much *
Lie In Our Graves *
What Would You Say *
Loving Wings *
Sleep To Dream Her *
Grace Is Gone *
Drive In Drive Out *
Halloween (tease)
Where Are You Going *
All Along the Watchtower *
Gravedigger +
Everyday (#36) *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Mic H.
First things first. Hey Dave, its December, its the holidays, do I need to hear about a Gravedigger digging my grave? That was the ONLY song I could've done w/ out. Other than that, hearing the crowd sing, "Honey, Honey" and Dave adding the "come and dance w/ me" was AWESOME!!! What a great show. Rochester opened there arms for Dave in a big way. I don't think a single perrson used there seat tonight. I hope he comes back soon, b/c the BCA is a great small venue for a show. Other highlights: LIOG, and Watchtower were unreal. The best I've personally heard in awhile. It was very nice to hear OSW, and Seek Up. Also, only two, thats right, TWO songs off Everyday!! That was nice. No electric guitar was needed. He kinda lost the crowd during Wings, and STDH. All in All a great great great show. 8.5 outta 10 ( No 2 Step, or Stone). I just wished Rochester would get the full Halloween, but the tease was just as nice. MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
after tampa, atlanta, and chicago this show was amazing. i was starting to think my money went to waste after seeing almost the same set list night after night....but then on to tonight. i wanted to hear DDTW soo bad and called it this afternoon. it was awesome. the OSW was great, always fun. Seek Up saved it for me. i could have went home happy after that song. it was soooo good. Grey Street was alright, the same as the three other times i saw this week. Captain was nice to hear, it sounded like dave messed up the words. Too Much was full of energy and the crowd was feelin it. it was fun. got me dancing. out of no where came LIOG. soo good. butch played Beethoven's was awesome to hear. boyd went nuts as always. WWYS was jammed out real good. it was sweet. Loving Wings was sweet, carter was all over that. STDH, boo, but Grace was sweet. Fonz played a lap guitar with a slide in the intro which was sweet. DIDO always great. Halloween tease -> WAYG? the tease was sweet but i cant stand WAYG? and then Fonz bass solo started with another Halloween tease and then Watchtower was great. loved it. ENCORE. Gravedigger is always nice, loved it. then Everyday #36....i have seen that 3 time in a week as a closer and i am just not feeling it anymore. i hope everytime that 36 will go into Ants but it doesnt. all in all this show kicked the butts of the rest of the shows so far. hopefully i can make it up to albany tomorow cheers!
J.T. .
Well the show started out strong with DDTW , as well with OSW and Seek Up was done very good as always.GS and LIOG were awesome also. The show was very upbeat and flowed well. The Halloween Tease was awesome except that DMB got more cheer from the crowd for WAYgoing, then for the Halloween tease. Then SL teased it again on the bass right before goin into WT. In all the show was good, and the crowd was ok, but I was disappointed with GD/EVERDAY/36 encore. dont get me wrong GD is an awesome song and very emotional but 3 times in 4 shows is to much. However I wont complain even though slightly disappointed I cant stay mad at them. MSG will be shows 22/23 and I know they wont disappoint me there. See Ya This Weekend In NYC. JT.
Tonight's show was indeed mellow and relaxed, Dave and crew played a interesting setlist of old and new. The beginning of the show consisted of DDTW and OSW. Seek Up was a surprise and so was Watchtower. Dave kept on saying how Rochester was a Winter Wonderland due to all the snow we got hit with. Overall out of 10 this show was a 6. The crowd was into it but not fully. The band was incredible and extremly vibrant after having a lack luster performance at U OF I. Butch Taylor especially has come into his own as a great pianist and a great addition to the DMB family. Good job guys from Schiller at Geneseo State University.
This was my sixth show I went to, and what a show! I was reading the past few setlists from the previous shows of the winter tour and finding that many were repetitive and people weren't too thrilled. Well, the band picked it up for this show and played their hearts out. They dished out great old songs like OSW, Drive In Drive Out, Seek up, and Too Much. Sleep to Dream her was alright, but the rest of the show was fantastic. The halloween tease was a great one, i only wish he played the rest. Boyd absolutely teared it up in LIOG, another great performance of that song! The encore was great with Gravedigger, a great song and Everyday (#36). Dave started playing and everyone started singing "honey honey" before he did. Of course he picked up with Everyday, but faded into 36, echoing the singing of the crowd!! It was a great concert and great interaction with the band and the audience!! Can't wait for the next show!!!!!
Bobby N.
