Dave Matthews Band
Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Boy Wonder
The Stone *
Don't Drink The Water *
Rhyme & Reason
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Lie In Our Graves *
The Song That Jane Likes
Two Step *
Dreaming Tree * -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Satellite *
Jimi Thing *
Too Much *
Angel From Montgomery *
All Along The Watchtower *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Kathryn T.
This show kicked ass. A needed dose of DMB. Every single song was beautiful. Stone rocked, first time I heard it LIVE! I have to say that Lie in our Graves was so amazing I can't even put it into words. The jam was like the old days with DMB. Where they go on for almost ten minutes. Boyd blew me away! I have been waiting to hear "The song that Jane Likes" for such a long time and they pulled it out, and did it as if they had been playing that one at every show! The rain during tailgating livened things up, and had a lot of us girls walking around in wet t-shirts, no complaints from the opposite sex I might add! Angel was a fabulous way to go out, and Watchtower sinched it as being a totally amazing night of crazy, spectacular music. I walked out of there loving them even more then I ever have!
John G.
The night belonged to boyd!!!! the opener was the stone, and carter never ceases to amaze me. Dont drink the water was followed by an energy filled ryhme and reason, with an amazing light show as it got darker one sweet world(with the won suite wirled intro) was next, and then came my highlight of the night with the best "warehouse" i have seen in all my dmb shows...again the lights were amazing, giving boyds solos that extra push. crash was very subdued but the ending was great with the dixie chicken outro. lie in our graves, although one highlight of the evening(again because of boyd's energy) lasted forever...not that this is bad. next dave said "i have a little sister named jane, and she's here tonight, and this is the song that jane likes," this had a great extended intro with, guess who?, boyd doin what he does best. two step had stephan playing a 12 string guitar with a slide during the intro, which gave this song a well deserved change, the lights were amazing as well on this one. dreaning tree was very "chill" leaving most people sitting down, but in a good settleing kind of way. rapunzel seemed slowed but had enormous energy with the entire band rockin it out...the intro was a very quiet version of pantala naga pampa with just dave and carter sort of jamming on two chords (slow and quiet). satellite was nice to hear, but jimi thang rocked with boyd, as well as the rest of the band rockin it out as usual, roi had a nice solo at the end, but the sound at the venue wasnt great so i had trouble hearing it. too much was a good closer, it left everyone wanting more...the encore was nice...boyd and dave played a nice angle from montgomery, and although that sing has a "country" kind of feel, carter added a much needed groove to give the encore some "plus points" all along the watchtower was really awesome, and it was different in the way that there was no pause, with the guitar just kept jamming out and the words "the wind began to howl" had a nice pause to bring the rest of the song home. over all the show was a jam filled evening with not many songs, but long songs to make up for it... carter had a small solo or two, but made up for the lack of solos by just playin hard all night. as a side note...carter was rockin so hard on jimi thing the camera behind him for the pavillion t.v. was shaking every time they showed him and again boyd rocked the whole night helped by a great light show. butch sat in on most songs rockin the keys, most notably rapunzel. stephan and roi held it down the whole night as well as daves vocals, this was a good show!!!!
Tony D.
The Dave Matthews Band delivered again at Nissan Pavillion in Bristow, VA, this past Sunday night, delighting their fans with two and a half hours of jamming favorites. The group sampled equally from all three wide release albums, punctuating the show with dizzying renditions of "Angel from Montgomery" and concert staple "All Along the Watchtower." Show highlights included some fierce Boyd Tinsley solos and a rare Dave guitar solo, not to mention an electric "Too Much" to close the main set.
Kevin F.
Amazing concert!!!!It was a little slow, but still great. Warehouse was awesome as ever, Don't Drink was way better than the album, and LIOG had a seven minute Boyd solo!!! Two step, Jimi thing, LIOG, and Dreaming Tree were all close to 20 min in length. They closed with Angel and Watchtower (had a slow intro, but rocked)..All in all awesome, hope to see the next N.VA show.
Jessica J.
AMAZING, as usual. This might've been my favorite show yet, but I seem to say that after every one. I was so psyched to hear OSW and STJL (his sister was there so it was very cool to hear dave introduce it like he used to). OSW had the awesome instrumental intro that I've only heard in old shows - LeRoi shined during this, among many other times last night. LIOG absolutely rocked - the keyboardist that played with them (didnt' catch his name) really made a difference here. Two Step ended with an awesome jam, everyone on stage was dancing around. Jimi thing is always great - and this was no exception, with dave changing the words at one point -"If you could keep me floating, just for a while, 'til I get to the end of this tunnel, oh sister..." Angel was beautiful (this was so great to hear live) and of course Watchtower ended the night on a good note. Everyone seemed really happy, and there was a lot of davespeak (but I still couldn't understand a word he said!).
