Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Jorgenson Auditorium (University of Connecticut), Storrs, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Tripping Billies
One Sweet World
Lie In Our Graves
So Much To Say
If I Had a Boat
New Song #1("Reconcile Our Differences") -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Jimi Thing -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Proudest Monkey
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Two Step
Cry Freedom
Say Goodbye
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Tim Solo (Unknown)
Dancing Nancies
Pay For What You Get
What Would You Say *
All Along the Watchtower *

* with John Popper

Amy H.
It was an overall awesome show! Dave was in a relatively good mood, he was telling jokes all night long. At first he seemed a little pissed at the crowd but once and started playing and everyone mellowed out it was great. He played a nice selection of songs including, Jimi Thing, Lie in Our Graves, Crash into Me, Crush, One Sweet World, part of that old song:"I can't help falling in love with you", Two Step, Lover Lay Down, and ALOT more. He was playing for atleast 3 hours. OK on to the encore, This HAD TO BE THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE SHOW. First they played Watchtower, and then dave was like, "I want to introduce you all to a good friend" and out came JOHN POPPER FROM BLUES TRAVELER! IT was AWESOME. So Dave, Tim, and now JOhn Popper were all out on stage and the go into What would YOU SAY. It was such a surprise. IT made my year to see three talented people all on one stage.
Michael L.
Wow!!! That was an excelent show. Dave told a few stories: one about him posing nude, and how his penis moved while people were trying to draw portraits of him. Then he talked about the monkeys who have sex to reconcile thier disagreements. The crowd was decent, but dave screamed at a few people. The setlist was good, but nothing really special. We got to hear the tours first Proudest Monkey, but no #40, or granny. Also I wanted warehouse and halloween and didn't get them. Jimi thing was awesome, they worked in (although pretty roughly) a little bit of led zeppelins You Shook Me. I wasn't to impressed with the new song, it sounds like the lyrics were influenced by If I Had A Boat (which by the way was a really cool cover song). Say Goodbye was good, but pretty standard. The encore was great: POPPER!!!! everyone got on their feet. Great WWYS and watchtower. Overall, it was a great energy filled show.
Paul S.
After getting stiffed with an $85 fake at the Beacon in NYC, I was determined to get into this show. Of course, the scalpers somehow managed to pick up fistfuls of tickets at face value while the fans had to pay prices around $100, but I found some guy with an extra seat in the 4th row who sold me his ticket for $90. When I got to my seat, the lights went down and the show started up. Having been to 5 DMB shows and having heard countless Dave and Tim shows on tape and CD, I knew I was in for a treat. This concert was by far the best show I've ever seen. Dave spent a good amount of time making fun of the loud idiots and hormonal females in the crowd which made me quite happy. At one point, Dave said it sounded like a WWF wrestling match in the auditorium. The more people in the crowd screamed out stupid crap, the more he just sat there and talked... and there was a lot of Davespeak. He talked about modeling in the nude (and needing weed to get him through the long sessi ons), getting addicted to Affrin (the nasal spray), and some kind of ape that uses sex to resolve conflicts. Near the beginning of the show, dave finally responded to the years-old standing request for "Spotlight." He explained politely that the reason he doesn't play that song anymore is that he hates it. Let's face it, people don't request that song because they like it... they request it because it makes them feel special, knowing a song that the general population hasn't heard. I've heard Spotlight, it's not very good. In any case, some of the hlghlights of the show were: If I had a Boat - I'd never heard this tune before, and I loved it. Crush - wow, this song was amazing. After the song, Dave made fun of some guy who screamed out during Tim's solo. I don't understand why people can't just shut up. As soon as Timmy starts hauling on one note in a solo, the crowd can't control itself. Tim's two solo songs were absolutely incredible. I was never a huge fan of Str eam (though as a guitarist I can't help but drop my jaw at the technical prowess shown by Tim on that tune), but the two songs Timmy played this night completely broke me down--the second one in particular. As to be expected, Tim's solo tunes served as bathroom breaks for most of the drunk crowd, and during the second one, some cretin yelled out "I want Dave!" The crowd shut him up and soon became very respectful and quiet while Tim played. When the song was over, Dave came out and told Tim quietly, "That was beautiful." Dave then put in his $.02 about the jerk who yelled for Dave during Tim's song. He put it simply: "What a fucking idiot." The crowd cheered loudly. By this time, the crowd had calmed down enough that Dave and Tim could get through the tunes without anybody screaming out in the middle. Cry Freedom was played in absolute silence. They even got through Crash without any 18-yr old drunk hormonal interjections. When John popper came out for What Would You Say and Watchtower, the crowd went absolutely nuts. What Would You Say was a decent performance, but Watchtower was one of the best versions I've ever heard. Popper was a man possessed on the harmonica, and I totally lost it when he put down the harmonica and sang the last verse instead of Dave in his unique singing style. Ever since I heard my first Dave and Tim tape, I've dreamed about getting to a show, and believe me, it was not a let down.