Good Lordy! Did I just see this show? Yes. I did. For the love of cripes... this show was spectacular. I just got back and looked at the setlist, but it really doesn't do the show a bit of justice. We had a couple of Halloween teases this fine evening (the slow, eerie one before Where Are You Going, and for a good ten seconds at the beginning of his little pre-Watchtower jam, Stefan busted out a bit of it). The atmosphere was great, and the band and the crowd were feeding off each other... "This is a Christmas Song..." Dave said, then busted out Drive in Drive Out. Boyd was spinning and strutting all over the place during Lie in Our Graves, and I turned around and saw nothing but a sea of lighters in the air during Butch's jam... one of the greatest concert moments of my life... Right now I'm a little nervous about going to the other shows this tour because I don't know if they can live up to this one... tomorrow it's off to Albany.
All I have to say is SEEK UP!! It has been a few shows since I've heard that one. The rest of the show was amazing as well bringing back some of the old school stuff like WWYS and Drive In Drive Out. I think the one thing that could have topped this night off is a Recently encore, but you can't have it all. Steffan busting out the slide guitar on Grace Is Gone was totally unexpected yet amazing, def keeping it fresh. Another great concert from the Dave Matthews Band...nine shows and it just keeps getting better.
Jonathan M.
Well i can't remember the set, but for jamming this night was great. Seekup, One sweet, Loving wings, everyday, lie in our graves, even grace is gone, this night was magical. The boys were having fun, the crowd was having fun and it was just nice to be in such a small arena. Daves voice isn't all there but he still went out on all the songs. It was great thats all i can, say could be the best so far of the winter tour, but MSG awaits and we'll have to see if it holds up.
ok, here we go, missed the opener heard they didnt play very long though, out comes DMB i knew DDTW was coming and was pissed not my favorite opener, rocked it out though, OSW, was a nice surprise, SEEK UP rocked me real good the jammed this one nice, GREY STREET standard nothing out of the ordinary still one of my favorite live songs, CAPTAIN not too bad seemed short prolly not though, TOO MUCH rocked it out, ive seen better but yet again dave botched the lyrics, LIOG was awesome they really jammed this one out boyd ripped it up, butch tossed a little "ode to joy" in his solo cool stuff, WWYS standard rendition, LW first time hearing it, didnt mind it actually liked it alot, STDH blah, ran that in to GIG which was nice they jammed out a little on this good shit, DIDO was rockin ive heard better though didnt really let go at the end, HALLOWEEN tease was sweet definately a cool thing to hear, WAYG eh just not a good live song theres really noithign to it but you know that, AATW ripped do doubt, encore: GRAVEDIGGER first time hearing this live too, this will be an awesome song in time lyrics are sweet! and then my friends my night was ruined EVERYDAY to close the show, i was very disappointed, im sick of thsi song with or without the #36 mixed in i hate everyday that song, definately put a damper on what looked to be a show that was different form the previosus shows of this tour, to tell you the truth stefan did not look very happy during this song, another thing im f*&^ing sick of fans sitting for the entire show, i was in 113 and half the section was sitting most of them left for loving wings, some even left for good during watchtower its just rediculous, buy a live cd and sit in your room and listen to it im sick of going nuts next to people who dont even seem to wanna be there, whatever, and one more thing i think the last two tours overall sound wise have been shitty, they seem very quiet to me i can barely here the guitar when the whole band plays vocal should be higher and so should the bass, all you can hear is bass drum, well whatever, decent show tonight, definately been to better, carter and stefan rocked hard
well i just got back from dropping off my friends tickets for albany tomorrow(which i'll be at) First off, KDTU...awesome. i kind of hope they stick around tomorrow, and maybe we can have Karl Denson join in on Last Stop perhaps????(wishful thinking) DDTW:awesome opener, great energy, knew we were in for a good show the way dave was sancing aroud the whole song. OSW:never tierd of this one, would like to see them bring back swim naked outro. Seek Up!!!!!!!!! if you count the spring,my third one of the year. and by far the best i have heard (live at least) Boyd was on,and the Carter/butch outro, awesome. Grey Street-love this song, great energy. was hoping to see JTR brought out, but hey, Grey St is great too. Captain-good version, like this tune. was kind of short. love Carter on the drums Too Much-always jammin, lot's of dancing, and energy from Dave. Boyd kickin ass still. LIOG-holy shit Boyd owned us here...he was so jacked up, he almost fell over(which would have sucked bad) awesome awesome awesome. butch tickling the ivories WWYS- still no everyday tunes or really slow stuff, yeah sweating my ass off right now. great version, still lot's of heat coming off DMB Loving wings-no matter what anyone says this song is awesome period... end of discussion. the new outro rocks. carter and roi just rip the outro up. STDH- was really expecting WAYG. oh well gave me a chance to cool down. Grace-Fonzie on the Dorbo, did not see that coming outro is way more upbeat than previous shows. DIDO- Dave said this is a Christmas song great tune, i love seeing this live..whys should we worry, let's just make up a new God and have a funky little church of our own. Hallloween- i saw this when people couldn't hear... i saw him by himsef and orange light, with him sliding up and down, and i was like may not have been full version, but more halloween that i have ever had. and i am hoping for it full on tomorrow. WAYG-same as usual, not bad i still dig the tune. Watchtower- fonzie was playing around with the base, and was playing bass chords for halloween, i thought for sure we were getting it. hopefully tomorrow. but then he just went nuts on his solo before a killer watchtower, Boyd wah wah pedal, just tore it up. love butch on the electric guitar patch. killer. and Roi killer as usual, and alot of power to end the set. Here's where i figure xmas song, but no...Gravedigger. i hope the time off really evolves this song into a full band because i can realy see this happening big. great tune solo even.Figuring WYA, no electric all night, mabye they forgot it in illionois But we get everyday great as a closer. i like the whole feel of this song. the crowd really makes this fun, and dave plays off of it. Boyd was great again on the Wah Wah. all in all great show, could have done without STDH, but hey they had to slow down sometime. i give this show a 9 out of 10.
