New England Dodge Music Center, Hartford, CT
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive
One Sweet World *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
Grey Street *
The Idea of You *
What Would You Say?
Big Eyed Fish * -->
Bartender *
American Baby *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Pig *
Can't Stop
Sleep To Dream Her *
Smooth Rider *+ -->
Ants Marching *+
Everyday *
Stay *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Eric Krasno on guitar

Absoulutly amazing show. I've been to a number of shows but had taken the last few years of for one reason or another. I was a bit behind the times but I have just started getting into the Stand Up album and was a bit dissapointed not to hear a few more from that. But man this show just rocked! The band seemed well rested and seemed like they were playing like they had nothing to lose. Big Eyed Fish was the best part of the night, love that song and it was the first time i heard it in concert. Can't Stop is just an amazing song, i went to both shows and they played it both nights and i was pumped to hear it twice. Such a good song that i wont make the mistake of getting right into the new album when it first drops. One complaint was the encores...i said to the people i was with that i wanted to hear anything but Everyday and Stay...they must have heard me cuz as you all know that is what they played. Not really a fan of either of those songs but i must say that they played the hell out of Everyday. Boyd and Dave going back and forth, one singing #36 the other singing Everyday, then switching was just one of the coolest things i've ever seen. All in all an amazing weekend, props to Harford for being a great place to see a show.
I was at the gates at 6 pm with my friends waiting for the venue to open. It was raining and the crowd seemed restless but I had a feeling that tonight was going to be special. We were on the lawn right when it opened, just about dead center. Dave came out and introduced Soulive, he apparenly liked his coffee alot =). Soulive was average at best, their only good songs were covers.

Time for DMB!

One Sweet World was a great beginning, I hadn't had a chance to see it with the whole band so it was great for me. PM and Satellite are fast growing on me. Grey Street was a great song, Dave seemed into it. The Idea of You is my favorite new tour song and was played wonderfully . Here come the highlights for me, What Would You Say?, Big Eyed Fish, and Bartender. I was in heaven seeing Big Eyed Fish. Then after about a 20 minute Bartender complete with Dave shouting the "God is not above you" line we got American Baby. Then Hunger for the Great Light and Pig. Boyd is just pure genius with Pig, but we had yet to see his real talent until later. I saw Can't Stop at Fenway and Dave seemed much more into the song and passionate about it here. Sleep to Dream Her- although I would have loved to see Crash this song was amazing. Not played since 2003 with the full band it made a great come back. Smooth Rider is a badass song and the Soulive guitarist made it even better. The only word to describe Ants Marching is excellent.

Then we had a long wait for the encore, for me it was worth it. Boyd showed Hartford what he can do in an excelletn version of Everyday. The candles on screen gave it a great atmosphere, the crowd was into the Hani Hanis as well.

Stay was well done and very strong. If you were there and got a chance to look at the screens it was very cool to watch. Overall great show my only complaint has nothing to do with DMB and that is the traffic getting out. Hopefully I'll see 2 more shows on his winter tour and next year I will buy for both nights, great venue and thanks to DMB!
Joe R.
It was my 18th DMB show and I must say I was very anxious to see what they were going to throw at us to kick off the 2nd leg of the tour.

ONE SWEET WORLD: Called this for the opener and I've heard people say it's slowed down a bit, but damn they nailed it tonight. Great way to start off the show.

PROUDEST MONKEY: For some reason I freaking love this. I love Roi on this and Dave with his scatting. Unfortunatly I knew what was next...

SATELLITE: I'm not bashing it. I'm just saying of my 18 shows I've heard it 12 times and that's just too much!

GREY STREET: Damnnnnn. They were all into this one. Always been a favorite of mine and always will. They nailed it.

IDEA OF YOU: Dave introduced his "tiny guitar". I've heard recordings of it and it is a good tune. Tonights version did not dissapoint.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: So funky....everytime.

BIG EYED FISH: Yes. Love this in concert. My girl was hoping for this and I'm glad they busted it out for her. Segued right into...

BARTENDER: They just go so well together that they should just always come one after the other. Great version, great Dave wailing at the end.

AMERICAN BABY: Standard, but that ending is intense and I loved it!

HUNGER FOR THE GREAT LIGHT: Starting to get more and more into this one and after tonight I'm really digging it. Batson must be proud.

PIG: How can you not love this? Just brings a smile to my face everytime.

CAN'T STOP: Alright now...I've heard this before and I've heard how it is progressing on this tour each and every night but tonight totally convinced me that this song is simply off the hook. Fonzi owns it, Carter owns and Dave...well that man was so into this song tonight I don't know how he didn't just pass out after it was over. I freaking love this new tune and cannot wait for this new cd.

SLEEP TO DREAM HER: WTF?????? Where the hell did this come from? Made me feel very uncomfortable. I wanted some debuts tonight but damn.

SMOOTH RIDER: I'm sorry but this song is so badass and Eric Krasno just adds to it. He was loving it and so was I.

ANTS MARCHING: Place went nuts. Can't argue with this as a closer.

EVERYDAY: Was hoping for something else but it's a fun tune.

STAY: Good energy and I agree with it as a way to end the night but I won't lie...I wanted something else.

Overall the band was so on tonight that it didn't matter what they played it was going to be a fun time. Hightlights include: One Sweet World, Can't Stop, Big Eyed Fish, Bartender, Smooth Rider, Grey Street. 7/10 for this show.
Patrick P.
After a two week hiatus the Dave Matthews Band kicks off the second leg of their 2006 summer tour with a strong set that include a mix of DMBís standard tour catalog along with some newer pieces that are making a strong showing this summer. The show started with a smooth opening of One Sweet World, Proudest Monkey, Satellite and Gray Street. The set did not really get moving until Dave pulled out What Would You Say, a song that followed The Idea Of You, one of the many new songs to be played that night. Other new songs included Canít Stop. Unlike the beginning of the show- Dave finished strong with Ants Marching, Everyday and Stay.

While fans may have been delighted to hear Sleep to Dream Her, a song that has been absent since September 2003, the set lacked the strong energy at the start that should have been expected with a show like this. Reenergized after a two week break Iíd like to see the band start the second leg of the tour with feet running. However the band did set the pace for the rest of the tour with a good selection of songs towards the end. Now that the DMB summer tour is back in full swing, we can look forward to some amazing shows.
Holy crap! what a show...my cousin won front row seats and i went with him. I was 10 feet away! It was my first Show. I think his voice was a little off but who cares! Can't Stop was unbeliveable. During Grey Street he forgot the words and stopped playing the chorus and went right into the Verse and thankfully carter was way ahead and went right with Dave. I think he didn't have enough rest after Fenway. My Brother and Dad were at Fenway and said his voice was not as great. I love all of the new songs.When he pulled out the mandola i was so happy! "This is a little guitar, It means less work. Its like a little....bathtub." Overall it was an amazing show!