Dave Matthews
KROCK Studios, New York, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
New Song #1 ("Bartender") -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)

Thomas A.
Dave arrived at the studio at 5:10 escorted by four gentlemen through a parking garage. They took the freight elevator up to the 14th floor to the KROCK studios where about 20 fans who had won tickets on the radio were waiting. For about 40 minutes he answered questions from the audience and over the telephone. He talked about his first concert where he saw Pete Seger and his influence from the Clancy Brother. He said Marlboro Reds were his favorite cigaretes and he liked whisky but he shouldn't drink it. He also explained to a caller who Anne was. His first song was a beaufitul rendition of The Stone with I Can't Help Falling In Love. His second and last song was lovely was well with the On Bended Kneww introduction to Don't Drink The Water. During the show Dave was giddy as a small child even though he said he was a little sick. He told the audience he might hack some phlem on them. After the show he signed autographs for fans. This was all told to me by people inside. I, however, was outside. I located the freight elevtor that Dave took up and waited their but the doorman made me leave. He was kind enough though to tell me when Dave was coming down since he had a camera in the elevator. When the doors opened there was Dave. I asked for a photo. Dave put his arm around me and one of his assistants named Mike took the photo. Then I followed him out into the parking garage where about 30 fans attacked him. He signed autographs while he was escorted to his car. Dave was really nice to me. For as big a star as he is he is still human and he realizes this.
Joseph G.
Dave stop by the studio to answer questions and play a few songs. He was in town for the Storrytellers. He answers questions about his influences, alcohol/tobacco preferences, what the band is up to, the dedication to Jane, and what he does for fun. The sound was great but the callers were annoying. It is always nice to hear dave solo and do some explaining.