Shaun B.
WOW, WOW, WOW! That is currently the only word that can explain the show tonight in Rochester, NY. After seeing the setlists for the previous shows on the tour, I didn't expect much but I was so proven wrong! DDTW was an amazing opener, it got the crowd into the show right away! OSW and SEEK UP were just amazing, they're old songs, but they are still amazing to hear live! GREY STREET...I can't press how much I love that song. CAPTAIN came as a surprise to me but the boys played it beautifully, very nice addition to the list. LIOG and WWYS...gotta love them! LOVING WINGS sounded good, still not used to it, plus I don't know the words at all...but overall good song! STDH surprised me a lot cause I haven't heard it in a long time and I was so excited when they started with LIOG (def one of my favorites!) and DRIVE IN, DRIVE OUT (it was my first time hearing the song live!). The HALLOWEEN teaser was just wrong, it's a good song and should def be played...damn them for getting mine and everyone else's hopes up! HEHE...WHERE ARE YOU GOING is just getting old and way overplayed, but still an amazing song. OK, ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER...I have been to 13 shows (this being my 13th) and this was the first time I heard the song. I flipped out! I went nuts...I think a lot of the audience did too! IT WAS AMAZING! Highly disappointed with the encore though...I was expecting CHRISTMAS SONG, maybe even ANTS...but got GRAVEDIGGER and EVERYDAY (#36). They're both good songs and I like them both, I just don't think of them as encore songs. But EVERYDAY got the crowd going to the beat of #36 "Honey Honey, come and dance with me." It was an awesome show! 2nd favorite of my 13 shows right behind the 2nd day at SPAC this summer! The crowd was into it the whole night and it was just awesome! Anyone going to Albany or NYC? I'll see ya there!
so the night started off with Dont Drink the Water as an opener, awesome way to start of the night. One Sweet World and Seek up were both quite pleasant surprises indeed. didnt expect to hear those after lookin at the previous setlists from the last couple shows.I knew I'd hear Grey Street by the end of the night, absolutely love that song. Then they rocked out Too Much (nice to hear it apart from So Much To Say) LIOG (amzingly excellent as expected), and What Would You Say to get the crowd movin after a nice mellow Captain. The transfer from loving Wings (which I finally got to here and liked it a bunch) into Sleep To dream her and then into Grace is Gone was quite nice indeed, it kept the flow goin. Thought he was gonna go into Christmas song next but then did Drive in Drive out, loved that just as much. And then the Halloween tease into WAYG (surpirse surprise) and then, ahhhh yes, yet another Halloween tease by Stefan into his rippin bass solo intro into Watchtower...WOW, absolutely incredible, that song, in my mind, took the whole night. Then the encore, didn't agree with this one too much, Gravedigger's decent and all and Everyday is just...everyday. Would've made the night complete if it was Ants and Christmas song...but oh well, all in all, an amazing show.
HMMMMM....This was a tough show for me to judge. The band was finally playing in my hometown, which was really cool. The best part for me was seeing Dave eating dinner before the show. The show was pretty good I think. A lot of older jam songs (seek,liog,ddtw,drive in drive out)they were great. Infact, disregard my confusion towards my thoughts on this show. This show rocked. I just have to realize that I am bitter over them not playing christmas song in the encore. I figured they would play it for sure, and lost $20 in the process. Grave digger was the best i've heard, but still no one knows the words. I must say that everyday was also the best i've heard it, and saved the encore in my opinion. Lots of surprise in this show. Really good to see. (halloween tease was great, but it hurt me!) The crowd was consistent, and louder than buffalo in the spring. But even so, I expected a little bit more from my fellow rochesterians. Still amaze me DMB!
Scott C.
