Dave Matthews Band
Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Boy Wonder
Unknown Song
Get In Line

onstage 8:17 pm
The Stone
Christmas Song Tease -->
Don't Drink The Water
Jimi Thing
Say Goodbye
Rhyme & Reason
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Lie In Our Graves
Help Myself
The Song That Jane Likes
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
offstage 10:27 pm
onstage 10:33 pm
Tripping Billies
offstage 10:41 pm

Mark H.
I just got back and the show was very good. The setlist was a little different in that they played a lot of their slower songs like the stone, satellite, crash (the crowd went nuts), say goodbye, and crush. Plus, both don't drink the water and rhyme & reason lacked the punch that it normally has. the band seemed to pick up the fire late in the show. Lie in our graves was very cool as well as rapunzel, so much to say, and too much. Jimi thing had a different outro to it, but sounded good. Carter had his usual drum solo which very well could have led into #36. I could have sworn they were, but we got say goodbye instead. Having only one song as an encore put a little damper on the evening, but seeing boyd go nuts on some great solos, dave dancing like crazy, and carter just being carter made the night on to remember. Hearing the stone and say goodbye for the first time, plus great tunes as STJL and help myself made it well worth the trip up from philly. The crowd was very into the show and didn't get out of control. Except for this dumb idiot who jumped on stage and then got the piss knocked out of him by about 4 security guards. Dave was laughing the whole time. This was my fourth and final show of the tour, and i cant wait till they come around again come next year sometime to promote their new studio album.
Colin H.
I cannot believe he opened with Stone, everyone seemed surprised, but i love that song so I liked it. DDTW is always played on this tour and everyone got into it. Satellite was okay, coulda went without it. Jimi Thing was simply amazing, I clocked it as just over a 22 minute version, with every band member having an amazing jam in it. Say Goodbye was a version from the older days where Dave changed every single word and everyone was insanely crazy throughout the song. Rhyme and Reason was very good, got everyone up. Crash was great, the dixie chicken version is great. Lie in Our Graves was great. Boyd went nuts, and after the instrumental in the middle, Dave walked up to the microphone then walked away put his hands up in the air then walked back and finished the song. Help Myself and Song that Jane Likes were great, coming out of nowhere. Crush was good. Rapunzel got everyone going. Dave messed up the first verse in So Much to Say and just laughed and everyone cheered, then got everyone going nuts in Too Much. They came out for Trippin' Billies and Boyd ripped it up. Dissapointing they didn't play Watchtower for the first time ever here in Hershey, but i loved the show. Dave was very into it.
Josh V.
An overall decent show. Not as good as the past two Dave seemed to get into it towards the end. The Stone was a good opener as it was at Nissan Pavilion. And I hadn't heard Tripping Billies in a while. Some highlights included Song that Jane Likes and Help Myself. Boyd's solo on Lie In Our Graves was decent. Some interesting incindent's were when a drunk teen rushed the stage and was tackled by about 5 security guys before he reached Dave. Dave just kept on singing like nothing was going on. Dave was treated like he was the president or something. He also gave someone the middle finger, they apperently pissed him off. Can't wait for the PBS Special.
Mike N.
Boy Wonder who? OK, so the opening band needed a little bit of work. In their defense, how can anyone precede Our Favorite Band without looking, lets just say, a bit shabby. Once Dave and company got out there, the crowd became lost in the music. While I have seen much better setlists, I doubt that anyone left the packed arena in dismay. The jams could not have been any better. An amazing version of Jimi Thing was the highlight for me. I have to go with the classics and say that LIOG also had me entranced. Starting with newer songs, the setlist quickly jumped into some of the old favorites. Help Myself was a cool surprise. The encore, Billies, was decent, but not spectacular. There was a very small amount of DaveSpeak, unless "Tank ya very much," said in that signature Dave-Voice, is considered "DaveSpeak." I guess we get spoiled by the acoustic shows. I might have liked to have seen Two Step and Recently to top the night off, but I guess not seeing all the songs you want is a good incentive to keep going to these festive functions. Overall it was a good show with a great atmosphere. As the hippies say, "It's karma." Damn right.
Mike D.
