Dave Matthews Band
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Boy Wonder
Two Step
The Song That Jane Likes
The Stone
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Tripping Billies
Typical Situation
Say Goodbye
Linus & Lucy Jam (Butch & Carter) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Long Black Veil*
Don't Drink The Water

* with Brenda White King, Tawatha Agee, Eugenia
Butch Taylor guested on most of set

Kit F.
All in all, it was a great way to end the tour. #36???? Say WHAT? Yeah, that's what I thought. The backup singers were pretty cool on the 'hani, hani, come and dance with me' (or is it honey, honey? i can't remember) part - lots of depth added and whatnot. Two Step, of course, was awesome. Like Friday night, tonight's show had maaaaad amounts of jamming. Utterly ridiculous. I danced my brains out...The jam at the end of Jimi Thing had to be one for the ages. It was better than Friday, which I didn't really think was possible. It just went on forever. Even without #36 & the Snoopy theme, you should have a copy of this show just for that jam...DAMN. Crash - a lot more mellow & calm than I've heard. The theatre looks so cool with all those damn lighters...aaaah. Granny - I love this song. Way cool with the extra singers and the keys. I can't believe they played it again! Insane. #36 - What can I say? It was #36. When was the last time this was played in concert? I'd go look it up, but I'm too tired. The gospel singers were EXCELLENT on this one. YEeeeeeeeeeeeeha. Warehouse - I am not a big fan of this song. This was when I left to go find my missing friend, but alas, I was unsuccessful. I didn't really hear most of it - was that a Stop Time intro? I can't be sure. Typical Situations - funky little intro with the 'too many choices' and 'if you don't get in line...' refrain before going into the '10 fingers' part. Very mellowed out, but still deep and jamming. There was a great jam at the end of this one, too. Carter's solo, ending TS and beginning SG, ruled. The man is unbelievable on those drums. Absolutely unbelievable. Say Goodbye - rumour had it (on Radio104, which gets MAD props for its all-DMB weekend) that they'd be playing it tonight only out of all 3 nights, and they did. A little funked up, very cool. Stay - the end sounded better, for some reason. I don't think there were as many 'stays' as there have been in the past, or maybe there was just so much energy at this point that it sounded better. ;-) Charlie Brown theme - Hello??????? And the last time we heard this, in its entirety, was WHEN? Back in the Griesar days? I dunno, but it was very funky. It was almost all Butch; the band chimed in a bit and then stepped off again. Whoo hoo! PNP --> Rapunzel - Now, this isn't usually my favorite duo, but the energy was astronomical at this point. It was an amazing way to end the set - I thought the roof over the pavilion might blow off at any moment. Mad jamming at the end, crowd goes wild, good lord. LBV - Dave came out at the beginning of this, somehow managed to shut everyone up, and said a very nice thank-you to Monk for all his time & effort. Monk then came out and hugged everyone, very nice. LBV was pretty cool - not what I would have chosen to end the tour with, but still very pretty. DDTW - All right, this song just gets better every time. Did I just say that? It's true. Awesome, awesome ending to the evening. The amount of jamming and just going at it that took place at this show alone was probably more than my other 3 shows combined, D&T excluded of course. I think the Dave Matthews Band has regained that special place in my heart - whether or not they needed to, they proved, to me at least, that they really love to play, and that they're GOOD at it. There was so much energy on stage and in the crowd, and you could tell that they were having fun, rather than just going through the motions. Unreal!
Andrew L.