My Highlights and Lowlights: Highlights: Seek Up - Although I admit I think it may have dragged on a little too long, it was still great to hear it. LIOG - OH wow! My first LIOG and it was a beauty! Gorgeous solos by Boyd and Butch. Loving Wings - Wow, I really like this song now. Roi had a sweet sweet solo. Stefan's Slide Guitar GIG Intro - Wow, very cool! First time I saw this. DIDO - If only I could have understood the improv lyrics. Watchtower - Of course. Stefan's intro was bad-ASS! Everyday/#36 - First time hearing this as well. LOVE the crowd interaction! NO apperances of WTWE or If I Had It All!! Lowlights: Seek Up - Annoying drunk girls behind me singing loudly and badly. Captain - My least favorite song on Busted Stuff. Stefan's Slide Guitar GIG Intro - Way too short! Or use it in the jam a little bit maybe? Halloween - Teasing is not nice :( WAYG - It's the same every time. Gravedigger - See WAYG. Would much rather have heard Christmas Song. Everyday/#36 as a closer - Not enough energy. It may seem like there are as many lowlights as there are highlights, but really it was a fantastic show. The setlist was phenomenal. The energy was high. Definitely worth my money!
James B.
A very fun show to go to. Dave seemed very enthusiastic right off the bat. DDTW was fantastic and energetic, one of their best live songs. Seek Up was a real surprise, especially Butch's Jam towards the end. His jam was pretty awkward, but the band has rarely played it with him before, so you gotta figure they'll smooth it out. Butch more than made up for it with his jam in LIOG, another song that really took me by surprise (Boyd ripped it up, as always). Grey Street was expected, but always amazing to listen to. STDH and Drive In Drive Out were out of left field, and STDH really shouldn't be played so close to Grace Is Gone; it's good but clearly inferior. The jam on Watchtower was really something special. I've never heard a better version overall, especially Stefan's opening riffs. Everyone was looking for Christmas Song when Dave came back out solo, but I like Gravedigger better anyway. I was hoping for Ants to close it out, but Everyday was a blast, thanks in part to great audience participation. Overall, the show was a total blast. Dave broke out crazy legs all night, Carter rocked the place, and Boyd tore up every solo he had. It couldn't have been better
Jay .
OK, first off this was my 11th show and maybe one of the smallest i have been too. But it ended up definetly being one of the best. Right off the bat they came out with tons of energy and excitement to play as soon as they got into dont drink the water you could tell it was going to be a grea show. Then one sweet world good. Seek up was awesome and surprising i didnt exect this, and it was long. Grey street and captain were good. Too much was cool, dave was dancing around like crazy. Then they pulled out lie in our graves, and i have never seen Boyd jam like he did in this one. He was all aorund the stage going nuts. During grace is gone tefan played a slide guitar which was cool. Drive in drive out was awesome and halloween was great. then watchtower, very powerful. Overall great show, highlites, seek up, lie in our graves and watchtower.
OH MY GOD....there are almost no words to describe this show. I think that it's going to definately go down as one of the greatest shows that a lot of people have ever seen, and Rochester was a great venue,with a great crowd last night. Started out with Dave proclaiming that he was in a Winter Wonderland...very funny! He was also great tonight...danced to almost every song...and there were a lot of jams. But let me break it down so maybe I can explain the greatness of the show tonight...first of all Don't Drink the Water to start was a solid opener. It's a kick ass song and it got everybody pumped as hell! Following that was the best version of One Sweet World including some skat in the middle, which was jammed out like most of the other songs the band played tonight. Then...which I can say gave me goosebumps and almost brought me to tears...was Seek Up. Everyone got real quiet and sang along to the first lines, and then the band really got into it. GREAT moment of the show. Then it got even better..I have heard Grey Street before but for some reason it was just crazy at the show last night. The whole band really got into it and so did the crowd. At that point in the show I was seriously ready to go home it was so good. Then Captain came, which isn't my favorite but it was a great version. This next part of the show was so awesome that I was actually exhausted afterwards. They came out with Too Much, jammed it a little...awesome, and then LIOG! My FAVORITE SONG...amazing! Boyd really jammed out during this, and the lighters going during the interlude were nice. What Would You Say came after this and STILL got peopple going nuts! Including me. Best part of the show next to the beginning. The lowest point in the show came next with Loving Wings and Sleep to Dream Her, but they fit perfectly because EVERYONE needed to rest after the previous songs, and plus Carter had a sick solo at the end of Loving Wings. Sleep to Dream her went right into Grace is Gone...beautiful song. Then, Dave says to the crowd, "This is your Christmas Song," and played Drive in Drive out...WOW is all I have to say. It was out of this world, followed by a Halloween tease, and Where are You Going, which was standard. Next, came a song that I don't think can be topped by ANY other performance I will ever see again, this was All Along the Watchtower. It was INSANE...the best thing I have ever heard in concert. The band was ON with this tonight... in fact, they were on with everything else. Including the encore of Gravedigger and Everyday. The Hani Hani's were great, and it was a great ending to an AMAZING show!
Blake C.
