Dave Matthews Band
Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Boy Wonder
Warehouse (stop time intro)
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Too Much
Don't Drink The Water
Help Myself
Lover Lay Down
Lie In Our Graves
The Stone
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
Drive In Drive Out
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
What Would You Say
All Along The Watchtower
Ants Marching

Josh C.
Accoustics: B/B+ Not impressive for a performing arts amphitheatre Crowd: enthusiastic, mixture of young and old, well-behaved (especially compared to Giants Stadium and Foxboro...) Logistics: -getting to the show was easy, but walking out from the amphitheatre took awhile; great setting though -- right on the shore of Canandaigua Lake -getting a beer was a hassel, so I did without -fixed seating was good (where I was), but lawn seats were probably fine too Weather: we definetely lucked out...60-70 degrees with a slight breeze gave us some relief from the 90-degree days we've been having The show... Overall this was one of the best shows I've seen; the songs that were played had energy; some I've heard better, but nothing was lackluster. A few oldies dusted off (Help Myself, #40), and a couple of new tunes to keep the radio-listeners entertained. The encore was the best I've ever seen (so I'll start with that part first.) Rather than playing, stopping, then moving in to the next tune, the band played song into song into song much like the Dead used to. I hadn't yet heard #40 live so that was a great treat, and the lead in to Watchtower was seductive; people caught on after a minute or so, but it snuck up on most people. WH, then OSW with the old-school intro was great. Stefan really started getting into the show with Too Much. Though some of the songs in the middle of the set aren't my favorites, they were played well. Help Myself thoroughly confused most of the crowd, but was great regardless. LIOG featured a 'Kodak moment' where Dave, Boyd, and Stefan were standing L->R motionless in front of Carter's drum set up at CB looking like they were 'paying tribute.' It was a beautiful scene and I wish I had my camera. Jimi Thing was played with some great beats and guitar playing; I've never heard it live better. WWYS was a nice song to end the set with, and was well-executed and well-received.
Let me say that this was one of the best shows I have ever seen!!! Dave seemed to be feeling it tonight. Especially during Jimi Thing, where the ending jam went on for about 10 minutes if not longer. Also, Boyd Tinsley had an excellent performance during LIOG and Jimi Thing. And to top it all off, they played my favorite song, One Sweet World. The crowd was VERY loud, but were not at all rowdy, and the weather was perfect. And to top it all off, we get to hear #40 and Watchtower as encores, but their not done, they finish with Ants Marching. I don't believe I've ever heard a louder crowd when watchtower ended (everyone thougth that the show would end) and Carter started in on the most recognizable DMB intro. It was beautiful.
Jesse T.
Well, an all in all amazing night at the finger lakes. They mixed up the setlist nicely for us mixing a lot of rare dave songs with some of the pop crowd to make them happy. Warehouse and One Sweet World were great in my opinion but the crowd didn't get going until dave pulled out too much and don't drink the water. Both are always great live. Then came help myself. a first for me and a great sounding song. Other highlights for me included Lover Lay Down which was perfect with the sunset backdrop behind it, the stone which is an amazing song, a LONG lie in our graves, and a very sweet Jimi Thing, and the last 3 songs of the regular setlist, drive in drive out, rapunzel, and what would you say. Drive in drive out was incredible. Then came the AMAZING encore! 3 songs! and 3 great songs too! #40!!!!! incredible and beautiful! And then he played watchtower which was amazing as well, a little shorter jam on that one, but I was not expecting him to pull a woodstock on us and follow it with Ants! As my cousin Aliya put it, "An amazing end to an amazing night."
Ryan D.
Wow this show was FULL of energy, crowd was really into to. Boyd Dave and Carter were HOT! They were really dueling with each other, with a 3 song encore like that you know they were enjoying it and having a good time! Lots of jam's! Great show, great crowd, HUGE crowd, great set! Great encore to end it all!
Michael A.
