Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
on stage 7:42 pm
Seek Up
Too Much
Tripping Billies
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
All Along the Watchtower
Lie In Our Graves
Proudest Monkey -->
Tim Solo (with parts of Metamorphosis)
Bartender -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Jimi Thing (You Shook Me) -->
(What Will Become of Me) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Christmas Song (Can't Buy Me Love, All You Need Is Love)
Tim Solo (with parts of Stream)
Wild Horses
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Two Step
New Song #2("Digging a Ditch")
Say Goodbye
Dancing Nancies
off stage 10:55 pm

Joe N.
I thought the show was great. I can't compare it to others, since it's my first of the tour, but I thought the setlist was excellent, the performance was wonderful, and the crowd was OK. Highlights include a big screw-up by Dave during #41, and him talking about the screw-up during the song, then the story about being a little drunk and ending up outside his hotel room naked, without a key to his room, of course. Great fun... Tim's songs were INCREDIBLE. Take care all, on to Berkeley.
Cory S.
My expectations of this D&T show were easily exceeded. They kept us waiting and anticipating for about 10 minutes until the lights finally went down. This was my sixth show and I still can't think of a better opener than Seek Up. Personal highlight was #41. Even if Dave flubs the lyrics, still my favorite. On Bended Knee was beautiful. Of course Warehouse was on. Wild Horses on a twelve string. I normally don't like covers, but Dave has permission. Closed with a forceful Two Step. Great Encore. Digging a Ditch, Say Goodbye. I thought we were done, but the opening chords of Nancies suprised me. Great job on that one. Missing: One Sweet World, Ants, Typical, PFWYG. Great Setlist. Noisy jocks are annoying, people screaming Crash are worse. Sober up and enjoy the music. Talk in gym class, not a concert. Thanks to Dave and Tim for putting up with the crowd.
Ashish V.
One word... AMAZING. This show had some hilarious davespeak -- with a great story about Dave being locked out of his hotel room because he mistakenly thought the door was the door to the bathroom and not the one into the lobby. The kicker of the story was that somehow he was naked and it was 6 am, and were it not for a well placed complimentary newspaper, the story might have been much more embarrassing for him! Other highlights included Dave screwing up #41 and yelling "Shit!" into the microphone while playing it, an awesome Watchtower and Two Step, Dave telling various people to "Shut the fuck up", and my first Christmas Song ever. It was amazing -- the entire place was transfixed. Oh, and lest I forget, Tim Reynolds is a god -- that's the only way to explain his amazing hands. All in all an excellent evening!
Adam G.
Dave and Tim were great; the crowd sucked. Each song was amazing, but followed by annoying 'bidding wars.' Finally Dave told them to "Shut the fuck up!" The Stone was amazing with perfect changes between the mellow/happy and dark parts of the song Dave broke some strings ?on Billes? and just stopped playing, telling Tim to take over. Then, on 41, he screwed up a few times and stopped playing again. He blamed it on alcohol, but I'd blame some other substance . . . two of his 'Davespeak routines' foccussesd on acid. . . . Played Watchtower early and the crowd loved it. Both of Tim's solos were amazing (the crowd wanted him to talk, but,of course, he didn't). Awesome Warehouse intro, as usual! Dave's comments were hard to make out at the show (the sound was low and the crowd was loud), but on my recording, it sounds like he says something like "Don't do it, it's not worth it" after Say Goodbye. All in all, Dave and Tim were amazing: their chemistry was perfect and they played the tightest I've heard yet. Besides the crowd noise, and low volume, a fabulous show!!!
Ross D.
Great show. The audience was, of course, stupid. Constantly yelling out personal greetings, hellos, and happy birthday wishes. Dave and Tim were great though. Esp. Dave's voice, which was on! Dave dropped the lyrics in the middle of #41, he kept playing his guitar and talking about how stupid he was for messing up and apologizing, then picked the song back up and finished it. After it was over, he begged for forgiveness and mocked himself by strummng a few skewed chords and singing some of #41 off key, with his voice cracking. The audience yelled how they wanted the show louder and Dave said, "Maybe if you all would shut the f*** up you could hear." He told a long story about locking himself out of his hotel room, naked, one night in San Francisco. Jimi Thing into WWBOM into Pantala Naga Pampa was incredible. I loved hearing the newer songs acoustic and some of the outros (This land is your land, and can't help falling in love). Dave said that Crash was the only song that sounded good when being yelled out by crowd members. Then he yelled out, "Christmas Song!!" and "O LIttle Town of Bethelehem!!", To show how bad they sounded when yelled out. All in all a great set, with great Dave speak, and a stupid audience.
Mike S.
My first time seeing D&T. Was lucky enough to get good seats in the first balcony. Dave came out and tried to calm everyone down with only little success. Forturnatley, everyone around me but one girl were real cool and were there to respect and listen to the tunes. This one girl, an "I love you Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" type was very annoying. I mean, once scream is enough, but every other song is too much. Then, she sings along so far out of key, I could do better. Anyway, onto the highlights, 41 was awesome, but Dave messed up about half-way thru and was so embarassed, but it added to the show for me. Bended Knee was awesome, I guess this is Reconcile our Differences with different lyrics. Dave told the best story of being drunk, nude and locking himself out of his hotel room. Absolutely hilarious. I will spare reviewing the rest of the setlist, as I could go on and on. All in all a great show.
Jared O.
I'll keep this review short - the crowd sucked, but the performance and setlist were amazing. My only other complaint is that the chairs in the 2nd balcony are small and uncomfortable as hell! After Dave messed up on #41, he asked for forgiveness - although I hate when people yell out during shows, someone yelled out "I'll forgive you if you have a beer with me, Dave", and it was pretty funny. Highlights for me were The Stone, Watchtower, LIOG, DDTW, Christmas Song (!!!!), Warehouse, Wild Horses (absolutely amazing), Crash, Two Step, Digging a Ditch, Say Goodbye, and Nancies. Did I just name the whole setlist? Nancies was a great closure. Anyway it was an incredible show and unforgettable experience.
Great night overall. It began with Dave coming out of his bus and crossing the street to a crowd of us. Dave was pretty out of it, I'm sure having had his fun on the drive over. Incredible 3 hour+ show even though, as everyone else said, the crowd was awful. People just don't get it. I was worried Dave would cut the show short after an hour and a half but he still came through for me with an incredible show. Tim was amazing. Highlights were: THE STONE (I like this song anyway but that much better acoustically), WAREHOUSE, CHRISTMAS SONG, CRUSH, TWO STEP, Dixie Chicken. Hilarious DaveSpeak about big guys "this is the only way I know how to express myself," the naked in the hallway incident, his #41 screw up, saying to himself, "you fool," and how "crash" is the only song that sounds good to ask for (not "X-mas song, the first noel, o little town of bethlehem"). I only yelled once, for Two Step, and he played it. I doubt he heard me but I can hope. Peace y'all...