Okay, obviously everybody's main complaint will be that there was no Christmas Song... but personally, i would rather the band not play it if they didn't want to than playing it if they didn't want to. But anyway this was a great show. I've only been to four, and this is by far one of the most interesting setlists i've heard. Not at all like the last couple concerts. Highlights: One Sweet World and Seek Up- Two RTT songs in a row?!? How often is the amount of RTT songs in a show nowadays equal to or greater than the amount of songs from Everyday? Lie In Our Graves- This song is ALWAYS amazing live. Loving Wings W/O WAYG- A Surprise is always welcome. But I have to say, I can't believe how people can take a new song and use it as a bathroom break/chance to sit down/chance to get high (again)... you know, earlier this year WAYG was a new song, now everybody shouts every word to that song. Whatever. Drive In Drive Out- One of the most fun songs you can hear live, and I finally did! Halloween tease- The wierdest things i've ever heard. But again, it's nice to see old songs coming back. Encore- People will disagree with me, but I think Everyday is a fine way to end a show. And gravedigger, however unseasonal, was still interesting, and still a great song. So, in conclusion, this was a great show, Christmas Song or not.
I've been to five shows so far, and this was not one of the better ones. It started out good with a great version of Don't Drink the Water. Then we were treated to a good version of One Sweeet World and Seek Up. Somewhere in the middle, it just seemed like the show lost its steam. Grey Street was great, as was Lie in Our Graves and Too Much. I'm not too fond of "teases" when they involve playing part of a song I really enjoy (Halloween) and then going into a song that I consider to be craptacular (Where are You Going). Sleep to Dream Her tends to bore the poo out of me, so I wasn't too pleased to hear it. Bartender, Two Step, Crush, #41 were not played...all of which would have been nice. At times it seemed like the keyboard solos dragged on needlessly. Gravedigger was nice though; I'm glad they played it instead of Christmas song...since I strongly dislike Christmas Song and fail to see why everyone worships it. Carter was really impressive throughout the whole show, as was Boyd. This helped make up for what I consider a lackluster setlist. It wasn't even so much that the setlist was bad now that I think about it. I was just expecting to hear a lot of great songs that ended up not being played. One final complaint: The people sitting next to us were idiots. The girl sat down during Grey Street and talked on her cell phone loudly during the song. She kept yelling "what? what? I can't hear you." Wow; not being able to hear at a concert...imagine that. Who would have thought that it might be difficult to yap on your cell phone during a concert. I hope that her cell phone spews radiation that either gives her a tumor or leaves her sterile so that she can't breed. She also insisted on talking loudly with her boyfriend and some drunk guy during Gravedigger, thus making it difficult to hear the song, thus making me want to beat the three of them to death with a blunt object.
Mike A.
This show had a very great set. Personally, I've been waiting to hear "Seek Up" for quite some time now. This was the second show that I attended in which "Everyday" was played (the other one being in Darien Lake 07/20/02), and this time the crowd started cheering "Honey Honey.." before Boyd's solo even started. At the end of it, dave actually sang the opening lyrics of #36, and I had never heard him do that before. The crowd and the atmosphere was great, with the only exceptions being the group of people in front of me with vip passes, and didn't even know what band they were seeing. Dave played the best version of "Gravedigger" that i've seen live.
My 2cd show - AWESOME!!! I absolutely loved it!! DDTW was a great opener, it really got the crowd going. Seek Up was a real long jam which i loved. Dave busted out with LIOG comming from nowhere, it was crazy. Really good song. Boyd tore the stage up during that song. STDH was the song where everyone got up and went to the bathroom lol. Captain was real short. Everything else was pretty amazing. I was hoping to hear watchtower all night, but i thought we wouldn't get it!! i was so happy went stefan starting the intro for it. That song just absolutely made my night, they jammed through the entire thing and it was crazy!!!! i dont know where you people were sitting that say your section was sitting down the whole time, but 106 was so into it!!! and i was really expecting christmas song and not gravedigger, but it was still good to hear. I'm not an everyday fan so only hearing 2 songs from that album was nice. Closing with everyday - ok at least we got the 36. but this show was awesome and i cannot wait till the next one, DMB Please come back to Rochester!!!
Definitely a great show this night, but not the best setlist. The show started off wonderfully with a rockin' version of DDTW that really got the crowd going and set the mood. OSW was awesome as always. Seek I really have to say anything?!? Butch even kicked up a notch. Grey St. was tight per usual. Mellowed out the crowd with Captain, one of my recent favorites and got things going again with Too Much. I'd have to say that I enjoy the SMTS->ASTB->TM better. of my concert favorites. Boyd was amazing...right up there with his solo from 4-13-02. Must've been at least 4.5-5 minutes. WWYS-always good to hear old school Dave. Then we are put to sleep for a bit. I like LW, but did we have to slow things down that quick? Everyday would have fit better here. STDH...I hate this song. I'm sorry, but I called that Grace was next and I was right. I think Dave always plays it after STDH so that everyone can easily forget that he actually added the previous to the setlist. STDH is just so inferior. But Grace was amazing, enjoyed the jam. DIDO, Dave belted out this one and decided to tease us with Halloween. I thought for sure we'd hear it after WAYG, which was just a typical performance. They've played at every show I went to this spring-summer, could've done w/out it. I thought I heard Stefan play a few notes from Halloween and I got excited, but I may be wrong about that. Watchtower was awesome, but Halloween would have had ripping their chairs out of the ground. Encore: biggest disappointment of the night. Gravedigger was good, but I would have preferred Christmas Song. And as I said before, Everyday would have been much better off earlier in the set, but I knew when the crew left Boyd's Wah on stage we'd be singing "honey, honey" soon. I would rather have heard two step or mayber warehouse. Overall, another splendid evening with DMB 8/10 and it was nice to see Dave leave the electric on the bus!
