Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
Graph of songs performed, by album
A Dream So Real
Two Step
Corn Bread
When The World Ends
Say Goodbye
Dreaming Tree
Eh Hee
Stand Up +
(Typical Situation)
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going?
Louisiana Bayou
Dancing Nancies
American Baby Intro
All Along The Watchtower
Entire show with Rashawn Ross on trumpet

+ Joe Lawlor on guitar

My first show (of the year)and probably somewhere around my 40th DMB show altogether and I was not disappointed...though I never am.

A Dream So Real - My first time hearing this and I like it...its slow and soft and of course I couldn't pick out any of the words for the most part, but it was nice.

Two Step - Very cool. I am not a huge fan of the long, drawn-out Butch Taylor solo's so I tuned it out for a few minutes but as always...this song is incredible. It was during this song that I first noticed Dave's voice to sound strained, like many other reviews have mentioned.

Cornbread - I just love this song and of the different versions ive seems to really be maturing as the band plays it. It is a lof of fun to groove to.

When the World Ends - Pretty standard and still a good song. I like it anyway.

Say Goodbye - When Carter started with a very quiet taping for the solo, I thought they were going to play You Never Know, but Say Goodbye was a welcome alternative. This song made Dave's voice really strain and he couldn't hit any of the high notes...but he's had trouble for a few years with high notes. Despite some of his vocal didn't take away from the music at all.

Pig - I LOVE THIS SONG...'nuff said.

Dreaming Tree - Ive been seeing this band live since 1993 and this is the first time ive ever heard the WHOLE song (not a tease)i've... INCREDIBLE! I can die and go to heaven now.

Eh Hee - Like Cornbread...this song is getting better and better with age...this is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Stand Up - I'm not sure who Loe Lawlr is...Dave introduced him as a member of the crew (from what I could hear over the crowd) and he ripped this song up. He is very good and sorta reminds me of a skinnier Warren Haynes.

Typical Situation - This is the only part of the show that confuses me...Dave started an improvised and shortened (maybe 15-20 seconds worth) verse of the song very quietly and solo...then they went into the jam which is usually in the middle of the song and then they played THE END OF THE SONG????? This is an incredible song and they played the end of it? Whats gives? For what its worth though, the parts they DID play were just awesome.

Crush - Any questions? Its always good.

Loving Wings - Very cool, hadn't even thought about this song since the Gorge releases a few years was fun...still love the jam at the end.

Where are you Going? - to the bathroom (still a good song though but I had to go!)

Louisiana Bayou - I have mixed emotions over this song...I love seeing it live, but I am not a huge fan of listening to it on the CD or Live Trax..but I'm weird.

Dancing Nancies - I was soooo happy to hear it start, but the crowd was too loud to hear Dave's improv-intro...oh well.

Stay - Fun song...though Carter and Butch's back-up vocals are a bit silly, and I think Dave thinks so too... he seemed to fight back a laugh after every time they did it.

AB Intro - Poor Dave...I don't criticize him for having a harsh voice...he gives us all 100% every night! This song is inredible, but I still wonder...what did she say 1000 times?

Watchtower - Kinda predictable...would have liked something else, but it was still an awesome song.

Thanks guys for another good show!