Let me begin by saying that the opening band (Boy Wonder) got the crowd, or at least the floor section and most of the pavillion, going better than ANY other opening band I've seen, including Santana and Bela Fleck and the F'Tones. They were rockin' tonight and put on a great live show. They had alot of energy and some pretty entertaining lyrics to boot. On to DMB.. They began with SATELLITE which was really nice. The crowd was loud, and lasted like this for quite some time. I don't mind this as an opener at all. Next: four words: TWO STEP, Butch, Carter. That's all that need be said.. they all rocked the house. Butch's solo was amazing, I'd never heard him be so prevalent during this song, but it added alot to tonight's version. Carter was unreal. Fenton's lights were outstanding (best lighting of the night.) "I've got a little sister, her name's Jane.." This song gets overlooked sometimes, but is always special to hear. Stone.. lights were great on this one as well.. you can tell they love playing it. I always feel like they're going to launch right into Drive In, Drive Out at the end to this one when it speeds up (you gotta love that part) Jimi.. wow, Dave's feet were so high in the air (I'm talking waist high now) during parts of this song.. you had to see it 'cause its to priceless to recount it poorly would be a shame. Dave's soloing has come a long way and Roi was really into his part. I kinda wish Butch had taken a solo along with everyone else here. Crash.. good song tonight's was no exception, Dave yelled the "crash into me" part at the end instaed of going high.. which I *think* he' been doing all summer. Tripping Billies. no Nature intro tonight. Boyd tore it all up as per usual. Granny.. nice, Boyd and Roi were on Roi's side of the stage for the "love, baby" singing into one mic. I think I prefer this song when it ends on "love" instead of replaying the opening guitar part, but that's just one man's opinion. #36.. heard rumors about this going into the venue and was hoping it would happen. A great mellow groove with NO drum intro. Dave did the scat part to this song two times and always ended up singing ".. as long as I can dance with you" at the end. Very, very nice. Warehouse.. lights, lights, lights. They were nuts. Butch helps layer this song alot and Ropi shone through. Typical didn't seem like it was going to end. A very long version. I love these lyrics and hearing them tonight made me realize it. Say Goodbye had an extended drum solo. Roi went to begin the song, but Carter just kept on playing. At the end he even said 'look' into his mic before really picking up the pace. He covered pretty much everything he's got on his drum kit during this solo whcih was about 5 minutes (though I wasn't counting) Stay.. one song, three nights. I thought last night's was better but it was good nonetheless. Linus and Lucy.. crazy good, crowd was into it was supposed to lead directly into Pantala but Roi's reed broke when he went to play his lead. Carter kept the song alive for a minute while Roi fixed his sax, when they stopped Dave acknowleged Carter and Butch's work. They began Pantala conversely without any lead-in whcih was a nice departure from the norm. Rapunzel is SO much better when Butch is there because he brings all the different parts of the ending jam together, instead of having everyone playing different pieces. He's like the trunk of the tree whcih allows the branches to extend outward, if that makes any sense. What I'm fumbling to say is that without Butch to bring it all together, the rest of the band seems to be wandering with no common thread. But anyways.. Long Balck Veil was alot better than last night's, but I was hoping for an Angel or #40 instead of this one again. Butch had a nice solo at the end which added much to the song. Don't Drink the Water.. was dissapointing as the final song of the tour. Last Stop would have been a MUCH better fit to play in this spot (or maybe a Halloween since Dave'd no longer have to save his vocal chords for the rest of the tour). I can say the lights during DDTW were good. Fenton is the man and deserves his bumper sticker, which I was tempted to buy. G'Bye to Monk, who Dave announced was leaving to pursue other things as well as "he might have kicked your ass if you came up in stage." take care all.
Adam D.
Totally sick. That setlist was awesome. I have to admit upfront that I was very dissappointed in the lack of #40, I even made a sign and me and my friends spent a good 5 minutes screaming for it during the beginning of the encore, but it was to no avail. However, the rest of the show was great. Satellite was a good opener, but Two Step right after it was even better. Jimi Thing rocked so hard, Dave was dancing around and everything, it was also great when the words were supposed to come in and he conveniently forgot to sing the first line. He tried to make it look intentional but the big dumb grin on his face gave it away. Dixie Chicken Crash was great and Tripping Billies was so high energy. The energy calmed a bit with Granny and #36 but Warehouse was awesome. Mr. Beauford put on the show of a lifetime before Say Goodbye, that was amazing. He's a drumming ninja I swear. Stay was pretty good, but it was also really predictable that they were going to do it. Its much cooler when there is that sense of mystery right before the song starts. Song of the night goes to Butch though, for the Linus & Lucy Jam. We were all kinda dancing an thinking, "Boy, this is starting to sound like Peanuts," and then lo and behold Butch goes into Peanuts. The crowd roared for that, it was really funny and cool at the same time. Rapunzel was just sick. It rocked out even harder than Jimi Thing. Ironically, the two hardest rockers of the night (Jimi Thing & Rapunzel) were the two songs that Dave kept messing up the words to. Long Black Veil was pretty but I wanted #40, and Dont Drink the Water was really high energy and great. Maybe not the absolute best way to close out the show and tour for that matter, but all in all it was extremely high energy the whole night long. Kudos to Dave and crew, and we look forward to seeing them next year!