WEIRD show, actually, the show kind of sucked. This was my 21st show and I have to say that it was very weak. I was waiting the whole night for a song to kind of bring the mood up, but it never came. The only thing that was remotely cool was that Help Myself and Jane were played and that was my first time hearing that, but other than that, there was nothing. No Angel from Montgomery, no Watchtower, no Ants Marching, nothing to pick the crowd up except Lie In Our Graves. A couple cool things that happened 1) Some guy ran on stage and got tackled by about six huge security guards 2) It was fun to watch people get beat up by the security guards who were pulling people out of the crowd who were crowd surfing. Oh yeah and for the girls who were sitting in front of me and didn't move from there seats for 2 and a half hours in Sec 6, Row G, seats 22-26, I hear there in an N'Sync and Backstreet Boys concert coming up soon.
Daniel J.
All I have to say is scalpers are no good. Had to jump the damn fence. But after all was said and done, it was worth the effort. Excellent show. Jimi: Holy crap I think this made my year. This was one of the best Jimi's I think I have ever heard. Boyd went crazy, Leroi went crazy, Carter went crazy, Dave had a 7 min solo. What else is there to say. Say Goodbye: Carter went off for about 10 min for the intro and then it all came together to be one damn good song. This one was for Amber. Lie In Our Graves: This one made the concert. I was dancin my arse off. One of the best Boyd solos I have heard. Good 20 min song. Dave was dancin too, that made me happy (as well as everyone else) Crush: This was Stefan's song, he owned it. Tripping Billies: If I heard another person yell for Watchtower I was going to kill someone. But oh well. I thought this was an excellent choice for the encore. Awesome intro, awesome solo's from all the boys. Nuff said. My only low point, no 40 or 41!
Bill C.
My last DMB show for probably a year or longer, and it was a good way to go out. The crowd, though a little rowdy at times, was fun AND pretty knowledgeable. For me the show didn't really start until the Jimi jam. I finally heard Say Goodbye this summer, and the show took off from there. A lot of people complain about Crash, and it's definitely played a lot, but I actually think it's kind of cool to see the lighters and hear everyone singing along. And it's still a sweet sweet song. Best LIOG I've heard. Boyd jammed the entire song, and though it sometimes seems to drag a little toward the end (IMHO), that didn't happen last night. Crowd sang along to this too, as with Crush. I love Crush, but the audience seemed to get out of sync with Dave here, and that was a little annoying. Great jam at the end, though. And speaking of great jams, STJL's opener is one of my favorites. Just as good as at Nissan. Dave danced during ALL of Rapunzel. That was probably the highlight of the show for me. Crowd was nuts, Boyd was nuts, Dave was dancing--great moment. SMTS-->Too Much isn't my favorite closer, but Anyone Seen the Bridge gets better every time I hear it. I love Leroi's part. My only disappointment of the show came because I had noticed that Tuesday's encore was #40, Watchtower, and Ants. We got only one song, but Billies was awesome. I figure they were just worn out from the rest of the show and could only do one more song. :-) All in all, great show. Counting PNP, we got 16 songs in about 2:25 or so. Nothing wrong with that...
Joe F.
Hey everyone, the show started off real well with my 11 row center stage seats. Plus, going to Hershey Park for the day was fun. The Stone is a great opener, got me really into it. Surprisingly a very good version ofDDTW. The guy behind kept screaming for Dave to "rip it up and play satelite", He passed out an hour later. So satelite was next. The show turned for the better once the Dixie Chicken came during Crash. From that point, LIOG and R&R were awesome. TSTJL was another great tune along with Help MYself. I was a litle disappointed that people sat down during the intro to PNP and Help Myself. The show ended with a great SMTS->ASTB->TM. Billies was a very good version, that song just keeps getting better and better every time i hear it live. I was again disappointed that they did not play another encore especially after last nites 3 song encore. Funny moments: girl flashes dave and he smiled. dave playing beach ball with the morons who insisted on continuing to throw beach balls on the stage; low points: the idiot who ran on stage during the beginning of LIOG and people sitting down during the stuff theyd didnt know davespeak: after someone threw a ball and only missed him by about a foot,. he replied "If you hit me, im gonna come down there and kick your ass" surprisingly: not that many drunk people near i was and i only two of daves biggest radio fans who insisted on doing the most rediculous dances and pretty making themselves look stupid.