Having never been to a Dave and Tim show, I was pretty excited and had very high expectations. This show lived up to every expectation and more. The highlights for me were of course John Popper coming in for What Would You Say and Watchtower in which he sang a verse at the end. Timmy was completely amazing and Dave was on too. This show didn't feature too many of the MTV songs which was cool. Those fans who only the words to Crash and Don't Drink the Water pissed me off. Especially the white-hats sitting all around me. All and all excellent show.
Cara R.
Of course, the evening was amazing, every person walking out of the auditorium was feeling fine. Dave seemed healthy, was talkative and very comfortable with the college crowd (compared to 2/2 Beacon show, where it seemed he was losing patience for rowdy NY crowd). I can't remember the order so go look at setlist...opened with Billies, then One Sweet World. He started playing Crush (girls start screaming) then he pretended his string got tuned out or something, said "I don't know what happend,can't play that one..." (played it later on)-During an amazing Tim solo (had the crowd mesmerized) some girl said "dave". When Dave came back he said "That is my favorite song...when I heard someone say 'dave' I thought 'what a fuk'n idiot!'" It was a great 3hr set list, Dave and Tim were so tight..I really liked Two Step, Tim was going nuts on the jam. Proudest Monkey, very cool. Pay for what you Get, nice groove jam, for encore first song. Then Popper came out, said "is this cool or wha t?" then played WWYS and Watchtower. (I like Davespeak so I'll expand on a few..you sort of had to be there but...)--Some guy early in show said "lay off the heroin" Dave responded "what are crazy? with this stomach and chin you think I do that shit? I have more important things to do...like eating". --He burped, and said "oh I forgot how good that chicken was tonight, until now." -- Dave tells a long story about posing nude for sculptor 10 years ago..Staring at a doorknob, stoned for 1 hour. Then another time posing for a class of women,laying down sideways, perfectly still for an hour, then his John Thomas flopped onto his thigh, all the women turned as red as he did. HA! Says "oh and there's reason for the long story.." and nicely slides into Jimi Thing.Oh baby.
Stever S.
What a great show! Mixing up the start of the show, leading off with OSW instead of the tour-typical Granny. If I had a Boat, the Lyle Lovett tune sounds superb. Dave was in a real talkative mood, and Timmy was pretty animated, even though he didn't talk, like usual. He kept sliding in and out of drop-D tuning; i was expecting the new song into DDTW right after LIOG, but it was just a tease. I was lucky to be there for the first Proundest Monkey of the tour. The Binobo monkey conflict resolution story was a perfect lead in to this. The crowd for the first 45 mintes or so was really obnoxious, but as the night got on, Dave was teaching them manners (for the most part). Tim was absolutely unbelievable. I'd never seen him live before, but he was even more amazing than I expected. What really annoyed me was all the people getting up to go to the bathroom or talking while Tim was soloing. I kept thinking, "Do these people understand that this is one of the most talented guitarists they'd ever see play?" One guy even went as far as to yell out, "We want Dave!" in the middle. Best comment I heard all night from Dave, once he came back out, he launched into Crash, but stopped shrt. As he said, "Did any of y'all hear that guy scream for me during Timmy's song? All I could think, 'What a fucking idiot!'" Couldn't say it better myself. John Popper was just an amazing treat. Definitely a relaxed atmoshphere. See y'all during the summer tour.