Brendan M.
Bought inside seats at face value from guys in parking lot...way cool. Satellite to begin...took the life right out of a hot and humid crowd. Two Step rocked, good jam by Butch. STJL was a pleasant surprise, Billies with no intro shook me, well done. Peanuts theme was there, expected but still nice to finally hear. Granny was okay, also expected. Every song with the ladies was very well done, they really do add alot, and it was needed for ...Stay. No, go. I've had it with that song. Same thing with Crash, although rather than cracking on the high notes at the end Dave kinda just yelled them. Good call. Warehouse was pretty tired, but so was everyone else. This was just a mellow Sunday night concert, so the hard stuff was pretty tame. The setlist was pleasantly screwed with, which was good, and Stone was beautiful, not that anyone cared. Jimi thing had a great jazz riff in the middle. If anyone was on tonight, it was Leroi. The crowd was older and quiet, which was nice except that it really doesn't encourage the band much. For the encore...Long Black Veil was absolutely beautiful, I wish people could appreciate non radio-hits. DDTW to end...kinda lame, but actually quite nice. You just had the feeling they wanted to get off the stage though. With what little they were given (having to make a fresh list on the third day at a stop and a dead crowd) not a bad show. But isn't a Sunday night just a perfect time to play a quiet song like...#40?
Ben S.
Smooth, sensual, and mellow would describe this show. A great set with many winding solos but not a ton of punch to get you out of your seat. It was my 5th time that I have seen them and they have improved markedly from a few years ago. They are playing much tighter and even longer than they have before. Satellite was nice to get going, but Two Step really got the crowd into it. Everyone took part in soloing and Butch on the keys fit in perfectly. They have really molded this song into a great tune that hits all parts of the band's elements. Stefan played an electric guitar (first time I've seen this) with a slide for some cool effects. Leroi was simply amazing and Carter was plain Carter giving everything he had. Some more mellow songs then into Jimi Thing where Boyd finally break out for the night. His hot red pants made him the man to watch on stage. Most of these jams can seem too long sometimes but here everyone got a chance to show off and add to this classic song. Dave even got into a solo on his acoustic guitar of all things-he played it most of the night and looked to be more comfortable with it than his Chet Atkins guitar. Billies was simply awesome (Matt can be happy now). Usually this is standard length and lyrics but Dave really changed it up. Boyd and Dave practically squared off against each other to solo which really got the crowd into it. For a non-jam song they jammed and gave it everything. Granny was a sweet surprise and the "soul sisters" came on stage and backed up Dave. A great song and so much better with the whole band than acoustic. #36????? Could this be?? I had to check my memory on this one. This song typified the night---very smooth and rhythmic. This song was definitely a tribute for the last show. Say Goodbye lasted almost 15 minutes long and highlighted the talents of Carter and Leroi. They went back and forth in the intro and Carter especially shined by using all his talents to carry the band. Once again, a real love song in the setlist. Butch Taylor showed off quite a bit giving his Peanuts theme--really cool!!! The encore started with Long Black Veil--a really beautiful ballad and a sssmmmmooooottthhhh song complemented by the backup singers. A great melody and Dave really sang his heart on this one. I was hoping for Watchtower, but Dave thought otherwise. He finished up this tour with Don't Drink the Water. He sang this with more pure spirit and emotion than I have ever heard. It was simply powerful to see and hear. The show was long and winding with strong emotion touching more on the sensual side of DMB. Love was the theme of this show and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Megan C.
It's impossible to not walk out of a dave show 'content and dreaming'. I love how he finished with Veil and DDTW-- two great songs which really complement eachother. Typical seemed to be the crowd pleaser, whether the crowd realized it or not. There were actually moments of SILENCE, which i'm sure the band appreciated. As for the theater, i've decided i'm not a fan of the lawn... too much scurrying and noise and (puking). Thanks again dmb and have a great very well deserved time off!
Jed M.
