Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, TX
Graph of songs performed, by album
A Dream So Real
Seek Up
Hunger For The Great Light
When The World Ends
Tripping Billies
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going?
Corn Bread +
Lie In Our Graves +
Louisiana Bayou
Eh Hee
(Lie In Our Graves)
(Typical Situation)
Grace Is Gone -->
(Black Water)
Jimi Thing ~
Anyone Seen The Bridge? -->
Too Much
Stay (Wasting Time)
American Baby Intro
All Along The Watchtower
Entire show with Rashawn Ross on trumpet.

+ Danny Barnes on banjo
~ Rich Brotherton on guitar

12th show for me, and I have to say it ranks in the top 2 for sure. This show definitely catered to the loyal fans who appreciate the music and love seeing the band do what they do best: jam(on just about every song). I never heard Dream So Real, but it's such a beautiful jazzy song and I thought the best opener I've EVER heard besides BOWA. It had that smoky jazz club vibe that set the night off perfectly. Seek Up was out of this world I sure hope they include loving wings in their new cd. Eh Hee was quite possibly the highlight of the night with the musical creativity and Carter's impeccable, thunderous drum beats. Hearing it live turned me inside out. We were treated with the best rendition of Grace is Gone followed by the doobie brothers' jam friendly "Black Water."(I've never seen Carter smile as much). Watchtower as the closer...nuff said. What made this concert so memorable was the mix of guest musicians, the energy coming from the stage and crowd, and the rediculous beer prices.
My 6th show and a stellar one.First, Robert Earl Keen and his boys did a pretty nice job.I love it when dave comes out and introduces the opener.Classy move. I am a huge dave fanatic, and as a huge fan I feel it necessary to voice my only complaint.Complaining about dave is like whining about ice cream, but I must say that the opener was a huge letdown.Ur pumped for months about the show,u get there, u wait inline for hours, its hot,dave gets out there and sings this elevator dentists chair song called A DREAM SO REAL.That was the only lowlight, and the whole time during the song you are only thinking about whats next. I love it when they open with a rocking jam like DDTW or 2 step or anything thats loud and jamming. OK enough gripes, because next was SEEK UP!!!! Still a little slow, but a classic jam. Leroi goes off during the intro, and dave screaming in the end is always gorgeous. After that came HUNGER. They shine this huge white light during the "Oh great light of love" part of the intro. Its so bright U can hardly see the band. After that, they flip those huge screens on, crank up the volume, and lights and the party got started. HUNGER is definitely one of the best songs off of stand up, and has arrived as a concert staple. Next was WTWE. I have never been so happy 2 hear this song,and I dont care for everyday stuff but this song aint bad. Everybody went nuts at the end shen they just stop playing out of nowhere. BILLIES!!!!!!This ripped the house down and came out of nowhere. LOVING WINGS slowed things down. Roi & Rashawn even played a little I Dream of Jeenie at the end! WAYG was WAYG. Nothing 2 write home about. Then came CORNBREAD. Just a great song and u can tell the boys love playing it. Next a guest fron Robert Earl's band came on for a sweet version of one of the all time greats LIOG. I love that they wait and reprise the song a couple of songs later.It gave many chills. BAYOU was next and always good to hear.I took A bathroom break during DREAMGIRL, because they didnt do that dope ass intro. When I came back dave was telling the story of EH HEE. Now this song is just fabulous.I love it off of Radio City but with the band its that much better. This one should be around for a long damn time! Next was my first ever TYPICAL SITUATION. Its not the TS of old its a new guitar riff, new jam new everything. And its awesome!!!!Next came GRACE IS GONE. If u dont alreadhy know this, at the end of this song they sing a full version of BLACK WATER by the Doobie Brothers now!!! This was a huge suprise and the whole place was screaming and dancing like nuts.I have been 2 6 shows and I had been praying for JIMI THING at everyone and I FINALLY GOT IT!!!! I started screaming and jumping up and down as soon as dave hit that first riff. It was a blast. Next something weird happened. Each band member played one note, the lights flashed and then the entire band just froze. They played another note, lights flash, and they all freeze again like statues.We had no idea what they were doing.The anticipation was just killling us. Then Fonzie started thmpin ASTB!!! Huge suprise that gave us all chills!Next was a very different 2 MUCH that was as jammin as jammin could be. They closed w STAY, but me and alot of my friends are sorta sick of hearing STAY as a closer. I wish it was ANTS instead but oh well. I called the encore AB INTRO!!!! Dave screams like a madman during this one. Just bootiful. Fonzie actually played a Tool song during the intro to AATW. Song called FORTY SIX & 2. WATCHTOWER was killer as usual and my favorite closer!!! Besides a bad opener, we all had a blast! May god continue to bless this band, and its fans. Thank you so much for everything. This band is just indescribable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, this was my 32nd show, but only my second of the summer (including Houston the night before) - I was in need of some DMB magic! Therefore, hearing A Dream So Real as an opener seemed like a bit of an odd choice - being that I would assume most other people probably hadn't heard it before as well. We expected the usual pick-me-up song to open, but they took a chance on a slower, new one - great song, just not the greatest time for it, I guess. Like coming out to crazy, screaming fans when the lights drop, and then busting out Typical Situation or Out Of My Hands - just odd! So it seemed that the show really "started" with Seek Up, which was only my second time to hear it in all the shows I've been to! Always great to see the die-hards in the crowd that appreciate that song despite not hearing it on the radio or a studio release!

Overall, the setlist this time was AWESOME! The crowd was more into it than I have seen from a Dallas group in a long time, so that seemed to fuel the band on for a 3 HOUR show! HFTGL has really grown over the last couple summers, and it seems to be a crowd fav now! Pleasant surprise getting to hear Loving Wings, and the 3-song delay between the start and end of LIOG was great! I must say that Corn Bread and Eh Hee are encouragingly great songs (hopefully) soon to be released! People who had not bought the Eh Hee video on iTunes probably were a little confused by the video backdrop during that song, but for those of us who bought it the day it came out, it added a lot! My wife was ecstatic to hear Grace Is Gone, after listening to it non-stop all week and designating it as her new "fav Dave song"!

After the 2:15 mark in the show, every song seemed like a gift from the band for all the passion they were getting from the crowd, which made the last 3-4 songs incredible! Hard to complain about getting Watchtower to end any show, so that was a perfect topper! Hats off to the lighting crew for a great job, and the huge video "screens" behind the guys that showed them up close all night were a perfect compliment - made the show even better whether you were in the 11th row center (like us), or all the way in the back of the lawn!

Lookin' fwd to next summer!