A C.
That was a great show!! I could tell Dave was sick during DDTW and OSW, then he mentioned something about a lozenge, which just meant that everyone else was going to get in some wiked solos, and boy did they!! LIOG, Seek Up, Watchtower, even Loving Wings too. It sounded like they were trying some new things out in LW, Captain, DIDO, it was a good time! I just wish I got to hear something new, I mean this is the 9th til I have seen them and nothign new, I would have killed for Dancing Nancies, but boyd shown tonite, so that's ok, the Halloween tease was cool too. All in All, a great time, Thanks!
Jason S.
All i can say is wow. Dave and the boys were on tonight. The set was unbelivable and the band was full of energy. DDTW was a great opener, it set the tone for the rest of the show, OSW always nice to hear. Seek up was nice and long. Greystreet basic, but good. Captian, alot of people dont like this one, but i love it. Too Much, i could feel the energy on the stage. LIOG Boyd was simply unreal. WWYS nice old classic. Loving wings got the lighters out. I could have done without STDH but it was still good to hear. Drive in drive on was a sweet suprise. It sounded great gotta love the ending of that song. HALLOWEEN!!!!! my favorite but he only teased it, i need the whole thing. Where are you going, its good but getting boring. Watchtower with a halloween intro was breath taking. the crowd went crazy durring this song. Encore... i dont understand why people were mad that dave played gravedigger instead of xmas song. i love gravedigger, its going to be a great song once the rest of the band joins in. Everyday was a good close, wanted two step, but i love sing (hunni hunni). All and all an amazing show with a very mixed set. 9.5 out of 10.
Tara K.
wow the band was amazing! LIOG was awsome boyd rocked it out. dave made me laugh making us wait, while he sipped his tea and talked to carter before he returned to the mic to finish the song. halloween was a treat. i was glad to see them jamming out more than i have seen recently. everyday and 36 was cool at the end i dont think dave was exspecting us to start singing but he did well with it.the only thing i would complain about would be the crowd. the teeny boppers have got to go
Well what can i say, this show couldn't be any better, albany was good but this show had special meaning. To start off... Boyd stayed at the hotel i work at in downtown rochester, and to make a long story short, he invited me up to his room to smoke up with him after helping him out all day in rochester... tha's right children, I SMOKED WEED WITH BOYD F'ING TINSELY AND TWO DJ'S FROM TORONTO FOR AN HOUR! Anywho, boyd upgraded our tickets from 208 to section 43, and gave us backstage passes even though he was the only one to show up. What can i say the band to seem extremely tight and the energy from liog was absolutely phenominal, GS how can you ever get sick of that song, what a sick seek up jam, unfriggen believable, DIDO not expected at all, tried to get a chant for 36 going instead of everyday, similar to the chant at 2nd night spac 2002, of course ya'll suck and can't help out! Boyd said they were going to play two step at pepsi and dancing nancies at msg. So if they play nancies, you know i'm not full of shit!
Seth P.
This show was good but not great. The crowd was ok, not as good as 4/13/02. Dave, what the hell, Halloween tease and Gravedigger? This is Dec. not Oct!!! Play Christmas Song!!! Though the biggest complaint was Everyday. It's better if they close a show with Ants Marching, Stay, or Tripping Billies. Blake Cooper is my friend but i disagree with him.
Name R.
I have no idea what everybodys complaining about. Isnt a encore better than no encore, And whos making bets on it? lol jeez

Its dave alone nice spot light on him and hes in a bad mood so he sings a sad song. Who care what time of the year it is? hella show man, hella show. Oh yea My girl and me got dave to nod at us, we waving to him every time he looked, we looked dumb but after 20 tries he looked at us nodded and gave us an expression like "stop trying I'm not waving"
Pat S.
