Dave Matthews Band
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Boy Wonder
The Stone
Warehouse (stop time intro)
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Don't Drink the Water
Help Myself
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Too Much
Dreaming Tree
True Reflections*
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Jimi Thing
All Along the Watchtower

* with Brenda King, Tawatha Agee, Eugenia
Entire set with Butch Taylor

Stacey D.
IMHO, one of the best shows I've seen! One Sweet World was incredible!! True Reflections and Granny were lovely with the backup singers! My first Dreaming Tree and Stone (full band) were incredible! Stone was an interesting choice to open with, but Warehouse brought the crowd right up. And I thought Dreaming Tree was gorgeous! Jimi Thing rocked, as always, and Dave is still taking that little bitty solo - it's gotten bigger in the past month. Butch Taylor was a nice addition - added alot of depth to the mix. All in all, the guys seemed happy to be up there, loving life, and it came across in the music! I'm looking forward to two more awesome shows this weekend!
Chris M.
My tenth show and third at Hartford. It was definitely a solid show with a pretty good setlist. Nothing spectacular, but there were some nice jams, and Butch Taylor was a bonus throughout the show. Highlights: Too Much-Not my favorite song, but it was played w/ a ridiculous amount of energy and Dave was dancing like a fool. Recently-They haven't played this for a couple of weeks so it was a cool surprise. A longer version then they have been playing this tour with an extended jam. Lowlights: Dreaming Tree-Please stop playing this in concert. It just isn't working, and it sucks the life out of eeryone,including the diehard fans. DDTW-I have heard this song at the last 7 shows I have been to-maybe shelf this one for a little while. All in all, a good show, see everyone Saturday and Sunday.
Jed M.
Out of 14 shows I've seen, this was one of the best, if not, the best. After the slightly disappointing stadium shows, it was great to see the band put on a show for their true fans. The Stone was a great opener, with Leroi's baritone kicking in to start it off. Dave seemed to really start getting into the show during Warehouse dancing around the stage. One Sweet World is always a beautiful song to hear with it's instrumental intro. Knowing that there's a 99% chance that you will be hearing DDTW, it was good to hear it so early in the show and get it over with. My first time seeing Help Myself was definitely worth the wait..great song. Crash was a nice mid-set surprise and a complete Recently is always great to hear. Too Much with the distortion on Dave's guitar gave it a great new, funky sound. Dreaming Tree, only my second time seeing it, has to be their best song live. True Reflections was a great, and surprising follow-up, considering i thought Stay was coming when i saw the ladies walk out. At this point i knew Dave was playing for us real fans and not the "crash-comers." Rapunzel was solid as well as Jimi Thing, that carried on for almost 15 minutes. Dave's guitar solo was excellent. As sick as I am of it, Stay was pretty good with the ladies getting into it as usual. When the ladies walked back out for the encore i was praying that they weren't going to play Long Black Veil, but they pulled through with a very nice Granny and one of the most intense Watchtower I have ever seen. The crowd could be alittle bit better tonight, it seemed like most people came out to see Crash, So Much, Stay, etc... But the real fans there were great supporters of the band. Hopefully tonight's show will be just as good as this one. See you tonight!!
Jamie L.
This was my 7th concert (plus 1 Dave/Tim) and I would say that I had to rank it 3rd next to Great Woods 6/13/97 and Foxboro 5/30/99. The only song I really wanted to hear was Stone because I hadn't heard that song live yet. I also wanted to hear any songs that I hadn't heard in concert yet. Boy Wonder wasn't anything special and the only cool part was when they were having some sort of dance contest on stage. The lead singer did a flip over the keyboards which was pretty cool. Anyway on to Dave. (9:18-9:26)-STONE-Well now I don't have to scream this one all concert!!! I love this song and hearing it live was just awesome. No words in between the "Let them all fall down" part. They would sped up then slow down, sped up and slow down, it was pretty cool. (9:27-9:35)-WAREHOUSE-Great version of this song this song is sooo good in concert. The stop time intro just adds so much to the song. They had some cool orange lights and Boyd was pluckin his violin like a guitar. Boyd was going nuts on this song as he did on a lot of the songs over the course of the night. He also had some cool little hat on. Leroi took this song home. (9:38-9:47)-OSW- Great long intros- the first intro wasn't that long and they had some cool blue lights. The second intro before they start up the song was awesome and Leroi's sax solo was so mellow and Boyd was pluckin away on his violin again. No Butch at this point. There were no outro words to it though like the swim naked which disappointed me but still a good version. (9:49-9:56)-DDTW- Don't have much to say about this song. Pretty standard version of it. (9:57-10:02)-HELP MYSELF- Hell Ya!!! First time hearing this song in concert and it is one of my favorite unreleased songs. (Scream Soundtrack) This was a cool song and the crowd responded pretty well to it. (10:03-10:08)-CRASH-Butch comes back. Everyone screamed when they heard this song, all the lighters went up. This is still a great song but would rather hear LLD, P4WYG, People, People. Still good version of this song with the DC outro and him screaming the part "Crash into me" like at Foxboro. (10:10-10:18)-RECENTLY- One of my fav's of the night. Psyched to hear this song because I had never heard it in concert. This song was so awesome they were jamming so long and loud and all the cool color lights were going nuts too. Wish they had the little water/wine jam at the end but ohh well great song. This song just wouldn't end. No intro or outro's only the "people stare..." (10:20-10:24)-TOO MUCH-Don't have much for this song. Stefan's part in the beginning of the song was much different than I had heard before and Dave sang the lyrics "Suck it up, Fuck it up" (10:26-10:38)-DREAMING TREE-I love this