This being my sixth DMB concert, I've noticed something about that all six have in common. They leave crowd wanting more!!! And I wanted more!! When Dave opened w/ my two favorite songs "Warehouse" and "One Sweet World", I knew I was in for something special, and speaking of the Warehouse, thanks for great seats, Joe and Myself were very grateful. Not too many "radio" songs. Only Crash, What Would, Too Much, and Ants would qualify for that. Last time DMB played at FLPAC he only gave us one encore, this nite Dave wowed us with three!! And they were the best 3 best songs off the night. #40, Watchtower, and Ants. Dave had to know I was in the crowd this night, b/c I was hoping and praying for #40 and Watchtower. It was funny before the show in the parking lot, I got into several discussions w/ people who were trying to tell that there was no such thing as a #40!!! Well needless to say, they recieved a nice treat as the first encore. Great show, Great crowd, Great night. Three little notes: Boyd during LIOG was totally sick, I got goose bumps watching him rip s**t up!! Dave was dancing his legs off during Rapunzel. I was laughin my ass off watching that. And one more: Dave only played the Chet Atkins guitar once, during Rapunzel and it was white, not the custom black, he mostly played w/ a regular acoustic. "Keep well, See ya'll again sometime"
Alex C.
Opening with Warehouse followed by One Sweet, I knew it would be an incredible show! Dave continued with Too Much, Don't Drink, Help Myself, and Lover for the sold out crowd of over 16,000. Lie In was my personal favorite. Boyd jammed for like ten minutes! It was absolutely amazing! Lie In being my all time favorite song, last night's version was such a great time for me--not to forget lower shell tickets-center. Following Lie In was The Stone which I was surprised to hear, but very happy. Then Crash Into Me, followed by an amazing Jimi Thing which lasted what seemed to be forever! It didn't stop either! Dave went on with Drive, then PNP-Rapunzel which was wonderful as well. The show ended with What Would, and an encore like you couldn't believe: #40, then Watchtower which played right into Ants Marching! Those final two songs were absolutely nuts. Last night's show was definatelly my favorite one yet!
Jeff M.
I'll make this review a short one since there probably will be more detailed reviews submitted. I've been to 13 shows overall, and now 5 this tour, and this wasn't one of the better shows I've seen..DMB put on a great show don't get me wrong, but the energy just wasn't there last night. My lawn seats probabaly didn't help..As for highlights of the show, I was glad to hear Lover Lay Down and Help Myself, and overall the set list was nice...Warehouse was a weak opener, but they band picked it up with Too Much and DDTW. As for the ending, I thought WWYS was the best the boys played all night, and the encore blew me away. Rarely do you ever see an encore with both Wathchtower and Ants, and besides they played a full version of #40...I congratulate the Dave Matthews Band on a great 1999 tour, and look forward to seeing them again in 2000.. Peace out!
Anthony R.
Of the Five shows I've seen (This is the second at this venue) This was the best! Boyd Jammed! Help Myself was a great surprise, but...Boyd Jammed...He had some really great solos. The encore was great, I've been wondering what song #40 I know and Watchtower into Ants lwft the croud satisfied. Oh yeah...Boyd Jammed!!
Ryan M.
Made it to the lawn by 5:15 and got great seats along side of the venue. Dave came on around 8:15 with Warehouse, a surpriser, but was still good. One Sweet World followed, one of my favorites. I was really hopeing to hear this one. The rest of the set was all right, with highlights like the jam during Lie In Our Graves and at the end of Jimi Thing. They really seemed to be on tonight. It was really surprising to hear #40, but what a way to end the night along with Watchtower and Ants Marching. The sound could have been a bit better and it seemed Roi had problems with his Soprano all night, but other than that, it was a great show.
Mike B.
