Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Eisenhower Hall, University Park, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Two Step
Too Much
Lie In Our Graves
The Maker
New Song #1("Reconcile Our Differences") -->
Dont Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Improv Jam
Letting Go (Tim Solo)
I'll Back You Up
Jimi Thing -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
All Along the Watchtower
Tim solo (Unknown)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
If I Had a Boat
Say Goodbye
Cry Freedom
Dancing Nancies

Marc P.
Dave was in quite the story telling mod tonight. He talked about his acid trips in his younger years, and the classic masterbation to ease your tension. Then after "I'll Back You Up" he told this long story about how a group of apes settle all of their differences by "getting it on!" He even talked about the "proudest ape", I thought for sure we were about to hear the tours first "Proudest Monkey", but it was just a tease and they went into the standard "Jimi-WWBOM-PNP". "Granny was a nice surprise opener, then one of my personal favorite acoustic songs came in, the very percussive version of "Too Much" got me going. My first live "The Maker" which was follower by the new "Reconcile Our Differences" was a great combination. Timmy really fills in nicely for Boyd on the "Crush" jam. It's great to watch Dave truley enjoy Timmy's ability. With Dave not bringing out the twelve string for "Spoon" it kind of lost it's edge, but it's still a sweet song. The mid set "Watchtowe r" was also a surprise. Tim's new song "I Don't Know" is amazing, he gets so fast and just beats at the guitar, NOTE if you ever go to one of these shows please have the respect for possibly the best guitarist that you will ever see. Don't get up and leave or start a conversation just because Dave has left the stage. HAVE SOME RESPECT. "Cry Freedom" "Nancies" was a solid encore, "Cry Freedom" being the meaningful song that it is, and "Nancies" showing how fast and good Timmy really is. A good show with great stories, Dave's voice didn't seem to feel the effects of the cold that he just got over.
Ian E.
That was the single most incredible experience of my entire life. I am left speechless. Dave was in a talkative mood for the most part. In between songs he told stories about Binobo monkies, Trippin in the shower, a friend of his who had to have reconstructive surgery on his nose due to an Afrin addiction, and of course plenty of masturbation stories. He also talked about the 8 second acid trip and the origins of I'll Back You Up. The setlist was incredible, and while I can't remember everything in order, there were certainly enough highlights to fill a novel. Timmy ripped the whole night with crazy effects on his pedals and blazing speed on the strings. Dave's voice has perfect, but he was sniffling a little between songs. They played Reconcile Our Differences which was different but very good. They also played The Maker, which was an unexpected treat. Crash and Satellite were there along with #41, Say Goodbye, Too Much, Nancies, LIOG, Granny, 2 Step, I'll Back You Up, Spoon, The Stone, Jimi Thing, Rapunzel, WWYS and Cry Freedom. I know I'm forgetting some but trust me it was a great, great show. The audience was very good for the most part with plenty of proposals and "Dave you are so hot!" screams. Another incredible show from two incredible musicians.
Steven M.
Great show. This show was much better than IUP; better sound, crowd and setlist. The new song is pretty good, sort of dark with drop D tuning. It has a sort of religion theme, a couple God and Devil lines. The Maker was probably my personal highlight, along with Boat, #41 and DDTW. LOTS of Davespeak. He talked about masturbation (a lot), bad trips, and apes that resolve conflicts with sex.
Michael R.
WOW what a show---Dave was so animated tonight, he told many stories. one about apes in africa, one about some kid who told him to lay off the drugs today--the kid was getting a bunch of auutographs--, And many comments to the audience when they yelled something--"like shut the fuck up","if you don't like it you can leave", and my personal favorite, in response to a yell of "Eyes of the world"--dave replied"i barely knew the words the first time" and then someone yelled "tangerine" dave siad "I prefer oranges"in an english accent. It was the best dave and tim show i ever saw.