Eric W.
The show sucked. Only highlights were Stone, Help Myself, and Song that Jane Likes. No #40, Angel, Pig, Dreaming Tree. He didn't seem too pleased with the crowd. One song encore with Tripping! We were disappointed.
Sarah G.
It wasn't the best DMB show I've been to, but it was still pretty good. They were really mellow until LIOG. Maybe if the sound was better, I'd have a different opinion. Whenever Dave spoke, I couldn't hear anything above a mumble. I walked around, trying to find the best place to hear, and the sound came in pockets. Some highlights: The Stone, which gets better every time I hear it. What a great opener! SG: Carter did a 5 min. gradual drum solo, then Roi chimed in with the flute and the place went nuts. It was a fine version, but I wish they jammed it out more. R&R was a nice treat, as was Jane. HELP MYSELF! Woo-hoo! As usual, Boyd owned LIOG and Billies, which is fine by me. Actually, they were the only times he really took charge; it was more of a Roi show tonight, which was a pleasant surprise. You know, I don't even care that they played "radio songs". I mean, I loved the songs before they were singles, so why should I stop liking them when other people do? I don't listen to the radio, so if I hear the songs too much, it's my own fault. I'd rather hear Crash or DDTW than 10 min. of silence. My biggest gripe, other than the sound problem: short encore! I wanted #40! But I had fun, and I hope they did, too.
Chad F.
Upon looking back at this show, one word comes to mind: Mellow. This isn't a bad thing, though. The volume was very low, and the crowd where I sat (Section 29) just didn't seem to be too into it for the most part. On the whole though, a decent show. Jimi Thing was cool (a personal fav), Help Myself was a bit of a surprise, and JANE was great and very well received. The encore was a bit of a disappointment, especially after seeing some of the closers from the past couple nights. On the whole, an okay show. Nothing amazing, but not bad by any account. See ya on September 11...
Lenny C.
Ok, I have posted a review for all of the nine concerts I've been too and I know enough that I try not to blab on and on. THE STONE was a nice opener and I've never heard it before in concert. DDTW was a nice song, but it was played slow and although it was great, something was lost in the slower playing. SATELLITE wasn't bad. JIMI THING, I havn't heard this song in concert in a while and it was nice to hear it. SAY GOODBYE is about a man cheating on his girlfriend and a woman cheating on her boyfriend to be w/ eachother for one evening and the next day they forget about it. Well, the couple next to me think it has a completely different meaning b/c through the whole thing all they did was make out. They made out all through RHYME & REASON too. Then CRASH INTO ME was played and all the little girls went ape-shit. Dixie Chicken was cool though and I still like the song itself. LIE IN OUR GRAVES is a great song and I enjoy it live. HELP MYSELF was a nice suprise and this was the second song of the set that I've never heard live before. CRUSH was another radio song and w/o Tim Renyolds I don't think it's the same. THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES was another great treat. RAPUNZEL was played really slow, but it kicked ass. SO MUCH TO SAY --> TOO MUCH was sweet. Anyone Seen the Bridge was played out for a long time. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but for the encore I wanted the whole band to come out and play. However, the crowd only wanted Dave to come out b/c thats what they were screaming for 10 minutes. TRIPPING BILLIES wasn't bad, but I was hoping for more then a 1 song encore. Oh well, I can't complain. There are only good and better DMB shows to me. Never bad. Oh, by the way, Dave played the acoustic all night long and never once even strummed the Chet Atkins. (For those who care.)
Mark R.
