Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ
Graph of songs performed, by album
A Dream So Real
Corn Bread
You Never Know
The Idea Of You
You Might Die Trying
Eh Hee
Fool To Think
(Typical Situation)
Dancing Nancies -->
Grey Street
Louisiana Bayou
Ants Marching
Gravedigger +
What Would You Say?
Grace Is Gone -->
(Black Water)
Stay (Wasting Time) *
Entire show with Rashawn Ross on trumpet.

+ Dave Solo

Overall, average concert in it of itself. Great new songs, but they were all bunched in the beginning so the crowd really didn't get into it until that neat little Typical Situation jam got the classics going. But...

What made this concert so disappointing? 7 repeats from last years Phoenix concert! And they were not even the good repeats. Everyday... overplayed. Stay... overplayed. Dreamgirl... that song represents whats wrong with Dave... the Dave of the 90s would never sing or write that pop song. WWYS, Idea of You, Louisiana Bayou, Die Trying rounds out the repeats from last year. Good songs but for God's sake, if you are going to repeat, repeat the timeless songs. Where is Last Stop? Still hopeing for Dreaming Tree? What ever happened to Spoon? Jane Likes? Minarets? Why are you singing Fool to Think instead of those classics? Does anyone agree with me?

And for God's sake do your research. 7 repeats is just UNSAT. I am a big fan... just wondering where the beauty of his earlier work has gone. Until next time.
Unreal, actually. When was the last time we got 4 encores!! I think the unreleased songs (cornbread, idea of you, a dream so real) are really coming into their own. I've been waiting to hear "you never know" live and it didn't dissapoint. I didn't expect to hear "pig", but once I did, I knew we were in for a great show. Fool to think gave me time to fetch some beers, but once they got to "nancies", "warehouse", "grey street","bayou" & "ants" their wasn't time to breathe!!! They went off! My last two shows were lacking a bit of energy, but tonight was off the charts! Then they return for the encore with Dave solo for "gravedigger"...always great, followed with wwys, grace (into Doobies "black water)--loved that!! We figured it had to be over with the third encore & then we get "stay"! I haven't seen the guys have that much fun in awhile.
Due to the birth of my son, the last Dave show I was able to attend before this one was Phoenix 2003. That show was a little disappointing and lacking the energy I was used to. I couldn't wait to see them again so they could redeem themselves! However, the first half of this show left no question in my mind that I was NOT going to renew for my 7th year of warehouse membership. It was so boring that I couldn't beleive I was at a DMB show. It seemed like 5 minutes between each song, and there were way too many new songs lumped together. I'm sorry but aside from one or two songs, this new material just isn't the DMB that I have grown to love over the past 14 years and I honestly don't care for it. Also, I don't even know why Boyd is still in the band! He barely plays on the new stuff and I hate that. There were times that he looked so bored on stage standing there just plucking little parts here and there with a completely blank expression that I actually felt bad for him.

But... when I heard dave playing Typical Situation, I jumped and shouted! And dancing nancies was outstanding. From that point on the show had more energy, but never seemed to reach the expected standard. It seemed like too little too late. I had 14th row seats and we still left before the encore to beat traffic. I only regret missing gravedigger, and what would you say would have been cool to hear.

I would also like to add that I and the people around me couldn't understand why the warehoure would sell taper tickets to someone in the 3rd row. We all had an annoying 12 ft mic stand in our view the whole show.

Overall, I was again let down by Dave and the guys. They needed to pick up the tempo and throw in more of the songs that made their fanbase what it is today. I know that bands change as the years move on and the guys get older. But I feel that their best music is sadly behind them for the most part. The creativity well seems to be running awfully dry these days. But I truely hope that they prove me wrong!! And soon!

I'm still a DMB fan, just a very disappointed one. I may try again next year but at this point I'm not sure.
Bob S.
I dont have too much to add from what the other reviews have stated, but as a 10+ year follower and fan of DMB I have to say this show lacked until they played Typical Situation. I am sorry Dave, but You might Die Trying and Lousiana Bayou will just never be the classics you want them to be. I also think the boys have run out of steam as the tour winds down. If you look at the setlists from the 2-3 concerts preceeding the Phoenix show, and the San Diego & Irvine show after, MANY of the same songs have been played on consecutive nights. Dave, take some time off, and do something different in '08. You dont have to tour every summer like clockwork. Mix it up a little and do mini-regional tours like th Dead used to do, in Spring, Summer and Autumn. And, PLEASE do not let Mark Batson produce your next record. He is a very talented man, but your last album sounded overproduced, and the songs have not stood the test of time. Rick Rubin could help you guys get your jam back!