Yet another good show with a disappointing end. It began with Satellite, which I've never seen as an opener, and I enjoyed it as well as everyone else seemed to. Two Step was very long with a great Butch Taylor jam at the end. The Song that Jane Likes was excellent and it's such a good song to see since it's not played very often. The Stone was pretty standard but always great to see. Jimi Thing was excellent because of Boyd, and also Dave got so into his dancing that at one point he almost fell on his ass. Crash wasn't bad to see's always a good song. Dave yelled the high "crash into me" line at the end of the song. Carter was great on Tripping Billies, and this song is also great to see mid-set. Next the women came out, which I'm entirely sick of. They seem like nice ladies and do a great job, but considering this is the 7th time I had seen them this summer, I am utterly sick of them. They sang on Granny, which was good as usual, but is now losing it's thrill because I've seen it so many times. After the song they started to walk off stage but Dave stopped them and said they were "too beautiful to go". They then started (with no carter intro) playing #36.. the first time of the whole tour. Needless to say it was awesome. Warehouse was pretty standard, followed up by Typical Situation, which was excellent with the mid-song jam the whole band does. Carter was amazing, as usual, for Say Goodbye, and the whole band just stands there and watches in amazement- it's such a great sight. It was a good version. Stay was inevitable with the ladies there- but for some reason tonight's was tolerable. Rapunzel was disappointing to end the set with, but was decent and everyone seemed into it. This is when the pure disappointment began. I was hoping for a #40, Angel combo, because the ladies had already played on 3 songs, but when they lead the way on to the stage yet again, and then saw Dave put his hand on the guitar, I knew right away that he was playing Long Black Veil for the second night in a row. I never thought he would do that. It is such a crowd killer and I don't understand why he plays it so often. If he wants to kill the crowd, atleast he could do it with a good song like PFWYG or #40. To end the whole show with DDTW was a complete disappointment, but I guess he likes to play it considering he plays it so often. It still was a great show as usual, playing for almost 3 hours. You can always tell how sincere the band is, and how much they love playing for their fans, and not for the money. All in all, the shows I saw this summer were great and I can't wait to see them in Sept. See you in New Jersey.
Colin S.
This show was good for a regular show but I was expecting more for the last stop of the tour. Dave and Butch had tons of energy, but it seemed like everyone else was just going through the motions. Satellite, though not my first choice for an opener, did a good job of getting the crowd, most of which stood the entire show, into it. Two Step was a highlight of the night, the end jam was amazing, and they followed it up with a short but sweet STJL. The Stone was a pretty standard version, it's nowhere near as good as it is with Dave and Tim though. Jimi Thing was more energetic than it was last summer, and Crash was decent as well. Boyd's solo during Tripping Billies was nothing special, then the singers came out. I was hoping for anything besides Stay, which is so much better without them, and I definitely was surprised by what they played. Granny was good, the singers don't add much to it, and neither did LeRoi, Carter and Boyd, who you couldn't even hear singing. It seemed like a lot of people around me knew the Love Baby jam, which was surprising. But nothing was as surprising as the next song, #36! There was no drum intro and it wasn't as long or funky as other versions I've heard, but it was still damn good to hear it. The singers were decent during the chorus. Warehouse and Typical picked up the pace of the show, with some good jams by LeRoi, but then a very average Say Goodbye slowed it down again. The singers came back out for Stay, which was WAY overplayed this weekend, and then Butch and Carter played the highlight of the night, Linus and Lucy. This went into a short Pantala Naga Pampa and a decent Rapunzel, but not as good as 5/29 Foxboro. Wasn't the best ending to the set. The encore was extremely disappointing, with none of ANTS, 40, WATCHTOWER, ANGEL or WWYS. Long Black Veil is a decent song, but not one you want to remember the entire tour by. DDTW was well-played but added nothing special to an overall average night.