Tonight's show was #30 for me and I'd have to rank it somewhere in the middle of the shows I've seen. I went to the show with a four song wish list and got two which wasn't bad (got Help Myself, Rhyme& Granny or Last Stop). The crowd was really into Dave all night which could have led to a more up tempo setlist but instead they kept it pretty mellow until near the end. The Stone was a great opener and DDTW really got the crowd into things. After a typical Satellite which kept the radio fans near us happy, a jammed out Jimi Thing was amazing!!!! It was also nice to hear Say Goodbye (haven't heard it in a while)...and then Rhyme and Reason..which I had hoped we'd hear. I was disappointed after that...I thought they'd really start to jam, instead....Crash Into Me....(20,000 twelve year olds...singing "I'm the king of the're a dirty rascal).....not exactly what I was hoping for...Then LIOG (the most interesting part was seeing some idiot jump onstage and get pounded by security) followed by Help Myself which totally jammed. As for the rest of the show, after Crush and Jane, Dave and Boyd really got going with PNP--Rapunzel, So Much To Say, and Too Much. This kept the radio crowd near us happy since I one of the only ones singing Help Myself and must have heard "What album is this on?" a thousand times. As for the encore, I was hoping for #41 or Long Black Veil before the closing song. Instead, we just got Tripping Billies..not a bad closer but it's always nice to here the guys mellow out one last time before a closing jam. Overall, a descent show but not one that I would consider a classic Dave performance. See you all in New Jersey on September 11th!!!
Dave M.
Hershey was a great show and the crowd was definitely into it. The atmosphere of the show was the best I've ever been to. Dave walks out on stage and picks up a regular full body acoustic and jams on the Stone riff...what an opener. Dave went absolutely wild on DDTW. Satellite was beautiful as usual. Jimi Thing was especially jammed well on...I'm not sure exactly what it was...but the whole band was into it. Say word for ya...CARTER. That man can jam. Rhyme and Reason was angry as usual. Crash was a crowd pleaser...and surprisingly everyone sang Dixie Chicken with him...beautiful. LIOG was incredible...with a nice nice jam at the end. Help Myself was an eye opener to see how the band played it...but the crowd was lost...still nice. Crush was typical...nothing too special. STJL was a return from last year. Ya gotta love that song. Pantala and Rapunzel with the opening jam is always a sweet pleasure. Then to close the show was SMTS>ASTB>2Much which was with added enthusiam from the band and the crowd...awesome. The encore sorta lost the crowd in the beginning with Billies...but the jam was absolutely powerful which caught the crowds attention conveniently. All in all a unique show with a great atmosphere...awesome.
Chris L.
The setlist looks great...right...well the hole concert was slow, excpet for the last 4 songs but even Rapunzel seemed to be slower than unsual. At hershey they changed the seating from last year from all lawn to lawn behind couldnt hear a thing at all so i stood directly next to a speaker but still it wasnt as loud as i have my speakers at home. For me there were a few bright spots of the night 1. Lie in our Graves- They stoped the song for about 10 seconds and went back into it 2. Too Much- He sang F*ck it up ..insead of suck it up. There were so many low points i thought at least 1. Crush- First it was sang with more emoition by the crowd than Dave...and to put you in a real loving mood Dave Flared some guy when he sang "Lovely Lady". 2. Encore- Tripping Billes The band jammed to it but i was upset that they only played 1 song..especially when the night before they played #40 Watchtower and Ants.. 3. Dave seemed to be in a pissed off mood...he yelled at the crowd ...yelled at just seemed he didnt want to sing or even be there.. I saw him gazing at the park a few times (Hershy Amusment Park) Maybe he wantes to be there... Ive been to 6 DMB shows and this was the worst..but could have been the best with the set list that was played.
Sarah H.
Pretty awesome show. The Stone was a great opener--really powerful (Boyd rocked this one), everyone was up, but i was surprised to notice that not many people seemed to know it. That was actually the case for most of the songs which was kind of disappointing, and maybe the reason why they played pretty well known, "radio songs," if you will. Jimi Thing, as always, got everyone pretty fired up, and Crash i just love because the crowd gets so into it--lighters and everything. LIOG had a nice long jam. Could've done without Rhyme, So Much, and Too much--something less popular would've been nice. Pantala Naga Panpa into Rapunzel was jammin, but Rapunzel was a little too slow for my taste. Tripping as an encore was slightly disappointing--we kept on chanting "Watchtower!!" Ants or Granny would've rocked, but oh well. I thought the sound quality was pretty good, but not loud enough. Overall, this being one of my first DMB concerts, i thought it was amazing. I was actually pretty surprised i could understand a little more of Dave's talking this time. "You know it's really hard to play when you're throwing these [beach]balls on stage. I might have to come down there and kick your ass!" That was great. Actually, no more than a min. after that comment, someone, somehow, got onstage! Security immediately dragged him off although he struggled, and we all got a good laugh. Dave just ignored the whole thing and kept on playing. I was impressed with the energy and chemistry Dave and Boyd have together. Dave did a lot of dancing, and Boyd just tore it up. I could tell they were loving every minute of it, and that alone made it all worthwhile.