A very good show I thought, one of my top favorites out of the 6 that I have now seen. The venue was great, and my seats were awesome (thanks warehouse). It's been a few days, and I've also had the chance to listen to the show on CD, so this isn't the same as I felt on Monday night, but it's close. That being said, here are some of the highlights: DDTW was a great and surprising opener; OSW was very good musically; Seek Up was just awesome, very well put together and tight and nice and long (about 19 mins), too, great jams/solos on it all around; Grey Street, my favorite all-time song - I was hoping when he got the 12-string guitar for this, and as soon as Carter started in on 3 I jumped up and just went nuts for the whole song - it was the 5th time I've heard it, but had to be the best musically so far - it sounds completely finished; Captain was just nice to hear because I haven't heard it before; Too Much was nice and loud; LIOG was awesome, nice jam between Carter and Boyd, and then Boyd and Butch teamed up for a great little duet, my 2nd favorite DMB song; WWYS was just a great little number you can always get into; Loving Wings - first time I've heard it, I like it, and am glad they've added to the jam at the end - very nice lyrics; STDH - eh you know; GIG - nice slide guitar intro by Stefan then a great jam on the end; DIDO - surprised to hear this, it'd been a while, great version, tons of energy; Halloween tease - nice, but would've liked the whole song :-P; WAYG - standard, but hey it's a pretty nice song; Watchtower - oh my god, I've heard this song 4 times now but damn this was by far the best version - so much energy - in Stefan's intro he played a small Halloween tease, the entire song itself though was just magnificant, crowd was intense, great solos by Boyd, Butch, and Leroi - best part of the night; GD - great song, was hoping for XMas Song, but it was a great version; Everyday/#36 - a little disappointed in its choice as a closer, just because I was hoping for something loud and fiery but it was still a great version and the crowd definitely sang a whole lot in it. All in all it was a great show - highlights had to be Carter all night, and just that it seemed that the band was having a ton of fun out there, I could see them all smiling, glad I was there - had a great time, it was like an early Xmas present from the band. Can't wait to hear em in 2003!!
Mike E.
alrighty then...this was a great show. this was #14 and i walked from my house...finally no drivingm its kind of nice....i met boyd getting off his bus on sunday @ the Hyatt hotel. nice highlight to the tales of dmb. i got to hear seek up....that was the highlight for me. LIOG, Grey ST., drive in, what else can i say...nice set list...and watchtower kicked everyones ass in the arena. what a version. already have it on cd. this show rocked thats all i can say. hope to see you all out for 2003 tour...this was the 5th and final show this year.
I'll add my two cents. First off let me say I've been a DMB fan since '94, and that my first concert should have been DMB back in '96, the last time he played Rochester, but due to the fact that my parents wouldn't let me, the freshman in high school, go, meant I had to wait till 5-11-99 to see them. Thus, last nights show had some rediculous meaning for me....I mean, come on, I was 15 min from my house and seeing my favorite band in the smallest venue since 99....The setlist was tremendous. Compared to the summer it was quite short in # of songs, but I'll take longer jams and fewer songs any day of the week. DDTW - Incredible, always been a fav, good version, one of the better I've heard, nothing to special except that its energy set the tone of the concert. OSW - Standard, always loved this song, always will, nothing really spectacular or new other than Roi's solos and intro always blow me away, glad to see they've returned to the ending where Carter plays some incredible back beats to Boyd's violin Seek Up - HOLY SHIT, I Haven't heard this since 5-11-99 (my first concert) so I was going nuts!!! The engergy was amazing and the solos incredible, A HUGE AND UNEXPECTED HIGHLIGHT Grey Street - By far the best sounding I've heard yet. The instruments were so well blended and all the lyrics completely understandable....just so well done Captain - People really get down on the new version of this song, but it only sounds that way cause its got the entire band playing on it....sure it was great as a Dave Solo (i.e. Crazy) but I really like the new version, its sweet and soft and sexy and very mellon colly, and was very well done last night, also a highlight cause it was the first time I'd ever heard it live! Too Much - I have yet to get an ASTB since 2000, and I really miss it, but despite that, a GREAT VERSION, Best I've heard yet cause of all the Fuck Em' Up's thrown in, so passionate LIOG - BEST BOYD SOLO EVER, nough said....seriously, not the overall best version, but best BOYD SOLO EVER....he went so nuts that Roi decided not to solo....he had picked up his Tenor, was about to Jam, started to play, and Boyd just kept rocking Roi put down his instrument and chilled on the side of the stage....compared to this summer, Roi got SO LITTLE solo time last night, hopefully this is not a new trend that will continue, but regardless, Boyd had so much energy, he was a dancing fool, especially in front of Carter's drums, and then ODE TO JOY quoting between him and Butch was euphoric WWYS - Nothing will ever beat Night 1 of MSG this year (5-28-02) with the amazing funk beat during Roi's solo and the rare Dave solo....but this was still quite good, and kept the flow of energy