Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Weis Center, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Best of What's Around
Say Goodbye
Lie In Our Graves
Typical Situation
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Two Step
New Song #1("Reconcile Our Differences") -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Improv Jam
Jimi Thing (You Shook Me) -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Crash Into Me
Proudest Monkey
Too Much
Stream (Tim solo)
I'll Back You Up
Dancing Nancies
"If I were Crazy... " intro -->
Pay For What You Get (Message In a Bottle, Norwegian Wood)
The Maker
If I Had a Boat
All Along the Watchtower

Bill C.
All I'm going to say is this was with out a doubt the best show I've ever been to. Just look at the set everything was played beautifully Dave was in great spirits and the best part was the crowd. Dave complimented us twice during the show and then before the encore started said we were the best crowd he and Tim have EVER played in front of. No shit he really did say that I think that's why we got so many treats i.e. the encore. Get a copy of this show!
James H.
Wow this show was the best I've been to... imo better than the Bloomsburg show. Dave was really in the talkative mood. Even Tim was talking. Dave went off about his acid days in georgia, xrays of his face, and his cursing habit to name a few. He really seemed to be having fun and called us the most quiet crowd ever... i'll take that as a compliment. Boy was this show full of different intros and outros... he put a intro that i didn't recognize in Jimi Thing and about 3 outros to it. Tim's first solo was really cool.. and he played stream to which for once i recognized. I'm still really surprized about how much he was talking... hope someone taped it. And was really surprized he played more or less 5 encores... which included The Maker! If I Had a Boat was really chill too. Definately the best show i've ever been to.
Awesome *3* hour show!!! Dave and Tim both seemed to be in excellent moods, though Dave is obviously still recovering from a sinus thing. Their playing was superb!Recipe for a long fantastic show=quiet audience. Dave commented during the 4 song encore that this crowd was the quietest crowd they (Tim & Dave) had EVER played before (Dave empahsize *ever*.) Of course this was a sincere compliment and the crowd almost blew it by becoming somewhat rowdy after this comment. I believe this acoustic tour demands a calmer audience which, of course, as you all know, is asking a lot from faithful fans who are ecstatic to be in the same tiny room with them! I attended the Bloomsburg, PA show (1/22/99), the crowd was much louder and Dave and Tim didn't respond as well to them as to the Lewisburg crowd. They seem annoyed with constant yelling of requests. Dave was very chatty tonight! He told some funny stories about different folks catching him in the act of talking to himself including hi s fine-looking cousin and Stefan. Fantastic evening!!
Mike D.
My fifth Dave and Tim show in two weeks, and also my last, but Dave did save the best one for last. This was the most amazing show I have ever seen. Everything was perfect from the Best of What's Around opener to the four song encore. I mean, THE MAKER, HELLO!! The little jam before and during Jimi Thing was kind of like a blues song, and the reconcile our differences was very different, but I don't know if the words were THAT much different than the other time I heard it. If I had a Boat was great as usual, but I do have one problem with the setlists so far. Has anyone other than me noticed that Dave ALWAYS ends with Dancing Nancies and then closes with Watchtower. Sometimes he switches them, but what about some variety. I saw him five times and everytime I saw the same ending. Afterwwards outside Dave came over before he got on the bus and stopped to say hi to everyone, shook some hands, kissed some cheeks, pretty cool. No matter how big he gets, he always has some time for his fans. All in all, the most amazing show I have ever seen, but I do wish I went to West Point
Dave M.
This was one great Dave and Tim show...with an awesome setlist consisting of about 29 songs or so...depending on which ones you count...i was impressed...the audience was a quiet one and dave really liked the croud...he played a four song encore and played every other song i wanted to hear...stay was interesting...a very different twist to the jam...but very impressive...i would have to say that pay for what you get was played great...dave speak was funny as hell...but it got kinda shady when he started talking about how his cousins were hot...as everyone knows dave is sick and the setlist doesnt show it...but dave did an ocapella cough jam by himself...which was quite hillarious...for those of you who saw the show...maybe ill see ya next time
Mike M.
This was by far the best show I've ever seen in my life. Dave was in a very talkative mood tonight and Tim was amazing as usual. I camped out for two days to get tickets to this show and had dead center seats in the second row. Can't ask for much more than that. Great setlist and the crowd was incredible. Very respectful when Dave was talking and when Tim was doing his solos. When they came back out for their encore Dave said, "Timmy and I were just talkin' back stage and we agree that you guys are the best crowd we've had since we started playing together". I agree 100%. I was very impressed with my fellow students' respectfulness. Dave and Tim then proceeded to treat us with a four song encore which included The Maker. I have been fortunate enough to catch three Dave and Tim shows during this tour but this was hands down the best one... and probably the best one I'll ever see.