Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Wait Chapel (Wake Forest University), Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Best of What's Around
Two Step
Too Much
Lie In Our Graves
One Sweet World
If I Had a Boat
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Tim solo (unknown)
New Song #1("Reconcile Our Differences") -->
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
All Along the Watchtower
Christmas Song (All You Need Is Love, Can't Buy Me Love)
So Much To Say
Proudest Monkey -->
Chatterbox (Tim solo)
Jimi Thing -->
What Will Become of Me -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Dancing Nancies
I'll Back You Up
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Say Goodbye

Will F.
wanted to give you a heads up, the 2nd tim solo is a variation on Chatterbox, a tim solo song that's been around for eons... dusted off [ haven't heard it in a while ], and made "New Tim" style... a lot harder! so, it's chatterbox with lots of changes. fyi.
Mark B.
This was my first Dave and Tim show since 2/10/96 Binghampton, NY, and I am so glad I went back. This show was amazing. I cruised up from Charlotte to Wake Forest after work, about 100 miles. The show was in a real Chapel, which was kind of strange, but a sweet venue for this type of show. Dave was aware he was in a chapel also as he kept making references to it, looking up at God, and telling us he had to keep his foul mouth in check. He also told the rowdies to keep it cool, and that "you can still dance just as hard sitting down." That was fine by me, I was ready to chill and watch. The opening Best through the One Sweet World was fantastic. Two Step is SUCH a great song, and I must say Too Much sounds much better acoustic...much more bluesy. If I Had A Boat was fantastic...he should do this with the band. Next up was a stream of songs from Before These Crowded Streets. I must say that after a year, I still cannot listen to the CD as a whole. It just hasn't conn ected with me yet. But I did enjoy some of these, especially Crush, The Stone, and DDTW. DDTW was a show highlight. Stay was played very different from the album, and the groove was a little strange. #41 was AMAZING, and it was great to hear Proudest Monkey. These guys are so tight and compliment each other so well, and in the mass hysteria of the DMB popularity, it is so nice to see them in this setting. I should add that Tim is SUCH an expansive and eclectic acoustic player...very few peopple do what he does. His solos included snips of "Words (Between The Lines Of Age)" by Neil Young and a Peter Gabriel vocal riff. I totally enjoyed this show. Dave was on a Davespeak ROLL also...subjects ranged from how much he loves Afrin nasal spray, how much he can't stand dealing with lawyers, some girl he was trying to pick up in high school having a booger in her nose, having more guitar strings than the whole country of Cuba has ever had, Giraffes making love being a beautif ul sight, how more people die of prescription drugs than illegal drugs, and flipping a guy off who requested Freebird. HILARIOUS. Go see this tour if you can!
Michael B.
This was an incredible show. Dave was extremely animated the whole night telling various stories from his previous problems with lawyers to ones that dealt with his own personal hygiene(picking his boogers). Tim was extraordinary as usual providing the audience with two spectacular solos. However,the majority of the people thought these solos were a great time to go to the bathroom. The personal highlights of the night for me were LIOG, #41, and Dancing Nancies.
Brian D.
This was my first Dave and Tim show and I wast very impressed. It might have been the front row seats that I had for a show at my own school, but the music itself made the show. The first half of the show was amazing! They began with a great BOWA and went into an impressive Two Step. Lie In Our Graves was another highlite, especially when Dave used a long pause to ask everyone to sit down and relax before returning with "I can't believe...." I love the Stay--->Crush---->Stone(Can't Help Falling in Love) segment.....it's was one of the most profound sequence of songs I've ever heard at a Dave show....the Can't Help Falling in Love outro really added to the song. I love the build up in the new song, Reconcile our Differences, and DDTW is so much better acoustically...Dave really changed the tempo of this song. I could tell he was leading up to the First Christmas song of the tour when he started going off on religion...I was hoping for The Maker seeing as the show was in our Chapel, but it never happened. Proudest Monkey was another rare song that I was surprised to hear. The Jimi Thing--PNP combo was also terrific and should be done more often. I must admit that I was disappointed with the encore. Dave introduced Crash Into Me as a song written from the perspective of a lunatic...someone you might see looking in your window at four in the morning. Needless to say, I hated the shrieks as the song started. "Say Goodbye was introduced as a recipe for disaster." There was also a lot of Davespeak during the concert....I don't remember the order of all his comments, but he talked about religion a few times, mentioning that he saw a sign under the Chapel that said "Thou shall not covet stuff" His reply was that he had coveted lot's of "stuff" The show started with Dave talking about a ladybug on his guitar...right before he flicked it off with a laugh. Dave also talked about the dangers of prescription and over the counter drugs, particul arly Afrin. At one point, he started going off on a fascist dictator in Africa who would "cut your $%$ off and make you eat it"...right before he pretended to be a fascist in a really feminine voice. "I wish I was a fascist so I could order people around. March!" He also complained about how out of tune his guitar was, noting that maybe his head was what was out of tune. Later he said that he hit himself sometimes...conceding to my suggestion that maybe that''s why he was out of tune(yes, I was one of those people who screamed stuff to him...just that one time though!) Dave also complained about lawyers, managers, his body odor, and that his fingers were falling apart. Overall, the crowd was pretty good.. There were lots of request for rare and obscure songs. One girl screamed out "Cryptorkid, to which a few people responded-"it's child!!!" Dave seemed to enjoy the crowd for the most part, but he did get annoyed a few times. When someone screamed out "Dave you're Go d!!!" he answered by saying "Dumb!" Later, someone requested freebird, and dave gave the guy a finger. Also, Dave told the Romance and Booger story....when someone screamed that he had told the story before, Dave said "Not tonight-a long time ago....so you can bite me." I also heard and taped the soundcheck and I could not believe what Dave played....Redemption Song AND Stir it Up! I was begging for it all show, but to no avail....hopefully he will play one of the two later on the tour. Let me conclude by saying that the Student Union security was incredibly uptight. I was taping the show, and they confiscated my tapes and batteries. They claimed that Dave had demanded in his contract that this show not be taped...does anyone know if anew taping policy is being made? Luckily, they didn't see my minidisc recorder, so I have most of the show...but I'm looking to get the whole thing, so email me if you have it