Matthew S.
Great show (it IS DMB), but piss-poor crowd, and way too many radio songs. I was eighth row, Roi side, and the people in front of me were a disgrace. One chair surfing, one kid body surfing (musta been dropped four or five times). Someone holding up a beach ball from DDTW to R+R, blocking my view of Roi, tons of flying beach balls (one hit a mic stand in the 5th row, on the aisle). Right after Crash, someone threw a beach ball on stage. Dave picked it up, showed it to Carter, handed it to Stefan (who looked reluctant to touch it), and SL gave it to Roi. Dave said something like "I went to a concert, but people just wanted to play ball." (Then, another beach ball was thrown on stage, narrowly missing Dave) Dave continued "If you do that again, I'm gonna have to come on down and kick your ass." A guard punted the first ball back to the audience, but kept the second one, eliciting a boo (come on, idiots..) until he threw it back also making everyone cheer. Of course, there was the requisite guy behind me who kept screaming for #41 (psst.. if Roi is holding the tenor, he's not playing #41). Even though most of the songs were of the harder variety, there was little energy. Roi was very quiet (and it wouldn't kill him to smile), even Boyd didn't have his customary energy. The show was Stefan's.. he had some nice solos, and he was enjoying himself. Would have liked to see Two Step, since it got its night off at FLPAC, but got Lie In to make up (played for the 3rd straight night). Carter was wearing a plain, white shirt (guess he couldn't find a Hershey Bears jersey). Encore was surprising, Dave picked up the acoustic, futzed with it, put it down. A roadie picked it up and started doing something with it. Dave picked up the electric, and started talking over to the Stefan/Roi part of the stage. This took a LONG time, 3 or 4 minutes. Something was wrong, Boyd stood there, arms crossed, Dave was pissed (he even kicked a speaker or something). Then, in what looked like a last resort, he started the intro to Billies. No Watchtower or Ants dissapointed, but I think something happened on the stage. The show was still great, but it ranks third (out of the three) that I've seen this tour [behind 5.20 and 5.25]
Nick C.
I have two things to touch on. 1st, the setlist was pretty good tonight. I was happy to hear a good R&R, and Stone opener was a great build up. Dave was groovin' the whole show, and its always good to see that. The encore made me leave a DMB show upset for the 1st time ever. This is the 4th DMB show that I've been to this summer, and its the 4th time they've encored with only 1 song. I was hoping for Always or AFM, but it was to no availe. 2nd, I'm getting really tired of the scene at DMB concerts. I'm tired of people going to shows for the social aspect alone, and for an excuse to drink. This was the 10th DMB show i've seen since '96, and the crowd tonight was horrible. It wasn't as bad as a Dave & Tim crowd, but bad none the less. About 5 songs into the show, 3/4 of the people around me were sitting down with bored looks on their faces. The standing room crowd seem more amused by throwing people over the rail than by the show in front of them. A 43 year old mother of 2 was sitting behind me passed out half way through the show, after smoking 4 j's, and awoke after the encore to start throwing up. I'm not trying to whine, but I am really just tired of these crowds and the loss of focus. Good job DMB, bad job Hershey crowd.
Jeff P.
Not one of the best dave shows I have ever been to and I am going to blame it mostly on the crowd. I don't think that I have ever seen a more disrespectful crowd, whether it be someone running on stage or beach balls or glow sticks being thrown on stage. I feel this contributed to the not so great show. Dave was getting pissed off, because he even gave the finger to someone in the audience during crush. And another thing, this isn't Woodstock it is a Dave Matthews Band concert, if we could stop moshing and crowd surfing it would be nice. A one song encore will show that the band wasn't very into this show and I guess I will wait till next time for a better show, and you can bet it won't be in Hershey for me.
Nick Q.
