Dave Matthews Band
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Boy Wonder
Lie In Our Graves
Drive In Drive Out
Lover Lay Down
Rhyme & Reason
Seek Up
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
For The Beauty Of Wynona*
True Reflections**
Ants Marching
Long Black Veil**
What Would You Say

* with Mitch Rutman on electric guitar
** with Brenda White King, Cindy Myzell, Eugenia

Andrew L.
I just got back from the show-- it was simply a great night! It was so much fun. Only three songs repeated from last night's show (True, Stay, LBV) and everything was played with emotion and passion. I was on the lawn but must admit that the crowd didn't really bother me much; everyone kept to themselves and was well-behaved. #41- felt like a day for a 41 opener so I called this one in the lot. I was so excited to hear this and it got everyone else up and moving around too. Dave's guitar was loud for the jam and added a nice something to compliment Boyd's playing. LIOG- Boyd's solo gave me chills tonight. I've never really been into this song before, but tonight's made me a believer. They took a nice LONG break i before kicking it back up with the "I can't believe.." Must have been about 30 seconds of silence.. longest I've ever heard. Pig- Don't *THROW* the day away.. Drive- lights are killer on this tune.. just when I realized that I missed the revolving lights on the floor that they used on this song in '97, Fenton put up chasing lights on the hanging unit. Nevertheless it was a really cool effect. Lover- They love to play this song in Hartford (4 of 6 since '96) Roi had a very nice soprano sax solo. This song is far too overlooked, I think that its right up there with any other song (like Crash) Rhyme- I've heard worse versions, I've heard better.. still a nice inclusion. Seek- Butch's solo at the end of everything made this song special tonight. Very slow and classical to begin, then quick and funky at the end.. His confidence with the band has greatly increased since the stadiums. IMO Butch makes all of DMB's songs much fuller. SMTS- got dancin' Bridge?- this has come a LONG way from when I last heard it (5/29). For those who have been lobbying for a longer version this is it. Must have been 4 minutes long and so funky. Stefan added a new distortion effect on his bass (which also showed at the start of Ants in the call and response between he and Dave). This was nuts.. one of the nights top highlights Too Much- real funky (maybe a theme for the night?). High energy. Wynona- I was moving back up to the tarp on the lawn from dancing down on the walk when Dave announced the guest so I didn't get the name. He looked just enough like Timmy, but I wasn't sure it was him.. real short hair now if it was him, same long face. BTW he was wearing a UCONN t-shirt. The electric solos though were crazy good and packed w/ emotion. Crush- good, standard singalong True- had a stop start intro by Dave where he played the opening part and then stopped (possibly to tune better) and then started again and stopped (repeat twice more). Then Carter took over and played a minute long drum solo presumably while Dave tuned his guitar for the song. Butch played on this tune like a pro. He is really good (duh!) Stay- let Roi play instead of drowning it out with the chorus (they only repeated it about 5 times instead of 15) that was cool. Ants- Stefan's bass effect again spiced up the standard call and response, great version to close. Dave and Boyd were toe to toe during the 1-2-3 jam (also the screens for the lawn flashed from Boyd to Dave to Carter during the part with the three beats- very nice as well) LBV- good song, but I could have done without it. It didn't really do anything for me tonight. And finally the moment I'd been waiting for-- WWYS, my first in 12 shows, I was determined to enjoy this song (which I did) during the jam I couldn't help but to get dancing like crazy. I think the people next to us were making fun of me (jerks) but it didn't spoil this song.. finally! Can't wait for tomarrow night, should be a blast.. take care (GO BLUE!)
Chris M.
Great setlist tonite. #41 was a great opener, followed by LIOG, which was nuts. Pig sounds great live. The middle part of the set was nice (Seek Up,Rhyme) but pretty standard. The show picked up again when Mitch came out for Wynona and wowed everyone. Crush followed w/ a nice jam at the end. The closing 3 songs (True Reflections,Stay,Ants) were incredible and made up for a somewhat weak finale of LBV and WWYS.