Well, it was a good show. My seats were WAY in the back...last row before lawn. The people around me sucked...only knew Crash etc. I hate that...I spent a solid 5 minutes explaining what #36 was. Anyway on to the songs... HIGHLIGHTS- SONG THAT JANE LIKES- "I got a little sister...", I begin yelling..."I signed"...I stop yelling. I've been waiting so long for that one. TWO STEP- great version, but they need to condense the ending a bit. #36- Last night I help up a sign for it all night so needless to say I was glad to hear it. It looked like they put it in on a whim cause Dave had to corral the Stay Singers back onto the stage for it. The best part of it? DAVE SCAT!!! Congrats Kandice and others we did it! The rest of the setlist was pretty bland...Sattelite was a good opener, Crash (duh), Jimi Thing was good but Friday's was better. Q: After three days of great songs how does a die hard fan leave with a bad taste in his mouth? A: When they don't play #40 and instead close the set with Stay, Rapunzel, and then finish with Long Black Veil (AGAIN), and Don't Drink the Water. Don't get me wrong, they were great versions, although Stay and Rapunzel were better on friday. But if I hear Stay one more time...I'm going to scream. The Linus and Lucy Jam was very cool, and was great to hear too. Carter is the man and Butch is great on keys. Anyway in closing I REALLY wish I got to hear #40, but what are you going to do? Great weekend boys! Thanks a ton!
Justin S.
One of the best concerts that I have ever seen, the final show of the summer 1999 tour for Dave Matthews was a wonderful blend of crowd-pleasing radio songs and fan-pleasing obscurity. Although Satellite provided a rather weak, bland opening, the version of Two Step featuring impeccable piano improvisation was unique and exciting. Hard-core fans were treated to songs such as "Jane" and "#36," which have received relatively little attention during the current tour. One of the highlights of the concert was a long, extended version of "Jimi Thing," which featured a sweet, moving guitar solo by Dave. Other highlights include a riveting, grinding version of "The Stone" and a rhythmically diverse drum intro to "Say Goodbye." The crowd went nuts when thrown a surprise version of the Peanuts song on piano, which was both musical and entertaining. Although frequent use of the gospel singers was made, their best appearance was during the encore's "Long Black Veil," a favorite cover song for the current tour. In the end, the concert was incredible, consisting of an unparalled setlist and excellent performance.
Justin M.
What a way to end the summer tour, that's all I can say. I was at the first show of the tour in Tampa and now I've seen the last show, too. Anyway, to the review... This was definitely one of their more mellow shows, w/ songs like Satellite, Crash, Say Goodbye, etc. Just for the record, I'd like to say that I predicted the 1st two songs correctly, although I was not pleased to hear Satellite as the opener. Two Step was a definite treat, although it was a sure thing seeing as how they didn't play it Friday/Saturday nite. If anyone has the words to the intro to Two Step, I would definitely appreciate it if you emailed them to me. Other highlights of the show was Song That Jane Likes; that was a first for me in concert. Jimi Thing rocked, and Boyd had an energetic solo which left Dave in awe (it was a funny scene). Crash was not one of my favorites, but the beautiful girl from Framingham, MA standing in front of me definitely made it memorable. Granny never disappoints, and #36 was a nice surprise. Warehouse and Stay were good, but I've seen better (sorry to be a lil pessimistic there, but I gotsa tell it how it is). Typical Situation was definitely a treat; I think it's one of the most depressing songs, but the upbeat jam at the end made it all a'ight; I've still got that beat in my head. Say Goodbye was also expected, and Dave and the boyz did a nice job w/ it, addin some new lyrics which I tried to hear, but the fat guy in front of us wouldn't shut up about how much he loved the song. As for the encore, I have to be honest and say I was completely disappointed w/ Long Black Veil; that song does nothing for me, and he played it the nite before for the encore, too. Dancing Nancies woulda been the preferred choice, and #40 even better. I was thinkin Last Stop was comin next (since it WAS their last show of the tour), but instead he pulled out Don't Drink the Water, which I wasn't too happy w/ until he started singing. Unfuckinbelievable! The best DDTW I have EVER heard. The emotions ran high, especially on, "I'll build heaven and call it HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!" Wow, just wow. All in all, I was a bit unsatisfied w/ the show, especially since it was the last of the tour, but of course I'll be back next time they come around. See y'all there!
Rich M.
My 8th show of the summer and this was the best one yet. For all DMB fans, this was a night to remember. Dave was reaaly into the show and the crowd was great too. The highlight was probably when they pulled #36 out, it was simply amazing. another highlight was granny for a secong time in hartford. butch taylor ripped it up in his linus and lucy jam which triggered into rapunzel..simply a great show and most of all a great tour. the dmb really showed everyone that they can realy jam throughout the whole tour...thanks and see ya in jersey!!(9/11)
Dan D.