This was my first show since the beginning of summer tour (Buffalo,NY) and the anticipation level I had was tremendous. We were on the grounds by 2pm and enjoyed watching the Alcohol Control Team (ACT) mess with 11-15 year old drinkers. Now for the show. Boy Wonder was a nice opener and got my neck loosened up for DMB by pounding out some hip-hop like beats with, at times, comical lyrics. About 8:15 the band strolled on to stage and encountered an almost deafining round of applause. My older brother loves Warehouse and was dying to hear it.....sure as shit they opened with it. OSW had a beautiful intro (a bit different than others I've heard). Too Much and DDTW were standard, though I did almost pass out at the end of DDTW from singing and dancing so hard. I sort of expected to hear Help Myself because of it poppping up lately but it still managed to be a pleasent suprise.....even for those who obviously know Dave from radio play. I nearly wet myself when Lover Lay Down started and the girl next to us almost got kissed (I was in JJ-507&508). LIOG....AWESOME ....BOYD, AWESOME! Crash was next, blah...I mean I like it but sing it in sspanish or something, we need a change Dave, even the dixie chicken thing is getting old though Little Feat are cool as hell. The next 5 songs got the crowd nuts and LOUD....I mean really L O U D! Jimi--Drive In Drive Out--PNP---Rapunzel and What Would You Say, how some people did not dance is beyond me, perhaps it was the wine everyone was drunk on. The boys left and I was ready for Angel but, instead as if to nake my night Dave and company come out and throw me a #40....again, nearly wet myself. Oh, one quick note to the guy in the yellow shirt row LL-504ish, I'm glad you may have met Dave or whatever and I'm also glad that you know each and every word to #40 but, you ruined the song for a lot of people by screaming out your own rediculous version....give Dave and the band some respect, if he wanted you to sing the song he may have asked! Anyways, Stephon followed #40 with a brief solo into none other than Watchtower. I thought this would be it and danced myself to near exhaustion when the bang of the snare drum meant Ants would finish a 3 song encore and a over all great show. Lots of these so called "radio songs" tonight but, they were the ones that have been on the back burner for awhile. Excellent crowd too, except of course the idiots that got in a guys are macho losers and deserve to be ridiculed for being dumb. Peace all and I'll see ya in Jersey in a month or so.
Dan P.
This was one of the best shows I've been to, and having Row E seats probably helped a bit too. Warehouse was a good opener, always is. They took it a little slow, same with One Sweet World. But you could tell the energy was still there. Too Much really got the crowd into it for the night. I figured Don't Drink The Water would come up sometime during the night. It sounded great though...its much better live. Help Myself was incredible. Granted, not many of the teeny-boppers knew the song, it was a treat for the true fans. I've never heard it live and it sounded great. Lots of energy packed into this one. Carter was pounding the drums all night. Could have done without Lover Lay Down, never was one of my fav's, but Leroi really made it worthwhile...showed some good emotion. When Boyd's on, damn is he on! He was rippin it up all night. After Leroi had his good solo during Lie In Our Graves, Boyd came in and just took off! It was incredible. He must have jammed it out for at least a good 7 minutes. He didn't want to stop playing but Carter and compnay finally slowed down the beat and Boyd backed out. Nothing special about Crash, I'm just glad I heard the Dixie Chicken. Jimi Thing was great, always is live. Dave needs to work on his soloing a little bit, but it turned out pretty good. Always a great jam. Didn't expect Drive In Drive Out...they took this slow too, but there was stil alot of energy...not to mention Dave's great improv lyrics. Once Leroi started his little tooting on the Kenny G was a giveaway for PNP/Rapunzel. Dave's dancing really got the crowd going all night, and during Rapunzel i think he even tried a little Moonwalking. They All jammed it out great. I figured that was gonna be the closer, but then busted out into What Would You Say. Nothing like a few thousand fans basically singing the song for Dave. The band took its sweet time getting back on stage for the encore...meanwhile there was a sea of lighters throughout the place. Looked cool as hell. He came back out and did a half version of #40..oh well, can't complain, still love that song. Stefan was bangin on the bass all night great, he soloed while Dave began playing the notes to Watchtower. The song was crazy! I called the Watchtower->Ants Óla Woodstock, and sure 'nough. Ants had great intensity. The guys were really into it tonight. The extended jam at the end is always pleasing. All in all, an amazing concert. Second Best to the Foxboro one i saw on May 30th. The only thing lacking from this concert was the abscense of #41 and Two Step. but still..awesome!