Jed M.
Another good show, considering it had to follow up yesterday's amazing show. One thing that needs to be done is lose the women! I've seen the band 6 times so far this summer and they have been at every single one of them. True Reflections has lost it's excitement as a rare song to hear because I've now seen it 5 times since May. #41 was a great opener and Dave seemed really into it right from the start. LIOG was one of the most intense I've seen and had to have been almost 15 minutes. Pig was nice to see-they always do a nice job with this one. Drive in, Drive out was great to see, my first time since Worchester in Dec. Lover Lay Down was great with Leroi's sweet sax over Dave's beautiful lyrics. Rhyme and Reason was intense as usual and it was great how they lead into Seek Up. Seek Up seemed more mellow then normal and had a great Butch solo at the end. So Much To Say/anyone seen the bridge/Too Much was standard. A lot of distortion on Dave's guitar during Too Much. Dave introduced someone on the electric guitar for Beauty of Wynona, but I'm not sure who it was, and they played the best Wynona I've ever heard. Crush was just unbelievable with Butch on the keys and also the first time this summer I've seen it. True Reflections was great, Dave's guitar was not in tune in the beginning so he made it a kind of stop time intro. Stay is getting pretty frustrating since I've now seen it 6 out of 6 shows. It's getting very old very fast and i'm getting completely sick of this song. Ants was good to hear with everyone singing to it. I had hope for a great encore seeing how much he had been playing #40 and Angel from Montgomery so much but when the ladies walked out yet again, that hope was gone and Dave just killed the crowd with Long Black Veil, his worst cover song to date, that he loves to play for some reason. WWYS slightly made up for this catastrophe and was good to hear.. i like it as a closer. With any luck at all, tonight the ladies will not show up, but I doubt that will happen. I'm sure the band will put on a great show as they always do.. See you tonight.
Man and I thought last night's show was amazing! This was a power show cut and dried. Even the slow songs were powerful, the only really slow one was Lover Lay Down, which was a great version, but more on that later. Unlike last night, tonight was all about Boyd going nuts on his violin. I'd like to recognize the guys who were passing out #36 signs. It didn't happen last night but I can feel it for tommorow! Now for some highlights. #41- Great opener. This has to be one of my favorite songs. Boyd tears it up and then Leroi serenades us with his flute and Sax. LIE IN OUR GRAVES- Oh god...So good...can't speak in complete...sentences...Great jam in the middle. Boyd tears it up...again...get used to that its a recurring theme... PIG- I heard this out in Cinncinnatti and wasn't too thrilled. This was 1000X better. Much more energy! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! What More is there? Well for starters... LOVER LAY DOWN- Thanks Dave! Great song. Leroi kicked it on his solo. SEEK UP- Unexpected. Especially after R&R. Great version though. Butch sounded great on the keys for this one. THE BEAUTY OF WYNONA- Special guest guitarist. I thought it was going to be Timmy, but it was Mitch. My dissapointment was short lived though cause Mitch just killed this song. Sounded great on a distorted guitar. Added so much to a song that I considered pretty bland when I heard it on tapes. TRUE REFLECTIONS- AGAIN!!! Dave teased us for about a minute with the A chord, then Carter started kicking the bassdrum and I thought we were going to get #36 cause there's no way they play this two nights in a row, right? NOPE! AGAIN Boyd tears it up...SO MUCH TO SAY--->ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE?--->TOO MUCH- So much energy. I was really hoping to hear this. Dave had a nice little jam going on the guitar before Leroi kicked in on ASTB. I loved Stefan on this song, I love that groove, then Too Much, just like last night was so intense! F*ck it up, F*ck it up, F*ck it up, F*ck it up BABY!!! ANTS-Hadn't heard this song in three years! New little Jam in the middle, as if Boyd needed more time to blow us away. Also the Intro is MUCH better than past versions I've heard of it, more organized and tighter. LONG BLACK VEIL- I love this song. Nuff said. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY?- So good. I have never heard this song live before so I was going nuts! Great closer. I was shocked that they only played three of the same songs from the first night. Overall the mix was incredible. Tommorow I'm hoping for #40, #36, Nancies, and I'll Back You Up, but I'm not holding my breath on that last one...oh well. Cya Tommorow!
