Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Galliard Auditorium, Charleston, South Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
The Best of What's Around
Say Goodbye
Tripping Billies
One Sweet World
Two Step
New Song #1("Reconcile Our Differences") -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Tim solo (unknown)
Jimi Thing (You Shook Me) -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Too Much (Golden Years, Fame)
All Along the Watchtower
Lie In Our Graves
Tim solo (unknown)
Dancing Nancies
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)

Lee C.
Great show. Can't go into too much detail, but wow is one word to describe it all. I was fifth row and had my jaw on the floor half the time. Highlights of the night were BOWA, The Stone, Stay (really cool the way they played it), The Stone (wanted to cry), #41, and many others. Dave was talking his ass off. He told lots of little stories and talked with the crowd a lot. The crowd was very good I must add. It would be hard to top this show, but the encore left a bit to be desired, including Crash and Warehouse. Warehouse was good, but no Crash or more songs would be nice. No Maker or 40, but I am going the next two nights, so maybe then!!! Talk to everyone after the Columbia and Greenville also, but this show will be hard to beat!
Jeff R.
Dave & Tim messmorized the crowd of over 2000 with the combination of his humor and musical talent. As soon as Matthews entered the stage, he began talking about masterbation with seemed to not only make people laugh, but loosen everyone up. Throughout the show, Dave interracted with many of the fans, telling them to shut up (in a humorous way), talking like a gay man, or flipping off fans wanting to hear songs. The best thing, though, was with the relaxed setting, everyone could just sit back and enjoy the musical brilliance of Dave & Tim. If you've listened to the 'Luther College CD' and think that was good, you have to see it live.
Mike D.
incredible show in charleston last night! my first dave and tim experience. dave was very talkative, and so was the crowd. aside from some untimely yelling like near the end of lie in our graves, and in the middle of some of dave's stories, they pretty much were able to restrain themselves. dave talked about afrin nasal spray, coconut oil smell at the beach, baboons laughing just like some of the guys in the audience, wearing a skirt (and how he can't anymore because he's not as small as he used to be), masturbation (of course), being called "pizza face" in high school, god having a sense of humor, and much more. one girl threw her panties on stage and after tim's first solo dave told her she put too much perfume on them. i loved the acoustic don't drink the water, it was incredibly emotional, a couple other main highlights for me was the stone, bowa, warehouse, and too much. stay was pleasantly different as well. all in all a great show, no complaints!
Mike H.
Coming out of this show, I must say that I had the perfect Dave experience. I realize that sounds lame but the show was that good. I had camped out for 21 hours to get my front row seats and I could not have been any closer to Dave. At the start of the show, the crowd was really fired up and I could tell that Dave really wanted to calm people down. He talked alot in the beginning of the show, he and Tim only played three song in the first 40 minutes. Eventually people started to shut up and take in the show. However, Dave said that he was going to be "Mr. Friday night" and play some louder songs. Some of the more notable songs were Stone, a killer Jimi Thing-->wwbom-->PNP. Lie in our Graves was the highlight of the night, I think. Dave and Tim went into this little picking thing going back and forth note for note. Dave announced the new song as "this litte thingamajigee" and played it nicely into DDTW. Timmy took two solos and the second was just amazing, he had eve ryone reeling. About two thirds of the way through the show, Dave grabbed a big basket from the floor and announced that since it was national condom week and "everybody should have one" Dave and Tim started tossing condoms out into the crowd. Dave came up to the edge of the stage to pass the basket into the crowd and I got to shake his hand and have a quick word with him!!! That said, the show was great except for the screaming chick and the vomiting chick behind me. But when you were as close as I was, that stuff really dosen't matter
Jarod M.
Well this was a great show. i really enjoyed Best of What's Around, it sounds really good acoustic. Too Much Stone and Say Goodbye were all great too. The one thing that got on my nerves was that people would scream when Tim would do a solo and you couldn't hear what he was playing. Dave talked a lot which really did make the show great. He talked about masturbation, being called " pizza face " in high school, and how women should run the government. This being National condom week Dave and Tim threw condoms into the crowd. Overall it was a great show.