Nick L.
At first, I was dissapointed with the venue a little bit - the lawn wasn't as "un-hilly" as I would have liked and I wasn't too fond of the school buses that drove us to the concert from our cars. But, onto the music... Warehouse and One Sweet World seemed almost, dare I say it, lacksadaisical. I could speak in normal volumes and starngers behind us could understand me, Dave's mic seemed to be low, maybe. But we needed something to pick it up and get the crowd into it and Too Much, at song #3, saved the show. from there on in, the boys seemed to be into it - Dave was spasming and gesturing to all the people across the 1st row and one point. Dave left out the staples of the your, 2 Step, #41, Crush -- and threw in some minor surprises, Help Myself, Lover Lay Down, Drive in Drive Out -- and we got a "bonus" song in What Would You Say as it seemed the set would end after Rapunzel...but the totality of this show could not be realized until the encore is unveiled -- after a particularly long delay, Dave came out and struck out the chords of #40 -- I was in heaven, I knew the song fairly well, but not all the worlds and couldn't believe my ears-- then Stefan began his riff on Watchtower, I was in the mood for it, so I didn't mind no Ants that much. The one friend I was with, at his 1st Dave show, was hoping for Ants after that and I said "Ahh, I think not". 3 song encores are commonly found on other planets, not in Canadaigua. Well, Dave growled his way to the end of the song -- "No Reason To Get Excited!!" Great show -- got my money's worth.. then, it happened - ~BOOM~BOOM~BOOM~BOOM~... it was ANTS MARCHING!! The crowd went nuts; bodies were thrown across the lawn, ears were bleeding, cats were crying, the Earth moved, it's the 7th sign of the Apocolypse! The crowd was at the mercy of Dave and he knew it, blowing the hair off of our scalps with Ants Marching -- The classic finish had me jumping and saved transformed a questionable beginning to a show into a modern day classic --- Dave, you are my hero!
Sameer S.
What can I say about this show??? It was f**kin amazing!!!! Just look at the encore!! #40 was beautiful. The short stefan solo gave away watchtower. But hell, i wasn't complaining. Ants was awesome!! The crowd was pretty good. A lot of energy up on stage and in the crowd. Boyd was on last night. His solo during LIOG was amazing. A solid 10 minutes. Jimi Thing was awesome. Best version i've heard live. Amazing! All in all one hell of a show. Only one of the year for me, and i was not dissapointed.
Michael C.
Well to start off some people need to realize they are more songs than are on cd, I know many people are huge into DMB but the guy in front of me didn't even know that there was a song called #40 or Help Myself I mean come on, telling a die hard fan that #40 is really #41 and then swearing at him for saying that there is a #40 is kinda ridiculous, however me and my buddies had 8th row and some in 3rd row and well WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW is all I can say they played wonderfully, I understand how the setlist may not be as people wish but saying that Dave and the boys should switch outro's or songs or venues I mean HELLO its just a pleasure to hear them play just be happy they came close to where you live and you got to hear 2 unbelievable unrealeased songs, #40 and Help Myself, JUST BE HAPPY PEOPLE, also one final note, great show great venue, great music, AWESOME SHOW hope to see them very soon.
Ankeet U.
Great Show! They really sounded better than in May, even though they were stellar back then. Amazing changes of setlist by playing great old tunes like #40(Always) and Help Myself, I love treats like that! Good way to keep radio junkies happy by playing Crash and DDTW! I like them live anyways. Amazing golden days intro into One Sweet World. Also, no matter how many times I hear What Would You Say live, it just gets better. Encore capped off an amazing night. Check the band out if you get a chance, you'll be amazed at what you hear, cause it is the BOWA!