Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
All Along the Watchtower
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
One Sweet World
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Bartender -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Too Much
Seek Up
Two Step
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Wild Horses
Lie In Our Graves
Lover Lay Down
Say Goodbye
The Maker
If I Had a Boat
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Christmas Song
Ants Marching
New Song #2("Digging a Ditch")
Warehouse (Louie Louie)

Shawn H.
If you missed this show, I laugh in mockery of you because it was INSANE!! Good gravey, Dave and Tim sounded so good they rivaled even seeing the whole band in concert. Total playing time was an amazing 3 hours and 45 minutes that was full of some of the most beautiful and amazing music I have ever gotten to hear. Dave was in a very talkative mood, talking alot about the wonders of the nasal spray Afrin, as well as the tv show crocodile hunter. He interacted with the crowd continously thorughout the whole night, and although the crowd was initially very rowdy, they eventually settled down, and Dave rewarded us with The Maker. THE MAKER!! EPIC! Other highlights included Reconcile our differences ( a great great song) and The Stone ( who would have thought that this song would still be as dynamic without Boyd)? Say Goodbye and DDTW also were show stoppers that brought the house down, as well as my first time hearing Seek Up after 5 shows. Low lights of the show: Stay ( souded butt awful) and the crowd who responded to every number 40 request with, "its number 41 stupid ". If you taped it, I want it BAD. Hopefully see y'all tonight at the pantages. Peace out.
Nicholas J.
Let me start off by saying that the Arlington is a killer venue complete with southwestern motif and an artificial skyline. Tonight's show was my first Dave and Tim show after seeing DMB numerous occasions so I didn't know what to expect.What I didn't realize was that Dave moved those crazy legs of his more sitting down than standing up.The setlist was pretty good except no #40,Nancies. I really enjoyed the mellow atmosphere when the crowd finally settled down after Dave said"let's see how quiet we can get." Davespeak consisted of the Afrin story, a reference to east coast pasty fucks,a southpark "Mr.Hanky" comment, and earthquake comment "I don't think I want the earth doing a little jig under my feet."Highlights of the show were Crush ,The Stone with the Elvis tribute, an emotional Seek Up(Dave's voice was the best I've ever heard it),REcocile which is very beatiful,both of Tim's solo's(my jaw was on the floor both times),If I had a Boat, and by far my favorite of the evening Digging A Ditch. Overall a great venue , good respectful crowd, and a great performance by D&T.
Randy F.
Definetely an impressive show. The show went for a little over 3 hours, and had a great setlist. Although the setlist had a few problems. For one, All Along the Watchtower is just a lame song to play at the beginning of a show, secondly, Dave didn't play half the songs I really wanted to hear (no Granny, Sattelite, Little Thing, Spoon, Dreaming Tree, Pig, Recently, Dancing Nancies, you get the drift). But, of the 3 Dave shows I've seen, this has to be the best one yet. The crowd wasnt't too bad, although at first everybody was on their feet yelling and screaming until Dave hushed them and told them to sit down. He also demonstrated for the audience the proper ways to get a groove on without standing up. He talked alot that night. He mentioned that he used to have a Big Brother that had an Afrin problem, among other things. He also said that his favorite show on TV next to the Teletubbies was that Crocodile Man. He talked about how warm it was in California and how p! asty white he was. He also mentioned playing at an acoustic only concert in CA a while back (Bridge Benefit XI?) and that a hard rock band was playing that sounded ridiculous with an acoustic guitar (Metallica?). He also made fun of the dumb jocks who would yell out songs. I was lucky enough to sit next to all of them. Someone yelled out something really obscene but I didnt hear. The whole back section of the audience booed him though. Other than that I really enoyed the new songs and Tim was incredible (I'm glad he played something other than Stream). I saw about 4 or 5 tapers at the show so if anyone has a copy let me know! Overall, good show, can't wait til the Summer tour.
Ryan C.