Gus A.
the concert in all was perfect, i wouldnt say i'm disapointed with there setlest but i woulda have ratherd them play things that they usually dont, because that was the only show around here this summer. He was cosistant in songs like one sweat world and two step wich were amazing. I didnt expect him to play dream tree and i woulda rathered him play # 36 or #40 or #41 but its all good. Rapunzel was the best and too much rocked the house. IT woulda been much better if the added ants marching to the encore but the crowd cheered Dave just as much. I didnt get there untill rhym and reason cause of the damn traffic which was rediculouse. So i missed the stone wich woulda made my night but i'll get the bootleg in the mail so its all good. He needs to come to VA more!
Morgan H.
Before the show: 1:30 pm - enter parking lot, security wasn't even there yet I guess...we just pulled in the lot and set up shop.... 3:00pm - security comes by, says we can stay if we want 3:15pm - SOUNDCHECKS!!! Wow, this was amazing to hear... #36, Minarets, Rapunzel and some kinda Improvie style jam that kicked ass 4:00pm - The lot starts to fill up, the second round of rain begins 4:45ish - The band gets back onstage to do anoterh soundcheck I guess..all we caught was rapunzel... 5:00pm - Screw it..lets go wait on line... so we get in line, and the dude beind me's all drunk and freaked out becuase his ticket broke in the I had to listen to that bullshit for a half hour until the gates opend... 7:00 - "boy wonder" comes on, wastes 45 minuets of my life that I will never get back... I can't believe anyone listens to him by choice.... 8:10 - Houselights down, DMB comes onstage.... The Show: The Stone- Cool opener, first time live for me.... too bad we didn;t get the cool Wise Men Say outro thing...About halfway thru I saw that butch was up onstage.. Don't Drink- Pretty standard...this started the game of me and dave calling the songs before the happend... Rhyme-I really never liked this song, but it's just sooooooooooooooo much better live.... One Sweet World- Cool....dave did a nice little scat thing w/ the Swim Naked part... Warehouse (Stop Time's)- So Far it's been a pretty standard show... nice little jam with butch tho.. he adds sooo much to the music... Crash - What can you say? Lie In Our Graves - The first real "jam" song of the night, this one clocked in at just under 15 minuets, boyd took off, but amazingly his hat stayed on, kickass jam with butch at the end... STJL - "I got a little sister, and she's here tonite, this is the song that jane likes.." First time I've gotten thisone too... Almost eveyone sat but the people in the taper section and the people who are just diehard fans, the radio show is officially over... Two Step - 3rd time this year, 3rd different jam. It sounded like Butch was trying to fill the part that Bela would have taken on... no acoustic chord progression thing w/ dave's solo...just a stright out jam... dave and butch just goin at it with boyd pitching in... The Dreaming Tree - WOW! Almost 20 minuets long as I am listening to it... It was really weird, no intro... Le Roi just did his little part in the beginning and then eveyone else stepped in... pretty nice new jam at the end with butch.. then as it faded out, we got a nice little segue into the Pantala intro jam... Intro Jam > Pantala - Pretty Standard, Butch kinda filled the silence between LeRoi's parts.... Rapunzel - Damnit! I missed this one,the batteries in one of my decks died and I was trying to redo the whole daisy chain thing...defaintley missed it..sorry =) Satellite - Me and Dave started thinkin that they were going to close with it..... the time was right for their standard 2:10 set w/ 10 min encore... Satelltie was pretyt standard...just like Crash... Jimi Thing - Damn! They're gonna close with jimi thing?!? That's what we almost took bets on.... The timing was right...but nope, didn't happen... Too Much - Right before too much, dave took off his guitar and so did stefan.. Stefan walked over to dave and they started talkin, the crowd is going crazy.. Dave get's a new guitar with all the string on it, and they kick off a pretty standard version of Too Much Next, we get 8 minuets of nothing but pure, loud, exciting crowd noise! Whoooooo HOooooooooooo Angel - The band come's out, and we're all trying to call the encore, figguring that it's probly be like stay or soemting like that.... but we get an awesome version of the reworked Angel.... amazing, almost as good as Granny and Long Black Veil with the bakup singers.... Watchtower - The people about 5 rows in front of us FINALLY shut the hell up, pretty cool watchtower jam.. no pluckin by boyd at all.... 11:07 - The band leaves the stage... this has to be one of the longset DMB show's that I know of besided the gigs at the frat houses.... Only thing I can think of that come's close is 8/4/98 w/ Stir It Up....