song it is such a great song. they had cool red and blue lights, a lot slower jam in middle than I have heard before. Boyd broke his bow. My section sucked at this point, there were so many sitters. Cool turquoise and green lights. Great song. The "take me back" part is awesome. Leroi had a nice jam. No words durning the end jam though. :( This song just wouldn't end, but that is fine w/ me. (10:39-10:46)-TRUE REFLECTIONS- This song should be called "The song that Boyd kicks everyone's ass on" Boyd sang ever so nicely and then ripped the shit out of his violin. WOW!! The find some inspiration part kept going on. Cool when dave would mimic Boyd on the "find some inspiration", Inspiration! Dave needed a new guitar at this point. (10:47-10:53)-Leroi solo-Long intro into Leroi's eventual solo. Pretty cool and mellow. And what comes after this but (10:53-11:01)-PNP-RAPUNZEL-I thought this was going to be the ender. They love to jam on this song live even though it isn't one of my fav's, hearing it live is awesome. They were jamming so loud and they had cool swirly lights in the background. (11:03-11:17)-JIMI THING-This is the Dave I came to see when they start playing a song they most likely wont close with that is usually around 15 min at 11 is awesome. No smoke my kind to make me feel high for a time. Leroi had the first solo and it was long and cool then dave and Stefan did there sort of chops thing which is awesome. They know how to change tempo's so fast it is unbelievable. Not the best version though. (11:19-11:25)-STAY- They brought the singers out and I knew it was going to be Stay because I always get that as a closer. WHY. Wanted a Two Step closer. Ohh that would have made the show that much better. (11:32-11:37)-GRANNY-Came back out with singers, Carter,Dave, and Stefan. Boyd and Leroi came out halfway through to sing the chorus. Couldn't hear his words that well, had some cool lights in the background and that scat part he does at the end is cool. Wasn't one of the best versions of it though. (11:37-11:48)-WATCHTOWER- Boy did this song just top the night of so well. Stefan had a cool intro into it was hoping for Stir It Up since they did it last year at Meadows. Intro was much more slow and mellow than I have heard before. The "No reason to get excited" then a huge flash of light had everyone going nuts. Everyone in the place was going nuts I think this is the best closer it just is so awesome. Comments: No #41,Two Step, Seek Up. Hopefully I'll hear them Sunday. The crowd was decent except durning the unreleased and slower songs because they would sit down which was cool for me because I had a better view. The sound quality wasn't that great and you couldn't make out some of the words. My friend had to go to the bathroom so bad at the beginning of the concert but he didn't want to leave and miss a song, so he just let it flow and this girl in front of him told her boyfriend some kid was pissing on her and he almost beat the shit out of my friend. He left and we didn't think anything of it until he came back w/ Security guards and my friend got kicked out of the place after being in for 50 mins. So I was by myself which pretty much sucked because It was like I was in some porn with everyone around me making out. Ohh well if I had a girl friend as hot as some of theirs I would be doing the same thing. Anyway thanks a lot Dave and can't wait till the 8th.
Great show...That's an understatement. The setlist was totally not what I was expecting. I was guessing Radio hits, radio hits and more radio hits. Not true! Recently, Dreaming Tree, and then three unreleased songs! (Help Myself, True Reflections, Granny). Great Mix. Couple of things I noticed in general and then I'll talk about the songs some more. 1.) Does Dave not like the Chet anymore? I didn't see the black Chet at all, and he only once touched the yellow one. Instead he played his full bodied acoustic for almost all of the songs. Anyone know why? 2.) Dave was singing into the Mic a lot, but he wasn't singing...he wasn't lipsinking during the songs, but during jams and solos and outros he would go up to the mic and start moving his mouth, but nothing would come out...I got all exicted thinking he was going to to Wise Men Say after Stone but it was just...air. Stone- Good opener, solid version of it, no Wise Men Say. Warehouse- Stop Time intro. Knew it was too early for Ants to follow so I knew we'd get the whole thing. Recently- Don't like the song too much on R2T, but its great to hear live. Help Myself- Knew I would hear it one of the three nights and to hear it so early was great. I really like this song alot. Crash (Dixie Chicken)- Very cool backdrop lighting on this looked like, we, crowded streets...Interesting note on this one, I heard a big roar go up when he started playing Dixie Chicken, big change from the start of the summer when NO ONE except die hards knew it. VH1 anyone? Dreaming Tree-Unexpected for the first night. Good version of it. I REALLY love this song. Great solo by Leroi and nice fade away. Stefan had the groove GOING ON on the bass. True Reflections- TOTALLY SHOCKED TO HEAR THIS ONE!!!! I saw the singers come out and I was like, its early for Long Black Veil so its gotta be Stay. BUT NO!!! This song sounds great with the Singers. They add soooo much. PNP-->Rapunzel- LONG slow intro on D to C. Then a great version and nice jam to end it up. Jimi Thing- my boy next to me called it. Incredible version. Got everyone grooving. Highlight of the night. I thought it would be the closer but... Stay- I normally don't like this song too much, but when they play it well it ROCKS! The singers were there but I don't mind them as much as others seem to. Encore was great with Granny. I was hoping #40 but there's always two more shows. Now... WATCHTOWER- If you've heard last year's version at the Meadows with Stir it Up, you know how incredible last year's performance of the tune was. This year was sooooo much better. Stefan soloed into it then Dave started playing the chords, but not Am, G, F, I don't know what it was it looked like the last two were D to C using the movable C chord for those who care...and Stefan soloed over that. Then the just ripped it up! The WIND began to GRRRRROOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL!!!! All in all one of the better shows I've been to and I got 2 more! Rumor has it that Timmy is coming for Sunday. GOD I HOPE SO!!!