Phil B.
WOW! What an incredible set! After Boy Wonder(I don't see what the wonder is, they suck..) left the stage, DMB came on and seemed ready for an energetic set. When they came out Dave introduced Butch Taylor, who would "grace us with his musical talent for the night". #41 opened up, it was jammed as well as it could be with out Bela or Timmy. Next, to my surprise, came Lie in our Graves. I've been reading reviews on how Boyd dances around the stage and all, but the descriptions are nothing compared to seeing him actually do this. He took over the entire jam section and ended up facing Carter and jumping up and down. Pig followed, very solid version, not very jammed out or anything, but a great song. After a few minutes with Dave talking to Carter, they broke into Drive In Drive Out. Two words describe this whole song: CARTER ROCKS! That man is simply amazing. Anyway, after DIDO, the band played a nice song to calm the people down, Lover Lay Down. Pretty good version, Butch had still been pretty unnoticable for the night. Rhyme and Reason followed LLD. I'm starting to like this song more and more as I hear it live more. Next, to everyone's surprise, came SEEK UP! One of my favorites, Butch really stood out here with a nice solo. In my opinion, one of the best parts of the night was So Much to Say-->Anyone Seen The Bridge-->Too Much. So Much had everyone singing along, great song, then they broke into ASTB with Butch and Stefan tearing the stage up. Butch had some kinda wah wah effect on his keys that sounded so awesome with Stefan's ultra heavy bass. This segued into Too Much, great version, not too much jamming, but lots of Dave dancing and "Fuck it up Fuck it up". Next "I'd like to welcome a special friend on the guitar...."My jaw drops, hoping and praying it was Timmy. "...this is Mitch Rutman." Damn! Anyway, the broke into Beauty of Wynonna, which I had never heard, and was probably one of the coolest songs all night. Mitch is really something on that guitar. Next came Crush, pretty solid version, a little jamming at the end, but not much. Then, the backup singers came out, and I thought, "God no, not Stay now..." but we got another awesome song, True Reflections. BOYD IS THE MAN. He can sing and then tear it up and the violin! Great song! Then came probably one of the worst songs all night, Stay. Its pretty good live, but that "Makes me wanna makes me wanna STAY" thing kept making me wanna yell for them to stop. It gets so aggrivating, especially when the 50 year old guy next to you who has been sitting all night finally gets up to yell out-of-key "MAKE ME WANNA STAY" a million times. I just hoped they could redeem themselves before the encore, even though the rest of the set before Stay had been good. Oh and did they redeem themselves. Carter started tapping the intro and we screamed "ANTS!" This was my second show, and the first one (2/5/99) Dave didn't play Ants, so I was happy to see it. AMAZING! The whole band was into this, Stefan pulled some nice slap bass in the intro. Great solid version of the song, Dave let us sing "People in ever direction" but came back for the "No words exchanged" part. Then came Boyd's solo, complete with the 1-2-3 Jam. Carter Beauford on the drums!!! "Thank ya'll very much!" They left and I turned around to a sea of lighters, which is such a cool sight if you're there. Finally, after a good 15 minutes, DMB came back. The backup singers were onstage, and I figured Granny was coming, but instead we got Long Black Veil. Kinda put the crowd to sleep. We seriously needed something to wake us up. Enter What Would You Say. Sweet song, amazing jams, then "Thank ya'll very much, you take care, bye bye!" AHH! TWO SONG ENCORE! NO!!! Well, at least we got WWYS. Awsome set over all, definite highlights were #41, LioG, Seek Up, SMTS-->TooMuch, WWYS, Ants, Wynonna, and True Reflections. Lowlight, if any, was Long Black VeiI. I hope their next album is as energized as this whole tour has been!