Out of the many shows I've seen this one ranks some where in the middle. Satellite opener was pretty weak, but the boys made up for it with a nice Two Step. STJL is always nice to hear, as is The Stone. The highlights for me however, was #36 (which I haven't heard since Jones Beach '96), Granny, Warehouse, and Say Goodbye which also included one of the sickest drum intros that I've heard. Linus & Lucy Jam w/ Butch was nice as was the fact that I didn't hear SMTS > Too Much for the first time in like 20 shows. The lowlights was, of course the riots and the fact that I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD #40 LIVE YET!!! With the tour over, and myself going back to school soon, I look to Dave & Tim in the winter or the first show of Spring 2000!
The show itself was pretty good. Apparently the band had some giant source of energy they were running on, because they were all nuts. Leroi and Boyd both singing backup on Granny? Excuse me? It was crazy! You could see Leroi grinning the whole time from my seats over in the 300 section. There was some expressed disappointment over DDTW being the final encore song; a lot of folks were praying for Angel From Montgomery or Watchtower, from what I heard being yelled. Altogether, though, it was a good show, and I'm glad I caught it.
Brian S.
Well, my 8th show of the tour and 3rd of the weekend and I was front row, what a way to end a great tour. I was dissapointed in opening with Satelitte and closing the tour with Don't Drink the Water (Come on Dave we were holding up the #40 sign). As for in between these songs, well lets just say the show rocked. Carter's drum intro into Say Goodbye was so amazing that even Dave was cheering for him. The band looked happy to be finished with a long and draining tour and were ready to end it with a bang. The energy level was at a definite high and the playing matched. I hope the continue to bring guest musican like Butch Taylor on tour with them in the future b/c he defintely added something to the mix. This night proved why DMB was the top band this summer, and should be for a long time to come. Can't wait for September 11. See ya there.
Brian L.
The show was swweeeeet. I ended up with 14th row tickets dead center. I was 5 feet from dave, through a fence though. He started with satellite, and I was like, here we go, radio show, and he busts out with 2step, 12 minutes I think, with a cool butch taylor jam. Then he toyed with some SMTS chords but someone was holding up a JANE sign and changed his mind and said "I got a sister named jane and this is the song she likes" A sweeet stone jam with great boyd playin and a leroi solo to end it. Jimmi thing was just like fingerlakes, long jam with solo's all around, powerful belted out lyrics by dave with a chord solo to finish. The standard CrashintoMe w/dixiechicken. A cool tripping billies with a carter finish, not one of my favorite songs but carter brings it to a new level. The rest is simply amazing. Granny, my favorite song, finally heard it live with the stay ladies, i was in amazement, then #36. I wet myself, but it wasnt over: Warehouse w/stoptime intro came next. We got our whole row (30 people) to shout out Typical Situation as loud as we could and sure enough he broke out with a soft typical with a souldfilled refrain and a jam in the middle unlike anything I've ever heard. Unreal carter solo, best drum solo I have ever heard in my life, tops bonham's moby dick, 5 minutes long into say goodbye. I though it would be over but then he calls the stay ladies back on stage for an unbeliveable version of stay. dave played the song an octave lower because he was losing his voice I imagine, but it was played lower for some reason. Im ready to start cheering for the enchore but NO! They stay on and start jamming. Dave fades out as did Boyd and Leroi and Carter and Butch are left playing. Linus & Lucy Jam-->Pantala Naga Pampa -->Rapunzel Im not the biggest fan of rapunzel but I think it was very enthusiastic and you could tell dave and the band were having fun. Dave and Butch were doing a jig like foot kicking thing. That was phat. Now to the encore: He comes out with long black veil after numerous chants for #40 from the crowd including myself. Again, enthusiasic, but the Stay girls took the show with this one. Great vocal solos and backup stuff. On a down note, I have been to 4 dave shows and at every single one i have heard CrashintoMe, Rapunzel, Jimmi Thing, and my least favorite of all Dont Drink the Water. I thought I might get thorough a show without a Crush or DDTW but sure enough, he pulls a DDTW. Then they leave the stage. Not even a chance for a second encore, like flyers passed out at the show had told us to stick around to try and entice the band into doing. The lights came on and the equipment came down right away. I was very dissappointed in this encore. Amazing show with a not-so-good end. I would have thought he'd end the biggest grossing tour he's put on to date with a bigger bang than DDTW. Left a very bad taste in my mouth. Altogether a great show, too bad for the end though. Good trip, definitely worth the money and effort.