going, the crowd seemed really into it, although I've always thought the best crowd I've ever had was either Night 2 MSG or 5-11-99, but I was really glad to see the number of people rocking out LOVING WINGS - I said it at SPAC Night 2 and I'll say it again, I feel gyped when this counts as a full song, cause it really is a work in progress. I know I'm going to love it to death when its finished, but the parts just aren't there, and while it was interesting to see them tinker and mess around with a song's ideas and core concepts, I dunno, it really felt like they stepped heavily on the breaks in terms of energy and flow....side note, to me at least, I crave Carter coming in with more of a steady beat for most of the song, and please give Roi and Boyd more to do. STDH - Personally this was an amazing moment for me, but I'd rather not write about it here.....if you care to find out, check out my journal at GIG - I agree that this version was incredible, amazing, never heard it jammed out this much, best version I've heard by far DIDO - I literally have heard this song more times than I think I should be allowed to and it always gets more amazing!, but one thing Dave....IN NO WAY IS THIS A CHRISTMAS SONG Halloween Tease # 1 - Dave you suck, you suck big time...and I know that when I go tonight to Albany you will tease again and then you will bust it out at MSG while I'm stuck here at Hamilton for one stupid can make it up to me by playing People, People tonight in Albany, as for the version, so nice, very cool, surprised at the number of people who had no idea what it was.... WAYG - The next Crash....yay Halloween Tease # 2/Intro into Watchtower - HOLY FUCKING SHIT STEFAN WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME fucking cool, and really sweet cause he made key changes throughout the progression....and then he, I'm pretty sure, quoted a song by Blur or Blink 182, though not really sure which song, and then he just went nuts (NOTE: PLEASE DO THIS MORE OFTEN) WATCHTOWER - Nothing will top Night #2 of MSG with Robert Randolph...but, the most interesting version I've ever heard.....seriously rediculous, very hard, very heavy, almost straight hard rock, wow wow wow, the energy was amazing THE ENCORE: GRAVEDIGGER - I like it, I love it, its so captivating....but its not the Christmas Song....which I was dying to hear for my 1st winter tour....and hoping you will play it tonight in Albany #36/EVERYDAY/#36/EVERYDAY/#36 - Seriously, this song is soo cool, and I agree with whoever said it should be in the middle of the set, cause no moment will ever top (surprise surprise) NIGHT #2, MSG, I mean, come on people, we were hugging like everyone around us (security included), but this had a great feel to it, loved the scat and the playing with the crowd, I yelled out MERRY CHRISTMAS DAVE, I wonder if he or anyone else heard me THE NON-DMB MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS: 1. THE LATE 30's EARLY 40's Couples rocking out all around us, hey 11 years ago they were where a lot of the newer fans are now...but great to see they still jam out like nobody's business, especially the couples on the ends of ROW Q in Sect 106, you two couples rock, hard core 2. The Girl two rows behind me crying hysterically after Halloween Tease #1....that was beautiful, a touching moment 3. Seeing what very welll was one of Dave's daughters and Ashley dancing in the backstage hallway during WAYG (the song written for his fam) 4. The spontaneous crowd rendition of Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer as we exited the arena 5. THE FUCKING SIZE OF BLUE CROSS, ANYONE WITH ME THAT THE BAND SHOULD GO BACK TO SMALLER VENUES.... 6. The fact that DMB played 15min from my house, and that because it was my hometown I didn't have to follow the traffic jam of cars (i.e. I knew the other ways of getting out of downtown quickly) 7. THE FACT THAT AS OF 20 MIN AGO MY FRIEND CALLED TO TELL ME HE JUST BOUGHT TIX TO ALBANY TONIGHT, SECT 107, ROW B, HERE WE COME!!! BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick L.
This was my forth show, and man what a GREAT one!! First off to open with Don't Drink The Water, I mean how much more energy can you get. One Sweet World is always and awesome song to hear. Seek Up was an amazing suprise, and the jam was incredible. Grey Street is still an great song even though they play it alot. Captain was awesome, Dave did not hit a single high note in the whole song! Too Much was crazy to hear without So Much To Say in front of it. Lie In Our Grave was quite possibly the best one I have ever heared, with Boyd's huge solo, and Butch playing Beethoven's ninth how can you beat it. Lerio's solo in What Would Say was pretty cool. Loving Wings was amazing even though like half of the crowd sat down (what disrespect.) Sleep To Dream Her, man what a suprise. Fading it into Grace Is Gone with Fonze on the slide guitar WOW. Drive In, Drive Out was great as well, I love watch Carter go crazy in that song. The Halloween tease was sweet, but I wish he would have played the whole song. Then when Fonze play part of it in the beginning of Watchtower I knew something was up (I think they were trying to convince Carter to play it with them.) Where Are You Going is pretty good although I heard alot of people around me complaining. Watchtower was as always an AMAZING one. So much energy and power is put into that song. The encore was alright. Although I would have liked to hear Christmas Song I really like Gravedigger. I like Everyday as a song, but I don't think that it has enough energy to be an ender. But hey what can you do. All in all another amazing show!!!!