Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Union Hall, Phoenix, Arizona
Graph of songs performed, by album
Bartender -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
One Sweet World (Swim Naked)
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Two Step
Proudest Monkey -->
Lie In Our Graves
Tim Solo (Unknown)
If I Had a Boat
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Too Much
Seek Up
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Wild Horses
Say Goodbye
Ants Marching
New Song #2("Digging a Ditch")
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Dancing Nancies

John M.
again worth the trip from VA, too bad I had to spend the time with an ex. ahhh but the boys made it better. Not too sure about "Reconcile" too many different interpretations, i dunno if this was it but it was before DDTW so i'm guessing it was. One Sweet World-was a sweet surprise, didn't expect it. Stone & Crush Tim was going crazy with some rhythm. Two Step a nice quiet intro, not too much just right. Proudest Monkey this early in the setlist?!?! I do believe I'm lovin it-->into a quick Satellite, again might as well have been "After Her", i don't think they'll continue it this way with DMB I don't think they'll be able to keep up. #41, they never let me down, every show I have been to #41 has been played. Fast "Stay" I dunno if it was just me, but i don't think they should be going that fast, the words are muffled and it takes on a completely different feel. It seems as though they are rushing through it just to be through with the song. Tim solo, wasn't stream. ! I'm glad he is showcasing more of his songs than just "Stream" this one was very "industrial" with a dub kinda feel. If I had a boat? I would play this song as well. First time I heard it on the tour and wasn't let down. i can see why he sings it, it has a good flow and bassline. Jimi Thing, awwwwww break it down one time. Rhythm guitar at its best, can't tell you how sweet it was to hear a funkier jam. Too Much, played a little slower, all in all still good. Improv session, random chords and even more random words. Seek Up, did you hear that pin drop? It was eerie, the song seemed heavy in the air. Halloween, are you satisfied? He never lets us down with the emotion he showed during this one. Tim again not playing anything I have heard. Looks like someone has gotta go get more cd's. Wild Horses, the crowd had no idea what it was until the chorus, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. Say Goodbye, brought new meaning to "dancin in our chairs". Spoon, quiet and qu! ick, but Tim filled every second with ease. Ants Marching, yadda yadda yadda. Diggin a ditch again? I think this may be played with DMB this tour year, well I'm hopin. Crash, yeah we all love you, they never seem to go away. Dancing Nancies, I thought this was an appropriate closer, it's a long jam and Tim goes wild at the end. All in all a good night, back home safe in VA. no complaints except for the first one listed.
Anthony H.
The boys took the stage at 7:30 and went right into "Reconcile our Differences," which the crowd was nice and quiet for. One incredible roll into DDTW. On a whole, the crowd wavered from being decent to terrible; typical of a D/T show. The usual drunk fratboys/GAP girls were a pain, but one highlight is the Davespeak. He was hilarious! A great story about getting whipped at the all boys school in South Africa, another about being in a dreamy, hazily drunk stupor and accidentally hugging Tim as a pillow on the bus/plane(?), how the 20th century contribution to the english language is "whatever," and the usual, hilarious making fun of audience members. A friend of mine was taping the show on the balcony, but, unfortunately, the sound seemed poor. I wish they would've cranked it up a bit more, unplugged or not. A 3 hour show I will never forge nonetheless.
Laura T.
I'm from Dallas and flew to Arizona to check out the Acoustic tour in Phoenix..since Dave's staying away from Texas this time around. The show was excellent! Although the best part of Dave Matthews' music usually includes the rest of "the band", getting to see Dave play in such a small venue and "babble" between songs as he called it was well worth the trip. Now I know all about how he was whipped in school with a bamboo chute, how his "sweetheart" built him a bathtub, and what happened when he passed out drunk on a stranger on his last plane flight. You just can't get that kind of info at one of the arena shows! The show was 3 and half hours, the only songs I hadn't heard him play live before was "Wild Horses" (from the duo he sang with Mick Jagger at the last Stones concert) and some impromtu rap song he decided to sing...interesting. Even the drunk frat boys shouting from the balcony were entertaining...Dave's reaction...he just flipped them off and kept singing. Even though he told us, "you'll hear from Tim when Tim's good and ready to talk", he never said a word the whole show...his guitar playing was impressive on several songs, however, most of the time he played right along side Dave with no special tricks. All in all, well worth the plane fare I paid to go see the show.
Michael A.
My first Dave & Tim show. Wow, what an experience! Our seats were towards the back on the floor, but a very small venue of course. First let's review the setlist. I liked the quiet beginning with the new song Reconcile Our Differences. Worked out well because the crowd (which didn't seem to have the best manners) were still streaming in at the beginning of the show. I enjoyed One Sweet World and the swim naked outro was nice. Among the newer tunes I really enjoyed The Stone and Crush. I think Crush sounds better as an acoustic tune. As far as the covers go, nice selections that they chose. Real nice rendition of Wild Horses. If I Had A Boat was a nice upbeat song. The song that seemed to jump out at me the most was Halloween. It came across to me as a very controlled yet passionate version of the tune. Tim is really amazing. He was like a magician with that guitar. Another rude thing the crowd did was get up for smokes, bathroom breaks, etc during Tim's solos. Oh well, they missed some real good jams. I was a little disappointed in hearing Ants and Crash. I wish I could've subbed maybe Deed is Done or Granny in for one of em, but a good setlist nonetheless. I really enjoyed Dave The Comedian. I wish he could talk for 2 hours and play for 2 hours. He has a very witty sense of humor. He talked about how he liked Bob Newhart, how the song Spoon is about the bathtub running, he introed Say Goodbye as an "ill advised song" and then in the lyrics (speaking of Arizona weather) threw in "you and I together, it's hot as hell outside..." But my favorite Dave speak was his story of getting whipped back when he went to school in South Africa and how they'd use the urinal fountain as a way to cool down their butts. A very enjoyable concert and I'm leaving tomorrow to head to the Hollywood show!
Michael M.
Incredible show!! My first chance to see Dave and Tim, missed the last one. Highlights were Stay (I loved the change, it's very different), The Stone was great, Say Goodbye and #41 will always be my favs, and the new songs were great. I couldn't hear anything Dave said for the first 10 minutes but then people figured out they're supposed to shut up in between songs. Dave was in good spirit and had some good stories, and everyone loved it when he mocked the screaming guys. I also really enjoyed the covers of If I Had a Boat and Wild Horses. I got scared at the end that they would close with Crash but was very relieved when they stayed on and started up Nancies ... Anyways, awesome show, great set, perfect night ...