Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Township Auditorium, Columbia, South Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Warehouse (Passion, Louie Louie)
Say Goodbye
Tripping Billies
"Chunky Monkey" Improv Jam
Angel From Montgomery
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Too Much
New Song #1("Reconcile Our Differences") -->
Dont Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Tim solo (unknown)
Lie In Our Graves
Jimi Thing (You Shook Me) -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Christmas Song (Can't Buy Me Love, All You Need Is Love)
All Along the Watchtower
Tim solo (unknown)
Two Step
Dancing Nancies
Proudest Monkey -->

Lee C.
This show was my second in a row and was very good, not quite as good as Charleston though. Of course I was a lot closer the last night, but anyway..... So, the highlights had to be the stuff I didn't hear last night. I also forgot to mention Timmy. Oh my god, what an amazing guitarist!!! I have never seen anything or anyone as great as he is. Screw all of you who talked in his songs and disrespected him! I loved Angel From Montgomery, even though he forgot some lyrics and screwed up, it was funny. Christmas song was beautiful and so were songs like The Stone, Jimi Thing (mainly What Will Become of Me), Proudest Monkey, #41, Say Goodbye, etc. The encore was good, except Satellite. Could have ended a little better. How about Ants, where's that been? Oh well, no 40 or Maker again. But, we'll see on Valentine's Day! By the way, the crowd sucked. What a bunch of rednecks. I was so mad I wanted to kill someone. Laser pointers, girls screaming every five minutes, pe ople talking about dinner, etc. Dave seemed pissed, he said it many times. He even talked after the Christmas Song and said, "I am up here singing and I here everyone talking. I could probably make out what you are all talking about, but I may forget the lyrics." He basically said shut up and take that in the nicest way the whole night. Well, until tomorrow night, see ya all!
Scotty C.
This show was fabulous. Everything the boys played was so incredibly immaculate: it gave me chills. The crowd was less full of bellows and yells but had a lot more chatter, unfortunately. I've never heard a better Passion intro and I couldn't believe my ears when dave started singing "Louie, Louie." People were still wandering in after the first 3 songs, and Dave said that "the best part of the concert was over - the rest of it would suck like this:" and proceeded into something about Monkey Chunky. Crush was INDESCRIBABLE. Angel From Montgomery was a great treat, even with the altered lyrics. Not too many more surprises until Christmas Song, which could've brought you to tears. After it, though, Dave commented sarcastically on how he almost could understand what the crowd was talking about, except he was trying to sing this quiet song. Nancies again ended the set and the encore was a nice way to end the show. Dave seemed to not be feeling well in the show (the SC temperature change) but told some stories about his grandmother, animals in the wild, a friend of his in New York ("There is something liberating about being completely f*cked."), the pogues, and others. The show was definitely superior to Charleston: Dave was more receptive and the versions of the songs were amazing. On to Greenville we went...
Lee T.
I really loved the show. Dave was in such an energized and hyped mood the whole show. He claimed to be nervous and cold in the beginning. He must have spent 30 minutes of the show telling stories. However, most of the stories were all about how horrible the crowd was ,and how we all needed to shut up. My worst fears were lived out tonight as i personally got to witness THE WORST D&T crowd in the history of the world!!! As expected, a large portion of the crowd rushed to relieve their beer-enhanced brimming bladders right when timmy started up his solo songs. Utter disrespect for a talent that i guess many fail to recognize. It was almost unbearable. I think all 56(?) of his songs were requested individually by some random drunk individual and three of his friends. Yes, the crash girl was no match for the rambling men tonight, which hurt me a good bit. I even heard someone scream watchtower AFTER D&T had already played the song. I was embarassed of and for my southe rn brethren. Dave was SO ready to give us the time of our lives, evident in his more than typical, crazy mood. Anyways, i hope my friends at furman do a better job tomorrow night. As far as the show, nice surprise with the warehouse opener. Tim can really work wonders with those pedals. It was freaky, and the Louie Louie outro was a healthy addition. Angel, stay, and christmas song were real good to hear, along with proudest monkey. Everything was all that i hoped it would be and more musically. Crush, stone, reconcile, and the jimi>acdc>wwbom>pantaga were all real tight. Yet, there seemed to be a crash theme for the evening, with two step, too much, #41, say goodbye, liog, billies, and proudest monkey (that is 7/12) all making the setlist. This was also maybe the FIRST night they haven't played crash, but i actually wanted to hear it. All in all a fantastic and memorable performance, and i look forward to hearing the rest of my favorites tomorrow night---osw, granny, bowa, seek up, typical, lover lay down, ibyu, and spoon (if the moons align for me by then).