Catherine F.
Hopes were definitely high before the concert, with it being the last show of the tour and all. I'm sure the majority of us expected #36 - as Carter began to play it the night before, but Dave stopped him, sighting that they were "not ready". Anyway ... Satellite got the crowd going right from the get-go. People were singing and dancing like crazy. Even a few lighters were shining every here and there : ) 2 Step - Yeah! Loooove this song. It was here during the jams where I realized that this night would be absolutely incredible. You could just feel the energy coming from the band. STJL - A very, very pleasant surprise. One of the few times played this tour. There wasn't much going on in the jamming department, but that doesn't mean that Carter couldn't rip sh#* up!! Stone - Pretty standard version, pretty dragged out at the end. I'm not complaining though! Jimi - I know quite a few people disagree, but I love Dave's new solo. Even though it's a little on the repetitive side, it adds a nice touch. Everyone added their own little touch to the song, which made for an excellent version. CIM - Guess it had to be expected at the last show, right? Not my favorite, although the Dixie Chicken and Seas & Oceans outtros get me every time. It was almost like at this moment, during the 'slow' song, the band realized that it really was the last show ... Billies - Kinda came out of the blue. No nature intro, they just went right into the chords. Boyd was rocking, and had no trouble taking himself to the center of the stage for his solo(s) while Dave stood in the shadows. Go Boyd! I'd been waiting for this all weekend. Granny - Yahoo! One of the rarer songs of the tour. Sounded decent with the singers, I guess. Even Leroi joined Carter, Boyd, and Dave on the "Love, Baby!" parts. It's so funny, cuz when I was looking at him sing, his mouth opened juuuust a crack, and then shut. Kinda cute. #36 - What we've all been waiting for. Carter had a KILLER intro that seemed to last forever. The crowd went totally nuts when Dave started with the verses, which were pretty undecipherable yet enjoyable. The singers added a nice touch to the chorus. I was surprised at the amount of people in the crowd who were singing along. Then again, I was front and center where everyone seemed to know lots about tDMB. Warehouse - Yeeehaww! Nice stop time, nice lights, nice version. Scratch that. GREAT stop time, GREAT lights, GREAT version. Yeah, thats better. Roi soloed his arse off. Typical Situation - I can't explain how excited I was to hear this one. Dave babbled for a bit during the introductory notes, and then it was off to the verses. Carter threw in a nice Latin beat ... and the change of tempo chords/jam in the middle of the song were amazing. This was definitely the dancing song of the night! Roi on the flute = amazing. Say Goodbye - After 36 I didn't think we'd hear this one. Pretty standard, but always a joy to hear! Stay - I was debating on weather or not this was the last song or not. Luckily I was wrong. Dave changed guitars (Martin -> Chet) halfway through the song, yet it didn't seem like he broke a string or anything. Hmmm ... pretty standard version, singers and all. Linus and Lucy - Butch started tooling around on his keys, and after a few notes I just knew it would be L & L. Correct me if I'm wrong but the last time this was played was ... Worcester? Carter and Butch did a number on this one, while everyone else watched in awe. One of the highlights of the night. PNP > Rapunzel - Standard, although there seemed to be more energy than usual. Butch ripped it up on this one. I love how he plays at the end. I think we got a little "I don't know the words, but ..." from Dave at the end of one of the verses. LBV - I was rather disapointed, because I was hoping to hear #40 in it's entirety (at Foxboro - my last show - there were only the chords) or maybe Angel from Montgomery. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, can they? The opening riff for LBV could hardly be heard over the screaming crowd, but everyone eventually calmed down and enoyed it. I tell ya, turning around and seeing 15,000 lighters is an amazing sight! DDTW - Ahhh, the controversial last song of the tour. Think of DDTW being the last song as not just a song, but a message to all of us. Dave had a sly little grin during his performance, as if he knew we were going to be frustrated. It was as if Dave was singing to us - not just performing the song. Think what you will, but that's just my opinion. All in all, this show capped off a perfect weekend. I love how the band mixed it up through all three nights. What an end to a great tour! (Except for the riots, of course!)