Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Mainstage Theatre (University of Buffalo), Buffalo, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
One Sweet World
Lie In Our Graves
Proudest Monkey
Too Much
Bartender -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Tim Solo
Two Step
I'll Back You Up
Davespeak: being drunk, naked and locked outside of his hotel
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Wild Horses #
For the Beauty of Wynona
Tim Solo
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Dancing Nancies
New Song #2 ("Digging a Ditch")
Say Goodbye
Ants Marching

# incomplete

Tim M.
A great show for a great night! After standing in line at the will-call window for two hours hoping to get tickets, my friend and I finally got in during Crush. Highlights of the night included For the Beauty of Wynona, One Sweet World, and Lie in Our Graves. As always, Timmy was smoking on the guitar. The crowd was either very well behaved, or very annoying. During Wild Horses Dave stopped because some jackass kept screaming. I was surprised not to hear The Last Stop, considering that it was the last stop of the tour. When someone mentioned a fiddle, Dave said, "I'll be back soon, and I'm bringing a friend with a fiddle." I look forward to seeing them in May. Finally, a hearty congratulations goes to the two girls from Rochester standing in front of us in line, who finally got tickets. Great show, great night.
Matthew E.
great concert, but i wish dave wasnt so drunk! i snuck backstage for the sound check and heard many songs, stone, last stop, reconcile, dave yells on a digital delay by tim (hillarious) stone again with timmy shouting dont hold back. then dave and tim doin a good beauty of wynona. it was kinda funny, because when dave got onstage he noticed that he had two mics together, and he said it was more than he deserved, he almost sounded nervous about the fact that he cancelled the first show! It was kinda dissapointing though. dave looked horrible, not to mention how drunk he was. i met him and tim after leaving the stage from the sound check......he screwed up many times over the night, and if it wasnt for timmy, he would have lost a couple of songs(jimi, wild horses, spoon. all in all i give it a 7 out of ten
Michael L.
Hi didly-ho fans. The last stop on the Dave and Tim show was well worth the wait. As always the typical type situations applied; the unfortunate souls who never made the grade in Music 101: Concert Etiquette, a little guy with a cowboy hat playing like a reincarnation of every guitar god your gray matter can conjur up, a great set, and lastly Dave. It is amazing to see how much energy, passion and plain fun he pours into his music night after night, song after song. Whether it be the heartfelt irony of mixing "This Land is your Land" into DDTW or the sincerity to which made "Back you Up" such an amazing tune, I am sure glad to have seen this gig. To the folks who caused Dave to abruptly end "Wild Horses", here's a tip. Sit back, smile, and be happy that youre experiencing the BOWA.
Anthony J.
Great show, unfortunately I missed the first 3 tunes...Dave joked with the audience and told the hotel story( i think it will be the same one that is on the vh-1 story tellers) Wild Horses had to be stopped after the first verse be/c Dave started laughing too hard....Beauty Of Wynona interesting, never heard it before, same with Digging a Ditch.... He also told the same Ants story before Ants Marching that he told during the 97 acoustic tour..