Christopher L.
I thoght the show was decent. I have never heard Stone live and it was a different song to get the show going. The Lie in our Graves instrumental was awesome with a nice violen solo from Boyd. I could have done without Satelite and Crash because I am sick of hearing those songs live. The encore of Angels From Montgomery was a real surprise because i ahve never heard that live either except from a bootleg copy of a Montreal show years ago. Thats pretty much it. The sound quality at the Pavilion was not great. You could here the music, but Dave's mic seemed low and it was hard trying to make out the words. Hope ill get a better show in New Jersey.
Anthony D.
So I get to Nissan at about 3:45, and see the rows of kids havin' a good time.. Of course I couldn't join them, I'm a square. I went to subway instead. At 6:00 I was in my seat for the night. Dave came out to speak to a 5% full pavillion. I was shocked. Jesus Christ, I was in the sixth row. I've never seen the man unless it's on a megascreen... or across a football field. Boy Wonder had lots of Energy. Good show.. yeah.. they put on a good warm up. As soon as they got off, two college kids sat down next to me. They were bitchin'. They were as psyched as I was... 6th row... Jesus Christ. Dave comes on about 8:20 and plays four mediocre songs.. I wasn't crazy about any of them. The guy next to me was though... so that made it cool... being at any event with a fanatic is always better (unless you're a stuck up republican). Then Dave played Warehouse. I can't articulate my feelings beyond this: Orgasm. Warehouse and Two Step are the two best songs in concert. Sorry all you Satellite and Crash assholes.. give your tickets to someone else, and oogle Dave in the privacy of your own powder-puff room. Warehouse and Two Step are incredible because they are never the same. That's what keeps a band alive. Most of the idiots at a Dave Matthews Band concert don't know why the hell it's so good the second time... and the third time... It's because Dave Matthews Band is a real live Jam Band. They're like Phish, the Grateful Dead, Bela Fleck, and plenty of other TALENTED musicians. That's right folks, you've picked a good man to idolize.. but don't just follow some snotfaced DJ's picks... Satellite has very little room to morph. Warehouse was insane. Nuts. That's when I really got into it. Don'tcha know he played Crash after that.. whatever, I didn't care. I heard the first note and threw the beachball I snuck in straight up. A few vollies... and it was on stage!!! Anyone see the dick who let the beachball go at the beginning of crash? It was me! That was my beachball on the stage. I went crazy, and so did the guys next to me. I made them take a picture with the camera they snuck in... maybe I'll get it for the tour archive... if they'll let me put it up. ...E-MAIL ME if you saw my beachball!!! Of course the security guards in the front few rows saw the camera right away... luckily... one of the two college guys KNEW the security guard... so the guy agreed not to destroy the film... just to hold the camera until the show was over. I e-mailed the guy and he should send the picture by 8.4.99... he says. Then Crash ends, and Dave KICKS the beachball. Hahaha... he kicked MY beachball. I see this as: I influenced the actions of Dave Matthews for about fifteen seconds. I'm better than you. He hit some idiot girl in the third row in the face.. and said something about it.. to the extent of an apology.. but no one can hear what the hell he says during full band concerts... his humor is purely visual. Before they play two step, I swear to god I yelled it out at the top of my lungs. I know it's not a great chance I influenced the decision of what to play... but hey, I can dream can't I. They played two step right after I yelled it out... and god damn it was incredible. Anything is from the sixth row. :p I actually shouldn't say that... I think that the two step w/ bela fleck I saw 5/22/99 was better... I love that goddamn banjo. (even if it's a football field away) So after that the buck lighter I bought broke after about five minutes of windy usage... and they finished on Angel from Montgomery and Watchtower... nothing special... I think... But I was still going crazy. Again.. You all have picked a good man to idolize.
Bethanie J.
This show was amazing. The 6/5/99 Va. Beach Ampitheater was my first DMB show (and I think it would have been a really disappointing concert had it not been my first) was good, but lacked the energy and sheer emotional power of Sunday's show. My personal favorite song is Warehouse, so I was thrilled when that was played... and played so well. The band just seems really into their music and to really enjoy performing. Angel of Montgomery was amazing, too. I had never heard even a recording of that or Watchtower. As a crowd song, I really would have liked to have heard Ants Marching, but I can't say that I left feeling disappointed. Some bands lose their pizazz out of the safety of the studio. DMB is obviously not one of them.