Well, I don't know what to say about this one. Personally I think that this show was a total dissapointment, especially coming off of the Finger Lakes concert. First things first, the setlist was really weak. They played 8 radio songs out of 15, which pleased some people. Opening with Stone pumped me up, but they really couldn't follow it up after that, until Jimi came around, but that was so so. The rest of the show was uneventful, except for Jane and Help Myself which no one knew. They were nice surprises. I wasn't sure but did Dave give someone the finger, maybe the laser pointer, during Crush? It was half decent to end with SMTS->Too Much, assuming the encore would rock......although this didn't happen. I was hoping for maybe a #40 or Angel, but he was only out there for 9 mins, 4 or which was spent with him contemplating the Chet or Martin. Then finally into the Billies intro rift, and then 5 mins later, the lights went back on and the show over. I don't want to come down on the guys too much, but I guess I just expected too much. I was hoping for an awesome show, since they only have 3 more after this, but all in all it was average. I think I'm not the only one disappointed, but who cares it's just one night. I guess they are all tired from touring. By the way, who else waited 45 mins in parking lot traffic? Peace.
Erik H.
We get down there at around 12:15 after an hour and fourty-five minute drive. We went to the park during the day and went back to the car around 5:00 chilled in the lot for a couple hours and went in about 7:45. we missed boy wonder and went straight for the floor seats the floor seats blew so we went back to our seats in the stands. They came out and started playing. The Stone started playing and i went nuts. I was jamming like crazy i couldnt stop jamming. DDTW standard but still a great song. Satellite sing along for the crash heads calmed us down. Jimi Thing great version playing for quite some time mad jamming Boyd went nuts on the violin. Words cannot describe how much i loved this song. Say Goodbye (note: my friend josh, who ive never seen dance ever, danced for the first time tonite) the entire car ride down i was tellin my friends if i didn't hear this song someone was getting shot. so i was quite satisfied with this. Rhyme and Reason great song, my first live Rhyme it was quite good as i rocked my head off. Crash another crash head sing along but i love the dixie chicken part. LIOG one of my all time favorites as Boyd goes nuts again without the shirt. Help Myself, i think i heard maybe two people who knew this song as everyone collectively went, huh? Personally I was in heaven. Crush was good alot of jamming on this one. The Song that Jane Likes, started with his intro of, I got a sister named Jane and this is the Song that Jane Likes, i was again entered into Heaven as i was waiting to hear this. PNP-> Rapunzel. Dave danced a hell of alot during this song. He pulled a move that i only saw once w/ Santana at Vets Stadium 5-22-99. SMTS into Too Much fun songs joined to gether by a good version of ASTB. Now to the encore which i thought was pretty bad, with the great encores as of late, #40, Angel from Montgomery and all those great songs but Tripping Billies it was good and great lighting and good jamming but i was expecting more, good deuling during the song though dave and boyd were about 6 inches apart. Great show overall. If anyone had a tape or cd of this baby Ill be willing to trade alot for it.
This has been the eigth Dave show that I have seen in the last year, and it was by far the worst. I am a huge fan and love the music, but I got the feeling that the band was like "Well we sold the tickets, we gotta play." The setlist was not one of the best that I have seen (Help Myself was cool), and the fact that they only played one encore gave me the feeling that they were trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. This is truely a shame because of all the trouble the fans went through before the show tailgating. Hershey Police must have looked upon this concert to triple their revenues and cite everyone that had any type of container carrying liquid. I would just like everyone that might go to a show in Hershey one word of advice, Don't! It isn't worth it.
Andrew B.
Well, out of the four dmb shows i've seen, this one was not the best...but it was still awesome. Some of the poor points of the show include the incredible amount of singles played (including both satellite and crash), dave's mess up in so much to say (sang wrong first verse), and 1 encore???????. I was extremely upset by dmb playing one encore. I was at least hoping for #40 or watchtower or ants...but we just got billies. The highlights of the show included the stone, help myself (carter lit up help myself and had one of the best drum openings on say goodbye), the song that jane likes, jimi thing jam, and anyone seen the bridge. As a whole, I thought that the band didn't jam out as much as i've heard in the past. Perhaps they are tired. They chose mostly non-jamming songs. Even lie in our graves was not up to par. Rapunzel was pretty cool and watching dave dance all over the stage was awesome. As a whole though, I thought the show lacked some energy and jams from the boys. But, considering how long they have been touring, I completely understand.