Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Phil Vassar, John Mayer and Nas
Two Step *
Where Are You Going?
Corn Bread *+
Crush *
#27 *
Eh Hee *
Grey Street *+
The Idea of You *+
Crash *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Dreamgirl *
#41 *~
So Much To Say *+ -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) *+ -->
Too Much *+
Jimi Thing *+#
Three Little Birds *+#
Stay (Wasting Time) *+
Ants Marching *
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Matt Cappy and Lamont Caldwell (The Roots) on horn
~ John Mayer
# David Ryan Harris on guitar

Stu J.
Dave Matthews played a great show. He jammed on 70% of the songs and played for nearly 3 hours. Regrets about the show. He played Where Are You Going, Cornbread, 27, Idea of You, Hunger, 41, Anyone Seen the Bridge, Too much, Stay, Two Step and Ants Marching. He already played all those in Virginia within the last 3 weeks. I love the Dave Matthews Band. I listen to em everyday. But I have to say this was just as dissapointing as the Virginia Beach Show. The only song he played I'd never heard before was Three Little Birds

Highlights... yes of course there were highlights Three Little Birds - First time that i know of him playing it in Virginia. Came out of Jimi Thing beautifully. David Harris really set the whole thing off as well. And a Bob Marley cover. Thank You Dave. Thank You. Two Step - It was a really heavy two step. And the crowd was feeling it. Chanting... LETS GO HOKIES over top of it to start the show. Crush - Loved by everyone there. Great energy the crowd went nuts Grey Street/Idea of You - The roots came out on these along with cornbread and provided a great sound to it. I was surprised the didnt play Eh Hee with DMB because they've already done it this tour. #41 - John Mayer tour it up. Best 41 i've ever heard. Sorry Joe Lawlor. ASTB - Great enthusiasm from the crowd and from Dave. He was freakin out. Even though this is I have to comment that Phil Vassar was pretty good and covered Imagine. Nas was really into it and the Hokies loved it. And John Mayer rocked the house. First time seeing him but he played all the right songs. Including Gravity in which he invited Leroi out to play saxophone. My heart goes out to all those Hokies and everyone affected by the tragedy that took place there.
This show was absolutely amazing. It was definitely not the rarest set-list I have seen DMB play but every song was full of energy and excitement from the band. This was my 21st show and 1st time front and only 4th time seeing #41 live. Jon Mayer and the band made it the best 41 I have ever heard. Towards the end of Jimi Thing, Dave actually went to introduce the band to stop the song but forgot to give David Ryan Harris his solo. During his solo, you could hear a riff from Bob Marely. Dave talked to the rest of the guys in the band and came out with Three Little Birds. I hope they make a CD of this incredible concert!
This was the best DMB show I've ever been to... The atmosphere was just unreal. I was sitting about 50 yards from the band and I had chills all night. I've never been to a show where they opened with Two Step, and I thought it was the best version I've ever heard live... #41 was most certainly the best I've ever heard live. John Mayer actually contributed nobly; I wasn't expecting to much from him on the guitar, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was disappointed that they only played one song (Ants Marching) on the encore though; I thought for Virginia Tech that they would end with something spectacular. This was the second time I'd seen David Ryan Harris, and I thought he was fantastic as well. The energy was unbelievable; though Dave looked high out of his mind, haha, which looked like it was contributing some. Three Little Birds basically made my school year by the way. I certainly had never heard that and didn't even recognize it as Marley at first. My heart goes out to the VT community, and I appreciated the way I was treated there. God bless ya'll.