Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Headwaters Forest Benefit, Marin Civic Auditorium, San Rafael, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 8:09 pm
Two Step
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
All Along the Watchtower *
One Sweet World
Lie In Our Graves
Bartender -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Proudest Monkey -->
Tim Solo (Unknown)
John the Revelator **
Love of My Life **
Jimi Thing (You Shook Me) -->
(What Will Become of Me) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Too Much
I'll Back You Up
Tim Solo (Unknown)
The Song That Jane Likes
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Dancing Nancies
New Song #2("Digging a Ditch")
If I Had a Boat
Ants Marching
offstage 10:58 pm

* with Bob Weir
** with Carlos Santana

Adam G.
The setlist and guests should speak for itself. Best show of the last three nights. The crowd was obnoxious, as usual, but after some time got into the songs. Very little Davespeak, just a tight show. Transitions between songs were perfect; sound at the auditorium was incredible. Ants was a perfect ending for a great show (and tour), though the crowd was hoping for "The Last Stop" (which would have been apropos) or "Rapunzel." Noentheless, an amazing experience.
Jesse Q.
WOW!!!!! What a show. The playlist was great and the crowd was nice, not a bunch of drunks, and what great special guests. Highlights were "Watchtower w/ Bob Wier: They both jammed forever and you can see that they all had the biggest smiles. Two songs that Dave recorded with Santana they played with Carlos Santana. Don't have the names but it was Awesomme. Tim and Carlos went back and forth on the guitar. AAAHHH I was 5th row so I was completly blown away. Heard "Song That Jane Likes" first time on the tour. Timmy is the bomb people need not to leave there seats when Timmy plays it is just rude. Well I went to Sac, Berk, and San Rafeal and they were all great.
Kim C.
This was an amazing show!!!! Not a lot of Davespeak, but great music. I was in the front row so it was amazing to be able to see Dave and Tim so close. Santana and Bob Weir were excellent surprises and you could see the excitement in Dave and Tim's eyes that they were playing with these guys. Great long jams throughout the show!! I was lucky enough to be able to go to the reception after the show and meet Dave as well as Santana and Weir. Dave was extremely nice and very patient with all of the people surrounding him! He was also very talkative and full of little quirky stories. GREAT NIGHT!!!!
Joshua S.
What an incredible evening. Easily the best of the three shows in Northern California. And this is based on music and set list alone. Never mind that two living legends showed up to play a few. Having Bobby and Carlos there absolutely blew my mind. Crowd was okay, better than Sacramento, worse than Berkeley. Highlights of the show: One sweet world, #41, TSTJL, and a very fun ants marching at the end. The entire crowd stood up and danced and sang. I saw it almost as our collective goodbye to Dave and Tim. Watchtower with Bob was kind of weird, but everything else was utter perfection. He sang the crap out of #41. I think he was making up to us for messing it up on Friday night in Sacramento. At the reception afterwards, Dave looked wasted (either tired or drunk, probably both) and he looked like he could use a vacation. See you this summer Dave.
Tyler B.
Drove all Saturday night from Vancouver, Canada to San Rafael for the show, stopping to pick up Ada & Josh in Seattle, without tickets, hoping...Got to the venue at like noon. Waited in line for 7 hrs hoping for someone to cancel for us to luck into seats. The Dave gods were on our side. We got 8th row!! As soon as we were inside I knew something was up since there was an extra chair on stage...I had tears in my eyes throught the first 3 songs; couldn't belive I was there. Then Dave brought out Bob Weir for Watchtower. Damn. On Bended Knee was awesome. The first Tim Reynolds songs were amazing; he played Sacrifice into a delay loop of Stream into somethign else, I didn't recognize. It was such a shame so many people took a bathroom break at that point, 'cause Tim blew my mind. Then Dave talked about him & Carter working with someone and brought out Carlos Santana. Does this mean there will be a Santana album w/ Dave & Carter? Found myself singing along to John the Revelator. Then they played something w/ Santana that seemed familiar, but at the same time wasn't...Love of my Life was the chorus. Wicked Jimi Thing and Too Much. Then the highlight. Killer Warehouse. Full "Passion" wailing intro...great #41 and IBYU. Before IBYU, Dave said he was going to play the first song he ever wrote and then banged on his guitar and sang something and then stopped and laughed and sayed, "This was #2". and played IBYU. Tim played somethign pretty mellow next, could've been "Calling the Earth to Witness", but I can't be sure. Then a guy two seats over yells in a Cockney accernt, "Could you please play 'The Song That Jane Likes'", Dave looks up and replies, "The Song That Jane Likes?" Everyone cheers, he says something to Tim and they played it. Very cool. Closed w/ Crash & Nancies. Great encore. I like Diggin a Ditch and If I had a Boat is a great cover. Ants, no matter how overplayed is always a great closer. Amazing show, well worth the 15 hr drive...