Dave and Tim open their California visit at a tranquil Arlington Theatre, playing for an audience of college students and long-time fans. As always, they performed a phenomenal show, bringing out some real gems of the past. A remarkable opening as they started with "Crush" followed by an energetic "Watchtower," impressive that early in the show. They then played a passionate "Stone" which trailed into "Can't Help Falling…" It's great to see them stray from the opening favorites; Two Step, Proudest Monkey, and Seek Up. The strengths of the shows, as I saw it, were first a tight pairing of "Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)" into "Pantala Naga Pampa" immediately followed by "Reconcile Our Differences" and "Don't Drink The Water (This Land is Your Land)." That hit big with the crowd early as Dave & Tim went on to play some classics with "Seek Up" and an emotional "Wild Horses" in the mix. But my favorite grouping was a stand-out combination of a dust-collecting "The Maker," "If I Had A Boat," and a riveting "Halloween." It seemed like Dave had really settled into his groove as they finished that trio with an agonizing "Halloween," filled with screams and strums all ending with its sudden stop puncturing the crowd with a momentary silence that evoked quite a response. It is no wonder Dave took a quick cigarette break right afterwards leaving the stage to Tim for his second railing solo. A great finale with "Warehouse" trickling into their "Louie Louie" like the days of their 1996 tour. Bravo Dave… Bravo Tim.
Kyle A.
An amazing show. Dave was onstage for 3 hours and wouldn't stop talking. People were starting to get upset that he was talking so much but then he explained that it wouldn't cut out any songs, it'd just make the night longer, and everyone loved that. The highlights of the evening were One Sweet World (best version I've ever heard), Wild Horses (Dave busted out the 12-string for this one), Say Goodbye (he said it wasn't a good idea and that he should write a follow-up song called "Oh, Shit"), and If I Had A Boat (he screwed up the lyrics, but joked about it after). Dave talked about everything from being addicted to Afrin to maybe giving the West coast a shot (although he doesn't like earthquakes). The show sounded great, too. You could've heard a pin drop during Christmas Song. Overall a great experience and definitely the best setlist as of yet on this tour.
David J.
This show was just amazing. I am writing late enought to tell you that it was better than the LA show by far. It was the perfect show for a hardcore fan because of the unexpected tunes. The maker. This was awesome i almost had a heart attack. Halloween. enough said! Both If I had A Boat and Wild Horses. Plus the two new songs. During Christmas Song you could hear a pin drop and #41 may have been played by request because the crowd was being fairly courteous(except for those teeny boppers on the right side. Anyway, can't say enough about it, lots of davespeak and they played for 3 hours 15 minutes. What a treat.
Tim R.
How do I start, This was the most amazing show that I have been to!!! Even though this is only my third show, I think that if I died right now, I would be pretty happy. Dave started off the evening with Crush in which all those sorority girls out there went crazy. It was kind of annoying but despite the lack of intelligence in the female crowd, it sounded awesome!! I think the total IQ of the female crowd was about 39 maybe 40. I was stoked to here Seek Up finally after hoping for it for over a year now. It sounded amazing, especially because I was sitting in the 2nd ROW!! Did you here that? 2nd ROW!!!! Dave talked quite a bit in which he had a long detailed story about his supposed "brother" who had a problem with Afrin nasal spray. He reffered to "Mr. Hanky" along with talking about how the follow up song to Say Goodbye would be "OH Shit - what did I do -- need a ride home?". Little Timmy rocked the house with his two solos and accompanyment to Dave. Two Step, All along the Watchtower, The Maker, Christmas Song, can't be topped. Dave kept taking the grease from the bridge of his nose and wiping in on the strings which was something he learned from Stefan.(???) Did I mention I was 2nd ROW!!!!Warehouse was an INSANE closer where he went into LOUIS LOUIS. Even though I made Signs for #40 and passed them out, it wasn't played. Yes #40, I said! Some girls behind me told me I made a mistake on the signs and said it is #41. I just ignored the ignorance of non-true-fans. I was kind of bummed because I held up my sign during a break and dave looked at me and acknowledged my request by a nod of the head but no #40 was heard. However #41 was heard and was extremely beautiful. On Ants Marching Dave actually messed up the vocals on the "....loose ends, loose ends,....." part. I laughed. For those true fans out there, request for "Exodus", "People People", and "A song that jane likes" were made but dave kind of blew them off. He told the somebody that he needed Peter for "People People". He told sombody who requested "Granny" that he forgot how to play it. Kind of funny since he played it three days later in Claremont,CA. Dave mentioned that the west coast doesn't know what winter time was over 3 hours. If you weren't at this show......I FEEL EXTREMELY BAD. BOO HOO.