Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
(Happy Birthday)
Two Step
Corn Bread
Don't Drink The Water
You Might Die Trying
Grey Street
What Would You Say? +
Melissa ~
Louisiana Bayou
Dreaming Tree
Eh Hee
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen The Bridge? -->
Too Much
#40 [tease]
All Along The Watchtower
Ants Marching
Entire show with Rashawn Ross on trumpet.

+ Warren Haynes on bass
~ Gregg Allman on guitar and vocals

Jason L.
Good show with a good crowd. OSW is a standard opener, and the belated Happy Birthday for Leroi was a nice touch. Two Step second was surprise, and made me think perhaps the boys were already feeling in the groove. Corn Bread is getting tigher every time, DDTW isn't my favorite but the end is always great, nice to see YMDT on a set list, with a little jam on the end too. Grey Street is always good, and #27 is good, but something about it seems lacking -- not sure what or why. WWYS I hadn't heard in a while, and Warren Haynes makes everything that much better. Melissa with Greg Allman was almost like a little break in the show, as the part everyone sang along with was only "Sweet Melissa". Bayou is always fun, and I was chatting with a friend after it until I realized that, for the first time in my almost 20 DMB shows, Dave was playing the opening melody to Dreaming Tree! Very nice, though clearly not as well known by many there (including my friend) as many other tunes. Eh Hee had a nice and heavy/creepy vibe to it (though it's a "simpler" song, lyrically, I like it more than #27 *shrug*). Very tight SMTS with a hilarious delay and posing from the band into ASTB and then Too Much. I think the break in Too Much has gotten as slow as it can possibly get (it's hard to keep time, yet more evidence of Carter's brilliance), but it's a great contrast -- clearly they were having as much fun as I've ever seen them have on stage. Didn't catch the #40 tease (too much talking on my part), Warehouse without Nancies leading in was a nice surprise, and Stay, while not my favorite, was nice to hear before the encore instead of in it. Watchtower, while always good, was a little disappointing because I always want to hear Tripping Billies or Drive In Drive Out in an encore, and Ants, well, it's Ants, what else can you say. I think there's a DVD of the show being done, which is a nice surprise, too -- my friend and I were there, and we get to watch it all again!